Sunday, 2014-08-17

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migo_could anybody help me with this? (trying to build with mic)00:43
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junnuvisledges: no (better late answer than no answer:)04:35
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ParkerRvgrade, did you ever find your falcon build? (If you still had it)06:26
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sourenHey guys, what about HW video acceleration? What component are missing?06:49
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Stskeepsfor which parts? video decoding?07:07
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tbrthat's device adaptation dependant, isn't it?07:28
tbrjust as about everything else07:29
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sourenStskeeps it is possible to reuse android openmax libs?07:45
tbrif you look at the logs for this channel, you'll find mentions of gst-omx07:55
dr_gogeta86goodmorning peeps08:00
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dr_gogeta86good evening lpotter08:38
dr_gogeta86may I ask you something about systemd or is not you area08:38
Stskeepsyou can probably ask everybody here :)08:38
dr_gogeta86i got some error about telinit08:39
dr_gogeta86i've found alot of bugs08:39
dr_gogeta86but all are dated 2010/201108:39
Stskeepstelinit sounds a bit sysv-ish08:40
dr_gogeta86i know08:40
dr_gogeta86but if i try to start from init-debug08:40
dr_gogeta86starts /sbin/pre-init BOOT08:41
dr_gogeta86give out that error08:41
situdr_gogeta86: What is the current date on your device ?08:43
dr_gogeta86 ;-)08:43
dr_gogeta86at 0 zero time is 198008:43
dr_gogeta86sh-3.2# date08:44
dr_gogeta86Sun Aug 17 08:44:07 UTC 201408:44
dr_gogeta86sh-3.2# /sbin/init --unit=""08:45
dr_gogeta86Couldn't find an alternative telinit implementation to spawn.08:45
situdr_gogeta86: paste output of journalctl.08:45
dr_gogeta86no journal file found08:46
dr_gogeta86pay attention08:46
dr_gogeta86on startup08:46
dr_gogeta86device starts with telnet on port 2308:46
dr_gogeta86i'm on post switchroot08:46
dr_gogeta86telneted to port 232308:46
dr_gogeta86if i've lauch continue here08:47
dr_gogeta86phone reboots08:47
Stskeepsyou can't start init as shell08:49
dr_gogeta86otherwise I can't see any08:52
dr_gogeta86on my phone CONFIG_VT08:53
dr_gogeta86put phone on loop08:53
dr_gogeta86i need to not compile that08:53
Stskeepsinit needs to be pid 0 ;)09:00
Stskeepser, 109:00
dr_gogeta86ah ok09:01
* Stskeeps ponders where his sunglasses went09:01
dr_gogeta86but running without config_vt is a problem ?09:01
Stskeepsi guess strictly speaking not, as long as ptys still work09:02
dr_gogeta86reflashed old kernel without VT09:05
dr_gogeta86and on firstboot09:06
dr_gogeta86runs rndis09:06
dr_gogeta86without debug reboots too :-(09:08
dr_gogeta86i'm a bit blind09:08
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vakkovthat was the d*mn solution09:13
vakkovguys, i have a problem: a config in /etc/modules-load.d/  is not working09:14
vakkovthe modules don't get loaded although insmodding inserts them09:14
dr_gogeta86for our beloved n909:15
rusty88i have a problem: some time ago i updated to the latest samsung rom and it updated the /efs format, what happens now if I installed a rom < 4.3 is that it can't access /efs values (IMEI is wrong)09:16
vakkovStskeeps: systemd-modules-load[63]: Failed to find module 'pvrsrvkm'    the module is where it should be in (/lib/modules/2.6.37+/kernel/drivers/gpu/pvr/pvrsrvkm.ko)09:21
vakkovand insmodding adds it09:21
Stskeepsuname -a gives 2.6.37+ ?09:21
vakkovyep, this is the version from obs with the patches applied. works perfectly on x11 and wayland (but i am now trying with android graphics modules)09:27
vakkovStskeeps: [root@localhost ~]# uname -r09:29
Stskeepsyou usually have to load omapsomething.ko first09:29
vakkovit's pvrsrvkm and omaplfb after that. The issue is not in the kernel. insmodding the module form the command line inserts it successfully09:30
vakkovpvrsrvkm doesn't have dependencies09:30
vakkovsystemd doesn't find for some reason09:30
Stskeepsdid you do depmod -a ?09:31
vakkovi did and forgot to reboot. sorry, my bad09:32
vakkovStskeeps: yep, works now :) thanks09:33
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps: i'm poking huawei guys09:33
dr_gogeta86how damn they debug09:33
dr_gogeta86you are blind09:33
Stskeepsprolly a uart09:33
Stskeepsand you should be able to operate blind with the init-debug09:33
dr_gogeta86where ?09:34
Stskeepsand a bit of guesswork09:34
dr_gogeta86how ?09:34
Stskeepsfirst off, flash the one that stops before systemd starts09:34
Stskeepsfollow instructions to get output over usb of the running init09:34
dr_gogeta86i'm there09:34
dr_gogeta86telneted to 232309:35
Stskeepsgood, so systemd is up09:35
dr_gogeta86i'm "in"09:35
Stskeepsand it reboots?09:35
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Stskeepsok, try to disable droid-hal-init.service as a start09:36
dr_gogeta86if i launch continue boom09:36
dr_gogeta86how ?09:36
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dr_gogeta86every systemctl says DBOGUS is sown09:36
Stskeepswell, i usually just rm out the .service file09:37
dr_gogeta86hard way09:37
dr_gogeta86+ exec /sbin/droid-hal-init09:39
dr_gogeta86and boom09:39
dr_gogeta86ssh keygen09:41
dr_gogeta86in progress09:41
dr_gogeta86i need to mantain telnet09:42
dr_gogeta86doesn't reboot anymore09:43
dr_gogeta86but now I'm out09:43
dr_gogeta86hi alin09:50
rusty88hi alin10:04
vakkovi can't fix that10:04
alinvakkov: are you out of mermory?10:05
phdeswervakkov: do not load the pvr something module10:06
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps: also usbmoded needed to be rmed10:06
vakkovphdeswer: i have to load it. the module that fails with this message needs it10:06
phdeswerdr_gogeta86: if usb_moded needs to be rm-ed there is something else wrong. I guess you do not have rescue mode enablers and the ui does not come up?10:07
dr_gogeta86ui not coming up10:08
dr_gogeta86no VT10:08
dr_gogeta86so to see something10:08
phdeswervakkov: from the limited info there I see a kernel crash when loading the module.10:08
dr_gogeta86i dont' kill telenetd on 232310:08
* phdeswer curses Aard has not made jolla-rnd-device available.10:08
dr_gogeta86and stop usbmoded otherwise phone kick me out10:08
phdeswerI wish devicelock was not tied in so much with UI coming up10:11
dr_gogeta86phdeswer: btw10:13
dr_gogeta86i'm publishing journalctl10:13
dr_gogeta86a step forward10:13
alinphdeswer: was a discussion about10:15
alinphdeswer: what is in that package?10:15
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sledgesmorning too :)10:48
vgradea general question from xda thread "Is there a way to optimize view with browser and other apps showing fonts too small due to the different screen resolution?"10:49
rusty88morning to you both10:49
vgradeapp issues or Sailfish Silica10:49
sledgeswell, lipstick shows time not too small on lockscreen10:50
sledgesdepends what components they use, can be either10:50
vgradethanks sledges , is there anything open internally on DPI issues10:51
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dr_gogeta86sledges: see this disaster10:57
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rusty88dr_gogeta85 I have the same problem on my i930011:08
dr_gogeta86in my case11:08
dr_gogeta86droid-hal invoke reboot11:08
dr_gogeta86i've straced it :-D11:09
rusty88do you know why ril doesn't create /dev/socket/ril ?11:13
vakkovrusty88: what is the device11:14
rusty88vakkov: i9300, i think is because of the ril + modem.. on official 4.2.2 I don't have IMEI therefore cannot register on the network11:15
dr_gogeta86i'm stucked before11:15
vakkovrusty88: give me a logcat and journalctl log from the ril11:15
vakkovrusty88: logcat -b radio11:16
vakkovi'll be back in about 30 minutes and check it11:16
rusty88vakkov: cool because I'm flashing back the official to test a new modem to see if it works .p11:17
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vakkovrusty88: there can be several reasons for not having an imei11:21
vakkovthe first i can think of is not having your radio partition/factory mounted (or not having it properly mounted) and your imei data is not loaded11:22
rusty88vakkov: yes, but from my research in xda is because of the last update from samsung, they changed the format of the /efs partition so older modem can't read the partition correctly11:22
sledgesvgrade: yes, but due to no ETA, QML patches from community could be always much appreciated (browser is open sourced, for closed bits we need to derive contrib mechanism, one of sailfish community meeting topics; yet i don't see any blockers to have such patches ready anyhow)11:25
sledgesand landscape/tablet mode mmmm ;))11:26
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sledgesrusty88: isn't it that you only have to match android stock version to CM 10.1 ?11:27
sledgesi see no reason why you'd blame android stock for rild not working in af but working in cm11:28
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rusty88sledges: android stock matches with CM10.1 but even on android I don't have IMEI that's why i'm blaming it :P11:29
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sledgesrusty88: that's what i wanted to hear :))11:33
sledgesso no right match yet? ;)11:33
rusty88it matches, but modem can't access /efs11:34
sledgesis what i meant by matching ;)11:35
dr_gogeta86i've got some similar problem on stock android11:35
dr_gogeta86rusty88: you got some old backup ?11:36
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rusty88i got a working modem for 4.2.2 :D flash back to CM now11:36
rusty88dR_gogeta86: unfortunatly i don't have a backup of the old /efs11:36
dr_gogeta86you need to find a suiteble one11:38
dr_gogeta86if you are on worranty11:38
dr_gogeta86samsung restore it for just 5011:38
rusty88if i spent money on a mobile will be on a jolla and not in the s311:39
dr_gogeta86you can find fixed efs11:39
dr_gogeta86but you must change imei11:39
sledgesrusty88: could kies save you?11:40
dr_gogeta86is device dependant11:40
dr_gogeta86last time they stole me 50 euro11:41
rusty88dr_gogeta86: exactly i'm not sure if i know how to change it, a while a go I saw that the imei is store on nv_ram or something11:41
dr_gogeta86on both sides11:41
dr_gogeta86but baseband read efs11:41
rusty88sledges: already try it, it says that i9300 doesnt support emergency initialization or whatever11:41
sledgesanyhow 14:36 < rusty88> i got a working modem for 4.2.2 :D flash back to CM now11:41
sledgesim confused at what state you are :p11:42
rusty88sledges: on 4.2.2 with working modem :P11:42
dr_gogeta86on 4.2.2 works ?11:43
rusty88dr_gogeta: yup! something in xda posted a patched version of a modem that works :)) (lucky me)11:43
dr_gogeta86now backup your efs just in case11:43
rusty88now when flashing cm should I wipe and factory reset ?11:44
dr_gogeta86between sammy and huawei I don't know in crappines who win11:44
rusty88dr_gogeta86: nice tip :)11:44
dr_gogeta86is imei the same on the label11:45
rusty88well it finishes with a /01 but the rest  is the same11:45
dr_gogeta86is correct11:45
dr_gogeta86create a nandroid11:46
dr_gogeta86or dd partition and other stuff11:46
dr_gogeta86is it possible11:46
rusty88what would you recommend?11:46
dr_gogeta86and note csc modem and other sammy version scheme11:46
dr_gogeta86nandroid never worked to me11:46
rusty88i know what dd does... nandroid on the other hand i don't :P11:46
dr_gogeta86in dd i trust :-D11:46
dr_gogeta86raw copy11:47
rusty88i should dd partition RADIO right? the one with modem.bin11:48
sledgesnandroid is part of cwm -> backup11:51
dr_gogeta86rusty88: use that tool11:51
rusty88well just dd, guess it won't hurt to have too much backups :))11:52
dr_gogeta86there is a too on play store11:53
rusty88dr_gogeta86: thnkx11:54
rusty88would you guys recommend to factory reset before installing cm ? (always did, dont know if it breaks something)11:54
dr_gogeta86is futile to me11:55
dr_gogeta86in my case11:55
dr_gogeta86rusty88: sledges i'm just a phone destroyer11:57
dr_gogeta86sledges: this is for you
dr_gogeta86have   a laugh12:00
sledgesdr_gogeta86: selinux=0 to kernel cmdline12:01
dr_gogeta86how to ?12:01
dr_gogeta86need to unpack hybris-boot12:02
dr_gogeta86or there is a more simple way?12:02
sledgesrusty88: yes, cm instructions ask for wipe before installing12:02
sledgesdr_gogeta86: fastboot has cmdline option for smoketest12:03
sledges*to smoke test12:03
dr_gogeta86fastboot not work remember ?12:03
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: add your name here pls ;)
dr_gogeta86the worst phone in list :-(12:18
vgradesledges: thanks, I posted the browser github link.12:19
alinvgrade: sailfish-briwser?12:20
vgradealin: yes12:20
alinvgrade: I recompiled it does not help too much12:20
alinvgrade: the issue I think is much complex...12:20
sledgesalin: recompiling doesn't change dpi12:22
alinsledges: yap...12:22
sledgesvgrade: cheers for relaying12:22
alinsledges: I mean the fact that the browser is slow and crap font rendering is not a simple thing12:23
rusty88btw the sailfish tutorial should have a way to be skiped :P12:23
alinrusty88: it does not...  at least not a direct way12:23
* vgrade wonders how wen can brdge to gap from here to xda forum12:23
rusty88alin: i've done it like 4 times now :P12:25
sledgesvgrade: thought many times..12:25
alinrusty88: there is a hackish way12:25
rusty88alin: how?12:26
alinrusty88: give me 2 secs12:26
sledgesvodka connecting people12:27
vgradesledges: Stskeeps I suppose its a two way street12:28
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sledgess/vodka/Finlandia/ ;)12:28
dr_gogeta86im also edit here12:30
alinrusty88: check the no education option from fullbuild12:30
rusty88sledges: still no luck... calling *#06* shows only the stirng IMEI and not the actual IMEI is that correct ?12:30
sledgesrusty88: check what's under about product12:30
sledgesand then logs12:30
rusty88empty, should I restore efs ?12:31
sledgesrusty88: cm works?12:32
rusty88sledges: yes cm was working12:32
sledgesthen you shouldn't restore anything12:33
sledgesbut do logs what vakkov asked12:33
rusty88don't have logcat12:34
sledgesyes you do ;)12:35
rusty88sledges: oh right adding to path then xDD12:35
* dr_gogeta86 hate selinux 12:35
rusty88brb launch time12:36
Stskeepslaunch? going to the moon?12:36
rusty88stkeeps: lool  lunch * xDD12:37
rusty88sledges: logcat (cc vakkov) brb :P12:40
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dr_gogeta86how to test common things like vibration12:56
dr_gogeta86and so on ?12:56
dr_gogeta86everythin in segfault12:58
sledgesgot root? ;)12:58
dr_gogeta86of course12:59
dr_gogeta86i'm via telnet ;-)12:59
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dr_gogeta86boot rebooted12:59
dr_gogeta86a bit unstable12:59
dr_gogeta86gps seems ok13:04
dr_gogeta86i dunno how13:04
rusty88back, you guys know how to tell ssh to execute a command a close ? i want to copy a file to clipboard with xclip13:08
rusty88but the ssh connection is left open13:08
dr_gogeta86you can use is as reverse13:10
sledgesdo other commands also leave open?13:10
sledgeslike ls13:10
rusty88that copies the file13:10
rusty88noup, only the ones that read from stdin13:11
rusty88anyways i got what i wanted, just need to ctrl+c after a few seconds :P13:11
sledgesask logcat to close output13:11
sledgesi.e. no follow13:11
rusty88that must be it sledges13:11
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phdesweralin: about your question earlier. The jolla-rnd-device package contains the systemd files to enable usb-moded's rescue mode13:29
alinphdeswer: ok I see.. so is just a systemd set of files... and someone things that cannot be made public?13:31
phdesweralin: well they should be public but the person who can do this is a bit lagging with getting it out13:31
phdeswerWell to be honest probably too busy with some other things.13:32
alinphdeswer: do not tell me... legal department...13:32
phdeswerNot this time ;)13:32
alinphdeswer: ok... anyhow13:33
*** migo_ has quit IRC13:33
phdeswerWell to be honest the files are already available and packaged in usb-moded git also.13:33
alinfor bluetooth I think all one needs now is a udev rule13:33
alinphdeswer: there are quite few good fixes around that we cannot put in the image yet for different reasons... mainly related to the base versions of packages13:34
alinphdeswer: in the hadk release we use13:34
*** hcbt has left #sailfishos-porters13:34
phdesweralin: I know. That's why I am trying to push things a bit internally so that bit can be done easier.13:35
alinwe need somehow a more dynamic ecosystem for development...13:35
alinphdeswer: mce connman are in the same situation...13:35
phdesweralin: I agree with you. sledges probably too. I guess after the next update there will be some time to re-arrange the repositories so those things are opened up a bit more (especially since they are nemo components and the code is available to everybody anyway)13:36
alinphdeswer: my experience is that the majprity of people will still wait for the official release will not tinker with devel repos13:37
alinbut in the same time offers development flow and more important testing13:38
*** migo_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:41
phdesweralin: I guess we need to finetune things. But getting things easier to handle in devel is defintely something we should do quickly.13:47
rusty88dmesg shows that ril is being killed  just don't know why13:50
alinso anyone who can help with a udev rule for bluetooth/13:56
*** souren has quit IRC13:58
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters13:59
alinok... I have a rule that somehow works... but seems is not activated at boot14:01
vakkovrusty88: is this even working in android?14:10
rusty88vakkov: yup it was working on android14:10
rusty88i can try and apply the modem patch14:10
vakkovrusty88: journalctl | grep ofono14:11
vakkovwhat is that patch14:11
beidl_alin maguro has a udev rule for bt14:13
beidl_o hai btw14:13
vakkovhi beidl14:13
alinbeidl_: all of them have... I think14:13
alinuseless however14:13
vakkovrusty88: your /efs path does not seem to be mounted properly14:14
alinall I want a rule that will run a bloody command14:14
vakkovgive me the output of "journalctl | grep ofono"14:14
alinthe rule ro create the device seems to work nice and properly14:14
vakkovand from mount14:14
beidl_still fighting with my laptop, means no release for another week :(14:14
alinvakkov: journalctl -l -b --no-pager | grep14:14
alinbeidl_: there is no holiday next week?14:15
rusty88give a sec vakkov, ssh to host is faling and can't copy the file14:15
alinSUBSYSTEMS=="bluetooth", ATTRS{prod_id2}=="Bluetooth Card", RUN+="hciattach -f /system/vendor/firmware ttyHS99 bcm43xx 4000000 flow sleep /data/property/persist.service.bdroid.bdaddr"14:16
alinI suspect my take on the subsytem os wrong14:16
alinProbably is much safer ro have the rule immeatly after the creation of the ttyHS9914:16
alinbut somehow does not work14:17
beidl_alin not that I know of14:17
beidl_alin also, does your bt device throw uevents when activating?14:17
beidl_you could hook into that14:18
alinbeidl_: no idea14:18
vakkovbeidl_: a ril nightmare again :P14:19
rusty88vakkov: the patch that I was talking about is because of change in efs format from the last update of samsung14:19
rusty88I applied the patch to the modem and it started working for android 4.2.2 so I flash sailfish again14:19
alinbeidl_: I do not see any in dmesg14:19
vakkovso you are now with the patch, aren't you14:20
rusty88things so vakkov, don't know how to check  :P14:20
rusty88only if I dd modem and do a sha sim14:20
rusty88sha1sum *14:20
vakkovbut you had imei and you had no radio problems in CM before you flashed sailfish again, do you14:22
rusty88vakkov also if it helps dmes shows that ril is being continously killed and respawn14:22
rusty88vakkov: yes! everything was working in cm10.114:22
vakkovwow, in dmesg? paste me some log about that14:23
alinvakkov: you had this one too14:23
vakkovno i didn't ..14:23
vakkovokay, let's first fix your partitions i guess14:24
alinvakkov: someone else had it then... ril being killed14:24
vakkovrusty88: when you were buiilding what did you add to fixup-mountpoints?14:25
vakkovi ahve no idea how are partitions managed in the i930014:25
rusty88i added i9300 to the if (i assumed it was the same partitions as i9305)14:25
vakkovoh ok14:26
vakkovmakes sense ..14:26
rusty88now i have the partitions name and where they are mapped in /dev/block14:26
vakkovshow them to me please14:30
rusty88there's also a image leak from samsung in xda that I also took a peak, I could send it to you if you like14:33
dr_gogeta86i9305 is a different board14:36
dr_gogeta86is a qualcomm14:36
dr_gogeta86your is an exynos14:36
vakkovrusty88: sorry, i am disappering from time to time.. doing several jobs atm :D14:37
vakkovyou have to symlink /dev/mmcblk0p3 with the /dev/block partitioon i think14:37
rusty88dr_gogeta86 I know but that influence on the partition table ?14:37
vakkovoh no14:37
vakkovnot 0314:38
vakkovbut the radio one14:38
dr_gogeta86rusty88: alot14:38
dr_gogeta86is a different phone14:38
rusty88vakkov: ok14:38
dr_gogeta86no one here deal with mtk Socs14:39
rusty88vakkov: the link already exists but is not mounted i think14:40
vakkovso you did ln -s /dev/mmcblk0p7 /dev/block/mmcblk0p714:44
rusty88yup, it said file already exists14:45
rusty88and mount shows no record of being mounted14:45
rusty88dr_gogeta86: good point14:45
rusty88dr_gogeta86: but the partitions are correct mmcblk0p7 is radio and mmcblk0p3 is efs (different from i9305)14:48
dr_gogeta86an hint14:48
rusty88the changes in fix_mountpoints was an addition of /block or something14:48
dr_gogeta86look at fstab14:48
rusty88it didnt change any specific number that's why I didn't bother14:48
dr_gogeta865 kernel / boot14:49
dr_gogeta8612 data14:49
rusty88ohhh mine is completly different, it doesn't have any mmc...14:49
dr_gogeta86this come from you fstab14:49
rusty88should i change /etc/fstab ?14:50
dr_gogeta86in fixup mountpoints14:50
dr_gogeta86put i9300 or whatever is your device name14:50
dr_gogeta86near 930514:50
dr_gogeta86and you are done14:50
dr_gogeta86i gotta got14:50
rusty88yes! that is what I did14:51
dr_gogeta86now are you ok14:51
dr_gogeta86just unpack under /data/.stowaways/sailfishos14:51
rusty88I have sailfish running, what I don't have is a working rild14:52
dr_gogeta86so look in rild mess14:53
dr_gogeta86the boot is ok14:53
dr_gogeta86look at android props14:53
rusty88in sailfish fstab should be more like the one in cm ?14:57
sledgesrusty88: no, fstab contents are reflected in /lib/systemd/system/*.mount on sf14:59
sledges(cm's fstab relevant bits)14:59
rusty88ok sledges, but partitions radio should be mounted at /modem right?15:01
sledgesRADIO -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p715:02
sledges/dev/block/mmcblk0p7/     modem15:02
rusty88sledges: yes exacly, i just can't mount it manually it says the fs is wrong15:02
sledgesi9305 mounts only efs15:03
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC15:03
sledgesso should your case, modem doesn't need to be mounted15:04
rusty88ahh ok, so the problem may not be releated to that15:04
vakkovyou don't have to mount radio15:12
vakkovwell, it actually depends on the ril but no need on maguro at least15:13
migo_what could I do when there is a conflict between between droid-hal-amami-0.0.6-201408171410.armv7hl and systemd-208-1.4.2.armv7hl ?15:20
beidl_alin sry for not responding, uevents can be checked using: udevadm monitor --property15:21
beidl_or --properties15:21
alinvakkov: property and works UDEV  [4307.046167] change   /devices/f9960000.uart/tty/ttyHS99/hci0/rfkill2 (rfkill)15:23
sledgesmigo_: add /tmp to
sledges(or whichever mount target your devices tries to create)15:25
sledgescan be seen in tmp.mount15:26
alinbeidl_: ^15:26
beidl_alin take a look at maguros udev rule in dhd (on my phone atm, sry)15:28
*** iTune has quit IRC15:29
rusty88ril is really a pain in the a**15:40
Stskeepsdid you check that audio/modem worked fine under cyanogenmod basis you used?15:41
Stskeepsjust to be sure it works in first place15:41
rusty88Stskeeps yes! but just in case i'll flash back to cm to check15:42
alinvgrade: sledges can you do a simple test?15:43
alinvakkov: sledges in settings display disable automatic and put the brightness to the darkest... then hit automatic15:43
alinvgrade: ^15:43
alinvakkov: sorry... seems you get in my tab15:43
alinspiiroin: hi... your mcetool does not seem to measure the brighness of the display15:46
alinspiiroin: seems to report always 115:46
rusty88Stskeeps: yes CM10 is working fine :(15:48
Stskeepsok, then figure out what modem driver it is15:49
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters15:51
rusty88Stskeeps: how do i do that?  through logcat -b radio ?15:53
Stskeepsyeah, for example15:53
rusty88Stskeeps: cbd could it be ? what am i looking for ? :P15:54
Stskeepsanything, else strings on the ril .so always helps15:55
Stskeepsthe important thing is figuring out where it dies15:55
Stskeepsso journal + ril output15:55
Stskeepsok, i have to head to an airport now..15:55
*** iTune has quit IRC16:01
*** tbr has quit IRC16:07
*** javispedro has quit IRC16:08
*** tbr has joined #sailfishos-porters16:13
energycsdxjusa_: still have no audio in calls16:14
*** blackout24 has joined #sailfishos-porters16:22
jusa_energycsdx: with what device etc?16:26
energycsdxxperia l, qualcomm msm823016:28
jusa_energycsdx: you have "media audio" anyway?16:40
energycsdxjusa_: media player works16:41
jusa_energycsdx: ok.. could you paste what  "pactl list"  shows during voicecall16:41
energycsdxbut only to external speaker, it don`t play to attached headphones16:42
jusa_ah.. ok I'm suspecting missing policy bits16:43
jusa_but paste the pactl log anyway.. then you can try when the voicecall is active to run following: "pactl set-card-profile droid_card.primary voicecall && pactl set-sink-port sink.primary output-earpiece"16:44
jusa_and everything above as user nemo16:45
*** Nokius has quit IRC16:46
rusty88whoa post to facebook are working *.* something is working yay \o/16:52
sledgesgood stuff ;)16:56
rusty88btw the screen is not turning off automatically16:58
rusty88is that normal? or is something i did wrong?16:58
alinrusty88: what do you mean?16:59
alinsledges: did you get a chance to play with the brightness?16:59
rusty88in settings->system->display sleep after 30 seconds, should that turn the screen off after 30 seconds of inactivity ?17:00
sledgesalin: on mako sensors don't work, very first boot starts very dim, going to settings-display and setting brightness to max lights up a little bit, then _unchecking_ "adjust automatically" puts it really bright finally - same/similar symptoms on hammerhead?17:02
alinsledges: no17:02
sledgesprobably still related to sensors not working17:02
alinsledges: if I have automatic turned off... I can play from dark to very bright17:02
sledgesalin: exactly what i said....17:03
alinsledges: then if I am on very dark and activate automatic17:03
alinsledges: goes to some sense of normality17:03
alinexcept that the very first boot is not very dim17:03
sledgesrusty88: does it blank when you go to the lockscreen?17:04
rusty88sledges: nope, alwasy on17:06
sledgesrusty88: lol i9305 next to me acts the same :))17:07
sledgessubmit bug ;)17:07
sledgesalso, most important is to get rild working for you17:07
sledgesisn't it?17:07
sledgesinstall strace17:07
sledgesfind out how rild starts, disable it, and launch via cmdline instead prepending with strace17:08
rusty88sledges: yes! rild is my top priority :P I have strace installed and also did an strace on /system/bin/rild .... doesn't shows much useful... and blocks on a nanosleep forever17:08
rusty88where do i submit the bug ? sledges17:09
sledgesbz: under Hybris-ing17:09
sledgesrusty88: can you pastebin strace? (don't keep it running for too long)17:10
rusty88sledges: even if i let it, it wont show too much output... here it is
alinsledges: you see.. why we shall not have facebook installed... once it works... rusty88 forgot about rild17:12
rusty88alin: looool not at all because i wanna brag about sailfish tomorrow at the university and for that I need rild working :P, it was just to test it :P17:13
alinrusty88: what university is open tomorrow?17:14
alinnot even researchers are in.. is august...17:14
rusty88alin:  yup finishing my masters degree so gotta work :P  if I stay at home sailfish will take over my day xD17:15
alinrusty88: what subject?17:16
rusty88m2m communications17:16
alinrusty88: ok... I am better versed in p2p17:16
alinrusty88: goodluck17:17
alinvakkov: how was your exam in the end?17:17
*** souren_ has quit IRC17:17
locusfI gotta enroll on some courses tomorrow too :)17:18
rusty88alin: thanks :)17:19
* Stskeeps doesnt have to enroll no more \o/17:20
alinwhich remembers me I have to give the marks of some students...17:21
*** Jonni_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:22
*** Jonni has quit IRC17:24
*** ar has left #sailfishos-porters17:31
*** alin has quit IRC17:31
*** hurrian has quit IRC17:36
rusty88mnt-secure.mount failed17:40
migo_sledges: yes, it was /tmp, thanks! so to boot sailfish later, I should try to copy the rootfs via adb in recovery and flash hybris-boot.img?17:40
rusty88actually i have 4 untis that failed17:40
migo_because flashing the zip via recovery should not work on sony?17:42
rusty88CONFIG_USB_FUNCTIONFS should be set right?17:46
rusty88i have a unit that failed because of missing functionsfs17:46
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters17:47
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
*** beidl_ has quit IRC17:57
*** furikku has quit IRC18:05
energycsdxjusa_: after i run "pactl set-card-profie ....." i had audio durin call18:06
energycsdxand media now also played to internal speaker18:06
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters18:11
migo_energycsdx: hi, did you install sailfish on your xperia device like I described above?18:12
energycsdxmigo_: no, i modified hybris-boot my rootfs is on microsd card, mounted via loopback18:15
energycsdxmigo_: do you able to hotboot your device? i.e. fastboot boot hybris-boot.img18:18
migo_ok... no, I tried that before and got an error: downloading 'boot.img'... OKAY [ 46.859s] booting... FAILED (remote: dtb not found)18:21
migo_anyway, is hybris-boot.img supposed to work with cm? because I had nothing from sailfish on the device, I just tried this out of curiosity18:22
sledgesmigo_: flash .zip via recovery. it will install sailfish with all permissions and in right places18:24
vgrademigo_: I've seen that before on 1+18:24
vgradedtb not found18:24
sledgesit will fail on bootloader18:24
sledgeswhich you have to deal separately18:24
vgrademigo_: you need to add a line into hybris-boot .mk18:25
vgradeI'm not at my machine atm, will ping details later18:25
jusa_energycsdx: yep, so what is missing is something from the policy bits setting routings etc18:25
migo_vgrade: great, thanks!18:26
jusa_energycsdx: can you paste list of all rpms installed18:26
energycsdxjusa_: already found18:26
vgrademigo_: rememberd I had it in my google doc lab notes18:27
*** zuh has quit IRC18:27
jusa_energycsdx: ok! so routing works now?18:27
migo_sledges: ok, i'll try that later. don't know what's wrong with my machine, usb is damn slow (adb as well as card reader)18:27
*** zuh has joined #sailfishos-porters18:28
energycsdxjusa_: yes, now i can switch between internal and external speaker, but media player don`t work now18:29
vgrademigo_: can you add yourself to
migo_vgrade: thanks. hm don't know i did not get far :D18:29
sledgesrusty88: functionfs is not in nexus5, but everything still works18:33
jusa_energycsdx: you mean media routing doesn't change?18:34
*** zuh has quit IRC18:34
sledgesrusty88: where's the ril strace? ;p18:34
*** zuh has joined #sailfishos-porters18:35
energycsdxjusa_: i don`t hear music at all18:37
jusa_energycsdx: do you have policy settings package for your device?18:37
jusa_energycsdx: rpm -qf /etc/ohm/plugins/accessories.ini18:38
*** ilan_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:38
energycsdxyes, i discovered that ohmd was not running and installed packages to make it run18:38
*** ilan_ is now known as rusty88_18:38
jusa_you'll also need configuration for that, if not existing yet18:39
jusa_pretty much copy-paste from other device's conf, with slight modifications18:39
energycsdxfile /etc/ohm/plugins/accessories.ini: No such file or directory18:39
*** rusty88_ has quit IRC18:40
jusa_I don't remember how that's packaged for example for nexus 5, but you'll need to get policy-settings for your dev18:40
*** rusty88_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:40
jusa_then check which /dev/input/eventX device has headset plugin stuff, and change that device to /etc/ohm/plugins/accessories.ini (jack-match)18:41
jusa_(that device's name string for jack-match)18:41
*** rusty88 has quit IRC18:41
*** rusty88_ is now known as rusty8818:42
rusty88sledges: my connection when down so if you said anything please say it again i didnt see it sorry :P18:43
jusa_energycsdx: mce-tools has evdev_trace (iirc), use that to check the device name18:44
*** migo_ has quit IRC18:47
*** rusty88 has quit IRC18:50
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:51
*** alin has quit IRC18:51
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:51
*** rustyt88_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:51
*** rustyt88_ is now known as rusty88_18:51
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:53
*** rusty88_ is now known as rusty8818:53
jusa_gotta go now, but I can help later18:54
*** blackout24 has quit IRC19:01
sledgesrusty88: channel is logged ;)19:07
*** migo_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:10
rusty88sledges: ohh good :) did you see the strace ?19:10
sledgescomparing it now with i930519:14
*** xnbya has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
sledgesrusty88: /sbin/ifconfig -a19:22
*** alin has quit IRC19:28
sledgesrusty88: does your SIM have PIN?19:31
energycsdxmy device have following19:32
rusty88sledges: nope, took it out when you posted a link to piratepad19:32
energycsdxam i  right that mce will not detect this as volume key input device?19:33
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters19:34
sledgesrusty88: can you put it back?19:36
sledgesso you get PIN dialogue19:36
sledgesat least19:36
rusty88sure give a sec19:37
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters19:40
sledgesenergycsdx: it should pick it up, there's a droid.kmap file in droid-hal-device19:41
rusty88sledges: done, but it didn't ask for the pin19:44
energycsdxsledges: why there is special case
sledgesenergycsdx: good find ;)19:47
sledgesyou need to read keycodes with event viewer19:47
sledgesand try to patch mce19:47
energycsdxlast one keycode is KEY_CAMERA_SNAPSHOT19:48
energycsdxwhich looks like available only in CAF19:48
dr_gogeta86good evening19:54
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:57
dr_gogeta86sledges: huawei shit19:59
dr_gogeta86i need to sign also kernel19:59
dr_gogeta86otherwise something may go wrong19:59
dr_gogeta861+ for huawei20:00
sledgesin russian huawai can be pronounced very inapropriately :))20:00
*** lpotter has quit IRC20:03
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos-porters20:03
locusfI wonder  why I didn't need signed kernel on the p620:04
dr_gogeta86is not qualcomm based20:05
dr_gogeta86change signature20:05
dr_gogeta86change from gsm to china whaterver tecnology they use20:05
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:05
*** alin has quit IRC20:05
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:05
locusfoh yeah20:05
dr_gogeta86now i need to flash stock to regain fastboot20:06
dr_gogeta86locusf: also g6 suffer of same problem20:08
dr_gogeta86is che cheaper and qualcomm based version of p620:08
dr_gogeta86but how did mangle with graphics side20:11
*** AlexKa-71 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:12
energycsdxjusa_: something wrong with mute/unmute20:12
alinsledges: remembr my issue from friday with people hearing my radio in call?20:13
alinsledges: discovered that happens only when headphones plugged20:13
energycsdxonce i start call media player is not muted, after i finish call media player is muted, i can unmute it via pacmd set-sink-input-mute20:14
alinenergycsdx: cool...  so you stream and call in the same time20:15
alinenergycsdx: headphones in?20:15
energycsdxin internal speaker20:15
*** nh1402 has quit IRC20:15
energycsdxbut jack detection now works20:15
sledgesalin: people hear me also in jolla, just because headphones are too loud and get picked up by mic (samsung headphones... :))20:16
dr_gogeta86locusf: now for one hour i'm stuck20:19
locusfdr_gogeta86: :/20:21
alindr_gogeta86: get a lemondae20:21
alinlemonade... or whatever you get in sicily when you wait20:22
dr_gogeta86already did  with salt20:22
dr_gogeta86otherwise digestion doesn't start20:23
rusty88oops wrong window :P20:23
sledgesrusty88: your logcat -b radio looks too errorry and i can't figure out why20:23
sledgesit tries to wake up every interface known to man20:24
rusty88you and me both sledges20:24
sledgesi9305 ril logcat is sane20:24
locusflucky that rusty88 has one, I haven't managed to get a single line to radiobuffer20:25
sledgesrusty88: ls -l /dev/socket/20:25
sledgeslocusf: as root i get it20:25
sledgesnot as user20:25
dr_gogeta86sledges: in my case rild try to open /dev/log20:26
locusfsledges: yup20:26
sledgesdr_gogeta86: shouldn't it be symlinked?20:26
dr_gogeta86in my case not20:27
dr_gogeta86but I need to destroy phone before continue20:27
dr_gogeta86still 116 of 66820:27
*** lpotter has quit IRC20:28
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos-porters20:29
sledgesrusty88: grep qmux_ra /*20:30
sledgesprobably because your modem is not qualcomm....20:31
*** lpotter has quit IRC20:32
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos-porters20:33
dr_gogeta86sledges: i think is the same of galaxy note 220:33
dr_gogeta86the hardware is pretty similar20:33
dr_gogeta86time to check cyano sources20:34
energycsdxwhat is the difference between statefs-provider-inout-bluetooth and statefs-provider-bluez20:35
migo_vgrade: when I add this, it won't build anymore. showing the right usage of mkbootimg twice and exiting. removed it and it worked. what is this dtimage?20:38
*** Sequenced has quit IRC20:40
dr_gogeta86sledges: see20:42
dr_gogeta86open("/dev/log/main", O_WRONLY|O_LARGEFILE|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOTDIR (Not a directory)20:42
dr_gogeta86this is rild20:42
sledgesdoes it fail critically? i don't think so20:43
dr_gogeta86+++ killed by SIGSEGV +++20:44
dr_gogeta86also debuggerd20:44
dr_gogeta86i wanna throw this phone away from me20:48
sledgesdr_gogeta86: did you patch bionic?20:49
sledgesas this is internal call iirc20:49
dr_gogeta86is not done by make hybris-hal ?20:49
dr_gogeta86rusty88: BOARD_PROVIDES_LIBRIL := true20:50
dr_gogeta86BOARD_MODEM_TYPE := xmm626220:50
dr_gogeta86TARGET_SPECIFIC_HEADER_PATH := device/samsung/i9300/include20:50
rusty88dr_gogeta86:  yes that's what I have on BoardConfig.mk20:52
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
sledgesrusty88: ls -l /dev/umts*20:54
*** aironeous has joined #sailfishos-porters20:54
rusty88sledges: empty20:55
aironeousJust for info I posted to phoronix this to point more linux people here to the porting effort
sledgesgreat find aironeous thanks!20:57
aironeousalso during the live show at jupiter broadcasting after the "linux action show" during the faux show which also shows live irc chat the cohost said that he wished multirom was supported for sailifish so I posted the nexus 5 port link at xda and he acknowledged the correction live21:00
sledgesgood man :)21:00
alinaironeous: didhe kill himself in shame after?21:00
aironeoushe just didn't know yet21:01
alinaironeous: a pitty... the multirom is one week old21:01
alinaironeous: little excuse if the things happened after monday morning21:01
sledgeswell it's hard to follow all news everywhere21:02
aironeousthis is the jupiter broadcasting live show link so that next time they mention sailfish you can correct them on anything they might get wrong www.jblive.tv21:02
aironeousthey will most likely mention sailfish on the next linux action show if they did not already mention it during todays us 10am show which has not yet been put up on youtube21:03
aironeousdon't want to become a distraction, good porting everyone, will now go back to reading the logs and doing other things. Have a nice day and all that.21:04
*** aironeous has quit IRC21:04
*** souren_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:05
*** alterego has quit IRC21:06
*** sledges has quit IRC21:06
*** alterego has joined #sailfishos-porters21:06
vgrademigo_: let me check my tree21:07
*** sledges has joined #sailfishos-porters21:07
rusty88sledges: i've got on my system.prop rild.libpath=/system/lib/libril-qc-qmi-1.so21:09
rusty88but the lib does not exists21:09
vgrademigo_: I have this in my tree device/oneplus/bacon/ := $(PRODUCT_OUT)/dt.img21:12
sledgesrusty88: i got it too, and lib exists21:17
migo_vgrade: ok, i have  device/sony/rhine-common/, containing the mentioned21:17
sledgesyou don't have ti because you don't have qc21:17
sledgeswonder where that prop creep in21:17
sledgesrusty88: getprop | grep ril21:20
sledgesrusty88: ls -l /system/lib/libril*21:20
sledgesrusty88: on your host: cat $ANDROID_ROOT/device/samsung/i9300/system.prop21:23
sledges00:09 < rusty88> sledges: i've got on my system.prop rild.libpath=/system/lib/libril-qc-qmi-1.so21:25
sledgesrusty88: i'm taking a whip out :D21:26
sledgescd ANDROID_ROOT/device/samsung/i9300/21:26
sledgesgit remote -v21:26
sledgesgit log system.prop21:29
rusty88sledges: i said that I've got it in system.prop but i don't have it in the device21:29
dr_gogeta86droid-hal now rocks21:29
sledgesrusty88: we're getting there ;)21:29
dr_gogeta86but still no video21:29
dr_gogeta86locusf: still in da house21:29
sledgesdr_gogeta86: should i congrat you or just rock on? :D21:30
dr_gogeta86need some framebuffer specialist21:30
dr_gogeta86in the meanwhile21:30
dr_gogeta86i've tested vibramotor21:30
dr_gogeta86is ok21:30
dr_gogeta86touch ok21:30
dr_gogeta86sensors ok21:30
dr_gogeta86not hooked21:30
dr_gogeta86but are there21:30
rusty88dr_gogeta86: how did you test the led ?21:31
sledgesrusty88: pls paste git log system.prop21:31
vakkovAug 18 00:31:43 localhost lipstick[407]: ERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Inappropriate ioctl for device)21:31
vakkovAug 18 00:31:43 localhost lipstick[407]: lipstick: eglplatform_fbdev.cpp:34: void fbdevws_init_module(ws_egl_interface*): Assertion `0' failed.21:31
vakkovoh come oon21:31
dr_gogeta86simple are recognized in led class sysfs21:31
vakkovi was hoping i dont get this with hybris21:31
rusty88sledges: there you go :)
sledgesrusty88: git status21:34
sledgeswhy are them modified?21:35
sledgesyou have applied patches?21:35
vgradethp: Stskeeps slimport-wip on N5 blanks display when slimport connector is connected but no HDMI output on my hannspree monitor.  After slimport is disconnected display is usable on phone again21:35
rusty88sledges:  yes! I apply some modifications from i930521:35
sledgesrusty88: sorry my bad i did not guide you which patches to cherry pick21:36
vakkovsledges: vgrade: have you seen that error before?21:36
sledgesif you applied them, did you recompile everything afterwards and redeploy?21:36
vgradevakkov: can't say I have21:37
rusty88sledges: yes, recompiled hybris-boot and installed modules and flash it21:37
sledgesah, but not rootfs?21:37
vgradevakkov: does strace give you the ioctl enum /21:38
vakkovStskeeps: well, please take a look at this error several messages before that. (at least it loads lol :D)21:38
rusty88didn't think it was necessary21:38
sledgesrusty88: well, first lesson - git cherry-pick ;P21:41
rusty88sledges: from where? xD21:43
sledgesfrom another repo21:44
sledgesgit is crazier than you think :P21:45
sledgeslooks like your trees are a bit messy..21:45
rusty88i can just reset i was on a branch :P21:46
sledgesshow me your local manifest21:46
rusty88sorry which file is that ?21:47
sledgesfrom hadk21:49
rusty88sorry i'm not understanding what you're asking21:50
sledgessearch local_manifest21:50
sledgesin hadk doc21:50
sledgescan't remember exact fname21:50
rusty88that one ?21:53
sledges(in $ANDROID_ROOT)21:56
rusty88oh cr*p don't have that one ;\21:57
sledgesexciseme? :)21:57
migo_you might have everything in roomservise.xml21:57
sledgesdid you skip 14.3.1 ? ;)21:57
rusty88maybe i did :P i don't remember doing it my bad21:58
sledgeshow did you create i9300 repos ?21:58
sledgesdevice and kernel21:58
migo_vgrade: sorry, I still can't figure out what to do with this mkbootimg... could you help me please?21:59
vgrademigo_: do you have a dt.img21:59
vgradein your out/21:59
migo_yes, when i build22:00
rusty88i clone them by hand i think22:00
migo_but build fails with          --dt $(INSTALLED_DTIMAGE_TARGET)22:00
vgradedo you have INSTALLED_DTIMAGE_TARGET defined somewhere22:00
sledgesrusty88: ok, do local manifest. you'll have to do repo sync after (when i tell you to), and you'll lose any local changes22:00
sledgesrusty88: but i will backport device/ repo patches for you soon22:01
migo_yes, in device/sony/rhine-common/custombootimg.mk22:01
vgrademigo_: and in you have a call to mkbootimg ? which has --dt22:02
sledgesrusty88: stand by i'll tell you your local manif contents in a bit22:02
rusty88sledges: ok, i was reading 14.3.122:03
vgrademigo_: this
vgradewhat happens if you add22:04
vgradeto the in hybris boot22:05
dr_gogeta86locusf: while launch lipstick fb blinks22:05
dr_gogeta86but ....22:05
migo_vgrade: error: could not load device tree image '/home/mat/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/amami/dt.img'22:10
migo_obvious, it's not there yet22:10
vgrademigo_: you said you have dt.img in your out?22:12
migo_i had, when i built without --dt, but i cleared out. so should i build again without and then with --dt?22:13
dr_gogeta86EGLFS: Screen Info22:13
dr_gogeta86 - Physical size: QSizeF(4.29497e+09, 4.29497e+09)22:13
vgrademigo_: might be best to mka clean22:14
vgradethen mka hybris-boot22:14
vgradewith --dt in22:15
migo_this is what i just did22:15
migo_but then the error occurred before dt.img was created22:16
vgrademigo_: can you pastie the log22:16
vgradedo a mka clean22:17
vgradethen mka hybris-boot22:17
*** AlexKa-71 has quit IRC22:17
vgradedr_gogeta86: now thats a big screen22:17
migo_oh sorry, i was running mka hybris-hal, not mka hybris-boot22:18
dr_gogeta86i know i live on jupiter22:18
migo_mka hybris-boot gives hybris/hybris-boot/ *** commands commence before first target.  Stop.22:20
vgrademigo_: can you pastie that Android.mk22:21
migo_my mistake now i messed up22:21
migo_missed \ this time. I'm sorry22:22
vgradethats what I thought , no problem22:22
vgradelbt: is this a cert issue?22:27
lbtyeah - can't reply - not enough posts?22:28
lbtit *is* https = but it's self-signed22:28
dr_gogeta86vgrade: any hint22:28
lbtI'll get round to it this week I hope - just hit some damned annoying email issues22:28
migo_vgrade: same error as with mka-hal:
vgradelbt: ok, I'll post.  thanks for putting on the list22:30
sledgesrusty88: i'll disable sd card for now22:30
sledgesjust to be consistent with i930522:30
rusty88sledges: ok22:30
*** hurrian has joined #sailfishos-porters22:30
*** hurrian has joined #sailfishos-porters22:30
lbtmention that lbt_ can't post?22:31
lbtvgrade: let me try again22:32
vgradelbt: sure22:32
lbt"New members (those with fewer than 10 posts) are not permitted to post to development-related forums" .. 's me :)22:32
sledgesbeen there ;)22:33
lbtit's like stackoverflow ... can't get points as everytime I have a question I find the answer and never actually post a question22:33
*** hurrian has quit IRC22:33
*** hurrian has joined #sailfishos-porters22:34
*** hurrian has joined #sailfishos-porters22:34
sledgesrambling in Jolla/Sailfish general forums helps ;)22:34
vakkovsame for me :D22:34
vakkovi need a rpm with perl for nemo... i want to isntall strace22:34
vakkovsomething pretty ugly is happening here22:34
lbtperl is in mer-core afair22:35
lbtand strace is in mer-tools22:35
dr_gogeta86i got strace in place22:36
vakkovno build targets :D should i branch it and build iit in home22:36
dr_gogeta86zypper install22:36
vgrademigo_: is that the wole log/22:38
vakkov... like you know, this wasn't the first thing i tried ..22:38
migo_no only the end with error. you need all? it is quite big22:39
vgradedr_gogeta86: never seen that before, screen resolution is usually always correct.22:39
dr_gogeta86in this case not22:39
dr_gogeta86i think is the most difficult port to date22:39
dr_gogeta86and is a qualcomm chipset22:40
dr_gogeta86adreno 20022:41
vgradedr_gogeta86: how long you been at it22:41
dr_gogeta86a while22:41
dr_gogeta86I'm a total noob22:41
dr_gogeta86with wayland egl22:41
vgradeproably took us a couple of weeks to get ui up on N522:42
dr_gogeta86but any hint22:42
dr_gogeta86to start22:42
dr_gogeta86this port i think will never go out22:42
dr_gogeta86too instable22:42
vgradechecks backlog22:43
dr_gogeta86irc backlog22:43
dr_gogeta86the only thin journal says22:46
dr_gogeta86sh-3.2# Aug 13 17:55:29 Jolla mce[619]: modules/display.c: mdy_stm_step(): no compositor; going to logical off22:46
vgrademigo_: yes, full log22:48
vgradedr_gogeta86: is this cm10 or 11?22:49
vgradeand you followed HADK?22:49
vgradecan you post the journal log?22:50
vgradeor do you just have 1 line22:50
vgradeand can you pastie your manifest22:51
vgrademigo_: well the dt.img is not being built22:53
vgrademigo_: can you remove the --dt line , mka clean then mka hybris-hal and pastie the log so we can see the dt.img being generated. Remember to remove the /22:56
sledgesrusty88: this is your local manifest:
sledgesrusty88: and then do repo sync23:03
sledgesyou'll need to regen everything and reflash rootfs23:03
sledgesso we are sure no noise is around23:03
rusty88sledges: alrighty  then23:04
migo_vgrade: i just tried this to get it back. cleaning up and then ran mka hybris-hal brought a dt.img23:05
vgradesledges: I was not aware of the xda limit for new users, I must be an old user or something.  It does limit here to xda comms though23:06
vgrademigo_: ok and now adding back the --dt23:07
migo_vgrade: ok everything seems fine. even fastboot boot hybris-boot.img said 'okay' ;)23:11
vgrademigo_: \o/23:12
migo_apart from device not booting at all but i think it's not supposed to?! :D23:12
vgrademigo_: small steps23:12
migo_i have no sailfish data there yet23:12
migo_so i try flashing the zip next and then boot via fastboot?23:13
vgrademigo_: that patch needs a bit of work to be a general one ie work with ports without a device tree23:14
migo_i see. thank you very much for your help23:19
migo_I need some sleep now ;) see you23:23
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC23:23
*** migo_ has quit IRC23:23
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:32
sledgesrusty88: still with me? :)23:41
rusty88yes yes sledges23:41
rusty88now packing rootfs23:41
rusty88everything going smooth so far23:41
rusty88:) thanks23:41
sledgesi hope the right device repo got picked up ;)23:42
* sledges goes to warm-up a night lunch :)23:42
sledgesrusty88: can't promise you miracles as there weren't many modification you might've missed, but is better we're on stable ground23:43
rusty88yup but i saw the repo didnt change, but like you said is better to be on stable ground23:43
rusty88besides didn't know how i missed that step xD23:44
sledgesdidnt chang?23:44
rusty88what i meant is the repo from mer-hybris/android_device_samsung_i9300 didn't change much23:44
rusty88but the build process is now using that one23:45
rusty88wait i was reading the wrong branch on github, my bad :P23:45
sledgesyep, only handful of patches23:49
sledgeswell, hybris-10.0 didn't exist until 45ming ago ;)23:51
*** souren has joined #sailfishos-porters23:52

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