Monday, 2014-08-04

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kakosSo, I was told that you guys have Sailfish running on Nexus 7 (grouper)?02:40
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boilerkimis everyone working on the nexus 5?06:05
tbrno, there are people working on other devices like the galaxy nexus06:16
tbrsee status link in the topic06:17
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vakkovsomebody with a working nexus 5 (a working bootanimation) please do "ls /dev/log" and give me the output06:42
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alinvakkov: one sec06:57
alinvakkov: srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 1970-08-25 18:45 /dev/log06:58
vakkovalin_: and it's empty, right?06:58
alin[07:58:44 root@abbaton:~]: ls -al /dev/log*06:59
alinsrw-rw-rw- 1 root root      0 1970-08-25 18:45 /dev/log06:59
alincrw-rw-rw- 1 root log  10, 44 1970-08-25 18:46 /dev/log_events06:59
alincrw-rw-rw- 1 root log  10, 45 1970-08-25 18:46 /dev/log_main06:59
alincrw-rw-rw- 1 root log  10, 43 1970-08-25 18:46 /dev/log_radio06:59
alincrw-rw-rw- 1 root log  10, 42 1970-08-25 18:46 /dev/log_system06:59
alinvakkov:  yes06:59
vakkovmm no, it's not :D07:00
vakkovokay i see what we got here on maguro07:00
vakkovthanks alin :)07:00
alinvakkov: on pirate bay for nexus 5 we have an issue about dev/log...07:10
alinvakkov: not on serious things... sledges said to speak with you about the camera07:10
alinvakkov: so the test is failing because of the missing compat07:11
alinvakkov: how did you solve that in maguro?07:11
vakkovwe haven't. forget about the test. the camera stack needs to be rewritten07:11
boilerkimI have a spare galaxy s4 sitting in a drawer. If the guy who is doing the s3 wants to test something out. I can do that07:18
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tbrgood moaning08:27
sledgesздравей :)08:28
lbtmorning all08:29
dmtsledges: 3 bulgarians here will be a too much of a surprise08:29
sledgeshehe, no just had a friend :)08:30
vakkovi get the feeling that we are everywhere.. literally08:33
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locusfgood morning08:34
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thp <- where is systemd-droid and what does it do?08:42
vakkovthp: somewhere in the obs maybe08:43
vakkovhe told me they now build everything except patterns on the obs08:43
sledgesnot many commit comments as it's not upstream yet ;)08:45
lbtthp: it has a horrid event filter hack08:45
sledgesbut fixes udev from consuming >8% CPU all the time08:45
lbtand I was hoping that it would be a HA specific hack - ie we don't pollute the main repos with that kind of workaround08:46
sledgesoh no, it doesn't have #ifdef OMAP08:53
thphaha, fun :)08:53
thpbeidl_: <- is that not working with maguro?08:56
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sledgesthp: they are now in manifest and get automagically in:
thpok, cool08:58
thpbeidl_: approved08:58
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sledgesbeidl_ is in the Austrian army now for 6 months ;)09:00
sledgesbut he'll try his best to be around at night ^_^09:00
sledges(starting today, good he rolled out sgn release \o/ )09:00
sledgesis it going to be "You're in the Army Now"?09:03
sledgesyes :DDD09:03
lbtI didn't have to click09:03
situI am having  a weird issue with cable connectivity on my device.09:05
situOn my personal laptop usb connection keeps going on and off with Nexus 5.09:06
situbut it works well with my office laptop.09:06
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phdeswersitu: different cable?09:08
situphdeswer: same issue with different cable on my personal laptop.09:09
situphdeswer: I tried using different ports with same result.09:09
situBut this issue does not occur with my Nokia N8.09:10
phdeswersitu: weird... A dmesg log from device and laptop when it occurs might help to identify the issue.09:10
situI have tested with Sailfish, CM and stock android on device.09:10
situphdeswer: I will provide that when I get back home.09:10
phdeswersitu: good. Will try to see if I can find some obvious cause09:11
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alinsledges: morgen09:25
alinso which bugs shall we report?09:25
phdesweralin: all the ones you found? ;)09:26
sledgesfrom piratepad and wiki09:26
alinsledges: I will report all the failing tests09:26
alinunfortunately it seemsthe failures are more philosophical09:27
alinthe problem is sensors not working is not a great bug report09:27
alinor nfc not working09:28
alinreboot time09:28
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vakkovok guys, as most of you are getting close to finishing the ports for your devices you are wondering how to get your cameras working13:57
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vakkovsome of you run test_camera and get an error about a missilg libcamera_compatibility lib13:58
netchipohai vakkov14:16
sledgesprobably everyone's catching up with work on a Monday, after two weeks of porting :))14:16
netchipso, what are you up to?14:16
netchipreally, my vacation is useless14:16
netchipI just don't do anything14:17
netchipand I have no idea why14:17
vakkovThere is still no camera support for hadk devices BUT work on that will start soon. There are two solutions to this problem. Either of them will need a new camera application (this means that we can't use the jolla-camera built-in app) which is the least problem since we already have Msameer's open-sourced app. The first approach is to use libhardware to access the camera HAL as the original Jolla phone does. In this way we are14:17
vakkovprobably going to have all the features the HAL provides. The other approach is to use Ubuntu's comaptibility layer that you can find in the libhybris source tree. This approach is practical for devices that already have ubuntu touch ports and respectively camera support for them. Such device is Maguro (galaxy nexus).14:17
vakkovI will now ask netchip and Msameer to correct me if i'm wrong and supplement to what i have written14:18
netchipI have made a little application14:18
netchipit only needs to be expanded14:18
netchipand then we need a gstreamer part14:18
MSameerso let me dive in:14:19
MSameerthe way sailfish multimedia stack is built is basically gstreamer and on top of that we have qtmultimedia14:19
MSameerqtmultimedia currently supports only gstreamer 0.10 which is long dead by now. unmaintained and unsupported by upstream gstreamer maintainers14:20
MSameerso if we are to write our own gstreamer elements for camera and media then it does not make sense to use 0.10 anymore and we are better off with gstreamer 1.014:20
MSameerthis means that qtmultimedia will not work14:20
MSameerbut it should eventually catch up at some point14:21
netchipso we better go straight for gstreamer 1.0?14:21
MSameerwhat we will have to do after implementing the gstreamer elements is to either create a new camera and video player from scratch or 2) use an existing camera app14:21
MSameernetchip: exactly since it is maintained by upstream gstreamer14:21
MSameergallery video playback will not work too and while I have an open (GPL) camera app, I don't have and not planning to create a gallery app14:22
MSameerand I don't use qtmultimedia in my app. I use gstreamer directly so it should work14:22
netchipdon't we want to use the Jolla app?14:22
MSameernetchip: it will not work unless we use gstreamer 0.10 and then port it when qtmultimedia catches up14:23
netchipah yes, ok14:23
MSameercreating the set of gstreamer elements will have to take either 1) jolla phone way of accessing hal directly via libhardware14:23
MSameerthis allows us to make use of "undocumented" hal features created by each vendor but it might need more work14:24
MSameerwe might also have to tweak it a little per device14:24
MSameeror we 2) use the ubuntu compat layer which is a bit generic14:24
MSameerwe can extend it if needed but I personally have zero experience with it14:24
MSameeror 3) someone researches a better approach than the above mentioned 214:25
MSameerI am going to contribute to such project regardless of the approach we take14:25
MSameerunless we decide to use the ancient gstreamer 0.10 then I am unlikely to contribute code (knowledge only is fine for me as a contribution)14:26
netchipit's stupid that the camera hal is closed source14:26
netchipstupid Apache license14:26
MSameernetchip: it's not always closed. you can get qualcomm hal from code aurora for example but it is mostly closed14:26
MSameerand I hope that from now on we move such discussions to this channel (no answer to private questions will be attempted from me)14:27
MSameerthank you vakkov  for echoing here all what we have been discussing privately :)14:28
MSameernetchip: the code you have needs a lot of work to get it to work but at least the most important bit of what we did together was the knowledge :)14:29
MSameerso we now have netchip, vakkov and alin who will join such project. I signed you up already :p14:30
alindmt: I suspect is in too14:33
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Nokiussledges: and any luck with the find5 ?14:40
JSOMHow development progresses under the Nexus 4? :)14:46
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NokiusJSOM: check here
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sledgesNokius: vakkov gave me some links to check on, will look into those; how are other adreno200 soldiers, flyser & oh1jty ?14:57
carepackadding slimport or hdmi output on the spreadsheet?14:57
sledgesJSOM: working on EA4, aiming to enable "Allow untrusted software" option14:58
sledgesand developer mode/pc connection14:59
netchipSometimes, eh, I feel stupid for things which happened in the past.15:04
netchipLike my childish behaviour in the Android scene, I was 11 years old back then, and I don't think you can blame me for that, but it's still awkward.15:04
JSOMsledges: Nice. And can you say something about the camera? We are all waiting for this implementation  :)15:05
sledgesJSOM: read backlog of last 30mins ;)15:05
sledgeslog archive is in the topic15:05
sledgesin short: camera support is coming for all devices soon15:05
oh1jtysledges: nothing special yet, but got fb working in console, so atleast fb works :)15:06
sledgesgood man15:06
netchipsledges: well, we hope it's compatyible for all devices. :P15:06
netchipBecause I *know* some vendors use modified HALs.15:06
sledgesoh1jty: how did you do that?15:06
JSOMoom, sorry. First i`m watching for a html log from merproject, and the latest row is about fro 3 pm :B15:06
sledgesso i could try on find515:06
netchipLike Samsung15:07
netchipand HTC15:07
sledgesJSOM: yes, it's UTC ;)15:07
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oh1jtysledges: enable framebuffer console via msm fb driver, i wanted to test if that even works.15:09
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netchipdo we have a 'bare' Mer distribution?15:10
netchipLike, only SSH and framebuffer?15:10
netchipI'm not interested in GUIs and blablabla :P15:10
netchip(It's for my old SGS3, wanna use it as a server)15:10
sledgesnetchip: we used to have mer-minimal flavour, but after boot of interactive devices, you might end up stripping down systemd services ;)15:11
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netchipMSameer: would the gstreamer plugin (camera) fit in Mer?15:20
dmtwould modifying qtmultimedia to use gstreamer 1 be more work than writing a whole new program and tying it to gst?15:20
dmti'm speaking without looking at the code at all so may be is a sily proposition15:21
netchipdmt: well, Jolla should update it15:21
netchipIMHO it's a waste of time to do15:21
netchipbecause our first priority is the camera, right?15:21
sledgesiiuc qtmultimedia has gst1.0 in qt5.415:22
dmtmay be i haven't understood the problem place15:22
dmtis the trouble because gst0.1 is not capable of using the hal15:22
netchipJolla's apps don't use gst1.015:22
dmtyes this is clear15:22
dmtthey use qtm -> gst0.115:23
netchipand a gst1.0 package is what we target for (I guess?)15:23
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netchipand then we need to use a custom app, however, MSameer's app is capable of doing that15:23
dmtyes, thing is could we save a lot of work by "simply" making qtm use gst1?15:24
dmtor would it also requite changes up the stack15:24
netchipit'd take extra work15:24
dmtqtm is supposed to be a common layer in a way15:24
dmtisn't it15:24
netchipDunno, ask MSameer :P AFAIK, not.15:25
netchipI think especially Jolla uses it15:25
dmtif anyone knows and has the time and willingness to enlighten i'm all ears/eyes15:26
netchipJolla's camera app uses gst0.1 through qtmultimedia (AFAIK)15:27
dmtsledges: what qt version is in the current/latest jolla15:27
netchipOur gst plugin (to make the camera work) is probably gonna be gst1.015:27
netchipand that's why the Jolla app won't work15:28
netchipuntil they (or you, if you fell like doing it) updates qtmultimedia to gst1.015:28
dmtmy idea is that qtm is already a wrapper so shall be possible to swap the gst backend by modifying qtm only15:28
netchipah, but qtm is an interface15:28
dmtand keeping the camera program and the video/galery one working without modification15:28
netchipas far as I understand it, with the little info I have15:29
dmtwhat will be harder to do in such case is take advangtage of hidden hal features15:29
netchipthat's device specific, yes15:29
netchipbut that'd always be a problem15:30
netchipdue to stupid vendors15:30
netchipexposing an API would be useful, Samsung/HTC/LGE!15:30
netchip(They implement custom methods)15:31
dmtlooking how camera 'quality' is a major selling point in reviews i doubt they will be listening much15:31
netchip(For, for example 3D)15:31
dmtand will continue to use custom stuff secretly15:31
sledgesdmt: last update was still on 5.115:44
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sledgesdmt: yet cutting edge work is buzzing ;)
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MSameerdmt: feel free to backport the gstreamer 1.0 suppot patches to qtmultimedia used by sailfish16:20
MSameeri am personally not interested in qtmultimedia updating16:21
MSameerand I don't see myself writing a gstreamer 0.10 element these days so I am only going to contribute to a gstreamer 1.0 effort16:22
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vgrade_sledges: was the missing file"16:28
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sledgesvgrade_: yes16:30
vgrade_sledges: I was comparing the N5 and 1+ logs during qmlscene16:31
vgrade_that file is missing on N516:32
sledgesdon't tell me n5 is you too brutus :D16:32
vgrade_and UI is working16:32
sledgesvgrade_: n5 is looking for that file too?16:32
sledgesor 1+16:32
sledgesmust be a distraction then16:32
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vgrade_seems so.16:33
sledgesbut a very sly one ;) thanks for the discovery16:33
sledgesnow one more device to figure out - where's the GUI? :)) (1+)16:33
vgrade_well gralloc is failing16:34
vgrade_well to be precise it fails after suceeding a couple of times16:34
vgrade_for the record,
morphisnetchip: regarding gst 1.0 support in qtmultimedia:
netchipmorphis: alright, will look into it, thx =D16:37
morphisworks like a charm16:37
netchipqtm with gst1.0 works?16:38
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters16:38
netchipnice =)16:39
situphdeswer: dmesg log from host16:39
phdeswersitu: looking16:40
phdeswerLooks like physical disconnects... Wonder what the device is doing.16:41
situphdeswer: I believe there is a problem with the usb port on device as I have tried using different cables.16:41
situphdeswer: I have also reflashed my device with stock after this problem.16:41
phdeswersitu: Could be of course too. But then the behaviour should be the same on your other system...16:43
situphdeswer: Now I am getting same behavour with my office laptop16:43
situphdeswer: This issue is random however.16:43
phdeswerSounds like cable or loose usb port on the device then16:44
situphdeswer: the problem is I need to reproduce this issue in front of support guys16:45
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phdeswersitu: moving the phone while connected might do it16:46
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MSameernetchip: vakkov alin here is the gstreamer code I use for my camera app:
MSameerfeel free to build it and see if it works or not17:00
MSameerand I did not mean to bypass the community. I just had to keep my little secret for a while :p17:00
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters17:01
alinMSameer: is this gstremer 1.017:01
MSameer <-- here is everything I use17:01
MSameeralin: yes17:01
alinMSameer: that may be a challange... mixing 010 and 1.0 never let to anything good17:02
MSameeryou can't mix17:02
MSameereither use that or 0.1017:02
MSameerwhy do you need to mix anyway?17:02
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alinMSameer: the default version in sailfish is 0.10...17:03
MSameeralin: read above17:04
MSameersailfish has qtmultimedia with 0.10 only support17:04
MSameerso the code I posted won't work anyway17:04
*** Nokius has quit IRC17:05
morphisMSameer: gst-droid is 0.10 only?17:07
MSameeralin: that code is something I wrote myself in my free time for my own application. It has nothing to do with jolla's code17:07
MSameermorphis: which one?17:07
morphisor is that 1.0 already?17:07
MSameerit's 1.017:08
morphisand it works quite nice?17:08
MSameer <- this contains all the gstreamer code used by my own camera17:08
MSameerand it works. It's not perfect but it works17:08
MSameerthe codecs are a chaos and it's a miracle that they work so I need to rewrite them at some point17:09
morphishm, looks really interesting17:10
morphisso everything I need is a populated libhybris environment, right?17:10
MSameerAFAICT yes17:10
MSameerI only built that code for jolla phone and for nexus417:10
MSameerand it worked. Have not tried any other platforms17:11
MSameerso might need tweaking/patching but at least it is there17:11
morphisI will give a try too17:11
morphisnot Sailfish but pretty similar17:11
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters17:12
morphisand camera does work through qtmultimedia?17:12
MSameermorphis:  ubuntu?17:12
morphisLune OS17:12
MSameermorphis: I don't know about qtmultimedia17:12
* MSameer googles Lune OS17:12
* MSameer checks17:13
morphisit's not completely announced so you will not find much on google17:13
morphisbut architecture wise it's similar to Sailfish17:13
morphisatleast qt-wise17:13
MSameerlooks interesting17:13
MSameerif your qtmultimedia supports gst 1.0 then feel free to adapt it17:14
Merbotmorphis: Error: "" is not a valid command.17:14
morphisMSameer: it does17:14
morphiswill give it a try17:14
MSameerthis is the OBS project I use for building:
morphisMSameer: you had problems with different Android versions?17:16
morphisdoes it need modifications to gst?17:16
MSameermorphis: I only tried nexus4 and jolla phone17:17
*** lukedirtwalker has joined #sailfishos-porters17:17
alinin principle qtmultimedia up to a patch shall work with gst 1.0...17:17
MSameerI have some patches for gstreamer but the patches to core elements got approved by upstream17:17
MSameermorphis: so it should be OK IMHO to have them17:18
MSameeralin: you make me feel that I should take that repos down :p17:18
morphisMSameer: so I don't need them or do I?17:18
MSameermorphis: you need gstreamer 1.4.0 + some patches but most of the patches have been pushed to gstreamer git already17:19
MSameermorphis: patches here: have not been sent upstream yet17:20
MSameer <-- these are in gstreamer upstream git17:21
morphishm, that will make it a little bit harder17:21
morphisstill at gstreamer 1.0.917:21
MSameerthat won't work AFAICT but feel free to try17:21
MSameerI am trying to push more changes to upstream and get rif of a lot of my custom stuff17:22
morphissounds good17:22
morphiswe're upgrading our basement soon so will upgrade gstreamer while doing this as well17:22
MSameeryou have a link to the main repos and all patches are under */rpm/ so feel free to poke around17:23
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*** alin has quit IRC17:31
dmtMSameer: from what i understood gst1.4+the patches is able to use the camera17:45
dmtMSameer: is this correct?17:45
MSameerdmt: in theory yes. in practice: we might need some tweaks (and it's gstreamer 1.4 + some patches + gst-droid)17:46
MSameerguys please read the channel backlog :/17:46
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC17:47
dmtMSameer: i did read some, should have started from earlier, sorry17:47
dmtMSameer: thank for the clarification17:48
MSameerdmt: build gstreamer. build nemo-gst-interfaces from my github. build gst-droid and run:17:48
MSameergst-launch-1.0 -e droidcamsrc ! droideglsink17:49
MSameerif that works then you are fine17:49
MSameerif not then we need to tweak things a bit17:49
dmtok i'll try this evening, hopefully i find the time17:49
MSameerdmt: what's your target hw?17:49
dmtMSameer: you got is on nexus4, right? mine is n517:49
MSameernever tried it on n517:50
MSameeris it qualcomm?17:50
dmti think so17:50
MSameeralso a configuration file is needed like this one:
MSameeryou can try with that17:51
MSameerbasically: we will have to tweak some stuff17:51
dmtMSameer: ok17:52
vakkovsince qtmultimedia update to gst 1.0 seems to have begun we will just need to scream at together.jolla to update their apps to the new qt version and we will also have gallery and video playback and so on :)18:08
vakkovflooding is my specialty :)18:08
MSameerno amount of flooding will help18:09
MSameerit'd most likely get your karma down18:09
MSameercode is king18:09
vakkovi think i have several accounts :P :D18:10
vakkovOk guys. Now let's talk about another community project - an open sourced dalvik for our beloved projects18:10
MSameerare we done with the first one ? :p18:10
vakkovwe will need workign surfaceflingers (in other words a working boot animation)18:11
vakkovMSameer: we might not be done with it, but it's me that gets all those questions :P18:11
netchipI'm sleepy =/18:16
sledgesvakkov: tell them to ask on channel ;)18:19
sledgestransparency ftw18:19
sledgesno matter how hard it is in all areas, let's keep it here as open as possible18:19
sledgeszon: ping, did your maguro wake you up on time this morning or are you still sleeping? :)18:21
vakkovokay so once surfaceflinger is running it will be fighting against wayland for buffers over hwcomposer18:21
zonsledges: I worked fine :)18:21
vakkovMSameer: do you have an idea how that fight should be maanged18:22
netchipI just fixed my Mer building environment18:24
netchipnow comes the tedious part, installing SailfishOS =/18:24
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters18:24
sledgeszon: do you have a good photo camera?18:24
zonI'm going back to Android for now though, at least until there is a possibility to run Android apps on non-Jolla devices.18:24
zonI'm not taking many pictures so I don't have anything besides my phone :D18:25
sledgeslol, i wanted you to make a photosession of sailfish on maguro :p18:25
sledgesfor PR on SoMe purposes I'm about to tweet18:25
vakkovi have a dream .. that people would one day start using Qt... and port their damn apps :D18:25
zonThere is a screenshot app, isn't there?18:25
sledgeszon: who will believe it's from maguro? ;)18:25
netchipvakkov: Qt... the horror...18:25
vakkovnetchip: but why?18:26
sledgeszon: np, i'll ask on xda thread :)18:27
zonDo a screenshot of the product information? :)18:27
zonBut you could probably fake that :D18:27
sledgesis certainly not catchy if you don't have the whole shiny phone photographed18:28
netchipvakkov: because the interface with c++ is weird18:28
MSameernetchip: QML alone is easier: QML + JS18:28
netchipBut what if I want C++ to handle the backend?18:28
MSameernetchip: you can use python (or even purs js)18:30
zonThere used to be a Galaxy Nexus there :/18:30
sledgeszon: you'd stretch a screenshot on top of that? ;)18:30
zonIt can look kinda nice :D18:31
MSameervakkov: sailfish does not use surfaceflinger. sailfish uses the hwcomposer plugin18:31
zonGoodbye SailfishOS.. Hello again Android.18:33
vakkovif it was using surfaceflinger i wouldnt have it running on my galaxy nexus. i am asking how the hell should android applications be dispalyed on the screen if their composer (flinger) isn't run through something like apkenv?18:33
vakkovsomething that can display it in a windo and basically doesn't break wayland?18:34
MSameerI don't have all your answers18:34
MSameerso words like "how the hell" is not going to help18:34
sledgeszon: i did the same on Nokia N9, was hell of a work with GIMP for all those reflections/shades:
vakkovMSameer: sorry about that :)18:36
sledgesi'd rather prefer something like that:
sledgeswith maguro+sailfish18:36
zonsledges: The outcome is rather nice :D18:37
MSameervakkov: go get your camera running :p18:37
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:39
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:40
lukedirtwalkerhas anyone tried to port to motorola XOOM (wingray) I might try but if it's hopeless I won't.18:40
MSameerdoes it run cyanogenmod?18:41
lukedirtwalkeryes there is a 10.1 branch18:42
zonOnly nightlys though.18:42
zonWhy was it aborted?18:42
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:53
netchipvakkov: we could start a github repo organization thingy18:56
vakkovwell, from all of you i am the one has nothing to "commit" as a code by far so feel free to create a repo :D19:01
netchipname of organization? does MSameer have guithub? and alin?19:08
netchipand dmt?19:08
alinnetchip: I have github19:08
alinnetchip: dmt has too19:09
vakkovi also have a github acc. Btw github seems to be ways faster than gitorious19:09
netchipand what should be the name of the organization?19:09
*** piggz has quit IRC19:12
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:12
*** furikku has quit IRC19:12
*** piggz has quit IRC19:25
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:25
MSameernetchip: foolab on github19:30
MSameerIIRC :D19:30
MSameerwhat are you going to do there?19:31
netchipMSameer: put up a repo19:33
MSameerfor what?19:33
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:37
MSameerwhy do you need a github repos for camera?19:38
MSameernetchip: ^ ?19:47
netchipMSameer: because we want to cooperate?19:47
MSameerwhat's on your mind?19:47
MSameerwhat are you going to put there?19:47
netchipthe file I've already made19:49
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC19:49
vakkovstill, all this stuff is pretty device specific :D19:49
MSameerwhat stuff?19:50
netchipMSameer: the driver we're writing19:50
MSameernetchip: which driver are we writing?19:51
netchipMSameer: gst plugin?19:51
MSameerhave you decided on which gst version to use?19:51
vgradesledges: CM11 M9 released20:09
vgradedon't need to rely one that nightly20:10
dmt_netchip: it's supposed to be mostly a compilation and a bit of tweeking20:16
*** gogeta_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:32
*** fiend has joined #sailfishos-porters20:37
*** fiend has quit IRC20:41
sledgesvgrade: \o/20:57
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters21:28
blackjack4ithi guys i'm not dead I'm on 3g so downloading all the sources is very hard for me now I'll come back home on 25th august21:31
*** blackjack4it has left #sailfishos-porters21:33
vgradedmt_: I don't see it taking this path curl > ~/bin/repo21:35
vgradedmt_: sorry21:35
vgradethis path
alinMSameer: sailfishos_1.0.3.8_latest_armv7hl (armv8el) I shall think this is latest as in
MSameerI have no idea which sailfish version is used21:38
MSameerhowever those RPMs built by me have some hardcoded rpath21:38
dmt_vgrade: i'm not sure what you mean21:38
MSameerI am trying to use an RPM macro for those but failing21:39
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters21:39
vgradedmt_: when I run fullbuild script that path is not taken, it skips to repo sync, before it does repo init21:39
dmt_do you have a file called ~/bin/repo already?21:40
vgradedmt_: yes21:40
dmt_vgrade: ok it is not overwriting it, then if $ANDROID_ROOT does not exist it gets the branch21:41
vgradechecking again21:41
dmt_vgrade: makes it and inits it21:41
vgraderemoved nexus5 dir and trying agin21:41
dmt_vgrade: if ANDROID_ROOT exists but is not inited then will break21:41
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:43
alindmt_: maybe shall spit an error and stop in this case21:44
alindmt_: the issue is that the repo is so bloody big....21:44
dmt__alin: yes this is a good idea21:45
*** blackjack4it has left #sailfishos-porters21:45
*** dmt_ has quit IRC21:46
dmt__alin: i looked through the 'repo' script help and a tried a few promising options but none gave me a smaller download21:47
vgradealin: trimming the manifest is one way21:48
vgradeI'm sure we don't use it all21:48
*** alin has quit IRC21:49
vgradedmt__: same again,
dmt__ok, i know whats the problem now21:53
dmt__it is my last change to the options parser part21:53
vgradeits looking for nexus not nexus/droid21:54
dmt__to get the full path to nonexisting directories it makes them, goes in and then this messes up the branch21:54
dmt__i have not tested with given -android-root obviously21:55
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:55
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:55
dmt__vgrade: will commit a quick fix now22:00
vgradedmt__: ta22:00
alinvgrade: you try n5 or 1+?22:02
vgradealin: n5. wanted to get a feel for scripts, having a rest from 1+ tonight22:03
vgradeits anoying me22:03
alinvgrade: I see... you still did not get lipstick up?22:04
vgradebest to take a break when I get to this stage22:04
vgradealin: no22:04
vgradestill gralloc issue, I thought it was always failing but on futher inspection it does work a couple of times22:05
dmt__vgrade: done22:05
dmt__shall work now22:05
vgradedmt__: trying22:05
dmt__i usually run with just -mer-root22:06
dmt__it will put droid inside and everything else22:06
dmt__on next run/rebuild go without any options and shall reuse the previous22:06
vgradewoops , I wiped it22:07
MSameeralin: you can still however use them for a quick and dirty test22:08
alinMSameer: exactly my thought... harbour-camera.... does not pull its deps22:08
MSameeralin: no it does not because it contains all the deps in the RPM package ;)22:09
MSameerit copies all the gst libs needed from the build root while building22:09
alinMSameer: ok I see that is why is so big...22:10
alinMSameer: then fails to start22:10
MSameeralin: you can install it and replace the gstdroid plugin with one you build against your android-devel package22:10
alinMSameer: I get you now22:10
MSameeralin: I will disappear for a ~20 minutes then can come back to help you with it22:10
MSameerbasically, replace:22:11
MSameer /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/lib/
MSameer /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstdroid.so22:11
MSameerwith the ones you build yourself22:11
dmt__vgrade: passed that trap?22:12
MSameeralin: and move /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/share/qtcamera/config/resolutions.ini out of the way22:12
vgradestill running22:12
vgradenot got to repo init yet22:13
alinvgrade: cool gets all the crap from the internet now22:13
vgradedmt__: still misses repo init22:15
dmt__vgrade: uau22:15
dmt__vgrade: lookin deeper22:16
vgrademight be my repo command22:21
alinMSameer: gstdroidcodecallocatorgralloc.c:29:35: fatal error: android/system/window.h: No such file or directory22:26
dmt__i'm still downloading the ubuntu, connection here is not as nice as at the office22:29
vgradeok,two issues, curl > ~/bin/rep22:31
vgradedoes not work unless ~/bin exists22:31
vgradeand 2 , <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access denied.</Message><Details>We're sorry, but this service is not available in your country</Details></Error> !!!!!!22:31
alinvgrade: they banned uk already?22:32
vgradewell I'm on a new digitalocean UK host22:32
MSameeralin: you need the android headers installed22:33
vgrademaybe they see that as a banned IP22:33
alinMSameer: yap I try to see where they come from22:33
MSameerhere is how I build it:22:33
MSameer./configure --prefix=/usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/ --sysconfdir=/usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/etc/22:33
MSameeralin: droid-system-hammerhead-devel ?22:34
MSameersledges might know22:34
alinMSameer: installed already22:34
MSameersb2 ls -d /usr/include/droid-*22:35
alinMSameer: no droif22:36
MSameershow me the compile flags22:36
MSameerwhat gets to the screen when you type make22:36
*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:36
alinMSameer: found them they are in /usr/lib/droid-devel/droid-headers22:37
dmt__vgrade: did yo utake the latest commit?22:38
MSameerthat's a weird location :p22:38
sledgesalin: you need to remove android/ prefix in #include22:38
sledgesMSameer: tell me about it :D22:38
dmt__just tested it with the same line22:38
dmt__vgrade: you are on the ~/bin of course, it is 'suseism'22:38
vgradedmt__: I did. spinning up a new host in another regoin so google will server repo22:40
alinsledges: MSameerbuilt22:40
MSameeralin: install harbour-cameraplus RPM and replace the files I pointed out above with the built ones22:42
*** lukedirtwalker has quit IRC22:42
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:42
dmt__dmt: good luck with the regions22:42
sledgesalin: MSameer: this is how to make it jolla phone and other (droid-hal) devices happy:
MSameersledges: that needs the spec file to be modified too22:43
alinMSameer: which files?22:44
MSameer[01:10] <MSameer> basically, replace:22:45
MSameer[01:11] <MSameer>  /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/lib/
MSameer[01:11] <MSameer>  /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstdroid.so22:45
MSameer[01:12] <MSameer> alin: and move /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/share/qtcamera/config/resolutions.ini out of the way22:45
*** gogeta_ has quit IRC22:45
sledgesMSameer: yes, as commit description says22:45
alinMSameer: no luck22:52
MSameerwhat do you mean by no luck?22:52
MSameersledges: I have only 1 spec so I don't think I can do that really22:53
MSameeralin:  execute that from an ssh session: GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH_1_0=/usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/lib/gstreamer-1.0/  /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/bin/gst-launch-1.0 -e droidcamsrc ! droideglsink22:53
MSameerand show me the output22:53
alin(gst-launch-1.0:3172): GStreamer-WARNING **: External plugin loader failed. This most likely means that the plugin loader helper binary was not found or could not be run. You might need to set the GST_PLUGIN_SCANNER environment variable if your setup is unusual. This should normally not be required though.22:54
MSameerignore that22:55
MSameerwhat else is shown?22:55
MSameeralin: make sure you are user nemo and not root22:55
alinERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.22:55
alinyes I am user not root22:55
MSameerGST_DEBUG='*:2' GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH_1_0=/usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/lib/gstreamer-1.0/  /usr/share/harbour-cameraplus/bin/gst-launch-1.0 -e droidcamsrc ! droideglsink22:56
vgradedmt__: pulls repo now, stores in ~/bin22:56
vgraderepo sync in progress22:56
alin0:00:00.133397865  3190   0x8db9a0 ERROR            droidcamsrc gstdroidcamsrc.c:385:gst_droid_cam_src_get_hw:<droidcamsrc0> unsupported camera API version22:56
MSameerI was afraid of that22:56
MSameeralin: full output please!22:57
vgradedmt__: complains about git config --global etc22:57
alinvgrade: is a warning...22:58
alinvgrade: ignore it...22:58
alinvgrade: you may hit another one... related to some mode... old vs new git22:58
vgradealin: just reporting so we can improve22:58
MSameeralin: OK. seems nexus5 uses camera2 interface and I don't have the support for that22:59
MSameerthat's one reason to use ubuntu layer :/22:59
MSameerI don't have a nexus5 to add the support :/22:59
MSameercan someone lend me a nexus5 for a few days ? :)23:00
alinvgrade: I think there is little we can improve... unless really want the script to mess with yout .git23:03
alinI will be a little bit... uneasy about23:04
vgradealin: I've added to readme23:04
alinvgrade: that is better...23:04
alinMSameer: that may be tough... I have only one...23:05
MSameeralin: I know. was joking23:05
alinMSameer: I can help you with any info you may need23:05
alinMSameer: are you in jolla?23:05
MSameeralin: it's not about info. It's code that has to be written and tested23:06
alinMSameer: the good bit is that we can install the two gstreamers side by side23:09
alinMSameer: not so good news... as probably will not force people to update23:09
MSameerI don't get you23:09
alinMSameer: I see now you package all gstreamer 1.0 in camera app23:10
alinMSameer: shall be no issue to install bot 0.10 and 1.0 globally...23:10
alinMSameer: side by side...23:10
MSameerthey can coexist23:10
alinthe issue is that in my experience when this happens... devs do not port their apps to the newer version23:11
MSameeryes but gstreamer is not supported by harbour so people don't normally use it23:11
alinso you have to carry both versions on the system23:11
alinMSameer: yes they use qtmultimedia... which uses it...23:12
MSameerwell, ny camera bundles every thing so it's not an issue for me :p23:12
alinMSameer: which may be even more difficult to update23:12
MSameeralin: your case is different: seems camera on nexus5 uses the new camera2 API from google23:13
MSameerit has nothing to do with gstreamer version23:13
alinMSameer: I am not a big fan of bundling for keeping old packages23:13
alinMSameer: yes I know23:13
MSameeralin: I hate bundling but I have to do it to pass harbour validation :p23:14
MSameeralin: I will try to find a free nexus5 to implement the needed support but I can't promise yet23:14
alinMSameer: do you know what string will return for api?23:27
MSameerit's an int23:28
alinat least this is what came when printer with %d23:28
MSameerif (src->hw->common.module_api_version > CAMERA_MODULE_API_VERSION_1_0) {23:29
alinMSameer: yap just changed it to print the api it gets...23:30
MSameerI added it too a moment ago :)23:30
MSameer512 is 0b1000000000 = 2 << 823:33
MSameerso it's API 2.023:33
MSameer2 & 0xff << 8 | 0 & 0xff23:35
alinMSameer: blimey... this must be some joke... I shall check the obfuscation page again23:37
MSameer#define HARDWARE_MAKE_API_VERSION(maj,min) \23:39
MSameer ((((maj) & 0xff) << 8) | ((min) & 0xff))23:39
MSameernetchip: want to try your luck ? :p23:41
MSameervakkov:  I guess all the above is a good reason to move to ubuntu layer23:51
MSameerav/services/camera/libcameraservice is a mess23:52
*** arcean has quit IRC23:54

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