Saturday, 2014-08-02

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beidl_good morning porters06:09
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beidllbt: are you available?06:16
iekkui think it might be bit too early for him :)06:28
beidlstill new to the community, don't know where everybody comes from :)06:34
tbrhe's UK based06:46
beidloh ok. thanks.06:47
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alinsledges: ok... so where one starts to debug the gps glue06:58
vgrademorning guys07:01
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beidloh, btw, I wonder who's maintaining the mako build. I noticed that netd (which seems to be required on mako) causes logflooding on maguro07:03
beidland I'd like to propose moving that service stanza from init.rc to init.mako.rc07:04
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alinsledges: reported
MerbotNemo bug 723 in Hybris-ing "[nexus 5] gps not working in sailfish ui" [Normal,New]07:25
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situMorning everyone07:37
situCould anyone tell me how were these values chosen ?07:38
situI need to provide a value for AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_USB_DEVICE07:38
situoops looks like it's already there.07:40
situNeed to provide a value for AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_PROXY07:41
beidlwill have to ask a few questions regarding pulseaudio droid modules as well07:45
alin_situ: morning07:48
sledgesmorning :)07:53
situalin_: I think we should use code 'hammerhead' to refer to Nexus 5 as jolla guys refer to Nexus 4 as mako.07:54
sledgesi use both for internal bugs, i.e hammerhead (Nexus 5) - so they learn :)07:55
sledgesim maintaining mako, especially netd part07:57
* sledges runs'n'hides07:57
sledgesit's very wrong, and i have proper fix in mind07:57
alin_sledges: where?07:57
sledgesnetd shouldn't be running at all07:58
alin_sledges: situ I see07:58
alin_it matters little for me... once we have a rule on this I will follow07:58
sledgesi just abuse it so it performs fw reload ioctl when i need07:58
beidlsledges: is the fw upload needed every time you disable wifi?07:58
alin_sledges: now after a night sleep... i think I remember at the beginings I had the small satellite close to clock07:59
situsledges:  how were these values chosen ?07:59
sledgessitu: ping jusa_ we should start waking him up now from holiday hibernation, he's back to work monday :)08:00
sledgesbeidl: no just at bootup08:00
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beidlmaybe it works like on maguro: build that driver as a module and let systemd load the module. probably has the firmware hardcoded.08:01
sledgesso tiny app performing 1 ioctl could replace the need for whole netd, im surprised netd and connman still getting along, but netd needs to go asap08:01
beidlsledges: we do that with the ducati (hw accel) firmware08:01
beidlfirmware path*08:02
sledgescheck dhd mako fwreload files, looks different..08:03
sledgesit copies them, in case they wete OTA updated.. mad :)08:04
beidlyes its ugly, but not as ugly as my ofono hack :D08:05
situsledges: Does this look fine ?08:05
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sledgesalin_: thanks for the bug submission, yet you say once you've seen the sattelite icon?08:09
sledgesim sure sailors will be of help, submitting bug internally now..08:09
alin_sledges: yes i kind of remember that it was there at the beginnings...08:09
alin_sledges: around the time I booted first and was playing around08:10
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sledgessitu: values are chosen from values in android's audio.h (in device/ i guess)08:10
sledgesalin_: if we unglued something, shouldn't be difficult to find08:11
sledgesalso, pls attach journal output from the moment you launch e.g. modrana08:11
situsledges: I don't think there are any such values.08:11
sledgesbeidl: thanks for the compliment :D08:11
sledgessitu: i mean, take an existing value e.g. "output-earpiece" and grep source for it08:12
beidlsledges: :D08:12
situsledges: couldn't find it08:12
sledgesnext to it you should find value for proxy08:12
sledgessitu: ah ok then maybe those are pa bindings08:12
sledgesgrep for AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_EARPIECE08:12
sledgesnow i remember08:12
sledgesthere were maps ;) as logically you have to glue android with pa08:12
sledgessitu: grep through whole source tree, for .h/.c/.cpp files08:14
sledgesis not even per device/vendor, all vendors just throw their values into common repo and ifdef them08:16
vakkovi am begging for the screenshot command again :D08:16
* sledges goes looking for a door handle08:16
sledgesvakkov: pkcon install lipstick-tools-ui08:16
alin_sledges: we need a better way to debug it seems this modrana spams output08:18
vakkovalin_: please tell me the command for taking a screenshot08:19
alin_vakkov: grabscreen /home/nemo/Pictures/aa.jog08:20
vakkovand btw, we get a fix with test_gps but apps don't find us on the map08:20
vakkovthanks alin_ :)08:20
alin_vakkov: yap this is what i reported08:20
beidlany suggestions on additional packages/apps I could add to the release? this is what I have currently (in addition to the default ones):
alin_vakkov: bug 75308:20
MerbotMer bug 753 in mesa "update mesa [CVE-2013-1993 (libGLX)]" [Task,New]
alin_bug 72308:21
MerbotMer bug 723 in xorg-x11-server "update xorg-x11-server to 1.13.4 or 1.14.1 [CVE-2013-1940]" [Task,New]
sledgesalin_: paste link to bug pls, Merbot needs training (cc tbr ;)08:21
alin_vakkov: the bot is stupid... searches the wrong database08:21
alin_sledges: you see vakkov sees the bug too08:22
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situsledges: My question is how the corresponding string values are chosen.08:23
sledgessitu: string values are pulseaudio nodes08:23
sledgesand/or policy nodes08:24
sledgesto my understanding08:24
situsledges: do we have a list of all policy nodes ?08:24
sledgestry pactl08:24
sledgesalin_: yes, importance goes up ;)08:26
sledgesvakkov: 10:25 < alin> sledges: reported
MerbotNemo bug 723 in Hybris-ing "[nexus 5] gps not working in sailfish ui" [Normal,New]08:26
sledgesreplace [nexus 5] with [hammerhead][maguro] in desc ;)08:27
situsledges: bingo pactl info
sledgesand Platform to "Some" :)08:27
sledgessitu: \o/08:27
sledgessitu: so how did you know about output-proxy already? ;)08:27
situsledges: was just guessing08:28
sledgesnice ;)08:28
situsledges: going out now, will be back in a few hours.08:28
alin_vakkov: we were on a collusion course08:29
alin_sledges: fixed now...08:29
beidl3 way conflict of editing the bug it seems :D08:30
sledgeslulz im happy at the same time ^_^08:30
beidllol why?08:31
tbrsledges: I'll look into enabling bugs here later, which tracker bmo or bno?08:32
sledgesthat you're adopting it very well :)08:32
beidlcommunity, community, community, community... :)08:32
sledgestbr: thanks, for this channel - bno as default; but NEMO#723 used to work in the past - not anymore :/08:32
beidlstill wondering how I'm supposed to get rfkill+brcm_p_p built in the hybris-hal build process08:34
beidlI mean they can be built using mka, but for easier building on the server it would be nice to do it all in one go08:34
sledgesbeidl: which are you trying to poke at?08:34
sledgesbeidl: mka is "all in one go"08:34
sledgesand building on server will also do exactly same mka08:35
beidlI mean building the modules separately works08:35
sledgeshm, how to add dependency to device/samsung/tuna/ ?08:36
beidlsledges: I tried several ways. adding module-path and including them as modules didnt work08:37
beidlothers caused errors when building (cant remember, it was late)08:37
sledgeshmph, worth asking in #android-root ?08:38
sledgesor xda08:38
beidlthen I'd prefer the channel :D08:38
sledgesdoesn't device/samsung/tuna/ have dependent submodules already?08:39
sledgesor some other .mk to find08:39
sledgeslike hybris defines what hybris-hal means08:39
beidlsledges: what I tried as well: adding them as PRODUCT_PACKAGES08:40
beidlwhat happens when I include it using $(call inherit-product, external/rfkill/
beidlbuild/core/ *** : unhandled LOCAL_MODULE_CLASS "EXECUTABLES".  Stop.08:43
sledgesoh dear :)08:44
alin_off topic... is there a way to make in a search field or text the keyboard to start in numberic mode when focus on?08:51
sledgesalin_: depends on a text field, if its set to numeric like enter phone number08:53
sledgesand the answer is: #sailfishos ;)08:53
alin_sledges: I asked total silence there... no the field is normal generic... all i want the keyboard to start like i touched symview or whatever is the name08:53
sledgesalin_: if field is generic, how would a keyboard know then?08:55
alin_sledges: it shall not know...08:56
beidlsledges: the UI on maguro doesn't seem to be as smooth as on other devices :/09:02
sledgesbeidl: space for improvement ;)09:02
alin_beidl: so you got it up09:02
alin_beidl: vakkov sound too?09:02
beidlalin_: yup09:02
sledgesalin_: it was the earliest to have running most09:02
sledgesmaguro team did one helluva job!09:03
beidldedication ;)09:03
alin_sledges: thought they still miss sensors camera gps09:03
sledgesahh i miss my white maguro ^_^09:03
sledgesalin_: sensors worked oob09:03
sledgesi didn't say camera works ;)09:03
beidlI cracked my screen 3 days ago in the lower left corner09:03
beidlcould have ended badly09:04
sledgesyou're followed by the curse of vakkov :))09:04
beidlat least everything works still09:04
beidlhaha :D09:04
beidlthe situation is this: the omap4 has a default GPU clock of 384 mhz, but google decided to downclock to 30809:04
beidlhow about me setting the GPU clock speed to the defaults?09:05
sledgesdid you set governor to performance?09:05
beidlnope, the CM kernel has a sysfs file specifically for the gpu cloc09:05
beidlbut I can set the default in code as well09:05
sledgesbut what does governor say (probably not clock related)?09:05
sledgesif it's on demand, you might win by echoing "performance"09:06
beidlits a different one, interactive. it's supposed to react better to CPU load09:06
beidlramp up the clock speed near to max quicker than ondemand09:06
beidlI wonder if we could improve the compositor situation to better suit maguro09:08
sledgesalin_: vakkov: could you guys attach journalctl output from the moment you launch a maps-wanting app pls?09:08
sledgesto the bug09:08
beidland the combination of default GPU speed + 24bit color depth appears to make a noticable difference09:09
sledgesbeidl: some profiling involved, ask giucam09:09
tbrsledges: the "jolla/meego" notation *never* worked. I multiple times solicited patches but got: zero, nada, zip, niente09:09
sledgestbr: im talking about mer/nemo times, and unless i had a dream, mer#XXX nemo#XXX used to work09:09
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tbrshow it to me and next time we meet, I'll buy you some beers09:10
sledgestbr: probably it worked after meego and before jolla :))09:10
sledgeshmm if i want beer, i'll probably grep the super-old logs now :))09:10
tbrsledges: I'm rather sure it works _in_ jolla, but it seems there is no intention to share this with mer/nemo or it wasn't a supybot09:10
tbrI'm 100% positive that the code I run never supported this09:11
tbrthere might have been a meego bot, but that wasn't my doing09:11
locusfsledges: trying surfaceflinger now09:12
tbrsledges: so once again, if people want this, send me patches. It's a standard ubottu09:13
sledgestbr: you're right, we just liked to talk like that ^_^ and im under nostalgic wave now %)09:15
sledges#nemomobile.log:09:48 < martyone_> aard: regarding NEMO#647 - SSU needs more unit tests - could you give me any instructions/DoD?09:15
sledgestbr: porters beef from me to you then!09:15
sledgesbeer even09:15
sledgestbr: we'll surely want that when nemo mw merges with mer and we'll use mer bugzilla for all other bugs09:16
sledgeslocusf: awesome09:16
locusfcan't boot to graphics yet09:18
sledgesyou mean, sf gui?09:18
sledgessf for sailfish, not surfaceflinger x)09:18
sledgesalin_: thanks for the journal09:19
sledgesnow we got everything needed09:19
alin_sledges: let us hope ie enough09:19
locusfsurfaceflinger segfaults09:19
locusfwhen trying to trace09:20
locusfSIGSTOP when running normally as root09:20
tbrsledges: settings done should work now for the bot notation09:21
tbr09:20:44<tbr> config supybot.plugins.Bugtracker.snarfTarget.#nemomobile-porters nemo09:21
tbr09:20:44<Merbot> The operation succeeded.09:21
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tbr09:20:54<tbr> config supybot.plugins.Bugtracker.snarfTarget.#sailfishos-porters nemo09:21
tbr09:20:54<Merbot> The operation succeeded.09:21
tbrbug 109:22
MerbotNemo bug 1 in Camera "Camera fails to take a picture" [Normal,Verified: fixed]
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vakkovsledges: sorry, was away -
sledgestbr: \o/09:24
sledgesvakkov: strange you log is different from alin_ 's
sledgeswhich app do you run?09:25
sledgesi'll add it to the bug09:25
beidlprobably this bad boy right here: Module 'Sailfish.Silica' does not contain a module identifier directi...strations.09:25
vakkovit says it in the desc.. there is nothing strange in modaran's log09:26
alin_vakkov: yap... seems nothing strange09:27
alin_vakkov: just the fact it missed an object09:27
vakkovalin_ haven't seen your log et09:28
sledgesvakkov: ooi could you increase the width of your terminal, so we see the whole error beidl copied above?09:28
vakkovi'm on windows... there are no such extras here :D09:28
vakkovputty is on fullscreen09:29
vakkovyou know, all the toefl programmes are for windows ..09:29
beidljournalctl > file09:29
sledgesvakkov: shrink font? :)09:29
vakkovok ok ;D will do it in a file09:30
tbrsledges: and if you/jolla/the-community want jolla-style bug-ids, the patch needs to be written against this:
sledgesalin_: this is how internal bugzilla shows your bug, when clicked on little icon next to "See Also":
sledgesit works! \o/09:32
sledgestbr: thanks a bunch09:33
sledgeslocusf: ok, means sflinger is of no use to validate if graphics system is up09:37
vakkov from both poormaps and modrana... this time modrana didnt dispaly a map09:37
locusfsledges: yep09:38
sledgesvakkov: seems QGeoTileRequestManager then fails for both09:39
sledgeslocusf: cheers for the tests, need to rethink strategy :)09:40
locusfsledges: my cues on p3110 was logcat saying in the very beginning that the graphics weren't initialized09:40
locusfdue to the missing kernel module and thus device for the graphics to init09:40
locusfbut this doesn't of course apply to the other who have graphics not running09:41
sledgeswhat does logcat say when sflinger craahes?09:41
sledgeslol and why..09:42
sledgesenv should not differ, because it's supposed to be the same~similar state to cm booting09:43
sledgesunless we forget ingredients..09:43
locusfplease note that this is from cm kernel build, not hybris09:43
locusfon n700009:44
sledgesvakkov: just checking, was your phone connected to internet when you obtained logs?09:44
sledgeslocusf: well but with hybris .config?09:44
locusfsledges: yes09:45
sledgesthen that's the only difference09:45
locusfthe source trees are identical09:45
sledges(and boot.img structure is ofc another difference, but irrelevant to the runtime)09:45
sledgeslocusf: hope you don't mind i used your pic ;)
jusa_sledges: situ: yeah I'm super busy until monday morning.. I'll try to remember to read the backlog then09:49
locusfsledges: no problem :)09:49
alin_sledges: shall i report the camera too?09:51
alin_also why the libhybris test segfault09:51
alin_that is a good one to answer09:52
sledgesjusa_: np, was kiddin, enjoy rest ;) we'll summarise for you when you ping us on monday :)09:57
sledges(or we ping you :))09:57
sledges(the last thing with pulseaudio we resolved)09:58
sledgesalin_: go ahead, more kicks won't hurt to get things going faster, especially about camera09:59
vakkovsledges: yes, it was10:00
sledgesvakkov: cool, i assumed it was and updated bug 2mins ago :)))10:00
MerbotNemo bug 2 in Dialler "Device does not notify user from incoming call" [Normal,Verified: fixed]
vakkovahha, shut up, Merbot :D10:01
alin_bug 310:01
MerbotNemo bug 3 in Messages "No alert tone for incoming SMS" [Major,Verified: fixed]
alin_bug 4210:01
MerbotNemo bug 42 in .Other "TwimGo update" [Task,Verified: fixed]
sledgesbug 72310:02
MerbotNemo bug 723 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][maguro] gps not working in sailfish ui" [Normal,New]
sledgesfixed \o/10:02
locusfso are the bugs concerning ril also reported?10:09
alin_sledges: fixed?10:10
locusfI just saw 2 bugs when searching so probably not10:10
beidlI'll report those10:10
beidlthe ril ones10:10
alin_did anyone got the orientation work?10:10
alin_I seem not to be able to change it from settings...10:10
locusfbeidl: affecting both n7000 and p311010:11
beidlwhat are the problems there? what does the journal say?10:11
beidljust to make sure we have separate bugs10:11
locusfbeidl: rild keeps restarting10:12
locusfor rather the ofonod keeps creating unix sockets due to rild not responding10:13
beidlin that case get modem logs from logcat10:13
beidland file a separate bug10:13
beidlas I mentioned, I fixed it by setting the right symlink to where the ril expected the radio partition to be10:13
beidland since yours are samsung as well you might be plagued by the same problem10:14
locusfbeidl: okay10:14
locusfbeidl: can you recap your fix?10:15
locusfI seem to have missed it10:16
beidljust compare the default fstab with your current /dev/block layout10:16
beidlif they don't match: make them match10:16
beidlI have a custom udev rule in the maguro dhd directory10:17
alin_[ 9813.136158] systemd[1]: Got D-Bus request: org.freedesktop.DBus.NameOwnerChanged() on /org/freedesktop/DBus10:17
alin_i have 200 of these in my logs10:17
beidlif the modem is not accessible the ril will fail and crash, and the droid init will restart it in a loop10:17
locusfbeidl: in the systemd mounts?10:18
locusfI have eg. efs mounted10:18
beidllook at your fstab again10:18
beidlthats not the modem partition10:18
beidlcompare the default fstab with your layout at runtime and see if they match10:19
locusfbeidl: hmm ok10:20
locusfI'll see if I can still boot cm10:20
beidllocusf: looking at the unmodified fstab in your $ANDROID_ROOT/devices/$VENDOR/$DEVICE should be enough10:21
beidlno need to boot into CM10:21
beidlwhat needs to be booted is sailfish so you can compare10:22
locusfapparently no modem partition :p10:25
beidlisn't there a different fstab? the modem is not needed in the recovery10:26
beidlexplains why it wouldn't be there10:26
locusffound another one too but still no modem partition10:28
beidljust googled for your device, your modem should be on mmcblk0p810:29
beidllocusf: run this command and pastie the output: ls -lR /dev/block/10:30
beidlon your device of course10:30
locusfyeah you're right its on p810:31
beidllocusf: run: file /dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/MODEM10:32
locusfsh-3.2# file /dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/MODEM10:32
locusf/dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/MODEM: symbolic link to `../../../../mmcblk0p8'10:32
beidlls -l /dev/mmcblk0p810:34
beidllocusf: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -b radio -d10:36
beidlshows the same sympthoms as my bug, meaning the modem not being available10:40
locusfbeidl: my journalctl
beidllocusf: run "top". how's ofonos CPU usage?10:46
locusfbeidl: minimal10:48
vgradelocusf: do you have the same directory paths under /dev/block when running in CM10:57
locusfvgrade: yes, but couldn't make cm to run anymore :/10:57
locusfI just remember the times when it worked and I saw the same dir paths10:57
alin_sledges: where is your strace10:59
alin_sledges: found it... I had it too11:04
alin_beidl: is the time working on yours?11:05
beidlif you mean alarm clock functionality then yes, it works11:06
beidlalin_: ^11:06
alin_beidl: correct time at boot11:06
alin_beidl: hwlock11:06
beidlI'll disable 3g and wifi and reboot11:07
beidlwait a sec11:07
sledgeslocusf: if you could file a separate rild bug for modemless p3110, i would reply with how to hard mask ofono so it doesn't start, if that's ok?11:07
locusfsledges: sure11:07
beidlalin_: plug the battery, just in case?11:08
alin_beidl: on nexus 5?11:08
alin_beidl: how?11:08
beidlI'm on maguro11:08
MerbotNemo bug 728 in Hybris-ing "[p3110] rild keeps ofono on creating too many unix sockets" [Normal,New]11:09
beidlalin_: maguro has correct time after boot11:10
beidlI guess I can check of RTC alarms as well :)11:11
alin_beidl: lucky you11:12
sledgeslocusf: replied11:13
locusfsledges: thanks11:13
sledgesalin_: this is what you(we) get, when we mess with qualcomm (puts Radiohead song on)11:13
vakkovrequest: link for minimer please11:16
beidlanother day, another pull request :)
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vakkovvgrade: thanks :011:20
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters11:20
alin_sledges: situ ok... discovered somethign silly11:24
sledgesbeidl: important one:
alin_situ: sledges if I stop dsme... time_daemon works and then hwclock works too11:24
alin_trying to setup time fails as before11:25
sledgesalin_: i think situ tried that (as in deleting some dsme`s)11:25
vgradealin_: I think we did that tes11:25
alin_sledges: yes.... deleting did not help11:25
alin_the time is still wrong11:26
alin_vgrade:  did you see this
sledgeswell, it worked for him for a moment, but anyhow it's the same aim - disabling/crippling dsme, which we wouldn't want to do11:26
sledgesfor tests (resource occupying handles) - yes, though ;)11:26
beidlsledges: oh, yeah, I expected that. changing now11:26
sledgesbeidl: that's frees your from worries of touching /system on other users, just package them properly under libexec/ (cant remember off the top of my head now, dhd will tell ;))11:27
alin_when you play with your test_gps what prn do you get?11:27
vgradealin_: looks similar, looks like x8611:27
alin_vgrade: i think is their chromium machine11:28
alin_vgrade: two things... drain the battery...11:28
alin_and another about some races11:28
alin_fooling with dsme service does not seem a smart move11:29
alin_now the screen will not go off11:29
alin_sledges: by the way... I think I hit the systemd race11:30
sledgesalin_: if you ask me about test_gps, i just ran and got a fix in a minute or so11:31
alin_sledges: with no mods... today... I had to reboot twice11:31
sledgesnear window11:31
sledgesalin_: oh, good news11:31
alin_sledges: yes I get a fix pretty fast for a reason11:31
alin_sledges: so... my trouble is good news?11:31
alin_sledges: what about with your fix?11:31
sledgesalin_: good news that we still get the race11:32
alin_sledges: without modes11:32
sledgesi haven't been rebooting it since those perfect 40times yesterday11:32
alin_sledges: ok... maybe is time to push the fix11:32
sledgesalin_: exactly, so we nned to find a mod which fixes11:32
sledgesi rebooted 40times also without mods11:32
sledgeswith/without - never stuck11:32
alin_sledges: I see... though you put one11:32
sledgesso assumption that we need to play with the phone more between reboots holds11:33
beidlsledges: done11:33
alin_i wonder if we disable dsme what will happen11:35
beidllbt: please ping me as soon as you are available, I have some questions before proceeding with building on the server11:35
sledgesbeidl: more bits:
sledgesbeidl: what building on the server? ^_^11:40
beidlsledges: do you mean I should just use the $DROID_BIN ones for now? ^^11:42
sledgesbeidl: yes, would you agree?11:42
beidlsledges: he asked me to do a detailed bug report with instructions, manifest, etc. :=11:42
beidl:) and yes, I think that's fair enough11:42
beidlsledges: I could just prepend the $DROID_BIN to $PATH and be good as well11:43
sledgesotherwise porters end up with custom mb2-built binaries they can't message other porters to compile, madness ensues11:43
beidlwould still fall through to /sbin/ if it's there11:43
sledgesbeidl: PATH'ing DROID_BIN hasn't been tested11:43
sledgesother parts might fail11:43
sledgesi think getprop is now taken from /system, not droidexec11:44
sledgesand some fail, some work, i've seen crazes;)11:44
beidlgetprop would still talk to the property service11:44
sledgesyes, but i've seen DROID_BIN/getprop crashing11:44
sledgesyet getprop just on cmdline working11:44
sledgeson an archos tablet11:44
sledgesahh where's ballock i wonder ;)11:45
beidlalso, there is no getprop in droid-hybris11:45
sledgesit was on his tablet ;)11:45
sledgesim just saying as instance11:45
sledgesfor name clashes11:45
beidlhm, strange11:45
sledgesneeds thorough testing11:45
sledgesas only rfkill and bt would benefit from your introduction immediately11:45
sledgesand it's very common practise11:46
sledgesif one wants logcat, types full DROID_BIN path11:46
sledgesso can have historical reasons11:46
sledgesStskeeps & lbt might know more11:47
sledgesor simply, testing testing testing :))11:47
sledgesim being cautious release-not-breaker :))11:47
beidlwell, PATHing can come later. but quickly PATHing the droid bin got logcat working as expected11:47
*** vakkov has quit IRC11:47
beidlyeah I understand :)11:47
sledgesyou could file a bug about that ;)11:47
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters11:49
beidlsledges: I'll wait, I don't want to screw with the chance of a OBS-built image :D11:50
beidlsledges: done11:52
sledgesbeidl: will you upload binaries for now?11:52
sledgesas i can't understand what you mean exactly by -built11:52
beidlsledges: lbt mentioned I should give every little detail about additional repos in manifest, device-related packages, etc11:53
beidlsledges: and we might see me as the maintainer for maguro in the OBS hw repo11:53
beidlsledges: also, an image which does not point to my local repo in zypper11:53
sledgesyep ok, so you will upload RPMs for now?11:53
sledgesas full fledges build on OBS is just a pink dream for now11:54
beidlsledges: yes, either that or quite possibly he builds it himself, then adds the packages to the repo11:54
sledgeswell, it's saturday11:55
sledgesyou might have to up RPMs ;)11:55
sledgesbeidl: cool, so $DROID_BIN/rfkill packaging will apprea in dhd? where's PR for that? :)11:56
sledges'cause if i accept this PR now, it puts device image into broken state :)11:56
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters11:56
beidlsledges: that's why I went with the check :D11:57
sledgesrfkill is not in image11:57
sledgesfor an outside porter11:57
sledgesis it under /system/ ? i don't think so either, tell me :)11:58
*** alin_ has quit IRC11:58
beidlyeah you're right :)12:05
* beidl is away for a new haircut12:05
*** alin has quit IRC12:05
*** Nokius has quit IRC12:06
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters12:06
sledgesbeidl: if only they were under /system coming from cm by default, we'dn't have to do anything :)12:06
sledgesmaybe they are? ;)12:06
sledgessilly q ofc12:06
*** phdeswer has quit IRC12:07
sledgesgood hcut :)12:07
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters12:14
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters12:24
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC12:39
*** alin has quit IRC12:44
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters12:45
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters12:49
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters12:49
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters12:52
sledgesbeidl: you'll have to create home:beidl:hw:samsung:maguro and put all there, you aren't block by anything to do that, and release img voila ;)12:53
sledgesyou'll have to do repo anyhow to create an OBS SR (submit request) in order to promote to nemo:devel:hw:samsung:maguro when that is in place someday soon12:54
sledgess/to do repo/to do that repo/12:55
*** Nokius has quit IRC12:59
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters12:59
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:09
*** Sequenced has quit IRC13:11
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC13:13
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters13:13
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC13:36
*** dmt_ has quit IRC13:37
*** Sequenced has quit IRC13:38
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters13:39
beidl_otgsledges: I will do that as soon as I'm home. i really would like to give the public release the fresh-car-smell :)13:40
beidl_otgbut how to upload binary rpms? just like _service files?13:40
sledgesyes, or via cmdline - the way to go :)13:41
sledgesi'll show u13:41
sledgesbeidl_otg: ^13:41
sledgeswhat exactly do you mean by fresh car smell? ;)13:41
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC13:42
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters13:43
beidl_otgit seems "cooler" when its from the nemo: repo ;-)13:43
sledgesi assure you, most people will just use and test your image13:44
sledgesno-one asked which repos mako came from so far13:44
beidl_otgsend any cmdline guide to my other nick13:45
sledgesand it will be easy to have 2nd release from nemo, as now we're blocked by lbt13:45
beidl_otgyeah but *I* like it :)13:45
sledgesbeidl: ok will do ;)13:45
sledgesbeidl_otg: also, putting packages on repo will save David's work by at least 75%13:46
sledgesas all he'll have to rebuild will be dhd13:46
beidl_otgi figured that :)13:47
sledgesperfect then :)13:47
beidl_otgi'm just the kind of guy that wants everything as upstream as possible13:48
beidl_otgthats why I modified the kernel rather than PA for audio to work :D13:48
sledgesbeidl_otg: ah so samsung just had it in kernel the android way, and didn't care about gnu?13:50
sledgesthen you should upstream it further ;) to mainline kernel!! \o/13:50
*** vakkov has quit IRC13:50
beidl_otgthe problem is, it breaks the android way of doing it (specifically the sec_jack driver) xD13:51
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters13:52
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC13:56
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters13:56
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC13:57
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters13:58
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters14:09
*** Sequenced has quit IRC14:17
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters14:17
*** Sequenced has quit IRC14:22
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters14:24
lbthey sledges beidl... I'm doing a maguro build from manifest now14:29
*** Nokius has quit IRC14:29
sledgeslbt is alive! \o/ thanks for saturdaying us :)))14:33
lbtnp - was out gardening but then it stopped raining...14:33
*** Sequenced has quit IRC14:34
sledgeshehe, join the club :)14:34
sledgesi managed to fix lawnmower and finish the grass seconds before the 3-hour cats'n'dogs rain came :)14:34
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC14:36
sledgescouldn't be happier :)14:37
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters14:38
lbtI managed to plant 2/4 plants before the deluge happened14:38
lbtthen planted 2 more ... and those buggers needed big holes in the clay14:38
lbtI could have fallen in the pond and been drier14:38
lbtalso managed to snap my spade handle :/14:39
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC14:39
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC14:40
sledgeshow do you call a guy with a spade on his head?14:40
situsledges: I want to send a pull request for these changes
situsledges: but not sure how to prefix the commit messages14:42
situsledges: Can you just cherry-pick the changes into master or tell me how to prefix the commit messages ?14:43
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters14:44
sledgessitu: thanks great job; i will reword the commits; let's review first14:44
sledgesit's basically a cleanup of pa-cm11 ?14:45
situsledges: Cleanup from my testing branch which we have been using until now.14:46
situvgrade: Feel free to jump in the review.14:46
lbtbash: PROMPT_COMMAND: line 1217: syntax error: unexpected end of file14:48
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters14:50
lbtbeidl: sledges: that repo doesn't point to a dhd-repo (for rpm/) with a maguro spec file14:51
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters14:51
lbtah wait no .. nm14:51
situsledges: Do you have any comments for the changes ?14:54
sledgesstill comparing/reviewing14:56
Sazpaimonstill no takers on jtagging my phone and still no reply from oneplus about my ticket, what a bummer14:58
Sazpaimonworse comes to worse i may just end up buying another14:58
sledgesSazpaimon: and it's saturday, so will have to wait for monday for one+ response i guess14:58
Sazpaimoni hope the 14 day return policy applies to when i opened the ticket14:59
Sazpaimonbecause i havent gotten any RMA stuff from them yet14:59
Sazpaimoni figure i wont get any takers on jtagging the phone as the jtag contacts havent been identified yet15:00
sledgeslbt: beidl will be back in 3 hours time, still some bits:
MerbotNemo bug 729 in Hybris-ing "Maguro droid-hal-device packages for OBS hw repository" [Normal,Assigned]15:02
sledgesbut good we iron out any other possible wrinkles now15:02
alinSazpaimon: cannot call them?15:06
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC15:06
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:08
sledgessitu: so these no longer needed?
situsledges: Nope, none of them.15:11
sledgesand this would need more explanation in the extended commit msg:
* vgrade looks15:11
vgradesitu: much better than my hack15:13
sledgesagreed ^_^15:13
situsledges: There is speaker_drc_enabled field in /system/etc/audio_policy.conf15:13
vgradesitu: maybe add a TODO in the comment to handle dynamic range control in PA15:14
sledgessitu: erm, could you rebase -i reword that commit with this extra info, and why are we just returning true, instead of calling pa* function like in the rest if block15:14
situsledges: vgrade: We recognize this field but do not support it yet.15:15
situvgrade: ok, will add a todo comment15:15
vgradesitu: your comment is better15:16
vgradesledges: this is something to chat to jusa_ about next week.  ie os there anything to do on PA side to handle DRC=TRUE15:17
vgradesitu: maybe also add the config section for global as I did in my original15:18
situvgrade: in the commit message ? ok.15:18
vgradeas it happens I'm just about to build pulse foe one+15:23
situsledges: Looks fine ?15:28
jusa_situ: make sure that DRC thingie is in all HALs15:33
situjusa_: Well... the code I modified is common for all HALs.15:35
jusa_situ: both HALv1 & v2?15:35
situsledges: Am I missing something here ? I believe the code I modified is common for all HALs.15:37
jusa_jolla (and something like < 4.1.x) has v1, newer stuff v2.. there are some incompatibilities.. just making sure this is not one of them. if that tag is in both, then that looks good to me15:38
jusa_can't remember & can't easily check here15:39
situjusa_: No problems. I think my changes are compatible.15:39
sledgessitu: not up my street; jusa_ saves the day ;)15:39
sledgesshould we hold our horses in order not to break jolla? i can test jolla though15:40
situsledges: I will leave a pull request, feel free to merge whenever you like.15:40
sledgessitu i thought you're also aiming for release ;)15:41
sledgesso im not indifferent15:41
situsledges: Yep, I am going to take a shot at the time issue after this one.15:42
*** Sequenced has quit IRC15:42
situsledges: Remember to cherry-pick the changes and not merge this pull request directly.15:44
sledgeserm, to reword, you mean?15:44
sledgesi'll test first on jolla15:44
sledgeswhen it finished updating itself to devel :)15:44
sledgesi wonder though how many packages need to rebuild against if any15:44
situNot sure about that.15:44
situsledges: We have just 1 blocker for a release now, is that correct ?15:46
situsledges: That is the time issue.15:46
vgradesitu I dont think that tag is in old conf files15:49
*** alin has quit IRC15:49
situvgrade: Yeah, otherwise code would have been already there to parse it :P15:49
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters15:49
*** lbt has quit IRC16:05
sledgessitu: time and races16:06
sledgesbut races are fine once you boot the phoen :))16:06
alinsledges: time as races are less and less reproducible16:07
situsledges: We have found a proper fix for race conditin between mounting /system and droid-hal-init, right ?16:08
sledgessitu: noppe16:08
sledgesi reverted all fixes16:08
sledgesstill no races16:08
sledgesas phone needs to be worked in between16:09
sledgesdidn't have time for proper repro16:09
sledgesjust rebooted ~40times yesterday :)16:09
situsledges: Are there any issues with RequiresMountFor fix ?16:10
sledgesno issues16:10
sledgesthe question is unknown - whether it fixes anything or not16:10
sledgesas i said, tests were false positives16:10
alinsledges: when i told the race this morning... I did systemctl reboot16:29
Sage___situ: sledges: any change you could get bootchart of the n5 image?16:31
Sage___situ: The hack you had is not really something htat should be done as the modification is to system package. Also doing the dependencies with Requires/After to droid-hal-init.service should really do the same thing16:32
Sage___ps. if you hvae comments to me add my nick or I most probably will not notice :)16:32
vgradesledges: where does ssuks get called from16:40
Nokiuswondering which order is used here its not alphabetic16:40
vgradeNokius: no logic I can see16:41
Nokiusvgrade: so new goes to bottem i guess :)16:41
beidlback for an hour, clean that commit mess quickly :)16:43
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:43
vgradesledges: found it16:46
Sage___Nokius: would be probably nice to have it in alphabetic order16:47
Nokiusokay ^^ asume do be done ^^16:48
beidlsledges: aaaaand it's done, sry about that :)16:52
NokiusSage___ vgrade so looks like this in alphabetic order but whats about the Galaxy S III 4G change or keeped as SGSIII 4G ?16:59
NokiusSage___ vgrade
beidlsledges: should I submit the patched systemd package to nemo:devel:hw:maguro?17:08
Nokiusvgrade Sage___ in oder —>
Sage___vgrade: you did the nexus one port, right? Did you need to patch systemd or kernel or something else to get it booted up?17:14
Sage___vgrade: asking as it has that 2.6.38 kernel marked there17:14
vgradeSage___: was with u517:15
vgradeso obsolete now I guess17:15
vgradenow we have new systemd17:16
*** dmt_ has quit IRC17:16
Sage___vgrade: ok, maybe we should start marking the last version of sailfish that was tried on that table as well?17:25
Sage___after linux kernel for example?17:26
vgradeSage___: we have been talking about that table over the last few days17:26
Sage___nice, LED was added there now17:26
Sage___that table is starting to be hard to read and not really scaling right :/17:26
vgradeand its becomming a little crowded , we were planning to reduce the content and move detail to device specific pages17:27
vgradesee; the link at bottom right17:28
vgradeso using a template for each device17:28
vgradeso we could provide a similar devices page to CM17:28
Sage___personally I feel that that CM page isn't really functioning well17:29
vgradein what way17:29
vgradeInfo: Pack rootfs to /home/vgrade/mer/android/droid/sfa-bacon-ea- Please wait... time for a beer I think17:30
Sage___vgrade: I feel that it is hard to use and the search etc. doesn't seem to work as I would expect.17:34
vgradeSage___: ah ok right.17:35
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters17:36
*** vakkov_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:39
*** vakkov_ has quit IRC17:40
*** vakkov has quit IRC17:40
*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters17:41
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters17:44
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters17:47
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:48
alinvgrade: bacon is what device?17:49
beidlsledges: before we miss out on a bugfix, can I add a maguro-only patch to the pull request?17:49
*** Nokius has quit IRC17:49
beidlsledges: it allows the bluetooth to fully work, not only after boot17:50
alinvgrade: and works? thought Sazpaimon got his in trouble17:50
vgradealin: beer and dinner first17:50
alinvgrade: better the other way round17:51
vgradealin: more room for beer17:51
sledgesbeidl: go ahead17:59
sledgeswas prepping dinner now eaty time :)17:59
* sledges afks18:00
beidlsledges: mahlzeit ;D18:00
alinsledges: thought you are brazilian...18:02
alinsledges: you eat at english times?18:02
*** Sequenced_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:02
*** Sequenced has quit IRC18:05
Nokius1so find 5 is added to the list ( to much grey :-/18:22
Nokius1still not sure about SGSIII 4G may rename it to Galaxy S III is an option18:25
Nokius1will grep some dinner18:25
sledgesalin: maybe Im brazillian, sometimes :)18:25
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters18:27
*** dvorakfag has joined #sailfishos-porters18:28
*** Sequenced_ has quit IRC18:30
*** iTune has quit IRC18:33
*** Sequenced has quit IRC18:34
sledgesbeidl: vielen Dank :)18:37
sledgesis PR ready?18:37
sledgesor ur still reverting last bit i gather18:37
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters18:39
beidlI'm working out the problem regarding b_p_p using 99% CPU time18:39
sledgessure take time18:40
sledgesrfkill and bcrm binaries are in, automagically ;)18:40
*** dvorakfag has quit IRC18:42
beidlyeah saw it. pretty smart build process :)18:44
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters18:45
*** Sequenced has quit IRC18:54
sledgesproud of the team that did it18:54
Sazpaimonalin, i got into trouble because i screwed up flashing the boot image19:02
Sazpaimongood luck vgrade I didnt get to see if my rootfs worked for obvious reasons19:03
*** dmt_ has quit IRC19:03
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:04
Sazpaimonlittle bummed i couldnt have been the first to run it19:04
alinSazpaimon: now you will be the first to rescue it19:06
*** iTune has quit IRC19:10
situsledges: on my device
situsledges: I wonder how timed is running.19:12
situsledges: systemctl --user status timed-qt5.service shows the correct status19:12
situso it's fine19:12
sledgessitu: soz, lost context :)19:16
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:16
situsledges: well I was just trying to figure out timed-qt5 is run.19:17
situout how timed-qt5 is run *19:17
sledgesk :)19:17
situsledges: As per my discussion with spiiroin, timed-qt5 should execute settimeofday.19:20
situ I stopped timed-qt5.service, straced timed-qt5 and it never executed settimeofday.19:21
sledgesif it ever calls in some codepath, would grep through source code help?19:21
sledgesor binary strings first19:21
Sazpaimonalin, or i just buy another :P19:23
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
*** alin has quit IRC19:32
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:39
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:40
beidlsledges: should we scrap the latest change so that we can at least do a release?20:00
sledgesbeidl: i thought that was your plan A ;)20:01
beidlsledges: yeeaaahhh... well :D20:02
beidlsledges: up now20:05
beidlmaybe I'll do a day 1 patch tomorrow if I find out what the problem is20:05
beidlsledges: interestingly, adding the debug flag causes different behaviour.20:05
beidlin this case: not booting at all20:05
alinbeidl: you got an heisenberg one?20:08
beidlalin: yup. not the only one20:08
sledgesbeidl: done!20:11
beidlsledges: thanks!20:11
beidlsledges: I promoted the patched systemd package to the OBS hw repo20:11
sledgesnow we need to rebuild dhd :p20:11
situIt looks like timed is not able to read correct time from network.20:11
beidlsledges: oh yeah. right. time to reopen the bug20:13
beidllet's hope I didn't wake people up and got them angry at me :D20:19
sledgesit's 9:25pm here ;)20:25
beidl10:30 pm ;)20:31
beidlI mean I could limit the CPU usage using systemd....20:32
beidlnah. screw that. not another hack, please (tm)20:33
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters20:39
*** zZz0n is now known as zon20:39
sledgeshm where should we upstream this
beidlshould I add a dedicated home repo?20:46
*** zon has quit IRC20:48
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters20:49
*** zZz0n is now known as zon20:49
sledgesit will have to go upstream eventually, probably can stay dirty during day 0 release ;)20:51
sledgesi don't want another fork under mer-hybris20:51
beidlI understand20:53
beidlwell, others are not so happy about that possibility20:54
sledgesyep, not happy about that omap patch ;)20:55
sledgesthough it's only for omap, and once was inside systemd 18x(?)20:55
sledgesand since omap is so popular still ^_^20:55
*** zon has quit IRC20:55
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters20:56
*** zZz0n is now known as zon20:56
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:06
*** vakkov_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:08
beidlsledges: it might be possible that vakkov named the patch wrongly21:10
beidlI'm pretty sure ubuntu used ~204 at that time21:11
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:11
sledgesThis bug was fixed in the package systemd - 204-0ubuntu1921:12
sledgessystemd (204-0ubuntu19) saucy; urgency=low21:13
sledgesAdd 0031-ignore-omap-vsync.patch: ...21:13
MerbotLaunchpad bug 1234743 in systemd (Ubuntu Trusty) "omapfb module floods system with udev events on samsung galaxy nexus" [High,Fix released]21:13
*** vakkov_ is now known as vakkov21:14
* vgrade goes down another qcom hole21:17
vakkovand i thought qualcomm was nice ..21:18
vgradevakkov: well we have many qcom devices and non of them seem to act the same21:18
vgradeE/qdmemalloc( 1855): ION_IOC_ALLOC failed with error - Cannot allocate memory21:19
vgradeW/qdmemalloc( 1855): Falling back to system heap21:19
vgradeE/qdmemalloc( 1855): ION_IOC_ALLOC failed with error - Cannot allocate memory21:19
vgradeE/qdgralloc( 1855): gralloc failed err=Cannot allocate memory21:19
vgradewtf is ION_IOC21:19
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters21:22
vgradeSazpaimon: I'm updating the shared doc if you want to follow btw21:23
MSameervgrade: maybe it is not reserving the memory it needs upon bootup and then fails to allocate?21:34
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters21:34
lbthmmm that was a bitch ... rootfs SSD died :/21:36
vgradeMSameer: well we have source that makes a change21:36
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:39
*** zon has quit IRC21:49
*** giucam has quit IRC21:53
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters21:55
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters21:55
*** lbt has quit IRC21:55
*** zon has joined #sailfishos-porters22:00
vgradewell hammerhead is using ION for gralloc so at least we have a standard to compare with22:00
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters22:05
*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:12
alinAug 02 23:14:05 abbaton pulseaudio[26272]: can't set volume limit: don't know group 'btnotify'22:14
*** zZz0n has quit IRC22:17
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters22:18
*** zZz0n is now known as zon22:18
*** zon has quit IRC22:23
alinsledges: lbt is the search broken on the obs?22:28
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters22:28
*** zZz0n is now known as zon22:29
lbttyping harbour into the search box wfm22:29
alinlbt: ok... so who would have thought was looking for man22:31
lbtmer doesn't have man :/22:32
*** zon has quit IRC22:35
alinlbt: yap I will try to solve that22:35
lbtit's deliberate22:36
lbtiirc it has a lot of dependencies22:36
alinlbt: we package kde... and we complain about man deps?22:40
lbtno - mer-core doesn't have kde22:41
Sazpaimonvgrade, thanks, looks like we still have a ways to go22:44
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters22:48
*** zZz0n is now known as zon22:48
beidlsledges: found the problem22:49
beidlsledges: bpp was expecting the droid-hal to be up22:49
beidlit does calls for properties inside the code, even if you override them using arguments22:50
beidlI'll probably get beaten up soon for this kind of sloppyness22:51
beidl(specifically, overriding the bt MAC address using an argument)22:52
*** zon has quit IRC22:53
beidland apparently killing the process after a certain time is enough, the fw will be loaded to the chip23:00
beidli wonder why it continues to stall though23:00
SazpaimonI may have a taker on jtagging my hard bricked oneplus23:05
Sazpaimonit'll cost me $100 though23:05
SazpaimonNot sure if they're aware of the fact that this model hasn't been jtagged before23:08
sledgesah the mobile phone repair shops i just rememberd ;)23:58
sledgeslbt: alin: search is broken on obs - try to search for encore23:59
sledgeslbt: i vote for nemo:devel:VENDOR:DEVICE struct tho23:59
lbtsounds like indexing then23:59

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