Saturday, 2014-08-09

vrutkovshmm, init-debug is weird:
vrutkovsand then it boots me to recovery (?)00:00
vgradealin: cheers00:03
alinvgrade: night...00:03
Just486I don't want to sound too much dumb, but what if I swap the "main" rom and the CM one? Does it matter?00:04
alinvgrade: and cause you said cheers...00:10
alinJust486: nope it does not matter... as it is now no magic helps...00:10
vgradecheers for the beers00:10
alinvgrade: aaa00:11
alinJust486: unless you consider magic a la arthur c clarke00:12
Just486im not a magcian :( So at the moment I only can run Sailfish on Nexus 5 if that's the only OS on the phone. Well not a big deal, I hope it will change at some point00:17
alinvgrade: I remembered now... we shall add a note and tell people not to try to sign in jolla at start... there is not net00:17
alinJust486: patience... you never know what morning brings00:18
vgradealin: wiki?00:18
alinvgrade: I do not know... where you want to add it00:19
alinvgrade: I can report it as a bug...00:19
vgradewiki I think00:21
alinvgrade: this has the potential to sink ubuntu touch00:21
Just486i'll check back soon (probably after my holidays) to ask if there is any progress. I'm still pretty impressed how sailfish for nexus 5 has evolved00:22
alinJust486: probably by then will be sorted... a little bird tells me proof of concept happened already00:24
alinvgrade: now what is surface finger?00:24
alinvakkov: how was the exam?00:29
Just486that's nice to hear, multi-booting alternative Os's like on the good old N9 sounds convinient :)00:31
Just486anyways, how can I address my messages like you do?00:34
alinJust486: what you mean address messages?00:35
Just486i mean to label them, like @alin blahblah, and then you see my name marked red, and a little bleepy sound plays00:37
alinJust486: you answered your question00:38
alinjust start the message with the name of the person00:39
Just486alin is that easy like that?00:39
alinirc is not so fancy like the brain dead networks... sorry social ones... to need extra characters00:39
alinJust486: yap00:39
Just486@alin i mean with "at" as a very first character?00:40
alinJust486: @ is not needed00:40
Just486alin well, nice to learn new things00:41
Just486okay, have a good night, thank you for all  your support :)00:45
alinJust486: night00:45
*** Just486 has quit IRC00:45
alinvgrade: it is addicting00:45
vgradealin: told you00:45
alinvgrade: I knew it... if has code in it is addictive...00:46
vgradebest thing is its legal and free, unlike the beer00:46
vgradeyou comming over to Manchester for the conf00:47
alinvgrade:no I do not think so...00:47
alinvgrade: september is full of travel at the beginning00:49
vgradealin: I need to buy you a beer another time00:50
vrutkovsargh, what does systemd want from me - ?00:50
vrutkovssitu: ^ have you seen similar stuff on hammerhead?00:52
vgradevrutkovs: have you added the mer options on kernel00:53
vrutkovsvgrade: yep, mer-kernel-check passes00:53
alinvrutkovs: nope... are you still in the multirom?00:54
vrutkovsalin: yes, hacked the mountpoints - and now systemd freaks out00:55
alinvrutkovs: what I can say the last two failures ignore... I have seen them look bad... but they break nothing00:56
vrutkovsah, the last message in the log is "SELinux:  Could not open sepolicy:  No such file or directory"00:57
vrutkovsand CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM is not set. Lets see if this helps00:57
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vrutkovshere's what I've got in /proc/last_kmsg -
vgradevrutkovs: set the kernel parameter and you will need "selinux=0" on commandline01:06
vgradekernel option should I say01:06
vrutkovsah, right, its in BoardConfig, right?01:06
vgradevrutkovs: thats correct01:07
vgradevrutkovs: btw Tassadar was very helpfull, managed to boot our N5 zip in multirom01:08
vrutkovsvgrade: I hacked mine temporarily - its one replacement in init-script btw01:08
vgradevery impressive, seeing as he'd not seen out zip before01:09
vgradevrutkovs: yes01:09
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos-porters01:09
vrutkovsvgrade: yep, that'd be great to buy you guys beers, are you planning to go on FOSDEM?01:10
vgradevrutkovs: yes for FOSDEM01:10
vrutkovsvgrade: nice!01:10
vrutkovshope to see you there then!01:10
vgradevrutkovs: been there last two years01:11
vgradeits te best01:11
ParkerRsledges, link?01:15
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alinvgrade: morning07:38
alinvgrade: so he commited but not perfect yet07:39
vgradealin: yea, its was late07:39
alinvgrade: Couldn't find devices/hammerhead/system.tar.gz07:39
alinvgrade: yap07:39
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vgradealin: I'm not sure we want one of those in out .mrom08:00
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters08:00
alinvgrade: what? the systems ?08:01
alinvgrade: that does only some links08:02
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters08:03
alinvgrade: got an mrom... commented the system.tar.gz lines in the function08:04
alindmt: is awake so he can maybe test08:04
alinvgrade: practically commented line 25 and 2808:06
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morphisMSameer: regarding
morphisMSameer: I have a patch for libhybris pending which will add the bindings.h as public header08:23
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters08:24
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vgrademorning carepack08:33
carepackmorning vgrade08:33
carepackalll good?08:33
vgradecarepack: yes08:33
carepacknice. what you're working on atm?08:34
vgradecarepack: we did some work with Tassadar last night the guy who wrote multirom, he wrote a script to process our zip file into a .mrom suitable for multirom08:35
carepackvgrade: great!!! this will push sailfish!!!08:36
alinvgrade: what about the system stuff?08:37
alinvgrade: what is taht a tar of system?08:37
vgradealin: well it looks like for this version he's done a tar of the cm /system and included that in the mrom08:39
alinvgrade: yap... was the quick hack08:40
vgradealin: I think so.  /system should come from the on device version08:40
alinvgrade: you mean the android one?08:41
vgradealin: well for each multirom ROM on the device there will be a differrent /system.  We need to link the CM one into our rootfs at runtime08:42
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alinvgrade: practically /system contains all the android09:12
*** alin has quit IRC09:14
carepackrepo init -u git:// -b hybris-10.109:19
carepackerror: CANNOT RUN GPG09:19
carepacksomeone got this error?09:20
vrutkovsfolks, need help. Systemd gets stuck on boot - no usbnet, nothing on display, dmesg is
vrutkovs/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/servicemanager actually exists..09:20
vgradecarepack: can you post full output?09:22
vgradevrutkovs: odd09:22
vgradecarepack: gpg installed?09:24
carepacki've  tried apt-get to install it. but seems not to be a part of the chroot env09:25
vgradecarepack: are you using the latest HADK/09:27
*** zon has quit IRC09:30
vgradealterego: lbt_ carepack's issue above, any ideas?09:33
sledgescarepack: latest repo version?09:33
vgrademorn sledges09:34
sledgesmoin! :)09:34
carepackyou reference in hadk to for installinf repo. so it have to be I think09:34
vrutkovsvgrade: is it possible that /usr is not mounted when init.rc is happening?09:35
vgradevrutkovs: is this a standard HADK or stil your multirom?09:36
vrutkovsvgrade: multirom (though I don't think there is a difference)09:36
sledgesvrutkovs: /usr is not in a separate partition09:37
vgradevrutkovs: the partition with /usr also contains the droid-hal-init which processes init.rc09:37
sledgescarepack: are you in ubu-chroot ?09:37
carepackyes. in ubu-chroot09:39
carepackmy repo version is 1.12.1609:39
sledgescarepack: type gpg<tab complete>09:39
carepackbut could not veriy the tag09:39
carepackgpg2 available09:40
carepackgpgconf, gpg-agent, gpg-error and so on09:40
sledgesbug no simple gpg09:40
sledgesHABUILD_SDK [] sledges@prospect:~$ gpg09:43
sledgesgpg       gpg-zip   gpgsplit  gpgv09:43
sledgessomething's fishy :D09:43
carepackno simple gpg09:46
lbt_morning all09:48
carepackI've set all my export in zshrc instead of bash. maybe that's a point?09:55
carepackthe host exports09:55
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters09:55
vrutkovsvgrade: so, /usr/libexec and full path definitely exists: did 'ls -la' in /sbin/preinit. Is there any service which can mess with it?10:01
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters10:06
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt10:14
lbtok - android tools is now fixed in stable and will be in rolling release 'rsn' - and it indicates that we're not QA'ing well enough :/10:19
lbtcarepack: my main drive died the other day so I just redownloaded the tarballs etc - gpg is present in the ubu trusty tarball10:20
lbtare you sure you're in the HABUIILD terminal (ubuntu) ?10:21
carepacklbt: ok. thx. inspect te10:24
carepackthe procedure again10:24
lbtplease let us know which bit went wrong and see if you can understand why it wasn't clear10:24
lbtsledges: we should add a repo for ubu tools to obs and put repo in it and preinstall it too - and maybe hack it not to self update to keep the version consistent10:25
*** gogeta_ has joined #sailfishos-porters10:26
locusfnice, lg g3 is getting its bootloader unlocked, now just to wait that Quad HD display to show sailfishos too :)10:26
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters10:32
*** zZz0n is now known as zon10:32
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters10:35
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vgradevrutkovs: are you are you sure its running the right init ie droid-hal-init10:54
vrutkovsvgrade: it does: healthd reports it is started10:54
vgradevrutkovs: no ideas then really10:56
vrutkovsI think cxl000 was doing the initial flo port, right?11:01
vgradevrutkovs: yes11:01
vrutkovscxl000: hey, any ideas why servicemanager is not being found in ?11:01
vrutkovsand did you manage to have usbnet working?11:02
*** piggz has quit IRC11:08
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters11:08
vrutkovsvgrade: interesting, when I added /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat to preinit I get '/system/bin/linker: bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory':
alinvrutkovs: usb netwotking... thought you telnet into it last nigh11:15
vrutkovsalin: I did, it all went well and started systemd11:15
alinvrutkovs: so you want to be able to tether?11:16
cxl000vrutkovs, I had usb network working may have been using android driver11:17
vrutkovsah, I think my /system is mounted incorrectly11:18
vrutkovsyay, it worked! Now the screen is black and drivers fail to open the framebuffer11:21
cxl000vrutkovs, nexus 7 flo in adaptaion page is pre hadk. display no is because there was no reliable refresh method11:21
cxl000and pre ubuntu/slatekit11:21
vrutkovscxl000: yep, apparently I'm at this stage now. I think I saw some guy making a refresher.c app for archlinux on flo11:22
cxl000vgrade only the boot kernel in multirom needs kexec11:27
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters11:28
vgradecxl000: yes thanks. Tassadar got it booting last night from a .mrom made from our zip11:28
vgradeN5 users, does fastboot still work for you !11:29
vgradeits not for me :(11:30
cxl000vrutkovs, yes I was able to get one frame displayed with refresher11:40
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters11:41
alinvgrade: what do you mean?11:41
vrutkovscxl000: oh, just one :( I guess checking out Ubuntu's patches would help more11:41
vgradealin: boot phone into bootloader (power + down)11:41
vgradethen fastboot reboot-bootloader11:42
alinvgrade: works for me... did you add any multirom magic?11:42
vgradeor fastboot boot boot.img11:42
vgradealin: no multiboot magic11:42
alinvgrade: straneg works for me11:42
vgradealin: ok, good11:43
vgradealin: means its just me11:43
alinvgrade: always I need to keep power and volume down for a whie11:43
cxl000vrutkovs,  I've had other priorities but am hoping to get back to it soon.11:43
vgradealin: what cm version are you on11:43
alinvgrade: I will try to see... give me 5 minutes11:43
alinvgrade: M911:43
alinvgrade: I remove the usb cable always11:44
alinshut down11:44
alinpower +volume down...11:44
alinnicely in the zone11:44
vrutkovscxl000: cool, I'll try to poke it over the weekend11:44
vgradefastboot devices works ok11:45
vgradebut nothing else11:45
vgradecommands just hang, wi;; try remove usb11:45
vgradestill the same11:47
vgradealin: what bootloader version do you see HHZ11d11:47
alinvgrade: where shall I see it?11:48
vgradebottom of bootloader screen11:48
alinvgrade: HHZ11k11:49
vgradeI'm sure I used to have K11:49
vgradeand that there were two bootloaders k the primary and d the backup11:50
sledgesah, carepack , you probably get Uknown Ubuntu version on entering chroot, hence it fails ;)11:51
vgraderight I have k now, must have caught both bottons on that last boot11:52
vgradealin: at the bottom of the screen what is SECURE_BOOT setting/11:53
*** PhompAng has quit IRC11:54
alinvgrade: enabled11:54
alinlock state unlocked11:54
alincarrier info none11:54
vgradeok same here, ponders11:55
alinbaseband version: m8974a-
vgradealin: all same11:55
alinvgrade: did you messup the cm recover?11:55
vgradealin: recovery is still there, works fine11:56
alinvgrade: because I remember having the recover not starting... when I did that11:56
alinvgrade: but then what is the issue?11:56
vgradeI want to test a new boot.img using fastboot boot11:56
vgradeie not flash it, like we used to do11:57
vgradeand if recovery gets hosed im fkd11:57
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters11:58
* vgrade considers the issue might be host side and reboots11:58
vgradepanic over, usb hub needed power cycle12:01
* vgrade get a little more grey12:02
vgradewe need a special swip sequence to bypass tutorial12:08
sledgesvgrade: hasn't dmt shipped an option to his build system, to bypass tutorial?12:10
vgradesledges: I did see some talk on setting that12:11
vgradejust reinstalling the alpha1 so still have to do tutorial12:11
vgradeif we could have an exit then we just need one image12:11
vgradeI mean have an exit sequence programmed in12:12
vgradeto jsw12:12
sledgesand yes, we don't want to by-pass suw, do we12:12
sledgesjust the tut12:12
vgradeyes tut12:13
locusfhmm my ascend p6 boots to cm when starting systemd and droid-hal-init12:13
sledgeslocusf: surfaceflinger in /init* ?12:14
locusflemme check12:15
sledgesi wonder where it gets picked up from otherwise12:17
locusfnow system.mount acts up12:20
locusfmounting normally works ok12:20
sledgeslocusf: and systemctl start system.mount ?12:22
locusfsledges: can't start it since if I start systemd it crashes at some point without any output to journalctl12:23
sledgesmaybe should tackle this first? ;)12:23
sledgessystemd is started at boot, right? /sbin/init -> systemd12:31
carepackyes. ubuntu version is unknown12:31
*** Carepack_ has quit IRC12:31
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters12:31
sledgesCarepack_: 13:40 < sledges> blackjack4it: 14:32 < sledges> Sail0r: hello! 19:39 < sledges> on247me: edit /usr/bin/ubu-chroot and replace wheezy by "wheezy\|jessie"12:32
sledgescarepack: ^_^12:33
locusfsledges: it is but crashes when /system is not mounted but if it is it starts surfaceflinger12:37
sledgeslocusf: you said surfaceflinger is in /init12:39
sledgescomment out ;)12:39
locusfsledges: did12:39
locusflost telnet on droid-hal-init starting12:39
locusfnow lost graphics due to surfaceflinger not starting12:40
locusfprobably lipstick trying to init12:40
sledgeswhat do you mean 'lost graphics' ?12:41
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters12:42
locusfblank screen12:46
locusfthe cm underneath does initialize12:47
locusfnow I gotta let it to cool down, burning hot12:49
sledgesnew phone, new behaviour :)12:55
locusfthe init.rc is from AOSP12:58
vgradelocusf: no fun if they all booted first time :)12:58
locusfvgrade: indeed :)12:58
vgradeslight issue with the multirom script, its requires a tar of cm /system to be present at /mrom build time.  This is an issue because we would then be redisributing all the proprietry stuff in /system including our friends at qcom13:00
vgradeI'm discussing with Tassadar how we can work around by making the link at install time to an existing CM multirom rom installation13:01
vgradeso we just distribute an .mrom with sailfish content13:02
vgradesledges: did you see the PR?13:02
*** mugna has quit IRC13:03
sledgesvgrade: which?13:05
vgradeto hybris-boot13:05
sledgeshow are other users of multirom distributing their stuff then?13:07
vgradesledges: they don't care13:07
vgradesledges: apparently13:07
sledgesim sure such requirement can be relaxed13:07
sledgesi mean, cm, at build time..13:07
sledgeswe already instruct how to dl cm13:08
sledgeswe may as well instruct, how to make multiboot themselves13:08
sledgesjust iour .zip needs to be readied13:08
sledgesor you have more dist ideas ;)13:08
sledgeshaving just a list of instructions how to have sf multiboot, would be an achievement everybody expected, iiuuc13:09
* sledges dashes off a bit13:09
vgradesledges: ok, talk later but we have a script and instructions now which would provide users with a sf .mrom to use13:10
vgradeI was wanting to do more and distribute an already built one13:11
vgradeuntil the redist issue13:11
vgradeI still think we can make it work without the redist13:11
vgradeand wihtout users having to make their own13:12
*** Carepack_ has quit IRC13:13
vgradesledges: current script and instructions at
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:25
sledgesreally amazing work guys13:31
sledgesin one evening! :DD13:31
*** Carepack_ has quit IRC13:33
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:33
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters13:38
*** Carepack_ has quit IRC13:42
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:44
*** Just486 has joined #sailfishos-porters13:46
*** Carepack_ has quit IRC13:49
gogeta_go sailfish go13:51
gogeta_sledges: I'm back to sicily finally13:51
gogeta_i need to change 3 busses ... But I finally found a way13:51
alinsledges: not really... between 12-213:52
alinsledges: I think he likes it... that is the secret13:53
* Stskeeps yawns14:05
vgrade\o Stskeeps14:07
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl14:07
Stskeepsfinally on way home, back in .pl14:07
*** mugna has quit IRC14:11
beidlhello hello dear porters14:16
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters14:19
*** Just486 has quit IRC14:32
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters14:36
*** JohnyZ has quit IRC15:08
*** JohnyZ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:09
*** gogeta_ has quit IRC15:12
locusfok got forward :), stabbing init.rc quite a bit by not starting zygote et al15:19
*** Arkkis has joined #sailfishos-porters15:20
locusflipstick not starting, naturally :)15:26
*** arcean has quit IRC15:33
beidlbluetooth is finally fixed for maguro, didn't even need to change hciattach or brcm_patchram_plus15:38
beidland it got us rid of rfkill15:38
vgradebeidl: nice one15:38
beidlmight be useful on grouper as well15:38
beidlpull request on dhd is up :)15:39
beidlvgrade: thanks!15:39
vgradesledges: could you add a link to xda forst post
*** mugna has quit IRC15:44
vgradewiki page updated15:45
vgradetime for a porters I think15:45
locusfgood job vgrade15:45
vgradeTasssadar was te star I just asked the right questions and gave the right answers15:46
vgradewe should have a more automated solution soon where the .mrom is built by us during build phase then anyone can install without running scripts15:47
sledgesvgrade: awesome! ..but where are the instal. instructions? :)15:55
locusfyay minimer running!16:00
locusferratically but still16:00
vgradesledges: and
vgradelocusf: \o16:02
locusfwhat is the default EGL_PLATFORM if none is selected?16:02
locusfI mean I can run -platform hwcomposer but I just need it to figure out the EGL_PLATFORM too16:02
vrutkovswhat are the default credentials for ssh on device? nemo/nemo?16:10
sledgesvrutkovs: yes. if doesn't work, telnet and change password16:12
sledgesas there are security mechanisms behind for non-devel devices16:12
vrutkovsah, right16:12
sledgeslocusf: just provide EGL_PLATFORM value in environment, as without that the default values are undefined16:16
locusfsledges: okay16:17
sledgesvgrade: im on it16:17
*** iTune has quit IRC16:26
sledgesvgrade: xda updated
vgradesledges: nice, thanks16:29
alinsledges: volunteer for multirom... thought that was done16:29
vgradeI've replied to all the 'oh I wish it supported multirom' posts16:30
vgradesledges: yea, the first post has a line about making multirom work16:31
alinbeidl: internet again?16:32
alinso how was the first week?16:32
sledgesfixing, thanks ;)16:33
sledgesgone :)16:33
alinsledges: vgrade so we still wait for the merge16:33
beidlalin: I'm at my girlfriends house right now, luckily I don't have to be in the barracks on weekends16:49
alinbeidl: lblimey... not bad...16:51
beidlalin: and the first week.. well... it was okay-ish. I'm ready to get woken up at 1am next week though.16:53
locusfnon-root minimer not working on either fbdev or hwcomposer EGL_PLATFORM16:56
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters16:58
locusfEGL_PLATFORM=null works17:01
*** giucam has quit IRC17:02
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters17:03
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters17:03
sledges=eglfs? long shot17:03
locusfhmm ok17:07
locusfnull produces a non-working lipstick17:08
locusfeglfs not found17:09
locusftried with wayland too17:09
locusfsegfault but graphics are attempted to be initialized17:09
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos-porters17:10
locusfI have to try many times17:10
locusfE/v_hwc   ( 6318): hwc_device_open(399): Failed to initialize hwcomposer!17:10
locusfto get past that17:10
locusffinishing in segfault17:12
locusflipstick was seen for a second there wtf17:14
locusfits running!17:14
locusfit was just running from systemd and finally initialized17:16
locusfI just guess I need to wait a long time for it to init17:17
locusfquite odd17:18
locusfnow it works17:18
locusfgarbled display17:19
vgradegarbled for a few seconds after boot?17:21
locusfnope, all the time actually17:22
locusfI guess I selected a language and then went on with the tutorial, now lipsticks dead17:24
locusfAug 09 20:24:57 localhost lipstick[6614]: Failed to initialize egl display. There is no EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display extension.17:25
*** alin has quit IRC17:26
locusfworking lipstick17:26
locusfthis is probably what Stskeeps mean with crude sailfish17:29
locusfno apps start, no wifi, no settings, just plain lipstick without tutorial running17:31
locusfits russian too17:31
locusfsince I accidentally selected it17:31
giucamyeah, missing EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display means wayland apps have no EGL17:31
locusfyup, its on null EGL_PLATFORM17:32
locusfnothing else works :/17:32
*** Arkkis has quit IRC17:33
*** Arkkis has joined #sailfishos-porters17:44
*** piggz has quit IRC17:45
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters17:54
*** Carepack_ has quit IRC17:59
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:59
locusfhmm all text is garbled, thats why the first pic is garbled too18:16
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters18:17
locusfcorrection, all non-bold text is garbled18:19
*** Arkkis has quit IRC18:19
Nokiusvgrade sledges what about a porters beer night at the xda:devcon so porters how like to join get some beer from there location18:37
Nokius(mh just saw there euro price for the weekend inckudinc stay…)18:37
Nokiuswas an idea wich i got during the fly to day ..18:37
vgradeNokius: a great idea, count me in18:43
Nokiusmay we will get intouch with new participants18:44
vgradeNokius: I hope so18:45
Nokiushave to think about the trip ….18:53
Stskeepslocusf: uhh.. what are you doing18:59
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:59
locusfStskeeps: running glacier-home on ascend p6 :)18:59
Stskeepsokay, why?18:59
locusffor fun18:59
Nokiusvgrade: How has plans to come to xda:devcon?19:00
Stskeepsah, okay :P19:01
locusfStskeeps: any ideas on the font?19:01
*** dmt__ has quit IRC19:01
locusf*text garbled19:01
Stskeepslocusf: i think i have a ascendp6 port somewhere..19:01
Stskeepsbut not too functional19:01
vgradeNokius: do you mean who?19:02
locusfStskeeps: I only managed to get to lipstick only, no apps run19:02
locusfStskeeps: this is I assume your old ascend p6?19:02
Nokiusvgrade: from the porters ?19:03
vgradelbt , myself I know of and another uk sailor19:03
vgradealso a couple of folks who I've met during my time in mer community19:04
Stskeepslocusf: i think mine is somewhere in my office here at home.. just came home after a 12 hour drive19:07
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters19:07
*** Nokius has quit IRC19:07
locusfStskeeps: ah okay :)19:08
locusfI just got one from Harri for loan and it had a running and TWRP recovery19:08
vgradeany reports for N5 guys about LTE19:08
vgradeIt was working last time I checked but that was sometime ago now.19:09
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters19:09
Nokiusvgrade: sorry vpn was gone19:10
vgradeNokius: lbt , myself I know of and another uk sailor19:10
Nokiusvgrade: okay wondering if i will to this little road trip  ^^19:13
Nokiusvgrade: oh just see also the ubuntu guys try to get volunteers at xda:devcon19:16
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters19:17
Nokiusvgrade: let me think about it the next days :)19:18
locusfugh 386 EUR flights to Manchester from Finland19:19
Nokiuslocusf: yeap19:20
*** Arkkis has joined #sailfishos-porters19:21
Nokiuswill may use the car and the eurotunnel train (can care beer [liquids] without problems)19:21
*** Tassadar has quit IRC19:21
locusf556.40 EUR19:22
locusfnot gonna do that :p19:22
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters19:22
locusf+ the xda price19:22
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters19:23
Nokiuswill be a price trip ...19:23
UmeaboyIs there anyone here that's able and interested in helping me to port Sailfish OS to my i9305?19:23
Stskeepslocusf: isn't there ryanair19:23
UmeaboyI have installed the SDK.19:24
UmeaboyI'm using Linux as OS.19:24
UmeaboyMageia is the distribution.19:24
NokiusHi Umeaboy welcome onbaord19:24
UmeaboyI am a slow learner so I would need a step by step-guide.19:25
locusfStskeeps: no direct flights from Kuopio or Helsinki to Manchester :/19:25
Nokiuswill  be back later again cu19:25
UmeaboyCan you assist me?19:26
UmeaboyI'm running the latest nightly build of CM 11.19:26
Stskeepslocusf: i'll be back to work on tuesday and can help there with p6; there was a bit of a incident on my holiday so need to take a day more of my holidays to sort things out19:27
locusfStskeeps: okay, no problem take care :)19:27
vgradeUmeaboy: there may be some work done already on i9305 , I can see some support in
UmeaboyI see it to.19:28
UmeaboyThou I'm not an expert on what to do next.19:29
vgradealso in
UmeaboyI usually just compile and build from source-rpms.19:29
vgradeUmeaboy: have you seen HADK19:29
UmeaboyIf you're talking about the PDF then yes.19:29
vgradeso you may have an easier ride if work has been already done19:30
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
UmeaboyI don't mean to be rude, but I think that's all jibbrish.19:30
vgradebasic things seem to be already supported,
UmeaboyThat's all I care about.19:31
UmeaboyAs long as Bluetooth and WiFi works I'm OK. ;)19:31
vgradeUmeaboy: it is quite a hardcore document if you see it from cold but it does take you by the hand19:31
UmeaboyI have ran UNSTABLE software before.19:31
vgradewifi y , bt no19:32
vgradethere are ots of folks here to help you through19:32
UmeaboyBT is just a driver-compilation issue?19:32
UmeaboySoooo. I created a new project in the SDK.19:33
vgradenot sure of the details on that port, lbt was i9305 one of yours?19:33
vgradeUmeaboy: app sdk?19:33
UmeaboyOr should I use something else?19:33
vgradethats for app development we have other sdk for platform porting19:34
vgradeHADK shows how to setup19:34
locusfI guess anyone with working HADK setup could bake a .zip19:34
locusfbut remote testing is quite difficult if one doesn't have the device19:35
vgradelocusf: dmt scripts can do that but I'd recommend doing a manual run through of HADK first to understand structure19:35
UmeaboyI have the device.19:36
locusfvgrade: yup19:36
UmeaboyOrdid you meran the other person baking the zip?19:36
UmeaboyAgain..........not to be rude or anything like that, but I hope that in the future we're going to have a program like the Jailbreak application to start an automated process of porting. From A to Z.19:37
UmeaboyI hope you get my point.19:37
vgradeUmeaboy: see , a to z for hammerhead19:38
UmeaboyYou put the phone into Download mode and then you open the application which sees your device and then you click a button that says PORT ME and then it starts.19:38
locusfI thought HADK was spoonfed enough, but a app like that ... lol19:39
UmeaboyYes, but that's written for the Nexus 5. Why not a universal one?19:39
vgradeUmeaboy: it was written by someone with an N5 so thats what he targetted. He has made it generic but its not been tested19:40
vgradewith many other devices19:41
UmeaboyOne thing that I'd also love to see in the future would be benchmarking test results of any device running Sailfish so people will know what to expect.19:41
vgradeUmeaboy: well we are all working here in the open, no agreements to sign, no NDAS, no Developer Fees , all welcome19:43
vgradescratch your itch19:43
vgradewe can all say we'd like the moon on a stick19:43
*** nh1402 has quit IRC19:45
Umeaboyvgrade: Would it be possible to build by executing some script from the SD-card?19:49
UmeaboyTo build "locally" that is.19:49
vgradeUmeaboy: difficult to say as "build" is very overloaded meaning19:51
UmeaboyYeah, but you get my point.19:51
UmeaboyInstead of using an external device I build the zip in the phone instead using my SD-card.19:51
vgradeno I miss it completly, your point, sorry19:53
vgradeI'd recommend to use the instructions in HADK19:53
vgradethen you can get help here with any issues you come across19:54
UmeaboyYes, but the HADK would be easier to use if it only contained step-by-step instructions.19:57
*** Nokius has quit IRC20:05
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters20:06
Umeaboyvgrade: IF Sailfish OS were to be ported to a device with a bigger touchscreen, which would that be?20:09
UmeaboyLike an All-in-one PC.20:09
*** Just486 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:13
UmeaboyWould the HP Slate work good? :)20:13
Umeaboy"21. ;)20:13
Nokiuslocusf: same here flight with easyjet have a useless time20:16
*** meschend has joined #sailfishos-porters20:24
*** Nokius has quit IRC20:31
*** Carepack_ has quit IRC20:36
UmeaboyJust486: Greetings!20:45
Just486yesterday i asked for some kind of multiboot support, and then I read on twitter that it's available by now. Read the instructions carefully, but to be honest I don"t really know how should I use it. Can I ask for further assistance to install Sailfish as a multiboot partition on Nexus 5?20:48
UmeaboyJust486: What does say if you search for multiboot related to Sailfish?20:52
*** boilerkim has quit IRC20:54
*** boilerkim has joined #sailfishos-porters20:54
Just486Umeaboy i don'T know, what should it say?20:54
UmeaboyJust486: Well, search and see what you might find. ;)20:55
Just486it did not give any relevant information20:56
Just486Umeaboy is there a step-by-step guide available already?20:56
UmeaboyTry using Ubiboot.20:56
Just486Umeaboy you must be kidding20:58
TassadarJust486: if you mean with multirom, then it isn't ready yet21:00
UmeaboyThere are Bootloader apps for Android to multiboot.21:01
Just486Tassadar i mean the multirom one, yes thanks! I think you made the scripts that i'm talking about21:02
TassadarJust486: yeah, I did, but those aren't for the users - I/we decided not to use it and make it easier for the users by adding sailfish option to the recovery21:03
TassadarJust486: it is almost done, just one part needs to be merged into sailfish - should be ready in a few days, probably less21:03
Just486Umeaboy yes, its an n9, i know it, i love it, i have one, i used to have ubiboot on it but now im talking about a nexus 5 :)21:03
Just486Tassadar thank you, i really appreciate it! and also thanks for the informations21:04
UmeaboyJust486: Look at how its done and then port it to the Nexus 5.21:04
UmeaboyFor the previous Nexus phone.21:05
Just486Tassadar I feel so ashamed for I'm only  being an end-user :(21:05
Tassadarwould be extremely weird if everyone were a developer ^^21:06
Just486but i feel extremely inconvinient when i log in to a developer forum and ask questions that seems to be obvious to everyone except for me21:09
* Umeaboy feels the same.21:09
Just486its like a monkey between human beings :D21:09
Just486anyways. i'm going on a vacation for two weeks but i feel really pumped for a multibootable sailfsih :) I already have the custom twrp set-up (with locked bootloader, no data wipe :O), I am ableto boot CM11 (or any zipped roms), so only waiting for the Sailfis part21:15
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmm. The Nexus phone doesn't have a locked bootloader.21:17
UmeaboyAt least it shouldn't have.21:17
UmeaboyJust486: ^^21:18
Just486Umeaboy thats the nice thing, that i didnt have to unlock my bootloader, thus i didnt lose any of my data while I still can boot alternative oses21:21
vgradeUmeaboy: how are you getting on with HADK21:24
Umeaboyvgrade: Instructions are confusing.21:25
UmeaboyBut I am reading.21:26
vgradewhich section are you on?21:26
vgrade\o Tassadar , nice to see you here21:28
vgradeTassadar: still chasing the PR21:28
vgradeI'm still chasing21:29
Umeaboyvgrade: 4.1 or Page 15.21:30
vgradehey Just486 we are waiting for a change to sailfish to enable an easier route to multiROM stay tuned21:30
Just486vgrade greetings! thanks for the info, Tassadar told me about it already :) i feel really pumped21:31
vgradeUmeaboy: ok good , the android tree takes a while21:31
vgradeJust486: we have a version but its not user friendly, once we can get this change into sailfish it should be easy21:32
Umeaboyvgrade: If I already run CM 11 on my phone, why do I have to build it?21:32
vgradeUmeaboy: good question21:33
Umeaboyvgrade: What's the login credentials for the Mer SDK?21:34
UmeaboyI started it via Virtualbox.21:34
vgradeUmeaboy: I'm not expert there , please ask in #sailfish21:34
UmeaboyI then pressed Right Ctrl-button + F2 and got a login prompt to a shell.21:34
Just486vgrade: aye, seen it on Twitter (that's the version you are talking about I guess), actually I came here to ask for assistance with it. Then i got the info, that an easier solution is on it's way :)21:35
vgradeyou don;t need app sdk here21:35
vgradeJust486: you understand correctly21:35
vgradeUmeaboy: to answer your question on CM rebuild21:36
vgradeandroid uses a different version of the c library to the rest of the linux world and its called bionic21:37
*** meschend has quit IRC21:37
vgradeto enable sailfish which is from the linux world to call drivers built against bionic we have to rebuild bionic ro be compatible with the c library in sailfish21:38
vgradeso its required to allow linux programs built against libc to call into drivers built against bionic21:40
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmmmmm. Wouldn't there be some Android zip's already prebuilt in the Sailfish repo?21:40
UmeaboyOtherwise I'd have to do this thing over and over and over and over again each time I buy a new computer or use someone elses.21:40
vgradewe have pre built releases for N4, N5, Galaxy Nexus21:41
Tassadarvgrade: oh, the cm zip you link in your thread on xda isn't the same as normal cyanogenmod build?21:42
vgradeTassadar: M9 snapshot21:42
vgradeTassadar: or are you looking elsewhere21:44
Tassadaryeah, there, just saw you saying you need to rebuild bionic..?21:44
Tassadaris that part of the rootfs zip?21:45
vgradeTassadar: the linux side yes, and libhybris21:46
vgradesec for link21:46
Umeaboyvgrade: Does Sailfish offer x86 support?21:48
vgradeUmeaboy: yes21:48
UmeaboyAny images available?21:48
vgradeyou have one in the app sdk21:49
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:50
vgradelibhybris provides stubs to the bionic libs to provide a link between libc linux and bionic libs eg libEGL21:52
vgradeand a rebuild of bionic is required die to a collision in the TLS area21:53
Tassadarbut when you use original CM zip, bionic, isn't rebuilt, right? or is that needed just for libhybris?21:54
vgradeyes the cm zip we flash first is a stock M9 snapshot straight from CM download repo21:55
vgradebut we nee to ensure that the version of libhybirs is built against the same source the CM snapshot was so the interfaces match21:56
vgradebut your right no rebuld is done on the CM zip snapshot21:57
vgradeafk for a bit22:03
Umeaboyvgrade: Shouldn't the CM guys rebuild bionic?22:16
UmeaboyFor future releases of the nightly version.22:16
UmeaboyAm I wrong?22:16
vgradeUmeaboy: if they used libc then the rest of the linuc community could use the drivers.22:30
vgradebut they used bionic for their own reasons22:31
UmeaboyThe same=22:32
vgrademaybe to not allow that use by linux ? maybe for other reasons, we can on;y speculate22:32
*** Carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:32
vgradeUmeaboy: thats the one,22:33
vgradehere are our patches to make it compatable with libc
vgradeespecially this one
UmeaboyBut that's only for 10.1 as latest.22:34
UmeaboyWhat about 11?22:34
*** Just486 has quit IRC22:35
*** Tassadar has quit IRC22:50
vgradeUmeaboy: different git branch
vgradeUmeaboy: hows the HADK , did you start?22:59
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC23:07
*** Arkkis has quit IRC23:07
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters23:07
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC23:18
*** Carepack_ has quit IRC23:42
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters23:43
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters23:43

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