Wednesday, 2014-08-13

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locusfgood morning05:13
deztructoralin: sometimes it can happen because of race condition involving bluetoothd, connmand, rfkill - bluetooth adapter initialization is failed, so bluez can't provide any06:08
deztructorthere is some investigation is going on for this issue06:08
deztructormaybe even fixed in
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alinvgrade: ok conmann.. I will see if rebuilding it is enough06:53
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rusty88hey guys, quick question in page 43 (HADK) says to run mka hybris-boot, that command is written correctly? if so, where can I find it? or is it make ?08:15
lbtrusty88: CM environment sets up an alias or function called mka which runs make with some args08:18
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rusty88lbt: allright  thanks ;)08:21
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dr_gogeta86guys good morning08:28
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junnuvirusty88: "source build/" before mka08:30
rusty88junnuvi: yup thanks :)08:30
dr_gogeta86actual  most low cost ported phone is ?08:31
dr_gogeta86my mom ask for a low cost phone08:32
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Sage_vgrade: sledges: thp: even more stuff
Sage_might also help on some issues on some ports if options are not set08:39
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alindr_gogeta86: jolla08:50
dr_gogeta86is 36008:51
dr_gogeta86i need something about 10008:51
dr_gogeta86she don't have twitter and facebook08:51
dr_gogeta86also a device with ported sfa ... is great08:51
alindr_gogeta86: and how can she show her face in front of her sicilian friends with a 100 phone?08:51
dr_gogeta86my mother is 5308:52
dr_gogeta86ad got an old nokia x108:52
alindr_gogeta86: a stollen jolla... you may get for that...08:52
dr_gogeta86i don't want buy a lumia08:52
dr_gogeta86but for 74 euro08:53
dr_gogeta86is best value for money08:53
tbrNokiaX, might eventually get a SFA port as it's a good target08:54
tbror the XL if it needs a big display (at same resolution)08:54
dr_gogeta86not avaiable here08:55
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dr_gogeta86here was a samsung / LG fee ... such shit08:57
dr_gogeta86altough recognize my jolla as lumia08:57
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dr_gogeta86jolla-hw-adaptation patterns09:29
dr_gogeta86got some problem with cm11 ?09:29
alinsledges: i think I broke the mer
alinsledges: the build service I mean... seems connman goes in a bloody loop09:32
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vgrade_alin: I reported the same issue09:43
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vgrade_lbt: builds looping on OBS, only looks like sailfish latest target09:43
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alinvgrade_: I think only for some packages we have problems...09:46
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dr_gogeta86vgrade_: locusf alin sledges09:55
dr_gogeta86qemu: Unsupported syscall: 31109:56
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Sage_and even more stuff
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dr_gogeta86is correct fro you ?10:08
dr_gogeta86sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install \ zypper install droid-hal-$DEVICE-devel10:08
dr_gogeta86Info: 145 packages to be installed, 145 packages gotten from cache, 0 packages to be downloaded10:08
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lbtvgrade_: ok - I saw a bad rpm mentioned - I'll purge it and see10:19
lbtlsb base or something10:19
vgrade_lbt: yea that was the one10:19
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alinlbt: in my case was a different bad rpm10:33
vgrade_alin: can you link the build log10:35
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gogetawhy on final image i can't find rpm binaries11:49
gogetaneither zypper or ssu11:49
gogetawith last kernel patches11:51
gogetawe got mer on huawei g525 / c8813q11:51
alin_gogeta: what do you mean?12:01
alin_gogeta: you cannot get?12:02
gogetarootfs miss alot of stuff12:02
gogetarpm zypper12:02
alin_[13:02:31 root@abbaton:~]: rpm -qa | grep zypper12:02
alin_[13:02:38 root@abbaton:~]: rpm -qa | grep ssu12:02
alin_i need to go12:03
mailyaseensledges, any update for Nexus 4?12:07
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gogetaeven zcat is not avaiable :-(12:15
gogetawhats wront in rootfs generation12:15
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sledgesmailyaseen: working allow untrusted software and usb mode selector for next release, been delayed due to HADK (which enables to build nexus4 on your own too ;p)12:31
gogetasledges: did you read12:32
gogetai got uncomplete rootfs12:33
mailyaseensledges : thanks, waiting for long time12:34
sledgesgogeta: examine your .ks and patterns, and observe the output of mic12:34
gogetaseems ok12:35
sledgesgogeta: also .urls file as bi-product of mic12:35
gogetadoens't include rpm and alot of stuff12:35
gogetatime to adjust kernel12:36
gogetai've found another hickup12:36
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gogetasledges: tnx fixed by my self13:08
gogetaInfo: 566 packages to be installed, 558 packages gotten from cache, 8 packages to be downloaded13:09
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energycsdxgogeta: do you have UI running?14:21
gogetabut i still have some kernel problems14:21
gogetabut rootfs now is complete14:21
Stskeepswhere did you run mic?14:22
gogetamersdk root14:23
gogetabut thi f* phobe have problems14:24
gogetawith kernel14:24
gogetafor rootfs was my fault14:24
gogetaas ever14:24
alin_can someone poot the obs out of misery? this runs in a loop since morning
sledgeslbt can can can14:32
sledges(and tango)14:32
lbt's true14:33
lbtalin_: vgrade_: the doofuses at jolla seem to have broken their CDN again14:39
* Stskeeps looks up 'doofus'14:40
Stskeepsand yeah, there was some kind of cdn issue earlier14:40
lbtStskeeps: it's ongoing14:43
lbtre-pull fails14:43
Stskeepsokay, hilight it with the usual crowd?14:43
junnuvidoes anyone have idea what I'm doing wrong. I had to modify kernel config and I rebuilded hybris-boot.img. It works ok when installed manually but for some reason when building new .zip with mic it still uses old hybris-boot.img ?14:48
lbtalin_: vgrade_: cleared bad rpms and restarted the fetcher and it looks good now14:57
Stskeepsjunnuvi: cache of mic14:57
Stskeepsversioning didn't change, i think14:57
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junnuviStskeeps: cache of mic? :)14:59
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junnuviStskeeps: where mic cache is located?15:00
sledgesjunnuvi: /var/cache/zypp15:00
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junnuvisledges: which one? And how to clear cache correctly? By removeing whole directory?15:07
junnuvior can I set USE_CCACHE=0 ?15:08
junnuviof course I can but does it help? :)15:08
sledgesjunnuvi: whichever contains "-boot*.rpm"15:08
junnuviAh, it makes rpm of that too. Thanks, that helps a lot15:09
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vgrade_cheers lbt15:14
sledgesjunnuvi: yet versioning should've changed (YYYYMMDDHHMM) so strange why it doesn't pick up. Doing createrepo on local repo to freshen it up might help15:16
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junnuvisledges: Ok, good to know that it should pick up latest :)17:18
sledgesjunnuvi: did you rebuild mb2 droid-hal-$DEVICE so version increases for sure?17:20
sledges(as running only mka hybris-boot is not enough)17:20
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junnuvisledges: not 100% sure :)18:23
alinmore and more convinced that a lot of the crowd on xda... really do not know to read...18:26
Stskeepspeople don't read, news at 1118:27
Stskeepsthe amount of EULAs around the place really shows that18:27
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vgradealin: deep breath18:30
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vgradeevening all18:30
Stskeepsevening vgrade18:30
vgradealin: good to see people helping new users out there18:31
vgradealin: I mean, new users are helping other new ones18:32
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vrutkovseh, after I've updated libhybris to apps started crashing and started hanging on flo :/18:38
vrutkovsany ideas how to debug this?18:39
vrutkovsStskeeps: sledges: ^?18:39
Stskeepsprobably not a good idea to use a different libhybris than we advise :P18:40
Stskeepsbut good to know that happens..18:40
Stskeepswhat commit did you use before18:40
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vrutkovswell, just wanted to test latest changes - I did a backup anyway18:40
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alinsledges: vgrade can you please pass me the connman rpm from jolla?18:42
vrutkovsStskeeps: oops, a typo: on a2973e5 (the one in mer-hybris/libhybris) apps frequently crashed and sometimes managed to get started18:42
vrutkovsnow they 100% hang18:42
alini updated to the latest git and rien marche18:42
Stskeepsflo .. is that n7 2013?18:42
vrutkovsStskeeps: yes18:42
Stskeepsso our standard one frequently crashes and refuses to start?18:43
alinvgrade: sledges never mind I got it18:43
vrutkovsStskeeps: lipstick starts, but any app crashes in 99% and sometimes starts18:43
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps18:44
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alinvgrade: sledges situ careful with the new connman... seems to break all network18:51
alini suspect all the stack needs to be rebuilt18:51
alinok.. discovered that sometimes the sound stops on listening to some internet radio18:53
alinjournalctl seems to say auiod status changes... to 4 when silence happens... to 6 when sound comes back18:54
alinand in between ofonod merde18:54
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energycsdxsledges: got output on display but it is not clear why clear19:57
vrutkovsStskeeps: fyi here's the trace of hanging libhybris19:59
* Stskeeps peeks19:59
StskeepsWAYLAND_DEBUG=1 may be useful20:00
Stskeepsoh you have that20:00
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Stskeepsnotably i don't see any queueBuffer20:01
energycsdxsledges: i understand, display controled by power button somehow20:02
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energycsdxalso doubletapping on screen wakeups screen20:03
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energycsdxit even autopower downs20:05
vgradeenergycsdx: what was the trick to get output?20:12
energycsdxvgrade: i`m not sure about trick20:13
vgradeenergycsdx: last night you only had display if it had been initialised in android I think20:15
energycsdxvgrade: looks like it need to just press power button20:15
energycsdxbut have no clue who handle this20:15
alin_energycsdx: what device?20:16
energycsdxalso looks like lipstick turn on backlight also, but i have no output in lipstick because dbus is not running20:16
vgradeenergycsdx: on N5 the display will blank and ot will wake up with tap on power button,20:16
energycsdxalin_: xperia l20:17
vgrade22:57 < energycsdx> sledges: got output on display but it is not clear why clear20:17
vgradewhat output was this?20:18
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sledgesenergycsdx: what is current state sorry?20:35
energycsdxsledges: qmlscene running, look like it need to just press power button on side20:36
sledgesclearly on screen?20:36
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energycsdxsledges: yes20:39
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:39
sledgesenergycsdx: and lipstick?20:39
sledgesmaybe when it starts from systemd, mce would power the LCD?20:39
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energycsdxyes lipstick powers LCD20:40
energycsdxbut have just black screen20:40
energycsdxand it exists after a while20:40
energycsdxi don`t think it related to graphics20:41
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sledgesenergycsdx: so lipstick doesn't show anything? that's first thing to fix from cmdline20:41
sledgesenergycsdx: qmlscene as user or root?20:43
energycsdxas user20:43
sledgeslaunch lipstick with same platform vars + power key. nothing?20:43
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energycsdxi run lipstick HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=hwcomposer QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer /usr/bin/lipstick20:46
sledgesenergycsdx: pls get used to EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer (for future less errors) for first var20:46
vgradeQPA-HWC: err in present returned -2220:47
vgradedoes not look promising20:48
energycsdxit is ok20:48
energycsdxHWC prints in on each eglSwapBuffers20:48
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sledgesError accessing property  "System.OfflineMode" :  "User" :  no file ,  "Sys" :  no file20:49
sledgesthis was happening when n5 was tearing20:49
vgradeenergycsdx: was this an image created using full HADK procedure?20:50
energycsdxvgrade: no20:51
vgradeenergycsdx: might explain the dbus , dconf20:52
sledgeswhy qmlscene works though?20:53
sledgessame vars?20:53
energycsdxyes qmlscene work20:53
energycsdxbut i think problem of lipstick is more related to dbus20:54
energycsdxbtw about "QPA-HWC: err in present returned -22" there is bug in qualcomm code20:54
energycsdxloop on this line ignore numDisplays argument20:55
sledgesgah don't tell me it's again :))20:55
vgradethis is the line situ got changes20:55
sledgesyes, and tearing/ui-crashes stopped20:56
sledges(the "error accessing property" ^^ i mentioned)20:56
sledgesenergycsdx: change MAX_DISPLAYS to numDisplays, rebuild hwc and replace hwc*.so in your /system/lib/hw/20:57
sledges(with care ofc)20:57
energycsdxsledges hwc*.so in my case packed in vendor zip file20:57
sledgeswas about to say that ;)20:58
vgradeor download recent nightly,
sledgesvgrade: it looks off-cm20:58
energycsdxcompiled with that bug20:58
energycsdxso i added workaround in hwc qpa plugin20:59
energycsdxwithout that workaround it works 1 time out of 521:00
sledgesand with?21:00
sledges(probably morphis' workaround equivalent )21:01
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sledgesenergycsdx: yet even with workaroudn you get -2221:09
energycsdxsledges: it dirty workaround21:09
sledgesis it like the one above?21:10
sledges(i linked to qpa-hwc github)21:10
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energycsdxgot output from lipstick21:23
energycsdxlooks like it takes to long to startup for some reason and systemd kills it before it started21:24
energycsdxdisabled timeout and now it started21:25
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cxl000situ, lipstick still dying when started from systemd. when started manually will stay until I start a client. clients are crashing and often lipstick does as well22:17
cxl000vrutkovs, I had wifi and bluetooth working with my attempts some months ago. I'll do some digging22:34
sledgescxl000: for your convenience with vrutkovs:
* energycsdx passed sailfish os startup tutorial23:00
energycsdxhow to trick lipstick to think that i have internet connection?23:02
sledgesdid you enter the hull of fame?23:02
sledgesenergycsdx: actually provide it? ;) (hint: usb tethering setup manually)23:03
energycsdxalready have23:03
energycsdxbut lipstick still want to enable WLAN23:03
sledgesand lipstick still shows connection dialogue?23:03
sledgeslpotter: ^ ?23:03
energycsdxnothing happends when i press23:04
sledgesenergycsdx: risk installing usb-moded->usb_tethering plugin?23:05
sledges(risk = no telnet when you'll loose UI)23:05
sledges(but still bootable into recovery to rm usb-moded.service and get phone back)23:05
energycsdxwhat package should i install?23:09
sledgesenergycsdx: ssu ar
sledgesenergycsdx: zypper in usb-moded usb-moded-pc-suite-mode-android usb-moded-mass-storage-android-config usb-moded-diag-mode-android usb-moded-developer-mode-android usb-moded-defaults-android usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config23:13
sledgesyou should have USB Tethering in the menu, proceed with caution ;)23:14
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