Saturday, 2014-08-16

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beidlgood morning, guten morgen06:56
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morphisMSameer: is any patch needed for gst-1.4 to use your omx work?08:32
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sledgeshehe i slept until now too rusty88 :))09:01
Stskeepsmorn sledges09:01
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sledgeso/ Stskeeps09:02
Stskeepslocusf: did you manage to get wayland/fbdev going?09:02
Stskeepson p609:02
rusty88heyy guys09:02
rusty88ehehh yeah me too sledges09:02
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sledgesrusty88: so you didnt have to go back to cm just yet? :)) btw rusty88 you can have internet via usb ;)09:03
locusfStskeeps: not yet no, I tried the libhold-old source tree as well for fbdev, but same results09:03
rusty88unfortunatly the electricity in my house is gone :'( so my hadk is down can't work yet09:03
rusty88ohh I did back i'm back on sailfish now :)09:03
sledgeswow 8)09:04
sledgesso backuo works ;)09:04
rusty88yup :) so far so good09:04
alinsledges: he may need the new usb-moded from phdeswer for correct inet on usb09:04
sledgesyea alin for the one not askimg to connect09:05
rusty88btw i was installing a local rpm from openrepos  and rpm fails saing no package provides
sledgeswhen allready conn09:05
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rusty88sledges: gotta check that internet through usb, the thought did crossed my mind but didn't try it09:06
sledgesenergycsdx: did it work for you?^09:07
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beidlin case I missed something last week: any progress or hints on getting GPS to work?09:08
sledgestest_gps works?09:09
beidlsledges: yep09:11
sledgesgot a fix?09:11
beidlvakkov played with GPS previously. I'll test it myself real quick.09:12
sledgesin that case we are all blocked by jolla sailors, who need to fix currently closed source sailfish geoclue plugin09:13
sledgesfor gps to work with modrana etc09:13
beidlsledges: oh well, I expected something was wrong with the bindings.09:14
sledgesit is09:14
beidlsledges: the problem is I'd really need GPS on sunday. don't want to pull out that crappy lumia phone that barely works :)09:15
sledgesbeidl: cm? ;)09:15
beidlsledges: no multiboot on maguro09:16
sledgesflash boot?09:16
sledgesor flash cm into recovery and select at boot ;)09:16
beidlsledges: hmm, yeah right :D probably will do that, thx09:17
beidlsledges: of course, android has to be the secondary OS ;D09:17
alinbeidl: for that we have multirom09:21
alinbeidl: you can dual boot your phone... o no that is google only09:22
vakkovalin: our phones are nexuses ... multirom just doesn't support them09:22
Stskeepsfwiw flashing cyanogenmod's boot.img should work fine09:22
vakkovalin: oh, do your "google" phones have uboot :P09:23
alinvakkov: have no idea09:23
vakkovalin: they don't :D we can sue u-boot to dualboot. it is just a little tricky09:23
alinlpotter: sorry fell asleep so back to sensors09:24
alinwho was complaining about sailfish app?09:24
alinrusty88: aa he has maguro like beidl and vakkov09:25
alinsledges: I suspect hannu does not hang in iircs09:26
sledgesrusty88 has i930009:26
alinsledges: ok... that is samsung something09:26
sledgeshannu is replying bugs, looks great09:27
sledgesbut sailfishapp is not hw related09:27
alinsledges: yap just a missing package09:27
alinshy do everyone in this channes wants the store?09:27
alinthey shall be able to build on the obs09:28
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rusty88yes mine is a i930009:28
sledgeswhy build if store aready has them manh apps you want to try?09:29
sledgesor warehouse09:29
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vakkovStskeeps:  - i copied all of the .so.* libs to /usr/lib on the n900 and i copied that /usr/local/lib/libhybris folder to /usr/lib/libhybris09:30
vakkovStskeeps: i also have the android libs in /system/lib (i actually have the whole android /system in /system)09:31
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*** ilan_ is now known as rusty88_09:32
alinsledges: because I have no idea against what repo they built them anyhow long story...09:32
vakkovStskeeps: and i have this in my powervr.ini WindowSystem=/usr/lib/libhybris/eglplatform_fbdev.so09:32
Stskeepsah, don't toy with powervr.ini..09:32
Stskeepsit should be using the android wseg09:33
vakkovso the android wseg should be picked up automatically?09:33
vakkovwithout the need to "define" that somewhere?09:33
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sledgesalin: libsailfishapp should be fixed, thts all :) jolla phone doesnt have thi prob ofc :)09:35
vakkovStskeeps: the omapfb.ko and pvrsrvkm.ko modules have been generated by the android version of sgx ddk. And i have left them to be loaded by the system09:37
vakkovin android a script loads them09:37
vakkovhowever they fail to be inserted by now09:37
Stskeepsvakkov: possibly, yes09:38
rusty88_well i'm back09:40
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rusty88_ok i have internet on my phone :) thanks for the tip sledges09:40
vakkovStskeeps: so now i have to figure out why the modules fail to be inserted
sledgesrusty88_: browser picks it up?09:41
rusty88_so the thing now is that i cant install warehouse because of the libsailfishapp dependecy09:41
rusty88_sledges: yup :)09:42
sledgesgrt, wonder what didnt work for energycsdx09:42
sledgesrusty88_: search xda for libsailfishapp, they worked around it09:42
rusty88_ok dokey09:43
alinsledges: blimey did not get the email from hannu09:45
alinsledges: trying now his solution09:48
beidlrusty88_: why not just: zypper in path/to/warehouse.rpm09:51
beidlrusty88_: it should automatically resolve the dependency09:51
beidlvakkov: how do you load the module? or is the driver builtin?09:53
rusty88_beidl: did not think that... thanks09:53
vakkovbeidl: systemd should e inserting it09:53
beidlvakkov: it seems like the driver is already loaded09:53
vakkovbeidl: but it isn't :D09:54
vakkovbeidl: here's the script that normally loads it in android -
beidlvakkov: disable the modules-load.d config, reboot and see if the drivers sysfs is created.09:56
rusty88_ohh well i'm out of battery, see you guys later when my power comes back10:01
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* sledges wonders how rusty88_ had his internet with no electricity in the house ;)10:05
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beidlvgrade: guten morgen10:08
vakkovbeidl: i just moved the config file outside modules-load.d folder10:08
vakkovbeidl: still sysfs: cannot create duplicate filename '/devices/platform/pvrsrvkm'10:09
beidlvakkov: does the path already exist in /sys ?10:09
vakkovbeidl: mm yep10:09
beidlvakkov: there you have it10:10
beidlvakkov: the kernel driver is already loaded10:10
beidlvakkov: probably builtin10:10
beidlvakkov: or the android side already did that10:10
vakkovbut how they can be built in when they are created as .ko modules (by both the standart n900 kernel forn nemo AND the android ddk)10:11
vakkovlet's check the configs..10:11
vakkovthe android ddk always builds them outside btw. it even checks the kernel config10:12
vakkovbeidl: read that several hours ago and built new modules.. time to try :D10:15
vakkovbeidl: it's from the kernel config: CONFIG_PVR=m10:24
vakkovthese two should not be set and the android modules should load10:24
beidlvakkov: perfect :)10:25
alinsledges: done... for  few seconds I have seen bluetooth10:26
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rusty88i'm back10:31
MSameermorphis: check the git repos. it contains every thing needed (except the gralloc patch for plugins-bad)10:50
rusty88well conman is really annoying10:50
vakkovbeidl: well, now it doesn't try to load anything but still creates the sysfs folder10:50
alinrusty88: what do you try to do?10:51
beidlvakkov: is the driver that you are trying to load built from outside the kernel tree?10:51
morphisMSameer: I meant for your gst-omx work, not for gst-droid10:52
rusty88adding my google account to import the contacts10:52
MSameermorphis: there will be 3-4 patches. do you want to try it or what?10:52
vakkovMSameer: want to continue tonight? that folder /data/misc/camera/R1_3_MVEN003_LD2_ND0_IR0_SH0_FL1_SVEN003_DCCID1045/ still gives permissions denied10:52
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rusty88beidl: wlan is detected but fails to connect so i'm connecting throught usb10:52
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vakkovbeidl: yes, the sgx ddk10:52
vakkovbeidl: however it uses the kernel tree to build ... i never had problems with it in android10:53
vakkovbeidl: probably there are more kernel configs that need to be managed10:53
morphisMSameer: just want to be prepared10:53
MSameermorphis: I got the decoders to work yesterday but glimagesink does not yet work with them so I'd not really bother for now10:53
morphiscurrently I have imported all your gstreamer/-plugins-* patches in my tree10:54
MSameermorphis: so far all the patches are for -plugins-bad and gst-omx so no need to worry10:54
beidlrusty88: does dmesg or journalctl show anything suspicious?10:55
morphisMSameer: ah I see, you keep them separated from your gst-droid work10:55
beidlvakkov: well, of course it needs the kernel tree to build (headers, maybe linking). but the in-tree kernel driver probably needs to be disabled10:56
vakkovbeidl: i moved the the conf back to /etc/modules-load.d/ but it now doesnt even try to load them on reboot :D10:56
morphisMSameer: everything needed later once it is ready will be at
MSameermorphis: everything will be in gstreamer git and I most likely will back port to the latest stable gstreamer I use10:57
vakkovbeidl: insmodding says ERROR: could not insert module /lib/modules/2.6.37+/kernel/drivers/gpu/pvr/pvrsrvkm.ko: File exists10:57
MSameermorphis: though don't expect upstream to accept it in a day. It will take a few iterations and discussions :)10:58
morphisno problem10:58
rusty88beild: noup that I saw, but the thing is that when I open the accounts settings and try to add one, it opens connman and asks me to connect to a network10:58
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dr_gogeta86good morning11:13
energycsdxsledges: what?11:26
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energycsdxanybody have camera working?11:43
alinenergycsdx: what device? MSameer is the master11:47
MSameerI don't think I am :)11:48
MSameerenergycsdx: what's your hardware?11:48
energycsdxjust curious, xperia l, qualcomm11:48
MSameerif you are just curious then the answer is no (except me on nexus4)11:49
MSameerif you need to get yours working then that's another issue11:49
energycsdxneed to get working but it is not high prio issue11:51
alinvgrade: do you want glacier?11:58
alinvgrade: also I can igve you a bluetooth one11:58
sledgesenergycsdx: rusty88 enabled usb tethering via cmdline (w/o usb-moded) and lipstick/browser picked it up12:01
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energycsdxsledges: how? i have connection to internet via usb but lipstick don`t recognize it12:03
sledgesrusty88: ^12:03
rusty88energycsdx: dunno what to tell you, mine worked12:06
rusty88but some part of the system open up connman i think (well that page where you connect to a wireless)12:07
rusty88for example the browser works and warehouse, but accounts settings does not12:07
rusty88sledges: yesterday you sent a github repo what should i do to build with that ?12:08
sledgesrusty88: patch your own device/samsung/i930012:09
rusty88sledges: that was what i thought but better check :)12:09
sledgesrusty88: did you use route/resolv.conf|iptables MASQUERADE/ip_forward on  your device|host respectivelly? (cc energycsdx )12:11
rusty88sledges: yup all that12:12
rusty88energycsdx: ping works?12:12
sledgesrusty88: yep he can have cmdline access, but UI is lost12:13
energycsdxofc, zypper also works12:13
sledges(lipstick still pops connection dlg)12:13
dr_gogeta86in your conf12:14
dr_gogeta86USB_ETH_RNDIS or USB_ETH_RNDIS12:14
dr_gogeta86is set to y12:14
rusty88dr_gogeta86: in mine is not set12:16
alinvgrade: sledges ok bluetooth works12:17
alini cannot send files and for a reason I could not pair it with my computer but the device is awake12:17
alinshall I put it nice and green in our table?12:18
alinthe only issue is it seems to disconnect on the spot12:22
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beidloh great, my laptop "died" again after hibernate (issues with bcache)12:33
beidlsledges how would I go for overriding adaptation0 again? I cant remember12:33
sledgesssu rr adaptation012:37
sledgesalin: did you pair it with e.g. a headset?12:37
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alin__situ: I do not have such a fancy thing12:47
sledgesalin__: i thought you had. well, have you got anything bluetooth?12:48
ParkerRvgrade: Still have the falcoon buildroot?12:48
alin__sledges: my computer12:49
alin__sledges: and a mouse...12:49
sledgeswell, if you paired it, but couldn't transfer files or test more, how can we paint it green?12:50
alin__sledges: because from adaptation point workss12:50
alin__sledges: the rest may be an application bug12:50
sledgesbut gps also works from adaptation point12:50
sledgeshence it's yellow12:50
sledgesas legend says12:50
alin__sledges: not really... sa no application sees it12:50
alin__sledges: with bluetooth I can see it in the sailfish system settings12:51
sledgesalin__: (yellow)Y  - HAL works, not hooked up to UI/MW/init yet12:51
sledgesso gps table should be all yellow btw12:51
alin__sledges: is connected to UI12:52
sledgesbut can you use its functions?12:52
alin__sledges: sort of... we still need a udev rule12:52
sledges(which are parts of other UI?)12:52
alin__sledges: I do not know... that may be a bug in the application...12:53
alin__sledges: or in my bt stack on the computer... I use kde... not well known for its bt abbilities12:53
sledgesso we paint it green and people come asking why doesn't it work :)12:53
sledgesjust need more tests12:53
alin__sledges: yap... would be nice if someone else will test12:53
sledgescan we make a new release?12:54
sledgesand simply ask on xda ;)12:54
alin__sledges: there are roms in my repo12:54
alin__sledges: ok let us speak with vgrade about...12:54
sledgesalin__: ok, post link to latest rom on xda and ask them to test bt12:54
alin__sledges: still implies manual work to set it up.. we may need hannu for the rule12:55
sledgesthen it's truly not hooked up yet ;)12:55
* sledges afks12:58
alin__sledges: yap12:59
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alin__is this of any interest
MerbotNemo bug 720 in .Other "Ofono is not configured with Bluez4 support" [Enhancement,New]13:17
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rusty88running mka hybris-boot says that `There should be a one and only one device entry for HYBRIS_BOOT_PART and HYBRIS_DATA_PART` but i dunno how those vars are set :P13:19
piggzSledges: vgrade: so, i was hoping to work on my port while on holiday, but i smashed my laptop screen in luggage :(13:19
piggzRusry88 look on the mer wiki for my entry for htc ace and it shows how to manually set them13:22
rusty88piggz: ok thanks ;)13:22
rusty88btw BOOT is the kernel partition right?13:24
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters13:27
migo_hi, there! when I run mka hybris-hal, I get this:
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dr_gogeta86read this13:40
rusty88migo_: maybe try define a prototype of those functions (not a pro but i would try that  ;) )13:42
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rusty88sledges: just compiled the kernel but still no wlan  cannot connect and ofono still give the same can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory error14:03
dr_gogeta86finally i got a fully functional kernel14:03
dr_gogeta86for the god sake14:03
dr_gogeta86hi hate chinese14:04
dr_gogeta86now i'm on telnet14:04
migo_rusty88: omg what is wrong with me? I should go to sleep. anyway, thank you :D14:07
rusty88migo_: eheh sleep depravation is not good :P yw ;)14:08
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migo_after fixing this vold files it compiled \o/ but HADK tells me about using "tmp/mer_verify_kernel_config" to check the .config but I don't have this14:22
rusty88it was supposed that rild creates a unix socket at /dev/socket/rild right ?14:22
migo_where do I get this mer config checker?14:23
rusty88migo_; but you have $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/mer-kernel-check/mer_verify_kernel_config14:23
rusty88hmm but do you have $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris ?14:24
migo_yes ofc, but only containing hybris-boot and droid-hal-configs14:25
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rusty88migo_: go clone this repo
migo_rusty88: wait.. sorry, found it14:27
rusty88migo_: :))14:28
migo_it is not in hybris-11.0 branch but hybris-10.114:28
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lbtuse now14:34
rusty88does anyone know what rild is supposed to do ?14:35
rusty88I did a strace to it and it load a bunch o libs, then it protected some memory and made a nanosleep and is not waking up14:36
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phdeswerrusty88: rild is some qc modem component.14:50
*** piggz has quit IRC14:51
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*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters14:51
sourenHello! somebody still working on Maguro port?14:53
dr_gogeta86phdeswer: finally a fully working kernel14:53
phdeswerdr_gogeta86: sounds good ;)14:53
rusty88phdeswer: ok but since ofono is trying to access /dev/socket/rild should it create the socket?14:54
dr_gogeta86phdeswer: but now is time to fix video14:54
dr_gogeta86and boot14:54
dr_gogeta86not works14:54
dr_gogeta86se ya14:54
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vgradePSA, we have a thread on xda about android for HADK devices,
vgrade better link15:20
locusfyep, saw that15:22
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters15:23
*** alin__ has quit IRC15:23
locusfI just wish that had some more updates :/15:24
vakkovrusty88: rild should be created by ... rild :D your manufacturer's ril15:25
sledgessouren: sure, beidl & vakkov15:30
beidlsledges sry but I'm out of context, installing opensuse on my laptop right now. whats up?15:32
alinvgrade: sledges situ when playing audio how much is taking pulse audio?15:32
alinbeidl: good one... so we are two opensue...15:33
beidlalin yeah, arch bit me too much15:33
*** nh1402 has quit IRC15:34
rusty88vakkov; oh well then i don't know what to do :P15:34
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:34
souren used to be an opensuse user like you, then I took an arch in the knee.15:34
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters15:35
rusty88+1 souren15:35
rusty88btw the camera app opens (no longer crashes) but still no image15:36
beidllets see what opensuse factory has to offer, now that its an autoQA'd rolling distro15:36
alinrusty88: is notmal15:37
beidlrusty88 gstreamer backend needs work for compatibility on HADK devices15:37
sourenIt is possible to activate LPM on maguro?15:38
rusty88beidl ok ;)15:38
sourendouble tap unlock? I just trying to swith from N915:38
beidlsouren that should be a kernel feature, not activated/investigated yet15:39
sourenbeidl okay.15:40
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters15:52
sourenSomebody should fix magurro OP on XDA, for working mp3 we just need do "devel-su zypper in  gst-av" libav has many codecs inside15:53
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beidlI'll probably do a release today/tomorrow anyway, so I'll update the OP then. thx for the hint16:00
sourengood news everyone!16:03
rusty88i should have /firmware or /modem mounted for rild to work ?16:06
vgradesouren: Hi16:07
vgradealin: don;t have device booted atm, will check16:07
sourenvgrade: Hi16:08
vgradesouren: same souren as n9 sailfish?16:12
vgradegod to see you here16:13
*** piggz has quit IRC16:13
alinsouren: i think you need more than that16:16
alinsouren: check fluendo16:16
sourenmp3 starts playing right after installing gst-av16:17
sourenon fresh system16:18
sourenbut i have no idea why alac files wont play16:18
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*** alin has quit IRC16:40
beidlsouren strangely enough gst-av causes firefox to segfault, so I wonder what else you did to make it work16:44
beidlfirefox/sailfish browser16:45
alin__beidl: works for me too...16:45
*** souren has quit IRC16:46
*** alin__ has quit IRC16:50
*** alin__ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:50
Nokiusvgrade sledges Hi16:50
NokiusI will take the meetup draft from PiratePad ( to the Sailfish section on xda16:50
NokiusI updated it a bit, may check it before I publish it16:50
Nokiusfeedback is welcomed16:50
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters16:56
beidlI'm a little sad that I can't go to the meetup16:57
sledgesme too16:59
sledgesbut you'll meet thejo16:59
sledgesthe jolly lbt & vgrade ;)17:00
locusfI'm gonna try to make it to FOSDEM 2015 at least17:00
beidlFOSDEM is when?17:00
beidloh come on, 3 days before my last day @ army?!17:01
beidlmaybe extra work hours are helpful.17:03
sledgesthey'll release you earlier if well behaved :)17:06
beidlsledges just like in jail.. OH WAIT :D17:07
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Nokiusbeidl: do you still have to join the army in Austria ?! (Wehrpflicht?)17:10
beidlNokius: yyyyyyup. If someone made a movie about this he'd probably call it "6 months a slave"17:11
NokiusBrussels Airlines wont serve u any drinks during the flight just learned this a week a go17:11
Nokiusbeidl: we don't have  this "timewaster" anymore (DE)17:14
NokiusComeon now days we are in Peace in Europe17:14
Nokiushope u got a nice division17:14
Nokiussledges: we wonted meet up at xda:devcon :(17:16
beidlNokius we even had a public poll in austria last year. it was pretty much dominated by 60+ year old people who voted for mandatory military service17:16
beidlfor keeping*17:17
Nokiusbeidl: just "I had to do this so the new generation has to do it as well" ahh | okay in DE its also just on mute17:18
alin__beidl: the young were a some music festival and did not vote?17:19
beidlNokius absolutely17:19
beidlalin__ nope, actually interest by young people was surprisingly high17:19
Nokiusalin__: may | but now days there are more "old" then young voters …. ( but this will go far OT)17:20
vgradeNokius: looks ko17:23
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Nokiusoh yeah outside links are not allowed your new users on xda17:32
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vgradeNokius: a post is ok, ask people to respond to the thread dricet17:40
Nokiusoh just published it
Nokiusvgrade: will edit it17:42
Nokiusvgrade: have to wait few minutes before i can edit it ….17:44
Nokiusvgrade: hove one more idea for the xda:devcon will share this later with you have to prepare a bit before ^^17:50
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migo_I tried creating the kickstart file and got a conflict: might have to do with partitioning and 14.3.2 in hadk (Configure mountpoint information)? I got a fstab from recovery using adb btw17:59
alin__locusf: do you know who is in charge of apps for nemo18:02
alin__locusf: it seems we provide things which are too old18:02
locusfalin__: which ones?18:02
alin__locusf: meecast18:02
alin__locusf:   | meecast             | package    | v0.6.6+2.g4e88416-1.4.Nemo.Apps | armv7hl | Nemo nemo:devel:apps (latest_armv7hl)18:03
locusfalin__: you gotta ask the developer that18:03
alin__locusf: the developer is allowed to put directly in nemo:devel?18:04
locusfalin__: I have no clue about that though18:04
alin__locusf: bloody hell... I am anarchist but this is worst18:04
locusfeven I can't put things to nemo:devel:apps18:04
alin__locusf: for sure he needs help with the qml bit18:04
alin__locusf: anyhow whoever has the magic for that... shall disable that one for sailfish18:05
alin__vgrade: what pictures do you want?18:06
alin__also any hints on this
vgradealin__: was looking for users photos of their devices18:08
locusfqtc macros defined18:08
alin__locusf: he has no yaml18:08
alin__locusf: I would have thought so18:09
locusfalin__: in the spec file18:09
alin__alin__: yes he uses it...18:09
locusfhe doesn't need no spec file18:09
locusfffs yaml18:09
alin__yap.. there is one18:09
alin__this is my forc18:10
alin__the qml of the cover page is focked I want to fix it18:11
locusfalin__: remove the qtc macros18:12
locusflines 10-1318:12
alin__locusf: ok nowmal qmake18:12
locusfalin__: yep18:13
alin__locusf: let me change the branches18:13
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ParkerRDarn weechat switching channels20:01
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hcbtsmall split heh20:01
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rusty88hey guys i'm back... i've been reading about ril and it seems that if I flash 4.2.2 the modem won't be able to access /efs  (new format or whatever)20:03
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dr_gogeta86Couldn't find an alternative telinit implementation to spawn.23:26
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migo_just curious, is jolla running libhybris as well?23:44
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