Friday, 2014-08-08

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ParkerRsledges, Any nexus 7 2012 ports? (Because Im kinda lazy)06:30
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Sage___comments and reviews welcome
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Sage___ok, that isn't safe to merge something odd going on with init at times :/07:10
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bigfatdealmorning vgrade07:37
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lbtmorning all08:00
deidaracan anyone port sailfish os in xperia neo, xperia arc?08:00
lbtdeidara: is there a CM build for those devices?08:01
deidaralbt: Yes, but unofficially (cm11)08:03
SK_workdeidara: are you ready to get your hands dirty ? if no, are you ready to donate a device to a porter (because xperia arc is not often seen these days)08:04
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deidarask_work: yes, I'm ready for this08:08
SK_workdeidara: to get hands dirty ? Get a linux host and the HADK pdf :)08:08
SK_workand ping sledges often if you have questions :)08:08
alindeidara: what device?08:08
* sledges looks around08:09
zshxperia arc08:09
alinsledges: hide...08:09
SK_workalin: why ? :D08:09
alinfell asleep last night...08:09
deidaraalin: xperia neo and and xperia arc08:09
alinsitu: vgrade any links?08:10
alinof people complaining camera does not work08:10
alinspiiroin: your led patch got in the alpha release08:10
deidarask_work: ok08:10
alinspiiroin: do you want a bug report on the usb connection?08:10
zshWhat did U say about the progress of the port for the N4?08:11
spiiroinalin: there is a ticket already at jolla bz; prepping pull reqs for it08:11
zshAs I know yesterday was a stellar day for N5 :D08:11
jusa_thp_: did you get something preliminary for n5 video out?08:12
alinspiiroin: blimey you fix bugs... faster we can repotr08:13
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sledgesalin: no complaints (benefits of stating most important bits in release notes ;)
bigfatdealhello sledges08:49
bigfatdeali see you used one of my gnexus photos in your tweet :)08:49
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sledgesbigfatdeal: are you going to sue me now? :DD08:52
bigfatdealhahaha no08:52
bigfatdeali put my sim card in the gnexus and i've been using it for the last ~24 hrs or so08:52
bigfatdealnot bad at all08:53
alinsledges: some guy hit the race and complains about...08:53
sledgesalin: and fixed in the end, due to his recovery rom mis08:54
sledgesbigfatdeal: thanks to maguro team hehe :)08:54
alinsledges: great.. now I remember why I do not like xda...08:54
alinsledges: I cannot post on it08:54
sledgesbigfatdeal: awesome pictures, there were three users posting, and each had one shiny \o/08:54
sledgesalin: 10 posts ;) i had to go through that as well :p08:55
bigfatdealyeah that's why i had to post images to imgur08:55
bigfatdeali contemplated taking a photo with the galaxy nexus running sailfish outside google HQ (i live pretty close to it)08:56
bigfatdealmaybe over the weekend :)08:56
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sledges:)) bigfatdeal09:03
sledgesbigfatdeal: any feedback on experience so far?09:04
bigfatdealmostly positive09:04
bigfatdealphone calls / sms / 3g data work09:04
bigfatdealnot sure why they are still yellow on merproject wiki09:04
bigfatdeali managed to transfer contacts from n9 over bluetooth with the command line hack posted by beidl in xda09:05
bigfatdealcouldn't get gps to work with modrana09:05
bigfatdealwifi seems to be working well09:06
carepackalin: you have to count enough ports befor you'll be able to post in dev threads. Hello everybody09:06
carepackposts not ports = lol09:06
carepacksee ports everywhere around me :-)09:07
alincarepack: yap... and I did not like.. especially first post I made was fixing some issue... some guy who posted had09:07
sledgesand porters drinking porter beer, it's FRYYDAYY!09:07
alinso I have found their policy somewhere between imbecility and stupidity09:07
alinsledges: writing lecture notes for students....09:07
alinsledges: no beer for a whie09:08
bigfatdealmy only real complaint so far is that settings (swipe to close, 3g apn, mmsc) are not remembered through reboots / lipstick restarts09:08
sledgesbigfatdeal: is wlan pwd remembered?09:08
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sledgesalin: carepack: in this way they avoid spammers09:08
bigfatdealoh i don't remember09:08
carepackany progress on mako? can I help you guys? testing?09:08
bigfatdeallet me try right now09:08
sledgesbigfatdeal: yep, gps has issues, follow status on
MerbotNemo bug 723 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][maguro] gps not working in sailfish ui" [Normal,New]09:09
carepacksledges: alin: yes. avoid spammer & devs09:09
carepackbut xda is getting more and more worse09:10
alinisa free world they are free to do as they like09:10
carepackalin: sure. they are free to do that09:10
bigfatdealok restarted phone - it remembered WLAN password but forgot swipe to close and 3g apn09:12
alinbigfatdeal: is this on n4 or n5?09:13
bigfatdealmaguro - galaxy nexus09:13
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bigfatdealok with 3g apn it's not like the field is blank - it seems to be getting some sort of default setting09:16
sledgesbigfatdeal: did you have to put custom APN first time 'round?09:19
bigfatdealyes i did09:19
sledgesMSameer: are 3g apn settings under dconf ?09:20
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MSameersledges: which 3g settings?09:23
sledgesParkerR: junnuvi_ has a pretty decent image for grouper ;)09:23
sledgesMSameer: APN09:23
MSameernot sure but I guess yes09:23
sledgesat any rate, bigfatdeal noticed swipe-to-close not remembered over reboots on maguro, running
sledges(also 3g settings forgotten)09:24
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dmti've also noticed some settings not being remembered09:25
dmtlike the swipe close09:25
sledgesdo you think there will be a fix for that in next update? feel free to abuse device holders ;)09:25
dmtbut was thinking it was my messing with retores that got it there09:25
bigfatdealsledges, MMSC and other related MMS settings are also not remembered.09:26
bigfatdealthey are populated with some default values09:26
MSameerswipe to close is being reset by lipstick09:27
MSameerwhat's the output of:09:28
MSameerdconf read /apps/jolla-startupwizard/reached_tutorial09:28
MSameerdconf read /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/first_run09:29
sledgesMSameer: maguro image has the wizard disabled due to ambience change crash09:29
MSameerthat's a reason09:29
MSameerso lipstick resets it09:30
sledgesso we need to add more to .ks for next release(or fix dam ambience fail)09:30
sledgesfor now a setter would fix? ;)09:30
bigfatdealno output for either09:31
MSameerif start up wizard is not invoked then:09:31
MSameerdconf write "/apps/jolla-startupwizard/reached_tutorial" true09:32
MSameerdconf write "/desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/first_run" false09:32
MSameerset those manually09:32
MSameerso lipstick stops resetting09:32
sledgesthat might even fix 3g settings09:33
bigfatdeallet me restart phone and see09:34
bigfatdealbtw why are GSM SMS and Voice marked yellow for maguro here :
sledgesvakkov: ^ ? maybe some caveats still?09:36
sledges(cc afk beidl :)09:37
bigfatdealok it remembered swipe to close09:37
bigfatdealbut not APN setting09:37
MSameerfirst time for me to hear about the apn issue so never investigated it09:38
MSameeri gtg now so will try to check later09:38
bigfatdeali wonder if it has something to do with my provider09:38
bigfatdealMSameer : thanks for looking into it09:39
bigfatdealsledges : I was hesitant to put my sim in the galaxy nexus because they were still yellow. I could have been using sailfish for another 24 hrs if it was green :D09:40
sledgesdmt: did workaround work for you too?09:41
sledgesi presume you disabled suw+tutorial too ;)09:41
bigfatdealbtw, I haven't figured out how to enter numbers with pauses. on the n9 you could do something like 5555555p1010 and it would insert a pause between the numbers. Is there a way to do that on Sailfish?09:42
sledgesbigfatdeal: sounds like feature request, check/post on http://together.jolla.com09:43
sledges(also ask on #sailfishos or #jollamobile)09:44
bigfatdealchecking TJC if someone has already asked09:47
bigfatdealproblem is i don't know what this feature is called (scratches head)09:47
vakkovplease file a bug if you think that something is buggy. I will have the time to check it tomorrow :) they are marked yellow because we actually usea a hack to get the radio modem ON. Otherwise it sleeps and the IMSI data is not read so that's the other reason to use the ON hack and to ask users to remove their pins. This bugs will be fixed soon :)09:48
vakkovthese *09:48
sledgesvakkov: but they won't block their SIM cards after 3 PIN [4~?attempts09:49
sledgesso it's not critical, I'll paint it green (as it's alread in rel notes ;)09:50
sledgesand we'd get a bigger reach of pl like bigfatdeal :)09:50
vakkovsince imsi is not read even real pin codes are not actually accepted09:51
bigfatdeali'm glad i logged on here09:51
vakkovand iirc it also doesnt block the gard09:51
vakkovsince it is actually not even writing to it09:51
vakkovabout the APN issue - there is no way that i have notice it because apn's here are set up automatically09:52
bigfatdealvakkov : i wonder if it's my stupid provider then09:54
sledgesbigfatdeal: your provider simply isn'ลง in the DB09:55
sledgesbigfatdeal: and thanks to you logged on here, we have workaroudn for ;)09:55
MerbotNemo bug 737 in Hybris-ing "swipe-to-close is forgotten after reboot, if image has tutorial disabled" [Normal,New]09:55
bigfatdealsledges : how familiar are you with providers in the US?09:56
sledgesbigfatdeal: is a mess :)09:57
sledgesfrom what i heard :)09:57
bigfatdealthat's an accurate statement :)09:57
dmtsledges: it did fix it, thanks msameer09:57
dmtthis thing was getting on me slowly09:58
bigfatdealthe reason i ask is, my SIM card is from an MVNO of AT&T09:58
sledgesdmt: can you add that to your script, e.g. if $DISABLE_TUTORIAL; then touch /home/nemo/.... ;  dconf .... fi ?09:58
bigfatdealwhen i restart the phone, the APN setting changes to wap.cingular09:58
dmtin post section?09:59
bigfatdealit's clearly getting that value from somewhere09:59
dmtyap will add it09:59
bigfatdeal(the correct value should be att.mvno)09:59
sledgesdmt: yap09:59
dmti killed the titorial prematurely the last time so this might be the reason, i don't remember having the issue before that09:59
dmtsomething else funny happens10:00
dmttells me i need to recharge the battery10:00
dmtdespite it being at 95%10:00
dmtwas 100% earlier today10:00
dmtprefer 4g is still not remembered though10:01
sledgesdmt: bug pls about recharge battery10:02
sledgesknown internally, i'll link it so just to give the kick community is waiting too ;)10:02
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dmtshould both of these be made: .jolla-startupwizard-{usersession-,}done ?10:09
dmtstrange that /home/nemo/.jolla-startupwizard-usersession-done is owned by group privileged10:12
sledgesjust like many other files under home ;)10:15
bigfatdealalright guys, thanks for the help10:17
bigfatdealtime to go to bed now10:17
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dmtwould the 'dconf write ' thing actually work in the %post section?10:27
dmtis it executed on build time or first boot?10:28
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blackjack4ithi all I'm inside mersdk in the terminal but when I type hadk I see only a line Env setup for mango and there is no HABUILD_SDK before Mersdk10:34
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dmtblackjack4it: you need to chroot further to the ubuntu subsystem to get that HA_BUILD i think.10:37
blackjack4iti've already set trusty chroot :( it says unknown ubuntu version btw10:39
sledgesblackjack4it: 14:32 < sledges> Sail0r: hello! 19:39 < sledges> on247me: edit /usr/bin/ubu-chroot and replace wheezy by "wheezy\|jessie"10:40
blackjack4it:D thnx10:42
alinvgrade: time_daemon shall be disabled at start in /init.hammerhead.rc10:50
blackjack4itwhere's that file i can't find it inside mersdk usr bin folder10:50
alinblackjack4it: enter the mer sd10:51
alinand shall be there...10:51
sledgesalin: pls run rpm -qf /usr/bin/ubu-chroot10:51
sledgesin your mer sdk10:51
sledgesmaybe blackjack4it forgot to install a package10:51
blackjack4itok thnx10:52
alin10:50:56 mer:~ rpm -qf $(which ubu-chroot)10:52
blackjack4itsame echo for me10:52
sledgesblackjack4it: so it's there ^_^10:52
blackjack4itok the file is there but by entering edit commands like nano edit gedit it says command notfound10:54
blackjack4itoutside mersdk every command works10:54
dmtblackjack4it: vim? anyway you can edit the file from outside as well, remember / is where you unpacked the sdk10:55
vgradealin: there as been a PR open for a couple of days,
blackjack4itvim works thanks10:56
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vgradealin: can you confirm that removing has no ill effects11:07
vgradealin: and comment on the PR11:07
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vgradealin: any side effects since the new dsme?11:24
alinvgrade: no11:24
alinjust correct time11:24
alinvgrade: did you notice any?11:24
vgradeI've still got time_daemon running11:25
alinvgrade: by the way I commented11:25
alinvgrade: ok.. I have run for a while without it11:25
vgradeok I think we can take that for the next release then11:25
vgradeinteresting device,
MSameerarm cortex A8 -> gah11:36
MSameeraha it's not a phone11:37
MSameerthat should be ok11:37
sledgesso in a world full of droid rear view mirrors we would see people tapping away in their cars :))11:39
sledgesanyone else apart bigfatdeal experience 3G settings loss?11:41
tbrvgrade: heh, cute, I'll have to consider that for my "tank", although I'm more likely to buy the two-display analogue version11:42
Sage___sledges: check /var/lib/connman/ for apn settings as well if they are still there?11:43
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sledgesSage_: ok, will PM him on XDA11:46
sledgesthanks :)11:47
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alinvgrade: is autosync working for you on emails?12:16
alinsledges: situ ^12:17
situalin: haven't checked tht.12:17
vgradealin: emails, not tried12:20
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locusfhmm seems that I gotta venture to hybris-1112:42
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vgradelocusf: why13:28
locusfvgrade: not sure yet :)13:28
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locusfnice kernel, perl needs to parse a .xls to compile13:48
locusf(huawei ascend p6)13:48
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SK_worklocusf: Oo13:55
SK_workan xls ?13:55
locusfyeah, excel sheet13:56
locusfin perl13:56
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vrutkovssledges: hey, do you know why nexus 7 flo has 'Display = N' on Adaptations page?14:04
vrutkovsIt seems that SlateKit and Ubuntu guys use libhybris and it works okay on n714:05
sledgesvrutkovs: i don't remember why, most probably hasn't been looked into enough14:05
sledgesi.e. someone gave up too quickly :p (also because hadk wasn't released at that time)14:05
vrutkovssledges: ah, I see, I think I'll try it out over the weekend then14:09
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situhas anybody got Sailfish working on Samsung S3 mini ?14:59
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vakkovi think that there was somebody who said he was gonna try15:02
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jusa_voicecall record, if someone wants to try this with nexus5 would be nice as well..
vgradejusa_: wow15:30
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC15:35
jusa_when in voicecall, and droid_card.primary is in profile voicecall: pactl set-card-profile droid_card.primary voicecall-record15:36
jusa_then parec --device=source.primary > foo15:37
jusa_and afterwards play that with pacat foo15:37
jusa_hopefully there's something there :) (WORKSONMYJOLLA)15:37
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locusfok seems hybris-11 is the only way to go as it has a precompiled kernel + decent cm support for the device too16:05
alinvgrade: one more thing...16:12
alinvgrade: the repo we used for hybris and the rest... is not in the list of repos after install16:12
alinvgrade: I think it shall be there...16:13
alinsledges: if I report bugs against sensors... shall I report all of them... or individual?16:14
sledgesjusa_: hammerhead doesn't like it :)
sledgesalin: (in Arnie accent) all'o'em :)16:17
alinsledges: cool... I see there is a demon for them... which is not started...16:17
alinsledges: do you know anything about sensorsd?16:17
sledgessitu knows16:18
sledgesor in my logs somewhere16:19
sledgesalso Sage_ was looking into it today16:19
vgradealin: "I'm familiar enough with the process of porting/building SailfishOS that I could probably get it running on the OnePlus One in less than a weekend."16:21
vgradewonder if he's in here16:22
alinvgrade: good one.. I was wondering the same... that guy is a genius or a total bullshiter from pm classes16:22
alinvgrade: I doubt...16:23
alinanyhow... people16:23
vgradealin: I wanted to pick his brains on graloc failures16:24
*** Carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters16:28
locusfthats the only thing slowing you down now vgrade ?16:29
vgradelocusf: yup16:30
vgradeput it to one side to help with the N5 push16:30
vgradenow thats out I can focus back on 1+ now16:30
vgradelocusf: probably be more things to come after UI is up but seems to be running fine apart from lipstick16:32
locusfvgrade: cool16:32
vgradelocusf: so hybris 11 seems to be stable enough for more devices than N516:33
locusfvgrade: excellent :)16:33
locusfI was just compiling hybris-hal already for the p616:33
vgradelocusf: good good16:34
alinwe may need some script to make a video of the screen16:35
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters16:50
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Sage_sledges: didn't have much time to look into sensord crashes yet as I found the another bug that prevented me from debugging. After I have fix for that will check it further probably17:04
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:04
locusfdo I need to clone droid-hal-device to hybris-11 repo?17:05
vgradelocusf: droid-hal-device works with cm11 and cm1017:05
locusfvgrade: cool17:06
locusftheres no hybris-11.0 branch though?17:06
vgradelocusf: its generic17:06
vgradeso even if you are on cm11 you clone 10.117:07
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beidlhello guys. home for the weekend, lets hack some sh*t.17:19
vgradehey beidl17:19
locusfhey beidl17:20
beidlvgrade locusf hey o/17:20
beidlfinally a normal greeting instead of military speak17:21
*** Carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters17:25
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beidlhow's the progress going? I just saw you released something for hammerhead. great job!17:29
beidlany changes I need to be aware of?17:29
vgradebeidl: yea we had a big push fot that, main blockers were changes to dsme to work round broken hardware RTC on N5 and upstreaming droid-pulse for cm1117:30
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters17:31
vgradeso nothing on cm10 that I recall17:31
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:32
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters17:32
vgradethe image was created using a script from dmt ,
vgradeits been tested with hammerhead and I think others were starting to use it17:33
vgradegoes from clean system to final zip. Automatically sets up Mer and ubuntu chroots,etc. Impressive work17:34
beidlvgrade: great stuff, thanks. I'll play around with it. can't be much worse than manually calling my bash functions for building17:34
vgradebeidl: you had scripted parts as well of HADK process17:35
beidlvgrade: well, I had to manually enter the chroots17:36
beidlso "half" automated17:36
vgradeI think going through HADK process manually first time is well worth doing to understand the process but after that its a chore17:36
vgradehaving it all scripted also is an enabler to CI17:37
beidlalso, thank god it's put in a chroot, I'm already thinking about switching to opensuse factory from archlinux17:38
beidlin chroots*17:38
beidland it wouldn screw with my build setup17:38
sledgeshoy beidl !17:40
sledgesthough there's another side of the coin: handling of multiple devices and incremental builds tame hadk system quite ok17:41
beidlhey sledges :D17:41
sledgesfor release engineers that script is a gem, tbh17:42
beidlunderstandable. if it increases testability that would be nice too17:42
beidlCI with automated building + flashing. nice things coming17:42
beidlany idea how to do profiling on lipstick for finding GUI bottlenecks17:44
sledgesyou have no idea ;)17:44
sledgeslbt is working on obs ubu-build ;)17:44
*** piggz has quit IRC17:44
sledgesbeidl: apitrace17:44
beidlsledges: so much progress in such a short timeframe, niiice :D17:44
sledgesthanks to this whole technology+infra with opensuse/maemo/meego philosophy+heritage, which is not doing our heads in (much :))17:45
vgradebeidl: yes, I think back to the number of devices we had nemo running on17:45
*** ar has joined #sailfishos-porters17:45
vgradewe probably have more running Sailfish now in a few weeks17:46
beidlto be fair, the using android as the HAL was probably the single best decision ever17:46
vgradebeidl: +117:47
locusfdamn theres just jelly bean kernel available for my device but it won't compile :/17:47
beidlyou could almost say it brings a stable API to linux on mobile devices17:48
beidl(note the "almost")17:48
locusf`felica_gpio_exit' referenced in section `.text' of drivers/built-in.o: defined in discarded section `.exit.text' of drivers/built-in.o17:54
locusfI have no idea what that error means17:54
sledgesbeidl: proposal was to paint GSM bits green on maguro17:56
sledgesas it works, and only team+helpers should discover that it's hacky ;)17:57
beidlsledges: hmm. who proposed it?17:57
beidlsledges: haha :D17:57
sledgesand the guy from USA17:57
sledgessaid he could've had it installed whole 24hours earlier17:57
sledgesbut was put off by yellow status thinking it wont work :))17:57
beidlsledges: well. has someone from the ofono team looked at the issue?17:58
beidlsledges: anyways, editing the wiki now ;)17:58
sledgesofonos still on holidays i guess :)17:58
sledgesor try #ofono ;)17:58
sledgesalways good to have more of them :))17:59
beidlsledges: done :) also, the bug report is there, so theres no way for them out anyways :D18:00
beidlsledges: I'll be on my way to my gf in 30 minutes. I have plans to write a patch to hciattach for uploading the bcm4330 firmware18:02
sledgessounds like awesome plans :)18:03
beidlsledges: how long would it take  (or how hard would it be) for mer to take the patch18:03
sledgesbeidl: details?18:03
*** zon is now known as zZz0n18:03
beidlsledges: what kind of details?18:04
locusfyay stabbed kernel sources ..18:05
beidlsledges: I'll just do what webos seems to have done (but I cant find a patch)18:05
beidlsledges: ok, I'll correct, it wasnt webos, but I found something somewhere about a patched hciattach, but no patch18:09
beidlmeans that I'll have to rewrite it from scratch18:10
sledgesbeidl: about mer taking the patch18:10
sledgesif it's part of mer18:10
sledgesit would come into next sfos release18:10
sledgesif done and tested within a week from now18:10
sledgesyou would hit the window ;)18:10
sledgesotherwise ship like systemd (not :D)18:10
beidlsledges: I mean I'd love to push the patch upstream first. but they probably would want to have something tested downstream first :)18:11
beidlsledges: ok great, will work on it later18:11
beidlsledges: that way I'd also get rid of brcm_patchram_plus, so one android-side change less for maguro (and probably grouper)18:12
* sledges nods 18:14
locusfokay hal rpms built, now just to wait the matkahuolto bus :)18:24
vgradeanyone planning to attend next month18:26
beidlvgrade: ooohh, I'd love to :/18:27
*** M1k3y has joined #sailfishos-porters18:27
locusfits already next month :p18:27
locusfanyone having any ideas?
locusfcan't build droid-hal-configs because of this18:28
vgradebeidl: some jolla guys will be there and I've booked for the weekend18:29
*** mugna has quit IRC18:30
beidlvgrade: if you guys are there next year (or on another conference) after the next 6 months I'll be there for sure :D18:31
vgradebeidl: FOSDEM then, Feb 1518:31
M1k3yHi, I was wandering about the state of development for the dalvik-port.18:31
vgradeM1k3y: welcome18:32
beidlvgrade: that might actually work, depending on my army schedule (have to check again when I'm leaving)18:32
beidlwhen I'd leave*18:33
vgradeM1k3y: I'm not sure there is anything in progress but there has been some discussion in here18:33
vgradeM1k3y: ar you looking to get involved in such a project/18:34
M1k3yvgrade: but there are already people working on it?18:34
M1k3yvgrade: not in this part, since my knowledge is by far not good enough. At the moment i'm trying to get the MultiROM working.18:35
vgradeM1k3y: multirom is something lots of folks have asked for18:35
M1k3yvgrade: so am I :D18:35
vgradeand we'd be happy for the help to get a multirom capable build out18:36
*** Brudhu has joined #sailfishos-porters18:36
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters18:37
vgradecheck out for how we currently do our boot.img18:37
vgradethe rest of the HADK build makes a rootfs and places it in normal /data/.stowaways/sailfishos18:38
vgradeso I'm guesssing that multirom does something similar18:38
vgradeso that part should be easy18:38
beidlif it's the MultiROM I know of the kernel would have to have kexec capabilities enabled18:38
vgradebeidl: yes, we had a small discussion on it last night in fact, patches to host kernel and guest kernel18:39
M1k3yvgrade: It does, I think the only problem is the missing kexec18:39
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:39
vgradedmt__: \o18:39
beidloh nice18:39
beidlalright, afk for a few hours18:39
vgradebeidl: \o18:40
beidlvgrade: o/18:40
M1k3yAs far as I got it, the Bootloader starts the kernel and tells kexec to remap the fs.18:40
M1k3yThe Rest is the normal Boot-procedure.18:40
vgradeM1k3y: what device do you have for hacking?18:41
M1k3yNexus 518:41
M1k3yvgrade: you too ?18:41
dmt__vgrade: o/18:41
*** Brudhu has left #sailfishos-porters18:41
vgradeM1k3y: yea among others18:41
vgradeM1k3y: so you have multirom installed on it18:42
M1k3yvgrade: I would use Sailfish permanently if the Store wasn't bugged, but so I only want it next to the Stock-ROM18:43
M1k3yAt the moment I'm swapping ROMs when I want to use Sailfish, but it takes about 10 to 15 minutes and a lot of free space.18:44
vgradeok point me to the guest multirom kernel patches for n518:44
M1k3yvgrade: to the what ?18:44
locusfI can alternate roms by reflashing a different kernel on p3110 and n700018:44
locusfperhaps I'm just lucky :p18:45
locusfanyways, off to fetch p618:45
vgradeM1k3y: as I understand it you need to patch both the initial multirom kernel which boots and also the kernel which is kexec'd18:47
sledgesM1k3y: galaxy nexus hackers hacked the store18:47
* sledges hides18:47
vgradesledges: :)18:47
vgradewho said that18:47
vgradeyou might as well give a link18:47
sledgesofc sorry18:48
M1k3yvgrade: Since I plan to keep Stock as primary ROM, it should be enough to add kexec to make Sailfish a working secondary ROM.18:48
M1k3ysledges: do you have a link ?18:49
vgradeM1k3y: ok what are the steps we need to do to make a multirom capable sailfish18:50
*** mugna has quit IRC18:51
M1k3yvgrade: my plan is to download the kernel + sources and build the kexec module against the existing kernel and injecting it afterwards18:52
M1k3ythis would only enable it as a secondary ROM, but its a good start18:52
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters18:52
sledgesM1k3y: second..18:53
M1k3ysledges: don't hurry18:53
vgradeM1k3y: so the kernel needs different kernel options and patched18:53
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:54
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:54
M1k3yvgrade: It's the first time I do something like this, but as I understand it you need the kernel-sources so you can build the module (kexec) so it fits the kernel. Afterwards you can inject the builded module into the existing kernel.18:55
*** mugna has quit IRC18:57
M1k3ysledges: I know that script, but it doesn't work for me.18:57
vgradeM1k3y: we have the kernel source but I see references to a kexec-hardboot-patch but I've not managed to find that for N5 yet18:57
vgradeonly links to pre bult kernels which are no good for sailfish as we need to change kernel options to suit18:59
vgradedetail from
vgradeoh, this is it,
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters19:00
*** furikku has quit IRC19:01
M1k3yMaybe I just found something that could solve this problem: \n It's an old Thread, but the last entry is from the 16th June. Could be worve a look.19:02
vgradeM1k3y: same link :)19:02
M1k3yvgrade: uups  :D19:03
vgradeok so we need in our N5 sailfish kernel the kernel patch and those CONFIG_OPTIONS19:03
vgradeph hang on t says only the host kernel needs the patches which will already in your N5 multirom setup19:04
vgradeso the sailfsh kernel only needs the CONFIG_ options19:05
*** gogeta_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:06
alinM1k3y: that shall support n5 already from the cm side19:08
alinM1k3y: i used it to boot ubuntu touch19:08
alinon N519:09
vgrade is the patch19:09
vgradethis enables use of CONFIG_KEXEC_HARDBOOT19:10
vgradeI wonder if that is required in a secondary kernel as the comment says you only need the patch for primary19:10
jusa_sledges: yep, suspected that.. that's why stuff is hidden in own headers etc.. I'll have to take a look when I'm behind real keyboard19:11
M1k3yvgrade: since I have multirom installed and still can't boot sailfish as secondary it seems to be also required in the secondary ROM.19:12
vgradethe patch19:12
vgradebecause the sailfish kernel will not have the other CONFIG_ options set19:13
vgradeI can make a sailfish .zip with the other options set and you could give it a whirl19:14
vgradeis that all that is required, don't you need to configure where the primary kernel will look for the secondary?19:15
vgradetoo many questions sorry.19:15
sledgesjusa_: thanks bro19:16
vgradeso from multirom you have an option to install a new ROM?19:16
M1k3yvgrade: Yes, the location is stored at installation / flashing.19:17
alinM1k3y: ^19:17
M1k3yvgrade such a ROM should fit the need.19:17
vgradealin: usefull , thanks19:18
alinvgrade: this is from a discussion I had with situ on 18th of may19:18
M1k3yalin: the multirom with stock as primary is no problem, the point is to make sailfish boot as a secondary.19:18
vgradehave to eat, talk later?19:19
alinmy understanding at the time... you patch the kernel from android and then load a special packaged sailfish and is done...19:20
alinand that is the script that they use to do the magic19:20
M1k3yvgrade: ok19:21
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:21
*** zZz0n is now known as zon19:21
*** Carepack has quit IRC19:21
alinM1k3y: you have the latest multirom? they claim some early 26 were not cool19:27
vgradealin: I'm happy with the kernel bit,19:33
vgradeits the "special packaged sailfish"19:34
vgradeI need to udertand more19:34
alinvgrade: if you look how they package plasma they do some magic in the post install19:34
alinvgrade: are you testing it on yours?19:35
vgradealin: I will as thats closer you our usecase than an dndroid rom19:35
vgradealin: well M1k3y has a testbed already19:36
alinvgrade: and the bad news... this multirom will not be available for 1+19:36
alinCarepack_: cool...19:36
alinvgrade: cool19:36
vgradealin: unless someome ports it19:36
alinvgrade: we already know that is simple... a weekend work19:37
vgradealin: I meant ports kexec-hardboot-patch19:37
alinvgrade: I see19:37
alinvgrade: anyhow someone asked the multirom guy and he said no19:38
vgradealin: said he was not going to do it19:38
vgradeor otherwise19:38
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters19:40
M1k3yalin: I think so19:41
M1k3yvgrade: If you have something ready for testing, I will try it.19:41
*** lpotter has quit IRC19:43
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos-porters19:43
M1k3yalin: vgrade: are you guys often online ?19:43
alinM1k3y: yap19:43
vgradeM1k3y: apart from when asleep19:44
M1k3ygood to know, what timezones ? So I know when to reach you19:44
vgradeM1k3y: uk19:44
vgradeM1k3y: gmt19:44
M1k3ythats good, gmt+1 here19:45
vgradeM1k3y: where abouts19:45
vgradewe have a couple of .de guys in19:45
alinvgrade: who?19:46
vgradeNokius: and flyser19:46
M1k3yvgrade: that's good to know19:46
alinvgrade: n5?19:46
alinthought n5 we are situ sledges dmt and you19:46
M1k3yalin: what timezone are you at ?19:46
alinM1k3y: the irish one19:47
alinM1k3y: same as vgrade...19:47
M1k3yso gmt19:47
alinM1k3y: yap the summer gmt19:48
vgradealin: Nokius is find5 and flyser is motorola xt something I think19:48
alinvgrade: yap19:48
M1k3yHave to go now, but i'll come back soon. Looks like there are some competent folks around here.19:48
vgradeM1k3y: we are all learning19:48
M1k3yvgrade: But already at a higher level than me, so to me you are teachers :D19:49
flyserMotorola photon q aka xt89719:50
*** M1k3y has left #sailfishos-porters19:51
alinvgrade: we learn by breaking things19:55
Nokiusalin: ;)19:55
Nokiusflyser: is it a DROID?19:56
flyserNo, it's simmilar to the Atrix HD, Electrify M, RAZR HD and RAZR M19:58
*** mugna has quit IRC19:58
flyserI guess you could say it's the successor to the droid 419:59
Nokiusflyser: okay19:59
vgrade page read 1036 times20:05
vgradewonder how many downloads20:05
alinvgrade: we shall adopt some beer20:06
alinsledges: ^^^20:06
dmt__whats the bit about being able to boot either system (sfam/cm) from a recovery boot?20:06
dmt__i have recovery but was not obvious how to boot cm from it20:06
alindmt__: fastboot boot20:07
dmt__yap this works20:07
alinsomething likr that20:07
dmt__but i was thinking it would be nice to not need a computer20:07
alindmt__: multirom20:07
alindmt__: you missed the discussion about twrp and multirom20:07
dmt__say i'm lost on the bike and too stupid to find myself on the sailfish map20:07
dmt__would be cool to go cm and get sorted20:08
alindmt__: or ask some girl to show you the best place20:08
Nokiussledges: is there international shipping?20:08
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters20:09
alinNokius: you are in .de?20:09
Nokiusalin: yeap20:09
*** mugna has quit IRC20:09
alinNokius: so why international shipping.. you can buy it there20:09
vgradealin: I like the sound of Free-beer20:10
Nokiusalin: have no idea if they sell all over germany20:10
alinNokius: they sell it in dublin...20:10
alinso why not20:10
dmt__last week i got lost in a place where nearly all girls were with head cover of the pious kind, add my inconprehensible english and things go sour20:11
vgradedmt__: as a kick off point20:11
Nokiusalin: beer (alc) is not my world20:11
alindmt__: so you are home now20:11
alindmt__: not lost?20:11
Nokiusalin:  but i know its a small company from the balticsea area20:11
alindmt__: you went to pekham?20:12
dmt__yes found myself on the map without gps but took me a while20:12
alinvgrade: you are uk too?20:12
dmt__no i live in pekham almost, toothing, afew km south got me lost20:13
Nokiusalin: guess so (mostly on pic taken there)20:13
alinNokius: for you they sell... 15 euro 20 of them.. vgrade quite cheap20:13
vgradealin: yes20:14
*** Carepack_ has quit IRC20:14
dmt__"However for now you can always boot to underlying CM by doing "fastboot boot boot.img" or flash it permanently to recovery, so can choose at boot"20:15
dmt__the recovery thing i'm curious about20:15
dmt__the multirom i gather is kexec that we use for clean suse upgrades20:16
vgradedmt__: you can flash the original stock cm boot.img to the recovery partition20:17
dmt__and it will allow me to choose at boot?20:18
alindmt__: nope....20:18
vgradeyes from the downkey20:18
dmt__this sounds excellent20:19
vgradeor up key and select boot recovery I can't remember which is which at the moment20:20
vgradealin: you had a comment20:20
alinvgrade: about?20:21
dmt__aha i get it now20:21
dmt__regular boot will go to sfa20:21
dmt__the vol key + power will go to cm20:21
alinvgrade: i thought dmt__ was thinking of something in the sense of a boot menu...20:21
dmt__instead of the recovery20:21
dmt__yap this is what i was thinking a menu sort of thing20:22
alinvgrade: linux like without magic of recovery20:22
alinvgrade: like you get with twrp and multirom20:22
dmt__dumping recovery will make it a little more hassle to reflash with sideload i guess20:23
locusfin mer boat loader but no telnet :p20:24
vgradelocusf: first stage or post_switchroot20:24
locusfwrong ip20:25
alinNokius: they have alcohol free one20:25
Nokiusalin: free is not free20:26
alinNokius: of course you still have to pay20:27
vgradecancel my order for free beer20:27
Nokiusalin: ah no is just alc less not free20:28
locusfswitch_root ok but journalctl not printing anything20:28
locusfand reboots after continue20:29
vgradelocusf: I know what that is sec20:29
locusfthis is on ascend p620:30
vgradelocusf: but cm 11 right20:30
locusfvgrade: nope, had to downgrade back to cm 10.120:31
vgradeoh ok20:31
alinvgrade: did you read the thing about the mrom?20:32
alinvgrade: the plasma script?20:32
vgradeif it was a cm11 device and it reboted after continue we traced that to selinux20:33
vgradelocusf: fix was to compile the kernel with CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y and pass -c "selinux=0" to commadline in fastboot boot20:34
locusfwtf booted to cm20:34
locusfvgrade: ok20:34
vgradealin: cloned the plasma script , reading it now20:35
locusfwas in journalctl following log, now bootlooping in cm20:35
vgradelocusf: did it come wil cm1120:36
alinvgrade: cool... I do not understand their initrd.img-ubuntu20:36
locusfvgrade: nope20:36
locusfvgrade: flashed cm10.120:36
locusfvgrade: this is one of Stskeeps's old devices :)20:37
vgradelocusf: ok20:38
alindmt__: look at this one I remember you know one or two things about kexec20:38
vgradecan't be that easy20:41
locusfoff to bed, see you guys tomorrow :)20:47
vgradenn locusf20:47
vgradeah I see now20:47
vgradethat script assums kernel and initrd is in /boot of tar image20:49
alinlocusf: night20:50
alinvgrade: yap.. syccess myself too20:50
alinvgrade: check the size20:50
alinvgrade: changed so you do not need to download20:51
alinvgrade: but you still need the first20:52
alinvgrade: now I am silly... where is our kernel?20:55
vgradein the zip, in the boot.img20:56
alinvgrade: the hybris-boot.img you mean20:56
alinvgrade: I see... the script excepts something else20:57
Nokiusvgrade: will keep it in mind porters beer ^^20:57
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters20:57
vgradeso extract kernel and initrd and commandline place kernel and initrd on /boot ammend config file to suit20:58
vgradeand Bobs your uncle20:58
Nokiusvgrade: have to check some podcast iirc there is one talk about perfect beer on of there topics20:58
alinvgrade: no my uncles was Tom20:58
* vgrade goes for another can of stella20:58
alinvgrade: stella... you are on the right country...20:59
alinvgrade: which part of UK?20:59
vgradealin: midlands21:00
alinvgrade: that is birmingham and around?21:00
vgradealin: yes, ketterig to be exact21:01
alinvgrade: ok... so was not a joke... that kettering town21:01
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:02
*** Carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters21:02
alinvgrade: what the hell is this initrd.img-ubuntu ?21:03
alinand how translates for us?21:03
sledgesflyser: oppo find5 minimer/lipstick spits out explicit error on screen (not even strace): linkerlinker.c:1110| ERROR: Library '/system/lib/egl/' not found21:05
flyserSame here. But it starts nonetheless21:06
sledgeswhat starts?21:06
flyserAtleast with =fbdev21:06
sledgesyet nothing on screen21:07
*** piggz has quit IRC21:07
sledgeshowever we don't get this error on nexus5, where it also is looking for adreno .so, but not with such explicit error (just in strace as warning)21:07
vgradethe more I look alin the more we are probably better off with an android packager21:08
alinvgrade: the multirom guy is pretty active...21:09
alinvgrade: you can drop a queston21:09
vgradealin: we can look for a packager script for android then if we can;t fins we can ping21:10
flysersledges: okay ... any idea why?21:10
vgradealin: do you want to progress this21:10
alinvgrade: for me personally no... I do not see myself double booting... but may be usefulto get more testers21:11
vgradealin: is that yes or no21:11
alinvgrade: yes21:11
alinvgrade: but I will not test it... probably we get dmt21:12
vgradeok, then a script we need which takes a stock cm build and packages to .mrom format21:12
sledgesflyser: needs an in-depth study what is linked where among those closed blobs21:13
vgradeI'll get the kernel built with the patches and configs21:13
sledgessafe bet: ask Stskeeps21:13
alinvgrade: you mean this zip thing they use in android world?21:13
vgradealin: we have a zip21:14
vgradethe one you flash to N521:14
alinvgrade: yap... thought this needs repack in ,mrom21:14
vgradewe need a script which takes zips in that format and makes an /mrom21:14
alinvgrade: the other thing you do by injection.. from multirom apk on cm21:15
vgradewhat does that mean exactly21:15
alinvgrade: when I installed ubuntu....21:15
alinvgrade: yes.. I know I sinned21:16
alinvgrade: i got multirom on cm11 and from there I patched the cm11 kernel with kexec-hard-boot patch21:16
alinvgrade: once that was done... I could install crapbuntu21:16
vgradealin: ok, so you've done this before21:17
alinvgrade: unfortunately yes...21:17
vgradeok, do you want to take the kernel as well then21:18
vgradesailfish rom on playstore now that would be cool21:20
alinvgrade: the last sentence....21:21
vgradeYes I see.21:22
vgradethe choice is a) extract all the bits from our current zip into the right places and edit the config files for linux based mrom or b) take our zip (which is in standard android format) and let a standard script create an mrom21:24
alinvgrade: in principle we do not need that... look at firefox instructions21:25
alinvgrade: doyou know what M1... tried?21:29
vgradewell maybe not as a 'normal' anroid rom will unpack to / and not /data/.stowawaya/sailfishos21:29
alinvgrade: I see so we are not normal... android...21:29
vgradeI think he just tried adding the sailfish zip as is21:29
vgradewell from a zip file perspective we are but we use our initrd to get the right rootfs base21:30
vgradeso I guess we are doing what mrom does but we have our initrd21:31
* vgrade thinks21:32
vgradeand looks at the ff zip21:32
*** gogeta_ has quit IRC21:36
vgradeand compares with sailfish.zip21:38
vrutkovsvgrade: this might be useful:
vrutkovsor, directly,
vgradevrutkovs: thanks , we looked at that earlier21:41
vrutkovsah, oops21:42
vgradevrutkovs: sorry did not mean it like that21:42
vrutkovsno problem, going to hit the same while porting to nexus 7 flo21:42
vgradeI was going on to say that on that case the kernel and inird are already part of the you pass the pacaking script21:43
vrutkovsI'll ask tassadar to join this channel - I bet he will be interested21:44
vgradewhile the sailfish does not contain them, and they are packaged android style in hybris-boot.img wihtin the sailfish.zip21:44
vgradeI think we are good to go with the and just recompile the kernel21:45
vgradeif you compare the firefox zip with the sailfish one they both have an updater script which I'm assuming multirom will redirect things like boot.img to some per multirom directory21:47
vgradethe question is will the sailfish root fs get placed at /data/.stowaways/sailfishos21:49
vgradevrutkovs: do you know tassador?21:49
vrutkovsvgrade: not personally, I usually write him on XDA/G+21:50
vgradeis there a channel21:50
vrutkovsthough he lives in the same city as I do, so I can buy him a beer I guess ;)21:50
vgradeIRC channel I mean21:51
vrutkovsvgrade: also #multirom channel21:51
vgraderight let me get my act together with soma link and I'll ping him21:51
alinvrutkovs: everybody seems to leave in brno21:56
alinvgrade: red hats?21:56
alinvrutkovs: ^21:56
vrutkovsalin: obviously :)21:56
alinvrutkovs: the green hats are in prague21:56
alinvgrade: soma? I have all the bbc in sailwave if you are interested22:01
sledgesvgrade: situ: found wlan password problem: before droid-hal-init it is set (last 3 components randomised):
sledgesafter droid-hal-init, it gets an always fixed MAC22:05
sledgesbut connman reads it out too early22:05
vgradesledges: chicken and egg time22:09
vgradesitu: good spot22:09
sledgesyep, time for breakfast bacon22:16
sledgesi.e. sleep :D22:19
vrutkovsinteresting, did a build for flo - and when I telnet to 23 my /target contains just 'data'. which is empty22:39
vrutkovsanybody had something similar?22:39
vgradevrutkovs: fixmountups22:40
alinvgrade: so you see... all you need is to ask22:41
vrutkovsvgrade: I added, but I get
vgradealin: yes, I like to do a bit of research beforehand to be able to ask the right question22:42
vgradealin: and be primed to answer any questions22:42
alinvgrade: how I tell my students... there is no wrong question22:42
alinvgrade: there are only stupid answers22:42
alinvgrade: so I was right about in principle not having to do anything to our kernel...22:43
alinvgrade: is only the android one that needs hacked22:43
vgradealin: yes22:43
alinvgrade: i remember the update mechanism is bad in ubuntu too22:44
vgradeand seems that we just need to edit the path to the rootfs in out init script22:44
alinvgrade: if you do update a la linux... and you touch boot... is dead22:44
alinvgrade: I think more multirom needs to edit it at install time...22:45
alinvgrade: or us via mrom...22:45
alinvgrade: if I understood correctly what he said22:45
vgradealin: now that would be sweet if mrom did it22:45
vgradeand if we have cm as the primary thats it job done22:46
alinvgrade: because otherwise we will end up with a zip that will not be good on normal boots22:46
alinvgrade: yap22:46
alinvgrade: I think it still needs kexec-hard-patch or something22:46
vgradefor primary yes22:47
vgradevrutkovs: what do you have in /dev/block22:47
dmt__sledges this explains the ifferent hex number before the network id22:49
dmt__but if conman is just confused because of the difference22:49
dmt__it should get things right if restarted manually22:50
vrutkovsvgrade: here it is:
*** meschend has joined #sailfishos-porters22:51
vrutkovsvgrade: hmm, the log says 'DATA_PARTITION=/dev/mmcblk0p28' while it should be 30 (which is the mmc) afaik22:53
vgradevrutkovs: be carefull22:56
vgradevrutkovs: what does the fsab look like in youe tree22:57
vrutkovsvgrade: hmm, okay, lets see the fstab on proper cyanogenmod22:58
*** dmt__ has quit IRC22:59
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:00
vgradeso why is it picking 2823:00
vgradeso its picking that up from your build tree I guess23:01
vgradewhen you do a mk hybris-hal23:02
vgradeit should output where it thinks the data partition is23:02
vgradein the build log23:02
*** meschend has quit IRC23:05
*** meschend has joined #sailfishos-porters23:08
*** meschend has quit IRC23:11
vrutkovsvgrade: nope, can't find any...23:11
*** meschend has joined #sailfishos-porters23:11
vgradevrutkovs: any fstab.recovery , flo.fstab, qcom.fstab23:12
vrutkovsvgrade: - ./out/target/product/flo/root/fstab.flo23:13
vrutkovsso, sailfish stuff is being installed in /data, right?23:14
*** meschend has joined #sailfishos-porters23:15
*** meschend has left #sailfishos-porters23:16
*** meschend has joined #sailfishos-porters23:17
*** zon is now known as zZz0n23:18
*** meschend has quit IRC23:28
*** Just486 has joined #sailfishos-porters23:28
Just486Any available support on Sailfish image for nexus 5?23:28
Just486pleeease :)23:31
tbrunless you are able to articulate your problem, no.23:32
Just486soo. I'm using a modified TWRP to dual boot Sailfish with another rom.23:34
Just486But at the moment I am only able boot CM11 as my secondary rom, and as soon as I flash the Sailfish image over it (from TWRP's Multi ROM section) it stops working23:36
Just486and only shows the google logo for ages23:36
tbrnot supported. next.23:36
vrutkovsduh, flashed the update boot - and now /target/data has my mmc, but /target is empty. As a result, real rootfs boot fails23:37
vrutkovsvgrade: sledges: ^ any ideas? flo's mountpoints seems to be similar to hammerhead's one23:37
tbrJust486: nobody has tested any multiboot stuff. unless you boot the _exact_ kernel intended for sailfish for android it will. not. work.23:41
alinJust486: locusf was tested and failed23:42
tbrclose enough, not supported. next.23:42
alinJust486: but probably soon to come23:43
Just486I'm getting to understand the problem! thanky!23:44
vgradeJust486: I'm talking to Tassadar right now about multiboot23:48
vgradevrutkovs: during mka hybris-hal you should see an output from these lines
vrutkovsvgrade: yup, its multirom messing with /data23:51
vgradevrutkovs: you are on multirom?23:51
vrutkovsvgrade: yes (sorry, forgot to mention it)23:52
vgradevrutkovs: oh23:52
vrutkovstrying to do this manually - mount mmc to /tmp_data and do bind to my partition in init script23:52
alinvrutkovs: have a beer and wait23:52
vgradevrutkovs: meet Just48623:52
Just486well, I don't exactly know what's going on, and I don't think I could be very useful but I hope more experienced users will find a solution :)23:56

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