Monday, 2014-08-18

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rusty88ohh no luck :( sledges00:03
sledgesworse? ;)00:04
rusty88seemed the same00:04
sledgespls do cd kernel/samsung/i9300; git status00:05
sledgesand git remote -v; and git branch00:05
rusty88it only has the defconfig change00:06
sledgespaste? :p00:07
sledgesas it should be clean ;)00:07
rusty88ohh i added a config cuz mer_check_config said so00:07
sledgeshmmmm also it shouldnt pick it up00:07
sledgesit should take kernel/samsung/smdk441200:08
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sledgespastebin: zcat /proc/config.gz00:10
sledgesperform git diff on kernel/samsung/i930000:11
rusty88ohhh I see it did not clean cyanogenmod_i9300_defconfig00:12
rusty88it was the same that i use before00:12
sledgesdont think so00:12
sledgesit ignores your repo00:12
sledgesand takes00:12
sledgesrename your repo00:13
sledgesand run mka hybris-boot00:13
sledgesall still įork00:13
rusty88hmm unless I did something wrong00:15
rusty88well i'm actually not in a branch00:15
sledgesdoesn't matter00:15
rusty88just some random commit00:15
sledgesmove i9300 somewher out of ther tree00:15
sledgesit will stil work00:16
sledgesbecause it takes device/samsung/i9300/cm.dependencies:        "target_path": "kernel/samsung/smdk4412"00:16
rusty88actually it didn't build :\00:18
sledgespaste error:]00:18
sledgesit's late :p00:20
rusty88indeed :p00:20
sledges03:12 < sledges> it ignores your repo00:20
sledges03:05 < sledges> pls do cd kernel/samsung/i9300; git status00:20
sledges(not device, kernel ;)00:20
rusty88ohhh right.. sorry00:21
rusty88fatal: duplicate path device/samsung/i9300 in /home/ilan/mer/android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml00:22
rusty88in local_manifest/i9300.xml it only has device/samsung/i930000:23
sledgesrm .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml00:23
rusty88is really late xDD00:23
sledgesreaching ballmer's peak :D00:23
rusty88well it work but it was really fast00:24
rusty88something about using prebuild00:24
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rusty88forgot to run repo sync00:27
sledgesno need00:27
sledgesand exits?00:30
sledgestry lunch instead of breakfast00:31
rusty88Invalid lunch combo: i930000:33
sledgesbrunch ? :))00:33
rusty88well now i'm getting hungry :))00:34
sledgesi just had :))00:34
sledgesrusty88: sudo apt-get install bsdmainutils00:35
rusty88done and same output on three command00:36
sledgesjust go ahead00:36
rusty88think i'll call it a night, tomorrow I start to work early00:39
rusty88and i'm not thinking clearly now00:39
sledgessoudns like a plan ;)00:40
rusty88night ;)00:40
rusty88and thanks once again for everything :)00:40
sledgesnot at all :)00:41
sledgeswe'll get there00:41
rusty88yup :)00:42
rusty88just did a repo sync and now is working :P00:43
rusty88is compiling hybris-boot00:43
sledgesdid you move kernel/samsung/i9300 away? ;)00:44
rusty88actually it was kernel/samsung/smdk4412, but yes i move it00:46
rusty88and git status is clean :)00:47
sledgesit was two00:47
sledgeskernel/samsung/i9300 (wrong)00:47
sledgeskernel/samsung/smdk4412 (right)00:47
sledgesdefconfig is also wrong still :(00:47
sledgesas changes were made to cyanogenmod_i9300_defconfig00:47
sledgesto cyanogenmod_i9305_defconfig00:47
sledgesinstead of cyanogenmod_i9300_defconfig00:47
rusty88yup mer_verify_kernel_config00:49
sledgesare the bits you need to copy (only)00:50
sledgesi think you did that already correctly00:50
sledgesi got baffled by your earlier mention of CONFIG_SIM_DETECT :))00:50
sledgesi9305 doesn't have that00:50
sledgeshence had never been touched00:50
sledgesand whatever cm set it to, should work00:51
rusty88hmm ok00:51
sledgesall you need to add to cyanogenmod_i9300_defconfig00:51
rusty88so i should just use that without change ?00:51
sledgesis those 12 lines from that link00:51
sledgesdon't change anything else, as it's coming from a working cm00:52
sledges(where modem works, remember ;)00:52
rusty88ok dokey00:52
rusty88mer_verify_kernel_config is still failing00:56
sledgeswhich bits?00:56
sledgesthose are warnings not errors00:58
rusty88ohh ok00:58
rusty88compiling now then00:58
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rusty88compilation was successful :))01:00
sledgesnun gut ;)01:00
rusty88i'll create rootfs tomorrow then01:00
sledgeswell, you got the kernel already ;)01:01
sledgesprobably is the only thing missing, as you already flashed the "cleaned" rootfs01:01
rusty88well tomorrow i'll flash it01:02
rusty88gotta go to sleep01:02
sledgesoff you go ;)01:02
sledgesnightz :)01:02
rusty88see ya01:02
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deztructorenergycsdx: the difference is that statefs-provider-bluez takes information from bluez (as expected from the name) and any statefs-provider-inout-* is the implementation of provider form in/out loader:
deztructorinout is useful e.g. for simulation03:17
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deztructoror to implement some statefs "api" in an easy way (w/o writing provider)03:18
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spiiroinsledges: energycsdx: the mce volume key detection is for: blocking the events from reaching ui when policy says they should not happen (evdev is grabbed and if interrupts are disabled if logic for such thin exists both in kernel and mce)03:40
spiiroini.e. what should happen: 1) when display is on and ui is not locked -> volume adjustment should happen; 2) when ui is locked or display is off -> no volume adjustment; 3) except if there is music playback going on -> volume adjustment happens (and display comes up briefly unless proximity is covered)03:43
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energycsdxspiiroin; if mce is not detecting volume keys, because there is aditional keys on that input device, than no volume adjustment?05:44
energycsdxguys, what about power consumption? phone discharged for more then 20 percents during night, on android it is about 3 percents05:46
spiiroinenergycsdx: the other way around: mce is unable to block the input from reaching ui05:48
spiiroini.e. volume adjustment always happens, even if it should not05:49
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energycsdxspiiroin: nothing happens when i press volume keys05:50
spiiroinenergycsdx: then there is problem at ui side too; I'm not sure, but I think lipstick needs to be told what evdev sources to use05:51
spiiroinor maybe it was just the touch device...05:53
deztructorenergycsdx: sp-endurance can help you to gather information and understand what is consuming power. Also you can just check cpu time used by processes05:53
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thpvgrade: right now slimport wip is either-or (either external or internal) due to some problems with buffer mgmt07:04
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dr_gogeta86_jollgood morning peeps07:17
dr_gogeta86_jolllocusf: is possible to run lipstick on framebuffer?07:19
vgradethp: ok, how do you switch?07:21
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alin_phdeswer: is there any mode in the usbmoded that gives you just network.. without internet sharing?08:27
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phdesweralin: developer mode08:27
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alin_phdeswer: ok... I was not sure as I have seen it still adding routes08:28
alin_phdeswer: I see now I see why... because picks my emergency profile for network...08:29
alin_phdeswer: so it does what is supposed to to08:29
phdesweralin_: ok :)08:29
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locusfmorning all08:43
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vakkovhow should i connect to wifi without a ui? iwconfig, wpasupplicant?08:47
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situsledges: vgrade: does bluetooth fully work with these changes ?08:48
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sledgessitu: allegedly yes, wait for hannu to uodate bug after merge, and hopes for alin to test too08:56
sledgeswe'll need rfkill from mer-core inside hammerhead ha repo for now08:58
vakkovsledges: i need to connect to wlan0 from n900 (still no UI) what tools should i use08:58
sledgesvakkov: connman-tests09:00
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sledgesalin: looks like bt udev rule et al. is there for you by hannu ;)09:22
locusfvakkov: so you got sailfish working on n900 via nitdroid adaptation?09:23
alinsledges: yap.. I am a little bit delayed in answering his email09:23
alinsledges: probably in next half an hour I will answer...09:23
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lpotterforgot , you can boost the log-level with a running sensorfw sensd by sending it USR109:29
lpottersend that two times and youget log-level test :)09:29
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sledgeslpotter: mako sensors working (sensorfw; sleep 2; sensors.qcom): ; not working (sensorfw; sleep 0; sensors.qcom):
sledgesmain difference:09:36
sledgesAug 18 10:29:05 Jolla sensord[751]: Setting new interval for node:  "accelerometeradaptor" . Evaluation won by session ' 4 ' with request:  10009:36
sledgesAug 18 10:33:42 Jolla sensord[703]: Invalid interval requested for node ' "accelerometeradaptor" ' by session ' 4 ':  10009:36
sledges(and 2 other ranges differ in those logs)09:37
alinsledges: done... where did he reply about the udev rule?09:38
sledgesalin: PR09:38
alinsledges: anyhow I can bet the issue is is at my end... I mean the disconnection09:38
alinsledges: i see...that is magic09:39
sledgeskinda ;)09:39
alinsledges: when you accept it or who accepts it... we need rfkill package in09:40
alinsledges: I do not know how is this done internally... the package already exists in nemo repos09:40
alinsledges: nemo:devel:apps09:40
alinsledges: would be nice to push the bluetooth out for testing...09:41
alinsledges: if you look in ubuntu two things they say do not work Sound is not working very well; Bluetooth doesn't work09:42
alinsledges: sound is working very well... with headphones in... you can stream over gsm even09:42
alinsledges: and if we have bluetooth workign that will be a coup...09:43
alinsledges: not to speak about leds...09:43
alinthe only sore point seems to be the camera....09:43
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sledgesalin: keep calm & port on ;)09:44
lpottersledges: not working: 10:33:37 Jolla sensord[703]: Introduced new interval:  50000 - 100009:44
lpotterit gets that from android sensord, so it seems that's not really ready09:44
sledgeslpotter: probably if i do sensors.qcom; sleep 2; sensorfw we'd see even more different things09:45
sledgesas that doesn't work either09:45
lpotteris it mce that is trying to read the sensors first?09:50
* sledges shrugs, spiiroin? ^09:51
spiiroinlpotter: probably; once sensord appears on dbus mce will try to start at least proximity sensor09:51
lpotterya. and I presume mce needs to be started before sensorfw ?09:52
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spiiroinlpotter: should not really matter; mce checks and tracks sensord presense on dbus -> once available it is used09:53
spiiroinbut nothing in the user session starts before mce, so delaying mce startup should be avoided09:54
lpottersledges: what happens if you delay mce until sensorfw is running?09:54
sledgeslemme see09:54
sledgeslpotter: which scenario should i run now wrt sensors.qcom ?09:55
sledgesthe working, or non working :)09:55
lpotternon working09:56
sledgesalin: rfkill for hammerhead building:
alinsledges: cool09:56
alinsledges: one repo less for me09:57
sledgeslpotter: same non-working log output10:00
sledges(mce PID > sensorfw PID)10:00
alinsledges: now I remember about the lge hammerhead repo...10:10
alinsledges: seems some packages are older than the installed one droid-hal-hammerhead for example vgrade may have an idea why10:11
sledgesalin: sources?10:11
alinsledges: I do not know the sources are probably the same or not10:12
alinsledges: maybe we need to retigger a rebuild of all the repo but we shall speak with vgrade first10:13
sledgesalin: did you do zypper dup after installing image?10:13
sledgesor which image did you install?10:13
alinsledges: no10:13
alinsledges: the kosher one... alpha210:13
alinsledges: the one we wanted to test with multirom10:13
sledgesvgrade: did you SR?10:13
sledgesalin: PR accepted, could you rebuild with your script?10:18
alinsledges: of course I can... but do I need all of it?10:19
sledgesyou'll need to rebuild dhd RPMs locally, the rest is from repo10:19
alinsledges: or just an rpm10:19
sledgesand pls create submit request to that repo (i'll explain how once your RPMs are ready and bt works ;))10:19
alinsledges: ok10:20
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lpottersledges: just a wild guess that this might help:
sledgeslpotter: compiling10:24
sledgesdoes this value avalanche into other misses?10:24
lpotterthat will set the min delay to 0 if it's wonky from android10:28
lpottercould probably fake that whole thing anyway10:29
sledgesin the sense that there were other values not read out correctly in working vs non-working logs10:29
alinsledges: I think I know what happened... the script by default builds the rpms10:29
sledgesalin: all of them?10:30
alinsledges: yes... I think the testing branch uses the repo10:30
alinsledges: and probably vgrade got caught by10:30
sledgesis fine, vgrade just forgot to SR10:30
sledgesi don't see any api/abi breakage because of that10:31
alinsledges: it should not10:31
alinsledges: anyhow added rfkill now10:31
sledgesalin: hang on10:31
alinsledges: and I am rebuilding all10:31
sledgesjust add that repo10:31
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sledgesand disable building of all RPMs except dhd10:32
sledgesto save time10:32
sledgesotherwise, it all should work too ;)10:33
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lpottersledges: make sure you build the hybris spec :)10:52
sledgeslpotter: doh :D10:54
sledgeslpotter: didn't help :/11:07
sledgeslpotter: hang on, abi breakage..11:08
sledgeswill build alternatively, know the cause11:08
*** spiiroin has quit IRC11:12
sledgeslpotter: looks primising, rebooting11:20
sledgessensors on mako work!!!11:21
sledges(well at least orientation, what matters most for now :)11:21
sledgeslpotter: accepting you PR ;)11:21
sledges( i can't accept :p )11:22
sledgesdamnit, they still fail after blanking :P11:22
alinsledges: just spoke with dmt is not possible yet as the manifests were missing in the obs11:24
sledgesalin: ok11:25
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situsledges: can you update droid-hal-hammerhead packages on to fix bluetooth  ?11:37
sledgessitu: i thought alin's on it11:40
sledges(as he'll test it too)11:40
sledgescreating img from scratch11:40
situsledges: ok11:41
alinsitu: sledges and I fail here Warning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-configuration-hammerhead-0.0.6-201408181127.noarch requires pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-0.0.6-201408181127.noarch[adaptation0-hammerhead-]11:41
alinException AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'px_proxy_factory_free'" in <bound method ProxyFactory.__del__ of <libproxy.ProxyFactory object at 0xf70c64ec>> ignored11:42
sledgesalin: re-run mic with @jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead in %packages11:43
sledgesyou know the routine11:43
alinsledges: merde... the script should have this in it... already11:48
sledgesnope, that's an error11:51
sledgesand script doesn't do error handling11:51
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vgrade_sledges: alin just checked and it looks like the images I have created us local repo for dhd but OBS repo for other packages12:19
vgrade_related to the work around required for missing patterns on OBS12:19
vgrade_if we can get the patterns on OBS working then we can avoid this in future12:20
vgrade_and only pick adaptation packages from OBS12:21
vgrade_ notes this12:21
sledgesyes, we still need local repo to compile new dhd changes since if any (as there are in this case)12:23
sledgesand then create SR12:24
vgrade_yes, or two cases for the script. One to create the dhd rpms and image from local content12:25
vgrade_and the other to build an image using remote OBS content12:25
vgrade_this I think was the intention of the -mwrepo flag but it does not work quite right due to the missing patterns on OBS12:27
vgrade_well works ok for the non dhd rpms12:27
sledgesyep would be good12:32
sledgesalin: how goežs?12:38
alinsledges: I am building the stupid rfkill... which was the cause of all the crap...12:39
sledgesalin: plan b12:39
sledgesbuild only dhd rpms12:39
sledgesupload them to obs12:39
alinsledges: I was thinking of that... but shall be simple12:39
sledgesand build only from remote repo12:39
sledgeslike vgrade_ said about mwrepo ;)12:41
*** ced117 has joined #sailfishos-porters12:43
alinsledges: yap that is the testing branch... anyhow found the issue12:47
alinrfkill source tree is empty12:48
alinthere is some submodule pointing to this git://
*** souren_ has joined #sailfishos-porters12:55
sledgesworking with submodules is explained in libhybris rpm section12:57
sledgesalin: ^12:57
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC13:03
alinsledges: kind of slow... I am doing millions o things in the same time13:08
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters13:08
alinsledges: yap tried the update with no luck.. I am on plan B13:08
alinsledges: and seems to work13:08
alinsledges: I see you added the bluez too a new one13:09
sledgesit has needing bits13:10
sledgesfrom hannu with love :))13:10
*** souren_ has quit IRC13:12
alinsledges: yap... forgot to tell you about13:20
alinsledges: then when I checked was already there13:20
alinsledges: I go to lunch now when back the image shall be there and I will upload13:20
sledgesand test;)13:21
alinsledges: with this occasion I think I fixed the script too13:22
alinsledges: the external repo one13:22
sledgesniice ;)13:23
sledgesbirds with stone :)13:23
alinthe image is here...13:30
alini will go to lunch13:31
alinif anyone wants to test before feel free13:31
alinsledges: back13:52
alintesting now13:52
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*** kimmoli_ has joined #sailfishos-porters14:03
nh1402i was just about to install, and test it myself14:03
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters14:06
alinnh1402:  you can do it... just understand that image does not show tutotial or wizard14:06
alinsledges: tested...14:06
alinsledges: so bt is there now all the issues I had before are gone14:07
nh1402I'm perfectly fine with that ;)14:07
alinsledges: but I still get the disconnect after few seconds...14:07
alinsledges: but I blame my computer till the opposite14:07
alinnh1402: also does not have apps14:07
alinand by default has no ambience14:09
nh1402brb, need to restart pc.14:09
*** AquilumZero has joined #sailfishos-porters14:10
alinsledges: one issue I cannot reenable the bluetooth14:10
*** Anarky_ has joined #sailfishos-porters14:11
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*** nh1402 has quit IRC14:14
alinsledges: rebooted and now seems to work14:15
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos-porters14:18
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters14:18
alinvgrade_: time and led were fixed by special packages?14:18
*** kimmoli_ is now known as kimmoli14:23
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*** vakkov has joined #sailfishos-porters14:38
morphissledges: how are you dealing with /persist/wifi/.macaddr on the N5?14:39
nh1402alright, I managed to successfully pair with a non-smartphone, and receive an image14:40
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters14:44
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters14:49
morphissledges: ignore my question, seems like it is loaded by the kernel14:49
alinnh1402: that is great!14:49
alinmorphis: your question is good... there is even a bug on that14:50
*** vrutkovs_ has quit IRC14:50
alinmorphis: related to the fact that actually somehow the mac for wifi seems to be pretty random14:50
*** vrutkovs_ has joined #sailfishos-porters14:50
alinsledges: nh1402 confirmed my fear... the issue with bluetooth disconnection was at my computer end.. he managed successfully14:51
alinsledges: to send a file14:51
nh1402alin: looks like your PC is not the only one being screwy with bluetooth14:52
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters14:53
alinnh1402: why?14:53
nh1402alin: mine is refusing to admit it has bluetooth14:54
alinnh1402: what os?14:54
nh1402windows 8.1 64 bit14:54
alinnh1402: ok.. out of my reach14:54
vgrade_alin: you mean by time that time14:55
vgrade__daemon is not loaded14:55
alinvgrade_: I mean by time the correct time at boot14:55
alinvgrade_: thought we solved this one14:55
alinvgrade_: anyhow you may have done a more custom work than my image14:56
vgrade_alin: we did14:56
alinvgrade_: the image was successfull when comes to bluetooth14:56
vgrade_alin: the time change is in the OBS repo14:57
vgrade_alin: did your image pull from there?14:57
alinvgrade_: one still needs to set it at the first boot?14:57
alinvgrade_: yes I pullled the right one... I think I may be confused... the first boot the time shall be wrong?14:57
alinand one needs to set it up14:58
*** nh1402 has quit IRC14:58
vgrade_alin: ok, if you dont have suw then you don't set time manually so it does not have a reference14:59
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters15:00
alinvgrade_: suw?15:01
alinvgrade_: ok perfect... this is correct... so one needs to set the time correctly at least once15:02
alinvgrade_: perfect.. my mistake15:02
alinvgrade_: second one... leds are gone15:02
alinvgrade_: i thought this was included in the repo15:03
nh1402alin: can't select untrusted software in settings, don't know if you already checked.15:07
sledgesalin: we good to release?15:08
sledgesSR the RPMs ;)15:08
sledgesyou need to create project on your obs repo first15:08
alinsledges: yes I think so we lost the leds15:09
alinsledges: let us sync with vgrade_ on that15:09
sledgesalin: leds are on repo15:10
sledgesit got overwritten, which i doubt, ignore me ;)15:10
sledgesis usb led working ooi (cc spiiroin )15:10
alinsledges: yes and no15:10
sledgesso we could update libhybris-mce-plugin15:10
alinsledges: it works but we need a newer lipstick15:11
sledgesyowzer :)15:11
sledgesnot happening :))15:11
sledgesuntil next sf release15:11
alinsledges: exactly15:11
alinsledges: spiiroin knows a trick15:11
sledgesstart with cable plugged in iirc ;)15:11
alinsledges: reverting some annoying patch... we can probably branch and revert locally15:11
sledgesread here :)15:11
sledgesah, backport lipstick? ;)15:12
sledgesmy oh my :D15:12
alinsledges: now that we add all the latest bits in there... can we add usb-moded of phdeswer?15:13
alinsledges: we will have rocking usb connectivity15:13
alinsledges: or maybe indie-rock15:13
phdesweralin: afaik it is still waiting for the release so we can have jolla-rnd-device so we have networking on devices where the ui does not come up. :(15:14
phdeswerBut I am glad you like usb-moded so much :D15:15
sledgesphdeswer: it's "safe" to ship usb-moded per-ui-stable-device15:16
phdeswersledges: sure :D So even if it is n5 only I fully support shipping it :D15:16
sledgeslet's ship it then :)15:17
sledgesbut you have to tell me src tree and branch/revision15:17
sledgesi saw only uploaded tarball and was readying a whip :))15:17
alinsledges: phdeswer has a package in obs already phdeswer can you sr your package into our hamerhead repo?15:19
sledgesis what i was talking about - that package is not tar_gitted ;)15:19
alinsledges: I see...15:19
phdeswersledges: master and commit a5b67c62426007da1b4ec3f8138bac8e3f0417e815:20
alinsledges: leds... we need mce... can we ship the old commit without the usb  led?15:20
phdeswerand tree
alinsledges: unless spiiroin can give us something without new lipstick15:21
sledgesphdeswer: awesom :) nice tagged version it is ;)15:21
phdeswersledges: yep ;) Always the best to take the latest release.15:21
phdeswerThen I am sure the mako usb0/rndis0 fix is along too.15:22
*** iTune has quit IRC15:33
*** giucam has quit IRC15:39
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters15:39
alinsledges: found the led issue15:44
alinsledges: mce-plugin was not installed15:44
alinsledges: now I think we are more or less ready to release15:44
sledgesmce-plugin is in repo15:45
sledgesim updating it to upstream atm15:45
alinsledges: all we need is usb-moded in15:45
alinsledges: yap is in repo but is not in the patterns15:45
alinsledges: so does not get installed15:45
alinsledges: now I will need to know what mechanism was used for extra packagages by vgrade_ when he prepared the image15:46
alinand we are good to go15:46
sledgesor just ask him to release:)15:46
*** vrutkovs_ has quit IRC15:46
alinsledges: yap15:47
alinsledges: whatever is easiest... for me the easiest is to ask vgrade_to do the work15:48
alinsledges: in principle if I add the packages we need in the .ks in the packages section they shall get installed15:51
sledgesyes, he has list of apps etc15:51
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters15:52
vgrade_not at home so can't progress atm15:52
alinvgrade_: if you want I can do it... I mean generate and test15:52
alinvgrade_: you can release it later15:52
vgrade_alin: whatever suits, probably best to have at least two folks who can build a release15:53
sledgeslooks good!15:53
alinvgrade_: yap... I have updated the testing branch in the sfa-mer so it can build everything15:54
alinvgrade_: I will add the packages now and test the image15:55
alinvgrade_: before I leave the office15:55
sledgesall packages succeeded \o/
vgrade_alin: did you do a PR for the script changes?15:55
sledgesalin: you know that whole bouquet of usb-moded-* necessities?15:56
alinvgrade_: commited directly15:56
alinsledges: yes15:56
alinsledges: good idea to add them in15:56
sledgeswell wasn't it why we started to chat? ;)15:57
sledges(or they just add usb tethering to menu?)15:57
vgrade_tbr: could alin get access to sfa/hammerhead area on server?15:57
sledges\o/ thanks tbr15:59
vgrade_tbr: cheers16:00
phdeswersledges: the usb-moded stuff is : usb-moded-defaults-android usb-moded-developer-mode-android usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config usb-moded-pc-suite-mode-android16:06
alinphdeswer: done already16:07
alinphdeswer: it builds16:07
phdesweralin: ok :)16:07
Nokiussledges: Hi a question which bothers be the hole day How the porter over at Ubuntu touch get the gpu problem fix as I saw (qucik check) they also use CM base and flash ubuntu over it and the find5 Graphics works … (source:
* phdeswer needs to work on this image building sometime.16:07
*** mailyaseen has quit IRC16:08
alinphdeswer: you have n5?16:09
vgrade_Nokius: they are using a different stack to sailfish16:10
*** sletta has quit IRC16:10
phdesweralin: yep I have one. Was supposed to mostly use it to get usb-moded to work. But since it was just install and run I did not have that much to do :)16:10
Nokiusvgrade_: ah oaky16:10
phdeswervgrade: oh that looks like it makes things a lot easier...16:12
alinphdeswer: testing branch16:15
alinphdeswer: the main branch will build all the stuff from nothing16:15
phdeswertesting is always more exciting :D16:16
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters16:17
locusfI wonder if I should upstream my rpms of n7000 to obs16:20
sledgeslocusf: welcome!16:20
alinled on16:22
alinuuu victory stage 116:23
alinuuu generated a image without tutorial... back to square 116:23
sledgesalin: provide two images ;)16:24
alinsledges: no.. and robe the people ?16:24
alinthe tutorial is the cool part16:24
alinmagic for half... drives crazy the rest16:24
sledgesalin: make more users happy = all users who alraedy tried it out16:25
sledgesis the amount of happy users, if you provide tutorial-less img option16:25
alinsledges: ok...16:25
sledges(they can always launch tutorial from launcher if they love it so much :D)16:25
locusfI still have to figure out the best way to bundle the kernel from my cm build tree to the mersdk root16:26
sledgeslocusf: very true, ask lbt for help if you get stuck16:27
alinsledges: yes but setup wizard is missing too... so no name and time set16:27
sledgesalin: ouch16:27
sledgesnor ambience16:27
sledgesi thought there's option for only tut?16:27
alinsledges: exactly16:27
sledgesNokius: thinking...16:27
locusfsledges: yeah and also test if the kernel from hybris tree works with the ramdisk, it just needs the magic16:27
sledgesyep, that..16:28
sledgesif device = n7000 ? ;p16:28
Nokiussledges: see this vgrade answered the question allready vgrade_16:28
NokiusNokius: they are using a different stack to sailfish16:28
locusfall other devices build their working hybris-boot.img16:28
sledgesthat's very true16:29
alinsledges: ok let us build a proper one first and then we see for fancy ones16:29
sledgesand we still don't know if you flashed correct/intercompatible android stock+cm versions on your phone, could you remember that Nokius ?16:29
sledgesalin: oki16:29
Nokiussledges: did not flash "stock" Version dune to the fact that clockrommode fails with old ColorROM flash may I have to try this when back from my summer trip16:31
sledgesNokius: but did the flashed cm version on top (10.1) worked fine with all hardware bits?16:34
sledgesthat's as good test as it gets16:34
Nokiussledges: hm run cm 10.1 before but had 11 on it before starting SailfishOS Port and I booted into cm 10.1 and screen works16:35
sledgeswell that's alarming16:36
sledgesbecause sailfish "rapes" gpu much more than android/cm ;)16:36
alinsledges: thought is consensual16:36
sledgesalin: yes but we're talking about threesome here :P16:37
sledgesone party disagreeing16:37
Nokiussledges: so flashing again cm 10.1 and trying to boot it up and test what accurately ?16:39
sledgesNokius: flashing facotry16:42
sledgeswhich is for cm 10.116:42
sledges(that would be android 4.2)16:42
Nokiussledges: okay will try to get the oppo Rom on the device … just 6 days from now ^^16:46
*** iTune has quit IRC16:47
sledges:) hows holiday Nokius ?16:48
alinsledges: done...16:48
alinsledges: the simple image works... bluetooth, leds and usb16:48
sledgessimple image? how about usb tether? ;)16:50
alinsledges: yes16:50
alinsledges: that works too16:50
sledgeswhat do you mean by simple image? is it ready to sail? ;)16:51
alinsledges: yes16:52
alinsledges: simple has the wizard and tutorial16:52
alinsledges: yes ready to ship16:52
Nokiussledges: nice so far may bit clod for a summer tip16:52
vgrade_alin: did you remove alpha216:53
sledgesalin: does allow trusted software work?16:53
alinvgrade_: no16:53
alinvgrade_: alpha2 is still on the server16:53
alinvgrade_: I called it alpha 316:53
sledgesis not on server16:53
alinvgrade_: can you create an alpha316:53
alinvgrade_: I did not put it yet on the servcer16:54
vgrade_tbr: could you have a quick look ?16:54
sledgesalin: is jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa in .ks ?16:56
alinsledges: no16:56
alinsledges: shall be?16:57
sledgesalin: that would Allow untrusted software16:57
alin[  862.439013] init: waitpid returned pid 2647, status = 0000ea0016:57
alin[  862.439105] init: process 'time_daemon', pid 2647 exited16:57
sledgesbut there's a resolver problem, and you'd have to add jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition to .ks instead (don't ask, crazy things :))16:57
alin[  862.439243] init: process 'time_daemon' killing any children in process group16:57
alinwe still have this one16:58
sledgesalin: regression?16:58
alinsledges: I do not know16:58
locusfsledges: progress, needed for biggybacking the initrd to the kernel image, otherwise it works16:59
locusfno custom kernel required from cm tree16:59
alinsledges: so jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa and jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition ?16:59
sledgesalin: only jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition16:59
alinsledges: ok16:59
sledgespls enable .urls file generation16:59
alinsledges: I will add it17:00
sledgesto check that devicelock got pulled in17:00
alinsledges: I think I have it17:00
alinsledges: enabled17:00
sledgesalin: try to build a tutless image for a test ;)17:00
vgrade_sledges:time_daemon fix17:00
alinsledges: yap this is what I do17:00
sledgeswill the omnipotent fix pull it in now?17:01
locusfhow can I get the hybris-boot image boot straight to sailfishos, without needing to telnet to it?17:01
sledgeshow i like working with you guys :D17:01
sledgeslocusf: if you need to telnet (continue), means something happened in /diagnostics.log17:01
alinsledges: ok let me ssee17:02
sledgess/will the omnipotent fix pull it in now/will the omnipotent script system by dmt pull just merged device PR now/ ;p17:02
vgrade_tbr: looks like a permissions error. "You don't have permission to access /sfa/hammerhead/alpha2/ on this server."17:03
sledgesvgrade_: it's not there17:03
sledgesvgrade_: oh17:03
sledgesit's just not listed17:03
sledgeshow bizzare :)17:03
vgrade_its there but no permissions.  I think some mapping of directories goes on from /home/vgrade to /sfa/hammerhead17:05
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters17:05
locusfsledges: okay17:05
locusfso it did17:05
vgrade_maybe with tbr adding alin access?17:05
alinvgrade_: maybe17:05
alinsledges: it seems it pulled the right one17:10
alinsledges: encryption I mean17:10
sledgesis a problem there17:12
sledgesshould pull17:12
sledgesdon't ask17:12
sledgesbut if it didn't that's fine17:12
alinsledges: yap this is exactly17:12
sledgesok then17:12
alinsledges: this is what it did17:12
sledges(if i tell you that writing jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa in ks will instead pull jolla-devicelock-plugin-encpartition you'll die laughing, so i wont :P )17:12
alinsledges: I wonder... if removing the tutorial will not mean... no tutorial17:14
alinsledges: anyhow packing stage17:14
locusfreboot loop when cat > /init-debug17:14
locusfso its empty now without telnettable initrd :p17:15
sledgesalin: erm isn't there touch file to touch? only for tut17:15
Nokiusokay cu u later guys ^^17:15
*** Nokius has quit IRC17:15
sledgeslocusf: ?17:15
alinsledges: this is what I hope17:15
sledgeswhat have you done :)17:15
locusfsledges: I emptied /init-debug so that it would boot to sailfish :p17:16
*** phdeswer has quit IRC17:16
locusfapparently the contents of those files matter17:16
sledgeslocusf: /target/init-debug ?17:16
alin[18:16:30 alin@abaddon:~]: grep enc /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5droid/droid/sfa-hammerhead-ea-
locusfsledges: yes17:17
sledgeslocusf: not emptying contents, but presence of file17:17
locusfsledges: it exists17:17
sledgeslocusf: rm, not cat, what i meant :)17:17
sledgesalin: good17:17
alinsledges: not let me see if the tutorial is gone17:18
locusfbooted to sailfish!17:20
locusfexcellent, I'll just zip a new rootfs and flash17:20
alinlocusf: which beast?17:20
locusfalin: n700017:20
locusfthis is for official release17:20
alinlocusf: e?17:21
locusfalin: galaxy note17:21
alinlocusf: still tutorial there...17:22
locusfalin: what are you talking about?17:22
sledgesthen we'l ship it with tutorial alin17:22
sledgesis time daemon dead? ;)17:23
alinsledges: checking17:23
alinsledges: ok.. I can confirm tutorial and wizzard work together17:24
sledgesand peek for Allow trusted software ability now17:25
alinsledges: I will check now17:25
alinjust rebooted to be sure17:25
sledgesto be sure to be sure17:26
* sledges hides17:26
alinuntrusted software works17:28
alindisabled and dead17:28
alinso... we are ok...17:28
vgrade_time ok17:28
alinnow I know how one can escape the tutorial17:28
alinvgrade_: after reboot? yap17:29
vgrade_sledges: is there some git foo to collect all commit ids since last release?17:30
sledgesdo we have manifest?17:31
sledgesbundled in one of the dhd rpms17:31
locusfbtw one new bug in HADK17:33
locusf7.1.2 createrepo has extra space which interprets as newline17:34
locusfbreaks copy-pasting17:34
alinsledges: is ok for image to have this name17:35
*** zZz0n has joined #sailfishos-porters17:35
*** zZz0n is now known as zon17:36
alinsledges: ok I am pushing it17:37
alinsledges: I will upload it to my skydrive so you can test it before releaase if tbr does not get in time to fix permissions17:37
sledgesalin: can you not create alpha3 there?17:39
sledgesvgrade_: yes, which rpm does it fall into :)17:40
alinsledges: where?17:40
sledgesalin: devaamo  .fi17:40
locusfmic broke my kvm :/17:40
alinsledges: copied17:42
alinsledges: in my home I cannot access the hammerhead17:42
alinsledges: for w17:42
sledgesvgrade_: are these public anywhere? file:/home/vgrade/sfa-mer/nexus5/droid/droid-local-repo/hammerhead/droid-hal-hammerhead-0.0.6-201408071910.armv7hl.rpm17:43
alinmakes little sense lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 39 Aug 18 16:17 hammerhead -> /var/www/devaamo_images/sfa/hammerhead/17:43
alinsledges: I will copy the rpms too?17:44
alinsledges: so you can upload them into the obs?17:44
sledgesalin: im out of time to test that img, could you ask smb else? i trust you otherwise17:44
alinsledges: I tested it17:44
sledgesalin: yes, put them to your obs home repo first17:44
alinsledges: ok17:44
alinthat is strange17:44
alinanyone can test it17:44
alintu kill the tutorial after you do the wizzard telnet in the phone and zypper rm sailfish-tutorial17:45
alinthat shall remove it and the wizard17:45
alinno need to go through tutorial but the wizard is setup now17:45
sledgeshehe, adding to release notes :D17:46
vgrade_sledges:will check my pc17:46
sledgesvgrade_: wait, alpha2 were newer(?)17:46
sledgesalin: add subproject first (hammerhead):
alinsledges: i did in lavello/dhd17:47
alinsledges: I push them up in one sec17:47
sledgesalin: make sure it's same format as
sledges(build.script et al.)17:48
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:49
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC17:50
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters17:51
alinsledges: done v
sledgesalin: go ahead and submit the package ;)17:55
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
alinsledges: sr 67717:57
*** mispp has quit IRC17:58
*** beidl has quit IRC17:58
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters17:58
alinsledges: ok repackaged it with a proper name18:00
alinsledges: I will copy the files there now18:00
sledgesalin: ?18:01
alinsledges: remember the not in the filename18:01
sledgesthe not?18:01
alinsledges: I did not like it so rerun the mic again18:01
alinsledges: do not worry then18:01
alinsledges: so in alpha3 in my home on the .fi server you shall find the good image18:02
sledgesalin: it needs to be re-run with only remote repo18:03
sledgesand local repo being empty only for patterns18:03
sledgesto eliminate any possible abi breakages18:03
alinsledges: yes this is what I did18:03
sledgesalin: but repo didn't finish building yet :p18:04
sledgesnow it has ;)18:04
sledgesif you re-run mic and all images are cached - you're good ;)18:04
sledgeswe need to prop up relnotes18:05
alinsledges: I am testing the image18:05
alinsledges: gf comes in 10 minutes...18:06
alinsledges: bluetooth works...18:06
alinsledges: what else? untrustued software18:06
sledgesalin: is it fully from repo? ;)18:06
alinsledges: added filemanager18:06
alinsledges: the image no18:06
sledgesLEDs improved?18:07
alinsledges: I like before... dhd from local and the rest from repo18:07
alinsledges: no needs better lipstick18:07
sledgesalin: understood, we can risk on that i guess18:07
alinsledges: no risk18:08
alinsledges: tested and works18:08
alinI am in tutorial now18:08
*** JB____ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:08
sledgesrelnotes pad ^18:08
*** nh1402 has quit IRC18:10
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters18:11
*** JB____ has quit IRC18:11
alinsledges: added18:11
sledgesalin: was there usb-moded in previous alphas?18:12
alinsledges: yes but not working or removed18:14
alinsledges: I think we removed it18:14
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC18:17
spiiroinalin: sledges: the power on via usb trick was for display backlight, not notification led18:29
alinspiiroin: yap... the issue is we need newer lipstick impossible to do a release with that18:31
alinspiiroin: ok I am gong now... on the .fi server in my home alpha3 you find all the files for release... in the skydrive folder just the zip
alinsledges: ^^18:33
alinspiiroin: sorry was for sledges18:33
*** OrokuSaki has joined #sailfishos-porters18:34
nh1402should change bluetooth to green for nexus 5, in the libhybris table?18:37
*** OrokuSaki has joined #sailfishos-porters18:38
OrokuSakiQuestion does the initramfs for libhybris adaptation (the one you actually boot with) does it go to busybox if it cannot find the data partition? Does it load adb? I enabled the framebuffer console and I don't see it yet. About to add a keyboard and see if it's running in another tty18:39
OrokuSakiI should have read that chapter getting inside18:39
phdeswerOrokuSaki: no adb. usb network18:39
OrokuSakiAhh okay18:39
OrokuSakiI have to add lvm support to the initramfs18:40
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters18:57
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters18:59
*** mispp has quit IRC19:02
lbtOrokuSaki: !19:03
Stskeeps(yes, touchpad has lvm..)19:04
lbtI have been trying to keep the initrd binaries all android-side19:07
lbtand afaict busybox doesn't support lvm19:07
lbtthough I'm just looking at cm10.3 src19:08
OrokuSakiYeah... typically we mount boot and then run /boot/usr/sbin/lvm.static vgscan and then vgmknodes19:12
OrokuSakithat gets /dev/store up19:12
*** furikku has quit IRC19:12
OrokuSakiDon't know what happens without the binary, I forget.. I think /dev/block/dm-#  (devicemapper) works without that binary, and partitions can be mounted.19:12
OrokuSakiSup stskeeps =)19:13
OrokuSakitouchpad no longer uses display-legacy19:13
vgradealin: sledges I added something to patterns for last releases19:13
vgradeis that not required anymore19:13
OrokuSakiAnd this kernel does work with libhybris19:14
OrokuSakiKernels now run default 1.5 GHz19:14
* vgrade looks for alpha2 and 319:16
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters19:16
OrokuSakiSo by default I noticed the hybris-ramdisk.img and ramdisk.img.. one was android and the other was a "linux" ramdisk19:17
OrokuSakiWhich am I supposed to boot from?19:17
OrokuSakiThe hybris one right? for usb networking?19:18
Nokiussledges: so best is to get my find5 back to 4.2 with vendor ROM right?19:19
sledgesNokius: find which stock is for which cm, are there more, are there version variations, would cm11 work with 4.2, etc, because you running cm10 on stock 4.4 is complicating any debugging..19:26
sledgesbecause cm10 works :p19:27
sledgesnh1402: yes please :)19:27
sledgesvgrade: im back in 2hrs19:27
vgradelooks like there are some problems with alin and I both having links to sfa/hammearhead area on server19:27
vgradesledges: ok19:27
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters19:28
Nokiussledges: okay hope i got it now will try my best19:28
sledgesfeel free to release when all blockers out of way. writing a script to git log diff manifests would be nice until server c8mes back19:28
vgradesledges:  that would cover droid related repos19:29
vgradetbr: ping19:30
sledgesmaybe lbt knows how to compare manifests and yield commit log19:31
* sledges afks o/19:31
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:32
*** javispedro has quit IRC19:33
lbtOrokuSaki: we can probably add them to the "make hybris-hal" targets19:33
lbtassuming they're droid-side19:34
lbtdo you have your HABUILD_SDK handy ?19:35
lbtif so then try to find a target for me19:35
OrokuSakiI dont19:36
OrokuSakiI am "working"19:36
lbtOrokuSaki: when you can, check your manifest and see where lvm comes from and tell me19:38
* lbt goes to play with Qt and his sparks now19:38
nh1402there, its green, and fixed the colour/letter typo's also19:39
nh1402for some of the other devices, some said N, while being grey, and one had a ")" in place of N/A19:39
sledgesnh1402: whilst you're at it, could you make green GPSs yellow? mw plugin is missing19:46
nh1402for every GPS in the table?19:47
sledgeslbt: we wan a commit changelog between two n5 releases, having manifest XMLs of both. maybe repo tool has such feature you might know of (not @Home cant check)19:48
Nokiussledges: now i got this tickle in my hands aaaah19:48
alinvgrade: what patetrn?19:49
lbtsledges: OK - we'll see. we already push the manifest into the image19:49
vgradealin: I need to check can't remember off hand19:50
vgradesledges: asked me to add it before the release19:50
alinvgrade: whatever was doesnot seem to miss anything19:50
alinvgrade: removed the xt919:50
*** Nokius has quit IRC19:51
vgradealin: it was this
vgradehad to uncomment from patterns19:53
iunosledges: migo will be iuno.. i'm not using migo anywhere ;) ... but back to topic: today i built the image and flashed it via recovery. as you said i tried flashing boot.img via fastboot and tried to boot. the device actually vibrates and seems to turn on but nothing happens on screen and not even led is on19:53
*** OrokuSaki has quit IRC19:56
*** Stskeepz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:57
*** zon is now known as zZz0n19:57
*** ced117_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:57
*** ced117 has quit IRC19:58
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC19:58
vgradealin: droid/rpm/patterns/hammerhead/jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead.yaml:- mce-plugin-libhybris19:59
alinvgrade: added by hand20:01
alinvgrade: now works you do not need to remove it20:01
alinvgrade: our leds come from there20:01
alinI will go home now20:01
alinsee you in 1h or so20:01
*** alin has quit IRC20:02
vgradealin , ok20:06
tbrvgrade: i'm still out. will read backlog later20:09
vgradetbr: no probs20:13
*** zZz0n is now known as zon20:17
rusty88hey sledges my kernel repo should be at commit ?20:25
tbrvgrade: so it looks like I didn't ad alin to the hammerhead group20:27
tbrthat's done now20:28
tbrvgrade: is there anything else to take care of right now?20:28
vgradetbr: the alpha2 directory is unreadable20:31
tbrdone and chgrp'd to hammerhead20:32
vgradecheers tbr20:32
vgradethanks for your time20:32
tbrnp, sorry for the mix-up20:36
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters20:39
lpottersledges: ping, still awake?20:41
vgradelpotter: he said he would be back in a couple of hours20:42
sledges10mins ;)20:45
*** ced117_ has quit IRC20:49
lpottersledges: does the proximity sensor work on that?20:50
energycsdxis there any issues with /dev/hw_random ?20:51
sledgeslpotter: it's disabled on purpose due to misbehaving (also when rotation works, proxim is ill-mannered)20:51
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC20:54
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:54
*** alin has quit IRC20:54
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:54
sledgesenergycsdx: yes, fixed for hammerhead:
alinsledges: vgrade any tester?20:56
alinnh1402: you are from italy?20:56
nh1402alin: UK20:57
vgradealin , just booting now20:57
alinvgrade: cool20:57
alinvgrade: the image I built or you did a new one?20:57
tbralin: access rights should be fixed now20:58
vgradealin: yours , tbr sorted your permissions, and we found alpha220:58
vgradewhat am I testing?20:58
alinvgrade: alpha320:58
vgradealin: yes, but whats in it?20:58
alinvgrade: blueetooth20:58
alinvgrade: usb-moded20:58
alinvgrade: leds20:58
alinvgrade: and untrusted software20:59
sledges(lets were also in alpha2)20:59
alinsledges: yap... but they still work20:59
alinanyhwo alpha3 folder now in hammerhead folder20:59
alinvgrade: sledges ^21:00
sledgesalin: true, as i pointed to upstream, yours valid point ;)21:01
alinsledges: valid poitn?21:01
sledges23:58 < alin> vgrade: leds21:01
alinsledges: and mine? I need that in writing21:01
sledgesthis channel is logged ;PD21:02
alinvgrade: sledges shall we group the alpha1 in a folder?21:05
vgradealin: probaby can clean that up now, we don;t have any public link to that anymore21:06
vgradeok, bt enabled on N521:07
alinvgrade: history21:07
alinvgrade: search?21:07
vgradeN5 can see jolla - jolla can see N521:07
alinvgrade: aa you have a jolla too21:07
alinvgrade: lucky you...21:07
vgradealin: why lucky?21:07
alinvgrade: you can see what we target21:07
vgradealin: there are still Jolla's avaiable :)21:08
vgradeparing fails21:09
vgradejolla to N5, Problem with paring auth. The passcodes did not match21:10
vgradeN5 to jolla, Same21:11
alinvgrade: strange you do not see the code on the screen?21:11
vgradealin: nope21:11
*** Jonni_ is now known as Jonni21:11
sledgesvgrade: bt accessories?21:11
alinvgrade: that is the issue maybe... on my computer works shows numbers on both screens21:12
alinnh1402: even tranfered files21:12
* vgrade goes to raid sons room of headset21:14
vgradeusb-moded good21:14
nh1402I paired from a non-smartphone, entered the pin on Sailfish and worked21:16
* vgrade tries with 1+21:16
vgradejolla visible from 1+ and vice versa21:19
vgradesorry N5 visible from 1+ and vice versa21:19
vgradepaired from 1+ to Jolla, passcode sent and accepted21:20
vgradetook a while though , lets try n5 to jolla again21:21
vgraden5 to jolla paired21:25
vgradeseems a bit hit and miss but great work guys21:25
sledges\o/ hannu saves the day :)21:25
vgradeleds ok21:27
vgradeuntrusted software setting sticks21:28
vgradealin: sledges ship it21:28
alinvgrade: cool...21:31
alinvgrade: sledges just connected to windows 8.1 the same sorry story after few seconds disconnects21:31
alinbut we need some bugs21:31
alinvgrade: sledges with dmt we work on a workaround on patterns...21:32
sledgespls update wiki and fire a post to xda thread ;)21:32
alinsledges: i cannot post on xda21:33
sledgesalso device lock should work too now21:35
sledgesdoesn't mean it will ;)21:35
vgradesledges: I can post but not on first post21:36
sledgesvgrade: i'll update the first21:37
sledgespls do the honors :)21:37
sledgesbeautified a bit21:37
*** migo_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:39
alinsledges: ha ha ha... I wanted to test that one...21:40
alinsledges: but then I siad if does not work I do not want to flash again21:40
sledgesrusty88: that isn't a kernel repo you linked to21:40
sledgesif it doesn't work, there's not fix for it then ;)21:40
sledgesfor now21:40
sledgesiuno: can you telnet in?21:41
rusty88sledges: yup after i posted i saw, didn't said anything to see you'd missed it :P21:42
*** iuno has quit IRC21:43
sledgesmigo_: ^21:43
vgradedevice lock working, although I seem to have also locked my sim21:45
sledgesvgrade: lol21:46
sledgesworks just too well!21:46
sledgesvgrade: max pin retries?21:47
vgradeI can get code from web site I think21:47
sledgesvgrade: what exatly hapend? :)21:48
vgradelocked device21:48
sledgesand unlock code?21:49
sledgesreflash should work ;)21:49
vgradeI have unlock code, which works21:49
*** migo_ has quit IRC21:49
vgradeI have sim locked21:49
vgradeits asking for PUK code21:50
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters21:50
energycsdxis youtube supposed to work in browser?21:51
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:52
sledgesvgrade: puk is only after 3 incorrect pin retries21:53
sledgestry another phone21:53
sledgesenergycsdx: only html5, but depends on codecs available, can't remember now21:53
sledgesenergycsdx: i remember jolla promo video working ok if you point browser to jolla.com21:54
nh1402speaking of html5, will phonegap apps be compatible with Sailfish OS?21:55
sledgesnh1402: never tested21:56
nh1402Once I get round to building one, I'll test it out21:56
sledgesawesom, phonegap would be cool, been asked around21:56
nh1402how about Unity apps/games?21:56
sledgesnever tested :)21:57
sledgesopengl-only games (android too) should run w/o prob21:57
sledgesit's like unpacking angrybirds.apk and playing oob :)21:57
nh1402since they support Consoles, Android, iOS, and Linux21:58
nh1402wait, you can run obb files, in Sailfish?21:59
nh1402Unity games21:59
sledgesoob - out of box :p21:59
nh1402how could one  play oob, and try that out?22:00
sledgesnh1402: i said unpack angrybirds.apk and play immediately22:01
sledgesas it's a simple opengl c/c++ game binary22:01
nh1402my bad22:01
vgradealin: I dont get dialog on usb connection22:02
alinvgrade: set it to always ask22:02
alinvgrade: by default is developer mode22:02
javispedrosledges: *cough* apkenv22:03
sledgesthat simplifies even more22:03
vgradealin: ok, thanks22:03
sledgesin case you run into input issues22:03
iunosledges: yes, got in via telnet!22:03
sledgesyet no apkenv for sfos that i heard of22:03
vgradealin: update wiki page link, doing xda post now22:03
alinvgrade: thanks...22:03
javispedrowell "simplifies" is an understatement, since without all you have is a .so file that links with android's JNI =)22:03
javispedro*without apkenv22:03
nh1402well thats enough for me for today, tomorrow, I should start the phonegap app development, been holding that off for a while now, good night !22:04
alinboys... let us concentrate on serious staff22:04
nh1402or morning, or afternoon or evening, depending on where you are22:04
alinhow we dominate the world... before ubuntu touch... forget about games22:04
sledgesjavispedro: just talking from experience of running angry birds on pandaboard in mer/nemo times ;) probably back then everything was simple :)22:04
javispedrosledges: ah, correct then, those were the times.22:05
sledgesnh1402: nn :)22:06
sledgesiuno: and what do you see over jordan? ;)22:06
alinsledges: jordan or israel... depends what he faces22:07
* sledges sings swing low22:08
iunoWelcome to the Mer/SailfishOS Boat loader debug init system22:08
vgradeiuno: \o/22:08
*** nh1402 has quit IRC22:08
vgradealin: thanks for getting alpha 3 out22:09
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:11
*** chrisi has quit IRC22:11
*** chrisi has joined #sailfishos-porters22:11
alinvgrade: my pleasure22:11
sledgesvgrade: rootcauses for sim lockout? ;)22:11
vgradealin: sledges , finger trouble I think22:12
sledgesalin: kudos :)22:12
vgradegoing to try again22:12
vgradesledges: puk code from EE worked22:12
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters22:12
*** rusty88 has quit IRC22:12
sledgesvgrade: sweet22:13
sledgesvgrade: first post+thread title updated too22:15
sledgesthanks for rolling out!22:15
vgradethanks sledges22:17
*** keithzg_ is now known as keithzg22:17
mugnafor celebrate together the new build for nexus 5!! :D22:43
iunolol i have no idea what i'm doing... init.log sais DBG_REASON=Refusing to boot. See /diagnosis.log (in initrd only)22:55
iunodiagnosis.log: No /proc/config.gz. Enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC22:55
iunoCONFIG_IKCONFIG was already enabled, enabled CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC and still the same22:55
sledgesiuno: are you sure you reflashed kernel?22:56
iunoi did via fastboot22:56
energycsdxdo you have /proc/config.gz ?22:56
sledgesiuno: check with dmesg | head is the kernel you want ;)22:57
alinsledges: i will add some more bugs22:58
alinsledges: can we close the bluetooth ones?22:58
sledgeswell, device is seen and sees others, so yes ;)22:59
*** mugna has quit IRC22:59
iunosledges: should be right: Linux version 3.4.0cyanogenmod-g492f5cc-dirty (iuno@pc) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Aug 18 22:44:16 UTC 201423:00
cxl000iuno, did you rebuild the the kernel rpm and zypper refresh before rebuilding the image?23:02
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters23:02
energycsdxafter you rebuild kernel you should rebuild hybris-boot.img23:03
aliniuno: what device?23:04
iunocxl000: no, thought rebuilding kernel was enough. do i need to rebuild the whole image?23:05
iunoalin: xperia z1 compact23:05
vgradecan we have a bot post
vgradewhen anyone says "what device"23:07
sledgesiuno: im ready to put my money your defconfig change add CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC didn't get picked up (check .config in your kernel build out/...)23:08
iuno# CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is not set :D23:10
iunodamn.. i should start checking such before asking all the time... just trying it again ;)23:12
vgradeiuno: no probs23:13
sledgeska ching $)23:15
* vgrade notes never to bet with sledges23:15
*** alin has quit IRC23:19
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:19
alin_sledges: vgrade added more bugs23:21
sledgesmoar boogz23:22
vgradealin_: thanks, just adding some from xda23:22
alin_vgrade: which ones?23:22
alin_vgrade: I think I did nto see any new23:22
vgradecan't diable developer mode23:22
alin_vgrade: you can disable23:23
alin_vgrade: you cannot enable after23:23
vgradealin_: not working here. I get countdown but mode is still enabled after23:24
vgradealin_: did you think anymore about triage meeting/23:25
alin_vgrade: we can arrange something but we need to arrange with jolla people too23:26
alin_vgrade: here works the developer mode23:26
vgradesledges: when would be the best time to arrange a bug triage meeting to get maximum jolla involvement23:28
alin_vgrade: interesting I cannot shh into after23:28
vgradealin_: interesting , I have no wifi enabled, device and sim locks on23:29
alin_vgrade: no wifi here23:29
alin_problem solved... sshd needed restart by hand23:30
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:31
sledgesvgrade: raise tomorrow during sailfishoss meeting23:32
* vgrade checks time23:34
alin_vgrade: what count down?23:38
*** Anarky_ is now known as Anarky23:38
vgradealin_: count down timer , tap hear to cancel23:39
alin_alin_: commented on your bug23:40
*** iuno has quit IRC23:42
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters23:42
alin_ok time to sleep23:45
vgradenn alin_23:45
iunoi gotta get some sleep, too. don't know what i did, can't telnet anymore with new kernel, tried to build again and got find: `device/*/generic': No such file or directory. i'll go on tomorrow, good night ;)23:57
*** iuno has quit IRC23:58

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