Tuesday, 2014-07-29

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Nokius1sledges: ah looks like they drop it after a few houers ...04:16
Nokius1sledges: hope free trail pro wont stop so soon again04:24
Nokius1sledges: hope it will work cu04:40
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alinfirst question on together... https://together.jolla.com/question/52163/removing-facebook/06:43
stephgwell you can force nodeps the removal of it but who knows what the gallery will do06:44
stephg(personally I wouldn't bother, the software can't do anything unless you have an active account...06:45
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alinstephg: probably...06:50
alinstephg: is there a reason why maps is missing?06:51
stephgon a google device? probably license06:51
alinstephg: seriously?06:51
alinstephg: this is another good one for eu anti-monopoly06:52
stephgwell when paid support comes to the store maybe you'll be able to buy it, but I suspect Jolla licences the Nokia HERE maps and they're not free06:53
stephgas with Dalvik... there are a couple of map apps in the store/on openrepos tho'06:53
alinstephg: I care little about dalvik... if I want to cripple my phone with java... I stay with android06:54
stephgfair enough06:54
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alinstephg: they paying bit is a detail...06:54
alinstephg: let us hope the possibility will arrive.06:54
alinbefore that we need few more details06:55
alinlike gps camera sensors06:55
stephgI hope so too, I know there are a few devs waiting to release software but won't until there are payment mechanisms in palce06:55
stephgyup, definitely06:56
alinstephg: I suspect people pay for content not very much for apps... or at least the open source crowd06:56
alinnow on serious business06:58
alinwhat is the dhcp server one uses?06:58
phdesweralin: on device it is udhcpd07:03
alinphdeswer: thanks...07:03
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alinbeidl_: ok... I have tried to reproduce... and no issue07:50
alinbeidl_: the only difference is that at craashing time I had the headphones on07:50
alinbeidl_: so I will add it to pulseaudio crap07:51
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Nokius_afksledges: sorry its gone again have to try cvlc may or other sulution will check if streams to youtube are posible08:16
Nokius_afksledges: cu08:16
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dmt__morning all08:17
dmt__does anyone know where RilSettings.ltePermitted comes from?08:17
sledgesNokius1: but telnet 2323 doesn't work anymore to your phone08:18
sledgesps: i didn't know it will all still stay connected to now ;)08:18
alinsitu: that dsme takes at one moment the correct time from somewhere... very early in the boot08:21
alinsitu: I suspect if we can use that in a systemd service to set the time we will have it08:21
dmt__i think it might be in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/com/jolla/settings/mobilenetwork/libmobilenetworkplugin.so08:27
dmt__not because there is a symbol visible but because it is the only file giving any match whatsoever with grep08:28
dmt__is thre any source for it?08:29
sledgesdmt__: rpm -qf /usr/lib/qt5/qml/com/jolla/settings/mobilenetwork/libmobilenetworkplugin.so08:35
alinsledges: jolla-settings-networking-0.2.10-10.38.1.jolla.armv7hl08:38
dr_gogeta86good morning08:42
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aironeoussomeone maybe from Jolla or Jolla plus one of the community members here could give an interview on the linux action show maybe http://youtu.be/SyNDZYz8-lw?list=UUHugE6eRhqB9_AZQh4DDbIw08:44
aironeousmight get more help08:44
aironeouswith porting efforts that way08:45
aironeousthey've covered the jolla phone before and expressed some interest08:45
dmt__sledges: i did figure this much08:47
dmt__sledges: but still the actual src code is the question08:47
sledgesdmt__: i'm looking it up for you, that's why i needed the package name08:49
dmt__sledges: ok thanks, i'm just curious why does it decide that i need no 4g08:49
sledgesdmt__: me too08:53
dmt__sledges: might be a better idea to chuck it from the qml and always show the option. Most devices it will run on will have it i guess08:54
sledgesdmt__: cat /var/lib/ofono/rilmodem08:54
sledgesaironeous: hello, very interesting, have you got the episode # with their Jolla coverage please?08:55
sledgesdr_gogeta86: ciao08:55
dmt__sledges: ls -l /var/lib/ofono/  : total 008:56
sledgesyep, same here :/08:56
sledgesdmt__: and you say all you did was re-flash?08:56
sledgesand 4g gone?08:56
dmt__yesterday i plyed a bit more08:56
dmt__and discovered08:56
sledgescan you put back your SIM into another 4g capable phone (or reboot to CM)?08:56
sledgesto cross-check08:56
dmt__it disappears when you select pref 3g or 2g08:57
aironeousi forgot which episode they covered it. It was about a month or so ago. They cover so many things it would be hard to find maybe. Let me check their videos and see if there is any info below the videos.08:57
dmt__then never appears08:57
dmt__if you flash on top of previous jolla08:57
dmt__the only way to get it back08:57
dmt__was to flash cm/android08:57
dmt__boot into it08:57
dmt__pass the wizzards and all that rap08:57
dmt__then flash jolla and never touch the 'prefer' thing08:58
dr_gogeta86sledges, can you help me with kernel conf08:58
dr_gogeta86with last upgrade from upstream skrew up08:58
sledgesaironeous: found it (via google :)08:58
dmt__funny thing is now i'm on 4g08:59
sledgesdmt__: o.O08:59
aironeous:) um I should have thought of that08:59
sledgesdr_gogeta86: paste command and output and i'll be able to help08:59
dr_gogeta86<gogeta> /home/gogeta/mer/android/system/out/target/product/generic/kernel08:59
dr_gogeta86<gogeta> build/core/tasks/kernel.mk:93: * Please add the TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG variable to your   *08:59
dr_gogeta86<gogeta> but was there08:59
aironeousyeah it was this episode http://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/47232/linux-mint-16-review-las-s29e09/09:03
sledgesaironeous: it was when jolla was just launched09:03
aironeouswould be nice to give them an update about the HADK and get them excited about the community efforts and maybe list the models and the community members that have taken up the cause for each type of phone. Up to you guys and jolla just my input09:05
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sledgesaironeous: and what is the way to contact them?09:07
dr_gogeta86sledges, i did it09:08
aironeoushttp://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/contact/ also It seems they have a live IRC going while the show is on09:09
aironeousServer: irc.geekshed.net Channel: #jupiterbroadcasting09:09
sledgesdr_gogeta86: well done09:10
sledgesaironeous: thanks09:10
dr_gogeta86sledges, i dind't compile i'd pasted error :-D09:11
sledgeslol :P09:11
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dr_gogeta86make don't read09:13
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: grep TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE/BoardConfig.mk09:28
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dr_gogeta86HABUILD_SDK [c8813q] gogeta@localhost:~/mer/android/system$  grep TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE/BoardConfig.mk09:30
dr_gogeta86TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG = c8813q_defconfig09:30
dr_gogeta86and that file was in archs and root kernel source09:31
dr_gogeta86HABUILD_SDK [c8813q] gogeta@localhost:~/mer/android/system/kernel/huawei/c8813q$ find . | grep c8813q_defconfig09:32
sledgesand is that file there now still?09:32
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: surely didn't forget to run . build/envsetup.sh and breakfast $DEVICE everytime?09:37
dr_gogeta86i forget to have09:39
sledgesthought so ;)09:39
dr_gogeta86i forget to launch09:39
dr_gogeta86once built09:41
dr_gogeta86we need to struggle with ril09:41
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beidlhello guys10:44
beidlhow ironic, the last thing I read is about strugling with the ril :)10:46
alinsledges: phdeswer seems that in /init.hammerhead.rc some other dhcp is used10:51
alin  /system/bin/dhcpcd10:51
sledgesit's client daemon, not server iiuc10:52
alinphdeswer: as usb master... is it possible to make the screen come on when the cable is connected?11:01
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beidlsledges: would it be OK for us to release an image with additional apps like calculator, clock and calendar?11:11
beidlNOOOOICE great stuff11:15
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alinbeidl: I can add more to list11:26
alinbeidl: general mail...11:26
alinsitu: sledges so... ubuntu they so not use dsme and they have time_daemon11:27
alini removed it from my phone... disabled in init.hammer....11:27
alinit started alarms still work11:27
alinwe will see what happened11:27
beidlalin: yup, I'm playing around with those11:30
alinbeidl: then you may want to add calendar11:30
alinbeidl: and of course the missing declarative ones11:30
alinbeidl: like positioning...11:31
beidlalin: the Qt dependancies should be resolved during build time11:31
alinbeidl: he he...11:32
alinbeidl: would be great to be like that... it seems whatever is declarative is not11:33
beidlI'll see when I'm rebuilding again. of course you are right about positioning, strange it's not included even though the camera needs it. (maybe it's just not declared in the packaging)11:34
alinbeidl: for sure that11:34
beidlat least it's not as granular as ubuntu touch with its gazillions of tiny little packages11:35
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alinbeidl: he he...11:55
* beidl is sad that nobody got time for some pulseaudio/h2w debugging11:56
sledgesjusa_ is on holiday this week11:56
beidlI thought so11:57
beidlcompiling communi just so I can visit the IRC from time to time when in the army :D11:58
sledgeswhat's the penalty for deserting? :))11:59
beidltrust me, it's not worth the try :D12:00
beidloh btw, what including gstreamer plugins for mp3 and mp4 support?12:01
beidlwhat about*12:01
sledgesnot redist, foss ftw :)12:02
alinbeidl: which country?12:04
beidlalin: austria12:05
alinbeidl: you still have mandatory army?12:05
beidlsledges: alright, I'll instruct users to add the openrepos themselves :D12:05
beidlalin: yeah right12:05
alinbeidl: you should join the eu... back home they get rid of it.. when they joined eu12:06
beidlsledges: usbmoded is needed to get usb network connection in developer mode, right?12:06
beidlalin: austria is in the EU12:06
alinbeidl: I know... I was jocking12:07
alinbeidl: no... you can get it without it too12:07
alinbeidl: is needed to be able to tether and get other fancy things...12:07
alinbeidl: just be sure you add the packages with android...12:08
alinbeidl: usb-moded pushes the naked ones12:08
alinbeidl: which device?12:08
sledgesbeidl: usb-moded provides internal dhcp server, connection selection dialogue when you plug usb cable, and complete device lockdown if UI stops booting ;)12:08
beidlalin: maguro/galaxy nexus12:08
alinbeidl: I remember no... vakkov was doing the same...12:08
sledgesoh, and did i mention random generated passwords (reachable only from ui)12:08
alinbeidl: so you fixed all the issues?12:08
beidlsledges: the random password works for ssh, at least :)12:09
alinsledges: are they only from UI?12:09
sledgesalin: you can override them with passwwd/telnet12:09
alinsledges: I had an impression I have seen it in logs12:09
beidlalin: not all of them, right now we depend on a hack for the modem to get online12:09
alinsledges: this is what I do12:09
beidlalin: and audio routing to the speakers doesn't work as well12:09
beidlalin: what do you mean with "android packages"?12:10
alin rpm -qa | grep usb-moded | xargs12:11
alinusb-moded-pc-suite-mode-android-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl usb-moded-developer-mode-android-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl usb-moded-diagnostics-config-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl usb-moded-0.70-134.1.Nemo.armv7hl usb-moded-defaults-android-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl usb-moded-diag-mode-android-0.80-1.11.1.armv7hl12:11
beidlalin: oh, I see. thanks12:11
alinif you look you will find versions for some of them without android which are pulled in when you install usb-moded12:11
alinbeidl: also you may want a newer usb-moded from phdeswer repo12:11
beidlI'll play around with the commented-out ones from the pattern file. I'd love to keep things as default as possible12:12
alinsledges: any chance on the wireless connections bug?... the one not remembering the settings?12:12
sledgesalin: reproducable on another n5?12:12
alinsledges: yes on mine12:13
sledgescould anyone else repro?12:13
alindmt: has it too12:13
alinsledges: ^12:13
beidlsledges: oh btw, what's needed to build the mce-hybris plugin? it's missing the android header files12:13
alinsitu: ... is your n5 forgets the wireless settings12:13
beidlsledges: (could be a misconfigured include path though)12:13
alinsitu: after reboot?12:13
sledgesbeidl: it's commented out in patterns, means not critical12:14
sledgesalin: never happened :/12:14
alinsitu: the connection is there but it does not connect to it12:14
sledgeswhat kind of AP?12:14
alinsledges: wpa12:14
alin[ 1757.298476] _dhd_pno_enable Legacy PNO mode cannot be enabled in assoc mode , ignore it12:15
alin[ 1757.299278] CFG80211-ERROR) wl_cfg80211_sched_scan_start : PNO setup failed!! ret=-312:15
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beidlsledges: any idea on the mce hybris plugin issue?12:34
sledgesmce-plugin-libhybris ?12:36
sledgesbeidl: ^12:37
beidlsledges: yep12:37
sledgesbeidl: probably legacy, what is the problem?12:37
beidlsledges: missing some android headers12:37
sledgesi mean12:38
sledgeswhat problem would it fix for you?12:38
beidlsledges: I assumed it would be a nice addition to the current setup, I mean it says "does good for you as soon as sensors start working" :D12:38
sledgesask thp for details12:39
sledgesso, maguro is ready for the show otherwise? ;)12:39
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beidlsledges: not completely sadly. 2 things:12:43
phdesweralin: Sorry missed your screen question earlier. Well normally the UI wakes up when the charging banner comes. But there is a long standing bug with the dialog not being really nice to use when connecting the cable.12:43
beidlsledges: the droid plugin for pulseaudio does not react to h2w changes, meaning that it'll continue to route audio to the headset jack12:43
phdeswerHowever you could do something like this : https://together.jolla.com/question/5903/jolla-screen-should-not-time-out-while-in-usb-developer-mode/12:44
beidlsledges: number 2: ofono fails at pre-SIM stage, not being able to read the IMSI and completely fucking up at reading/writing from/to the SIM. requires a script to put modem online through dbus12:44
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sledgesbeidl: go for it (the script)12:45
locusfany ideas on changing the orientation of lipstick in p3110? Didn't thp work on getting grouper to work vertically?12:46
beidlsledges: that also means that users have to remove their PIN lock, sadly12:46
beidlsledges: remember the "remaining tries" for PIN entry counting up instead of down? yeah, that :D12:46
alinphdeswer: is not about timing out... is about not coming up at all12:47
sledgeswell, you'll surely put a bit warning in release notes, as it's only an alpha one; guys at xda will know what to expect :)12:47
beidlsledges: the infamous "known issues" list :)12:47
phdesweralin: indeed. That's why I gave the link, in you can get systemd to ping/execute some mce command and it will come up for sure.12:48
situalin: yes, there are problems with connecting with known networks.12:48
sledgesbeidl: it won't be a long list, in two weeks! well done ;)12:48
beidlsledges: oh and a third one: having to skip the startupwizard usersession :D12:48
beidlsledges: thank you :)12:48
beidl*steve ballmer style* I GOT 4 WORDS FOR YA! .... I ... LOVE ... THIS .. COMMUNITYYY12:49
sledgeswhile; echo "developers"; done12:50
beidlahaha :D12:50
beidlporters, porters, porters, porters12:50
beidlcan't wait to write some little apps for sailfish as soon as I've released the ROM preview. gotta love Qt12:51
sledges\m/ rock'n'roll man!12:51
alinsledges: situ has it too... so we are three12:53
sledgesalin: is the error you pasted, the moment of connect?12:53
alinsledges: I do not know.. is the only error...12:55
alinsledges: now I will need to forage for some food...12:55
sledgeswell, when does it happen? or pls paste journal at the moment of recconect12:55
alinwe speak later12:55
alinsledges: there is no moment of reconnect12:55
sledgesthat fails12:55
sledgesafter reboot12:55
alinsledges: it does not at all.. wlan active but does not try12:55
alinsledges: I do not know if it tries to connect... and then the only option available is forget the network12:56
sledgesi just need logs that's all :)12:56
sledgesalin: Settings->System->WLAN->(pulley)Connect to Internet12:56
sledgesand paste logs12:56
sledgesafter reboot12:56
alinsledges: that just shows available networks12:57
alinsledges: i click on one which is stores... wants password12:57
sledgesah ok12:57
alinsledges: http://paste.opensuse.org/7612529412:57
alinsledges: this is all the log since boot12:57
alinsledges: I wonder if is related with the wrong time?12:57
sledgesalin: i'll ask the guys who work on that, thanks12:58
sledgesyes mako never had these problems, so might be time related..12:58
sledgesif you boot 1st time in 1970 date12:58
sledgesreboot and keep the date as it was12:59
sledgesshould work12:59
sledgesprobably the moment you connect to WLAN it sets the time to current ;)12:59
alinsledges: I will test later12:59
alinsledges: http://paste.opensuse.org/8949915112:59
sledgestry to connect to WLAN which has no internet ;)12:59
alinsledges: that is the dmesg12:59
sledgesfor goot mesaure12:59
sledgesfor good measure &)13:00
thplocusf: you mean landscape orientation for apps?13:08
locusfthp: no I mean that the entire ui should be vertical on p3110 and apps are launched landscape13:09
sledgeslocusf: nope, the whole thing: https://twitter.com/locusf/status/49203982769378099213:09
locusfthanks sledges :)13:10
thpah, that's probably because the native framebuffer orientation is landscape (similar to n950)13:10
thpthere's some env variable you can set iirc. or maybe it's a dconf key..13:11
sledgessome yea QT_ something.. :)13:11
sledgesvgrade_: ^ ?13:11
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locusfthats true that it is landscape13:15
sledgesthp: /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/Page.qml:94 says property int allowedOrientations: __silica_applicationwindow_instance._defaultPageOrientations13:18
sledgesa good straw to trace?13:18
Nokius1sledges: oh13:24
Nokius1usb0 is gone13:25
sledgesfried? :)13:27
Nokius1stream is back (hope for 3h) and telnet too13:29
sledgesthanks, thp do you have some time?13:30
Nokius1sledges: but I'm afk again just short stop for maintenance13:30
sledgesNokius1: lol you're a good sys admin for remotely wiring up phone and a webcam to it :))13:30
sledgessysadmins of 21st century :)13:30
Nokius1sledges: btw. looking for job in this work field ^^13:31
Nokius1sys admin ^^13:31
sledgesi thought you are already in it ;)13:31
Nokius1<— afk again | may ;)13:32
*** Nokius1 has quit IRC13:32
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*** Sequenced-- is now known as Sequenced-13:33
locusftrying to create a bootable .zip for n7000, with everything working ootb13:33
locusfbootable .zip lol13:33
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters13:34
dmton the wifi issue13:46
dmti dug up a little late yesterday13:46
dmtand found some gem13:46
dmta config file for connman13:46
dmtcontainint all details of a network13:46
dmtincluding the plain text password13:46
dmtand saw some commands line tools for connman13:47
dmttrying to connect with them was useless13:47
dmtthe same pritout in the logs as if i try to connect fro mthe gui13:47
sledgesdmt: did you use connman-tests package?13:48
dmtforgot its name13:48
sledgesi always do13:48
dmtwas some connad not in the PATH13:48
dmtfound it by rpm -ql ing the connman packages13:48
dmtand then reflashed a bunch of times13:49
dmtso is gone13:49
dmthistory is gone rather13:49
dmti noticed it created a bunch of other files of the same name for all the attempts i had to connect from the gui and cancells that i did13:50
dmtthese other files though had no pass since i did not put it13:50
dmtdeleting them and trying to use the one proper file still came to nothing13:50
dmtkilling all the crap13:50
sledgesso it generates those files, but without pwd13:51
dmtand running wpa_supplicant manually and setting the address worked13:51
sledgesi wonder where it takes that pwd on the first place13:51
dmtso i dont think it it is the wifi to blame13:51
sledgesdmt: time?13:51
dmtwihtout pwd because i did not put it on the other attempts13:51
sledgesif it's in the past13:51
dmtone of these was 197013:51
dmtothers were closer around the date of the proper one13:52
dmtactually i say file, but it really was a directory for each connection13:52
sledgesi mean13:52
sledgesit loses passwords13:52
dmtin the directories there was a file called 'settings'13:52
dmtand 'data'13:52
sledgesbecause the time goes in the past13:52
dmtdata was binary13:52
sledgesand that's some safety feature maybe13:52
dmtbut getting rid of the others13:53
sledgesafter reboot time problems13:53
dmtand keeping the one proper13:53
dmtand trying it still didn;t work13:53
dmtwhy shall connman concern itself with such complicated things as times13:53
dmtit shall just connect13:54
dmtirrespective of time13:54
dmtit can't seem to handle passwords sanely but goes on to mess with time?13:54
sledgesit's not connman13:56
sledgesit's whatever regenerates those files with injecting passwords13:56
dmtwas in /var/lib/connman/wifi_*13:57
beidlsledges: just updated the pull request for droid-hal-device, and it contains the ofono hack13:59
* sledges looks14:00
* sledges commented14:08
sledgesanyone else fresh pair of eyes? (cc alterego, lbt, thp, Stskeeps, .. )14:08
beidlsledges: I'll flash the device again with a pre-shipped .jolla-startupwizard-usersession-done file, just to see if it works (since the wizard hangs after setting the ambiance)14:15
beidlthen I'll add the disclamer14:15
*** maschiosoosai has joined #sailfishos-porters14:18
*** kimmoli__ has joined #sailfishos-porters14:18
*** pulser has quit IRC14:19
*** pulser has joined #sailfishos-porters14:19
*** kimmoli has quit IRC14:19
*** kimmoli__ is now known as kimmoli14:19
*** maschiosoosai has quit IRC14:20
sledgesbeidl: disclaimer to github that is?14:20
*** maschiosoosai has joined #sailfishos-porters14:20
beidlsledges: yep, if everything else looks good to everyone, and theres no problem in me skipping the usersession-wizard, I'll push that for inclusion and be done.14:21
beidlOH, wait14:21
beidlfirst I want to get the audio routing fixed somehow14:21
*** maschiosoosai has quit IRC14:28
*** mugna has quit IRC14:30
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters14:31
*** blackjack4it has left #sailfishos-porters14:31
*** Nokius has quit IRC14:38
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters14:40
swli think today will contain a new try to get that nexus7 image working for me. if the temperature can just come down a bit.14:42
*** Nokius has quit IRC14:43
sledgesand alterego helping ^_^14:43
swlhaha, one can hope that he has some time :) i'm still dumbfounded, but i thought that if i gave it a rest for a few days maybe i could look at it with new eyes.. we'll see. :P14:44
sledgesthat sounded nearly like a pun ;)14:45
swlactually it was not. :)14:45
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters14:46
swldidn't even think that far. :P14:46
sledgesa good pun is its own reword14:46
swlnow.. first food. :-)14:47
*** Nokius has quit IRC14:51
alinsledges: tested with time untouched and the wireless has the same issues14:54
sledgesalin: thanks, dmt has done an extensive research14:54
sledgesi'll ask around14:54
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters14:55
*** Nokius has quit IRC14:56
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters14:57
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters14:57
alinsledges: I think we shall dig to see what the hell time is doing14:58
*** zuh_ is now known as zuh14:59
*** Nokius1 has quit IRC15:04
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC15:06
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:08
dr_gogeta86droid-hal let's the insane begin15:11
locusfn7000 image which boots15:12
locusfwith audio working15:12
dr_gogeta86i'm at chapter 7.1.115:12
beidllocusf: anything special to get audio working?15:18
locusfbeidl: nothing really, a copied pulseaudio from i9305 and go15:19
beidllocusf: does routing work correctly? meaning when you plug in a headset the sound goes through it instead of the speakers?15:20
*** carepack has quit IRC15:21
locusfhmm havent tested15:22
locusfnope, doesn't work15:23
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters15:36
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:37
*** Sequenced- has quit IRC15:42
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters15:46
beidlcould somebody  help me? I need some people with working audio to check for a few files in their kernel tree quickly.15:49
sledgesbeidl: which devices?15:49
beidlsledges: as many as possible :D15:50
sledgesany that audio works?15:50
beidlfind . -type f | xargs grep "h2w"15:50
dr_gogeta86sledges, we kneed to include in documentation required kernelconf15:50
sledges-w ? ;)15:50
beidlmy guess is that audio jack detection works on maguro quite differently15:50
dr_gogeta86without require to check everytime with scripts15:50
beidlsledges: yeah :D15:51
sledgesdr_gogeta86: 14.3.5 2nd part not enough?15:51
dr_gogeta86like this15:52
sledgessitu: Sage_: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/pull/4015:52
sledgesdr_gogeta86: this is what that chapter says15:53
dr_gogeta86tmp/mer_verify_kernel_config ./out/target/product/$DEVICE/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config15:53
dr_gogeta86apart don't works for me15:54
sledgesbeidl: help? https://github.com/mer-hybris/pulseaudio-modules-droid/commit/7183df5788776614762cc5448b2034ee4fbc18b415:54
sledgesdr_gogeta86: so tmp/ is a bug15:54
sledgesotherwise it's fine15:54
sledgesi'll add it to todo to fix that bug15:54
dmton the n5 audio is OKish15:57
beidlsledges: I believe that would already work on my device15:57
dmtbeidl: routes properly and all that15:57
sledgesbeidl: ?15:58
beidldmt: which device?15:58
beidlsledges: isn't that change already in the tree?15:58
sledgesbeidl: it's on different branch, and i thought maybe those fixes would make your life easier15:59
beidloh, I see. I'll try that15:59
beidlsledges: will apply the patch manually, it's a pretty old branch15:59
sledgesi.e. give your debugging some clues15:59
situsledges: you have tested the commit right ?15:59
sledgesbeidl: just a reference, don't take it granted :)16:00
sledgessitu: yes, works16:00
beidlsledges: right :)16:00
beidlsledges: I see some #ifdefs in the master branch, will play with those first16:01
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters16:06
dmtbeidl: nexus 516:08
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC16:09
*** iTune has quit IRC16:11
alinbeidl: which folder?16:12
beidlalin: kernel/$VENDOR/$DEVICE16:13
sledgesbeidl: more goodies: https://github.com/mer-hybris/pulseaudio-modules-droid/pull/416:14
alinbeidl: no idea... can you give an absolute path16:14
alinrelatives are pretty useless16:14
beidlalin: I don't know where the root of your kernel tree is16:14
sledgesbeidl: i guess you were talking about ifdefs like DROID_DEVICE_I9305 ;)16:15
alinbeidl: aaa you do not want on the live systems16:15
beidlsledges: right16:15
beidlalin: well, you could: cd /sys; find -iname "*h2w*"16:15
alin[root@abbaton:/sys]: find -iname "*h2w*"16:16
alintime to go16:17
alinsee you later16:17
*** alin has quit IRC16:17
sledgesbeidl: want me to boot my i9503 ? /)16:17
beidlsledges: if that's no problem, please :)16:17
dr_gogeta86bore bore bore16:21
dr_gogeta86kernel is boring16:21
sledgesbeidl: ^16:25
*** maschiosoosai has joined #sailfishos-porters16:25
vakkovwhat's up16:27
sledgesvakkov: everything's up16:28
beidlsledges: thanks. looks the same as mine16:30
sledgesanything else, kernel tree?16:31
beidlsledges: no, that's it, thank you :)16:32
sledgeskool :)16:32
*** Sequenced has quit IRC16:52
dr_gogeta86mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-device.inc build16:53
dr_gogeta86says i still got old config ...16:53
sledgesread huge comment right above this line16:54
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters16:54
dr_gogeta86MerSDK [gogeta@localhost system]$ mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build16:54
dr_gogeta86Fatal: 'rpm/droid-hal-c8813q.spec' doesn't exist (and couldn't be made from a yaml)16:54
dr_gogeta86so ?16:55
sledgesread 14.4.116:56
dr_gogeta86i wanna die17:03
dr_gogeta86+ /home/gogeta/mer/android/system/rpm/makeudev ./out/target/product/c8813q/root/ueventd.rc ./out/target/product/c8813q/root/ueventd.huawei.rc17:03
dr_gogeta86Can't handle unknown multi-level devices17:03
dr_gogeta86dvb/adapter0/demux*  0444  media      media17:03
dr_gogeta86why a phone need dvb today17:03
dr_gogeta86in 206017:04
dr_gogeta86in 200617:04
dr_gogeta86but not today17:04
sledges22:55 < vrutkovs> folks, got moar problems: http://pastebin.com/6gx6ZuNw17:06
sledges22:56 < energycsdx> vrutkovs: had simular problem, patched out this17:06
sledges22:58 < vrutkovs> energycsdx: removing those dvb entries?17:06
dr_gogeta86for sure17:06
dr_gogeta86i'm yelling agaist huawei17:06
dr_gogeta86+ mer_verify_kernel_config './out/target/product/%{device}/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config'17:12
dr_gogeta86Verifying kernel config17:12
dr_gogeta86Can't open ./out/target/product/%{device}/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/mer_verify_kernel_config line 58.17:12
dr_gogeta86ERROR: CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER is invalid17:12
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters17:12
sledgesdr_gogeta86: which command??17:15
dr_gogeta86 mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-device.inc build17:16
sledges19:54 < sledges> read huge comment right above this line17:16
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos-porters17:17
dr_gogeta86is not populated17:18
dr_gogeta86why ?17:18
Sazpaimon_holy crap i think i finally got hybris-hal to work without error17:18
sledgesbecause it doesn't know what device it is for the first run17:18
Sazpaimon_my life has meaning again17:18
sledges:) Sazpaimon_ congrats17:18
dr_gogeta86big up17:18
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters17:19
swlsledges: i'm back in my hopeless state of not booting again. :P17:19
sledgesswl: telnet in17:19
swlneed to reboot it, i echoed continue, then it goes into a mode where you cant telnet on any port17:19
blackjack4itone quick question, in $ANDROID_ROOT I have to sync libhybris branch..where do I put all the CM11 mango tree to have all the files in the correct place before beginning? thanks17:20
sledgesswl: usb-moded removed?17:20
blackjack4it(I choosen CM11 because it has the same things working as CM10.117:20
swlsledges: we checked that last time, it was a link leading nowhere IIRC.17:20
sledgesswl: doublecheck pls17:21
sledgesblackjack4it: if you followed 14.3.1, you should be ok17:21
swlsledges: where did it reside?17:22
Sazpaimon_apparently i had to explicitly add android_device_qcom_common to the manifest even though it existed in dependencies.cm or whatever it's called17:22
Sazpaimon_so weird17:22
sledgesswl: find /lib -iname "*usb-moded*"17:22
blackjack4itsledges: ok I'll check it thanks17:22
sledgesSazpaimon_: common practice if you check what we do in defaul.xml17:23
Sazpaimon_yeah you add the device specific repositories there17:24
swlsledges: yeah, it leads to nowhere.. because ../usb-moded.service does not exist17:24
sledgesswl: ls -l /*stderr*17:24
sledgesSazpaimon_: no commons? i thought all go if anything else curses, we leave no chance to dependencies.~zm :)17:25
swlsledges: no such file or directory17:25
sledgesswl: ls -l /sbin/init17:26
sledges(and im talking all relative to your rootfs)17:26
swlsledges: ah, then there is a stderr, but it contains only one row17:27
swl+ exec <- that is the only entry17:27
swllrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            22 Jul 25 09:42 sbin/init -> ../lib/systemd/systemd17:27
sledgesswl: what's the output of ls -l *stderr* ?17:29
swlsledges: -rw-r--r--    1 root     root             7 Jul 29 17:16 init-debug-stderrout17:29
sledgesswl: ls -l sbin/preinit17:30
swl-rwxr--r--    1 root     root         11872 Jun 16 07:51 sbin/preinit17:30
sledgesswl: mv sbin/preinit sbin/preinit.imnothere17:31
sledgesand echo continue...17:31
swlsledges: hm, seems to end up in the same place.17:33
swlunreachable by telnet and only "google logo"17:34
*** blackjack4it has quit IRC17:34
dr_gogeta86sledges, fixed an error17:36
dr_gogeta86i've got rpm in fault state17:37
dr_gogeta86i need to recreate all sb2 environment17:37
dr_gogeta86so no deps17:37
sledgesswl: ls -l /target/init-debug17:42
sledgesif it'd not there17:43
sledgescp /init /target/init-debug17:43
sledgesfrom telnet 2317:43
swlsledges: done17:45
swlcontinue again?17:45
sledgesswl: yes17:45
swlsledges: done, in on port 2323 now17:46
sledgesbbl dinner time17:48
sledgesswl: try continue again :D17:48
sledgesin first telnet 2317:48
sledgespastebin /init.log17:48
swlsledges: continue gave me back the prompt, but i can't see much else happening17:50
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters17:51
swlsledges: http://pastebin.com/nPQHv5ba <- /init.log from 2318:01
alini try to  see why the tests segfault18:07
alinhybris/tests/Makefile.am:test_gps_CFLAGS += -DHAS_ANDROID_4_2_018:07
alinshall i worry?18:07
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters18:13
Nokiussledges: will try now cvlc ^^18:17
Nokiussledges: any problems so far?18:18
sledgesswl: looks like you never modified your kernel config18:27
sledgesNokius: dinner time :?18:27
Nokiussledges: oh had dinner when we chat a 5pm ^^18:28
swlsledges: oh.. is it some step in the guide i missed?18:28
swlor.. "guide" the pdf. :P18:28
*** iTune has quit IRC18:29
sledgesswl: yep18:31
* sledges still afk18:31
sledgesswl: 14.3.518:31
swlsledges: cheers! i'll dig into that. :)18:32
Nokiussledges: enjoy your dinner ^^18:33
sledgesswl: stop, and use this: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_kernel_asus_grouper/commits/hybris-10.118:34
swlsledges: thanks18:43
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters18:53
*** furikku has quit IRC19:01
Sazpaimon_I can't access the $ANDROID_ROOT directory from the MerSDK chroot, only from the HA_BUILD chroot19:01
Sazpaimon_7.1.1 is requiring me to cd to that directory. I don't think I missed a step, though19:01
sledgessitu: on hammerhead lipstick doesn't crash wish sensors.so in place \o/ i think tearing+ui freezes had ill knock-on effects19:02
sledgesSazpaimon_: check 4.119:02
situsledges: I saw it crashing last time.19:02
* sledges tries a reboot19:03
situsledges: try several reboots19:03
Sazpaimon_sledges, followed 4.1 fine, but still, within the Mer SDK, /srv/mer/sdks/sdk/android/droid doesn't exist19:03
sledgesSazpaimon_: it's under /parentroot19:04
Sazpaimon_I can access it from /sdks/ubuntu/srv/mer/sdks/sdk/android/droid, but that directory is read-only19:04
sledgesSazpaimon_: it's the result of not having MER_ROOT under your $HOME, apologies19:04
junnuvigot lipstick running today on nexus7, but sounds are not working. Does anyone have idea what can be wrong?19:05
sledgesjunnuvi: congrats, audio is on alterego's todo list :)19:05
Sazpaimon_so /parentroot/sdks/ubuntu/srv/mer/sdks/sdk/android/droid?19:05
sledgesjunnuvi: can we haz photo/tweet? ;)19:05
Sazpaimon_because /parentroot/srv/mer/sdks/sdk/android/droid doesn't exist either19:06
sledgesSazpaimon_: looks like mount. havoc :)19:06
junnuvisledges: yes, sure19:06
sledgesSazpaimon_: where is /sdks from?19:06
sledgesjunnuvi: you are talking grouper right?19:07
Sazpaimon_oh i think I see the issue19:07
junnuvisledges: ^19:07
Sazpaimon_/parentroot is out of space19:07
sledgesaw sorry swl ^_^19:07
sledgesjunnuvi was 'the first one' :)19:07
swlcrap :P19:08
swli give up for today anyways. :P19:08
swlback at it tomorrow. :P19:08
sledgesok, you're nearly there im sure19:08
junnuvisledges: Wow \o/19:08
swli might try some more.. soon :)19:09
alinsledges: are you sure you have it in place?19:09
sledgesalin: yes19:09
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:09
alinsledges: good cause i tried the same... and wanted to say it does not crash... then I checked and I did not have sensors in place19:09
sledgesalin: new image, clean .ks19:10
sledgesrebooting ^_^19:10
alinsledges: ok... I wait for you...19:11
sledgesreboot successful19:11
sledges2nd time...19:11
alinsledges: bly me19:11
alingot it19:12
sledgesalin: that won't work, much more digging there19:12
sledgesim just happy lipstick doesnt crash19:12
sledges3rd reboot fine <- cc situ19:12
sledgessitu: did you reflash cm nightly with your patch?19:13
situsledges: Nope, I have just manually placed the .so there.19:13
alinsledges: what cm11?19:13
alinsledges: I have yesteryday's19:13
alinno.. 2719:14
sledgesalin: as soon as situ 's patch got in, i keep it to 2319:14
sledgessitu: maybe nightlies have some sensors bits fixed?19:14
sledges(utopia speculation ofc :)19:14
sledgesalin: so, put back sensors .so19:14
sledgesand let's test19:14
alinsledges: ok... sledgesif I do not show back...19:14
alinsledges: you know why19:14
sledgesalin: i think now it crashed19:15
sledges4th reboot19:16
*** alin__ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:16
situsledges: might be another race ?19:17
sledgesyes, Mar 24 15:12:23 Jolla lipstick[952]: QPA-HWC: hw_get_module(HWC_HARDWARE_MODULE_ID, (const hw_module_t **)(&hwc_module)) in create returned -219:17
alin__situ: sledges it boot19:17
alin__sledges: crashed for you?19:17
situsledges: Looks like my pull request from yesterday does not fix it properly19:17
sledgessitu: but this is in: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/commit/d647af16f53bd4b1f8980edc10baaf310faebb1b19:17
sledgesyep, something's still amiss19:17
situsledges: we need to replaced all "WantedBy" with "Requiredby"19:17
sledgesalin__: something else at fault19:17
situsledges: This is the system.mount http://pastie.org/942992819:18
sledgessitu: is there PR for that? ;)19:19
situsledges: We should check by replacing 'WantedBy=local-fs.target' with 'RequiredBy=local-fs.target'19:19
situsledges: No, I thought just modifying droid-hal-init will fix it19:19
situsledges: let me test this fix19:19
*** alin has quit IRC19:19
sledgessitu: i'll test too now, modifying system.mount19:19
alin__situ: sledges let me see if you fix systemd there is another one I hit sometimes19:20
situsledges: remember to reenable system.mount service19:20
sledgessitu: after modifying?19:20
situsledges: Right.19:20
alin__[  311.891661] systemd[1]: Cannot add dependency job for unit sys-fs-cgroup.mount, ignoring: Unit sys-fs-cgroup.mount failed to load: Invalid argument. See system logs and 'systemctl status sys-fs-cgroup.mount' for details.19:20
alin__[  311.898611] systemd[1]: Cannot add dependency job for unit sys-fs-cgroup-memory.mount, ignoring: Unit sys-fs-cgroup-memory.mount failed to load: Invalid argument. See system logs and 'systemctl status sys-fs-cgroup-memory.mount' for details.19:20
sledgesthanks, didn't know that19:20
situsledges: systemctl reenable system.mount19:20
sledgessitu: it booted now19:21
sledgeswithout reenable :)19:21
sledgesok, another 4 reboots or so ;)19:21
situsledges: yes, we need to test it multiple times.19:21
sledgesbut i didnt need reenable fwiw19:21
situsledges: but you are right, sensors crash seems to be gone.19:21
junnuvisledges: https://twitter.com/junnuvi/status/49420098397591142519:22
situsledges: may be with
alin__sledges: did you add the other systemd workarounds?19:22
sledgesjunnuvi: \o/19:23
sledgessitu: i never tried anything else than u819:23
sledgesalin__: only that one19:23
alin__sledges: i give you more then19:24
alin__sledges: sed -i '/%post$/a sed -i \"s;WantedBy;RequiredBy;g\"  \/lib\/systemd\/system\/system.mount' $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks19:24
sledgesalin__: is what i did19:25
alin__sed -i '/%post$/a echo \"RequiredBy=droid-hal-init.service\" >> \/lib\/systemd\/system\/local-fs.target' $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks19:25
alin__sed -i '/%post$/a echo \"[Install]\" >> \/lib\/systemd\/system\/local-fs.target' $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks19:25
sledgesalin__: this is already in the tree19:25
sledgesfeel free to remove19:25
alin__sledges: coool19:26
sledgesalin__: wait hm19:26
alin__sledges: situ the first one I tested it for one week19:26
alin__both of them and never got a single race condition19:26
alin__sledges: the second one read it upside down19:26
sledgesalin__: they are in wrong order in wiki19:27
alin__sledges: no19:27
alin__sledges: they are in corrrect19:27
alin__sledges: they are added after post19:27
sledgesstack principle :D19:28
alin__sledges: in the ks they appear in the right19:28
sledgesok, i got race condition now again19:28
sledgesi don't have those two lines yet19:28
alin__sledges: you shall19:28
sledgesshould i revert the '/%post$/a sed -i \"s;WantedBy;RequiredBy;g\"  \/lib\/systemd\/system\/system.mount' ?19:28
situsledges: which 2 lines ?19:28
alin__sledges: since I have them never got one19:28
sledgessitu: right above where alin__ pasted ^19:29
alin__situ: why?... I thought we ant to replace wanted by required19:29
gogetasledges: are you non stopper19:29
gogetaevery time you are here to help19:29
sledgesgogeta: i do sleep19:29
situsledges: I thikn you shoudl reenable system.mount19:29
sledgessometimes :p19:30
sledgessitu: but it worked without re-enabling19:30
situsledges: It was working earlier too19:30
sledgesand systemctl status shows Active19:30
alin__sledges: situ http://paste.opensuse.org/7530702919:30
sledgessitu: ok one step at a time, i'll re-enable and continue reboots19:31
situsledges: Right19:31
alin__sledges: ok...19:31
alin__only today I rebooted 10 times19:31
gogetai don't think :-D19:31
situsledges: I have rebooted several times but could not reproduce this crash19:32
alin__vgrade_: got a script to get you bbc in sailwave19:33
gogetasitu: sledges19:33
alin__vgrade_: if you are interested19:33
gogetai got a strange issue19:33
gogeta%device is not valued19:33
gogetawhile %vendor yes19:33
gogetain all specs19:33
sledgesgogeta: command, output, paste19:33
swlsledges: i think ive forgotten to do point 14 alltogether19:33
sledgesswl: uh-oh :)19:34
sledgesswl: means you forgot to read chapter 2 ;p19:34
sledgesbad swl :))19:34
sledgesgot straight to the porting bits? ;)19:34
swlthat..might have been the case... :P19:35
Sazpaimon_How do I handle this error: Can't handle unknown multi-level devices dvb/adapter0/demux*  0440   media       media19:37
sledgesSazpaimon_: ask gogeta :)19:37
Sazpaimon_I'm getting this at the mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build step19:37
Sazpaimon_gogeta, I summon you19:37
junnuvisledges: but do we need to go to 14 if device is on list of supported devices? :)19:38
Sazpaimon_Also I know the first command is supposed to fail, but is "Can't open ./out/target/product/%{device}/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/mer_verify_kernel_config line 58." supposed to be one of the expected errors?19:39
sledgesjunnuvi: yes, because that list is shite :D19:41
sledgessitu: after i reenabled, doesn't boot to ui at all :D19:41
sledgesSazpaimon_: yes19:42
sledgesif next command fails, then you're in trouble ;)19:42
situsledges: same error ?19:42
sledgessitu: worse19:42
alin__sledges: systemd19:42
alin__sledges: [root@abbaton:~]: systemctl list-dependencies19:42
alin__sledges: strange19:42
alin__sledges: it takes a while19:43
sledgessitu: https://pastee.org/6jf5x19:43
situsledges: yes, I am aware about it. it's not related to system.mount19:43
situsledges: I still need to find root cause for it19:43
situsledges: just reboot19:44
Sazpaimon_sledges, well I'm totally in trouble19:44
sledgessitu: rebooted, same :))19:44
sledgesSazpaimon_: good :)19:44
Sazpaimon_i'll wait for gogeta or vgrade_ to come back and ping either of them19:45
situsledges: dmesg ?19:45
gogetafor ?19:45
gogetarub that shit19:46
alin__sledges: situ that service does not depend on anything19:46
gogetawho puts a vtuner on a phone19:46
situsledges: I am feeling very sleepy and can't go on further.19:46
gogetaSazpaimon_: i got same error19:46
situsledges: I will catch you tomorrow.19:46
situGood night everyone.19:46
alin__situ: night19:47
gogetanight situ19:47
Sazpaimon_oh you haven't resoved it then?19:47
gogetaremove dvb lines19:47
gogetafor kernel i'm looking for19:47
sledgessitu: not good https://pastee.org/jaskx19:47
junnuvisledges: worked for me without 14. But now when you said I think it might be easier way to read 14 too :P19:47
sledgessitu: i'll revert, ok go sleep19:47
Sazpaimon_is this a kernel config?19:47
sledgesjunnuvi: because it was half-baked :)19:48
junnuviyes, I noticed some small half-backed things :)19:48
Sazpaimon_gogeta, CONFIG_DVB_CORE=n?19:49
gogetajust remove lines from that file19:49
Sazpaimon_ah, from ueventd.bacon.rc and ueventd.qcom.rc19:50
*** piggz has quit IRC19:50
Sazpaimon_ok, there we go19:52
Sazpaimon_fingers crossed19:52
alin__sledges: did you remove the debug service?19:53
gogetasledges: rpmspec don't read DEVICE env19:53
alin__sledges: sed -i "/%post$/a rm -f \/lib\/systemd\/system\/sysinit.target.wants\/sys-kernel-debug.mount"  $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks19:53
sledgesalin__: yes it's in the tree now, remove that line19:53
alin__sledges: i see it on your failed output19:54
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC19:54
sledgesgogeta: could you please paste the command you are using and the unexpected output it produces? :)19:55
alin__sledges: sledges... so recap... from the list with isssues on systemd which ones are in tree?19:57
sledges22:53 < alin__> sledges: sed -i "/%post$/a rm -f \/lib\/systemd\/system\/sysinit.target.wants\/sys-kernel-debug.mount"  $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks19:57
gogetamb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build19:57
alin__sledges: that you say is...19:57
alin__sledges: ok19:57
alin__I will remove it from the image19:58
gogetahttp://pastie.org/9430001 sledges19:58
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:59
alin__sledges: so if I am correct that is the only diff between yours and mine...19:59
alin__sledges: can you delete that and see if you still get the loop?19:59
sledgesgogeta: this error has nothing to do with 22:53 < gogeta> sledges: rpmspec don't read DEVICE env19:59
sledgesalin__: do you have this: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/commit/d647af16f53bd4b1f8980edc10baaf310faebb1b ?20:00
gogetai've fixed ;-)20:01
gogetathis was another20:01
sledgesgogeta: add those new files under https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/blob/hybris-10.1/droid-hal-device.inc#L52620:02
alin__sledges: yes http://paste.opensuse.org/3111093720:03
sledgesgogeta: but if your /init.ril.sh has #!/system/bin/sh  change it to #!/bin/sh20:04
sledgesit happened on a Motorola porter (Flyser)20:04
gogetawill not work20:04
gogetais dual sim dual standby20:05
gogetalast of my problem20:05
alin__sledges: maybe is better #!/usb/bin/env sh20:05
gogetabetter usr20:05
sledgesalin__: we want to avoid changing stock scripts in long term, proper solution is to provide a fake /system/bin/sh dummy package20:06
sledgesit's only for local rpm repo20:06
sledgesto satisfy20:06
alin__sledges: I see20:06
alin__sledges: if you remove that mask systemd you still have the loop?20:07
gogetasledges: i need to fork whole hw adaptation20:08
gogetafor this phone .... I'm scared20:08
sledgesalin__: will test more, but so far it looks like the loop is caused by20:16
sledgessed -i '/%post$/a sed -i \"s;WantedBy;RequiredBy;g\"  \/lib\/systemd\/system\/system.mount' $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks20:16
sledgesand reenable20:16
sledges(both have to be done)20:16
alin__sledges: yes I have it20:17
alin__sledges: I do not understand why you do not have it active20:17
sledgesalin__: did you do systemctl reenable system.mount ?20:17
sledgesi got loop afterwards20:18
alin__sledges: no20:18
alin__sledges: but somehow is active20:18
sledgesit is20:18
sledgesbut situ says is not enough20:18
sledgesand he was right20:18
sledgesit bootloped20:18
sledgeslemme doublecheck20:18
alin__sledges:    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/system.mount; enabled)20:18
alin__and Indeed I have the sd20:18
alin__sledges: when was that disabled?20:19
sledgesalin__: ls -l /etc/systemd/system/local-fs.target.wants/system.mount20:19
sledgesok, cannot reproduce20:20
sledgesi must've been very unlucky20:20
alin__[root@abbaton:~]: l /etc/systemd/system/local-fs.target.wants/system.mount20:20
alin__lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 32 1970-08-21 00:56 /etc/systemd/system/local-fs.target.wants/system.mount -> /lib/systemd/system/system.mount20:20
sledgesalin__: looks sane20:21
alin__sledges: yap20:22
sledgesmoar rebootz needed :)20:22
alin__sledges: ok I will update the wiki tomorrow20:22
alin__sledges: let me know if you have time what issues have been solved...20:23
alin__sledges: shall we add dmt's wireless one too?20:23
sledgesalin__: how about i'll just update the wiki? ;)20:23
alin__sledges: great20:23
sledgesas im still testing bootloops20:23
sledgesfeel free to add dmt__'s finding though20:23
alin__sledges: the details shall be added in the pp20:24
alin__sledges: just that is a known issue20:24
*** alterego_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:25
gogetadroid-hal rpm where are u ?20:26
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:28
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:29
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:29
*** alin__ has quit IRC20:30
*** alterego_ has quit IRC20:31
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC20:32
*** alin has quit IRC20:32
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:32
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:32
sledgesjunnuvi: could you create PRs for anything half-baked if applicable?20:37
alinsledges: shall remove the sensors bit?20:37
sledgesalin: yes pls, because this will actually break even more: zypper rm qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw20:38
alinsledges: no I did it in in a clean way.. removed just the so in post20:40
sledgesalin: but zypper rm is in wiki :o20:41
alinsledges: seriously?20:41
alinsledges: thought I removed it20:41
alinphdeswer: can you commit please your cool usb-moded?20:41
alinsledges: done...20:43
alinsledges: you cleanup the systemd rules when you are happy?20:43
sledgesalin: alraedy in progress ;)20:44
sledgessome are gone20:44
sledgesalin: also debugfs can go20:44
alinsledges: you want me to remove it?20:45
sledgesyes pls20:45
alinsledges: by the way I disabled time_daemon and the hell did not break open20:45
sledgesbut can time be set?20:46
alinsledges: no20:47
alinsledges: but situ knows more about they blame dsme+kernel+timed20:48
alinsledges: wiki cleaned up20:48
sledgesi think local-fs.target mods are not needed20:48
sledgesnot gettying any loops20:48
alinsledges: i noticed you forgot to swap the two sections in the hadk guide20:48
sledgesalin: ay? ;)20:49
dmt__hi folks20:49
alinsledges: remember 7.1 and 7.220:49
dmt__revolutionary changes coming up?20:49
alindmt__: can you add to the pp your findingd on the wireless20:49
alindmt__: no we just cleaned up the wiki20:49
sledgesalin: 7.1.2 and 7.1.3 and they're swaped ;p20:49
alinand sledges still gets loops20:49
gogetawho send me sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install ssu lr20:50
alinsledges: ok20:50
sledgesalin: im not getting loops with minimal amount of mods that i nearly found ;)20:50
alindmt__: also you can update your loop20:50
alinsledges: cool20:50
dmt__ok, i posted the issue there will add the extra nfo20:50
dmt__alin: loop?20:51
sledgesdmt__: i have summarised20:51
alindmt__: yap... I added on the wiki for mortals20:51
alindmt__: remember the systemd changes we did to avoid boot races20:51
alinsledges: wants to get minimalist...20:51
dmt__alin: dont remember exactly20:51
alindmt__: in the script the funny sed -i20:52
dmt__alin: i think we have the same sed haks20:52
alindmt__: yes20:52
alindmt__: by the way sensors do not crash anymore20:52
alindmt__: you can remove that line20:52
alindmt__: the same for removing the debug target20:52
alindmt__: before creating the image20:52
dmt__sed -i ...............\/libqtsensors_sensorfw.so"20:53
alindmt__: yap20:53
dmt__and debugs ok20:53
alindmt__: yap20:53
sledgesdebugs also go20:53
alinsledges: works in removing the other 3 lines20:53
dmt__was it dues to systemd graph processing?20:54
dmt__so we are down to 3 seds20:55
alindmt__: 3 yes20:55
dmt__system mounts and localfs x220:55
alindmt__: and probably by tomorrow they are gone20:55
alindmt__: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Building_Sailfish_OS_for_Nexus_5#Scripts20:55
dmt__yap got the same20:56
gogetacp -f %{board_mappings_dir}/05-$MER_HA_VENDOR-$MER_HA_DEVICE.ini $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{board_mappings_dir}/20:58
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:12
*** dmt__ has quit IRC21:14
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC21:17
sledgesgogeta: did you solve the above?21:22
*** maschiosoosai has quit IRC21:23
gogetai'm going to rebuild rpms21:24
gogetai'm back to 7.1.421:24
sledges# Manufacturer and device name to be shown in UI21:24
sledges%define vendor_pretty LG21:24
sledges%define device_pretty Nexus 521:24
sledgesthis is a snippet from droid-hal-hammerhead.spec21:24
sledgesadd those _pretty values as appropriate to your $DEVICE.spec too for better boardmappings behaviour21:25
gogetabut who create this /usr/share/ssu/board-mappings.d/huawei-c8813q.ini21:26
gogetai don't have this path /usr/share/ssu/board-mappings.d/huawei-c8813q.ini21:26
gogetasorry board-mappings.d21:26
sledgesmb2 rpm/ ... creates it21:28
sledges(the 2nd one :p)21:30
gogetai get it21:30
gogetabut not in my case21:30
sledgesthen seek the output of that command where it mentions board-mappings21:33
gogetait's raining cats dogs21:34
gogetaand hammerhead21:34
gogetasledges: actually21:42
gogetarpm not create that directory21:42
gogetais late don't mind21:43
gogetavi nooo21:43
sledgesun aperitivino? :)21:46
gogetacornetto al cioccolato e te freddo21:48
gogetasuch a shame but is very tasty21:48
gogetaat my home makes focaccia with potatoes at 4 am21:49
sledgesas long as it's not cornutto, all is good21:50
gogetabombs like this21:51
* sledges after this goes to kitchen to terrorise the fridge 21:55
alingogeta: are you feeding an army?21:58
*** oh1jty has joined #sailfishos-porters21:59
gogetaalin: in sicily are just ordinary things22:00
gogetawhere are you from ?22:01
alingogeta: armies? I know I read history22:01
alingogeta: .ro22:01
alingogeta: but live in .ie22:01
gogetaordinary stands for ... minimum ammount for 10/15 peoples22:02
alingogeta: ... i know.. had gf from there...22:03
alinsledges: leave the fridge alone22:04
Sazpaimon_Okay, now I'm stopped at 7.1.4, building the droid-hal-configs: cp: cannot stat `/usr/share/ssu/board-mappings.d/05-oneplus-bacon.ini': No such file or directory22:05
Sazpaimon_I dont see anything in the HADK guide about this file22:05
Sazpaimon_or rather, about making it22:05
gogetaSazpaimon_: at same point22:05
alinSazpaimon_: gogeta I htink sledges said above how to create it22:07
alinthe content is here http://paste.opensuse.org/5761861022:07
gogetasb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R rpm -ql droid-hal-c8813q22:07
Sazpaimon_my rpm/ssu/biard-mappings.d folder only contains 05-sfe.ini.in22:07
alinSazpaimon_: probably that is used as remplated22:08
*** jobe-m has joined #sailfishos-porters22:09
Sazpaimon_yeah I see "sed -e 's|%DEVICE%|bacon|g' -e 's|%VENDOR%|oneplus|g' -e 's|%DEVICE_PRETTY%|%{device_pretty}|g' -e 's|%VENDOR_PRETTY%|%{vendor_pretty}|g' -e 's|%ARCH%|armv7hl|g' rpm/ssu/board-mappings.d/05-sfe.ini.in" in my backlog22:09
Sazpaimon_but it doesnt actually put it anywhere22:09
alinSazpaimon_: of course... it is on screeen22:10
alinprobably you need redirect to the proper file22:10
Sazpaimon_I mean mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build runs that command22:10
Sazpaimon_but it doesn't send the output of the sed command anywhere22:11
Sazpaimon_I know I can make the file myself, but shouldn't the mb2 command create the file from that output?22:11
gogetabut works for me22:11
gogetais just hybris/droid-hal-configs/rpm/droid-hal-configs.spec22:12
alingogeta: what do you break?22:12
gogetabut my file is of22:12
gogetabut my file is ok22:12
sledgesSazpaimon_: gogeta: it should redirect to     rpm/ssu/board-mappings.d/05-sfe.ini.in >$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{board_mapping_file}22:13
phdesweralin: it should be done already ;)22:13
alinphdeswer: when?22:14
alinphdeswer: my zypper still lists old version.. let me check now22:14
phdesweralin: I tagged it yesterday 0.80.3, but it might not have made the repos yet22:14
Sazpaimon_sledges, odd that this is the output then: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/569922922:15
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters22:15
gogetaerSDK [gogeta@localhost system]$ sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R ls -alrth /usr/share/ssu/board-mappings.d/22:16
gogetatotal 16K22:16
gogeta-rw-r--r-- 1 gogeta root   4.6K Jul 29 20:12 01-board-mappings.ini22:16
gogeta-rw-r--r-- 1 gogeta gogeta  409 Jul 29 20:12 01-kickstart.ini22:16
gogetadrwxr-xr-x 4 gogeta root    109 Jul 29 21:12 ..22:16
gogeta-rw-r--r-- 1 gogeta gogeta  231 Jul 29 21:18 05-huawei-c8813q.ini22:16
gogetadrwxr-xr-x 2 gogeta root     84 Jul 29 21:34 .22:16
gogetasledges: see22:16
gogetais ok22:16
alinphdeswer: he he that is the trick 0.80-1.11.122:16
phdeswerHmm, need to check with sledges why it is 2 versions behind.22:17
alinphdeswer: probably not published... or me did not refresh22:17
alinphdeswer: let me elinimate me22:17
gogetai wanna die tonight22:17
gogetakill kill killl22:17
phdesweralin: I guess you're fine. Probably something to do with our release machinery and releases/updates22:18
sledgesSazpaimon_: gogeta: you don't have %{vendor_pretty} %{device_pretty} in your .spec files22:18
phdeswerBecause 0.80.2 fixes some issue on N4/Mako also.22:18
gogetasledges: i fix all mine problems22:18
sledgesgogeta: gud22:18
*** Nokius has quit IRC22:18
sledgesphdeswer: what'd want to check?22:19
alinphdeswer: it was not me.. I am kosher...22:19
phdeswersledges: is it because of our repo lock down for the updates that the lastest usb-moded is not available yet for hadk?22:19
sledgesphdeswer: hadk have only repos exposed, which are frozen22:20
Sazpaimon_also, why is "22:20
Sazpaimon_mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl" looking in /usr/src/ssu/board-mappings.d for the ini file and not the rpm directory?22:20
Sazpaimon_did I miss a env variable?22:20
sledgesSazpaimon_: it's operating inside a target, all sane22:21
phdeswersledges: ok. Maybe I should add a usb-moded repo then :D22:21
sledgesphdeswer: on obs, all good when foss :)22:21
sledgesmer obs22:21
alinphdeswer: I have my own... local... you can add your in the link on the wiki22:21
alinphdeswer: also if you make usb to pull the androids...22:22
alinphdeswer: will be cool22:22
Sazpaimon_sledges, the guide doesn't talk about making *_pretty variables22:22
alinSazpaimon_: yap the guide is aesthetically neutral22:22
phdesweralin: guess I will have to figure out what rpm does wrong or what is wrong in the image deps.22:22
alindoes not use qualifications22:22
sledgesSazpaimon_: known bug will be fixed22:23
Sazpaimon_well that probably explains it22:23
sledgesSazpaimon_: but you and gogeta are the first to encounter, which makes me baffled22:23
phdeswersledges: ok. Will figure out how to get it good in mer repo22:24
sledgeshow porters did it previously22:24
sledgesphdeswer: awesome, "get it right rather than get it done" is the way to go :)22:24
sledgesnot always works though hehe :)22:24
gogetasledges: maybe our android adaptation are not fully tested or not well formed22:24
gogetasledges: mine is out of tree created by someone in china22:25
* phdeswer finds it is usually more productive to fix things in the right place, otherwise it comes back to haunt you.22:25
gogetaphdeswer: +122:25
Sazpaimon_okay, based it off of the hammerhead spec file: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/569937622:25
sledgesSazpaimon_: much22:26
alinSazpaimon_: so you are the happy owner of one of these22:27
alinSazpaimon_: you in europe?22:27
Sazpaimon_no, USA22:27
Sazpaimon_it's the global version too22:27
Sazpaimon_I also wouldn't say "happy" yet22:28
Sazpaimon_ask me again once I get mer booting22:28
sledgesSazpaimon_: but surely you tried android on it ;)22:28
alinsledges: cyanogen...22:29
alinsledges: almost proper android...22:29
Sazpaimon_sledges, yeah.. its okay22:29
Sazpaimon_this is my first android device22:29
alinSazpaimon_: vgrade_ has it too i think22:29
Sazpaimon_yeah, I've been working with him22:29
sledgesgogeta: i wouldn't say is because of your device, but they did not have problems somehow: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/blob/hybris-10.1/droid-hal-p3110.spec22:29
Sazpaimon_I actually had no idea that having a clock on the standby screen was a nokia exclusive feature22:29
Sazpaimon_ive been so used to it for so many years22:29
alinSazpaimon_: so it really came to 300 dollars or so?22:30
Sazpaimon_thats really the most jarring thing for me, I'm so used to glancing over to my phone and seeing the time22:30
Sazpaimon_alin, $350, plus $50 procuring an invite22:30
Sazpaimon_still cheaper than any equiavalent phone22:30
alinSazpaimon_: comparable with N522:31
alinSazpaimon_: though better hardware22:31
alinSazpaimon_: the selling of invites is despicable...22:31
Sazpaimon_worth it for me to not play oneplus's stupid games22:32
Sazpaimon_still not redirecting the output, i'll just do it myself22:34
sledgeshmm disappoint.. but such things happen often with anything overhyped ;)22:34
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters22:35
beidlI'm back. had to fix my cousins computer. got to hate windows...22:35
phdeswerOh fun, seems rpm does not support requires: foo || bar Or something similar. Unless someone here knows how to do so if rpm supports it?22:36
alinsledges: he he.. when they have more in marketing department than in the engineering22:36
sledgestrue that22:36
alinphdeswer: what do you mean by ||22:36
alinphdeswer: normal or?22:36
sledgesalin: make foo and bar provide same thing22:36
phdesweralin: yes22:36
sledgesvirtual package22:37
sledgess/alin/ phdeswer /22:37
sledges(getting late :)22:37
alinsledges: wait a little will get early22:37
alinsledges: you based in .fi?22:37
phdeswerSince I think the problem lies in the fact usb-moded requires a config, and there are 2 virtual packages providing the same said config, but it seems to select the first config package by default.22:38
sledgesalin: .uk22:38
sledgesis still early :p22:38
sledgesNokius1: hang on22:38
sledgesi rebooted phone22:38
sledgesnow it's stuck on oppo22:38
sledgescannot telnet :p22:39
sledgesphdeswer: iamer, tomorrow :))22:41
sledgesyep, calling it a night too, night!22:41
alinsledges: ok... so you areon the same time22:41
phdeswersledges: no prob ;)22:42
alinsledges: you got oppo too?22:42
phdeswersleep tight22:42
sledgesthe bed bugs may bite22:42
sledgesalin: nope, Nokius1 has22:42
alinsledges: phdeswer night!22:42
gogetasledges: i was tempeted by my coworker22:45
gogetahe gaves me invite22:45
*** mugna has quit IRC22:45
gogetai'm too loyal22:45
gogetabut up to date22:46
gogetathe most supported phone22:46
gogetanexus 422:47
phdeswergogeta: I think it might be n5, let me find the wiki page22:51
Sazpaimon_can someone explain the middlware section to me?22:52
phdeswergogeta: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris22:52
Sazpaimon_many of the sections are TODOs, what do I actually need to follow here?22:52
Sazpaimon_Im guessing I just really need to read 13.8 (Build HA Middleware Packages) and all the sections before that were just notes on specific packages22:59
Sazpaimon_well now I cant install libtool: (with --nodeps --force) Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: /var/cache/zypp/packages/jolla/core/armv7hl/libtool-2.4.2-1.1.1.armv7hl.rpm: Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID f2633ee0: BAD23:07
*** icelaglace has joined #sailfishos-porters23:07
Sazpaimon_sledges, any idea about this one?23:08
Sazpaimon_this is on the "mb2 -s ../rpm/libhybris.spec -t  $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build" step23:11
*** gogeta has quit IRC23:13
Sazpaimon_okay, i rebuilt the rpmdb in the target, that got it to work23:13
Sazpaimon_not sure how it got corrupted, i never ran sb2 as root23:16
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*** icelaglace has quit IRC23:30
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: did you have out of disk earlier, maybe got corrupt about then23:31
Sazpaimon_ah yeag23:31
Sazpaimon_now I'm finding myself having to run rpm --rebuilddb every so often23:31
Sazpaimon_I'm not sure what I screwed up, and i really dont want to start over...23:32
vgrade_sorry been away tonight. helping sone with his new PC23:32
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: that does not sound good23:32
Sazpaimon_yeah I keep getting: (with --nodeps --force) Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: /var/cache/zypp/packages/jolla/core/noarch/tzdata-2013i+git1-1.2.1.noarch.rpm: Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID f2633ee0: BAD23:34
vgrade_Sazpaimon_: tried cleaning cache?23:40
vgrade_just booked for http://xda-devcon.com/ 1 day left to get early bird special price23:40
Sazpaimon_ok I think i salvaged it23:44
vgrade_anyone fancy a meetup23:44
Sazpaimon_i was at least able to install droid-hal-bacon-devel23:45
Sazpaimon_from sb223:45
vgrade_\o/ wake up an smell the bacon23:45
Sazpaimon_and then all the keys break23:46
Sazpaimon_what the hell23:46

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