Sunday, 2014-08-03

sledges*e.g. nemo:devel:hw:samsung:maguro00:03
sledgeswe should stick to sfos and internal namings00:03
sledgeslbt: rebuild of maguro dhd on would be much appreciated00:05
sledgeswe've merged a PR, i don't think there  will be more/significant ones00:06
sledgesso we can start testing img00:06
* sledges sleeps off o/00:06
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situvgrade: Morning07:52
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aironeousI've been watching the progress you guys are making everday porting sailfish to various devices. It occured to me I was watching it like it is an esports like League of Legends or DOTA2. Maybe in the future porting an OS will be an actual esport with a prize pool and teams.08:17
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aironeousthat's all I wanted to say, CU08:18
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alin_we shall ban all marketing guys from this channel08:34
vakkovwut wut :D he's smart08:43
alin_vakkov: whatever... failed to show it08:48
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sledgestut tut, he's a good guy, you should read his post in xda
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alin_sledges: good to him... but he misses the point of why people help in open source in general09:16
alin_sledges: anyhow morning09:16
alin_sledges: tell me where shall I start to look into the glue for gps?09:17
alin_also are there any plans for a 4g jolla phone?09:17
tbrthe jolla has 4G?09:25
mailyaseenni updates with respect to Nexus 4?09:26
mailyaseenno updates with respect to Nexus 4?09:26
alin_tbr: no... this was my qyestion... when a jolla device with 4g09:35
tbralin_: last november09:35
alin_tbr: blimey... I missed it... these linear web pages.... not for me... too much scrolling09:37
tbrit was activated in a recent update09:38
tbrsomething about testing, licensing and operator approvals09:38
alin_tbr: i see pm bullshit this time...09:40
tbrthat said, it was working just fine for me since december :>09:41
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alin_tbr: good good09:45
beidl_hello there09:58
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alin_i am trying to see why this silly test_camera fails10:20
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alin_and turns out that there is some hardcoded .so libcamera_compat_layer.so10:20
alin_which is not to be found anywhere10:20
alin_I suspect comes from android... did we overwritten it?10:20
alin_have we...10:20
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vakkovalin_ no, this is ubuntu's camera compatibility layer10:55
vakkovalin_: you can probably find the file in a ubuntu touch image for nexus 510:56
vakkovor you can build it - it's in libhybris/compat :)10:56
alin_vakkov: yap this is what I was thinking11:00
alin_vakkov: anyhow the test camera seems to want that11:00
alin_vakkov: i think you have the same issue as us11:02
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vgradeanyone have an N5 booted and ssh connected?11:46
alin_vgrade: me11:46
vgradealin_: could you paste the output of11:46
alin_vakkov: I see not makefile... let me see where is coming from11:46
vgradeEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer  strace /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer11:46
alin_strace: Can't stat '/usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene': No such file or directory11:47
vgradealin_: you will need zypper in qt5-qtdeclarative-qmlscene11:47
alin_vgrade: on it seconds11:48
vgradealin_: no rush11:49
alin_vgrade: run this in the end11:49
alin_vgrade: sill running11:49
vgradecontrol C11:49
vgradealin_: thanks very much11:50
alin_vgrade: np... by the way save it as it will probably expire soon11:50
vgradealin_: can;t see that11:51
vgrade404 page not found here11:52
vgradeand its not in the recent pastes pages11:52
alin_vgrade: I will email11:53
alin_vgrade: probably too big11:53
alin_vgrade: now is when will be handy to be able to attach files from any folder11:53
beidllbt: I hate to be annoying but could you please do the rebuild for maguro?11:53
vgradealsin, pastebin.com11:53
beidllbt: else the bluetooth script won't pick up the path to the new binaries (rfkill & brcm_patchram_plus)11:54
beidllbt: and I'd really like to release something quickly since I'm in the military from tomorrow on11:54
alin_vgrade: is 800K11:55
alin_vgrade: is there any cli for pastebin?11:55
vgradealin_: email is ok11:55
alin_vgrade: now I need your email11:59
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alin_beidl: desert?12:05
beidlalin_: compulsory army service for 6 months12:06
beidlalin_: or mandatory army service, rather12:07
alin_beidl: I was speaking about cakes...12:07
alin_beidl: you see you got into the army mindset...12:07
alin_beidl: so you go to officer corp? or whatever...12:08
beidlalin_: it's already having a bad effect on my ability to think and understand.12:08
alin_beidl: i escaped mine... was the same.. 6 months of wasted time12:08
beidlalin_: now imagine how it will be from tomorrow on12:08
alin_beidl: do not worry thinking and understanding are of no use in army12:08
beidlalin_: those who think *really* get screwed12:09
alin_beidl: yap...12:09
alin_beidl: can you refuse on religious grounds?12:10
oh1jtyrefuse military and go to jail :D12:10
beidlalin_: even if I could it would be way to late12:10
beidland yes, exactly that, not interested in jail time xD12:11
alin_beidl: you can join the pastafarians... I remember in austria they accepted one guy to have his strainer on the driving licence or is12:11
alin_beidl: jail time can offer you more library time access12:11
oh1jtyheh :)12:11
beidlalin_: yup, I know the story, totally hilarious (I am from austria)12:11
alin_beidl: and probably is better placed in time12:11
alin_in town12:11
alin_beidl: yes... I remember you said austria12:12
alin_beidl: and you can get more visits...12:12
lbtbeidl: yep - been having problems locally. My main work machine's main ssd failed yesterday and I'm trying to get it back together.12:12
lbtalso I'm out this afternoon and evening12:13
beidlwell, if i asked if I could do some "hacking", they probably would beat me up12:13
alin_beidl: tell them you can delete all the porn from their history12:13
beidllbt: sorry about that ssd failure, happened to me last week12:13
alin_on compyers12:13
alin_computers... for sure will be your best friends ater12:14
lbtreal pita - working and then sudden death as I moved my mouse12:14
lbtanyhow ... let me find the bug12:15
alin_lbt: stop with horror stories.. I have one too12:15
beidllbt: "OH, so you would like to move the mouse? I've got a better idea: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda"12:15
alin_lbt: and I did not backup this week12:15
lbtI'm going to stop using SSD as a drive I think ... use it as bcache now12:15
lbtbeidl: yah12:15
beidllbt: running bcache on my laptop. still pretty unstable12:15
lbtgah - where's the bug12:15
lbtbeidl: really... interesting12:16
lbtI may just buy 2 and mirror them - can't afford to risk it12:16
beidllbt: under some circumstances the laptop fails to boot because the kernel panics when registering the cache device12:17
lbtah - I never reboot the desktop ... every 6 months or so12:17
beidllbt: oh, and never enable writeback caching and hibernate12:17
beidlI can understand that on a laptop :)12:18
beidlthat reminds me: I should back up as well...12:18
beidllbt: also, is it ok to pull the systemd package into hw:maguro too?12:19
beidlor should I use a separate repo for it, until a decision has been made?12:19
lbtwhich git repo?12:19
beidlit's on OBS. wait12:20
lbtI mean which git repo12:20
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lbtbeidl: so .. repo sync or new manifest ?12:23
beidllbt: just repo sync12:24
lbtok -rebuilt, uploaded, systemd linked too12:35
beidllbt: thank you very much!12:38
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* beidl hands lbt a cold beer12:39
lbt*g* ... np ... hopefully we can make all this less bottlenecked soon12:39
lbtok afk now o/12:39
lbtoh - get sledges to ensure your systemd has the right webhook notifier12:40
lbtnot urgent until you change it12:40
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beidllbt: build fails with: Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration maguro13:15
beidllbt: I assume because the ssu-kickstarts-droid package is missing13:15
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zonbeidl: You're about to release a build for maguro?13:27
beidlzon: yup13:27
zonFeatures work as stated here?
zonI might try this :)13:28
beidlzon: yes, pretty much. bluetooth is a little flaky still, but it works after reboot13:29
zonHow usable is mobile data/calling?13:29
vakkov_zon: gps should be yellow. it works but apps have a problem using it. It's a bug that is also afecting other phones13:29
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flyseroh1jty: any news?13:35
sledgesbeidl: you'll still need a local repo14:13
sledgescreaterepo (even empty is ok)14:13
sledgesand process_patterns into it14:13
beidlas long as the patterns metadata is generaed?14:13
beidlok, as I assumed14:13
sledgeswe'll make this less bottlenecked soon ;)14:13
beidlnice :)14:13
beidlsledges: I can't figure out how it would work with an empty repo. doesn't it need the patterns rpm?14:20
beidlsledges: omg, I forgot to remove the brcm and rfkill from the patterns. wait14:29
beidlwell then. lets build this thing14:40
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oh1jtyflyser: not really, have been palyin with framebuffer, serious debugging and kernel re-compile. can't get framebuffer to work at all, only some random noise visible at best16:10
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beidlwhat kind of promotional text should I write for the XDA thread of the release?17:59
beidlno idea what to write18:00
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beidlGalaxy Nexus port released18:45
vgradebeidl: nice work18:50
beidlvgrade: thanks :)18:51
situbeidl: Great job !18:58
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alin_beidl: now you can start drinking19:03
alin_beidl: you will not have such a luxury in army19:03
vakkovbadum tsss :D19:04
beidlwell, I have to drive 196km tomorrow.19:05
beidlnot much for drinking today :P19:05
alin_beidl: you see19:06
alin_be late19:06
alin_beidl: police will give you a lift19:06
beidlalin_: haha :D19:06
beidlback in a few minutes19:07
zonbeidl + vakkov, would you use the maguro release as a daily driver?19:16
vakkovwell, it's pretty stable for daily usage19:18
vakkovwhy not19:19
vakkovi actually don't use my galaxy nexus for daily usage ... even with android :D19:19
zonIs there any google play music client for SailfishOS?19:19
zonI guess f2fs won't work?19:39
beidlnope, f2fs is not supported19:52
zonAnyway, running it now :)19:56
zonForgot to disable my PIN though ._.19:56
zonIs it normal that scrolling, like through the settings, seems to be "slow"19:57
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mugnazon: forget the word ''Google'' on SailfishOS :)20:07
zonI kinda need Hangouts :D20:07
beidlzon:  its integrated20:08
mugnaUnder messages app20:08
tbrbut that only supports the XMPP version of google hangouts20:15
tbrwhich means group chats are currently not supported20:15
zonThat would be the most important thing :D20:17
tbrgo complain to google that they chose to implement their own closed protocol for that20:17
tbrfun fact: it would be currently easier to add MS Lync group chat and audio/video calls than Google Hangouts to Sailfish20:18
tbr(there is a partly supported open source implementation of the former)20:19
zonHm :/20:19
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sledgescongrats on first community's release \o/ beidl vakkov you did it guys!21:16
beidlI'm glad we were able to work this out in due time :D21:17
beidlthanks :)21:17
*** mugna_ has quit IRC21:23
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beidlok, so one user says the phone does provide storage capabilities when connected to a PC.21:31
zonI only the an unknown "Galaxy Nexus" device.21:34
zon*the = see21:34
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zonbeidl: Installing Warehouse doesn't work because is missing :/21:48
beidlzon: devel-su zypper in <path_to_rpm_file>21:49
zonI need authentification, do I need my Jolla account details here?21:51
*** alin_ has quit IRC21:52
zonNvm, but it's asking for a user name..21:54
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
beidlzon: check the developer menu in the settings app21:56
zonI set a password but it's asking for a user name, nemo doesn't work.21:56
mugnazon: Check settings->developer mode21:56
beidlzon: what command did you enter?21:58
zondevel-su zypper in harbour-warehouse-0.3-20.armv7hl.rpm21:58
zonAuthentication required for ''21:59
sledgessame problem as on nexus521:59
sledgeszypper rr adaptation021:59
sledgesthanks for full output zon ;)22:00
zon[nemo@Jolla Downloads]$ devel-su zypper rr adaption022:06
zonRepository 'adaption0' not found by alias, number or URI.22:06
alinzon: speel it right22:07
alinzon: adaptation0 xt9 store22:07
alinsledges: I am looking into why the camea test segfaults...22:08
alininteresting crap22:08
alinthat test and hybris hardcode some libcamera_compat... which cannot be found anywhere22:09
alinany idea?22:09
zonRepository 'adaption0' not found by alias, number or URI.22:09
zonRepository 'xt9' not found by alias, number or URI.22:09
zonRemoving repository 'store' ..............................................[done]22:09
zonRepository 'store' has been removed.22:09
zon[nemo@Jolla Downloads]$ devel-su zypper in harbour-warehouse-0.3-20.armv7hl.rpm22:09
zonAuthentication required for ''22:09
alinzon: you misspelled adaptation022:10
alinls /etc/zypp/repos.d/22:10
zonOh, now I see it :D22:10
zonSorry :D22:10
zonNow I get further, but it's still not finishing..22:11
zonBuilding repository 'apps' cache .........................................[done]22:11
zonBuilding repository 'hotfixes' cache .....................................[done]22:11
zonBuilding repository 'jolla' cache ........................................[done]22:11
zonAuthentication required for ''22:11
alinzon: can you post the output of the ls from above22:12
zon[nemo@Jolla Downloads]$ ls /etc/zypp/repos.d/22:12
zon_tmpRPMcache_.repo            ssu_apps_release.repo      ssu_jolla_release.repo22:12
zonssu_adaptation0_release.repo  ssu_hotfixes_release.repo  ssu_store_release.repo22:12
alinzon: ffor a reason your bad repos come back22:13
alindevel-su rm /etc/zypp/repos.d/ssu_store_release.repo22:13
alinthe same for ssu_adaptation0_release22:13
alinanyhow any package from harbour will use ssu and bring the repos back... so my advice is to install the apps you want by hand22:15
zonThere we go, thanks :)22:15
alinzon: you will see...22:15
zonI'm going use my phone as an alarm clock, wish me luck :P22:32
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:32
alinzon: install the jolla-clock22:34
alinzon: you shall have no issues with that...22:34
beidlalin: its preinstalled22:34
alinbeidl: is your magical one22:34
alinbeidl: cool22:35
alinbeidl: is time correct?22:35
alinbeidl: on yours at boot?22:35
beidlwell, added it. what would such a release be without a handful of useful apps22:35
beidlalin: yup22:35
alinbeidl: lucky you22:35
alinbeidl: so almost all the hw is working?22:35
zonMy test alarm worked, I hope the real one will work too :)22:35
alinzon: to be sure... so not sleep and wait for it22:36
beidlalin: pretty much, yes. still need this awful hack for ofono though...22:36
alinbeidl: cool... ofono is the phone bit22:37
zonAnyway, thanks for the release, I hope I will wake up in time :D22:38
zonGood night :)22:38
beidlzon: good night! \o22:38
beidlalin: as soon as one of the ofono guys has some spare time we might see a fix for the issue (reading from SIM)22:39
*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:39
alinbeidl: cool... by the time you come out... will be solved22:45
beidlalin: LOL well I'll be available as often as possible, mostly at night. and on weekends.22:46
alinbeidl: he he... you will get in trouble if you do not sleep22:47
alinbeidl: what arm are you at?22:47
alinbeidl: or whatever they call the army specialisation in english22:48
beidlalin: jägerbataillon (if that helps)22:48
alinbeidl: no idea... myself to assigned to telecommunications... but escaped it in time22:49
beidlalin: oh, I get what you mean. yep, telecommunication.22:50
beidlalin: its supposed to be one of the easier things to do22:50
alinbeidl: so you are hunter22:50
beidlalin: right22:50
alinbeidl: yap.. if you are not tall and well build but you have brain (score some crap tests) you end up there22:51
alinbeidl: otherwise... you are in trouble...22:51
alinbeidl: anyhow you get to enjoy the mountains22:52
beidlalin: as long as there are no asshole comrades who want me everything to do for them it should be OK.22:53
beidlwe will see22:53
beidlgotta go now22:53
beidlgot to get up very early22:53
alinbeidl: ok enjoy it!22:53
beidlalin: hah, thanks. :D22:54
beidlbye o/22:54
sledgesenjoy soldier :)22:56
sledgesalin: check with vakkov about cam22:56
alinsledges: ok... I think i start to see what is going on there... a total mess22:58
alinsledges: and I have a feeling for all the rest failing things is the same22:59
sledgeslibhybris cam on sailfish never worked, jolla used different approach on their phone23:02
sledgesubuntu provided _compat_ layer and went ahead23:02
sledgesfor each device things fail differently for different reasons23:02
sledgesmaguro is the champ23:02
sledgesit's only over 3 weeks since we released hadk; that many already working things, and some oob, is a true appreciation23:04
sledges*2 weeks lol23:05
*** mugna has quit IRC23:16
alinsledges: night23:17

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