Thursday, 2014-08-14

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spiiroinsledges: mce handles power button, suspend policy, backlight brightness and display state management. for gfx debugging you might want to either "mcetool --set-never-blank=enabled"  or stop mce and manually set backlight brightness via sysfs03:47
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situIs this the kernel source for Jolla device ?
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situishan: Hey06:08
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situeveryone: Meet ishan, he is currently employed by Nvidia and works on booting Linux kernel on Nvidia boards. He is interested in learning more about Sailfish OS.06:11
situishan: Feel free to ask your questions.06:12
ishanHi Everyone,06:12
ishanI have been working on the kernel for some time now. So I was really interested to have a look at the Sailfish Kernel if its open06:13
situsledges: ^06:14
energycsdxishan: afaik thereis no sailfish kernel06:15
ishanOh. After searching online I found out it runs on Mer ?06:16
SK_workmer do not provide the kernel06:17
ishanI see. But this page says it does.
situishan: Mer just provides packages required to build a core operating system. It does not include hardware adapations for kernel.06:19
ishanOk oK.06:19
situishan: It runs on top of whatever Linux kernel you provide it.06:19
ishanOh That's cool.06:20
situishan: Device vendors are supposed to provide the kernel.06:20
ishanSo I can even run it on Android Kernel ?06:20
vakkovishan: yes06:20
SK_workishan: that's actually what's going on06:20
vakkovit only needs some specific configs06:20
SK_workwith the "HADK" thing, people use cyanogenmod kernels06:21
vakkovso that systemd runs06:21
situishan: That's what we do on all the android devices.06:21
vakkovthe rest is hardware dependant06:21
situishan: For e.g. on Nexus 5 we use this kernel with Mer
ishansitu: I see06:22
situishan: We have to tweak some configurations in CM kernels to boot to Mer. You can see the changes here
situishan: You should be able to boot to Mer on any Android device.06:24
ishansitu: Now I understand everything.06:24
situishan: Great. If you have time you should try to boot Mer on any of the Nvidia boards.06:25
ishansitu: Does Sailfish have its own Bugzilla ?06:25
ishansitu : I was actually thinking of doing that06:26
SK_workishan: there is a bugzilla for hardware adaptation06:26
SK_workuse bugs.nemomobile.org06:27
situoops sorry, that is the url to enter a bug :)06:27
ishanSK_work: Thanks06:28
ishansitu: thanks06:28
SK_work(my office proxy is blocking bugs; because of ssl issue :/)06:29
energycsdxgoogle chrome also blocks06:29
energycsdxyou can`t skip error message06:30
ishanSK_work: Same here. I said 'Proceed Anyway'06:30
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locusfis there a way to see the HYBRIS_TRACE_BEGIN messages being printed somewhere?08:47
Stskeepzcheck the logging source file and h08:47
locusfStskeepz: okay08:53
locusfI've noticed that setting EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev still doesn't open apps in huawei p608:54
locusf+ font corruption08:55
gogetaguys good morning08:58
gogetahi locusf tbr Stskeepz sledges08:59
gogetafinally i got a fully functional kernel09:02
gogetaafter usb0 come up09:02
gogetawhere to check09:03
gogetanow i'm in recovery09:03
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gogetanow i disabled switch root09:07
gogetastill reset09:08
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vakkovjust saw vgrade's tweet about device lock. Should we add jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa to the image] build process10:34
sledgesvakkov: if you add it to patters, wrong one will get pulled in10:36
sledgesthis will be fixed in next update10:36
sledgesso if in patterns, jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition should be specified for now, to pull jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa in10:36
sledges..i know, crazy! :D10:36
locusfI added the p6 to the libhybris devices10:45
locusfcredit goes to both Stskeeps and me :)10:45
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gogetalocusf: stay arround11:12
locusfgogeta: ?11:12
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gogetai got the small cousin11:12
gogetabut is qualcomm based11:12
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gogeta  iSerial                 4 Mer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis012:02
phdeswergogeta: sounds like something is failing badly there.12:10
gogetai know12:10
phdeswerdo you have more output?12:11
gogetano initlog is 012:11
gogetain 10 time just one boots12:12
gogetahave a sure bootable kernel for this device was a great advance12:12
gogetahow to force print to fb0 ?12:13
phdeswerNow you just have systemd messing with you.... :(12:13
gogetais my destiny12:13
gogetameanwhile fastboot doesn't work anymore12:13
gogetato check every time i need to boot into recovery12:14
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gogetaand check fs12:14
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vrutkovsdr_gogeta86: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb012:17
vrutkovsor /dev/graphics/fb012:18
dr_gogeta86i know12:18
dr_gogeta86but not works :-D12:18
blackout24Anyone else noticed, that while loading the device it sometimes seems to reset the loading process and display a new "Device loading" notification and play a notification sound? Doesn't happen very often, though.12:21
energycsdxdr_gogeta86 vrutkovs: for adreno fb special ioctl should be called to update screen if you have cmd type dsi panel12:24
sledgesan egl swap or flip sort-of thing?12:24
dr_gogeta86i wanna throw away this crap12:25
dr_gogeta86  iSerial                 4 Mer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis012:25
energycsdxdo you enabled android usb gadged config?12:25
dr_gogeta86sometime works12:27
dr_gogeta86for few seconds12:27
dr_gogeta86where i can find updated kernel config requirements ?12:35
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: your if might be called differently, i think piggz had same problem12:45
dr_gogeta86but every 10 compilation works ?12:45
sledgescheck what ifconfig -a is outputting now in /init.log12:45
sledgesdr_gogeta86: we also had a case12:46
dr_gogeta86but why randomly works ?12:46
sledgesusb0 and rndis0 would alternate, in pre-switch_root and post-switch_root respectivelly12:46
dr_gogeta86how to stop switch root12:46
energycsdxsledges: can`t find it for now, but remember that i added special ioctl to test program that mmaps framebuf and draw some paterns12:47
phdeswersledges: sounds like a good time to poke Aard to get jolla-rnd-device available for the hadk as usb-moded would not have a problem with that.12:47
sledgesphdeswer: i'll poke him to he gets more pokes :D12:48
phdeswersledges: just did ;)12:48
dr_gogeta86in recovery12:48
sledgesjust +1'd :))12:48
dr_gogeta86wich script may i check to avoid12:57
dr_gogeta86switch root12:57
dr_gogeta86and print something somewhere ?12:57
dr_gogeta86boom   iSerial                 4 Mer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis012:58
dr_gogeta86but is repruducible now12:59
dr_gogeta86this come from clen compilation12:59
sledgesdr_gogeta86: touch /init_enter_debug and you'll stick inside pre-switch_root, praying that usb0 if comes up (if not, look at /*stderr* files left on your rootfs)13:00
vrutkovsdr_gogeta86: its $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/hybris-boot/init-script in sdk - you'll need to re-flash boot.img if you want to adjust it13:00
vrutkovscxl000: speaking of flo's wifi - I get weird errors in dmesg:
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migo_Hi, I'm currently going through the hadk but stuck at the point where I need to fix the mount points. Where do I find recovery fstab? I tried using adb but didn't find a 'modem' partition, but 'modemst1' and 'modemst2' and 'persist' is also missing13:33
locusfmigo_: you can usually find the fstab from $ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/$DEVICE/recovery/recovery.fstab13:37
migo_there is only root/ and bootrec-device13:39
migo_(did repo sync and breakfast with no error)13:40
sledgesmigo_: inspect of your device (META-INF/.../updater-script where it flashes boot)13:40
sledgesif not - i suspect you have a sony ;))13:40
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migo_yes it is a sony13:41
alinsledges: got the chance yesterday to connect to a unsecured network... the one you finish the auth in a browser...13:43
sledgesit has no flashable partitions13:43
alinno connection...13:43
sledgesmigo_: not via recovery mode that is13:43
sledgesmigo_: check flashing page for your device in CM, you'll see they additionally ask to do fastboot flash boot boot.img - this you'll have to do for sailfish too, in the meantime, just enter dummy values into fixups13:44
sledgesalin: known problem in t.j.c, pls poke ;)13:44
sledgesyet depends on router, it worked for me once in a hotel on jolla13:44
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alinsledges: poke whom and why?13:45
sledgesalin: the ticket on browser-auth wifi APs13:45
sledgesto vote and make them fix fater (or contribute data from router)13:45
migo_sledges: thank you! I'll try that later13:46
sledgesmigo_: have fun :)13:46
sledgesmigo_: which sony? ;)13:46
sledgesin case somebody already ported13:46
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sledgesenergycsdx is porting to one13:47
migo_z1 compact (amami)13:47
sledgesok, not yet heard13:48
sledgesyet similar approach13:48
alinsledges: by the wpa enterprise the same issue.. no way to connect13:48
alinsledges: situ vgrade did any of you configured he email? it seems it does not sync automatically...13:49
alinworks fine if I sync by hand...13:49
rusty88hey guys13:50
migo_he might be doing yuga (xperia z) ? read something about that in a manifest13:50
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situalin: I don't use email on my device.13:50
rusty88trying to create the Image with MIC  (HADK 8.4) it gave me the following output and it did not generate a zip file, am i missing something ?
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locusfrusty88: you have a wrong adaptation repository in the .ks13:53
rusty88locusf: ok, but how do I know what is the wrong repository?13:58
locusfrusty88: show me the .ks13:59
locusfrusty88: I mean the $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks14:01
rusty88oops pasted the wrong thing :P14:02
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locusfrusty88: remove this line completely:14:03
locusfrepo --name=adaptation1-i9300-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=
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rusty88locusf: oh yay!!\o/ many thanks14:04
sledgesalin: wpa enterprise is not working for different reasons than open browser-auth14:05
alinsledges: yap... I know... but both look to me equal important... and crazy that they do not work... imagine... all the starbucks and corporate classes not being able to connect14:07
alinsledges: good thing eduroam uses wpa enterprise... students came with workarounds...14:07
dr_gogeta86sledges: vrutkovs this tricks need to be documented14:08
sledgesalin: yes there are workarounds for enterprise, but for other problem: it does work in some starbuckses ;)14:08
vrutkovsdr_gogeta86: sorry, did a reboot: which trick?14:09
sledgesmigo_: energycsdx is running xperia L, xperia Z was jolla's unfinished effort14:10
dr_gogeta86sledges: you flash14:10
dr_gogeta86or hybris-boot.img14:10
dr_gogeta86on /boot14:10
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: what are you talking about?14:12
sledgesdr_gogeta86: which device?14:13
dr_gogeta86i'm dding hybris-boot.img into /boot partition14:13
dr_gogeta86huawei g52514:13
sledgesdr_gogeta86: flashing happens in .zip14:13
dr_gogeta86is where kernel resides by fstap14:13
dr_gogeta86is where kernel resides by fstab14:13
dr_gogeta86i can't use zip14:13
dr_gogeta86not works14:13
migo_sledges: ok, at least it is not the same device then ;)14:14
sledgesdr_gogeta86: so you do fastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img14:14
dr_gogeta86not work anymore14:14
dr_gogeta86fastboot at all14:14
dr_gogeta86i need to flash via recovery14:14
sledgesdr_gogeta86: it's a recent discovery particular to sony devices, so not much to document yet (esp when you say doesn't work for you)14:15
sledgesdr_gogeta86: fastboot not working is alarming14:15
sledgesdidn't you overwrite fastboot/trustzone partition by chance?14:15
dr_gogeta86works till 4 days ago14:15
sledgesdoes `fastboot devices` work?14:16
dr_gogeta86just fall in waiting for device loop14:16
dr_gogeta86when run flash14:16
dr_gogeta86is not problem to me14:16
energycsdxmigo_: i`m running on Xperia L and AOSP 4.4.414:20
migo_energycsdx: I'm trying on Z1 compact with CM1114:20
migo_I ran "mka hybris-hal" and I got "find: `src': No such file or directory". make is still alive, but doesn't seem to do anything. Do you have a tip?14:21
sledgesmigo_: is all because you haven't partition information, and perl script goes into endless loop14:22
sledgessorry about that, but we hadn't run into such cases when writing hadk14:22
sledgesiirc you can either provide a fake fstab.$DEVICE file near that recovery of yours with root/ and boot-something you mentioned14:23
sledgesor modify perl script (somewhere in hybris/hybris-boot/*)14:23
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dr_gogeta86i gotta go14:27
dr_gogeta86see you in two days14:27
sledgesciao ciao o/14:27
dr_gogeta86vulcano and lipari14:27
energycsdxsledges: what should i have to make telephone calls?14:27
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energycsdxmigo_: i can share some where my rootfs there is chance that it may work on your phone, but anyway you should make hybris-boot.img by yourself14:30
sledgesenergycsdx: modem firmware mounted, android's rild running, ofono-ril and ofono running in sailfish14:32
sledgesand all playing gracefully like orchestra :))14:32
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energycsdxmodem firmware mounted is needed for rild?14:33
sledgesenergycsdx: yes, if it asks for (also correct paths)14:34
sledgesusually /firmware14:34
sledgesenergycsdx: most important - inspect logcat first when ridl launched14:34
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Neesaysledges any good new for Nexus 4 users? its long time since we are waiting for update?15:08
sledgessoz, busy with hadk15:08
sledgeswhich enables build your own nexus4 ;p15:08
sledgesnot long now anywayz15:09
* sledges goes afk a bit15:09
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Neesaysledges yeah thats true, but i am busy with office stuff, and not getting enough time to spend on hadk... :(15:17
Neesaysledges hmm it will great to play with sailfish os, on weekend.. if it get relesaed... :)15:19
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vrutkovssledges: could you also clone Its needs selinux disable patch16:34
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sledgesvrutkovs: here goes:
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w00tc0d3I've been away for a couple of days18:29
w00tc0d3went to my grandparents18:29
*** w00tc0d3 is now known as Guest2005418:30
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sledgeshey netchip ;)18:34
Guest20054I never know whether I used w00tc0d3 or netchip18:35
*** Guest20054 has quit IRC18:35
*** Guest20054 has joined #sailfishos-porters18:35
*** Guest20054 is now known as netchip18:35
sledgeswe know you netchip18:36
sledgesand w00t is a fellow sailor ;)18:36
sledgesthe qt god :))18:36
netchipw00tc0d3 = netchip :P18:36
netchipw00t might be someone else, but w00tc0d3 is me xD18:37
sledgessure, was talking about tab complete :DD18:37
netchipschool's starting in about a week18:38
netchiphigh school takes in the Netherlands 6 years18:38
sledgesi'd love to stay and chat but gotta scoot, laters! :)18:39
netchipMSameer: has the project already been launched?18:40
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:39
alinvgrade: hi19:45
vgradealin: hi19:45
alinvgrade: do you use email on your n5?19:46
vgradealin: no19:46
alinvgrade: yes the autosyn does not work19:46
alinvgrade: I will report a bug but I want at least someone else to confirm it19:46
alinvgrade: also do you think we shall do a list with what does not work and what we know about?19:47
vgradealin: working on other devices apart from Jolla? any issues reported at tjc19:47
alinvgrade: I do not know did not fins anything on tjc19:47
vgradealin: well we have top level HA status and bugzilla , probably enough?19:48
alinvgrade: sledges the bugzilla system does not seem to be very successful I mean I have seen little comments on it19:48
alinvgrade: the HA matrix is ok... but does not say anything technical...19:49
vgradealin: you mean things are not getting fixed?  thats not the bugzilla system19:49
alinvgrade: no.. I do not meant things are not fixed... there is no acticity on bugs19:49
vgradeif we assume everything is working as it does on Jolla and things which don't go in the bugzilla19:49
vakkovthe ics and jb linkers are totally different19:50
vgradealin: activity on bugs is driven by contributers19:50
alinvgrade: how?19:51
energycsdxsledges: can sailfish os unlock sim card with pin code?19:51
alinvgrade: especially on closed components...19:51
vgradealin: by them wanting to scratch an itch and fix something19:51
vgradealin: by closed you mean Jolla? As I understand it the bugs get taken into Jolla internal bugzilla19:52
vgradewe have no control on the progress of those, apart from raising the profile in tjc19:53
vgradeI see work going on on N5 BT for example19:53
alin vgrade yes and no.. at this point we know nothing of what is taken inside19:53
alinvgrade: or what progress19:54
alinvgrade: yap... was the one I was testing yesterday...19:54
alinvgrade: the point is that community can have little knowledge on what bugs is worked or not19:55
vgradealin: so you could ask in here to talk to Jolla developer about progress or help out.  It worked well with jusa_ on pulseaudio and spiiroin on timers19:55
*** keithzg_ is now known as keithzg19:55
vgradealin: its about finding a way to 'do it together'19:56
alinvgrade: yap I know we can work here19:56
alinvgrade: I have no problem with that... my point is that you look at the list of bugs and all are new...19:57
*** Sequenced has quit IRC19:57
alinI know some of them are worked internally maybe somehow they shall be marked19:57
vgradealin: agree , we need to plan a triage meeting19:57
alinif people see them like that may think nobody cares19:57
vgradedo you want to take that?19:57
alinvgrade: what do you mean by taking that?19:58
vgradeorganise a triage meeting?19:58
vgradeif you look at mer-meeting archives we used to do it weekly19:58
alinvgrade: ok I see19:59
alinper device?19:59
vgradeso bugs get discussed , assigned19:59
alinvgrade: ok20:00
vgradewell we don't have enough bugs at the moment to have a triaeg per device but that could be done20:00
alinvgrade: I mean I have no idea about other devices... and maybe is better to split the work per device20:00
alinMSameer: can you comment please to your findings on the camera... api 2.0 ?20:01
MerbotNemo bug 724 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] camera shows a nice black screen" [Normal,New]20:01
vgradealin: the work of the traige chair is to follow a process so you don't need to know the finer details that is what the others at the meeting are for20:02
alinvgrade: I am anarchist on this one... we can chair by rotation20:02
vgradeiekku: \o20:03
vgradedo you have any advice for alin in bug triage process?20:03
alinvgrade: I think I will report all the missing ones we have20:04
vgradelbt_: also chaired this as I recall20:04
alinspiiroin: any progress on the usb led?20:04
vgradealin: the biggest challenge will be with the internal Jolla ones but hopefully we can get at laest some feedback if an issue is being worked on20:07
*** zon is now known as zZz0n20:08
vgradeI can't remember a good smartphone by those anarchist types20:08
vgradealin: any logs for the BT, and was this with the new kernel options?20:10
alinvgrade: you never know20:10
alinvgrade: I do not know anything about new kernel options20:10
vgradesorry I thought you said 22:54 < alin> vgrade: yap... was the one I was testing yesterday..20:11
alinvgrade: the one I was testing was relating to connman20:12
vgradeah ok20:12
alinvgrade: this implies a new hybris-boot?20:13
vgradealin: indeed it does20:13
alinvgrade: ok... now I will need to learn to build one and flash it without flashing a all image20:14
vgradealin: ?, I thought you had already skilled in that?20:14
alinvgrade: yap but multirom is new to me20:15
iekkuvgrade, what we used to do in mer and nemo was ok.20:16
vgradealin: no change needed for multirom except git pull on mer-hybris/hybris-boot20:16
iekkuvgrade, but i think some kind of follow up for undone would be good too20:16
iekkualin, check what i replied to vgrade20:17
vgradeiekku: yea, always difficult to do in OSS project20:17
iekkualin, and take a look to bugzilla oss project called bayot, there's some handy stuff too20:17
iekkuvgrade, :nod:20:18
iekkusome bug squashin + weekly reminder20:18
vgradeiekku: I've seen some good things in KDE also , they will have a weekend and say "we are focussing on bugs"20:19
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters20:19
vgradeevening beidl20:20
iekkuvgrade, that sounds a great idea. usually community members have more free time during weekends20:20
alinbeidl: second week gone? how many left?20:21
vgradeiekku: it look like the bayot repo is active, are you using tools in Jolla?20:23
iekkuvgrade, yes we are. we adopted that from the beginning of jolla and we have been contributing20:24
iekkuvgrade, originally started in nokia20:24
vgradeiekku: something for me to understand then , just in case20:25
* energycsdx got USSD working20:25
iekkuif there's questions, maincontributor, pami ketolainen, is very helpfull20:25
iekkubut now i need to have some sleep, talk more later o/20:26
vgradeiekku: thanks for the tips, as alin says we need to start doing something with the bugs people have been so kind in submitting20:27
vgradeiekku: nn20:27
iekkualin + vgrade, if you have any questions etc don't hesitate to ping me. i'm on vacation, so might not be so active at irc, but i have sceen open20:27
*** sletta has quit IRC20:28
alinvgrade: fatal: duplicate path kernel/lge/hammerhead in /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5testting/droid/.repo/manifest.xml20:28
alindid you see this in dmt's script output?20:28
vgradealin: yes, no problem20:29
alinvgrade: I am tooo lazy I will rebuild all the image just in case and reuse only the .img20:29
vgradealin: thats what the script is there for20:30
alinwould be nice not to do something stupid to have to reinstall when I flash20:30
alinvgrade: he he...20:30
alinvgrade: so with multirom I still fllash the boot?20:31
vgradealin: the script is missing the part in HADK which says you might get duplicate repo errors, if so then rm .repo/local_manifest/*.xml20:31
alinvgrade: yap I know that... what I do not know if is fatal was just a scary error20:32
vgradealin: download the zip you produce to the phone20:32
vgradeboot into recovery20:32
vgradeselect sailfish20:32
vgradeseect new zip20:32
vgradeselct cm zip20:32
alinvgrade: yes I know... but I want to avoid that...20:32
vgradealin: ok20:33
alinvgrade: as I would like not to recreate all my accounts again20:33
energycsdxsledges: will i have voice without pulseaudio?20:33
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos-porters20:33
*** sletta has quit IRC20:34
vgradealin: but you are just testing BT right?20:35
alinvgrade: yap20:35
alinthis thing rebuilds all the kernel... maybe we can do a hammerhead config and build only that modules20:36
vgradealin: we don't have any modules20:36
vgradealin: there is an option in recovery to inject boot.img file20:38
* energycsdx received SMS20:39
vgradeenergycsdx: \o/20:39
*** s5pik3 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:40
alinvgrade: ok I will try I hope I will not regret it20:43
*** beidl has quit IRC20:43
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
alinvgrade: so your advice is to inject the boot.img generated by the image?20:44
vgradealin: into your secondary rom, yes20:45
vgradealin: well the hybris-boot.img20:45
beidlhello guys. sry, had to fix some issues with the new router+quassel core20:46
alinvgrade: yap... let us see how20:46
vgradebeidl: no probs.20:46
beidlalin: 2 weeks basic training left, then 5 months remaining20:47
vgradebeidl: did you catch up, I see there was some talk about texture sizes in the last few days20:47
beidlvgrade: the EGL_hybris texture changes for the scene graph?20:47
vgradebeidl: no it was related to the black textures seen20:48
beidlhmm, black textures? I'm not sure I can follow? where was that issue happening?20:48
vgradebeidl: don't recall the device but it only supported 1024x1024 textures20:49
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:50
vgradethe interest for you was the issue you have with ambiance and we wondered if those were linked a20:50
*** alin has quit IRC20:51
alin_vgrade: now is not... how do I check what I did is what I wanted20:51
vgradealin_: ?20:51
alin_vgrade: that the image i wrote it where i wanted20:52
beidlvgrade: interesting, might be related. it certainly makes sense20:52
vgradealin_: check dmesg on ext sailfish boot, it should have the compile system time20:52
alin_vgrade: right wrong time20:53
alin_[    0.000000] Linux version 3.4.0-cyanogenmod-g3fd6680 (vgrade@nexus5) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #3 SMP PREEMPT Sun Aug 10 13:50:01 UTC 201420:53
alin_vgrade: probably injeceted it in the wrong place20:53
vgradeafter you selected hybris-boot.img what did it ask you next?20:54
vgradeI assume it asked for which secondary ROM20:54
*** alin_ has quit IRC20:58
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
vakkovguys, I only need to build bionic and the EGL part of hybris20:58
vakkovpretty much nothing :D however i'm not sure how i should do it20:59
energycsdxhow to make screenshot?20:59
alinenergycsdx: yes20:59
vgradevakkov: hybris-hal: hybris-updater-unpack hybris-updater-script hybris-recovery hybris-boot linker init libc adb adbd libEGL libGLESv2 bootimage servicemanager logcat updater21:00
alinenergycsdx: grabscreen21:00
vgradevakkov: thats the list you need21:00
beidlhey vakkov o/21:01
energycsdxalin: command not found21:01
vakkovvgrade: from all this i would only need libEGL libGLESv2 linker libc (and if there is anything graphics related left). All the other stuff is for android devices and i DONT need that. I only need hybris graphics21:02
vakkovlogcat might not be bad21:02
vakkovvgrade: i dont even need init since powervr graphics are loaded by a simple script that doesn't need it21:02
vakkovvgrade: i can always make systemd load the script.21:03
vakkovthe rest of the implementation will be good old gnu21:04
vakkovbeidl: hi!21:04
vgradevakkov: you may need properties to be functional21:04
beidlvakkov: what are you working on there? :D21:04
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:04
*** alin has quit IRC21:05
vakkovbeidl: n900. I  just need the android graphics libs so that i have a working wayland... it is a little bit broken now. all the rest should be the current implementation21:06
beidlvakkov: nice stuff21:06
* vgrade adds to
vakkovit is actually working but it is not updating the screen.. stays frozen at a frame..21:07
alin_[    4.388736] EXT3-fs (mmcblk0p28): error: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (40)21:09
vgradevakkov: this is with the hwc from p97021:09
vakkovvgrade: you have tried it on an n9?21:10
vgradevakkov: no,21:10
vakkovthen what do you mean by "this"21:11
vakkovbtw, i am now planning to run it without hwc, only fbdev21:11
vgradevakkov: I mean your single frame21:11
vakkova hwc would require a kernel 3 i guess21:11
vakkovvgrade: my single frame now is this implementation -
vgradevakkov: ok21:12
vakkovvgrade: it's the one that runs on the n921:12
vgradealin_: what have you done?21:13
vgradeit should try ext3 then ext421:18
*** boilerkim has quit IRC21:27
*** boilerkim has joined #sailfishos-porters21:27
alin_vgrade: inkected the hybris-boot.img21:51
alin_vgrade: anyhow these are errors and strange things I see at the beginning of dmesg21:51
vgradealin_: we don't give the rootfs type so systemd tries ext2, ext3 then ext421:52
alin_vgrade: yap21:53
vgradewhen you give the hybris-boot.img to inject does multirom ask for the rom to inject it too21:53
alin_vgrade: no21:54
vgradeoh , where did it get injected?21:55
alin_vgrade: no idea21:55
alin_vgrade: cyanogen boots21:55
vgradeand sailfish boots?21:55
alin_vgrade: a question gor Tassadar21:55
alin_vgrade: yes I am on it21:55
vgradebut with old kernel?21:55
alin_vgrade: yap21:55
alin_Tassadar: when you do inject boot img from multirom21:56
alin_Tassadar: where is injected?21:56
Tassadarin recovery -> advanced -> multirom -> inject boot.img?21:56
alin_Tassadar: yap21:56
Tassadarthat's kinda obsolete function21:56
TassadarI should remove it21:56
Tassadarit is for android ROMs21:57
Tassadarwon't work with sailfish21:57
alin_Tassadar: ok.. perfect consistent with what we have found21:57
Tassadarsailfish's boot.img isn't changed at all, becase the patch was merged, so there is no need to edit it21:57
alin_Tassadar: so is there any way to inject a new boot img for sailfish?21:58
Tassadaryou don't need to inject it21:58
alin_Tassadar: but?21:58
Tassadaryou wanna replace the kernel/initrd multirom boots?21:58
alin_Tassadar: yap21:58
alin_Tassadar: without rewriting all cm+sailfish21:59
vgradeTassadar: but retain the filsystem21:59
Tassadarjust copy zImage or initrd.img to /sdcard/multirom/roms/*rom_name*/ while in recovery21:59
Tassadaryou should see the zImage and initrd.img in there already21:59
alin_Tassadar: blimey... that is too simple21:59
Tassadarthere is boot.img in there too, but it isn't used21:59
alin_Tassadar: ok... so I shall extract my hybris-boot.img22:00
vgradealin_: you should have zImage in you build output22:00
Tassadaryou can do it in recovery if you don't have the tools on your computer - push boot.img in there and do "bbootimg -x boot.img"22:00
alin_Tassadar: ok,,, let us try22:02
alin_i will be offline when trying22:03
vakkovwhat my HEADERPATH should be22:04
*** s5pik3 has quit IRC22:04
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:07
*** alin_ has quit IRC22:07
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:13
alin_vgrade: Tassadar [23:10] <alin> vgrade: Tassadar victory [    0.000000] Linux version 3.4.0-cyanogenmod-gc88dd49 (alin@abaddon) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #2 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 14 20:35:51 UTC 201422:13
*** alin has quit IRC22:14
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters22:15
*** migo_ has quit IRC22:18
*** migo_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:27
alin_[  341.620667] bluetooth_set_power set blocked=022:28
alin_[  341.659843] Bluetooth RESET HIGH!!22:28
alin_[  358.967907] bluetooth_set_power set blocked=122:28
alin_[  358.968079] Bluetooth RESET LOW!!22:28
vgradealin_: you get this log when/22:30
alin_vgrade: activate the bluettoh22:31
*** blackout24 has quit IRC22:47
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:01
rusty88is it normal that the mic generates a tarball instead of a zip ?23:14
sledgesrusty88: it always generates tarball23:17
sledgesthen zips it up23:17
sledgesenergycsdx: pulseaudio is needed for voice calls (and some policies iirc, check *policy* packages+cfg files on other devices)23:17
rusty88the zip it generated was 22bytes23:17
sledgesrusty88: examine mic output at zip stage23:17
sledgesrusty88: also EXTRA_NAME should start with "-" and should not contain "." dots23:18
rusty88sledges: EXTRA_NAME starts with - and has no dots23:19
sledgesrusty88: go to point 1 ;)23:19
rusty88sledges: well it gave a zip warning saying that the file was empty lol23:20
rusty88but also there were some errors above about not finding passwd and ssu23:20
sledgesalin_: bugzilla's link will be complemented with bayot extensions, for now i have to relay everything manually, and can tell that movement is going in bluetooth area as you've seen from commit also; didn't have time to update the bug23:21
sledgesrusty88: what does it say when inflating those files?23:21
sledgesan output of mic would help if you pasted23:21
vgradesledges: thanks for the upadate23:22
rusty88it does not inflate the files that's the problem :(23:23
sledgesrusty88: you should have ~500 packages23:23
sledgesinstead of just 14723:23
sledgescan i see your .ks?23:23
sledgesthere was such case already23:23
sledgeswith dr_gogeta23:24
rusty88sledges: yeah sure
sledgesah found it in logs23:24
sledgesrusty88: @jolla-hw-adaptation-i930023:25
sledgespls uncomment back ;)23:25
sledgesand delete one above23:25
sledgesthat i mentioned23:25
sledgesit should read only @Jolla Configuration i930023:25
sledgesin %packages23:25
sledgesvgrade: cheers :)23:26
rusty88sledges: ohh right :)23:26
alin_sledges: just added the bluetooth bug23:26
sledgesalin_: saw that23:26
alin_sledges: by the way if you have n5... can you see if the autosync for emails works?23:27
rusty88sledges: btw when i was compiling the pulseaudio modules it gave me and error about a constant not defined.. any idea ?23:27
sledgesrusty88: yes ;)23:28
sledgesalin_: which type of eml?23:28
*** migo_ has quit IRC23:30
alin_sledges: both gmail and general23:30
rusty88on how to solve it ?23:30
sledgesrusty88: sec23:35
sledgesrusty88: clone (or pull with rebase) from
sledgesand tell me if compilation succeeds23:46
rusty88sledges: yup! it compiled :D23:49
rusty88many thanks23:49
sledgesrusty88: many thanks to you ;) because now i can submit a PR on that :)23:50
rusty88and btw the zip was now successfully created :)23:50
sledgesvgrade: \o/ so much thanks wow :)23:50
sledgesrusty88: great, mind adding your name ^ ? ;)23:50
rusty88ehehe now see if this baby runs23:51
rusty88sledges: sure not a problem ;) should i use my real name or the nickname ?23:52
sledgesnicknames as you see23:52
sledgesrusty88: fingers crosscompiled ;)23:52

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