Friday, 2014-08-01

vgradeSazpaimon: reading backlog00:16
Sazpaimonat this point I dont want to risk flashing hybris-recovery.img to the boot partition and risk not being able to do anything...00:17
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vgradeSazpaimon: what was the steps you took00:17
Sazpaimonbasically, I accidently flashed hybris-boot.img to the wrong partition (flashed to the tz partition), and now the phone will not boot00:18
SazpaimonI don't get a boot splash screen, and the phone exports all partitions via usb when booting00:18
vgradewhat command did you use00:18
Sazpaimondd if=/sdcard/hybris-boot.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p800:19
Sazpaimonfrom adb root shell00:19
Sazpaimoni should have done dd if=/sdcard/hybris-boot.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p900:19
vgradeSazpaimon: ok00:19
Sazpaimonif I start the phone with volup, I get a ttyUSB0, so I'll try reading that00:21
vgradehave you tried to dd an original p8 and p900:22
SazpaimonI haven't touched p900:22
Sazpaimoni reflashed tz.mbm to p800:22
vgradeI'm guessing p8 is smaller than p900:23
vgradeso flashing p8 with hybris boot has overwrittern part of p9 as well00:23
* vgrade 00:24
Sazpaimonsorry, p7 is the boot partition00:24
Sazpaimonp9 is the pad partition, and it only contains zeros00:24
vgradeand p900:24
* vgrade looks for partition list00:24
Sazpaimonhybris-boot.img is 5.6MB though, that spans p8 through 1200:26
Sazpaimonlet me check if p10 matches what's in the image00:26
SazpaimonI just did a head on /dev/sdb10, it looks like it contains header data, same with sdb11, so they're probably fine00:28
vgradeSazpaimon: getting late here. I will have time over the weekend to help out00:30
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kjokiniewhere do you guys set the kernel command line for hammerhead?06:33
kjokiniesledges? ^^06:35
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kjokinieproper rtc support should need qpnp-rtc.poweron_alarm=106:38
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alin__kjokinie: there are a little bit more troubles with rtc07:00
alin__kjokinie: have a look here07:00
alin__kjokinie: the time bug is rtc related07:00
alin__situ:  knows more07:01
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kjokinieis there really DT on 3.4.0 kernel? I thought that came at 3.507:04
kjokinieneed to look more07:05
alin__kjokinie: what is DT?07:05
kjokiniedevice tree07:05
kjokiniehmm.. well I guess it's there, just ARM started using it more widely at 3.507:06
alin__kjokinie: situ is trying to solve this issues so any help is more than welcomed...07:10
kjokinievgrade: thanks :)07:11
alin__vgrade: you did that?07:25
tbrDT has been around for ages, it's use in the linux kernel and arm socs picked up around those times07:25
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alin__vgrade: question do you know what is the issue with the crapped video image just before the ui kicks in?07:25
alin__vgrade: in the past on linux that used to come from wrong video modes selected at boot time07:26
alin__did anyone try this
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kjokiniethis dt entry looks promising:
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situkjokinie: which device ?08:01
situkjokinie: We have already tried setting that dt entry, it turns out that writiting to rtc registers is disabled (may  be through TrustZone).08:02
sledgesFriday[morning] !08:08
sledgeskjokinie: just like in situ's ml thread: "Have you modified the DT to have this [qpnp-rtc-write] property set to 1. If so, don't do that" ( )08:11
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situsledges: or just do that, realize it doesn't work and revert your changes.08:13
sledgesas Russians say, trust but check ;)08:15
flyseroh1jty: jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session is also trying to initialize the display08:15
sledgesflyser: sure? i thought anything jolla- is just an app launched when lipstick is already on08:18
sledgestouch a ...._done file under /home/nemo/ to see if it goes away08:18
oh1jtyflyser: aah thatr explains08:18
flyserI am pretty sure, because it prevents lipstick from starting08:18
flyserI have to stop it manually, otherwise journalctl repeats "wait-session-to-start[1047]: In wait loop" every second and lipstick does not get started08:19
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oh1jtyI have been palying with cm10 phone, stoping and stargin surface+bootanim and same time chekcing logcat nothing special yet08:20
oh1jtycurrently i'm comparing cm getprop and sailfish getprop08:21
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flysersledges: btw. I symlinked -> libGLESv2_adreno200.so08:21
oh1jtybootanim doesn't work either on sail08:21
flyseris that the recommended way or should I downloaded the mako .so?08:21
sledgesflyser: dl08:22
sledgeswe should figure out why lipstick requires it, probably it enables some GL_ extension that android doesnt08:23
sledgesbut first - surfaceflinger ;)08:23
oh1jtybootanim should also work as it workswithout surface08:24
sledgesi couldn't get bootanim to work on nexus508:25
flyseroh1jty: it's odd that your bootanimation hangs hat 80% cpu usage and mine is not running ...08:25
sledgesbtw, on nexus5 (or any other working GUI phone i presume), stopping lipstick is enough to see sflinger on screen08:25
oh1jtyso it has some service deps08:25
sledgesflyser: so touch /home/nemo/.jolla-startupwizard-usersession-done causes In wait loop?08:30
sledgesflyser: you should hard-mask lipstick, and all should be calm then08:30
flyserno. I meant the wait loop occurs, if it is started08:31
flyserI havent tried touching the file, I just renamed the service file08:31
flyserseems to work, as the bootloader screen remains visible08:32
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flysersledges: how do I hardmask a service file? (sorry, systemd noob here ;))08:49
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oh1jtyafter disabling startupwizard bootlogo stays, after that when trying to launch surfacefglinger the screen blanks and surfaceflinger does not segfault (logcat stays empty)08:54
sledgesflyser: sec08:54
flyserweird. it segfaults here08:54
sledgesoh1jty: is lipstick anywhere to be seen?08:54
flyseroh1jty: journalctl | grep -i hwcomposer08:54
flyserany output ↑?08:55
vakkov_mako is a different chipset. check the MSM8960 device here
sledgesflyser: ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/user/lipstick.service08:56
vakkov_lol, mako has a /system/lib/hw/sensors.msm8960.so08:57
sledgesvakkov_: don't go there be dragons :DD08:59
oh1jtysledges: no lipstick here, i moved the service files away08:59
sledgesoh1jty: kl09:00
sledgesoh1jty: strace?09:00
oh1jtyflyser: sh-3.2#  journalctl | grep -i hwcomposer09:00
flyseroh1jty: good09:00
sledgesoh1jty: this is working from nexus5 (had to ctrl+c it ofc):
sledgesdoing diffing, nothing obvious for now09:13
sledgesoh1jty: does your flinger stuck/segfault? as i see this as last line: ioctl(3, BT819_FIFO_RESET_HIGH09:15
oh1jtyyes it's stuck doesn't do anything09:16
oh1jtybut no segault09:16
oh1jtyit has been stuck for a while now09:16
sledgesso it gets stuck on that ioctl09:17
sledgesor due to sched_setscheduler09:17
sledgesoh1jty: find -iname governor09:19
sledgesoh1jty: find /sys -iname governor09:19
oh1jtyh-3.2# find /sys -iname governor09:19
oh1jtyyes ondemand09:19
sledgesecho "performance" > /sys/devices/platform/kgsl-3d0.0/kgsl/kgsl-3d0/pwrscale/trustzone/governor09:19
sledgesrerun sfinger09:20
oh1jtysame result, stuck in exact same ioctl09:20
sledgesat least something ^_^09:20
oh1jtyheh yes :D09:20
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sledgesoh1jty: pls strace surfaceflinger from cm09:24
sledgesideally killing the ui ofc09:25
sledgesiirc killall system_server and preventing its restart in /init*.rc09:25
oh1jtyok i'll try after i get one work detail done :D09:25
sledgesofc ;))09:26
sledgesflyser: are you copycating us? ;p09:26
* sledges hides09:26
oh1jtysystem_server keeps coming up09:35
oh1jtyand starting surface09:36
oh1jtyrenamed system_server but something else is startign surface09:37
flyserI tried to fetch the /system/lib/egl .so files from a similar phone (samsung gs3 with msm8960) to see if it makes a difference09:37
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sledgesoh1jty: i guess sflinger is like compositor, an essential thing for andy
sledgesso surely its start is essential. tried killing surface flinger though? :))09:38
flyserit does. when I turn the display on with the power button the screen flickers for a glimpse and shows noise09:38
sledgesflyser: \o/09:38
flysermaybe because the sgs3 has a 720p display ...?09:39
oh1jtywow progress!09:39
sledgesalso take note of lsmod under cm (if you didn't already, locusf did some insights yesterday)09:39
sledges*good insights09:39
locusfnothing useful came out of it though :/09:40
flyseroh1jty: I don't remember exactly ... was the lcd module loaded under cm10.1 or not?09:42
oh1jtysledges: yes we allready checked lsmod, nothing special09:42
oh1jtyflyser: nope09:42
oh1jtyroot@android:/system/bin # lsmod09:42
oh1jtywlan 2050106 0 - Live 0x00000000 (C)09:42
oh1jtytcp_westwood 1560 0 - Live 0x0000000009:42
oh1jtycfg80211 115708 1 wlan, Live 0x0000000009:42
sledgesah ok09:42
sledgesoh1jty: flyser: have you tried unifying kernel cmdlines? (you can pass custom cmdline during fastboot boot hybris-boot.img --params)09:44
sledges(cant remember exact syntax, then check if worked via dmesg)09:44
* sledges goes afk for a bit09:44
oh1jtysledges: okay some progress on cm side, got servcemanager ja systemmanager quite by renaming surface different name also, when i starce surfaceflinger manually it segfaults09:45
oh1jtysledges: kernel cmdlines where identical09:45
sledgesoh1jty: do you start it as root09:45
sledgesstrace segfaults ?09:45
oh1jtystrace surfaceflinger segaults :)09:46
sledges(where do you have strace from in cm=bionic world? ;)09:46
sledgesi guess strace alone segfault too :)09:46
oh1jtynope surface segfaults even without strace09:46
oh1jtydoes not works09:47
oh1jtywith strace open("/dev/log/system", O_WRONLY)       = 709:47
oh1jtywritev(4, [{"\4", 1}, {"ServiceManager\0", 15}, {"Waiting for service SurfaceFling"..., 39}], 3) = 5509:47
oh1jtynanosleep({1, 0}, 0xbebd6928)           = 009:47
oh1jtyso bootanim is using surface09:48
sledgesservicemanager should be running though09:48
sledgesit runs also on sf09:48
sledgesyou could substitute real surfaceflinger with some dummy binary09:48
sledgesto keep servicemanager happy :DD09:48
sledgesit runs also on sf = sailfish, not surfaceflinger lol09:49
oh1jtyneed to reboot cm phone, nothing works anymore .D09:52
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sledgesfirst task: create Nexus5 bugs from ; helpers much appreciated wow :)10:08
flysersince I am out of ideas right now, I will try to get touch working.10:09
flysersledges: how to build devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/libhybris/compat/input/?10:09
oh1jtyi think lunch will help :)10:09
* oh1jty tkaing lunch10:09
sledgesflyser: it gets build as a whole package10:10
flyserI am looking for libis_compat_layer10:11
flyserwhich does not exist on my device10:11
sledgeslibis is builtthough10:12
sledgesif you need compat, follow how other bits get built and replicate10:13
* sledges is really afk now :))10:13
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +b fk_lx*!*@*10:22
*** fk_lx_ was kicked by ChanServ (Banned: Poisonous person)10:22
sledgesalin: i reverted those systemd hacks and got race on next reboot10:23
sledgeswe need a proper fix - examining boot sequence with systemd bootgraph10:23
sledgescc situ ^10:23
situsledges: which hacks ?10:24
*** Truth_hurts has joined #sailfishos-porters10:24
alinsitu: without?10:24
Truth_hurtsI'll be at XDA DevCon in UK to tell about unethical company Jolla and their discrimination10:24
Truth_hurtsnow ban whole cafe place Carsten10:24
Truth_hurtssee you at court soon10:25
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters10:25
situsledges: yes I had requested for same from lbt, but he seems to be quite busy these days.10:26
sledgesi guess Sage___ is on it10:26
Truth_hurtssledges: people that support such company discriminative actions are no way better than the company10:26
Truth_hurtsJolla == censorship, bans from Munk thinking his wife is harassed when it's only in his head10:27
Truth_hurtsthat's their openness10:27
phdeswerTruth_hurts: Go deal with your personal problems somewhere else. This is not the right place for this.10:27
Truth_hurtsphdeswer: blah, blah10:28
*** plundstr1 has joined #sailfishos-porters10:28
Truth_hurtsphdeswer: it's not personal problem, your company discriminates people10:28
*** iekku has joined #sailfishos-porters10:28
Truth_hurtsphdeswer: and thinks by banning they can shut someones mouth10:29
Truth_hurtswhy fk_lx was banned from this channel, because Munk is moving his private war to company area10:30
plundstr1Hello fellow sailors10:30
Truth_hurtswhat has imaginary wife harassing to do with banning someone on Jolla related channels10:30
Truth_hurtsabsoulutely nothing10:30
sledgesplundstr1: greetings o/10:30
iekkuplundstr1, ahoy10:31
Truth_hurtsthe problem is Munk, too bad he doesn't want to talk about his past, not as teenager and about studies, that would explain his obession around stalking10:31
phdeswerhi plundstr1!10:31
plundstr1hello, hello. I see you have got here other old friends too :)10:31
Truth_hurtswhy do you think a person is obsessed and accuses unjustly of stalking? what has happened in his past? I know about that, he told me10:31
Truth_hurtsand I will tell it before court10:32
iekkuplundstr1, how's life?10:32
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters10:32
Truth_hurtsbecause court can lift the confidence of private coresppondence10:32
sledgesplundstr1: hope you can help is with systemd :))10:32
plundstr1sledges: I'll try10:33
Truth_hurtsso if anyone is unaware Munk has banned a person from Jolla related channels, because he has private issues with that person10:33
plundstr1iekku: just installing machine and getting access.10:33
Truth_hurtsMunk's definition of harassing is single time contacting a relative and telling them that their husband Carsten probably has problems10:34
Truth_hurtsand Munk told me a lot about his wife and a kid, I thought she could help him10:34
alteregoThis seems very off topic.10:34
Truth_hurtsespecially that he probably knows about his past issues10:34
iekkualterego, +110:34
Truth_hurtsand reason why they left Denmark10:34
Truth_hurtsit's not off-topic - fk_lx was banned from this channel10:35
Truth_hurtsjust today10:35
alteregoAnd who are you?10:35
Truth_hurtswithout a reason10:35
Truth_hurtswhy you ask?10:35
plundstr1we all know who Truth_hurts is10:35
alteregoBecause you obviously feel the need to hide your identity.10:35
kimmolidont start now this again. please.10:35
Truth_hurtseveryone has right to stay anonymous10:35
Truth_hurtsbut it's easy to guess10:36
Truth_hurtsno need to call Sherlock Holmes10:36
alteregoWell, carry on raging then :)10:36
* alterego gets back to work10:36
Truth_hurtsonce again why fk_lx was banned from this channel?10:36
Truth_hurtsWhere is Jolla openness?10:36
iekkuplundstr1, are you planning to make a port?10:36
plundstr1iekku: not yet, let's see later if time permits10:37
Truth_hurtsopen company would answer why fk_lx was banned10:37
iekkuplundstr1, fingers crossed10:38
Truth_hurtsfk_lx was banned from various Jolla related channels, because Munk wrote he has harassed his wife, which is untrue statement10:38
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos-porters10:38
Truth_hurtsthat's Jolla moral standards10:38
sledgesplundstr1: we also have dreaded issue in every phone which manifests a missing - nothing would ever show up on screen, even if lipstick is seemingly running, i wonder who could help best10:38
Truth_hurtsJolla == fake openness10:39
plundstr1sledges: I know nothing about that10:39
sledgesyep, heavy hacking in progress :)10:40
alteregoSchool holidays always get a bit lame.10:41
flysersledges: I wonder if it would be worth the effort to rebuild the image based on cm11, which has the 2s3d file10:41
sledgesflyser: hmmmmm10:41
sledgesgood point10:41
flyserunfortunately cm11 for xt897 is in a more or less broken state10:41
sledgesnow i read what you said yesterday that you tried cm from there10:42
Truth_hurtsyou know why Jolla is silence? Because they know that they've done bad and harmed a person, but they are not able to appologize, that company almost doesn't know word sorry10:42
sledgesmaybe not low levels?10:42
flysersomeone is currently porting the kernel to 3.410:42
Truth_hurtsonce again why fk_lx was banned from this and other Jolla related channels?10:42
*** plundstr has quit IRC10:42
flyserwas that addressed to me? "now i read what you said yesterday that you tried cm from there"10:43
sledgesflyser: yes10:43
Truth_hurtssledges: will you answer or you sold your ethics for work in Jolla?10:43
flysercm from where?10:43
sledgesan so from cm1110:43
flyserI don't think I wrote anything related to cm11 yesterday10:44
sledgesor some other day anyhoo10:44
sledgeswhich is a long shot, as abi most probably changed10:44
flyserAh, yes. there was a CM port till the CM11-M8 snapshot. starting from there its broken10:45
sledgesso, get manifest of snapshot and build away ;)10:45
flyserI am not sure it's worth the effort :P10:45
sledges;) better suggestions?10:46
flyserno :(10:46
sledgesobtaining the manifest is trickiest10:46
sledgesafterwards - it's hadk10:46
locusfbuilding cm from scratch helped me too10:46
Truth_hurtsJolla == lack of openneess + discrimination -> bans people from channels without any exact reasons, their employees (Carsten Munk) ban people because they think their wife is harassed (but it's only in their head)10:46
locusfgot a working kernel that way10:46
sledgeslocusf: we're talking about new branch 10->1110:46
locusfsledges: ah ok10:46
alinsledges: I asked in systemd about race debug... do you want to join?10:47
sledgesjoined :)10:48
* phdeswer wants to see that too10:48
sledgesthey're helpful guys10:48
Truth_hurtslocusf: would you feel ok if you would be discriminated because you are disabled person?10:48
Truth_hurtswhy are you supporting company that discriminates people10:49
phdeswersledges: Well if it is not a bug they do not want to admit... Or they mixed up some kernel feature ;)10:49
sledgesphdeswer: it's us being hairy with droid-hal-init and marrying it with android services10:49
alinsledges: he askde what race we get10:49
phdeswersledges: from what I can tell it is systemd doing stuff before the filesystems are mounted. Which is wrong imho.10:50
alinsledges: do you have the log?10:50
alteregoI see the adaptation list is growing quite nicely :)10:50
sledgesalterego: we though of doing templated landing pages for each device10:50
alteregoYeah, I think that's a good idea.10:51
sledgeswhich will have details who are the porters, links to bug tracker10:51
alteregoYeah, sounds good.10:51
flyserIt would help to describe the current state in more detail10:51
alteregoflyser: most definitely.10:51
alteregoDoes nemo have any QA type testing procedures published?10:52
flyserthe current table would miss a "hardware keyboard" column for the photon q ;)10:52
alteregoflyser: just add "kbd" to the "Keys" column group :P10:52
alteregoThe current table has already gone way over what I originally intended, I wanted it to be simple :P10:52
flyseryeah ... once display turns green :P10:52
alteregoIt was originally half the width :P10:53
*** mugna has quit IRC10:55
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters10:55
Truth_hurtsonce again why fk_lx was banned from this and other Jolla related channels? The reason of some of them was "wife harassing" given by Carsten Munk, head of Jolla R&D10:58
Truth_hurtswhy Munk is using his position in Jolla to wage a private war against somebody?10:59
Truth_hurtswho gave him right to exclude people for private (but also untrue) reasons?11:00
Truth_hurtsdoes any Jola representative will answer this question, or this company has no ethical standards and the whole talk about openess is a fairy tale11:01
alinsledges: can you reproduce it regularly now?11:01
alinsledges: I could not11:01
sledgesalin: like never?11:01
Truth_hurtsWhat about Sailfish Silica components, why they are still closed despite promise given 1.5 year ago for them to be opened?
Truth_hurtsWhy Jolla hasn't answered what was the SIM card problem about? That's openness?11:02
Truth_hurtsWhy Jolla tolerates among community people that write that fk_lx should be hit in face? Why Jolla is not stopping avalanach of agression caused by Carsten Munk slanders about non-existing wife harassing?11:03
Truth_hurtsEveryone that supports this company silence in this case puts a brick to wall of discrimination that this Jolla company is building11:04
sledgesalin: im trying the suggested RequiresMountsFor=/important/path now11:06
*** plundstr1 has left #sailfishos-porters11:07
*** plundstr1 has joined #sailfishos-porters11:07
Truth_hurtsOnce the Munk case in Warsaw court is over, then Jolla will be sued next for discrimination. Shame Finland that you tolerate discrimination of Jolla this and all the people - employees, community11:07
alinsledges: cool11:08
Truth_hurtsall in all you've just a another brick in the wall11:08
Truth_hurtsI'm done here, have a good weekend with feeling that company and his employees hurted very much somebody11:09
*** Truth_hurts has left #sailfishos-porters11:09
alteregoN5 isn't booting :/11:15
alinalterego: what image?11:15
alteregoMy own image, ;)11:15
alteregoCan't seem to telnet in either, oh well.11:16
sledgesoh dear11:16
sledgesok i added RequiresMountsFor=/system into droid-hal-init.service11:16
sledgesseems to boot so far11:16
sledgesanother reboot..11:16
oh1jtywow he had some issues :D11:17
phdeswersledges: so they know their mounting is unreliable and have a workaround... gold :)11:19
sledgesboots 3rd time11:19
*** tbr has quit IRC11:20
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters11:22
phdeswersledges: alin : I checked the usb-moded dependency stuff, and it seems to be libzypp/pkcon/rpm issue Added comments here:
alinphdeswer: cool...11:27
alinalterego: n511:27
alinsledges: still booting?11:28
phdesweralin: well not so cool as the problem lies somewhere in the rpm handling subsystem...11:28
sledgesalin: i get new types of problems - now sometimes telnet doesn'ŧ come up( thouth usb0 comes up)11:29
sledgesneed to mow the lawn before rain comes, ttyl ;)11:29
phdeswersledges: let me guess it tries to start telentd before the fs is mounted?11:29
alinsledges: you become english11:29
sledgesi just <3 gardenin :p11:31
vakkovwow, such a flood in this channel :D11:43
phdeswerHappens sometimes, the curse of IRC ;)11:46
alteregos/IRC/Internet/ :)11:46
*** Stskeepz is now known as Stskeeps11:55
*** Stskeeps has joined #sailfishos-porters11:56
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC11:56
*** Stskeeps has joined #sailfishos-porters11:56
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps11:57
*** Stskeeps sets mode: +b *!*@
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters12:00
alinsledges: i think if we select in pattern the android ones... the issue is gone12:05
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl12:05
*** phdeswer has quit IRC12:10
sledgesalin: too late, the rain started12:23
sledgesbut finished now, waiting to dry :))12:24
sledgesand experimenting with n512:24
sledgesi changed12:24
sledgeslooks stable 3 reboot no quirks12:24
alinsledges: ok go to 1012:24
sledges(as i suspect i waits for file to come up)12:24
sledgesalin: what mods you got?12:24
alinsledges: none12:24
sledgesprobably our images differ somehow12:25
sledgesand situ is our master of boot races occurring :)12:25
sledges4th boot12:25
alinsledges: I used both my ways and the dmt script12:25
sledgesand both fine now? :/12:25
alinsledges: yes12:26
sledgeshard to get around without automation, when you don't know if you reverted everything after reflash ;)12:26
situsledges: Which race condition are you facing now ?12:26
situsledges: /system not mounted ?12:26
sledgessitu: any12:26
sledgesi had two different ones12:26
sledgesbut finally reached epiphany12:26
sledgesno race12:26
alinsledges: what do you mean? I reflashed every time... and the systemd are in only one place...12:27
situsledges: what fixes are you suggesting ?12:27
alinsledges: so I am sure everything is clean and kosher12:27
sledgessitu: just one: RequiresMountsFor=/system/lib to droid-hal-init.service [Unit] section12:27
sledgesalin: i mean when you use dmt__'s script build system, you might forget to revert his sed`s12:27
sledges5th boot, victory is close :)12:28
alinsledges: no12:28
alinsledges: I did not forget12:28
alinsledges: shecked the final and pasted them to you yesterday12:28
alinI can do again12:28
sledgesalin: im jst making hypothesis, as you said you switch between images so12:28
alinsledges: yes... but I was careful about12:29
sledgessure ok12:29
sledges6th boot12:29
sledges7th boot12:30
sledgesreverted back to presumably faulty RequiresMountsFor=/system, rebooting ..12:31
sledgesssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused12:32
sledgesmeans RequiresMountsFor=/system/lib is a winner12:33
situsledges: or just put 'Requires=system.mount'12:33
sledgesthat is already in12:34
sledgesi think12:34
sledgesit executes system.mount12:34
sledgesit starts mounting12:34
sledgesbut it takes longer12:34
sledgesyet droid init is already ahead12:34
sledgesso waiting for /system/lib is reassuring12:34
alinsledges: no now we are with wantedby12:34
situsledges: I agree with waiting for /system/lib12:34
situsledges: We have -> After=local-fs.target12:34
sledgessitu: can be the same, local-fs just starts mounting12:35
sledgesbut to mount a big partition in smartphones takes longer12:35
situsledges: But system.mount is 'WantedBy' local-fs (and not 'RequiredBy')12:35
sledgesand system.mount apparently doesn't block12:35
situsledges: so that is the isssue.12:35
sledgesi have WantedBy12:35
sledgesall works12:35
situsledges: your fix for /system/lib is correct.12:35
sledgesso you claim that changing to RequiredBy would be alternative fix?12:36
dmt__i've booted without the sed's a couple of times and was fine12:36
sledges(which is harder to patch as it will add exceptions to unit-generating logic, or we just switch all .mount units to have )xRequiredBy)12:36
*** mugna has quit IRC12:37
sledgessitu: we surely can't accept fixes to modify as it's systemd's file12:37
sledgeseven when that worked fien too12:38
situsledges: system.mount file has 'WantedBy' entry.12:38
sledgesso i think we might end up with 3 fixes, to out of them are acceptable, we need to pick one :)12:38
situsledges: I agree, your fix is the one which should go upstream.12:39
sledgessitu: is what i said, the clean patch would then make all .mount units have RequiredBy if we choose that fix12:39
sledgess/to out of them/two out of them/12:39
sledgesim baffled more, as RequiresMountsFor=/system works 100% (it was false alarm previously, i didn't wait long enough :p)12:41
sledgesas opposed to /system/lib12:41
sledgesi'll revert more to be sure12:42
sledgesit can also be that constant rebooting without using the phone in between reduces mount times12:42
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters12:46
alinsledges: I do not know ... I did it with and without12:50
alinsledges: sometimes ssh into it12:50
alinsometimes started an app12:50
sledgesalin: but you said you can't reproduce anymore12:51
sledgesit can be that only very first mount after reflash is most vulnerable12:51
alinsledges: nope never got a race12:51
alinsledges: and reflashed twice12:51
alinsledges: maybe i shall play the lottery if I am so lucky12:52
* sledges goes to shoot himself with a door handle as we say in .lt12:52
*** mugna has quit IRC12:53
sledgessitu: any cheeky way to reproduce this? as I reverted now all to vanilla stock, no mods at all, still boots 3rd time, probably invalidating all of my tests before12:53
* sledges goes afk this time for a good long mow :))12:55
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters12:56
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters13:14
*** plundstr1 has left #sailfishos-porters13:15
dmt__alin: may be if you reflash enough many times so the mem wears out and get slower to mount13:34
dmt__you might have higher race hit rate?13:34
alindmt__: you take the piss now?... anyhow you got the race too?13:34
dmt__rebooted a few times13:35
dmt__but whats the point in this excercise?13:35
dmt__if wantedby is not enough of a requirement to make sure the fs is mounted before13:35
dmt__then lets just go with requiredby and not waste more time on this?13:36
Sazpaimonwell, my device is not officially hard bricked13:46
Sazpaimoncan't do anything about it now13:46
Sazpaimonhopefully I can get it fixed under warranty, otherwise I'm out $35013:46
alinSazpaimon: now to be bad... you can sell the invites13:47
Sazpaimonstill havent gotten any invites13:47
*** mugna has quit IRC13:48
alinSazpaimon: how comes? htought they give you when you buy13:48
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters13:48
Sazpaimonnot immediately13:48
dmt__Sazpaimon: what device was it?13:51
alindmt__: one plus13:52
alinbut is still there13:52
dmt__its sould might be but s/he sait it is dead now13:53
*** gogeta has quit IRC13:56
vakkovSazpaimon: what happend to it?13:57
*** RobJanc has quit IRC14:03
sledgesnice, it started to rain as soon as i unscrewed the el. motor bay of a broken down lawn mower :D14:07
Sazpaimonvakkov, flashed hybris-boot to the wrong partition14:15
sledgesSazpaimon: shoot :/14:15
Sazpaimondevice wouldn't turn on, but i could access partitions via usb14:16
sledgesjust read backlog14:16
sledgesSazpaimon: posted to xda?14:16
sledgesor one+ forum14:16
Sazpaimonbut after i tried reflashing all of the partitions with the CM files, it ended up hard bricking14:16
Sazpaimonnow I'm not getting anything14:16
Sazpaimonsledges, yeah, I posted in ##oneplusone, they all confirm, hard brick14:17
Sazpaimononly jtag can fix it now14:17
sledgesyep was gonna say, jtag14:17
Sazpaimonunfortunately the OP jtag pins havent been identified, to my knowledge14:17
sledgesi know the feeling when you went to try things out yourself, and post to forums only when nothing's happening anymore :)14:18
Sazpaimonhopefully I'm not out $35014:18
Sazpaimonbecause I took the phone apart to disconnect the battery14:19
Sazpaimonif they wont repair it because of that, I'm going to be really sad14:19
sledgesyou need a jtag guru14:19
sledgescommunity should help out14:19
sledgesthey/we're there for one another :)14:19
sledgeswhere are you based?14:19
Sazpaimonpennsylvania area14:20
sledgespertty sure you could get a jtagger , don't know what you use for that, a craig'slist?14:21
sledgesas porters from there used to source phones cheap14:21
* sledges off to shower14:21
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:23
*** spiiroin has quit IRC14:27
Sazpaimonyeah i'll put up a help wanted ad there14:33
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #sailfishos-porters14:33
*** mugna_ has joined #sailfishos-porters14:36
*** mugna has quit IRC14:38
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC14:43
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters14:46
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #sailfishos-porters14:46
*** mugna_ has quit IRC14:50
*** mugna has quit IRC14:50
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos-porters14:51
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters15:03
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC15:07
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:09
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC15:17
*** carepack has quit IRC15:25
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC16:10
*** alin has quit IRC16:16
beidllbt: how's the progress on building droid specific packages on OBS going?16:16
lbtit's going to take a while to build from source on OBS16:17
lbtI'm setting up a staging OBS as I'll need to extend the OBS itself to do this16:17
lbtin the meanwhile there's a mechanism to upload binary builds of the rpms from a local hadk build16:18
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters16:18
lbtonce that's done then we can webhook in the hybris repos to build against it16:18
beidlgreat. can't wait to take advantage of that :) will upload .rpm's in the meantime16:20
lbtdo you know how?16:20
beidlnot yet16:21
beidlhow? :)16:21
* lbt wonders how we should handle this16:22
lbtso you'd be asking to be the HA maintainer for the nemo:*:hw:maguro build?16:23
lbtI'm thinking that binary uploads are a bit of a problem in general16:24
beidlright, maintainer status would be great.16:25
beidland the rpm story: because of proving that the source is available?16:26
lbtyeah - and think about it from your pov too - wouldn't you prefer to use rpms that had been built from source by the OBS or at least by one of the HADK team ?16:31
*** ParkerR has quit IRC16:31
beidloh definitely16:32
lbtso I'm thinking we can do a build on one of our dev servers and upload the rpms for you16:34
lbtI think all we need is the repo manifest isn't it16:35
*** ParkerR has joined #sailfishos-porters16:35
lbthmm - and a commit into dhd for the device16:35
* lbt notes the time .. afk soon16:35
beidlmaguro is already up. doing a last local rebuild just to check for issues in the release16:36
alinbeidl: all woeking now?16:37
beidlalin: except for camera and reading from SIM, yup, pretty much16:37
alinbeidl: not bad...16:37
beidlalin: still requires disabled PIN lock. I hope to get the situation worked out with the ofono maintainers16:38
beidlalin: oh, and after a reboot headsets require to be unplugged and replugged again to fully work16:39
alinbeidl: plug unplug... I remember this bug from linux times16:40
alinbeidl: probably some silly bug in low in the stack16:40
beidlalin: can't say that for myself, no such issues on typical GNU/Linux16:40
*** beidl has quit IRC16:40
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters16:41
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters16:41
alinbeidl: he he... 5-6 ago... was more often that you ca think16:41
beidlalin: I remember building the ATI GPU drivers ~10 years ago :)16:42
beidlalin: to be fair, I was 11 at that point, I clearly had no idea what I was doing :D16:43
flyserI remember someone had a problem with the roomservice.xml being recreated all the time. does anyone know how he solved it?16:47
beidlflyser: this happens when you are missing repositories that are needed for the build.16:49
beidlflyser: as soon as you have every needed source repo you are good to go, and breakfast will not re-fetch the roomservice.xml16:50
beidljust make sure to add needed repos to your manifest.xml16:50
flyserI have all required repos in the manifest16:54
*** alin has quit IRC16:54
flyserit complains about duplicate paths in the manifest due to the roomservice.xml16:54
sledgesmight also complain about non-upstream or modified kernel repo it doesn't like16:59
beidlsledges: 2 missing device/kernel repos ;) and
beidlsledges: just noticed the missing ti hardware repo17:02
beidllbt: do you want to resolve the building issue tomorrow? don't want to waste your time17:03
lbtyes please17:03
lbtlog a bug on nemo bz under the new HA area17:04
beidllbt: about building maguro dhd? is any specific information needed?17:06
beidllbt: manifest?17:06
beidloh, btw, does anyone know if it'll be possible to reflash a sfa without ~ being removed? :)17:08
beidlthe typical flashers mindset is that if you didn't wipe the /data yourself, your data is still there17:08
sledgesbeidl: you want them under mer-hybris, just a moment ;)17:10
beidlsledges: if it's no problem :)17:11
beidlsledges: also, I'm making brcm_patchram and rfkill build in the android rootfs now17:11
beidlI'll sed every file in the dhd repo with hardcoded references, just so that every device picks up the newer version17:12
beidlbecause /system/bin is, of course, not in the $PATH17:13
beidlit will need changes to the device repos though17:13
sledgescould you show commit in advance?17:14
beidlsledges: is a pull request enough?17:14
sledgesjust show commit in your repo17:14
sledgesbefore even PR ;)17:15
beidlI will. ;)17:15
lbtbeidl: yes - manifest is the main thing I think - we may close/reopen that bug to manage re-uploading rpms for a while17:17
lbtanyhow .. off now17:18
beidltbr: ok, thank you :) o/17:18
Sazpaimoni hope oneplus replies to my ticket soon17:20
Sazpaimonmy 14 day "no questions ask" window closes on tuesday17:20
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:30
beidlsledges: how are we going to handle updates to the dhd? zypper?17:34
sledgesno automatic updates are provisioned atm17:34
sledgesbut since your repos are public, some experimenting is worth17:35
beidlsledges: because changes to the /system might fail17:35
beidlmounted ro17:35
sledgesno changes there pls ^_^17:37
sledgescurrently jolla is releasing mako images17:37
sledgeswith every new sfos update17:38
sledgesbut early adopters need to completely reflash17:38
sledgesso some have propped up scripts to restore apps/settings ;)17:38
beidloh great. because there *will* be users who complain because their ~ is empty after a reflash :D17:38
sledgesbut im sure awesome maguro community will be helpful in testing `zypper dup --from=maguro-ha`17:38
beidlI hope so :)17:39
* lbt hates reflash mentality17:41
lbtbut I'm not here now17:41
sledgesas repos are out on obs, reflash might go away \o/17:41
beidlthat's what I'm hoping for17:41
sledgesfor fixing ha bugs17:42
sledgesbut to go up sailfish update that's gonna be harder17:42
beidland regarding reflash: it feels to "linux mint"-esque17:42
sledgesyet not impossible, some things are happening in the works already17:42
sledgeson mako17:42
sledgeswhich is easily transferrable to other devices17:42
beidlsledges: If its neccessary, I'll write a little app with a single button to do the zypper update.17:43
sledgesbeidl: did you commit on top of de825f2f08fad153116807ea18002e4590bd71bb in ?17:44
beidlsledges: didn't commit there anything, I assumed you could take the stock CM repo for the manifest17:44
sledgesthen no need to fork ;)17:45
beidlonly the device_tuna repo has a change (init.tuna.rc)17:45
* sledges clicks delete17:45
beidlsorry, should've mentioned the manifest :)17:45
sledgesnp :)17:45
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters17:46
*** iTune has quit IRC17:47
*** Nokius1 has quit IRC17:47
sledgesbeidl: fertile soil for you sir :)
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters18:06
beidlsledges: thanks, pull request is up ;)18:08
oh1jtyflyser: anythign new ?18:12
oh1jtyI tried surfaceflinger on friends nexus 7 that has sailfish working, lipstick stopped, surface segfaults there also18:13
locusfdid anyone check gdb on those segfaults?18:16
sledgesmaybe sflinger is not a criteria then18:17
*** tworaz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:18
vgradewow another big backlog. reads18:25
vgradeSazpaimon: so how dod you get from partitons being mounted on host to brick18:48
vgrade\me looks forward to meeting folks at xdadevcon18:48
Sazpaimonvgrade, i tried reflashing everything from the original CM11S zip to the phone's equivalent partitions18:53
Sazpaimonwhen i flashed the sbl1 partition, the phone shut off and wouldnt come back18:54
Sazpaimonive been told if you flash sbl1 without the equivalent dbi partition, the phone is hard bricked18:55
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:56
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:56
Sazpaimonvgrade, so now as far as I know the only fix is jtag19:01
*** alin has quit IRC19:04
*** furikku has quit IRC19:04
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:04
flyseroh1jty: I started to build a cm11 based version19:05
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters19:06
*** blackjack4it has quit IRC19:08
flyseroh1jty: it currently fails due to the error mentioned above19:09
oh1jtyflyser: okei, cm11 does not work so good on xt897, have some serious hardware issues (speciallly with 3G, wlan). I used 11 for many months19:10
flyserdont know about 3g, but wlan worked fo rme19:10
flyseranyway ... I would be happy if the display works :P19:10
flyserand I didn't delete the cm10.1 sdk tree, so I can continue where I left19:11
oh1jtyfor me it worked sometimes and then it stopped working19:11
beidlsledges: I need the kernel, device_tuna and dhd pull requests to be merged. so that I can test the repo sync with the bluetooth-related repos :)19:11
oh1jtycm10.1 and cm10.2 has the best hw support forx xt897, on cm10.1 everything works even hdmi output :)19:12
alinvgrade: as you are the happpy owner of a working gsp where shall I start debugging?19:15
sledgesbeidl: soz got distracted ;)19:15
beidlsledges: no need to hurry ;)19:15
sledgeswelll... :D19:16
sledgesi want it out through the door not less than you :))19:16
*** dmt has joined #sailfishos-porters19:16
beidlhaha perfect :D19:19
sledgesbeidl: what hardcodes in dhd/* did you mention?19:24
beidlsledges: scripts that depend on rfkill and brcm_patchram_plus to be present in $PATH19:25
beidlsince both would be compiled into /system/bin19:25
sledgesok, so comes later then19:26
sledgesbeidl: ther 3 got merged now19:27
beidlsledges: \o/19:27
* beidl hands sledgers some delicious Porters beer19:27
beidlthanks :)19:27
* sledges gulps it down, ahhhhh19:30
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:32
beidlhahaha :D19:33
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as fietKonstantin19:48
*** fietKonstantin is now known as SfietKonstantin19:48
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin19:48
*** tworaz has quit IRC19:56
*** gogeta has quit IRC20:24
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters20:37
*** blackjack4it has left #sailfishos-porters20:39
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:44
*** dmt has quit IRC20:47
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:59
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters21:09
sledgesoh1jty: but thanks a lot for checking sflinger on nexus7, now we have more questions, but that's progress too; probably demanding a different approach21:21
sledgeslocusf: wouldn't gdb be as helpful as strace, as sflinger has no src code/symbols?21:21
sledgesminimer is always good, because it's minimal and runnable as root (to eliminate the need of servicemanager SUID nemo)21:22
* sledges needs to debug moar..21:23
locusfsledges: yep, agreed21:25
sledgeslocusf: can you try /system/bin/surfaceflinger (as root) on your devices after burying lipstick?21:25
locusfsledges: not now, gonna sleep :/21:26
sledgessure, anytime ;)21:27
sledgesi'll try on i9305 now21:27
sledgesit's -2hours than yours ;)21:27
locusfgnight though21:27
alinsledges: that is samsung which one?21:27
sledgess3 4g21:28
sledgesha, surfaceflinger segfaults (but at least it clears the framebuffer ;p)21:30
alinsledges: get yourself a n5...21:30
sledgesalin: i did, it's wrong21:30
sledgesbecause everything works too well there :D21:30
sledgesand sets wrong expectations for other phones :D21:30
alinsledges: no... camera, gps21:30
alinsledges: sensors21:31
sledgescamera is not up my street21:31
alinsledges: so there are still things21:31
sledgesgps works21:31
sledgessensors i have to look on mako first21:31
alinsledges: does not here21:31
alinsitu:  is the gps working for you?21:31
sledgesi want to enable more guis on more devices, so then we could work like ants, and not being blocked ;)21:31
sledgestest_gps as root21:32
alinsledges: I do... I put the output in the wiki21:32
sledgesopensource is about scratching your itch really ;)21:32
alinsledges: yap... in the bits that one knows21:32
sledgesalso, if you guys could help me put nexus5 bugs on bugzilla21:32
alinsledges: of course... once is open21:33
sledgesi could easier let someone know internally in the company, so help goes faster21:33
sledgesalin: you know what i mean, community \o/21:33
alinsledges: for the moment all are on the wiki21:33
sledgesultimate goal is for whole sailfish os community to have bugzilla21:34
alinsledges: let me know in wich bugzilla you want them and is almost done21:34
sledgesbz: under Hybris-ing21:34
sledgesand we, porters, are pioneers21:34
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:34
sledgesand public bugzilla will then be patched to enable vendor (like jolla, ubuntu, ffos) integration21:35
alinsledges: i was pionner in communism21:35
sledgesso vendors from their internal bugzillas can help externally21:35
alinsledges: like in suse/opensuse21:35
sledgesdo it together! ;)21:35
sledgesalin: oj?21:35
sledgeswhat about suse?21:35
alinsledges: there the bugzilla is like that21:35
sledgesbut yes, vendor->openness21:35
alinok.. some bugs are internal21:36
alinbut they see all of us21:36
sledgesi just don't like duplication, but it's impossible im licence-limited environments21:36
alinof ours21:36
sledgesexactly that21:36
sledgeswe're striving for and community is asking since months :)21:36
alinsledges: this is how their system works...21:36
sledgesso let's make it happen :)21:36
sledgesi already linked dmt_'s 4g bug internally ;)21:37
sledgesbecause it's the only but atm :))21:37
alinsledges: that will be tricky... will take few pm who have no idea what they talk about... and a poor sys admin to set it up21:37
alinsledges: cool...21:37
alinsledges: gps started to work...21:39
sledgesalin: you'll be surprised ;) the bugzilla awesoming repo is alraedy open21:39
sledgescalled bayoteers on github21:39
alinsledges: bayoteers?21:39
alingps works again... my bad... takes a lot of time to lock seems21:40
sledgesalin: cool21:40
alinsledges: I will add a note21:40
sledgesalin: so all what's left for gps is to setup ownership/permissions to allow it for usrland21:41
sledgesalin: im sure it's some marine names again :D
alinsledges: seems to work as both user or root21:45
sledgesjob done :)))21:45
alinsledges: not really we need to test it with maps21:46
alinsledges: i installed poormaps not luck21:46
sledgesinstall MartinK's project21:46
alinsledges: let me find it... this is the old meego one?21:47
alinsledges: cool21:47
alinsledges: on it already21:47
sledgesyep, looks very decent21:48
alinnow I remmeber why I did nto package it...21:48
alinI needed to write a spec for it21:48
alinand I was too lazy21:48
alinsledges: about gps I wonder if there is any way to make it lock faster21:49
sledgesalin: see if it's faster on cm21:50
alinsledges: yes it is21:51
sledgeswhether it uses agps (assisted by cell, wlan, whatnot)21:51
alinsledges: I do not know what magic they do21:52
sledgesand how it all works together21:53
sledgesi mean maybe Qt could do the job?21:53
sledgeswhat's responsible for that in cm?21:53
sledgessome middleware probably, or.... some proprietary code like from recent ubuntu nokia HERE news.. sec link..21:53
sledges15:48 < dr_gogeta86>
sledgessee, says agps ^_^21:55
alinsledges: I do nto know... I used it only with google maps... so you never know with google21:58
alinsledges: found the modrana spec....21:58
alinsledges: horror...21:58
alinsledges: is python... i cannot even help the poor soul... he needs an installed22:02
alinsledges: one of these python builders...22:02
sledgesyou mean, he has installed one of those builders?22:02
sledgeswhich do loads of generated code?22:02
alinsledges: no he did not ... he installs all by hand22:02
alinsledges: i suspect is a pure python no arch22:03
sledgesalin: oh well that's just some scripty thing then22:07
sledgesdoes the app work? ;)22:07
sledgesmy first and last app for harmattan was written in pyside ;) took 5mins to hello world QML UI, without a single makefile/compiling/devenv setup ;)22:08
alinsledges: yap... not I try to lock22:08
alinsledges: ok... the apps does not fix the location22:09
sledgesand then i further developed that app by editing .py files on phone itself :) how cool is that? :)22:09
sledgesalin: is the gps icon flashing?22:09
sledgesnear clock22:09
alinsledges: nope22:10
sledgesthen Qt link is missing22:10
sledgesin mw22:10
sledgesyou can bravely file a bug on that ;)22:10
sledgesalin: mightn't you be missing any QtLocation packages?22:11
sledgesor positioning for qt522:11
alinsledges: missed positioning-poll22:14
alinlet us see now with it installed22:14
sledgesnope, jolla phone doesn't have that22:15
alinsledges: ok22:17
alinso something else is missing... I do nto see the satelite picture22:17
sledgesyep, some glue22:17
alinsledges: no idea about these22:22
sledgesis where sailfish authors can help22:29
sledgesbug pls ^_^22:29
alinsledges: but where?22:30
Sazpaimonno takers on my jtag request :(22:32
Sazpaimonand still no reply frome oneplus22:32
alinSazpaimon: how did you manage?22:36
sledgesunder Hybris-ing22:37
sledgesSazpaimon: i know how you're feeling22:38
sledgesonce I bricked my ex-fiancee's HP iPaq back in 200922:38
sledgesby trying to install linux :)22:38
sledgesthat's much worse than ~$350 believe me :))22:39
alinsledges: why she left you?22:40
alinsledges: I will report the bugs tomorrow...22:40
*** Aquilum has quit IRC22:48
sledgesalin: that's why :D22:48
sledgescya 2m :)22:48
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters22:54
*** Aquilum has quit IRC22:57
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters23:01
*** mugna has quit IRC23:43

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