Friday, 2014-08-15

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rusty88ohh well it did not work :(00:13
rusty88its stuck at the samsung screen00:14
sledgesrusty88: if it worked oob, you would get a mighty eagle porter's badge :D00:14
rusty88sledges: lool yeah i guess but i really wanted to see sailfish os running before going to sleep00:16
rusty88well thanks anyway tomorrow is another day  :)00:16
rusty88well it works a bit... it vibrates00:17
sledges;) good sign00:17
rusty88and the pc recognized many partitions00:18
rusty88although adb does not works00:18
rusty88got to go, see you tomorrow00:20
sledges(telnet/ssh will work ;)00:23
rusty88yup already saw the ip on dmesg :)00:24
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spiiroinalin_: the usb led fix is in nemomobile mce master branch05:45
spiiroin.. or to to be specific battery/charger detection was failing05:45
spiirointhis pull req
spiirointhere are few other nexus5 related fixes too in mce & hybris plugin, the magnetic lid sensor should now lock/unblank the display05:50
spiiroin^situ, vgrade05:50
situspiiroin: Do you have packages for this ?06:19
spiiroinsitu: only handbuild (via mb script) ones for n506:20
situspiiroin: Should there be any issues while building on OBS ?06:21
spiiroinsitu: in nemo mw there are packages that do not get build due to dependencies not getting resolved, mce is one of the affected packages06:22
Stskeepsshould be okay if building against a sailfish target though06:22
spiiroin... but I'm not really up to speed with how obs stuff should work06:22
situspiiroin: and you install dependencies by hand ?06:25
spiiroinsitu: build deps? if mb tells something is missing, yes06:25
spiiroinsitu: but if the dependencies are resolvable, then the obs build should just work06:27
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situStskeeps: Unresolvable with sailfish target too.06:32
spiiroinsitu: mce-headers -> pkgconfig(mce)06:33
spiiroinrpm is "mce-headers", sources are "mce-dev" ->
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situspiiroin: give me the command to install inside the target, I forgot it.06:35
spiiroin... a sec06:41
spiiroinsitu: sb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper in mce-headers06:42
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situFile './mw/armv7hl/mce-headers-1.13.0-1.3.12.armv7hl.rpm' not found on medium ''06:54
Stskeepsmight need a zypper ref?06:55
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situMay be an issue with connectivity on target.06:57
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Stskeepscheck manually06:58
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situIt's able to connect.06:59
situzypper ref fails with same errors.06:59
situhas the url for downloading packages been changed recenlty ? I don't have latest build target.07:05
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vgradespiiroin: thanks, for the updates07:10
alin_spiiroin: cool. I will try to build it.. missing deps07:12
alin_situ: ok... found them07:14
alin_situ: seems is not available antwhere07:14
alin_situ: I will build both of them on the obs07:15
beidlgood morning, porters brigade07:15
alin_beidl: goor morning07:15
alin_beidl: fridays no instruction?07:15
Stskeepssitu: looking into it07:16
beidlalin_: holiday07:16
alin_beidl: ok... true my name day07:16
beidlalin_: and I'm pretty much enjoying it07:16
beidlalin_: oh haha07:16
alin_beidl: the armty or the holiday07:16
alin_situ: spiiroin build07:17
beidlalin_: the holiday. and yesterdays shooting training :)07:17
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alin_spiiroin: progress07:29
alin_spiiroin: a white led is shown when usb is on and the screen is off07:29
spiiroinalin_: that is the "charging" led; should start to blink when battery is full07:30
alin_spiiroin: some backlight seems to be on as the screen off is not totally dark07:30
alin_spiiroin: also as I build it in the obs seems to be an issue with libstick version07:30
alin_lipstick version07:30
spiiroinalin_: backlight thing is known issue, current guess is: the boot logo leaves kernel side in some "bootlogo mode"07:31
alin_sledges: is there some kind of issue with what packages with have on obs and the ones we get when we build the image?07:32
spiiroinalin_: workaround: power off, insert charger to usb -> it shows charging logo -> once booted up remove cable -> backlight will turn off07:32
alin_sledges: seems to be the obs is out of sync somehow07:32
alin_spiiroin: is there a /proc/battery or so?07:33
spiiroinalin_: sledges: there is change in the compositor vs lipstick dbus interface -> this might cause the lipstick conflict07:33
spiiroin... actually, that too could cause backlight to stay on (if mce can't communicate ok-to-power-off-display with lipstick)07:34
alin_spiiroin: light is blinking...07:36
alin_spiiroin: white...07:36
spiiroinalin_: ... and battery is at 100%?07:37
alin_spiiroin: yes07:37
spiiroinworks ;-)07:37
alin_spiiroin: yap07:37
alin_spiiroin: the answer for lipstick is here Problem: mce-1.33.5-10.1.1.jolla.armv7hl conflicts with lipstick-qt5 < 0.24.7 provided by lipstick-qt5-
alin_spiiroin: which I suspect is not available for hdk07:38
spiiroinalin_: this is the relevant mce change
spiiroinyou could try to revert it in some custom fork07:38
alin_spiiroin: more custom I become... the tests will become more and more irrelevant for the base distro07:39
alin_spiiroin: I suspect we need an updated repo07:40
alin_spiiroin: I remember reading that jolla has high release rate07:40
alin_1 month with no updates does not look to me high07:40
alin_spiiroin: i have the required lipstick from nemo repo07:41
spiiroinalin_: that should do better07:42
spiiroin... unless there is other out of sync stuff07:42
alin_spiiroin: that is the issue07:42
alin_spiiroin: Led breathing battery limit: 101 (%)07:43
alin_spiiroin: can the led for usb have a different color than for booting?07:44
spiiroinalin_:  battery >= 101, as in "never"07:44
spiiroinalin_: yes, but then you'll be deviating from base distro07:44
alin_spiiroin: ok... but you realise that is a design issue... two actions indicated by the same colour07:45
alin_spiiroin: anyhow seems to be these gestures not working... I wil lneed to see what the hell are these07:46
alin_spiiroin: bluettoth and nfc disabled...07:46
alin_may exaplain why some things do not woek07:47
alin_Double-tap gesture policy:   show-unlock-screen07:47
spiiroinalin_: design is not up to me. but if you want to have different led colors: cd /etc/mce; cp 20hybris-led.ini 90custon-led.ini; vi 90custon-led.ini; systemctl restart mce.service07:49
alin_spiiroin: no worries... not important now07:49
spiiroinalin_: the display driver does not do double tap detection -> no double tap by default07:49
spiiroinalin_: if you block device from going even to early suspend, mce will use normal touch events to do double tap simulation07:50
spiiroinmcetool --set-suspend-policy=disabled07:50
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spiiroin... at the expence of battery life07:51
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alin_spiiroin: the other side effect... I will still have to investigate somehow the usb detection does not seem to work07:51
alin_I do not get the window to choose my action...07:52
alin_maybe thisis a lipstick issue07:52
spiiroinalin_: usb-moded stuff -> phdeswer, but he is not here atm07:53
alin_spiiroin: I know I will speak with him later07:53
alin_spiiroin: I already have his fixed package... but I doubt is an usb issue...07:53
alin_seems to be only missing icon07:53
alin_missing notification...07:54
spiiroinalin_: try installing these: b-moded usb-moded-pc-suite-mode-android usb-moded-developer-mode-android usb-moded-defaults-android07:55
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spiiroinand session restart or reboot afterwards probably required07:56
alin_spiiroin: missed what you said abouve07:56
alin_but I rebooted the phone after mce install07:57
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flyservakkov: You are porting to the n900? Anything working yet?08:30
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vakkovflyser: n900's only problem to run sailfish is the not working omap3 wayland implementation09:18
vakkovactuall partly working09:19
vakkovso i just build libegl, libglesv1 and v2 and some other libs09:19
beidlvakkov: o/09:19
flyserWouldn't it be possible to use the nitdroid librarys?09:19
vakkovflyser: i have booted an old version of sailfish ~8 months ago and the UI was freezed because of the wayland implementation09:20
vakkovflyser: well, it is going to use the graphics libs for android that are actually from Texas Instruments ... other stuff from nitdroid is not needed09:20
vakkovwe have it already from nemo :)09:20
flyseri c09:21
vakkovi will later test. . will try to build the sgx kernel modules from android now09:22
vakkovflyser: so basically it should only use the egl libs from android and nothing else09:22
sledgesjunnuvi: have you got a link to your image?09:23
sledgesby chance09:23
alinphdeswer: hi09:27
alinphdeswer: got a new mce from spiiroin and now I got a funny issue... always ask does not bring anymore the dialog09:27
beidlsledges: o/09:29
sledgeshow's going? :)09:29
beidlsledges: :D09:29
beidlsledges: pretty good, holiday today which means no duty at the barracks :D09:30
alinsledges: ok... new mce sorts out more led issues... which is cool... but needs newer lipstick09:30
sledgesthat's goood ;)09:30
beidlsledges: finally time for some hacking :)09:30
beidlsledges: also, yesterdays shooting exercises went pretty well ;)09:30
alinbeidl: so shot down all the ones you did not like?09:30
beidlalin: sadly, no, there are certain suspects that I would've liked to...09:31
beidlalin: well, they're not THAT bad, but still09:32
beidljk, there are some assholes but it's alright09:33
beidlquick question, is every adaption$i repository from the kickstart file going to included in the image after build? would like to release an image with updates from hw:devel:maguro working09:35
beidlor rather: adaptation$i09:35
phdesweralin: mce is not related to that normally.09:37
* phdeswer will check after lunch09:39
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beidlvgrade: i was looking into the ambience issue, and I'm not completely 100% sure if texture size is related to it09:48
vakkovbeidl: need some help?09:48
vakkovfor anything :D09:48
vakkovi will be available from time to time ..09:48
beidlvakkov: great :) well, getting ambienced to not screw around would be my next target09:49
beidlvakkov: bluetooth is fully fixed now09:49
beidlvakkov: I'll have to do some debugging with hands free calling in the car though09:49
beidlvgrade: the way to work around issues with setting an ambience is to restart lipstick after setting the ambience hangs09:50
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beidlvgrade: after that setting an ambience works every time, until reboot09:51
vakkovbeidl: bug 74709:52
MerbotNemo bug 747 in Hybris-ing "[maguro] Setting ambiance freezes the UI" [Normal,New]
beidlvakkov: thx, I forgot we have a bugreport for that :D09:53
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alinsledges: did you get a chance to confirm the autosync?10:44
sledgesjusa_: commented:
sledgesalin: i could not add an email account, but probably because im testing on a not-yet-released update10:48
sledges(i added gmail successfully, it did not start initial fetching of emails)10:48
alinsledges: you have to go to email10:49
alinand then shall start10:49
sledgesalin: i did10:49
sledgessays problem with sync10:49
sledgeson cover when minimsed10:49
alinstrange that bit worked for me10:49
alinanother bad news10:50
alinseems that when in call the other sounds are not minimised10:50
sledgesand vibra?10:50
alinclosed... I had the radio started and the other person could here it10:50
alinsledges: vibra?10:50
alinsledges: I do not know it doesn ot work for me when calling10:51
vakkov/home/vakko/Documents/ics/out/target/product/n900/obj/lib// undefined reference to `__set_errno'10:51
sledgesalin: great, you can now playback radio to your callers :D10:52
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alinsledges: yap...10:54
alinsledges: on a happier note... when do jolla releases updates?10:55
tbrthe next update is scheduled for somewhen in september10:55
alintbr: I see... so we will get kind of stuck as I see more and more things get fixed but you need to update all the stack10:56
alinreboot tim10:56
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jusa_sledges: thanks, merged11:00
sledgeswonderful :)11:01
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ParkerRvgrade, Has falcon been focused on at all as a sailfish target?11:13
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vgrade_but Tizen's loss is our gain,
ParkerRvgrade_, Hola. I messaged your other nick before you joined :)11:26
vgrade_ParkerR: will check the logs11:26
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vgrade_ParkerR: I did do a build but don't have a device11:28
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ParkerRI have a device but no build :)11:28
vgrade_ParkerR: Not sure if I still have it, I'll check at the weekend11:28
vgrade_these android trees are quite (15GB) big so I can;t have that many around11:29
ParkerRCool, thanks11:29
vgrade_do yuo have the 4G version?11:29
ParkerRNaah CDMA11:29
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vakkovAuthentication required for '
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vakkovwtf is this11:35
vakkovhave they blocked maguros from store?11:35
vgrade_vakkov: store does not work out of the box, but you can tinker and get it to work.  check links on xda11:37
vgrade_vakkov: issue with bionic patch above?11:37
vakkovvgrade_: i know, it was working... i'm asking if they have blocked it11:38
vakkovvgrade_: that happens while building the ti sgx ddk... i have no idea11:38
* vgrade_ runs away11:39
vakkovStskeeps: any idea if devmem2 is needed for hybris11:39
vakkovomg it's in tools11:41
vakkovnvm, will skip it11:41
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rusty88hey guys, just finish flashing my i9300 and after it booted is stuck in the Samsung galaxy s3 screen... just logged in into telnet but dunno what can I do to see what failed any help ?11:55
alin__vakkov: sledges that workaround does not look to me like a serious workaround...11:55
alin__vakkov: the best do not put your jolla credentials... and delete the xt9 and adapatation0 repos11:55
alin__zypper rr adamptation0 xt911:56
rusty88nvm got it :P11:59
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rusty88omg this is beautiful :)12:12
sledges:D \o/ congrats rusty88 , porter's badge for you ;)12:13
rusty88sledges: thanks :)12:17
rusty88just one question, do I have to telnet to tell it to continue the boot process ?12:18
sledgesrusty88: which telnet port did you use to telnet in?12:18
sledgesbeidl: awesome news \o/
sledgesis it all good for you?12:20
beidluhh interesting, but we actually don't need rfkill on maguro anymore :)12:20
sledgesok then ignore me :))12:20
beidlit would actually cause problems to directly rfkill unblock the platform-specific bluetooth device12:21
beidlresulting in an infinite loop of unblocking, sending uevent, reacting to uevent, unblocking again, etc12:21
beidlbut it might be of use on grouper, can't comment on that though12:22
rusty88sledges: btw the sound are working :)12:24
sledgesrusty88: a new line into ? ;)12:25
sledgesrusty88: you got double lucky, because we had a working i9305 (well, except modem ;)12:25
sledgesso you'll see things for granted here and there12:25
sledgesand in best case your modem will work, as it's not 4g..12:26
rusty88sledges: well is not working, at least is not detecting the SIM card12:27
sledgesmore work it means ;) but receiving an SMS should be an easy goal, once you get through initial firmware->rild->(inspect logcat)->ofono bringup12:27
beidlwhat about a list of common porting hurdles in the wiki?12:30
beidlI could see some of that information being helpful to newcomers12:31
sledgesbeidl: we have gpu hurdles page12:31
sledgesand hadk-faq pp12:31
sledges(not elaborated yet)12:31
beidlsomething similar for ofono could be interesting12:33
rusty88btw the wlan is detected but i cannot connect to the AP12:33
sledgesbeidl: just quick braindump on pp (cc rusty88 )12:36
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energycsdxsledges: what actually puslseaudio driod modules do?12:39
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sledgesjusa_: ^ ? :)12:41
rusty88sledges: btw is it posible to let the phone boot automatically to sailfish ?12:52
sledgesrusty88: telnet in first12:55
sledgesthen paste /diagonstics.log12:56
sledgessomething happened that prevent from autoboot12:56
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rusty88sledges: No /proc/config.gz. Enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC13:08
sledgesonce done, it will boot straight to sf13:09
rusty88so I have to recompile the kernel right? with those options13:09
sledgesby running mka hybris-boot13:11
sledgeswhich then you can flash onto phone via fastboot13:12
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jvbHello guys, new here. Were any of you attempting to port it to OnePlus One?13:24
sledgesjvb: welcome! we already attempted :)13:29
sledgesvgrade_: ^13:29
sledgesjvb: are you a gpu expert or maybe know one? ;)13:29
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jusa_energycsdx: droid modules use Android audio HAL for input/output streams, and to set up different audio modes (for example AUDIO_MODE_IN_CALL to get voicecalls going)13:31
jusa_so basicly bolt pulseaudio to android audio hal13:31
energycsdxjusa_: does voice from call passed from ofono to pulse to android hal?13:32
jusa_energycsdx: voicecall is magic that happens behind the scenes.. so directly no access to the voicecall stream, but there is possibility to set up voicecall-record during active voicecall13:33
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energycsdxwas always thinking that android uses alsa for audio playback13:34
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jvbsledges unfortunately no, I am more like enthusiastic user13:34
jusa_most android HAL implementations use ALSA, but voicecall is still something magical13:35
jusa_ofono sets the signalling (using rild) and droid-card commands HAL to setup voice audio routing13:35
energycsdxand ofono will not work without pulse running13:35
jusa_ofono works fine, calls connect etc, but without setting the routing no audio naturally13:36
*** rusty88 has quit IRC13:36
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energycsdxso ofono sets where i should hear voice external or internal speaker, and by default it is /dev/null?13:37
jusa_no, ofono only sets up the signalling13:37
jusa_HAL then actually connects the audio stream modem<->soc13:37
jusa_and routing is done through HAL as well13:38
energycsdxand what happens if i press button to switch to external speaker in voicecall ui?13:39
sledgesjvb: feel free to stick around, poke vgrade_ from time to time so things start moving even faster; also Stskeeps and thp are gpu/hwcomposer experts and you should point them to ;))13:40
jusa_qt ui -> dbus method call -> OHM 'should route to ihf' -> OHM tells pulseaudio-policy-enforcement -> policy-enforcement-module sets sink.primary port to 'output-speaker' -> droid-sink says to HAL set_parameters() -> HAL does the magic13:40
jvbCool, i will deffinitely stick around13:41
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energycsdxso in case of voice call pulseaudio is used to set parameters to android HAL, and default parameters is not usable13:47
jusa_default parameters are "no audio connection for voice call"13:48
energycsdxthat is what i have13:49
*** rusty88_ has quit IRC13:49
jusa_what it means (at least in one case), is opening special input and output stream to ALSA, then some ioctl calls, UCM changes and voilĂ 13:50
blackout24I just looked why mnt-secure.mount fails on my device. It wants to execute "mount tmpfs /mnt/secure -t tmpfs -o private,re" but mount doesn't recognize these two options and I don't find any documentation on the net.13:50
jusa_^that for setting the voicecall audio13:50
energycsdxblackout24: i think mnt-secure.mount is not critical for Sailfish OS13:54
sledgesblackout24: mnt-secure.mount along with most other .mount units are autogenerated by scanning your android device source tree's *fstab* files13:54
sledgesand picking options from there13:55
sledgesand yes, energycsdx is right13:55
sledgesblackout24: also, it scans /init*.rc files for mounts, and comments them out in there13:55
energycsdxblackout24: it is used for "move app to internal sd card" feature in Android13:55
sledgesso check what's mounted in your cm, for good measure13:55
sledgesenergycsdx: (OT) that's a critically missing feature on xperia mini :D13:56
sledgesthey did it on purpose so people could throw out those cheap otherwise nice phones after two months of installing apps :)13:56
blackout24sledges: Do we need dev-mtp.mount for data transfer to a desktop PC? My kernel doesn't seem to have functionfs support built in mount doesn't recognize the type13:57
sledgesreally annoying..13:57
sledgesblackout24: you could bravely go without MTP for your initial bringup ;)13:57
sledgesalso there are some hurdles re MTP m$ side..13:57
vakkovalin: what workaround are you talking about?14:00
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters14:01
*** ilan__ is now known as rusty8814:03
*** rusty88 has quit IRC14:08
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters14:11
rusty88sledges: do you know how I see why the wireless is not connecting ?14:17
sledgesmaybe you have a gift14:17
rusty88a gift ?14:19
sledgessorry baad joke :)14:19
rusty88how can I ssh into sf without wireless?14:20
rusty88that's the thing since it booted to sf i can no longer telnet or ssh into it14:22
locusfusb-moded perhaps, try developer mode settings14:23
vakkovoff-topic:  interesting. the app will be shared soon; open source iirc14:23
vakkovrusty88: if you could telnet before the UI appeared (to "continue") then you should probably be able to telnet 23 now14:24
sledgesvakkov: nope14:24
sledgesrusty88: or just delete /lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service14:24
sledgesas it's still not ready14:24
rusty88sledges: it the files doesn't exists14:26
sledgesrusty88: then try another IP address14:27
sledges.1 vs .1514:27
rusty88but the thing is that the pc doesn't have an IP and when I try to set a static still doesn't work14:28
rusty88it says network unreachable14:29
sledgesrusty88: set host to 2.214:29
sledgesand connect to 2.114:29
sledges(or ping at least)14:29
sledgesthen ping 2.15 (as i forget which is which, but they change after first telnet)14:30
rusty88sledges: eureka :)14:32
alinvakkov: about the shop14:40
alinvakkov: store14:40
alinsledges: phdeswer new one is ready...14:40
phdeswersledges: does not sound like usb-moded, rather the broken default dhcp14:41
phdesweralin: new what is ready?14:41
alinphdeswer: your usb-moded package14:41
alinphdeswer: works like a charm14:41
phdesweralin: great to hear :D14:42
alinsledges: now bt14:46
alinsledges: rebuild the image pushed it extracted it now testing14:46
alinsledges: one morning deztructor was saying something about a new connman... but that is a no go seems14:46
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:58
*** mailyaseen has joined #sailfishos-porters15:00
*** rusty88 has quit IRC15:06
sledgesphdeswer: it was static ip address differing internally15:08
sledgesalin: phdeswer: so that new usb-moded will be in next sf update?15:08
alinsledges: thought you are the on ewho decides that15:12
alinsledges: I think it shall be15:12
alinsledges: by the way got the bt stuff inside15:13
alinsledges: if you can check my hciattach will be great15:13
sledgesalin: author decides when they want their stuff15:15
sledgesalin: if you have it working, why do you need to check anyhting..15:15
alinsledges: I do not have it working...15:16
alinsledges: at least I do not see it from my computer when I scan15:16
*** mailyaseen has quit IRC15:17
alinsledges: I see a device [CHG] Device 0C:84:DC:BA:A4:CE RSSI: -7815:17
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters15:17
alinow I need to see if that is the phone one15:17
alinhcitool dev lists nothing15:18
alinAug 15 16:15:45 abbaton bluetoothd[3463]: Can't init device hci0: Connection timed out (110)15:19
sledgesdid you check your BT MAC in About product?15:22
alinsledges: yap is not there15:22
alinsledges: this may be [CHG] Device 0C:84:DC:BA:A4:CE RSSI: -7315:25
energycsdxbtw, i still have problem with ip on usb0, after systemd started it reseted15:29
* vgrade_ reacts to being poked15:32
alinsledges: small progreess...15:32
alinsledges: or big progress... works15:33
vgrade_jvb:sidetracked myself on multiROM last weekend will get some time with the 1+ this weekend15:33
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters15:33
sledgesalin: lol..15:34
sledgesvgrade_: tyoohoo15:34
alinsledges: ok... so I can see it.. the search menu is active15:35
alinhcitool lists a device15:35
alinbut that is about15:35
alinsearch for devices finds nothing...15:35
alinsearching from computer fings nothing15:35
*** piggz has quit IRC15:39
sledgesrusty88: how's it going??15:42
sledgess/??/?/ :p15:43
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters15:46
rusty88sledges: not so good :P i was being dumb and didn't flash the original rom because I didn't have it. so there are a couple of errors15:47
sledgesyep, stock rom and cm versions are crucial15:47
sledgesyou might even get modem+wlan working ;)15:48
rusty88the cm version was easy, is very small and it didnt took long to donwload... the original on the other hand is pretty big and is downloading slowly15:48
rusty88btw adb was supposed to work under sf right ?15:49
alinCan't init device hci0: Operation not possible due to RF-kill (132)15:51
sledgesrusty88: nope, no need for adb in sf ;)15:52
sledgesonly recovery15:52
rusty88sledges: sorry. i meant fastboot, i couldnt use fastboot to flash the new kernel15:53
sledgesrusty88: ah ofc for sammys you use odin(win)/heimdall(linux)15:53
rusty88sledges: ok :) i'll install heimdall then, thx15:54
rusty88sledges: where in odin should I go to flash the hybris-boot ?16:01
sledgesodin or heimdall rusty88 ? ;)16:02
rusty88sledges: yes, but shouldn't it be a zip?16:04
sledgesodin/heimdall is like fastboot16:04
sledgesusage: odin / heimdall flash --BOOT hybris-boot.img16:05
sledgessomething like that16:05
rusty88sledges ohh ok , silly me16:05
locusfflash --KERNEL16:07
sledgeslocusf: that, was missing thanks ;)16:07
locusfyou don't wanna flash the boot partition16:07
sledgesrusty88: ^ ping :D16:07
locusfhope he read that :p16:07
rusty88no worries i was reading the help :P16:07
locusfnice good :D16:08
alinsledges: ok... maybe I attach it with the wrong parameters but otherwise seems to work16:08
rusty88although it did not work, failed to receive handshake16:09
rusty88should i run it as root ?16:09
alinsledges: shall I put in yellow?16:14
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC16:16
sledgesalin: so icon lights up, but headsets and other BT gadgets not connect yet?16:16
alinsledges: yap... I cannot find anything when I search from phone... I cannot find the phone when I search from computer16:17
alinand the mac does not show in the about product16:17
alinsledges: it may be the way I attached it...16:18
sledgesalin: could you create a new bug and cc hannu (see his email in orig bt bug)16:18
sledgesand yes, mark it yellow \o/16:18
sledgespls :)16:18
*** zon has quit IRC16:18
alinsledges: why a new bug?16:19
sledgesbecause the old bug has been renamed16:19
sledgesto reflect future work pending16:19
sledges(also because "no bluetooth" name doesn't fit any of current status cases)16:20
sledgesoh you have been updating old bug....16:20
alinsledges: yes...16:20
alinsledges: thought you saw the flood16:20
sledgesalin: pls stop updating bugs on your progress, as they look like blog now :;16:20
alinsledges: ok16:21
alinanyhow there is little I can do now on this one...16:22
sledgesi hope hannu will check the last status only :)16:22
alinhe also said something about a sensor16:22
alinhow can we test16:22
alinsledges: he can check all16:23
sledgesalin: good work on figuring hciattach params16:25
alinsledges: I tried to be as default as possible16:25
alinsledges: I hope I did not miss anything16:26
alinand the driver is the right one bcmxxx16:26
sledgesyh broadcom..16:27
alinsledges: yap he says bcm43xx16:29
alinbut there is no such thing16:29
*** sletta has quit IRC16:29
sledgesalin: sorted out bug names16:30
alinif one removed the ones with null16:30
sledgescontinue on your one16:30
sledgesalin: im no bt expert ;)16:32
* sledges goes afk abit16:32
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters16:38
alinvgrade_: situ do you know what exact is the bt for n5?16:43
sledgesalin: broadcom 4335/433916:49
alinsledges: uau? where from?16:49
rusty88well installing the official rom did not help at all17:02
rusty88is it posible to enter as root ? dmesg failed because of permissions17:02
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC17:03
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters17:03
rusty88well at least i can access the sdcard now :P, flashing the offcial did help :)17:04
*** blackout24_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:05
rusty88sledges: btw ALS is the light sensor right? the one that adjusts brightness17:06
alinrusty88: yap17:06
rusty88alin: ok :) is working :)17:06
alinsledges: we lost the bt from the settings
alinrusty88: you can change it manually or changes automatically?17:07
alinrusty88: als ambient light sensor17:07
rusty88alin: i was testing it, by putting my hand over it, and it became less bright17:08
*** blackout24 has quit IRC17:09
situalin: No17:10
netchipalin: did you guys start the project already?17:11
alinnetchip: for the camera?17:15
alinrusty88: blimey lucky you17:15
netchipalin: yes17:16
alinnetchip: not really... MSameer discovered that in order to use its approach some camera api 2.0 needs to be implemented17:16
alinspiiroin: iteresting got bt to show17:22
alinspiiroin: but mcetool still claims is disable17:22
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters17:27
rusty88heimdall still gives me a failed handshake17:27
*** iTune has quit IRC17:27
rusty88i even try using a older version but does work17:27
*** alin has quit IRC17:31
* energycsdx listening mp317:33
*** rusty88 has quit IRC17:51
*** hcbt has joined #sailfishos-porters17:52
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters17:53
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:54
sledgesrusty88: try odin in windows *cough*17:55
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC17:55
*** beidl has quit IRC17:57
vakkovi'm disappointed from heimdall - use virtualbox with windows xp and odin17:57
vakkovdoes the job17:57
rusty88i refuse to use windows17:57
vakkovjust be sure that you have installed the guest additions17:57
vakkovhaha :D17:57
rusty88i think the problem is with the usb lib is using17:58
rusty88i'll try to preload libusbx17:58
vakkovone solution was to install all the usb libs :D17:58
hcbthi guys17:58
vakkovread it in xda some time ago17:58
rusty88yup me too17:59
rusty88ldd shows that is using libusb instead of libusbx17:59
rusty88well i guess i have to use windows18:04
*** s5pik3 has joined #sailfishos-porters18:06
nh1402Is there a console mode on Sailfish?, without using the terminal app? like in ubuntu its ctrl + alt+f1, so you can turn off wayland?18:14
sledgeshi hcbt18:14
sledgesnh1402: ssh18:15
nh1402I was saying to use it as an intermediary to switch to surfaceflinger for android apps18:17
sledgesthey are all sharing the same framebuffer18:17
sledgessimply if you don't start lipstick, wayland won't get initialised18:18
sledgesyou can play from then on (just hardmask lipstick in systemd)18:18
sledgesyet only through ssh ofc18:18
sledgesno virtual console (what would you use as keyboard? ;)18:18
*** _morphis is now known as morphis18:19
vakkovlol, i have passed my exam... my score is not satisfying me but does the job for my conditions18:20
vakkov* sending a virtual beer to all of you :D18:20
sledgesvakkov: congrats, just pass is enough to get you through :D18:20
nh1402have a pre-written script to run in it18:20
vakkovsledges: thanks :)18:20
hcbtvakkov: congradz :D18:21
nh1402vakkov: congrats18:21
hcbtso, any of you guys successfully ported sailfish os to your device?18:22
rusty88yes :)18:22
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters18:22
hcbtrusty88: what device you have?18:22
rusty88hcbt: i930018:23
hcbtah, maybe anyone of you have lg l9?18:23
nh1402I'm sorry but I don't know what a hardmask is, and unable to find any useful results from research18:29
beidl_vakkov: congratulations :D18:32
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl18:32
beidlin case some people used DriveDroid (boot linux distros on your PC using your phone) on android: I did a quick and dirty clone for SailfishOS.18:34
rusty88sledges: i have rild running and also ofono but journalctl is empty18:34
beidlfeel free to test it on your HADK devices, works on maguro18:34
*** boilerkim has quit IRC18:43
Nokiusbeidl: sounds nice18:47
beidlNokius: it is, quite useful for crazy distro hoppers like me18:48
Nokiusbeidl: ^^18:48
Nokiusbeidl: will give it a try when I back home :)18:48
beidlNokius: great :)18:49
Nokiusbeidl: oh even with cover support :)18:50
*** Nokius has quit IRC18:54
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
*** mispp has quit IRC19:12
morphisMSameer: do I really need nemo-gst-interfaces for gst-droid?19:14
rusty88finally heimdall allowed me flash but it gave another error:  Partition "kernel" does not exist in the specified PIT19:18
vgradeevening porters, weeeeeekend :)19:23
locusfhey vgrade19:23
locusfrusty88: did you try with --KERNEL ?19:23
sledgesnh1402: cd /etc/systemd/user/; ln -s /dev/null lipstick.service19:24
* sledges goes back to dinner :)19:24
sledgesvgrade: o// weekend!19:24
rusty88locusf: yes and it said the same19:24
Stskeepsevening vgrade19:24
* Stskeeps is enjoying a good cup of chai latte19:25
locusfrusty88: oh ok19:25
sledgesrusty88: try to restart ofono19:25
rusty88i printed the pit and it shows no kernel partition19:25
* vgrade sips a cold one19:25
*** hcbt has left #sailfishos-porters19:25
sledgesrusty88: and also, launch ofono by hand, to see output in cmdline (syntax of launch is in ofono.service )19:25
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters19:27
rusty88how ? i'm not root :P19:30
sledgesrusty88: become root :))19:31
rusty88sledges: oh ok :) didn't try that one19:31
sledgesand it has yet so much more to offer :)19:31
rusty88create_ril: can't connect to RILD: Connection refused19:32
sledgesmy knowledge stops here ;)19:32
rusty88sledges: ok :P19:33
vakkovthank you guys :)19:34
vakkovi guess booting n900 with hybris will have to wait till tomorrow :D party time19:35
rusty88this file should exist /etc/ofono/phonesim.conf right ?19:38
MSameermorphis: yes19:45
MSameermorphis: the sink uses it19:45
MSameermorphis: what's your phone BTW?19:46
MSameeraha you are something different19:46
MSameermorphis: BTW soon enough you won't need gst-droid at all as I am trying to add android support to upstream gst-omx19:46
morphisMSameer: ah nice19:49
morphisMSameer: targets are N4 and a HP touchpad19:49
MSameerI only tried N419:50
morphisMSameer: that is that what the hybris omx wrapper is for?19:50
MSameerI don't get you19:51
MSameermorphis: ignore that19:51
MSameerI was trying to create an omx component that would hide the usage of libhybris19:52
MSameerbut found out it was really complicated19:52
morphisok, so how are you going to make gst-omx usable?19:52
MSameermorphis: adding libhybris support to it (
MSameerhope upstream will accept it ;)19:53
morphisthat is always the interesting question :)19:53
morphisis the patch already working?19:53
MSameerdon't use that yet19:54
MSameerI got encoders to load and start executing but there is a crash19:54
MSameerI spoke to gstreamer upstream authors and there is an interest in getting gst-omx to work with android buffers19:55
MSameerbut I have not submitted any patches yet19:55
energycsdxshould user nemo be in group audio?19:56
morphisMSameer: ok20:00
morphisMSameer: please keep me posted on this :)20:01
MSameermorphis: sure. It will take a while though20:01
rusty88does anyone know what the does  `CTRL-EVENT-ASSOC-REJECT bssid=d8:5d:4c:bb:31:9e status_code=1` mean ?20:11
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:14
energycsdxrusty88 AP rejects assoc20:18
rusty88energycsdx: yes, but what i wanna know is why20:27
jusa_energycsdx: yep, nemo should be in audio group20:31
energycsdxrusty88: don`t know what happens in your case, obviously you shoud authentificate before do assoc20:31
energycsdxjusa_: strange it isn`t so on my device20:32
energycsdxrusty88: try to use wireshark in to sniff management traffic20:34
sledgesenergycsdx: there was a bug in droid-hal-device packaging, did you oull recently?20:37
jusa_energycsdx: ^ what sledges said20:38
energycsdxok, need to pull20:38
sledgesbut it happens when you re-install dhd on live device (is when audio group gets lost from nemo)?20:39
energycsdxyes i re-installed dhd several times, actualy i use rootfs created half year ago20:41
sledgesthat's the spirit20:42
*** Sequenced has quit IRC20:48
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:49
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:49
alinvgrade: ok some progress with bluettot20:49
vgradealin: great20:52
alinvgrade: alsmost20:53
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters20:53
alinvgrade: if you have any experience with debugging these things will be great20:54
vgradealin: I've no t looked at BT.20:54
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC20:55
alinvgrade: ok... just in case20:55
MerbotNemo bug 748 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] bluetooth: device not visible nor sees others" [Normal,Needinfo]20:55
alinthe lsecond and last two comments are relevant20:55
vgradealin: there are other ports with BT, and configs in droid-hal-device20:55
vgradealin: so progress from a few days ago20:56
alinvgrade: maybe or maybe not... this seems to be hammerhead specific20:56
alinvgrade: maybe we can learn from nexus 720:57
alinvgrade: but I do not know20:57
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters20:57
alinvgrade: though the bluetooth on n7 is qualcomm20:59
alinfor us broadcom20:59
sledgesdo qualcomm do their own bt chips?21:04
nh1402something that has been pestering me is on the libhybris adaptations table, it says the Galaxy Nexus has a working RTC alarm, is this accurate, or it is supposed to be Power Management21:04
alinsledges: have no idea I was looking at hardware21:04
sledgesnh1402: it means phone alarms when powered off21:05
alinsledges: and found the binary drivers for each device21:05
sledgesalin: good catch21:06
alinsledges: hannu's fix makes bluetooth vanish from the first page of settings21:06
nh1402I thought so, but I was just wondering is it just the Galaxy Nexus that has it working?21:06
alinnh1402: for sure nexus 5 does not have it working21:07
alinnh1402: hwclock shall tell you21:07
alinsledges: [22:07:46 alin@abaddon:~/vendor/broadcom/hammerhead/proprietary]: bcm2079x-b5_firmware.ncd bcm2079x-b5_pre_firmware.ncd bcm2079x-b5_pre_firmware.ncd21:08
alinthese are the files contained in the binary bloc21:08
nh1402All the phones that have most of the things working, also have power management working, but according to the table, the Galaxy Nexus does not.21:08
nh1402or more accurately some of the things21:09
alinthere are two columns for a reason21:10
Nokiusoh there new Devices listed nice to see21:12
sledgesnh1402: alin: maybe gnexus is still working on improving batterly file or beidl / vakkov just forgot to fill in ;)21:14
beidlsledges: nh1402: oh damn, forgot about that one, changing as we speak :)21:15
vakkovour battery life is not bad now :D21:15
nh1402sledges: that is what I wanted to know, thank you21:15
vakkovi guess my battery is a little old now21:15
alinbeidl: vakkov stop showing off21:16
spiiroinalin: did not quite get the bt & mcetool thing. what was it about?21:16
MSameermorphis: want to be CC'ed too? or just keep you updated here?21:16
beidlalin: :D21:16
alinspiiroin: mcetool lists bluetooth as disabled21:16
spiiroinalin: in radiomodes?21:17
alinspiiroin: yap21:17
spiiroinalin: apart from "master" switch they are defunct legacy stuff21:17
alinspiiroin: cool21:17
alinspiiroin: you are the master of sensors?21:18
spiirointhe "master" radio switch is mirrored from/to connman airplane mode21:18
spiiroinalin: not really, sensors come via sensord. but due to some practicalities mce needs to pay special attention to proximity and ambient light21:19
alinspiiroin: he he that is half of them alsmot21:19
alinspiiroin: thought you said something about the magnetic one21:19
*** Nokius has quit IRC21:20
lpottersomeone mentioned sensors?21:20
alinlpotter: yep21:20
spiiroinalin: I just noticed that it comes via evdev; as it is enabled by default and does not go through sensord -> might as well use it21:20
alinlpotter: on n5 they are the only ones grey21:21
lpotterya, sensorfw goes through hybris/andoird and is a pain21:21
alinspiiroin: so your leds are working now... we just need to sync a proper release with lipstick... otherwise is a mess21:22
alinspiiroin: lipstick from nemo loses the notifications21:22
morphisMSameer: updates just here would be fine21:22
lpotterweird. I would have thought libhybris just worked, since its using androids sensord21:22
spiiroinalin: lpotter: getting proximity sensor functioning would be important; getting als too would be nice21:23
spiiroinI tried, but could not even figure out what ps/als system n5 is using21:23
alinspiiroin: he he... if you cannot do it... who else?21:24
spiiroinalin: well, armed with google I found out that there is a sensor; but could not figure out what type ...21:25
alinvgrade: why in 10.1 branch?21:27
vgradedroid-hal-device is generic21:27
vgradeserves for both 10.1 and 1121:28
spiiroinvgrade: I think we tried apds993x driver, nothing showed up in evdev ... but I'm not really familiear with kernel config etc21:28
lpotteralin: does the primaryuse.conf contain hybris information?21:31
vgradespiiroin: here ?21:31
alinlpotter: where is that file?21:31
lpotteralin: /etc/sensorfw21:31
lpotterbut if there are no evdev interfaces it wont work anyway :)21:32
spiiroinvgrade: looks similar; but I was just doing over the shoulder kernel compilation21:32
beidlsledges: alin: I rechecked with hwclock, RTC actually does not work on maguroo21:33
spiiroinI was kind of expecting either getting "front proximity events" on the same gpio as volume keys + lid, or separate evdev node21:34
spiiroinbut could not get any change in evdev sources21:35
beidlsledges: alin which is odd, so someone did a mistake when testing late at night, and I'm starting to think that someone was me.21:35
lpotterspiiroin: have you tried something like evtest?21:36
vgradespiiroin: I think we have a more fundamental issue with sensors as a whole, we can see lots of logs from an android boot but nothing from sailfish side, so more work required I think21:36
spiiroinlpotter: evdev-trace from mce-tools package - bit like evtest21:37
lpotteron Sailfish side, make sure /etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf is correct21:38
vgradealin: do you haev a device booted?21:39
beidlbut really, how could the time be correct at boot if the RTC didn't work...21:40
spiiroinbeidl: immediately after boot? or after some sw has had a chance to fix system time?21:41
spiiroindsme now writes "how much rtc is off" to file system if rtc time can't be changed -> rtc + recorded offset = about as good as setting the rtc itself21:42
beidlspiiroin: that might be it... probably tested it after I stopped using telnet and switched to ssh for debugging after most stuff was working, which means quite a timeframe for a service to fix things up.21:43
spiiroinbeidl:  you could stop dsme.service + try to change rtc time via hwclock -> if it works, then rtc might be ok21:45
spiiroinbeidl: or check the journal; dsme should leave some traces about system time manipulation / rtc set errors21:46
alinvgrade: yes21:48
vgradealin: 00:38 < lpotter> on Sailfish side, make sure /etc/xdg/QtProject/Sensors.conf is correct21:50
alinvgrade: lpotter spiiroin
sledgesalin: test_sensors ?21:54
alinsledges: seg fault21:54
sledgesit works on mako21:56
vakkovsledges: should i have this in my powervr.ini WindowSystem=/usr/lib/libhybris/eglplatform_fbdev.so21:56
sledgesbut sensorsfw do not pick it up21:56
sledgesvakkov: sorry no knowledge on those gpu bits21:56
beidlspiiroin: phew, alright, RTC works as intended21:59
*** s5pik3 has quit IRC22:10
*** s5pik3 has joined #sailfishos-porters22:10
*** s5pik3 has quit IRC22:11
rusty88just found out that CONFIG_ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORK is unset in my configuration even after I disable it in defconfig22:15
sledgesrusty88: it should be unset22:15
rusty88hmm.. i thought mer-kernel-check said to disable it22:16
sledgesor does it take default which is then =y?22:16
sledgesif it's unset in your /proc/config.gz, all good22:17
rusty88sledges: dunno, in the running configurations says that is unset22:17
rusty88ok then no worries22:17
rusty88that's not the problem then22:17
sledgessadly ;))22:18
rusty88sledges: btw finally got to flash the new kernel with heimall, and you where right the partition was --BOOT, check with the partition table that I found on xda22:21
rusty88sledges: do you know if I backup the system with the recovery the next time i restore it will it work ?22:25
sledgeslocusf: as you see the case on your galaxy note was totally off the charts (with kernel w/o initrd)22:27
sledgesrusty88: which system, the whole thing? you could give it a go, no promises ;)22:27
sledgesif it restores everything byte-to-byte, don't see why not22:27
rusty88sledges: yes the whole thing, i have to go back to android and dont wanna star all over... i'll try it22:29
sledgesow :{ :)22:31
sledgesrusty88: could you take a nice photo before you switch? ;)22:31
sledges(if you have another cam ofc :p)22:31
rusty88sledges: trust me i don't wanna change it but i don't even have wlan :P. Yes sure give me a sec is backing things up22:33
sledgesrusty88: sure, sorry i forgot to advise you: can you connect to any other WLAN AP? (e.g. create a hotspot from another device)22:34
sledgesbecause connman doesn't know how to connect to certain routers/types of wlan22:34
sledges(small chances but viable)22:35
rusty88sledges: i did try with another router without WPA encryption and it didn't work... but i'll try with my nexus 722:36
rusty88sledges: one thing that caught my attention was that the router without encryption was detected with WPA22:37
sledgeshey so you'll have two sailfish devices already ;)22:40
sledgesrusty88: can you create a wlan hotspot yourself ooi?22:40
sledgesouch rusty88 do you have this: ?22:41
sledges(its contents)22:41
rusty88sledges it didn't work with the hotspot :(22:44
rusty88sledges: yes i have the same content22:45
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters22:46
rusty88sledges: although i don't have the file /system/etc/wifi/bcmdhd_sta.bin22:47
sledgeseep ;)22:47
rusty88what i do have is /system/etc/wifi/bcmdhd_sta.bin_b{0,1}22:47
rusty88sorry, is /system/etc/wifi/bcmdhd_sta.bin_b{0,2}22:48
sledgesgrep bcmdhd /init*.rc22:48
sledgesalso is dhd module loaded?22:49
rusty88sledges: yes the module is loaded, i already checked22:49
rusty88the grep didn't find anything22:49
sledgesbut whether it found fw ;)22:49
sledgesthat's another q22:49
sledgeslemme check i9305 real quick here22:50
sledgesrusty88: ok22:51
sledgessame fw22:51
sledges/system/etc/wifi/bcmdhd_sta.bin_b{0,1,2} though22:52
*** nh1402 has quit IRC22:52
rusty88hmm could be related to the missing file ?22:55
rusty88sledges: there you go  :)22:57
sledgeslooking ok :) incidentally you chose same ambience as we did during i9305 presetations in barcelona :))23:01
sledgesrusty88: well that missing file is coming from android stock23:01
sledges196132, 437991, 344835 are the sizes respectivelly23:03
rusty88sledges: i installing 3 times and always choosing a new one :P23:03
sledgesinstall the one cyanogen mod asks23:04
sledgesi'll dig archives too in a sec23:04
rusty88sledges: sorry i do have the three files with the same size23:05
sledgesgud ;)23:05
rusty88sledges: comparing the config from i9305 with mine23:06
sledgesdmesg | grep dhd ?23:06
sledgesok, sort helps when comparing configs ;)23:06
rusty88and theres some diferencesin the qualcomm modem section23:06
sledgesofc, because i9305 is 4g23:06
rusty88oh right silly me :P23:07
sledgesrusty88: did you take kernel from here with these changes:23:07
rusty88but for example CONFIG_EHCI_IRQ_DISTRIBUTION is set to y in mine23:07
rusty88nop i did not23:08
sledgessorry, you didn't know there was a ready one for i930523:08
sledgesok, where did you branch your kernel from?23:09
rusty88for example CONFIG_CGROUP_DEVICE=y was unset in mine :P23:10
sledgeshow did that go past mer-kernel-check?23:10
sledgesprobably not critical23:10
rusty88good question.. maybe it didnt23:11
sledgesok, if you still have energy left to fight today ;) take defconfig from mer-hybris23:11
sledgeswithout 2nd thoughts :))23:11
rusty88ok :) thanks23:11
sledgesif fails, you might even need to switch branches of kernel src (but hopes not)23:12
rusty88i should maintain my modem configs right ?23:13
rusty88# CONFIG_SIM_DETECT is not set23:13
sledgesin mer_hybris?23:14
rusty88noup, that was on in mine23:15
rusty88in mer_hybris was set to y23:15
rusty88maybe the problem is there lol23:15
sledgesjust take everything from mer-hybris23:15
sledgesas it's ready23:15
sledges(it was, for i9305)23:16
rusty88ok didnt change a thing23:16
sledgesbut they all seem very ubiquituous23:16
sledgesok ;)23:16
rusty88done :)23:19
sledgesfingers crossed ;)23:19
rusty88let's see if heimdall is in a good mood23:19
rusty88and it is :D23:20
rusty88i think is missing the IKCONFIG option because it did not autoboot for the same reason23:25
rusty88and well now it doesn't detect the wireless :p23:25
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC23:31
sledgesrusty88: are modules in?23:32
rusty88sledges: noup, and when i try to load them it says modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'dhd': Exec format error23:33
sledgesyou need to build modules too23:33
sledgesthey are built already23:33
sledgesjust package them with mb2 droid-hal-$DEVICE23:33
sledgesand install .rpm23:33
sledges(remove existing kernel-modules .rpm with rpm -e )23:34
rusty88oops always forget about the module :(23:34
sledgesyou'll forget it less and less ;)23:36
rusty88when you say to install the rpm, you mean to send it to the device and do the rpm -Uvh there right?23:38
sledgesi just do rpm -i23:40
sledges:)) never knew other flags x)23:40
rusty88just a quick question while this thing boots.... when the screen rotates is it the Accel sensor or is it the gyroscope23:47
sledgesas it always pulled (accelled) by earth's gravity ;)23:48
rusty88sledges: it just booted and still doesn't work :( but now recognizes the wlan again23:49
sledgesSIM? ;)23:50
rusty88neither the SIM :(23:50
sledgesyou might have been struck by the worser case23:51
sledges(not the worst yet ;)23:51
sledgesyou need to branch from mer's kernel23:51
sledgesit's easy23:51
sledgescd kernel/samsung/i900023:51
rusty88but the ofono error is diferent23:52
rusty88create_ril: can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory (2)23:52
rusty88no rild process23:52
sledgessurely ofono and wlan can be broken only due to some mis-configuration which is now too late to discover23:52
sledgesbut reverting to kernel is adviseable23:53
sledgesyou didn't use device's repo either?23:53
sledges(but you'll need to patch i9300 instead)23:54
sledgesand possibly others:
rusty88oh right but i'm afraid is not gonna be possible today :P23:55
sledgesnb: every device has to go through fine tuning once image works, you are just having everything on the plate for you ;)23:55
sledgesbut at least you have very good starting point for later23:55
sledgesthan pure wild guesses (or reinventing wheel)23:55
sledgesim calling it a night too23:55
rusty88yes I cannot complain i'm not in the worst case23:55
sledgeslet's hope for the best ;)23:56
rusty88well thanks for everything tomorrow i'll be back to battle with this :)23:56
rusty88nn ;)23:58

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