Thursday, 2014-07-31

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Nokius_afksledges: just during the MRT ride i remember that sunxi has a device page like this may we can create a Device over view like this :)06:03
Nokius_afkvgrade: hope i did not shot with big bullet last night was not intressted to harm anyone and i'm not in the possion to do so easyer  sorry06:06
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vgradeNokius: you made good points, don't worry07:14
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sledgesgood morn!08:22
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blackjack4itmornin ;)09:07
dr_gogeta86all you ips are belong to me09:12
lbtpfff - I'm still on TN panels09:14
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dr_gogeta86who own tipping point09:17
dr_gogeta86hardware they are going to block all pdf due adobe pdf for android exploit09:18
* tbr fails to parse that statement09:28
dr_gogeta86tbr, Last TippingPoint DigitalVacine ( Hp brand Intrusion Protection System ) introduced a bad policy that blocks all pdf files09:29
tbrah, snakeoil09:29
dr_gogeta86not at all09:30
dr_gogeta86we produce alot of pdfs and publish it on internet and extranet .... every time this files gone acros subnet they are trapped by this shit09:31
dr_gogeta86including this09:31
tbryes, snakeoil, all those antivirus things are basically snake oil09:33
dr_gogeta86i got a huge problem regard porting09:35
dr_gogeta86also build original kernel for my device09:35
dr_gogeta86not boot at all09:35
dr_gogeta86even build a complete android image :-(09:35
sledgesdr_gogeta86: start debugging then, telnet?09:45
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blackjack4itfind: "src" not found when doing make -j410:11
beidl_headset detection is almost there, the kernel part is fixed \o/10:16
beidl_it's just, when the output gets switched to route through the headfones, you can't hear anything10:16
blackjack4itI followed that guide (consider that all the cm11 tree is inside /home/blackjack4it/mer/android/droid):
beidl_so instead of just routing grom the speakers to the headphones, it actually just mutes the speakers :)10:17
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dr_gogeta86sledges, don't boot kernel at all10:33
dr_gogeta86i've sent mail to original developer10:34
sledgesdr_gogeta86: nothing in dmesg you mean?10:40
dr_gogeta86no boot at all10:40
dr_gogeta86fails 3 times after phone boot into recovery10:40
dr_gogeta86sledges, you can also build original android10:41
dr_gogeta86don't boot either10:42
dr_gogeta86sledges, i wanna a tty on my phone10:54
dr_gogeta86it will be fun :-D10:57
sledgesdr_gogeta86: so what boots on your phone then? :)10:57
dr_gogeta86just the same kernel of recovery/cm1110:58
dr_gogeta86mine kernel don't10:58
dr_gogeta86neither built with make hybris-hal10:58
dr_gogeta86neither with compiled from scratch cm1110:58
sledgesare you flashing boot.img that was compiled from scratch cm11 ?10:59
dr_gogeta86i've tried both10:59
sledgesso, let's isolate the problem:11:00
sledgesextract boot.img from original cm11 .zip - boots ?11:00
oh1jtyany ideas ? lipstick -platform hwcomposer sigsegvs11:00
oh1jtyioctl(16, BT819_FIFO_RESET_HIGH, 0xbed9ce38) = 011:00
oh1jtywritev(4, [{"\4", 1}, {"ServiceManager\0", 15}, {"Waiting for service display.qser"..., 41}], 3) = 5711:00
oh1jtynanosleep({1, 0}, 0xbed9cfc0)           = 011:00
oh1jty--- SIGSEGV {si_signo=SIGSEGV, si_code=SEGV_MAPERR, si_addr=0} ---11:00
sledgesoh1jty: pastebin11:00
oh1jty+++ killed by SIGSEGV +++11:00
dr_gogeta86from precompiled ofcourse11:01
oh1jtySegmentation fault11:01
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sledgesget boot.img you rebuilt in a separate tree - boots?11:01
sledgesso you need to work on that one11:01
sledgesuse split_bootimg tool in mersdk11:01
sledgesto compare the two boot.img s11:01
sledgesoh1jty: you need to patch your android frameworks11:02
sledgesoh1jty: which android/cm base version?11:02
vgradeoh1jty: whhich device11:02
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oh1jtymoto xt89711:09
sledgesoh1jty: cm ver?11:09
oh1jtyiäm usin xt897 build of cm, which supprots the hardware well11:09
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sledgesoh1jty: you'll need to backport these two patches (gimme a sec..)11:10
oh1jtyokey iäll wait :)11:11
sledgesoh1jty: 22:36 < situ> sledges: On cm 10.1 you need to patch this line
sledgesgreat teamwork vgrade o711:12
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oh1jtysledges: thanks i'll check that out11:13
sledgesi wonder why mako doesn't need those patches, vgrade ?11:15
vgradesledges: I don't know, only have experiance of cm1111:16
* sledges ponders :)11:17
vgradeI thought he was working on cm1111:17
sledgeshence the stable tree ;)11:17
sledges-ish :D11:17
dr_gogeta86sledges, many rocking devices are not supported or not well supported in cm10.111:19
sledgesdr_gogeta86: split_bootimg :p11:19
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dr_gogeta86time to rebuild whole thing11:20
dr_gogeta86i've rm -rf out/*11:20
sledgesdr_gogeta86: im not talking about hadk here, you need to be able to rebuild orig cm11 first11:22
dr_gogeta86did it11:22
dr_gogeta86not boot11:22
sledgesin hadk it will be even more hairy if you leave out quirks of cm1111:22
sledgeshence, comparing stock boot.img s11:22
dr_gogeta86I think i need some huawei tricks11:23
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oh1jtysledges: patched and went little further:
sledgesoh1jty: EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev lipstick -platform hwcomposer11:42
sledgesand see what happens11:43
oh1jtysledges: something happened :D
sledgesoh1jty: congrats, you booted lipstick, now is it on screen though? :DD11:46
oh1jtysledges: screen is now fully black, moto boosplash disappeared11:46
oh1jtysledges: so no cake for me yet :D11:46
vgradeoh1jty: do you have /system11:46
oh1jtyvgrade: yes /system is mounted11:46
vgradelinkerlinker.c:1110| ERROR: Library '/system/lib/egl/' not found11:47
sledgesand run /system/bin/surfaceflinger11:47
sledgesok we had this 2S3D problem with one phone in the past11:47
vgradesledges: yup11:47
oh1jtysledges: segmentationf ault11:50
sledgesok Nokius has this on his oppo find511:50
sledgesmust be similar chipset/gpu11:50
vgradeafk for a while11:51
oh1jtyalmost same cpu, different gpu11:51
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sledgesi thought adreno is gpu &)11:52
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sledgesoh1jty: but big thanks for reminding, i'll go ahead with debugging Nokius' find5, because he left webcam stream to his phone and ssh tunnel into it :D11:52
sledgesi think he didn't finish tinkering with that .so11:52
oh1jtysledges: heh no problem and thanks for help :)11:53
sledgesoh1jty: you can play with this in the mean time, but write down what you modify in system; )11:53
sledges01:18 < vakkov>
oh1jtyoppo seems to have qud corfe 1.5 krait adreno 320 and xt897 has dual core 1.5ghz krait with adreno 25511:53
sledgesthansk, thats invaluable info11:54
sledgesseemingly they both are wanting :))11:54
oh1jtyi think it's only upgraded version of same qualcomm chipset11:54
alini am spammed by these Jul 31 12:55:26 abbaton connmand[683]: src/detect.c:detect_newlink() type 530 index 411:55
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dmti get these "Jolla upowerd[797]: GLIB WARNING ** UPower-Linux - correcting energy_full (0.000000) using energy_full_design (0.010005)"12:22
dmt2/minute approximately12:22
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mugnaIn the wiki there wasn't a column for LEDs notification. I proceeded to add it. I hope it's ok for everyone. Otherwise feel free to revert my changes. :)12:49
sledgesah that been always kept mentioning, go ahead :)12:50
junnuvi_sledges: do you know is there way to rotate whole gui to landscape?12:55
sledgesjunnuvi_: homescreen is portrait only as-is now12:55
sledgesjunnuvi_: consider 100%˛foss nemomobile glacier-home or start sailfish tablet/landscape effort with pandora patchmanager ( SK_work did it )12:55
junnuvi_sledges: ok thanks12:57
sledgesjunnuvi_: though heavy-typing apps like messages rotate already12:58
locusfsledges: what about the file you had earlier?12:58
sledgeslocusf: then it will end up with unstreched portrait in landscape such as you have12:58
locusfsledges: ah ok12:58
alinsledges: works nice and reboots fine12:59
sledgesalin: that sed is wrong13:00
sledgeswe should never touch innocent systemd packages13:01
sledgesso can't accept it13:01
alinsledges: which sed?13:01
alinsledges: the one with wanted by required?13:01
sledgesthe two line adding one13:01
sledgesno, that we can forget13:01
alinsledges: do not ask me I didnot some with it13:01
alinsledges: I did not do it13:01
sledgesalin: did i pose a question? ;)13:01
alinsledges: anyhow the two line ones shall we keep?13:02
sledgesthe two line ones needs to be replaced and tested by a proper fix13:02
alinsledges: ok... I agree with you13:05
SK_worksledges: pandora part not needed anymore, qml files can be frely patched13:06
sledgesSK_work: and what could manage them? ;)13:08
alinsledges: if you knwo what is the problem... I can ask some systemd guru from opensuse13:08
alinsledges: maybe he helps us13:08
alinsledges: with a proper fix...13:08
sledgeshang on a sec13:09
sledgesmaybe the sed of system.mount and the two-line seds are doing the same thing?13:11
sledgesjust mutually exclusive13:11
sledgescould you revert one, and apply another instead pls?13:11
sledgesif you have time now13:11
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alinsledges: yes13:18
alinthis is what I did13:18
alinsledges: I have kept only the two line one13:19
alinsledges: I can do the other way round13:19
sledgesbrilliant, thanks13:19
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vakkovSomebody in xda-developers was asking about the barometer in galaxy nexus13:30
vakkovi didn't even know there was one :D do you have a test for that?13:30
alinsledges: wish me luck13:35
sledgesfingers crosscompiled ;)13:36
alinsledges: good one13:36
alinsledges: by the way.. dmt's script is ready... testsed and nicely13:36
alinsledges: yes works... builds the image and all the mw13:37
alinfor hammerhead like a charm13:37
alinsledges: dmt_
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alinsledges: in principle there are cli parameters and you can do the magic for other devices too13:38
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sledges#automatingallthethings :)) cool job13:42
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alinsledges: rebooted three times13:44
alinsledges: do you want more13:44
sledgesyes pls ;)13:47
alinsledges: 4 times in arow13:49
alinsledges: no issues13:49
alinjust the patched on the system.mount applied13:49
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sledgesalin: make it 813:56
sledgesand i'll retest too13:56
sledgesthose damn race conditions :))13:56
alinsledges: ok...13:56
locusfsledges: any way to configure the touch screen virtual orientation?13:57
sledgeslocusf: txt files did't work?13:58
locusfsledges: haven't tested yet but just asking if you could know :)13:58
locusfI'll try it now13:58
sledgesas soon as i stumble on any relevancy, i post to you ;)13:58
locusfokay, thanks :)13:59
alinsledges: is ther any way to fix the ugly statup screen?13:59
sledgesalin: something todo with hwc, not aware how atm14:02
sledgesalin: also, cm-nightlies are deleted after a week, we need a stable snapshot/milestone image for users, hope it comes soon14:03
alinsledges: I have the 23 one14:03
alinbut I used the 27 and is fine14:03
alinsledges: 10 times... two from me14:04
alinworked like a charm14:04
locusflooks like the mer boat loader loads up even when the charging indicator starts14:05
sledgesalin: would you kill me if i ask you to remove that mod completely and reboot again several times? :D14:05
sledgeslocusf: yes, some /sbin/preinit issues14:05
sledgeslocusf: i guess whole sailfish will boot soon too14:05
alinsledges: the system.mount one too?14:06
alinsledges: not really... we interview people for some job... so... it may be more14:06
locusfsledges: yeah14:06
sledgesalin: lol14:07
tbrsledges: a conference how to binary patch crap and bicker on ph0rumz? SCNR14:09
locusfsledges: the screen didn't rotate when editing that /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/screen-rotation.txt, with 90 degress rotation14:10
sledgeslocusf: maybe they're not degrees? try 1 :)14:11
locusfsledges: ah :D14:16
locusfit says screen_rotation_angle14:16
locusfso I assumed directly thats gotta be in degress14:17
sledgeslocusf: you may have assumed correctly :p im just a speculant :))14:18
tbrsledges: how about ELCE though?14:18
flyserhey guys, long time no see ;)14:18
flyserany new suggestions how to get past
alinsledges: 4 times and still works14:19
locusfsledges: heheh :p14:19
sledgesalin: you mean, reverted all? hmmm14:19
sledgesflyser: wb man :)14:19
alinsledges: yes14:20
alinsledges: i do not have any systemd patch14:20
sledgesflyser: strace pls14:20
sledgesalin: keep going :D14:20
flyserokay, might take a while^^14:20
alinsledges: the shoking thing is that sometime i get the time right14:20
sledgesit is :)14:21
alinsledges: 5 times14:21
flysersledges: uhm ... no strace on the device? or just well hidden?14:23
alinflyser: I think there is none14:23
sledgesflyser: true, need to dl :) try pkcon install strace14:26
sledgesyou'll need to enable usb tethering into it14:26
sledgesotherwise, sideload this:
sledgesi think we're approaching a state where a help-i-flashed-no-sailfish-FAQ is handy :)14:27
alinsledges: 9th time14:28
alinsledges: then micracle of correct time... automatic update14:28
alinsledges: 11th time booted too14:31
flyserwhich repo do I need for strace?14:31
sledgesflyser: mer tools14:33
Nokius1sledges: so did miss a so ? during the build process?14:33
sledgesNokius1: hi?14:33
sledgesalin: too many miracles already, are you sure everything's reverted? :)14:34
sledgestry with usb un/plugged?14:34
alinsledges: always with usb unplugged14:35
alinsledges: I will show you my systemd files14:35
alinsledges: the time was not a miracle...14:35
Nokius1sledges: Discussion about 2pm14:36
sledgesNokius1: i asked you to symlink a .so under /system14:37
Nokius1sledges: okay14:37
sledgesor test a sideloaded one from www14:37
sledgesdon't know which one (or both) you tested14:37
sledgesbut i'll investigate via telnet14:37
Nokius1if u do okay ^^14:38
sledgesand also don't know if you reverted, but as said nw, i just completely forgot about that14:38
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alinsledges: one question14:40
alinis there a nice way to protect /home and /root when we write images?14:40
sledgesalin: that's a recipe for disaster :/ you might want to cherry-pick some settings/apps, but look14:41
alinsledges: got my answer14:41
sledgesupdate8 would use gconf for settings14:42
alinsledges: they are not mounted as separate partitions14:42
sledgesupdate9 of sfos would use mlite14:42
sledgesif you protect in any way /home, scripts cannot run and do conversion14:42
alinsledges: i see is even worst than that14:42
sledgesresult = unbootable system after update14:42
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sledgesi just took examples and names out of the blue, but any API change would go down wrong :/14:43
flyserwhen I start lipstick from the cmdline it produces some more output
flyseris the server socket error fatal?14:45
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sledgesflyser: how exactly are you starting lipstick?14:46
flyserI exported every variable in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf14:47
flyserand then strace /usr/bin/lipstick -plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event2 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap --systemd14:47
flyserminus the strace in this case14:48
sledgesflyser: what are the *_PLATFORM values?14:49
flyserEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer14:49
flyserwhich PLUGIN variable?14:50
sledgesflyser: tru EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev14:51
locusfwas just gonna type that14:51
flysersame error14:53
sledgesare you user or root?14:53
sledgesneed to go as user14:54
sledgesgot root? ban, like in 1995 :D14:54
Nokius1any news about the ?14:54
dmt_vgrade: sorry for mistyping your name14:57
sledgesNokius1: yes with vgrade agreed to add a rudimentary version of [Expand] section in lower-right corner of
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flyserokay, got the same error and segfault as in journalctl now, last strace part says "Waiting for service display.qservice15:02
sledgesflyser: cm version?15:02
flyser10.1.3 I guess15:03
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC15:03
flyserwell ... rather 10.1-git15:03
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:03
flyseropen("/sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fb1/vendor_name", O_RDWR|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)15:04
flysersounds suspicous as well ↑15:04
sledgesflyser: you'll need to patch around with a large trout15:05
sledgessec, piratepadding a faq..15:05
sledgesflyser: WIP15:13
Nokius1cu later15:17
vakkovis the jolla launcher for android available somewher15:18
vakkova friend wants to try it out15:18
vgradedmt_: np, good work btw15:18
vgradedmt_: I'd like to see how it would work on another device tree15:19
vgradeflyser: do you have similar,
dmt_vgrade: no clue, i wrote to build imgs for the n5, since i bought it with the idea of runing mer derived system on it15:30
dmt_vgrade: i guess a fwe things will have to be touched here and there15:31
vgradedmt_: I'd be happy to test on my oneplus tree15:31
vgradeI'll have a closer look and we can discuss a general15:32
dmt_vgrade: there are a few dirty manual hacks in places. Especially crude is the one on droid-pulseaudio15:32
*** vakkov has quit IRC15:32
dmt_vgrade: we can integrate changes if you make it work15:33
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters15:33
alinvgrade: it shall work just be sure you pass the right branch15:35
alinvgrade: and the right device vendor in the cli15:35
alinvgrade: maybe manually you have to remove your ~/.hadk ~/.mer*15:35
alinvgrade: I do nto think we get any mw specific crap15:36
vgradedmt_: the reason for the pulseaudio hack is my fault :(15:36
vgradealin: things like would need parameterising15:37
dmt_alin: indeed15:37
dmt_would $DEVICE just work like magic?15:38
dmt_alin: i see i did it properly later, is my fault15:38
alindmt_: yap15:41
alinalin: I missed that15:41
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dmt_alin: fixed15:44
vgradedmt_: a quick grep for hammerhead as a double check?15:45
alindmt_: I se the pa patch maybe we shall if endif only for hammerhead15:46
dmt_vgrade: yap did it already15:47
dmt_vgrade: i mean the greap15:47
vgradedmt_: nod15:47
dmt_actually the pa stuff is for android 4415:48
vgradedmt_: right15:48
vgradeso CM11 devices15:48
dmt_but i guess shall work for older15:48
dmt_since i kept the 42 etc.. includes15:49
vgradedmt_: I'd not count on it , as I said those patches are mine and not good15:49
dmt_i don't know what's the backward compatibility policy of these packages but would expect it to work if they keep stuff around15:50
dmt_vgrade: it is only the 44 include stuff they will not be executed for older version.15:51
dmt_and for 44 it will not compile without them at all15:51
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vgradedmt_: I suppose cleaning the patches and get them upstream should be the goal15:54
vgradeand making them backwads compat15:54
vgradebut that means ifdefs in code vs the cm10/cm11 branches15:55
dmt_i see there are a couple of more things in util.c actually15:56
* vgrade hides15:56
dmt_ok so for now best will be to change the scripts15:56
vgradedmt_: well you can leave it as is for now but if the script becomes more general ans supports cm10.1 as well15:58
vgradethen the pulse changes need to go upstream and be bw compat or te script takes the branch15:58
dmt_vgrade: let's see how it goes on your tree and if this is the only thing then great16:00
vgradedmt_: nod16:01
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dmt_is it too much trouble to make reflashing preserve the stuff in Music Documents and such at least for now?16:06
dmt_it is quite a nuisance to copy thing back after a flash16:07
lbtfyi - discussing nemo bz and HA structure in #nemomobile-porters16:12
sledgesyep, long-discussed need for sailfish community public bug tracker, and we could be pioneers ;)16:15
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blackjack4it_a little question, the repo sync to download my device cm11 tree has to be done inside mer sdk + habuild sdk or outside?16:33
blackjack4it_ok, time to resync...again xD16:34
sledgesjust move16:34
sledgesthe folder16:34
sledgesyou'll still need to be in HABUILD to build it16:34
blackjack4it_I've done the repo sync cm11 and inside that folder I've sync-led libhybris16:35
blackjack4it_ this is my droid ls16:36
sledgesblackjack4it_: just rm hybris16:38
sledgesfollow cm wiki instructions from this point on :)16:39
blackjack4it_find: "src" error :(16:39
blackjack4it_is it normal that now when i write "sdk" I don't see anymore [ MER_SDK ]? (there is the same missing tag when I enter in hadk..all the mounts are done correctly, I just can't see the two tags like the last time I tried16:56
sledgesPS1 (prompt) is set in ~/.mersdk.profiles16:57
blackjack4it_no I've followed the 4.1 of the guide and there isn't for that file :( should I have to add it?16:59
blackjack4it_there is inside .mersdkubu.profile16:59
blackjack4it_the ps1 variable17:00
sledgesyour bashrc must source that .profile17:00
sledgesis in 4.117:00
blackjack4it_:( probably I'm blind but I can't see any line related to bashrc in 4.1 :( certainly I'm blind :D17:02
sledgesit's in Platform_SDK wiki17:02
sledgesthat 4.1 links to iirc17:02
blackjack4it_aaaah ok sorry I misunderstood17:03
*** alin has quit IRC17:05
blackjack4it_ ok it came back, now there is a sintax error,17:06
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters17:37
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC17:40
sledgesPSA: all your bugs are belong a new home! :)17:44
sledgesfile under Hybris-ing ^_^17:44
sledgesand choose your Hardware from dropdown, if not there, ping me17:45
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters17:47
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o sledges17:51
*** sledges changes topic to "Official SailfishOS porters channel | | BZ: | HADK 1.0.2: | |"17:51
sledgesshould've known it's cut >.<17:52
sledgeslet's do it #mer style :)17:52
*** Sequenced has quit IRC17:59
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters17:59
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flyserwhat is the default password of the nemo user?18:03
sledgestry nemo18:03
sledgesbut might be random, so just use telnet and `passwd nemo`18:03
sledgest oset18:03
* sledges goes afk laters!18:04
*** lpotter has quit IRC18:37
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:37
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos-porters18:41
alinsledges: could you reproduce my findingds?18:41
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:50
*** dmt__ is now known as dmt18:51
*** alin has quit IRC18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:01
*** AndChat|94569 has joined #sailfishos-porters19:07
*** alin has quit IRC19:07
*** mugna has quit IRC19:10
*** AndChat|94569 has quit IRC19:11
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters19:17
*** mugna has quit IRC19:20
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters19:20
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:38
flyser where are the files in /system/lib/egl from?19:40
flyserI cant find them, when grep through the sdk19:41
vakkovyou should have them on the device19:42
vakkovfrom android?19:42
flyserI do, but is missing19:43
flyserand was going to find out why19:43
vakkovoh, sledges what was the solution for this19:43
vakkovi think you can ignore it19:43
vakkovor download the mako one :D what defice are you porting to flyser19:43 did not help me, just removed the missing file notification19:44
flyserMotorola Photon Q (msm8960; xt897):
oh1jtyflyser: you are playing with xt897 also ?19:45
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:45
flyseroh1jty: you too?19:46
oh1jtyflyser: yep :)19:46
vakkovflyser: such a nice device... i was sad that it doesn't have a sim card slot19:46
alinsledges: victory... created an image19:46
alinsledges: without any sed patch19:46
alinand it builds19:46
oh1jtyflyser: lipstick is up and running but display stays black (backlight works)19:46
flyservakkov: you can buy a hardware mod for 50€19:46
flyserthere is a thread in the xda forum about it19:47
flyseroh1jty: same here19:47
oh1jtyeasy to modd, i have few xt897 with sim cards19:47
alinsledges: it boots... and reboots19:47
oh1jtyflyser: that's nice to hear that i have not screwed up with things :D19:47
flysermine is not modded yet. I actually bought it just to port sailfish os19:47
netchipI'm back in the Netherlands! :S19:47
netchipsledges: Italy was a lot of fun :P19:47
oh1jtyflyser: have been using xt897 from 2013 jan, best phone ever :D19:48
oh1jtyflyser: bought another one for devel purpose and backup19:48
vakkovflyser:  this?19:48
oh1jtyflyser: have you notcied that bootanim is hanged and eats cpu ?19:48
flyservakkov: yes19:48
vakkovdamn guys, i like it because of the qwerty. it can be a successor to my n900 :D19:49
oh1jtybest qwerty ever from all qwerty phones ;)19:49
flyseroh1jty: which bootanim? I only see the "your bootloader has been unlocked" screen, which disappears as soon as lipstick is started19:49
vakkovflyser: and i have all the tools needed :D what is the price of this phone now19:49
oh1jtyflyser: check ps aux19:50
flyserI bought it last year for just 110€19:50
oh1jtysame here paid around 130euros for the first and second was under 100euro19:50
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:50
flyseroh1jty: what should I look for?19:50
locusfhave you guys checked that it doesn't need some special kernel modules to work, this happened on my p3110?19:51
flyseroh1jty: "top" shows no notable cpu usage19:51
oh1jtytry to find /system/bin/bootanimation19:51
oh1jtymine it consumes around 80% cpu19:51
flysernope, not running19:51
piggzsledges: vgrade: no debugging tonight ... im off to a festival tomorrow for the weekend, shall resume monday/tuesday :)19:51
flyserlocusf: which kernel module was it in your case?19:52
locusfflyser: it was for the display to work19:52
locusfcheck your /lib/modules/<kernel version>19:52
flyserlcd.ko sounds ... neccessary :D19:52
vakkovflyser: and if you want to change your sim you have to resolder :D lol19:53
flyservakkov: cornholiogsm (he should have chosen a better name ...) offers to do that for the community19:54
flyseriirc for around 50€19:54
vakkovno worries :) i can do it myself ;)19:55
oh1jtyflyser: okay maybe it's disabled freom init.rc19:57
oh1jtyvakkov: not needed if you install sim slot19:57
flyserlcd.ko does not seem to make difference19:57
locusfflyser: it should be loaded in systemd phase19:58
locusfbefore droid-hal takes over so that the display may init correctly19:58
locusfcheck that file19:59
flyserdoes not exist here20:00
locusfyep it wont20:00
locusfjust saying that add display there20:01
locusfcan you paste the contents of /lib/modules/<kernel> ?20:01
locusfalso what does your logcat say?20:01
oh1jtyI have that config, i will try if it makes any matter20:01
locusfrebooting should also take place so android can figure itself out in systemd20:02
oh1jtyyes making lcean boot20:02
locusfmake sure that /usr/lib conf has the lcd20:02
oh1jtyyes i added the lcd to the conf20:02
flyserI added the lcd to the file and rebootet. no difference20:04
locusfhmm ok20:04
oh1jtysame modules as i have20:04
oh1jtyno difference20:05
flyserI would like to try the libGLES* librarys from cm11 and see if it makes a difference20:07
oh1jtybtw. i'm running cm 10.1.3 on the other xt897 and debbugin sailfish with cm10.1.3 on the other so can quickly test and compare things20:07
flyserbut I don't know where to find the files20:07
locusfhmm trying to google the specs of your device to see which gpu it has20:08
flyserthat is the mako one20:08
oh1jtylocusf: adreno 25520:08
flyserI already found that in the backlog ;)20:08
locusfto figure out the needed module20:08
locusfoh1jty: can you check what lsmod reports in cm10.1.3 device?20:09
flyserlocusf: oh1jty meant Adreno 22520:09
oh1jtylocusf: allready did :)20:10
oh1jtylocusf: only wlan modules loaded20:10
locusfoh1jty: ok :/20:10
locusfoh1jty: it still has the same modules built, right?20:10
oh1jtyseems to have20:13
locusfhmm ok20:13
locusfbummer for you guys though20:14
oh1jtyyes it's so close :)20:14
locusfwhat about logcat?20:14
locusfcan you show the output of both sailfish and cm?20:14
locusfits here on mer /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat20:15
flyserit works and shows some more libEGL and hwcomposer debugging messages20:18
flyserwhat do you mean by output of both sf and cm?20:19
oh1jtybut displays stays black20:19
flyserah I/ServiceManager(  594): service 'display.qservice' died20:19
locusfflyser: two logcat outputs, one from cyanogenmod and one from sailfish20:19
oh1jtycm10.1.3 same libEGL:
oh1jtyfrom sailfish: E/qdexternal( 1098): setSPDInfo: file '/sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fb1/vendor_name' not found : ret = -1err str: Permission denied20:21
oh1jtyE/qdexternal( 1098): setSPDInfo: file '/sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fb1/product_description' not found : ret = -1err str: Permission deni20:21
oh1jtythat's just befoe I/qdhwcomposer( 1098): Initializing Qualcomm Hardware Composer20:21
flyserI just worked around that by changing the permissions manually20:22
flyserfor now20:22
locusfwhat about logcat|head -n 100?20:23
locusffrom both20:23
locusfto see the initialization of the graphics20:23
oh1jtythere really is nothing special on first 100 lines20:24
locusfoh ok20:24
flyserthats the output after systemctl-user restart lipstick.service20:24
locusfdid you guys try strace on lipstick?20:26
locusfor EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev?20:27
oh1jtyyes that was the first thing20:27
flyseryes, but since it doesn't crash ...20:27
flyserI am currently using EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev20:27
flyserstraces shows, that lipstick receives events when I press buttons on the keyboard20:29
flyserso it isn't crashed or locked up20:29
flyserits just ... black20:29
oh1jtyas sledge said gui works perfectly, only fb output is missing :D20:29
flyserodds end ends ;)20:30
locusfok I'm out of ideas then :/20:30
oh1jtykeyboard backlight works :D20:30
flyserby using /sys/class/led? yup ... :)20:31
oh1jtysledge said he has access to an phone that has smae problem as ours and is looking at it20:31
oh1jtyflyser: yes :)20:32
oh1jtyonly it's differen brand but using almost same cpu/gpu20:32
flyserfun fact: gps seems to work as well20:36
oh1jtygreat :)20:36
oh1jtyalso light sensor20:36
oh1jtyand bluetooth20:36
locusfwlan too if iwconfig shows adapters :)20:37
flyseryes. wlan0 802.11n20:40
locusfhuh nice20:40
*** piggz has quit IRC20:41
locusfyour devices would make quite interesting entry to the libhybris wiki page with everything else green except the display :)20:41
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters20:41
oh1jtyheh :D20:42
oh1jtyeven shift-key-light works :D20:42
flyser:D wpa_supplicant scan_results actually works20:43
oh1jtyturning the camera light on crashed the phone :)20:44
flyserconnecting works as well :)20:44
flyseroh1jty: yep ... same here20:44
oh1jtyokay so we have external conneciton as well nice!20:44
locusfdo you have multiple gralloc.* files in /system/lib/hw or /vendor/lib/hw?20:44 and .msm8960.so20:45
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:45
flyserin the first path. the latter does not exist20:45
locusfis the the same file as msm8960?20:46
locusfok back up the and cp that msm8960 to its place and restart lipstick20:47
locusfjust for laughs20:47
*** alin has quit IRC20:48
oh1jtynope, nothing20:49
locusfwhat about hwcomposer.* in the same folder?20:50
oh1jtyonly: hwcomposer.msm8960.so20:50
flyserwhat about the I/ServiceManager(  594): service 'display.qservice' died20:52
flyserthat sounds wrong to me?20:52
flyserwhat is this display.qservice? can I restart it manually and strace it?20:53
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters20:53
locusfprobably something qualcomm20:53
Sazpaimonwow I actually have mic doing its thing without erroring out20:54
SazpaimonI've come a long way20:54
flyseroh1jty: new challenge: make a phone call before the display works :P20:55
Sazpaimonout of curiosity, the guide adds --outdir=sfa-mako-ea-$RELEASE$EXTRA_NAME --pack-to=sfa-mako-ea-$RELEASE$EXTRA_NAME.tar.bz2 as some arguments to mic, shouldnt that be --outdir=sfa-$DEVICE-ea-$RELEASE$EXTRA_NAME --pack-to=sfa-$DEVICE-ea-$RELEASE$EXTRA_NAME.tar.bz2?20:55
oh1jtyflyser: haha :P20:55
Sazpaimonit probably doesn't matter though20:55
locusfSazpaimon: yeah that should be the one :) ping sledges20:56
Sazpaimonsledges, that thing20:56
locusfbut as you said, it won't matter20:56
*** alin__ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
alin__Sazpaimon: you can make it as you like20:58
Sazpaimonyeah but for consistency's sake, it should be device-agnostic20:59
alin__Sazpaimon: then you want to try this20:59
*** alin_ has quit IRC21:01
gogetasledges: mistery resolved21:01
gogetaG525 kernel source does not work well if you wanna build a cyanogenmod kernel , just contact me this weekend, I can send you my cm-kernel source then21:01
*** dvorakfag has joined #sailfishos-porters21:03
dvorakfagare there sailfish builds far maguro or I've got to build myself?21:03
alin__dvorakfag: i think someone is working towards one21:04
alin__vakkov: was not you with maguro?21:04
Sazpaimonwhat do people use to backup their devices before flashing?21:04
SazpaimonI'm rooted, for the record21:05
locusfNOTHING :p21:05
oh1jtyopenrecovery nandroid21:05
dvorakfagTHX alin__21:05
Sazpaimonoh1jty, im assuming i can do that in twrp as well21:08
oh1jtyyes that can do backups also21:09
alin__Sazpaimon: backup is not for us21:12
alin__beidl: are you doing maguro?21:12
beidlalin__: yep21:13
alin__dvorakfag: beidl is doing it too21:13
beidldvorakfag: I'm working on headset jack detection still. the kernel situation is kind of a mess.21:14
alin__situ: hi21:14
locusfhey alin__21:14
oh1jtylocusf: kiitti avusta vaikka ei nyt vielä rokkaa, kyll se jonain päivänä pelaa :)21:14
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters21:14
alin__situ: i do not know if sledges told you.. seems none of the systemd patches we do are needed now to boot21:15
alin__locusf: hi.. it was not me21:15
locusfoh1jty: jooh eiköhän se joku päivä saada jaloilleen :)21:16
gogetaoh1jty: i don't understand rocks things21:22
flyseroh1jty: I am just wondering: do you get input events from the touchscreen?21:23
oh1jtygogeta: someday it will rock :)21:24
oh1jtyflyser: haven't even tried yet, still going thru logs and trying things with the display21:24
gogetasledges: goog evening21:24
flyserall keyboard buttons, power, volume rocker, camera button and the slider generate input events, but the touchscreen doesn't21:24
oh1jtyflyser: even tried HDMI and it reacts on cable but no output21:24
oh1jtyi got power/vol input events, haven't tried touch21:25
*** blackjack4it has quit IRC21:25
flysergood idea. unfortunately I don't have an hdmi adapter21:25
oh1jtyi tried with an phlips tv21:25
sledgesnetchip: wb!21:26
flyseroh1jty: fb1 is hdmi. "ls -l /dev/graphics/"21:29
oh1jtyflyser: yes i made symlink to fb121:30
oh1jtyflyser: have you got events from keyboard ?21:31
flysercat /dev/input/by-path/platform-pm8xxx-keypad-event21:33
oh1jtynice :)21:33
oh1jtykeyboard lsider switch also works21:33
sledgesgogeta: well fought ;)21:34
flyseroh1jty: headphone detection as well21:34
oh1jtyflyser: nice21:34
gogetasledges: ask is legit answer is kindness21:36
Sazpaimonalright, well I'm flashing SFOS without compiling CM, hopefully it works21:36
Sazpaimonthe device comes with CM stock, and I used CM's manifest to build hybris-hal, so it should be ok21:36
oh1jtyflyser: so almost everything else works21:37
flyserwell. everything we can test at least21:37
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:37
sledgesflyser: oh1jty: perform: [user $] systemctl --stop lipstick; [root #] /system/bin/surfaceflinger21:38
sledgesi'll try the same on nokius phone now21:38
sledgesfirst and foremost we should get valid output to framebuffer21:38
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters21:39
*** dvorakfag has quit IRC21:39
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:41
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters21:41
oh1jtyafter reboot surface keeps running, but  if i try and launch lipstick stop it and rerun surface it sigsevs21:41
sledgesso you get output on fb?21:42
sledgeswith sflinger21:42
oh1jtynope nothing21:42
oh1jty second run sigsev21:42
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC21:42
locusfoh yeah, switch back to the old gralloc.default.so21:43
oh1jtylocusf: that was done allready :)21:44
sledgesyes locusf , i also don't like default grallocs there21:45
sledgesproperty service should kick in21:45
sledgesoh1jty: what does getprop say?21:45
locusfoh1jty: cool21:46
sledgesit should use
oh1jtyseems okay21:51
oh1jtydmesg has now lots of: [ 3676.605340,1] kgsl kgsl-3d0: |kgsl_pre_hwaccess| hw access while clocks off from state 3221:51
oh1jty[ 3676.638546,1] kgsl kgsl-3d0: |adreno_idle| spun too long waiting for RB to idle21:51
oh1jtyhere's logcat after surface segfault:
sledgesfault addr deadbaad :DD21:54
*** blackjack4it has quit IRC21:55
oh1jtyand lipstick logcat:
oh1jtythere is few erros21:56
oh1jtyline 79-8221:57
oh1jtyany ideas21:57
Sazpaimonokay, so I flashed hybris-boot, and extracted the sailfish rootfs, and rebooted. Now I have a black screen and can't turn the device off to go into fastboot21:57
Sazpaimonall of my partitions on the phone are mounted on my machine though, so there's that21:58
oh1jtyso it work's like a dream :)21:58
SazpaimonI'm not even getting a boot splash21:59
oh1jtycan you ping the device ?21:59
sledgesoh1jty: do you have the missing .so ooi?21:59
Sazpaimonusb0 isnt showing21:59
flyserSazpaimon: dmesg?21:59
Sazpaimonagain, usb0 isnt showing21:59
flyserSazpaimon: and which device is that?21:59
Sazpaimononeplus one22:00
alin__Sazpaimon: keep the button for a while22:00
Sazpaimoni held it for a good 30 seconds22:01
sledgesSazpaimon: holding VolDown and PowerKey works for most devices i tried22:01
sledgesVolUp sometimes instead22:01
oh1jtyusually volup/down power makes it poweroff22:02
Sazpaimonill try it with usb unplugged22:02
Sazpaimonis this the equivalent of the N9's 8 second power button thing22:02
sledgesSazpaimon: vgrade arrived at the point where he can telnet into one+122:02
SazpaimonI can as well, with hybris-recovery22:02
Sazpaimonbut now I extracted the rootfs and hybris-boot22:03
locusfFastboot: With the device powered down, hold the Volume Up and Power buttons.22:03
sledgesthen you should stick with -recovery and we'll take it from there22:03
Sazpaimonwell if i could get into fastboot22:03
sledgesthere's always battery and some torx screwdrivers, dear porters :)22:04
SazpaimonI dont feel like messing with the glue on this battery22:04
Sazpaimonwell this is a bummer, do android phones not have a physical failsafe power off?22:05
oh1jtythere is always a way, if the battery is inbuilt and yuou don't want to open it, let it die when battery is out22:05
sledgesthey always do, until now seemingly22:05
oh1jtyyes they have, but it depends on the hardware22:05
Sazpaimongreat, let the battery run out on a phone that boasts some of the best battery life of any android phone22:05
sledgeshold all 3 buttons? also let some 5-10 seconds for no buttons to be pressed22:05
sledgesin btween22:06
oh1jtypress all buttons together for atleast 15sec it should buzz and poweroff22:06
sledgesoh1jty: found? ;)22:07
oh1jtysledges: sorry missed your message22:08
oh1jtysledges: which .so ?22:08
locusfI hope you have done oem unlock Sazpaimon22:08
oh1jtyyes i got it and uploaded to the phone22:09
oh1jtyflyser also tired it no difference22:09
sledgesoh1jty: how about reverting it?22:09
sledgesmaybe it comes in a way for surface flinger?22:09
beidllooks like maguro is ready for a release ;D22:09
Sazpaimonyes, device is unlocked22:09
sledgesi mean, cm doesn't have it, everything works22:09
sledgesbeidl: \o/22:09
sledgesget the codes in for tagging :D talking from experience :))22:10
oh1jtysledges: will try22:10
beidlsledges: :D22:10
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC22:10
locusfcongrats beidl22:11
oh1jtysledges: no change even if i remove 2S3D22:12
sledgesoh1jty: that out of memory makes me worried22:12
oh1jtysledges: yes same here, it doesn't sound good22:12
sledgesin good ole OMAP times, video memory is allocated in kernel cmdline22:12
beidllocusf: thanks :) finishing off the kernel patch and testing. but it looks great so far22:12
sledgeshow much ram is in your device oh1jty ?22:13
flyseroh1jty: can you check /proc/cmdline under cm10.1?22:13
flysersledges: 1GB22:13
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters22:13
oh1jtyit haves 1GB RAM22:13
sledgesis there info on vRAM if at all exists?22:13
flyser808MB according to free -m22:13
oh1jtyyes it's pretty okay hw wise22:13
sledgesGPU memory? or is it shared these days?22:16
oh1jtydid not find any info on vram size in adreno 25522:16
Sazpaimonyeah i cant figure out how to actually cut power to the device22:17
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters22:17
oh1jtyflyser: yes sorry typo22:17
Sazpaimonok i got the back cover off22:18
oh1jtySazpaimon: is the screen black or is the bootsplash there ?22:18
Sazpaimonno bootsplash22:18
sledgesSazpaimon: already googled a while back :))22:18
oh1jtySazpaimon: so how do you know it's on ?22:18
*** gogeta has quit IRC22:18
*** Nokius1 has quit IRC22:19
flyseroh1jty: if it was off, it would turn on, right? ;-)22:20
oh1jtyflyser: not if the battery is dead :D22:21
sledgesit would start chargin22:21
Sazpaimonoh good, it uses phillips screws22:21
oh1jtyflyser: that happened to me on first sailfish try, had few problems and it consumed battery very quicklyu (phone was hot), took some time to start the charge as it was so dead22:22
oh1jtyas usb ports won't give that much of juicy22:22
Sazpaimondamn, i cant get these tamper-evident screws out22:22
Sazpaimonthe stickers wont move22:22
locusfnight all22:23
oh1jtynight night22:23
Sazpaimonlike, these little fuckers are in there22:25
Sazpaimonnothing I have worjs22:25
sledgesjust pierce through them22:26
oh1jtyhammer would help :D22:26
Sazpaimonok finally22:29
*** blackjack4it has quit IRC22:30
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters22:35
Sazpaimonoh man22:35
Sazpaimonim so dumb22:35
oh1jtywhat happen22:35
Sazpaimoni flashed hybris-boot.img to the wrong partition22:35
Sazpaimonwell now i dont know what to do22:35
Sazpaimoni flashed it to the tz partiton22:36
sledgesfactory reflash22:36
Sazpaimonwell I cant get into fastboot22:36
Sazpaimonso how would I do that?22:36
sledgesis fastboot the only way?22:36
Sazpaimoni dont really know22:37
oh1jtysledges: did search on the net and it seems cm10 get's lot's of out of memory error with adreno200 library22:40
oh1jtysledges: but usually the problem has been in the application itself22:40
Sazpaimonapparently the oneplus works without the battery when plugged in22:41
oh1jtySazpaimon: yes that's normal behavior22:41
flyserWhat about /proc/cmdline on your cm10.1 device?22:41
oh1jtygood idea22:41
oh1jtyi'll check22:41
oh1jtycat /proc/cmdline22:42
oh1jtyoops=panic console=null androidboot.hardware=qcom user_debug=31 loglevel=1 zcache androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.serialno=T0695023W6 androidboot.baseband=msm androidboot.mode=normal androidboot.bootloader=0x109B battery= mot_sst=0 androidboot.carrier=sprint22:42
sledgesoh1jty: flyser: we need to get surfaceflinger going, replicating cmdline good idea. i'd suggest even disabling/masking lipstick from startup22:44
sledgesSazpaimon: you'll need to ask on xda22:46
Sazpaimonoh you know what22:48
Sazpaimonwhen I boot, all of the devices partitions are available over usb22:48
Sazpaimonso I can probably dd what I need that way22:48
Sazpaimonlet me see what gparted says22:49
Sazpaimonnow I'm guessing /dev/block/mmcblk0p8 would be /dev/sdb822:49
oh1jtysledges: disable lipstick, surface still crashes22:52
Sazpaimonwait, is tz supposed to be the kernel partition?22:53
SazpaimonI have no idea, i thought it was timezone or something, but google tells me it's "trustzone"?22:53
alin__this is a good one... irish drivel on jolla
Sazpaimonmaybe I *did* use the right kernel22:54
Sazpaimonwell, let me try hybris-recovery instead22:55
oh1jtysledges: here's logcat without lipstick fresh boot, what else is accessing gpu ?
Sazpaimonor actually just to be safe, let me try the stock kernel22:55
*** AndChat|94569 has joined #sailfishos-porters22:56
*** mugna has quit IRC22:56
dmtanyone still alive?22:56
sledgesall'ov'em! :)22:56
dmtdo you have that piratepad link?22:56
dmtedit for the 4g22:57
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters22:57
sledgesdmt: ultimate goal is to shift to bugzilla22:57
sledgesyou could be "the first one" ;)22:57
dmti saw some talk today about it but didn;t follow much22:57
sledgesSazpaimon: you can dd to -recovery yes :D22:57
*** AndChat|94569 has joined #sailfishos-porters22:58
sledges under Hybris-ing22:58
Sazpaimondd: writing to ‘/dev/sdb8’: No space left on device22:58
Sazpaimonwhat the heck22:58
sledgesdmt: feel free to copy something from piratepad:
sledgesSazpaimon: p8 is tz? i think that's where you fastboot went amiss22:58
sledgesyou want to flash boot partition instead22:58
sledges*to dd22:59
Sazpaimonso what exactly is tz?22:59
sledgessomething very important, now that you say you lost fastboot22:59
sledgesor you still haven't rebooted/battery out?22:59
dmtsledges: question, whats the point of the OS scrolllist?22:59
Sazpaimonsledges, its plugged in with the battery unplugged23:00
sledgesdmt: legacy23:00
dmtlinux, windows, mac os x23:00
Sazpaimonive since unplugged it a few times23:00
dmtcan we remove it?23:00
Sazpaimonimmediately when I plug it in, all my partitions on the phone are available over usb23:00
sledgesdmt: yes we'll consider that, but need to check past bugs, thanks23:00
*** tworaz has quit IRC23:00
sledgesor we'll change to CM/AOSP list ;p23:00
sledgesbut nemo bugzilla is much broader entity, so we being friendly basically23:01
dmtdo you still have the piratepad lying around23:01
sledgesdmt: just pated23:01
dmtwould be easy to compy some stuff from it23:01
*** mugna has quit IRC23:01
sledgesthanks 2u223:01
sledgesoh1jty: i don't hink anything's accessing it, as no more "resource busy" errors23:02
sledgesjust something is not initialised23:02
sledgesi wonder if we could run surface flinger in cm once ui is up (or find ways to take down ui)23:02
sledgesand compare logcats23:02
sledgesSazpaimon: cool, so you got bootable phone still :)23:03
*** lbt has quit IRC23:04
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters23:06
*** AndChat|94569 has quit IRC23:07
Sazpaimoncan I make a suggestion for the next version of the guide?23:08
Sazpaimonthe words "The following example is for i9305, for other devices the output partition and filename is obviously different:" should be changed to HOLY SHIT DO NOT COPY THIS VERBATIM23:08
Sazpaimonyou know, to convey urgency23:08
oh1jtysledges: that would be good idea, iäll try tomorrow23:09
oh1jtyno to bed -> night23:10
sledgesSazpaimon: lol23:11
MerbotNemo bug 722 in .Other ""Prefer 4G" option not shown in the "network mode" setting" [Normal,New]23:11
sledgesyay thanks dmt and Merbot ^_^23:11
sledgesi'll change to correct component :) and poke lbt for weird names :D23:11
Sazpaimoni'm just saying that in a very copy-paste heavy guide its very easy to just only focus on only the monospaced text23:12
dmtcool you've got a bot23:12
sledgesdmt: yep, since good ole times :)23:12
sledgesSazpaimon: i'll think of sum, thanks!23:13
sledgeslet's see, nemo#72223:13
sledgesgrr NEMO#72223:13
*** PhompAng has joined #sailfishos-porters23:13
sledgesok not that smart anymore :p23:13
locusfbug 72223:13
MerbotMer bug 722 in SDK "DNS name lookup timed out on SDK" [Normal,Resolved: invalid]
sledgeswill have to be trained again :)23:14
sledgesaging :))23:14
Sazpaimonok, i flashed tz.mbn, but still getting no love23:14
sledgesSazpaimon: good you found one out there, i hope thei are not per-phone tailored (somy signatures bla), still no fastboot?23:14
Sazpaimonstill getting mounts on boot, though, which is good23:15
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters23:16
sledgesSazpaimon: maybe you flashed hybris-boot over fastboots/some~earlyboots partition instead?23:17
sledgesas you lost even logo iiuc23:17
*** iTune has quit IRC23:17
*** AndChat|94569 has joined #sailfishos-porters23:17
*** AndChat-94569 has joined #sailfishos-porters23:18
*** mugna has quit IRC23:18
*** AndChat-94569 has quit IRC23:18
*** AndChat|94569 has quit IRC23:22
Sazpaimonno, i flashed partition 823:22
sledgesand dd`ed to it now again?23:23
sledgeswonder how you did not lose hybris :))23:23
Sazpaimoni never got hybris23:23
sledgesyou can always double check if dd actually worked by doing md5sum /dev/mmc...p823:23
Sazpaimonsince i never flashed to boot23:23
sledgesSazpaimon: but mmc export on host means you are in hybris23:23
Sazpaimonmd5sums dont match on tz23:24
sledgesdd only the size of that tz.file23:24
Sazpaimonyeah, the sdb9 partition is 500KiB, but tz is half that size23:26
sledgesi.e. md5sum only first 100 bytes23:26
Sazpaimonsazpaimon@ubuntu:~/cm$ head -c 100 tz.mbn |md5sum23:29
Sazpaimon36a6bf10db1760148b20cfc228c2869e  -23:29
Sazpaimonsazpaimon@ubuntu:~/cm$ sudo head -c 100 /dev/sdb8 |md5sum23:29
Sazpaimon36a6bf10db1760148b20cfc228c2869e  -23:29
Sazpaimon(sorry for spam)23:29
sledgeserm, but you have sideloaded sfos .zip beforehand right?23:29
sledgeswhich flashes hybris-boot to boot partition23:29
sledgesso there you have it23:29
sledgesi still suspect tz contained fastboot needed bits..23:30
SazpaimonI didn't do that, I did the manual installation23:30
sledgeslike crating .stowaways/sailfish os by hand etc?23:30
Sazpaimonsince I already had CM11 on the device23:30
sledgesand sure never did fastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img ? ;)23:30
sledgesthen i have no idea where your phone boots from23:31
sledgesas tz is already tz23:31
Sazpaimoni've done fastboot boot hybris-boot.img a couple times23:31
sledgesdid you grep host's usb iSerial for Mer bits?23:31
sledgesfind "iSerial" in hadk23:32
sledgesim offing :) nightn!23:32
sledgesSazpaimon: just saying that some other emergency mode is probably kicking in and exporting mmc, if your iSerial quest ends up without Mer strings23:33
SazpaimonI see iSerial, but not Mer's23:33
sledgeswould explain23:33
Sazpaimoni'm in vmware though23:34
Sazpaimonso maybe vmware is stripping that?23:34
sledgesit relays23:34
SazpaimonI see a couple "Couldn't open device" under iSerial23:35
Sazpaimonalso, the device name is Qualcomm QHSUSB__BULK, which i dont think it mer's thing23:37
sledgesyep, my advice - write to xda under one+one thread23:43
sledgesand sleep time :)23:43
beidlbye \o23:44
*** PhompAng has quit IRC23:49

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