Thursday, 2014-08-07

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spiiroinalin: tags are missing etc -> obs build does not work from that branch (I usually do only mb builds during development time)04:33
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spiiroinreview/testing appreciated:
spiiroin^ fix for read only rtc time - situ, vgrade, alin?04:52
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alinspiiroin: sledges probably will review06:18
alinspiiroin: for a reason I cannot build it06:27
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situspiiroin: can you provide us rpm package for this ?06:48
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alinsitu: I am trying to build it... but fails07:00
situalin: I am building it here
alinno  idea where gets the error07:00
situalin: I removed call to script07:00
alinsitu: I see... but where gets that stupid version from...07:01
situlbt: My project is building succesfully but I am not able to download binaries for
vgradesitu you need to enable the publish flag07:11
alinsitu: I downlaoded the binaries07:12
alinosc getbinaries07:12
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situvgrade: Now I feel dumb :P07:13
vgradesitu: thet one catches me out too07:13
situI wonder why do I get this tutorial on every boot07:16
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situspiiroin: Your changes work fine on Nexus 507:18
alinvgrade: situ yap07:18
alintested too and works07:18
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spiiroinsitu: it will not build in obs without proper tag07:35
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spiirointhere are multiple places where package version needs to be defind, there is a script that will make the build fail if all of them will not match07:36
spiiroinwithout tag the .spec modification by obs -> does not match07:36
spiiroin... usually do not use obs during devel time07:39
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alinthe wifi still does not reconnect after reboot08:34
alinvgrade: you said last night that pulse is fixed.. .but still fails in your repo08:34
vgradealin: it requires the PR to be taken, its still in review08:35
vgradealin: in the wifi issue in bz08:35
alinvgrade: in bz?08:36
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dmt__the wifi was in the piratepad08:41
dmt__i've just added it to bz08:41
vgradedmt__: cheeres08:41
dmt__in case i missed something, is there any progress on the 4g issue?08:42
dmt__vgrade: there is a testing branch of the buid scripts to use a mw repo instead of recompiling08:43
alinvgrade: probably dsme will be a must add to your repo08:43
jusa_merged and tagged pulseaudio-modules-droid 5.0.1808:46
situjusa_: Thanks.08:46
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situsledges: if we get spiiron's changes for dsme merged, we are good for a release.08:48
alinvgrade: coool08:48
alinvgrade: pulse is merged...08:48
alinsitu: can't we release with a mw repo in which we have the proper dsme?08:48
sledgessitu: how do we handle overlay of new dsme?08:49
situsledges: didn't get your question.08:49
alinsitu: also we shall disable time_daemon by default08:49
situalin: right08:49
alinsledges: we can put it in the mw repo08:49
sledgesold dsme is in sailfish repo08:49
alinsitu: with pulse and the rest08:49
sledgespulse is upstream in hw repo fine08:50
situsledges: so either wait for next version of Sailfish or use a different repo as alin suggests.08:50
alinsledges: vgrade did this
alinsitu: all we neeed is a agnostic repo... home:vgrade must go08:50
alinsledges: ^08:50
alinvgrade: can you push the usb-moded too in there... the nice one from phdeswer?08:51
alinand we will need a clean pattern for usb-moded to pull the right deps in a forced way08:51
phdeswerI can help with this if needed08:52
alinphdeswer: cool...08:52
sledgesis jolla-rnd-device open ph?08:54
sledgesphdeswer: ^08:54
phdeswersledges: Aard should be working on that.08:58
sledgeskool, in the meantime let's hope the users of community's nexus5 first release won't play with ui bits, so they dont lock themselves out :)08:59
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sledgesalthoug, if race condition strikes on boot, they wont be able even telnet..09:00
sledgesare we sure we want usb-moded in this alpha?09:01
dmt__sledges: so the sed hacks not solve the race temporarily?09:02
vgradesledges: usb-moded installed when I installed strace a few days ago and I've seen no issues09:02
phdeswerIt even fixes the broken dhcp issues ;)09:03
alinsledges: let us give it a try with usb-moded is pretty trivial to remove if we see any problems09:03
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phdeswerWell the only problem is that it will lock the device when the UI does not come up (as intended actually, but not handy in this case)09:04
alinphdeswer: will it do that if you put it by default in always ask?09:05
phdesweralin: there is a device security option that uses the devicelock as indicator if the device is locked or not. So the mode does not  matter. No devicelock answering == to device is locked => no USB09:06
sledgesvgrade: you ran into race with usb-moded on and was able to telnet in?09:07
vgradesledges: yes I have the race09:08
phdeswersledges: the race occurs before usb-moded starts no?09:08
vgradesledges: if I do I shutdown and reboot via power button09:08
vgradesledges: not even tried usb on race condition09:09
phdeswerThis contains the usb related parts from jolla-rnd-device. But I got told we do not want to do so and keep everything in jolla-rnd-device09:10
phdeswerIgnore the version numbering as I am too lazy to update the version stuff each time in obs09:10
sledgesphdeswer: if we do not want to do so, why are you asking us to do? :)09:12
phdeswersledges: I am just mentioning I did this and can use it if you feel an immediate need. Not saying you should put it in the config as I have not even tagged that stuff in a release.09:13
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sledgesah ok :)09:13
phdeswerMaybe I was not clear enough about that ;)09:14
sledgesthe only caveat i see is that we'll forget to remove it once jolla-rnd-device is available, but hopefully that will manifest itself with a bang09:15
phdeswersledges: well I meant to have it available for people to install, so they do not risk being locked out while hacking.09:16
sledgesphdeswer: ah, but not ship with image?09:17
phdeswerSince we do not need the package for normal use if the UI comes up09:17
phdeswersledges: yes not ship in the image for reason ^^09:17
sledgesphdeswer: how do you install that rpm if you get locked-out already? :)09:17
sledgeswe'll add a release note text like:09:18
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sledges"if you are experimenting with UI boot sequence, install this package"09:18
sledges"if you run into boot race condition, and would like to debug, reboot, and install this package"09:18
phdeswersledges: something like that... until Aard pushes out the jolla-rnd-device09:19
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sledgessitu: alin: put dsme into hw repo -- no need to add more repos, we have no foreseen space for you under nemo:devel:hw), just like beidl did with systemd for maguro. important is to tell spiiroin to bump version before next sailfish update, so all is upstreamed09:27
situsledges: ok, so that will fix the build issue on OBS ?09:28
sledgesbuild issue?09:28
situsledges: We have problems building dsme on OBS because of some versioning issues.09:29
spiiroinafter I merge the pull req and make a tag, you should be able to get it from dsme master09:29
situspiiroin: ok, great.09:29
sledgess/we have no foreseen space for you under nemo:devel:hw/we have no extra space foreseen for devices under nemo:devel:hw - one device, one repo, all enough :)/09:30
spiiroinstill giving some time in case I get more review comments09:30
sledgesspiiroin: i can test it on sbj09:30
sledgessitu: linky?09:30
spiiroinsledges: that would be good; I already gave it a spin yesterday, but more eyes the better09:31
sledgesor is it alin's issue from last night?09:31
situsledges: link to ?09:31
alinsledges: yes09:31
alinsitu: yes09:31
sledgessitu: alin: just put it to vgrade's hw repo for now09:31
sledgesall will be promoted to nemo:devel:hw from there09:31
vgradesledges: doing now09:32
alinsledges: yap... there is an issue with versions check09:32
sledgesvgrade: cheers09:33
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sledgesdsme build success \o/09:40
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vgradesledges: thats with the vesion issue hacked to work by situ.  Once we have OBS buildable dsme upstream I'll modify the _service09:42
sledgeswas about to say that ;)09:43
vgradegood, means I'm keeping up. Rather busy this morning09:43
sledgeskeep calm and carry on vgrade, i got plans how to hassle you least today yet still go ahead with release ;)09:47
sledgesalin: are wlan passwords remembered with fixed dsme?09:47
alinsledges: no09:47
alinsledges: this is what I commented in dmt's bug report09:47
sledgesalin: couldn't decypher, hence re-asking :)09:48
sledgespls be more explicit, as those bugs are read by sailors who don't have the whole picture09:49
alinsledges: blimey... so much context...09:49
alinsledges: he he...09:49
alinsledges: sensors09:49
alinrotation does not work and I suspect other fancies do not work either09:50
alinbud reports?09:50
sledgessitu has gone to hell and back trying to get sensors work couple of months ago09:50
sledgesno luck09:51
sledgesmy strategy: make them work on mako first (i'll stab it today --rrr finally :)), hopefully will gather some insights09:51
sledgesas i had sensors working on certain boot conditions on mako09:51
sledgesnot on hammerhead though09:51
situsledges: since it's closed source stuff, it's very hard to debug.09:52
sledgesfor me it was just to add sleep 3 in one .service09:53
sledgesand shoot myself from this hack :D09:53
sledges(on mako)09:53
sledges(with door handle ofc)09:53
sledgesspiiroin: your dsme installed, what is the test path?09:54
vgradesledges: I have an idea about sensors09:58
sledgesim all ears \o.O/09:59
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vgradesledges: looking at 1+ I notices that we can't process things in ueventd's of the form /dev/dvd/adaptor/video*10:09
alinsledges: ok... so we shall start reporting bugs against all the failing tests?10:09
vgradeyou get a warning while bulding the hal rpms10:09
sledgesalin: is mac address different on every boot?10:10
alinsledges: for wireless?10:11
vgradesledges: 1+ at least has things like # sensors10:11
vgrade/sys/devices/i2c-12/12-*  pollrate_ms 0664 system system10:11
vgradebut these are not warned about, so I'm assuming we don't set the permissions of these anywhere10:12
sledgesalin: yes, lpotter said this might cause password forgetting10:12
alinrebooting now10:12
alinsledges: nope10:14
alinsledges: the same mac10:14
alin[   53.476448] CFG80211-ERROR) wl_cfg80211_sched_scan_start : Invalid sched scan req!! n_ssids:010:15
alinalso I see this in logs [   29.533545]  MSM8974 Media1: asoc: MSM8974 Media1 no valid capture route from source to sink10:16
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vgradesledges: re busy above, I meant busy in here10:26
sledgesvgrade: got you ;)10:27
spiiroinsledges: there is no test binary, if that is what you meant. but basically what should now work is: set correct system time to device, reboot device or restart dsme.service -> it should still be in correct time10:28
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spiiroin... or "hbtest3 -a" from ipbh-tests might be a nice to check too10:29
vgradedmt: added a PR , I will add dsme here once you've accepted10:39
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alinspiiroin: /opt/tests/libiphb-tests/bin/hbtest310:43
alinrunning now10:43
dmtvgrade: thanks, merged10:44
vgradedmt: PR added for dsme10:48
vgradeready for when it goes up10:49
spiiroindsme 0.66.11 tagged in nemomobile master10:53
vgradespiiroin: thanks10:55
* spiiroin looks11:02
spiiroinalin: looks ok (I seem to have forgotten a >18h ranged wakeup in there, it has no chance of finishing in couple of minutes)11:04
alinspiiroin: cool11:04
vgradesledges: is up to date with both pulse and dsme upstreams11:04
alinany advice on this I miss a silly thing in there... if I list the unpackaged files complains about not finding them11:07
sledgesvgrade: any minute now ;)11:08
vgradealin: you need to list those files in the %files section11:08
alinvgrade: of course.. I did that... hold you breath... and you see the error11:08
alinthe error will come soon11:09
vgradealin: you need to list all the files you install in the %files section11:10
vgradenot just the libs11:10
alinvgrade: yap I know... you will see the error...11:10
alinfails already with that lists only...11:10
alinpractically fails to find the libs11:11
alinthis is a spec fromopensuse but shall build just fien11:12
alina spec is a spec11:12
alinthink I found it. .is %{buildroot} defined in merobs?11:13
vgradealin: true but rpm macros will be differnet11:14
vgradecheck on other mer package for %_libdir equivalent11:14
alinvgrade: I think that expands correctly11:15
alinthe make install may fail11:15
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spiiroinreview/testing appreciated:
spiiroin^ adds rgb led support for nexus511:26
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Sail0rHi everybody I try to setup the hadk env and end up with "Unknown ubuntu version" when trying to enter the ubuntu chroot11:31
phdeswerSail0r: afaik you can ignore that.11:32
sledgesSail0r: hello! 19:39 < sledges> on247me: edit /usr/bin/ubu-chroot and replace wheezy by "wheezy\|jessie"11:32
sledgessorry fix still did not propagate into mer-core11:32
phdeswersledges: ah ok we fixed it :D11:32
sledges(replace including "quotes")11:32
sledgesphdeswer: strange, should be in there by now (cc lbt )11:33
Sail0rthx works :)11:33
sledgessweet :)11:33
lbtSail0r: did you update your sdk11:33
lbtif it was a bit old11:33
lbtsdk-version --go11:34
lbtshould update android tools for you I think11:34
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alin__spiiroin: cool11:38
Sail0rlbt, downloaded today11:40
Sail0rI will try a port to Galaxy S211:42
sledgesSail0r: welcome aboard ;))11:42
Sail0rlet's see what happens *g*11:43
lbtSail0r: can you check rpm -q android-tools11:43
Sail0rkk, it's still repo syncing at the moment11:44
vgradesledges: what format is
lbtSail0r: nm - I checked here and it's wrong .. fixing11:45
sledgesvgrade: how did you stuble on this? ;)11:46
vgradesledges: image build11:46
sledgesit's not accessible without developer's credentials11:47
vgradesledges: I guessed but if we wanted to add demo photos11:48
sledgesit's just a plain text file, 1 filename per line11:48
sledgesbut i don't know how you'd have to alter the infra to pick that up11:49
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sledgesvgrade: pull the trigger and create SR from into
Sail0rsource build/envsetup.sh12:01
Sail0rexport USE_CCACHE=112:01
Sail0rbreakfast $DEVICE12:01
sledgesnp :)12:02
Sail0rdevice/samsung/galaxys2-common/ does not exist. Stop. after doing "breakfast $DEVICE" $DEVICE is set to i910012:03
dmtvgrade: i heard there is a package for LED somewhere, can you add it to the reference repo?12:06
dmtvgrade: i'm building now an img with the repo rpms instead of locally compiled ones12:07
vgradedmt: I'm just doing the SR12:07
vgradewe can look at that later12:08
dmtvgrade: ok, zip is ready12:09
sledgeslbt: we need to point patterns processor/extractor script (I usually ask iamer to do that) to
vgradedmt: that is from my repo yes?12:10
sledgesvgrade: thanks12:10
dmtvgrade: y, with yours, i';ll put the proper one later as default12:11
vgradedmt , it needs to come from
vgradeonce SR has been processed12:11
sledgeswe have one more hurdle ^12:12
sledgesi'll ping iamer on #nemomobile12:12
alin__vgrade: that is broken somehow12:14
vgradealin__: yes, because dhd package SR has not been processed12:15
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alin__vgrade: dhd?12:22
alin__vgrade: I see.. makes sense12:23
alin__vgrade: can we get in there spiiroin request on led?12:24
vgradealin__: idk12:24
alin__vgrade: idk?12:25
vgradeI don't know12:25
sledgesis spiiroin's led fix tested+working and upstream?12:25
alin__sledges: this is what I waas about... testing... he put a pull request12:26
sledgeslots of comments, will take time12:26
sledgesbut we are blocked by obs script absense12:26
sledgesso they have time12:26
sledgesdid you test it ooi?12:26
vgradealin__: did you test12:26
alin__vgrade: no...12:27
alin__bloody hell needs hand build12:31
alin__and even that fails12:36
Sail0rmake: *** No rule to make target `bootable/recovery/su/../../../external/koush/Superuser/Superuser/jni/su/su.c', needed by `/srv/mer/sdks/sdk/android/droid/out/target/product/i9100/obj/RECOVERY_EXECUTABLES/su.recovery_intermediates/../../../external/koush/Superuser/Superuser/jni/su/su.o'.  Stop.12:36
sledgesSail0r: comment "su" out of manifest, not needed12:37
sledgesunless there was a hack..12:38
Sail0rin .repo/manifest.xml i asume?12:39
sledgesunsure how much you stuck to hadk12:39
Sail0rdid it step by step12:40
sledgesthe local_manifest is the sensitive part12:41
sledgescausing those errors ^12:41
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters12:41
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters12:41
sledgeson other hand, to avoid mess, you could add to manifest12:41
locusfI added it for my n700012:41
*** alin__ has quit IRC12:42
sledgeslocusf: \o/ thanks for confirming, we'll ensure Sail0r's safe build :)12:43
Sail0rok deleted it from default.xml but it still does not work. Do I have to remove it from the cm*.xmls too?12:45
sledgesSail0r: listen to locusf ;)12:47
sledgesadd koush repo instead of deleting12:47
Sail0rhmpf ^^12:47
locusf<project name="CyanogenMod/Superuser" path="external/koush/Superuser" remote="github" />12:47
locusfto .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml12:48
*** alin has quit IRC12:52
Sail0rlooks good now :)12:53
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters12:56
alindid anyone manage to build ?12:59
spiiroin... I need to figure out a place where to put smoketesting rpms13:00
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters13:04
Sail0rdoes it also build for cm10.2 ?13:04
Sail0rbecause that's what i already have on my s213:04
dr_gogeta86hi peeps13:04
sledgesSail0r: hybris-10.2 has never been readied (patched from cm), so lots of patches to forward-port13:06
dr_gogeta86Sail0r, is better for you downgrade to cm10.113:06
Sail0rwill do that ;)13:06
dr_gogeta86or go forward to cm1113:06
dr_gogeta86i think is better to go cm1113:06
Sail0rthat's not that easy with a S2 according to XDA13:07
dr_gogeta86I think worth a try13:07
Sail0rI should have given more cpus to my ubuntu vm ^^13:08
alinSail0r: samsung galaxy2?13:08
Sail0ralin, yep13:08
alinSail0r: works13:08
alinSail0r: at least I put cm11 on my gf's13:08
alinSail0r: and I think I had a beer at the time13:09
Sail0rhehe maybe that was my problem ;) not had any beer when I tried  it last time13:09
alinSail0r: just follow the guide... you have to unlock the bootloader or somethign like that13:09
Sail0rlast time I did it the easy way with CM installer13:09
alinSail0r: you can try the last snapshot I have updated it few days ago on hers13:10
Sail0rbut it only brings 10.213:10
alinSail0r: I see.. I think I did it the proper way with adb sideload13:10
alinspiiroin: I think you need to change one of you headers in the plugin13:16
alinandroid/system/window.h shall be system/window.h13:16
alinspiiroin: /usr/lib/droid-devel/droid-headers/system/window.h13:17
dr_gogeta86test_vibrator.c:23:38: fatal error: hardware_legacy/vibrator.h: No such file or directory13:17
spiiroinalin: thanks for the heads up, I'll see if updating sdk makes it break for me too13:17
alinspiiroin: also I have some issues with unresolvables on mer
alinmaybe the spec needs some update?13:18
alinspiiroin: or maybe not...13:19
alinspiiroin: all the  things are in device specific libs...13:19
spiiroinalin: my thought too, I have no idea how obs setup should go for these13:20
alinvgrade: ^^^13:20
alinspiiroin: we have a device specific repo at the moment13:20
alinspiiroin: anyhow now builds13:20
sledgesalin: you have yo build against ha repo13:20
sledgesnot sailfish13:20
alinI will install the plugin by hand13:20
alinspiiroin: done... what test do you want to be done13:23
alinsledges: yap... I realised that too late13:24
alindmt: vgrade repo is done13:24
alinthe new one?13:24
sledgesdmt: alin: vgrade: situ: upstream repo ready and successful:
sledgesalin: also you built from wrong branch13:26
alinsledges: yes...13:26
alinsledges: what do you mean?13:26
sledgesalin: at least on your obs it says master instead of hammerhead_led13:26
alinsledges: yes you are right13:26
alinsledges: I gave up on that one... I built it by hand13:26
alinsledges: wrong branch too13:26
alinsledges: thanks13:26
sledgesalin: build fails13:27
sledgesbecause we need to remove android/ from #include (cc spiiroin )13:27
alinsledges: yes I told spiiroin about13:28
alinsledges: fixed almost13:28
sledgeswe could make this work on both flavours: jolla (with android/) and rest of hadk (without)13:28
alinspiiroin: this time got the right branch and the same story13:30
vgradesledges: ta13:31
alinvgrade: can you add please the led one?13:32
sledgesalin: tested works?13:32
alinvgrade: I have it alsmost done I can sr13:32
alinsledges: it does not... work for me13:32
alinsledges: let us expose others too13:32
sledgesno SRs, i'll hook up webhook once sane and other vote for dirtu release13:32
sledgesothers can sideload13:33
sledgesthen we'd have clean release13:33
alinsledges: ok13:33
Sail0rok now a step further the make run through without problems and i created the spec file for the device13:34
vgradedmt: can you submit the changes for the new repo13:35
Sail0rpage 43 is this a typo ?13:37
Sail0rHABUILD_SDK $13:37
Sail0rmka hybris-hal13:37
Sail0rbecause I have no mka command13:37
dr_gogeta86did you sourced env setup13:37
dr_gogeta86gogeta@localhost:~/mer/android/system$ source build/envsetup.sh13:37
alinSail0r: make?13:38
Sail0rsorry fucked up my include13:39
vgradesledges: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration hammerhead13:41
sledgesvgrade: createrepo (empty)13:42
sledgeswith patterns processed13:42
vgradeno from OBS repo13:42
vgradeor are we waiting for those13:42
sledgesvgrade: is not enoug13:42
sledgesnot gonna happen today13:42
sledgesdue to obs upgrade13:42
sledgesso local (empty) repo needed to compensate13:43
sledgeswith patterns13:43
sledgesand just add that repo on top in .ks13:43
vgradesledges: ok talk me through13:44
dmtvgrade: they are in branch 'testing'13:46
dmtpass -mwrepo the full repo url13:47
dmtand will rebuild it using those rpms13:47
alindmt: vgrade has the same issue as you on patters13:47
dmtvgrade, alin: had13:48
dmtnow the changes are online, had forgotten to push them before13:50
vgradedmt: thanks13:50
dmtvgrade: the default set is yout repo so you may want to change it to the reference13:53
sledgesprobably dmt would like to incorporate that too into script system, once tested by vgrade ^13:53
vgradedmt: nod13:53
*** dr_gogeta86 has left #sailfishos-porters13:54
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters13:54
vgradesledges: dmt I'll test current dmt testing first13:56
* vgrade rm -rf's his whole HADK tree13:56
dr_gogeta86i'm rebuilding13:56
dr_gogeta86i've missed a repo13:56
alinvgrade: dmt
alinline 46 and 47 shall be commented13:57
sledgesand no need to build RPMs locally dmt , i hope you're not doing that14:01
sledgesas all is upstream now14:01
sledges(hence local-repo stays empty)14:01
sledgeswith only patterns metadata14:02
sledgesofc -patterns*.rpm is needed :p but only that ;)14:03
sledgescould be fetched from upstream, for this "build using remotes" flavour of dmt testing branch14:03
sledgesjust to re-iterate: this all will be gone once phaeron fixes patterns on merobs14:04
locusfI'm getting this error when trying to get to mer sdk in a vm:14:13
locusfsu: cannot set groups: Operation not permitted14:13
alinsledges: no this is what we did we changed the script so pulls the rpms from the repo14:13
alinsledges: the latest an the freatest one14:13
alinsledges: of course in principle a curious person can still build the rpms14:14
sledgesalin: good, upstream upstream! :D14:14
alinsledges: yap... if you want I can give you the zip... just produced it14:15
vgradealin: I have a place to upload and situ was going to write the release notes for wiki and xda, I'll ping once its up and we can all give it a last test before we publish14:19
alinvgrade: ok14:20
alinvgrade: can you try to test spiiroin led test?14:20
dmtsledges: it is still possible to build locally if the passed repo is null string14:23
locusfsimple chown worked, rsync was a little too needy on copying the files as user14:23
sledgeslocusf: i use sudo rsync -rvlpgoc14:23
sledgesto reduce nand scrubbing14:23
sledgespreserves everything and does CRC check beforehand14:23
locusfsledges: this was on mer sdk14:24
locusfI waas using -avS14:24
sledgesi mean, in general handy parm combo14:24
sledgescan be ofc shortnd ;)14:25
Sail0rWarning: repo problem: nothing provides hybris-libsensorfw-qt5 needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hybris-0.0.6-201408071350.noarch,14:27
Sail0r what do i have forgotten?14:27
sledgesSail0r: chapter 13.8 ;)14:29
Sail0rnope ^^ but i have a typo in pkg name damn ^^14:30
locusfoh the feeling when I was building the image and forgot MW rpm generation :p14:30
situanyone here used jekyll before ?14:35
locusfah rsync over normal user can't of course chown as root14:36
Sail0rhm pulseaudio-modules-droid are not building14:43
Sail0rdroid-util.c: In function 'pa_parse_droid_audio_config':14:43
Sail0rdroid-util.c:481:22: error: 'SPEAKER_DRC_ENABLED_TAG' undeclared (first use in this function)14:43
sledgeslol the thing we fixed yesterday14:43
Sail0rnarf xD14:43
sledgesit is protected wiht ifdef #HAL_V214:44
Sail0rI checked it out from github an hour ago14:44
sledgeslooks like not good enough14:44
vgradebut elegant14:44
sledgesvgrade: but worked on sbj14:44
sledgesso im baffledto bits what's wrong locally14:45
sledgesSail0r: revert this one pls locally:
sledgeswill push you to working build at lest ;)14:46
*** situ_ has joined #sailfishos-porters14:46
vgradeSail0r: what device and CM version?14:46
Sail0rgalaxy s2 cm10.114:47
*** situ_ has quit IRC14:47
vgradecan you grep your source tree for HAL_V214:47
vgradeSail0r: thanks, matches the git from above14:50
Sail0rok built went through without a problem :)14:57
Sail0rok now I have a empty zip file and a big tar.bz215:02
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC15:08
Sail0rhm why did it not build the .zip file15:08
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:10
sledgesvgrade: ofc ;)15:16
sledgeswe hit the bullseye in between :D15:16
*** iTune has quit IRC15:18
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters15:18
*** PhompAng has joined #sailfishos-porters15:23
*** carepack has quit IRC15:23
*** iTune has quit IRC15:26
Sail0rdamn cannot get adb via virtualbox running15:32
spiiroinalin: was removal of  <android/> the only thing you needed to do to get mce plugin to compile?15:36
alinspiiroin: yes15:36
alinspiiroin: it seems that is needed only for hadk15:36
alinspiiroin: for jolla you need them in15:36
alinso...some magic may be needed15:36
spiiroinalin: hmm... at least my pkg-config gives both -Ixxx and -Ixxx/android15:37
spiiroini.e. compiles the same with or without15:37
spiiroinbut that is sdk, not obs15:37
spiiroinI think I'll just try it out, tags do not cost that much ...15:38
alinspiiroin: maybe they fixed it inside15:39
alinspiiroin: anyhow the bad news is that the led does not work15:39
spiiroinalin: do you have sw-breathing enabled? that does not work too well with n515:40
alinspiiroin: sw-breathing?15:40
alinspiiroin: wthit?15:40
spiiroinmcetool --set-sw-breathing=disabled15:41
spiiroinmcetool -y PatternCommunication15:41
spiiroin-> should give you led blinking in magenta15:41
alinspiiroin: nope15:46
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC15:46
*** RobJanc has quit IRC15:46
alinspiiroin: no blinking in any colour... or at least no visible radiation comes out... bloody photons15:46
spiiroinalin: ok, this is weird and confusing ...15:47
alinspiiroin: works15:47
alinspiiroin: but I did this15:47
alin[16:47:16 root@abbaton:/home/nemo]: mcetool --set-sw-breathing=disabled15:48
alin[16:47:24 root@abbaton:/home/nemo]: mcetool --set-sw-breathing=enabled15:48
alin[16:47:28 root@abbaton:/home/nemo]: mcetool -y PatternCommunication15:48
spiiroinodd.. does it flicker?15:48
alinspiiroin: yap15:49
alinspiiroin: now I need to stop it15:49
spiirointhe led needs to be turned off when reprogrammed -> breathing gets black gaps15:49
spiiroinmcetool -Y PatternCommunication15:50
Sail0rhow do I find out where I have to flash the hybris-boot.img?15:52
alinspiiroin: seems to work with both15:52
alinspiiroin: enabled and disabled15:52
spiiroinalin: any difference? I would expect disabled to not stutter15:53
alinspiiroin: in both cases blinks15:54
Sail0ris it mmcblk0p7 ?15:54
vgradeSail0r: did you try first with fastboot boot hybris-bot.img?15:55
Sail0rok first with fastboot?15:56
spiiroinalin: I guess I need to test a bit longer15:56
vgradeSail0r: let me know where you are in the process,15:56
Sail0rI am currently copying the sailfishos files15:57
Sail0rcm is already there15:57
vgradeso you insstalled CM.zip15:57
alinSail0r: shall be no need to do that... sideload the sf zip15:58
vgradethen installed sailfish.zip15:58
alinmakes life easier...15:58
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters15:58
alinreboot and you shall be ready to debug15:58
beidl_otghello hello porters elite :D15:58
alinbeidl_otg: hello15:58
alinbeidl_otg: you deserted?15:59
alinspiiroin: so you are the father of mce?16:00
situI am documenting the instructions to install Sailfish on Nexus 5 here
beidl_otgalin duty ended earlier tody (thank god)16:01
spiiroinalin: more like adoption parent I guess16:01
Sail0rhm booted normal cm16:02
Sail0rI think the bootloader does not get flashed16:02
beidl_otgsome progress made in the world of adaption? can't wait to squash some remaining bugs on maguro16:03
Sail0rok everything in /data.stowaways/sailfishos is there16:03
Sail0rbut I think no hybris-images flashed16:04
alinsitu: added opensuse... also you did not say anything about installing the stock android16:05
alinsitu: thought that is needed too16:05
situsledges: Is installing stock android needed ?16:06
spiiroinalin: at least for me the charger detection is not working, and battery level is <= 100% too -> breathing does not kick in without16:07
spiiroinmcetool --set-sw-breathing-limit=016:07
spiirointhen it makes a big difference whether the breathing itself is enabled or not16:08
alinspiiroin: I did it.. no change... blinking16:08
alinspiiroin: the same for me.. charger is not detected (led on)16:08
alinI am 100%16:08
Sail0ralin, any hint on which device the hybris-image must be flashed?16:08
spiiroinboth of these?16:08
spiiroin      --set-sw-breathing=<enabled|disabled>16:08
spiiroin      --set-sw-breathing-limit=<0 ... 100>16:08
alinSail0r: I think these are device specific16:08
Sail0ryep but how to figure out16:09
alinspiiroin: yes... seems none of these settings affects the speed of blinking16:09
alinSail0r: have no idea... sledges maybe knows16:09
*** arcean has quit IRC16:10
spiiroinalin: you have battery at 100% or the limit set to 100%?16:10
alinspiiroin: battery is at 100%16:11
alinspiiroin: limit i see being changed with -N16:11
spiiroinalin: and you did: mcetool --set-sw-breathing-limit=016:11
alinLed breathing:               enabled16:12
alinLed breathing battery limit: 0 (%)16:12
alincool now is on16:12
alinvery slowly faded16:12
sledgesspiiroin: if hybris-boot.img booted normal cm, something went wrong beforehand16:13
alinsledges: is Sail0rin trouble16:13
alinsledges: spiiroin fixed the led16:13
locusfSail0r: flash mmcblk0p5 because its the kernel partition16:16
locusfyou have the same layout in n7000 too16:16
*** boilerkim has quit IRC16:17
vgradedmt: from a clean machine, if you give -mwrepo then ahal'sh is not called16:17
*** boilerkim has joined #sailfishos-porters16:18
vgradedmt: make the package which creates the kickstart so build fails 'can't find ks'16:18
alinvgrade: yap... he is away...16:20
alinvgrade: I think some bits from ahal needs to be moved in build image16:20
vgradealin: np, just reporting16:20
alinvgrade: also... we still get a full kernel build16:21
alinvgrade: led is alive...16:21
vgradealin: good16:21
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC16:23
sledgesalin: what's the status of LED?16:25
alinsledges: yellow16:27
alinsledges: or purple on my phone16:27
Sail0rhehe now it's dead ^^16:27
alinsitu: vgrade updated the led status16:27
situalin: thanks16:28
alinsitu: depends on spiiroin pull request but looks good16:28
alinsitu: also added few lines on your wiki guide16:29
alinsitu: shall we link to the long list of issues?16:29
situalin: I think we will just refer to bugzilla.16:29
vgradealin: please read the page16:29
alinvgrade: which one?16:30
vgradethe one you just edited16:30
alinvgrade: the adaptation?16:31
sledgesalin: very funny :)) 19:13 < alin> sledges: spiiroin fixed the led16:31
alinwhat do I miss?16:32
vgradealin: could you add those two issues you added to the release page to bz16:34
vgradethen we can go with the link to bz in the know issues setion16:34
alinvgrade: yes and no...16:34
*** gogeta_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:35
alinvgrade: the white screen was not confirmed by anyone... so I do not think I shall add it16:36
alinthe other one... yes16:36
sledgesi confirm16:36
sledgeswhite trash before fb initialises, that's for every boot btw16:37
vgradealin: thanks16:38
vgradewe can remove those from the wiki now16:38
alinsledges: what do you confirm?16:38
alinvgrade: yes16:38
sledges19:37 < sledges> white trash before fb initialises, that's for every boot btw16:38
dmti was thinking some piece of ahal needs to be done but then i thought it doesn't16:39
dmtand only tested a rebuild16:39
dmtis the building of .inc thats the necessary bit?16:39
MerbotNemo bug 733 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhaed] scrambled image before ui starts" [Normal,New]16:39
vgradedmt yea its this line
vgradethat creates rgw kickstart16:40
alinsledges: the white screen blinking 4 times before dying with headphones on on he first boot... needs confirm16:40
sledgescan't confirm that atm16:40
sledgesalin: thanks for bug16:40
vgradealin: thanks16:41
vgradedmt: yup16:41
dmtdoes it need anything else to be buld before calling this?16:41
dmtcan be moved outside then16:42
vgradeit might need the inc16:42
* vgrade looks16:42
alinvgrade: I think it needs all before line 3816:42
alindmt: ^16:42
alindmt: and why do you have so many create repo?16:44
dmtbecause i was lazy to lookup the options and saw the brute way worked more or less16:45
dmtalso this constant rm- rf and mv16:45
alindmt: you create a repo per package...16:45
alindmt: reuse this one $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE16:46
alinand at second call this will fail16:48
alinsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install ssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE16:48
alinisThere=$(sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install ssu lr | grep "file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE")16:48
alinif [ "x$isThere" == "x" ]; then16:48
alin  sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R ssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE16:48
alinsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper ref16:49
alinsorry...  wrong clipboard16:49
alinwe will need to protect it from being re-added16:49
dmtonly have to resync the repo after each package not completely reinitialise16:52
alindmt: yes16:53
alindmt: cleanup like this16:53
dmti thought for a few small packages and something thats not going to be used for long (once the packages are online) was acceptable16:53
alindmt: yap...16:54
alindmt: in principle we still need to remove the old packages when we put new ones.. and that may be tricky16:54
alindmt: maybe just create another repo for all the mw16:55
Sail0ralways an empty zip file16:55
alindmt: we empty at the beggining and end of story16:55
locusfSail0r: show the full mic output?16:56
alinSail0r: yuu miss variables?16:56
alinseems you have a lot of missing stuff in that zip creation16:56
Sail0rhm but why and what16:56
Sail0ris there a more verbose output?16:56
alinSail0r: you did not set them probably or you did not source16:58
alinspiiroin: blue led... blinking...16:58
alinspiiroin: out of the blue... got message from gf...16:58
alinspiiroin: so things are working...16:58
locusf# always aim for the latest:16:59
locusf# WARNING: EXTRA_NAME currently does not support '.' dots in it!16:59
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC16:59
locusfSail0r: have you set those?17:00
locusfcan you pastie your .ks file?17:00
alinSail0r: chapter 817:01
alinspiiroin: green for missing calls...17:01
Sail0ralin, yep? Read through it three times already17:02
alinSail0r: section 8.417:04
alinif you look at your output for image17:04
Sail0ryeah dealing with missing packages I know but which are missing17:04
alinthe string is missing17:05
alinso... which device do you build for?17:05
alinecho $VENDOR17:05
alinecho $DEVICE17:05
alinecho $EXTRA_NAME17:05
*** dmt has quit IRC17:07
alinSail0r: ok17:10
alinSail0r: you can put something more normal to EXTRA_NAME17:10
Sail0rlike? dev?17:11
alinSail0r: I think what happens it fails earlier17:11
alinSail0r: yap feel free to be creative17:11
sledgesEXTRA_NAME should start with dash "-"17:12
sledgesi noticed dragons otherwise17:12
Sail0rk now i set it to -dev17:12
Sail0rI think the issue starts here :
Sail0rfor some reason there are things missing in chroot17:13
*** PhompAng has quit IRC17:19
sledgesSail0r: empty .zip file or not, doesn't matter17:19
*** Sail0r has quit IRC17:19
sledgesimportant you succeed with hybris-boot.img first17:20
sledgeshehe :)17:20
alinsledges: wanted to give him to test the script17:20
alinsledges: anyhow... we have led working... and I am tempted to put it on green now not on yellow17:21
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters17:22
sledgesalin: are you pushing it for this release?17:22
alinsledges: I am tempted  is a cool feature17:23
alinsledges: we can add it in the hw repo with the rest17:23
sledgesdon't greenify pls because it's not 100% working17:23
alinsledges: only the battery does not work17:23
alinand usb plugged in17:24
sledgesbattery has problems all over17:24
sledges(like false recharge notification on boot)17:24
alinsledges: I do notk now I did not see...17:24
alinsledges: I mean.. what I expect a colour when the usb is in..17:24
alinsledges: and better different colours depending on the mode17:25
alinsledges: but when someone writes I get a led blinking... missed calls too17:25
alinsledges: so is not bad17:25
sledgesi'm a bastard who would like to support alin and push out a dirty alpha image, instead of waiting for upstream (what do you think spiiroin wrt status of your PR), but will leave it for situ & vgrade to decide, they are the nexus5 pioneers ;)17:25
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC17:27
sledgesalin: bug for  headphones plugged it may cause the screen to blank while for times... then black. remove the headphones.17:28
sledges? pls17:28
vgradesledges: do we need one on battery recharge notification on boot17:29
sledgesalin: you'll have to push fixes to android/ problem though, otherwise it won't compile on obs ;)17:29
sledgesvgrade: speaking about LED17:29
sledgesi get false recharge notifications since ages, no biggy (upower will be looked at evtl)17:29
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters17:29
vgradesledges: I see17:30
situsledges: which PR you are talking about ?17:30
vgradesledges: if package is in OBS when I build it will get picked up I guess by mic17:31
alinsledges: yes...17:31
alinsitu: vgrade
alinvgrade: is not...17:32
alinsledges: did you reproduce it?17:32
situsledges: I may be fine with including it. but does it really add any value to the functionality ?17:34
sledgessitu: as daily driver? ;)17:34
sledgesled notifications are really cunning on sailfish :)17:34
beidl_otgsry guys that I cant be on IRC here as often as i want, the connection here sucks17:36
vgradehi beidl_otg \o17:36
beidl_otgvgrade: hey o/17:37
vgradegoing ok ?17:37
alinbeidl_otg: so... how is life in army?17:39
situsledges: ok, I am fine with including it.17:40
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC17:41
*** dmt has joined #sailfishos-porters17:45
alinmore colours17:48
sledgespackage is building on obs.. ;)17:48
alinsledges: how comes?17:48
sledgesi did the grunt work alin ;)17:48
sledgeslet's see if it compiles17:49
sledgesi also want LEDs out :D17:49
vgradesledges: :)17:49
alinsledges: cool17:49
alinso got white-bluish solid at boot time17:49
sledgessuccess \po/17:49
alinred at shutdown17:49
vgradealin: thanks for the bug report17:49
sledgesyep, just like jolla ^_^17:49
alinsledges: when you plug the usb what do you get?17:49
alinsledges: does it get different colours based on usb mode?17:50
sledgesalin: im not testing it ^_^17:50
sledgesvgrade: it's not in patterns17:50
sledgesneed to uncomment ;)17:50
vgradesledges: ok added to release todo list17:51
sledgeswhat else's in the todo list? ;)17:52
sledgeslet me test that rpm then ;)17:52
alinsledges: thought you have a jolla phone17:53
alinsledges: I know it does not work on n517:53
alinvgrade: do we put usb-moded-*17:53
alinvgrade: ?17:54
*** boilerkim has quit IRC17:54
sledgesalin: you lost me there17:55
*** boilerkim has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
alinsledges: you said the led colours are like jolla17:55
sledges20:49 < alin> so got white-bluish solid at boot time17:55
alinsledges: when I boot the phone... the led get on17:55
sledgesis what i commented17:56
alinsledges: white... with a blue tint17:56
sledges20:49 < sledges> yep, just like jolla ^_^17:56
alinsledges: ok... good... now my question...17:56
alinsledges: what colours jolla gets when the usb is plugged in17:56
alinsledges: are they different for different usb modes?17:56
alinsledges: two questions...17:56
sledgesbut it breathes when charging17:57
sledgesand pale white when charged17:57
sledgesor vice versa :p17:57
sledgesit doesn't change depending on mode17:57
sledgesvgrade: \o/
alinsledges: ok... difererent colours based on mode will be cool17:59
vgradesledges: thanks for your work there,17:59
sledgesfeature request on TJC? ;)17:59
sledgesvgrade: minimal, pleasure :)17:59
sledgesspiiroin is the hero of the day17:59
vgradesledges: so I just need to remove from patterns before build18:00
sledgesand process_patterns18:00
vgradesorry uncommet, time for a beer I think18:00
vgradeyup thanks18:00
sledgesLED works! \o/18:02
sledgeswhat a beauty :D18:02
sledgesalin: go and greenify that cell :DD18:02
sledgeswe'll put a bug about battery18:02
alinsledges: spiiroin knows already18:02
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters18:02
alinsledges: he he18:02
junnuvi_for sure this was asked earlier, but how to make device boot directly without need to echo "continue" ... ?18:03
sledgesjunnuvi_: rm /init_enter_debug; if not there -- fastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img18:03
junnuvi_ok, thanks18:03
beidl_otgsry to anyone who wrote to me, the connection drops constantly here18:04
beidl_otgsooo, hi again sledges vgrade alin18:05
sledgesbeidl_otg: yo yo yo! o/18:05
alinbeidl_otg: yep... asked how is in the army?18:05
beidl_otgvgrade well wearing 4 kinds of clothes (rain and thermal) sucks18:06
beidl_otgon top of each other of coursr18:06
beidl_otgpeople dont seem to be used to a real linux stack on their maguros18:06
beidl_otgfrom the limited reading I did on xda18:07
vgradebeidl_otg: they will learn18:07
alinbeidl_otg: or stop reading xda18:07
beidl_otgthe xda developers typical toolset: notepad & winrar18:08
alinsledges: can you add the usb-moded in pattern and we test if the image boots?18:08
junnuvi_sledges: btw, volume controls are working now18:08
sledgesjunnuvi_: what was the magic sauce?18:08
sledgesalin: enough if you just do zypper in usb-moded18:08
sledgesand plugins18:08
sledgesto test18:08
alinsledges: I did that18:08
alinsledges: of course you need to be more selective18:09
beidl_otgi'll probably write a patch to hciattach tomorrow, so bluetooth works better on maguro18:09
alinsledges: usb-moded usb-moded-pc-suite-mode-android usb-moded-mass-storage-android-config usb-moded-diag-mode-android usb-moded-developer-mode-android usb-moded-defaults-android usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config18:09
beidl_otghas any progress being made there? vakkov?18:09
alinbeidl_otg: he has english exam tomorrow... so I suspect not too much18:10
alinsledges: but you need a special usb-moded... from phdeswer18:10
sledgesalin: then it's too complicated for this release18:10
sledgesim going afk for next 3 hours18:10
beidl_otgvakkov if you read this, good luck for your exams ;)18:10
junnuvi_sledges: modifications to /etc/pulse/xpolicy.conf and, mostly source/sink names18:11
alinsledges: why complicated...we put it in the hw repo18:11
alinsledges: he he... me too... not for so long.. and tomorrow I need to write some lecture notes and the tutorial for some students18:11
sledgesalin: modified phdeswer's usb moded, too much split, not enough tests, not in upstream; also stock usb-moded worked earlier too, just add disclaimer to release notes about lose UI = lose connectivity18:11
beidl_otgsledges alin vgrade and folks, I cant thank you enough for your mentoring18:12
alinsledges: there is some bug in it...18:12
sledgesalin: yes, about device lockout18:13
alinsledges: in the default one...18:14
alinsledges: anyhow is not important we can ship without and the curious can add it18:14
beidl_otghow is the turn around time in mer when a patch gets accepted upstream? would write a patch for hciattach to get rid of firmware loading hacks18:15
vakkovalin: beidl_otg: not tommorow, but on Saturday :D and i am going to fail it since i can't sit on my ass and study :D18:15
junnuvi_sledges: still not booting without continue :(18:15
sledgesjunnuvi_: inspect why it stops there18:15
sledgescat /init.log18:15
sledgesbefore continue18:15
beidl_otgvakkov ahhh youll do it, trust me ;)18:16
sledges+kb vakkov18:16
sledgeswill be lifted after exam :))18:16
vakkovbeidl_otg: we started started fixing the camera18:16
alinvakkov: I have my doubts about... is just english...18:16
alinok I am going home now... see you later18:16
junnuvi_+ echo ########################## Beginning inject loop18:17
junnuvi_########################## Beginning inject loop18:17
vakkovbeidl_otg: unfortunately my system got broken... you know that it is not easy to flash my phone :D we will continue soon18:17
sledgesjunnuvi_: is that it?18:17
vakkovalin: sledges: beidl_otg: thanks guys :)18:17
sledgesfor kick+ban? sure ;))18:17
junnuvi_sledges: yes, that was last two lines18:18
vakkovi am practicing now :p18:18
sledgesjunnuvi_: all of it needed ;)18:18
sledgesvakkov: good man o;)18:18
alinsledges: MSameer shall we put on yellow the camera?18:18
alinfor nexus 5?18:19
sledgesjunnuvi_: cat /diagnosis.log18:20
vakkovalin: you got it working?18:21
beidl_otgare people ok with the current state of the maguro release?18:21
junnuvi_sledges: CONFIG_SYSVIPC=y not found in /proc/config.gz18:21
junnuvi_and that was all :)18:21
sledgesjunnuvi_: add it, recompile kernel ;)18:21
alinvakkov: no... jsut reached the point to find out it uses the wrong api18:21
sledgesjunnuvi_: probably mismatch between official verifier and that one in initrd18:21
junnuvi_sledges: ok, I will try that :)18:22
vakkovbeidl_otg: just opened the thread.. You can install it via zypper (zypper install aliendalvik) however it's either missing components or needs modification to the underlying system as it just crashed upon opening an android app18:22
*** alin has quit IRC18:22
vakkovand so that :D :D those guys should know that dalvik is hw dependent18:22
sledgesbeidl_otg: i heard one switch back to android because no dalvik, others on thread try to install dalvik :) or games at least, helping one guy out18:22
sledgesas full screen android games are opengl c/c++ binaries only anyhow18:23
beidl_otgvakkov well dalvik itself is not, but aliendalvik is :)18:23
vakkovbeidl_otg: you got me ..18:23
vgradebeidl_otg: good feedback18:23
beidl_otgsledges oh my, they dont understand ^^18:23
beidl_otgvgrade also i hope to not drag jollas reputation through the mud :)18:24
vakkovthey dont have apkenv..18:24
sledgesbeidl_otg: ?18:24
beidl_otgsledges alin ^18:25
* sledges remembers times of unpacking angry birds .apk onto pandaboard running mer/nemo, it worked, but input was broken :D18:25
vgradebeidl_otg: I don't think so , feedback is what we need to make it better18:25
sledgesbeidl_otg: what mud? aliendalvik is not launchable18:25
sledgesonly on jolla18:25
beidl_otgsledges well, some users expect everything to work18:26
beidl_otgand assume that it would be the same on Jolla phone18:26
vakkovwell, f*ck them :D18:26
beidl_otgright :D18:26
vgradewell thats to be expected18:26
sledgesyou stated that in announcement18:26
vakkovit says alpha, not a problem of us anymore18:26
vgradewe need to educate18:26
sledgesand there were no angry birds on the thread, everyone's understanding18:26
vgradeand get more hands involved to build an open dalvik18:27
vakkovvgrade: sooon :p18:27
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC18:30
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters18:33
beidl_otgconnection dropped again18:33
beidl_otganyways, battery almost empty, cant wait to be active in the chat again18:35
beidl_otgand of course in porting :)18:36
beidl_otgalright guys, until then, bye o/18:38
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC18:42
junnuvi_sledges: thank you so much! Now device will boot without echo "continue" \o/18:52
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
dwangoACIf you were setting up a new VMWare Linux guest and you wanted to use encryption, would you trust VMWare's disk encryption or would you defer to encrypting the partition inside of Linux?19:27
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:45
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:45
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:45
*** situ_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:52
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos-porters19:57
*** Sail0r has quit IRC20:00
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos-porters20:00
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*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters20:01
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos-porters20:02
vgrade please give a quick test20:04
situalin: sledges^20:09
alinvgrade: a nitpick20:10
alinvgrade: --20:10
alinin the name20:11
vgradeyea i kicked my self20:11
alinvgrade: did you use dmt's script?20:11
alinvgrade: then is probably my fault20:11
vgradeI did20:11
alinvgrade: blame me.. then.. forgot to remove the double...20:11
vgradealin: no I added one thinking id need one20:12
alinvgrade: so I remembered to remove it20:12
alinvgrade: i did the same mistake initially20:12
alinvgrade: so this image... has leds?20:13
situled works.20:17
situlipstick comes up perfectly20:17
alinsitu: almost perfectly20:17
situsound works.20:17
alinsitu: would be nice to have the usb20:17
vgraderace for me on 1st, up ok 2nd20:18
alinvgrade: so you have no workarounds...20:18
alinvgrade: I am still downloading it20:19
vgradeno wokarounds20:19
alinvgrade: ok not bad20:19
alinvgrade: do  you think we shall add more apps?20:19
vgradealin: I thought you were still downloading it20:19
alinvgrade: yes I am still downloading20:20
alinvgrade: I meant on the image we release20:20
alinvgrade: not to be so bare20:20
situI finished the tutorial for 100th time.20:20
alinsitu: that is one of the things that does not make me happy to reflash20:20
alinsitu: 3/4 of the time needed to restore is due to the tutorial20:21
situwifi works fine.20:23
situphone network is good.20:23
alinremembers me to report the wifi hotspot bug20:24
situAll looks good to me.20:24
vgradesitu, ship it20:25
situvgrade: Yep20:26
alinvgrade: still downloading20:26
alinvgrade: ok finished...20:26
alinvgrade: I will reflash... ok20:26
alinif I am not back in 20minutes is bad...20:26
vgradenice gree led on missed call20:27
gogeta_i miss ./hardware/libhardware_legacy/include/hardware_legacy/vibrator.h20:27
gogeta_why ?20:27
situalin: Please let me know when you are done testing.20:30
alinsitu: yap20:31
alindmt: ^^ a test?20:31
situvgrade: I think we should mention in the wiki if the device shows google logo for 3-4 minutes on first boot, do a reboot.20:31
vgradesitu: yes agreed20:31
*** alin has quit IRC20:37
dmt__situ: login with telnet and kill the tutorial once it starts20:42
situdmt__: Yep20:42
Sail0rAm I right that the root fs for the zip file comes from targets/$VENDOR-$DEVICE-arm7hvl ?20:42
dmt__5th time it made me mad enough to figure this out20:42
situdmt__: I forgot the path to the file which you can touch, so that tutorial never starts.20:43
dmt__kill works reliably20:44
situ /home/nemo/.jolla-startupwizard-done20:45
situ  /home/nemo/.jolla-startupwizard-done20:45
situ /home/nemo/.jolla-startupwizard-usersession-done20:45
Sail0rwhat the hell am I doing wrong ?
vgradesitu: added an image
situvgrade: Looks great.20:48
vgradesitu: ship it?20:48
situvgrade: alin disappeared.20:49
gogeta_but pulseaudio has been fixed for who use cm11 ?20:49
situvgrade: Let's wait for him for some time otherwise I will go ahead with publishing my blog post.20:49
vgradeok going to eat now20:49
vgradejust noticed the title of the wiki page does not mention nexus 520:52
vgradeI guess its not an issue as we have hammerhead20:53
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:59
alinsitu: vgrade20:59
alinfirst boot... race20:59
alinsecond boot ok...  less than 1 minute boot20:59
alinleds work20:59
alinwifi works as exepcted did not find anything around20:59
alindefault network on
alinnetwork works21:00
alintime works on reboot21:00
situalin: Overall positive.21:01
alinsitu: yap21:02
situalin: Thanks for testing, will announce it.21:02
alinsitu: I would love to have an image with the proper usb-moded21:02
vgradeship it?21:02
situvgrade: publishing my post, wait.21:02
alinvgrade: and you added extra apps too21:02
vgradealin: :)21:02
situvgrade: and yes, we can ship it.21:02
alinvgrade: you missed one... fileman21:03
vgradealin: alpha221:03
alinvgrade: already?21:03
vgradealin: planned, first bug is filemon :)21:03
alinvgrade: no... usb-moded21:04
situvgrade: ohh you misspelled sailfish os your tweet :P21:06
situin your tweet *21:06
sledgesbeer is working ;))21:07
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:07
* sledges ready to post in xda21:07
situsledges: go ahead21:08
vgradetake 221:08
vgradesledges: touche21:08
*** piggz has quit IRC21:09
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:09
gogeta_i'm stuck in circular dependancy21:10
alingogeta_: are you sure is not rectangular?21:10
gogeta_i dunno21:10
gogeta_but is strange21:10
gogeta_Warning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-c8813q-0.0.6-201408072056.noarch requires droid-hal-c8813q-kernel-modules, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: droid-hal-c8813q-kernel-modules-0.0.6-201408072056.armv7hl[adaptation0-c8813q-]21:11
alinboys link to spread?21:13
sledgesi wonder why beidl_ posted in SGNexus General thread21:15
sledgesnot Android Development21:16
alinsitu: you missed the first bit... about flashing the google android...21:17
situalin: Is it really required ?21:17
alinsitu: the guide says to be done...21:17
alinsitu: I did not try without21:17
vgradealin: where are you looking?21:17
vgradeand what is missing?21:18
alinvgrade: the first email... the nexus 4... listed a first step of flashing the latest android from google website21:21
alinvgrade: check karsten first email about hadk21:22
vgradealin: I think there was an isue about different basebands I think.21:23
vgradeso to make sure that step was added.21:23
situ if anybody is interested in discussing on HN.21:24
alinvgrade: was not that the january issue or something like that?21:26
vgradealin: did not follow as I did not have N421:26
alinvgrade: was on n5 too21:27
vgradealin: what stock android are you on?21:28
alinvgrade: the latest... 4.4.421:28
alinfrom mid july21:28
vgradewhich version string21:28
vgrademine is kot49h21:29
gogeta_i'm crying21:32
gogeta_Warning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-c8813q-0.0.6-201408072121.noarch requires droid-hal-c8813q-kernel-modules, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: droid-hal-c8813q-kernel-modules-0.0.6-201408072056.armv7hl[adaptation0-c8813q-]21:32
gogeta_                   droid-hal-c8813q-kernel-modules-0.0.6-201408072121.armv7hl[adaptation0-c8813q-]21:32
sledgesgogeta_: remove RPMs from repo21:33
sledgeshave only one version21:33
sledgessee in hadk they do rm -rf ..../*.rpm21:34
alinvgrade: the same21:35
alinvgrade: i think they changed to h sometime in the winter21:36
alinvgrade: i may have installed this one KTU84P21:37
*** gogeta_ has left #sailfishos-porters21:39
*** gogeta_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:39
gogeta_now become Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: jolla-hw-adaptation-c8813q21:39
gogeta_so i need to recreate patterns am i wrong ?21:39
alingogeta_: yap21:40
alingogeta_: you need to recreate21:40
gogeta_wait for it21:41
gogeta_so lets to start mic again21:41
gogeta_Warning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-c8813q-0.0.6-201408072121.noarch requires droid-hal-c8813q-kernel-modules, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: droid-hal-c8813q-kernel-modules-0.0.6-201408072121.armv7hl[adaptation0-c8813q-]21:42
gogeta_as before21:42
*** Arkkis has joined #sailfishos-porters21:45
ArkkisHey everyone! Sailfish OS for Nexus 5 (alpha) does not work with Multirom right?21:46
*** piggz has quit IRC21:49
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:49
vgradeArkkis: that right Arkkis but we would like it to21:49
ArkkisMe too.. :<21:50
vgradeArkkis: welcome aboard21:50
gogeta_vgrade: you need to patch kernel21:50
gogeta_kexec enabled plus another patch21:50
gogeta_hardboot something similar21:51
vgradegogeta_: ok, and make that coexist woth the Mer initrd switch_root21:51
gogeta_i think is not a problem21:52
gogeta_with kexec you need to pass whole kernel args21:52
gogeta_for now i got first world problem21:52
gogeta_rpm dependancy21:52
vgradewhere is 2bd kernel stored21:52
gogeta_I may help21:52
vgradeand 2nd rootfs21:53
gogeta_i think for today stop21:54
gogeta_rm -rf whole thing21:54
gogeta_tomorrow i must be fresh21:54
dmt__is it possible to get something like repodata/<somelonghash>-patterns.xml.gz in the reference repo for n5?21:58
dmt__this will make the mic work without any local repo21:58
vgradedmt__: we are waiting for some work on OBS to be done then we will get patterns sorted22:00
vgradedmt__: thanks fot your work btw, makes producing and reproducing an image a snip22:01
vgradeI'll give it a go with 1+ now, see how it goes22:01
ArkkisMake it magically work with Multirom ;)22:02
dmt__vgrade: i saw the image wiki the link to the scripts there is wrong22:03
dmt__points to testing22:03
dmt__and as is, it is going to break on clean build22:03
vgradeok I'll return that to master22:03
dmt__i'll edit to point to the master branch, it recompiles but is safe22:04
vgradeok yu do it22:04
dmt__if you are logged it already22:04
dmt__you'll save me the hassle22:04
dmt__..logged in...22:04
vgradesledges: no disclaimer ?22:05
gogeta_you must put some check in ahal.sh22:06
gogeta_in some devices is not flowless line 2422:06
gogeta_you need to check if is gone ok22:06
sledgesvgrade: just copied beidl_'s post22:08
dmt__gogeta: ok, i'll make it stop on failure, i only tried on n5 and it never failed22:08
gogeta_i'm not build n522:08
dmt__gogeta: i see, good luck :)22:09
vgradesledges: ok, it does say alpha22:09
gogeta_dmt: apart some QA is good22:10
*** Sail0r has quit IRC22:13
dmt__gogeta: thanks, i know it has lots of qa issues, if you fix something feel free to put a SR22:13
vgradegogeta_: I'd like to use it for 1+ also so lets make it as generic as possbile together22:14
gogeta_i think is a milestone for sfa22:14
gogeta_almost for feature parity with ubuntu touch22:14
gogeta_first i need to build twrp for my device22:15
gogeta_i'm using cwrm22:15
gogeta_not by choice22:16
gogeta_nothing to do22:17
gogeta_i need to debug the kernel-module issue22:17
sledgeswell done porters! let's drink that Porter beer for Nexus 5 today \o/22:19
gogeta_up the pint22:20
gogeta_sledges: any hint for that shit22:20
gogeta_i've find problem22:21
gogeta_son of22:21
gogeta_i need to rebuild android dammit22:22
vgradesledges: I've already started :) cheers22:22
gogeta_I've finished beers22:22
gogeta_sledges: the day after tomorrow i got some granitas22:23
gogeta_to cheers22:23
sledgesi got and warm up pasta con pepperoni22:23
gogeta_at this time22:23
gogeta_you are not sicilian like me22:23
gogeta_results may vary22:23
* vgrade looks for multirom docs22:27
sledgesgogeta_: breakfast, at this time? ;)22:30
sledgeswe are not in germany to have evening cappuccino :)22:31
gogeta_that was the reward if i finish this f* port22:31
gogeta_sledges: in the past while travelling i was use to have a mug of coffe before getting night train from rome to sicily22:32
sledgesgogeta_: but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers:22:36
sledgesThis means a package dependency cannot be satisfied down the hierarchy of patterns. A quick in-place22:36
sledges• Substitute22:36
sledges@Jolla Configuration $DEVICE22:36
sledges@jolla-hw-adaptation-$DEVICE in your .ks22:36
* sledges apologises but it's been a long day22:36
sledges• Rebuild .ks22:36
gogeta_Info: Pack rootfs to /home/gogeta/mer/android/system/sfa-c8813q-ea- Please wait...22:37
sledgesgo eat the briochi :))22:37
gogeta_no i need to test chinese provided kernel first22:38
gogeta_vanilla is not bootable22:38
vgradefor the record,
gogeta_but is chipset dependant22:44
gogeta_ this is for you22:45
sledgesvgrade: could you g+ too?22:45
vgradesledges: done22:45
gogeta_good night22:45
vgradenn gogeta_22:45
sledgesahh, my g+ is bananas22:45
*** zZz0n has quit IRC22:45
sledgesnotte gogeta_ !22:45
*** Arkkis has quit IRC22:46
vgradethat remonds me there are folks waiting on youtube22:46
*** gogeta_ has quit IRC22:49
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters22:50
*** zZz0n is now known as zon22:51
*** zon has quit IRC23:00
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters23:00
*** zZz0n is now known as zon23:00
sledgesnn Porters23:02
vgradenn sledges23:02
vgradewhat a day23:02
sledgesmore likes pls :DDD
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:12
sledgeslol what an avalanche :)) thanks23:13
sledgesvgrade: if you like the whole post, it will boost it more :D23:13

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