Monday, 2014-07-28

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Nokius_afksledges: so got the Router problem fixed | but i'm afk | just saw that all working well :-S wondering why now? | cu u later ^.^ | have a nice one06:12
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thp <- why was this rejected? looks like a good change on the surface?07:13
thpcc beidl ^07:13
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sledgesthp: beidl opened tidied up one thereafter07:37
sledgesthp: could you check latest maguro dhd pr pls? we debated over [Installed] section yesterday07:37
thpthis one?
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thpadded some comments, didn't find the [Installed] section though?07:55
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alin__so it seems today something is wronhg08:33
alin__Jan 01 14:04:13 Jolla ofonod[633]: create_ril: can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory (2)08:33
alin__this is with a reposyn donce today in the morning08:33
alin__and build a image08:33
alin__there are some errors in the build process but nothing to stop the build08:34
vakkovcheck if rild has created a socket .. if it has radio owner and so on08:34
alin__vakkov: maybe the error is in cm.. et me check... I flashed a image I know works now08:35
sledgesthp: [Install]08:36
alin__vakkov: yap an older image builds08:37
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alin__this is the paster08:40
vakkovis this going to work in europe (gsm bands?) should not be a problem :D08:49
vakkovoh ... the sim is non removable08:50
vakkovso no ;)08:50
phdeswernon-removable sim!?08:52
tbrold US phones, especially CDMA types didn't have one08:52
tbrIIRC it worked through some sort of unique device identifier08:53
tbrno idea if they then went to SMD smartcard chips08:53
phdeswerdoesn't sound like a great idea. But well...08:54
vakkovwanted it because of the qwert08:55
vakkovqwerty*   even though galaxy nexus has a 4.65'' screen it is still not comfortable for an n900 user such as me :D08:55
vakkovohh, here it is. Same chipset as the galaxy nexus, has a qwerty and verizon should work here after an unlock :D08:58
tbrthat page says micro sim though08:58
vakkovonly those ugly ass buttons08:58
vakkovtbr, so?08:58
tbryou said "non removable", that would conflict?08:59
vakkovnooo, i want a sim :D the photon q is with a non-removable :D09:00
vakkovi live in Europe and it seems that the only qwerty phones made in the last years are for the US market09:00
alin__something is not kosher get white screens with the old images that worked09:02
alin__interesting... removed the headphones reboot... no white screen09:02
vakkovpulseaudio strikes :)09:05
tbrvakkov: yeah, I've played with one of the v1 toh-keyboards, it's neat but not ideal. For now I'll rely on a bt kbd for cases where I really need one with the phone.09:07
vakkovwhen I remember that I wrote my whole personal statement on an n900 .. definitely will need a qwerty for every-day usage :D09:09
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vakkovtbr, any ideas how are those qwerty other halves communicating with the device? NFC?09:18
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vakkovor bluetooth09:20
tbrno, i²c09:20
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dmtgood morning10:21
dmtreflashed n5 yesterday and now does not show the "Prefer 4G" network option10:21
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scardracshi all10:25
sledgesdmt: weird, i got prefer 4g here, even with non-4g sim10:27
dmtsledges: heh equality10:28
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sledgessitu: alin__: does facebook work on your hammerheads?10:35
sledgesdmt: ^10:35
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situsledges: I don't have a facebook account.11:09
situsledges: But gmail works well.11:09
vakkovsomebody here who has tried the android L dev preview (since many of you guys have nexus 5s)11:14
beidlthp: the commit message (about bluetooth on maguro) is a little irretating, the actual problem was the service being of Type=forking. but fork() was never called, anywhere11:21
dmtsledges: i've gotten rid of the fb and twitter packages so can't tell you11:25
dmtjust made a call with the n5 and sound was fine11:26
dmtthere is some trouble with the wifi after reboot11:40
dmtdoes not connect to known nets11:40
dmtand i could not convince it to connect in any way11:41
dmtother than deleting the net and adding it again11:41
sledgesdmt: could you add that to piratepad?11:42
sledgesdmt: here pls
dmtwhat is the issue with the audio? i haven't experienced any11:50
dmtand am probably using a slightly different pkg from most others11:50
sledgesno issues ;)11:50
sledgesbut have you seen the code? :)11:50
dmtsince i got the 'official' release and only patched 2 files for 4.4 compatibility instead11:51
dmti did a diff between the official and situ's11:51
dmtdidn't seem hugely different11:51
sledgesdmt: let's see what others come across when testing your notes11:52
situsledges: Let's add it to wiki page known issues.11:52
dmtyes this commented out stuff and setting success=TRUE i do not have in my version11:53
situsledges: I am talking about the wifi issue11:53
sledgessorry, too many places to edit ;p11:53
situdmt: what changes have you made ?11:53
dmtand droid-util-44.h11:55
sledgesdmt: oh dear11:55
sledgesyou should've pulled from situ's home repo (or vgrade_'s for that matter)11:55
sledgesi guess that's not on wiki11:55
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dmtno i was told to pull from theirs11:55
dmtbut i wanted to experiment11:56
sledgesanyway, audio works for you, you probably just brought repo to working state being lucky on no critical patches left-behind :)11:56
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* vgrade hides while pulseaudio patches are being discussed11:57
dmtare situ and vgrade's ahead?11:57
situdmt: Our changes to pulseaudio have not been made upstream. It's in my todo list.11:58
sledgesupstream went ahead btw11:59
sledgesby several commits11:59
sledgeswonder if they'd help11:59
dmti see, this was my impression as well12:01
dmtjust tried now and unfortunatelly n5 does not even try to connect to wpa2/enterprise12:02
sledgesthat's a known sailfishos issue12:03
sledgescheck together.jolla.com12:03
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alin__sledges: I do not have a facebook account12:21
lbtPSA: Mer OBS needs to have some downtime - probably in about 7hrs for ~1hr12:21
alin__sledges: Can't open ./out/target/product/%{device}/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/mer_verify_kernel_config line 58.12:23
phdeswerLooks like some missing environment variable12:24
sledgesalin__: first line of mb2 ?12:25
sledgesor 2nd12:25
thpbeidl: well "&" in shell should do an implicit fork12:38
beidlthp: that's what I assumed as well. anyways. simple actually provides the desired effect, and the service is now dependant on droid-hal-init instead of the generated system mount. will push something later12:39
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blackjack4ithi all13:56
blackjack4itI'm trying to port Sailfish OS on Xperia Mini Pro..can this os fit into a 512 MB ROM or am I wasting time?13:57
sledgesblackjack4it: mako sailfishos rootfs is 701M14:01
blackjack4itso I'll have to boot from sd :'-(?14:01
blackjack4it(or maybe shrink some unuseful files from the ROM like sounds and ringtones and so on...just thinking)14:02
sledgeseverything is hackable14:02
sledgesand that, yes14:02
sledgesbtw you have 512MB RAM, and only 400MB ROM14:03
vakkovblackjack4it, old friend, there is only CM 10 for this xperia14:03
blackjack4itbut I put my hopes on legacyxperia :(14:03
vakkovsledges, would cm10 work?14:04
blackjack4itbecause they arrived also on CM1114:04
vakkovmaybe you will first need to port to cm10.1 :D :D14:04
sledgesvakkov: that means older android and lots of hacking ;)14:04
vakkovwell.. it's an old device14:05
sledgesif it has cm11, job done14:05
blackjack4ityes it has14:05
vakkovit's not official though14:05
blackjack4ityep sadly14:05
sledgesbut given all point, risk of fun factor is huge, i'd say, level of a crazy hacker :) up for it? go! ;)14:06
vakkovthere is cm-10.1 branch14:06
vakkovtry with it14:06
blackjack4itsorry overexcited14:06
blackjack4itok thanks my friend14:06
blackjack4itand thanks also sledges ;)14:07
sledgeswe'll needthe whole manifest on 10.114:07
sledgesnot only device/14:07
sledgesvakkov: ^14:07
sledgesbut a beutiful device with nice hw keyboard ;)14:07
blackjack4ityep! it could be a successor to the n900 if we succeed14:08
vakkovi was looking for newer devices with qwerty today .. only a motorola that has no sim slot :(14:08
blackjack4itI searched too some month ago :( no luck you're right14:08
blackjack4itI've already sync-ed the cm10.1 branch of my device and the libhybris-10.1 tree14:10
blackjack4itbut arrived there I stopped because for new devices the guide is not very clear for me (probably my fault)14:11
sledgesblackjack4it: just doublechecking, are you reading latest hadk from 21st July?14:13
blackjack4ithere are 16:13pm, will you still be there 4h later? because all the work that I've done is on my home laptop14:14
sledgesi'm here, but i won't be from 19 to 21 your time (CEST) (cc Nokius too btw), but this channel is full of helpers14:16
blackjack4ityep thanks that's perfect just to be sure to talk to the same ones later :D anyway if you have more time now I can write some to-do's already now14:17
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sledgesblackjack4it: sure fire away14:22
blackjack4itdo I have to burn running away from there?14:23
blackjack4itops sorry it's a slang14:25
blackjack4itok I don't have to burn, that's a better situation :D14:25
sledgesdon't ask to ask ;p14:27
blackjack4itdo the folder /mer/android/droid have to include the cm10.1 tree of my device?14:29
sledgesblackjack4it: 14.3.1 is what you'll have to check with14:30
sledges(chapter in hadk)14:30
blackjack4itok gimme 2 sec :cool:14:30
blackjack4itok I have to make a manifest like the one in the example but for mango, am I right? :)14:32
sledgesblackjack4it: yep :)14:36
beidlhow is the pulseaudio droid module supposed to switch the output? the primary sink stays at x-maemo.mode = "hs" no matter if if the headset is actually plugged in.14:38
blackjack4itthat one seems to be the right one14:40
sledgesblackjack4it: bulls eye!14:42
sledgeshope it's stable enough too14:42
sledgesbut that's part of the fun :))14:42
sledgesbeidl: jusa_ is your best bet14:42
sledgesbeidl: but certainly some properties should change, diff more!14:43
sledgesbeidl: also jack detection is happening in kernel - did you cover that base?14:43
beidlsledges jusa_ interestingly the systemaudio gets routed correctly14:44
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on247meAnyone tried porting to S3 mini15:28
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sledgeson247me: hi! and nope :)15:35
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on247me_How can i install javac into the chroot15:39
on247me_there is not pacakage15:39
on247me_can i just grab one from java.com15:40
tbrthe HADK should explain this?15:40
sledgeson247me_: iirc you should not need javac15:43
sledgesand if it still says that15:43
sledgesquite likely you are issuing commands not inside the correct chroot15:43
on247me_MER Sdk>Ubuntu Chroot # make hybris-hal15:44
sledgesso you are in HABUILD_SDK $ ?15:45
sledgeswhich hadk are you using (and consequently, is it trusty or an older ubuntu rootfs?)15:45
on247me_yes , altough i dont know iif its ok that i doesent show such propmpt15:45
on247me_its the latest , i followed the hadk chapter 14 cmd by cmd15:46
on247me_(And linked chapters)15:46
sledgespaste the command you enter ubu-chroot15:47
sledges(and the results of entering it)15:48
sledgesi do15:48
sledgesubu-chroot -r /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu15:48
on247me_ubu-chroot -r /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu15:49
on247me_Env setup for golden15:49
on247me_then i get the prompt15:50
sledgeswhereis javac15:50
blackjack4ithave to go now, see you later thnx15:53
*** on247me__ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:54
on247me__no javac in (/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin)15:54
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on247me__there should be javac in that image?15:54
*** on247me__ is now known as on24715:55
sledgesjavac: /usr/bin/javac /usr/bin/X11/javac /usr/share/man/man1/javac.1.gz15:56
sledgesdid you download correct tarball?15:56
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sledgeswith -trusty- in its filename15:56
on247i think so15:57
sledgeslsb_release -a15:58
on247LSB Version::core-3.1-ia32:core-3.1-noarch:core-3.2-ia32:core-3.2-noarch:core-4.0-ia32:core-4.0-noarch:desktop-3.1-ia32:desktop-3.1-noarch:desktop-3.2-ia32:desktop-3.2-noarch:desktop-4.0-ia32:desktop-4.0-noarch Distributor ID:Mer Description:Mer release 0.2011 (Mer) Release:0.2011 Codename:Mer15:59
sledgeso dear16:00
sledgesyou are in mersdk16:00
sledgesyou are in mer sdk16:01
sledgesubu-chroot didn't work16:01
dmtone piece of the middleware has moved
on247i download the repo outside the chroot then16:02
on247how i can find out whats wrong with ubu-chroot16:03
sledgesdmt: well spotted ;) kudos to your script, but that forked repo was never used16:03
sledgesupstream was instead16:03
sledgesdmt: but hadk is pointing into it, many thanks, i'll fix it16:04
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sledgesdmt: do you have it checked out locally?16:06
sledgeson247: run it with bash first16:07
sledges/bin/bash ubu-chroot....16:07
on247Nope , still in mer16:07
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on247also , its the same , im on ppepermint , which is ubuntu based and uses bash16:08
sledges/bin/bash -x ubu-chroot....16:08
on247+ [[ 1000 -ne 0 ]] + exec sudo ubu-chroot -r /parentroot//srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu set root to /parentroot/srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu Mounting system directories... Mounting / as /parentroot Mounting home directory: /home/on24716:09
on247mount --bind /parentroot/home/on247 /parentroot/srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu/home/on247 Entering on247 as alonso Unknown ubuntu version16:10
on247Still doesent work16:10
on247 Entering chroot as on24716:11
sledgeson247: Unknown ubuntu version is your prob16:11
on247is the last16:11
on247but i got the trusty tarball16:12
on247i dont know whats wrong16:12
sledgeswhen did you install it the first time?16:12
sledgesdmt: status quo restored, the world is sane again :)16:14
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sledgesalin__: ^16:16
sledgesalterego: ^16:16
sledgeson247 is getting Uknown ubuntu version still16:16
*** blackjack4it_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:16
sledgeson247: pls pastebin full output of ubu-chroot -r /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu16:16
alin__sledges: could you reproduce the ofono error?16:18
sledgesalin__: nope, not testing telephony atm16:19
alin__sledges: that is the first mb2 command16:19
on247not working still16:27
on247i already redownloaded the sdk and then the tarball16:27
sledgesalin__: o.O paste?16:30
alin__sledges: one sec16:30
dmtsledges: great rebuild time16:31
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blackjack4itin the meantime I'm resyncing all the cm10.1 tree16:33
blackjack4itjust to be sure that I'm doing the right things16:33
sledgeson247: grep wheezy /usr/bin/ubu-chroot16:34
*** on247me has joined #sailfishos-porters16:35
*** on247 has quit IRC16:36
sledgeson247me: grep wheezy /usr/bin/ubu-chroot16:36
sledgescat'n'mouse :)16:36
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC16:36
on247meelif grep wheezy ${uburoot}/etc/debian_version > /dev/null; then16:37
sledgesalterego: lbt: why didn't this one make it by now?
sledgeson247me: edit /usr/bin/ubu-chroot and replace wheezy by "wheezy\|jessie"16:39
sledgesjust as in that pull request #3 above16:40
alin__sledges: I think I am silly16:41
sledgesalin__: happens to the best of us :)16:41
alin__sledges: I still need you to confirm that I am silly16:41
on247mewith quotes?16:42
sledgeson247me: yes16:42
sledgesalin__: do i want to do that? :))16:42
alin__sledges: these errors... just confirm they are normal... and then I tell you why16:44
alin__sledges: this morning I built an image and flashed it.. then the bloody phone did not go to the gui and spammed with ofono errors16:45
alin__sledges: anyhow... this morning I discovered the source of my white flashing screens...16:45
on247mesetarch: x86_64: Unrecognized architecture16:45
alin__the headphones...16:45
sledgeson247me: you need a 64bit machine to build things16:46
sledgessee 2.2 chapter16:47
sledgesalin__: 7.1.1: # THE COMMAND BELOW WILL FAIL. It's normal, carry on with the next one.16:47
*** vgrade has quit IRC16:48
on247mebut why?16:48
alin__sledges: yes.. ok...16:49
alin__sledges: so no more than normal16:49
on247mei gues i will be moving the build to another vm16:49
on247meor real machine16:49
sledgeson247me: For Gingerbread (2.3.x) and newer versions, including the master branch, a 64-bit environment is required.16:50
alin__sledges: ok.... so I am just silly16:50
sledgesalin__: there was a way to get rid of ofono spamming16:51
sledgeswasn't it?16:51
alin__sledges: i do not know16:52
sledgesyou can consult with vakkov & beidl who are busy ril`ling their maguros16:52
sledgeslocusf: nice find! but considering commit msg i'll be peckish :)
locusfsledges: ok will fix16:56
beidlsledges: did somebody say "ril"? *shrug* :D16:56
sledges:D is it under highlight? :)16:56
beidlstill finding the best way to set the modem online in a way that maintainers might be happy with16:57
beidlalin__: ofono is being spammed?16:57
locusfsledges: fixed16:58
locusfPR msg still the same16:58
beidlalin__: what device are you porting to?16:59
alin__beidl: n516:59
alin__beidl: this morning i could not boot an image to gui17:00
beidlalin__: have you checked the radio buffer in the logcat?17:00
alin__beidl: no... reflashed with known working images17:00
beidlalin__: always assume that heisenbugs occur :D what does the logcat say?17:01
beidl/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -b radio17:01
alin__beidl: ok... I will keep it in mind17:02
alin__beidl: but I can test only tomorrow17:02
alin__Jul 28 18:01:29 Jolla ofonod[674]: voice registration status is 117:02
sledgeslocusf: can i suggest: "[n7000][mounts] just remove block/ (like i9305)" ?17:02
alin__do you know how to silence than ones?17:02
locusfsledges: sure17:03
sledgesim still lmao [n7000][fixup] Fixes to fixups on N7000 :)) sorry but you made my day :)17:03
beidlalin__: have you enabled the -d flag in an environment file for ofono?17:03
locusfsledges: heheheh :)17:03
sledgeswhich probably has been a long one for you ;)17:03
alin__beidl: no... I did not touch it.. is standard17:04
locusfsledges: repushed with your commit msg :p17:04
sledgeslocusf: merged :)17:04
alin__sledges: now I test dmt's script17:05
beidlalin__: since the n5 (hammerhead) already is ported (and should work with the ril)I'm unsure what the problem could be.17:05
piggz_sledges: for spending time helping!17:05
*** jidiablo has quit IRC17:05
dmta sily question, i have, is mer-hybris necessarily different from ubuntu's hybris?17:05
* piggz_ is ready to continue the porting effort!17:05
alin__beidl: yap... it may be something wrong with the cm1117:06
dmtany hurdles using a common hybris base?17:06
SK_workdmt: I think that there is a common base17:06
sledgesalin__: that ofono spam is not an issue and can be ignored17:06
SK_workhowever, I wonder where is the divergence point, and if ubuntu's work can help mer (and vice versa)17:06
beidlalin__: again check (or maybe even pastebin) the logcat of the main and the radio buffer17:07
alin__beidl: ok... if I get the issue again I will..17:07
alin__beidl: I hope was not cause by headphones plugged17:07
alin__sledges: it is if it spams every second... will fill my bloody memory card17:08
beidlalin__: if time permits it you could try to reproduce it17:08
alin__beidl: yap I will17:08
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:09
sledgesalin__: are you logs persisten?17:09
alin__sledges: why shall they not be?17:09
sledgesby default they are volatile17:10
alin__sledges: thought they are like any linux17:10
alin__sledges: ok... so they are by default17:10
sledgesin order not to fill bloody memory cards ;)17:10
sledgesit's embedded environment :)17:10
alin__sledges: blimey...17:10
alin__that explains it...17:10
sledgesyet i suggest you to doublecheck, on internal devel jolla phone it's persistent17:10
sledgesargh, volatile that is :)17:11
sledgesbeen a long day here too :)17:11
sledgesalin__: simply: df -h /var/log/17:13
alin__sledges: /dev/mmcblk0p28        13G  1.2G   12G  10% /17:13
sledgesalin__: also, they rotate17:13
alin__sledges: yap... that I know17:14
sledgesbut you touched a good point which eventually will have to be addressed - could you put that up on piratepad?17:15
sledges(i see pp as bleeding edge for devs, and wiki for curious public :)17:15
alin__sledges: I see...17:15
alin__sledges: give me the link17:15
locusftoo bad I only have I tester for n7000, could start a piratepad with him too17:17
locusfn4/5/7 are way more popular for sfos17:17
dmtfor n5 the ubuntu one can certainly be of help since it has lots of things working17:19
dmtlike the camera and possible the gps17:19
alin__dmt: the gps I have seen it working... I still do not understand why stopped17:19
*** on247me has quit IRC17:21
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:23
beidlI'm starting to play with the idea of writing a little daemon, just for maguro, to switch the modem online automatically if its powered on17:24
beidlbecause I'm not sure if the maguro modem behaviour is standard17:24
beidlalso I don't want to patch too many core components just for our device17:25
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters17:25
*** alin__ has quit IRC17:26
*** Sequenced has quit IRC17:26
beidlsledges: also, if I was to add rfkill would mer-hybris pull in a repo for it. maguro is not the only consumer of brcm_patchram. grouper needs it as well17:27
beidloh, I remember now, have to move the spec to rpm/17:27
beidloh well... adding -d to ofonos arguments is enough of a hack for it not to race and stall when booting up17:32
sledgesbeidl: sure for rfkill, as long as it's deemed necessary (and won't disturb other devices)17:37
sledgesbeidl: -d is debug output? :))17:37
beidlsledges: exactly:D17:38
beidlsledges: how apropriate of a debug flag to screw with my tracing needs17:38
sledgessadly such things happen way to often :))17:40
piggz_sledges: i built a rootfs image...there were some errors17:40
piggz_no .zip file produced, only a tar.bz217:40
sledgespiggz_: if there, zip should follow, unless something gone wrong in %pack17:40
piggz_zip a command invalid apparently17:42
piggz_and something about the root password failed17:42
sledgespiggz_: how does your .ks look like?17:43
sledgesand rpm failed, and oneshot ;)17:43
sledgesyou should have ~500 packages going17:44
piggz_maybe missed somethign then :)17:45
sledgespiggz_: @jolla-hw-adaptation-ace17:46
sledgesshould read @Jolla Configuration ace17:46
sledgesleftover from the fight with the patterns :)17:46
piggz_sledges: i thought the guide says to change that17:47
sledgespiggz_: only if there is missing package, and only whilst hunting for it17:47
piggz_ok, its back now17:48
sledgeswill go from now :)17:48
sledgesopen the floodgates :) (or meet more patterns havoc ;))17:48
lbtsledges: pull3 did make it - thought I promoted it to testing and stable17:58
alinsledges: patterns.. the usb-moded ones shall be shanged we shall require the android ones and not the naked ones17:58
alinsledges: I will add that in the pp17:58
beidlsledges: everything ok with this?
beidlsledges: copied those from alteregos OBS repo and got rid of the tars18:00
locusfbash: fork: retry: No child processes18:05
locusfapparently my computer doesn't like mer sdk18:05
Nokiussledges: ?18:09
sledgesNokius: i'll be gone for next 2 hours as you see in logs18:13
Nokiussledges: okay18:13
Nokiussledges: got all setup need only your public RSA18:13
sledgesNokius: could you setup ssh shell meantime18:13
sledgesim still here for 30mins18:13
sledgeslbt: so promotion did not get in yet? /me confused :)18:14
sledgesalin: shanged?18:14
sledgesbeidl: are thei originally in CM repos?18:15
Nokiussledges: set usb to /etc/network/interface just the iptable is not working as wanted18:15
beidlbrcm_patchram_plus is, but with a lot of other packages (framework)18:15
Nokiussledges: your public RSA is just needed ^^18:15
sledgesand rfkiLL beidl ?18:16
sledgesNokius: thanks gimme moment18:16
Nokiussledges: take all your time18:16
beidlsledges: nope, rfkill is not. not that I've seen it at least18:16
sledgesbeidl: what's its orig repo?18:17
beidlsledges: I just pulled everything from here:
alinsledges: shanged what?18:18
beidlbut I could try to find a github repo, fork from there and add the packaging18:18
sledgesbeidl: i see rcg's name and surname in .changes18:19
sledgescheck for Ruediger Gad on github or grid in general :)18:19
Nokiussledges: hope u can guess your pw (some thing like b[]αt )18:19
beidlsledges: found his github but none of those are there as a repo :/18:21
Nokiussledges: if u prefer it has also mosh18:24
piggz_balls, after all that ... after a long pause, it just reboots :((((((((18:27
piggz_i gonna play mariokart wii instead!18:27
sledgespiggz_: and you thought that wasn't just beginning :)18:31
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:31
sledgesalin: phdeswer can say exactly which usb-moded ones you'll need and for what18:32
alinsledges: yap... from him I know18:32
alinsledges: tested dmt script.. works like a charm18:32
alinredid all my phone18:32
alinclean image and cm11 from yestarday all work18:32
piggz_sledges: came first against the kids, how do i debug?18:33
sledgespiggz_: get in18:33
sledgestelnet port 23, or if you are lucky 232318:33
locusfso usb-moded is required for usb ssh access?18:34
sledgeslocusf: nope18:35
sledgesif you got no gui, device will lock up completely not letting you in18:35
sledgesif usb-moded is in18:35
sledgeswe're fixing those things18:35
sledgesyet if gui is up and you are sure you'll never lose it during heavy hacking (*cough* *cough*) usb-moded can be in ;) cc alin18:36
sledgesNokius: ok i'm inside your phone now, thanks for ssh tunnel great work!18:38
Nokiussledges: ^^dont kill it :p18:38
sledgesnow all we are missing is skype video call with webcam pointing to the phone :D18:39
sledgesbut that's for later18:39
sledgesis it black screen now?18:39
Nokiussledges: looks black18:40
sledgessitu: alin: now my clock is correct on hammerhead18:40
sledgesdon't know at which point it set itself, but i also connected to wlan18:40
alinsledges: with automatic?18:40
situsledges: Yes, it will be set correctly after you connect with internet.18:40
Nokiussledges:  will set up tom thing18:41
sledgesalin: yes18:41
sledgessitu: ok18:41
blackjack4it(in the meantime sync progress of cm10.1 mango tree at 64%)18:43
sledgesvgrade_: this is what Nokius oppo find5 minimer has with debug and EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev:
sledgesthp: maybe ^ ? :)18:45
*** alin has quit IRC18:45
sledgesand blue screen apparently, with nothin more rendered18:45
sledgesi had to Ctrl+C to stop18:46
sledgesyet with EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer it just segfaults after only few buffer dequeues18:46
sledgesits chipset is identical to mako18:46
* sledges goes away for 2 hours, see you soon! ( vgrade_ thp: Nokius has ssh tunnel into the phone, ask him)18:46
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC18:50
piggz_sledges: no net device detected by my host18:51
vgrade_piggz_: which img are you using? recovery or boot18:58
vgrade_piggz_: boot back into CM.  check debug log at /data/.stowaways/sailfoshos/19:00
*** furikku has quit IRC19:01
vgrade_evening all19:01
piggz_vgrade_: ive just booted into recovery, and using adb shell can see kernel_log and system_log in /devlog...19:01
Nokiusvgrade_: hi19:01
piggz_vgrade_: i have /data/.stowaways/sailfishos containing an empty data dir and tats all19:02
vgrade_piggz_: that should hold your sailfishos rootfs19:02
vgrade_something gone wrong in either zip generation or when update scripts are run19:03
vgrade_have a poke around the zip19:03
piggz_vgrade_: should /devlog contain a load of .so files?19:04
vgrade_piggz_: does not sound sane19:06
piggz_vgrade_: no, i didnt think so :)19:06
vgrade_in the zip there should be the mic generated rootfs tar + some scripts for unpacking19:06
vgrade_check those scripts have the right looking paths19:07
piggz_well, there is nothing in /data, df says 22mb used19:08
piggz_vgrade_: looking at the installtion log, looks like there was a problem unpacking the .tar file with invalid options19:10
vgrade_piggz_: can you pastie19:14
piggz_vgrade_: i could if i could see the top of the log to see te axact error :/19:15
piggz_vgrade_: got it19:29
piggz_vgrade_: seems like tar doesnt support j19:32
vgrade_piggz_: odd, did you install CM before sailfish19:33
piggz_vgrade_: yes, but this is in recovery isnt it19:33
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
vgrade_yes, so maybe a newer recovery?19:34
piggz_i have a pretty new one...lets look19:34
vgrade_Nokius: had a look at the log nothing jumps out at me, may need a more experianced pair of eyes19:36
lbtsledges: android-tools -9 is in rolling. Rolling is updated 3x per week from stable19:42
vgrade_evenign lbt19:42
lbtPSA: Mer OBS going down now for a short while19:45
lbthey vgrade_19:45
vakkovlbt: will it be available tomorrow?19:45
lbtshould be back in an hour19:48
* lbt is trying to finish his encore build19:49
lbtgot an image - now need to figure out how to put it together :)19:49
lbtPSA: OBS is back20:09
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters20:16
piggz_vgrade_: new recovery installed and .zip installed ok...stil, butsee why20:22
lbtwell ... after some mer admin :/20:24
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters20:32
* sledges back20:56
vgrade_piggz_: don't understand your last msg20:57
vgrade_sledges: \o20:57
vgrade_sledges: can you try tunnel again, its not working for me20:58
sledgesvgrade_: im in20:59
sledgeslbt: ah, ok thanks ^_^20:59
sledges(re rolling update)20:59
vgrade_sledges: :(21:00
dmt_sledges: sorry i didn't quite see your msg about using the wrong git today21:01
* lbt curses opensuse21:01
sledgesdmt_: np, all fixed21:01
dmt_sledges: shall i switch to the upstream?21:01
sledgesdmt_: it matches upstream now21:02
dmt_i see but whats the point of keeping it it tere is no intent on changing anything21:02
*** Eztran has quit IRC21:02
dmt_questio, any particular reason for not having 'less' anywhere in the repos?21:03
piggz_vgrade_: me too!21:04
sledgesdmt_: it's there because there might be an intent to change something ;) also infrastructural parts are hooked on it from the past when we though we'll be changing things, but thanks to hybris magic we never had to (for sensors)21:04
dmt_sledges: cool i'll keep it then21:05
sledgesthanks :))21:05
dmt_and is there any way to get a mer obs account?21:05
lbtregister on mer bugzilla21:05
dmt_i might put a few little packages21:05
dmt_i did21:06
dmt_and the login didn';t seen to work21:06
dmt_let me try again21:06
lbt"To login to this build service you'll need to register on the Mer Bugzilla and use the account (not email) that you use there. Note: it can take ~10mins for account info to sync to the OBS."  ??21:06
lbtdid you allow 10m?21:06
dmt_works now21:07
dmt_way 2 days ago then i forgot21:07
lbtok - so you didn't wait 10m 2 days ago but now is more than 10m since 2 days ago so now it works ?21:07
dmt_yap now it works21:08
* lbt likes to clarify things :)21:08
lbtunlike suse21:08
dmt_i did not try before asking21:08
lbtthey like to make my life hard21:08
dmt_i found suse works pretty well most of the times21:08
piggz_vgrade_: which debug log am i looking for?21:08
lbtdecides "ooh you have /vmlinuz linked to the kernel you want like the man page says ... I'll ignore that"21:09
dmt_well they try to stick to their policies21:09
dmt_and when little to no harm is done is fine21:09
lbtthey hide too much21:10
lbteg no --verbose mode21:10
vgrade_piggz_: did you get anything on usb?21:10
lbtanyhow ... got to rush before the remote console is taken away21:10
vgrade_piggz_: in dmesg21:11
piggz_vgrade_: no net the init.log from sailfish21:12
dmt_i was under the impression the telnet port gets auto closed on setting a pass21:12
vgrade_piggz_: good21:12
dmt_and now surprise surprise my phone has been exposed all day to the whole world21:12
dmt_with direct root access nonetheless21:13
lbtmmm - yeah we really should fix that21:13
dmt_why not just open ssh with some default pass21:14
dmt_even if a potential attacker can find it21:14
lbtin initrd? :)21:14
lbtthis stuff is all at the low level devel stage still21:14
dmt_it is a lot less likely that simply trying telnel 232321:14
dmt_and getting sh-3.2#21:14
dmt_glad my provider is giving me an external address but....21:15
lbtit needs fixing for sure - but the telnet thing is there for device bringup and should go from a deployed system21:15
dmt_how much more space will ssh take?21:16
lbtnah - the solution is not to have telnet running after device bringup21:16
lbtlike I say .. this is in initrd and uses busybox - ssh is not an option21:17
dmt_ok i don't know much or anything about these restricted conditions21:18
dmt_dropbear ssh?21:18
lbtthe device has full ssh when it's up21:18
dmt_the 2MB 16MB/ram use it21:18
dmt_i know but even for boot up seems irresponsible21:18
dmt_one could catch just the right moment21:18
lbtwhat threat are you protecting against?21:18
dmt_execute some crap to prevent closure21:19
dmt_and hose it completely21:19
lbttelnet won't run in a non-devel device21:19
dmt_thing is like to use devel device as regular21:19
dmt_and carying 2 devices around is not an option21:19
lbterm - different meaning of devel21:19
lbtI mean whilst actively rebooting as you hack on the kernel and boot image21:20
dmt_i get you21:21
vgrade_piggz_: so mer bootloader was unable to configure the usb inerface21:24
vgrade_checking log further21:24
dmt_may be shall hack something into my .ks file21:24
dmt_to remove the telnet21:25
vgrade_piggz_: usb_info 'Mer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis0'21:25
piggz_vgrade_: yep, i see it, but no ide how to fix :)21:27
blackjack4ithi there, source synced I'm at breakfast mango21:28
vgrade_piggz_: can you pastie your kernel config21:28
sledgesblackjack4it: buon appetito21:29
vgrade_I like my breakfast bacon21:29
blackjack4itI can't stop laugh21:30
vakkovmm, i would have some mango but probably for lunch21:30
blackjack4itplease XD21:30
vakkovbtw, what happened with the lunch command?21:30
blackjack4itI'm on 14.3.2. of the guide21:31
blackjack4itwhere it tells about mountpoint info21:31
vgrade_piggz_: the usb device may be called something other than usb0 or rndis021:31
piggz_vgrade_: 3L030ShN21:31
blackjack4ithaving a rooted android on my xmp can help in finding root mount points?21:32
piggz_vgrade_: in recovery:21:33
piggz_<6>[    6.412384] usb0: MAC a2:81:e6:99:ab:a421:33
sledgesblackjack4it: yes21:33
vgrade_piggz_: interesting, so recovery must have different kernel and or options21:34
vgrade_# CONFIG_USB_USBNET is not set21:34
piggz_vgrade_: this is 4ext-recovery21:34
* vgrade_ chaecks other kernel options21:35
sledgesI can see phone 5 by 521:35
sledgeswrong window :)p21:36
dmt_lbt: shall i remove the init-debug from the hal rpm? for non kernel debug builds21:37
lbtdmt_: yes21:38
lbtthat should work21:38
dmt_though is usefull to know that the usb net is up and waiting21:39
dmt_i think i'll just comment ouf the dhcpd and telnet lines21:39
blackjack4itnow launching brunch mango21:41
vgrade_lbt: sledges what specific kernel options are recommended for usb network, piggz_ kernel does not have21:41
blackjack4it(I'm very hungry today, breakfast and brunch)21:41
sledgesvgrade_: iirc locusf or Flyser had a case that pre-switch_root it's the usb0 and post - becomes rndis021:41
sledgesor vice versa21:41
lbtvgrade_: android usb thingy21:42
sledges02:21 < Flyser> my device has both the usb0 and the rndis0 network interface (god knows why). rndis0 was the correct one, but the recovery found usb0 and was happy21:43
sledges02:23 < Flyser> not anymore. I swapped usb0 and rndis0 in the script and telnet started working21:43
sledges(ignore the 'not anymore' bit)21:43
lbtvgrade_: you know the one?21:44
vgrade_sledges: lbt does not find either post switch21:44
sledgeswe need to see /sbin/ifconfig output21:45
sledges /sbin/ifconfig -a21:45
vgrade_piggz_: can you add that to script in rootfs21:46
vgrade_lbt: thanks, piggz_ has that one21:47
lbtthere's some associated ones too21:47
piggz_vgrade_: lbt: about to flash new boot21:47
vgrade_piggz_: I thkink options are ok21:48
blackjack4it_"Can't exec "/usr/bin/gcc": No such file or directory at /usr/share/perl/5.14/IPC/ line 186." o_O21:48
sledgesblackjack4it: you are using old ubuntu (and probably hadk too)21:48
vgrade_just need to add /sbin/ifconfig -a to init script in stowaway21:48
sledgesthere's 1.0.2 from 21st July21:48
lbtvgrade_: isn't init.log nice though ?21:48
vgrade_lbt: sure is21:49
blackjack4it_:( ok I'll check immediately thanks21:49
lbtvgrade_: that would help21:49
piggz_still no boot, but i thinks thats me for tonight!21:50
lbtvgrade_: I did ifconfig without the -a21:50
vgrade_piggz_: no probs, we can try to get ifconfig -a output when you next visit21:51
vgrade_piggz_: good progress though21:51
lbtpiggz_: vgrade_ that kernel has no network port though21:52
lbt[    4.860626] [USB] android_init_functions cdc_ethernet init21:52
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:55
piggz_vgrade_: lbt: this is the new init.log
lbtpiggz_: I don't think your host is setting usb nw up21:58
piggz_is it enough to just flash the new hybris-boot.img?21:58
lbtpiggz_: yeah - but does lsmod show usbnet installed on host ?21:58
lbtand have you done an ifup usb021:59
piggz_no and no21:59
lbtmodprobe usbnet21:59
*** piggz_ has quit IRC22:01
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:01
lbtand there went his network ...22:01
piggz_lbt: :) gnight (i unticked something in entwork manager)22:02
lbtsledges: we should have some host-side diagnostics too22:03
piggz_i expect you will have it debugged bby the time i return!22:03
lbtmaybe - I suspect host stuff atm22:03
sledgespiggz_'s the first one ;)22:03
sledgesthere were occasional nm hiccups, but nothing major22:04
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos-porters22:04
vgrade_piggz_: as running adb on host earlier22:05
sledgeswrite vgrade pts/622:05
blackjack4it* redownloading ubuntu chroot tarball *22:05
* sledges *chuckles*22:05
sledgesblackjack4it: trusty?22:05
vgrade_so adb deamon might be still active22:06
blackjack4itI'm on 51% :D what's the meaning of trusty :D? You can trust me :D22:06
Sazpaimon_hey  vgrade_, how goes the oneplus port?22:06
lbtblackjack4it: ubuntu release codename22:07
blackjack4itubuntu lts 14.0422:07
sledgesor quantal22:07
blackjack4it64 bit22:07
Sazpaimon_I gave up on trying to get android to compile for now22:07
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: having too much fun on all the others22:07
sledgesblackjack4it: download tarball from hadk22:07
blackjack4it_curl -O$TARBALL that one right?22:08
sledgesblackjack4it: yes, so it's trusty goood22:08
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: I have hybris image booting to Mer bootloader and I can telnet in22:08
Sazpaimon_maybe you can walk me through what you did to get hybris-hal to build22:08
blackjack4it* untaring now *22:09
Sazpaimon_is your github up to date? I based my stuff off of your repos22:09
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: do you have google account22:10
vgrade_PM me your email22:11
vgrade_I can share my lab notes22:11
Sazpaimon_sent, thx22:12
blackjack4itis it normal that I read "tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors" and then on hadk "unknown ubuntu version"?22:13
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters22:15
sledgesblackjack4it: what tar errors? unknown ubu version is fixable, but, what tar errors? :))22:15
blackjack4itI'm restarting tar with log file22:16
blackjack4it_tar: ./usr/share/doc/libjson0: Cannot create symlink to `libjson-c2': File exists tar: ./usr/share/doc/module-init-tools: Cannot create symlink to `libkmod2': File exists22:17
*** Nokius has quit IRC22:18
sledgesblackjack4it: start with new directory22:19
blackjack4itdeleted mer dir, reextracting all22:23
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters22:23
gogetahi guys22:23
lbt'night all22:23
sledgeshi nigiht22:23
vgrade_nn lbt22:26
sledgeshow goes gogeta ?22:35
Nokius1cu guys22:35
gogetaa shit22:35
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:36
*** dmt_ has quit IRC22:38
blackjack4it_third time that I try..bash: /etc/bash_completion.d/createrepo.bash: line 91: syntax error near `@(='22:40
sledgesblackjack4it: remove completoin from your ~/.mersdk.profile22:40
gogetasome dos2unix related problem blackjack4it22:41
*** Eztran has quit IRC22:41
sledgesblackjack4it: the whole -if- block (it crept in here: )22:42
blackjack4itfixed :D!22:43
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos-porters22:44
gogetasledges: i got ever config file problem for kernel22:47
gogetabuild/core/tasks/ * Please add the TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG variable to your   *22:47
gogetabut was there22:47
blackjack4itthanks for all of your helps see you tomorrow23:20
*** blackjack4it_ has quit IRC23:30
*** blackjack4it has quit IRC23:45
*** Eztran has quit IRC23:48
*** gogeta has quit IRC23:49

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