Tuesday, 2014-08-19

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alin_is the orientation controlled by a sensor in itself?06:55
alin_if so we shall add a column in our table for it06:55
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OrokuSakiOkay.. I got into Sailfish (past the initrd) with lvm.. but I can see my hybris mounting failed or something went wrong. What is the proper way to get into the device? I see that RNDIS was moved to 192.168.0.X instead of 192.168.2.X, but nmap says I am the only host on the 192.168.0.X network07:23
OrokuSakiOR... what would you guys use in the lines for that one file we have to edit.. I went with the i9300 method. Which seems to have failed.. something went wrong07:25
OrokuSaki"/dev/store/cm-system" mounts to "/system".. so I was not sure what to add in the hybris-mounting during the port on Chaper 8607:26
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phdeswerOrokuSaki: the dhcp server gives a wrong address, the device has as ip, so you need to adjust on the pc07:39
phdeswerand then telnet to port 23 or 2323 don't remember07:39
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OrokuSakiNew question.. does system actually get mounted? My guess is no because of the rpm it creates?07:56
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OrokuSakiIs there a default username and password that can be used to ssh into sailfish os without modding the fs?08:12
OrokuSakiTried nemo\nemo etc08:12
OrokuSakisystem partition is not mounting on startup08:12
OrokuSakiI guess....08:13
phdeswerOrokuSaki: first you need to telnet in and set the password. Then you should be able to ssh in08:13
OrokuSakiport 2323.. thanks!08:14
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OrokuSaki"Until systemd is updated we need to patch hybris/hybris-boot/fixup-mountpoints" anyone know where this script is AFTER the port is finished?08:19
OrokuSakiI guess I am confused... Does Sailfish actually mount the cyanogenmod system partition? Or should I tar up the system that was created when compiled with mer?08:21
Stskeepsyes it does08:21
OrokuSakiThats awesome08:21
OrokuSakiYou did accomplish it without recompiling ten08:21
OrokuSakiThis is like.. a BILLION times cooler then ubuntu touch.. and I don't even have it working yet08:22
OrokuSakiCongrats to you Stskeeps08:22
OrokuSakiAnd no LXC container I guess.. (no namespaces added to kernel).. So.. I don't even know what android is doing.. that is neat though08:23
Stskeepsnod, no lxc08:23
OrokuSakiI have my /system formatted.. time to install CM1108:23
OrokuSakiBad ass08:23
OrokuSakiOnly thing left I want to see before I die is gnome using wayland with hybris.. just for the hell of it08:24
OrokuSakiMy buddy uses arch linux on mako\tp with freedreno.. freedreno only works with 2.6 and the touchpad.. So we were talking hybris.. He said systemd212 now wants a 3.4 kernel.. And I told him... you guys would know08:25
OrokuSakitp has a 3.4 kernel.. but it got me thinking about "old devices"08:26
Stskeepswhat kernel is touchpad anyhow08:26
OrokuSaki2.6... 3.0.101 and 3.4.8008:26
phdeswersystemd is a pain for old devices. Even 3.4 is not really good with it. We needed to make lots of cgroups kernel fixes.08:27
OrokuSakiI will mention that to him.. seems a lot of tty\wayland stuff is going into 212.. I guess.. Haven't messed with that in awhile.. I was lucky to get 204 to work on 2.6.35 commenting some OOM stuff that probably was not good08:27
alinspiiroin: sledges do you know if the orientation is controlled by a separate sensor?08:30
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spiiroinalin: I do not really know, I've just used it via sensorfw ... lpotter might know better.08:31
alinspiiroin: yap.. in sensorfw I have seen it has a special plugin for it08:32
dr_gogeta86good morning peeps08:33
OrokuSakiTime to go give _Ogra a very hard time!08:37
OrokuSakiAnd that rsalveti guy08:37
OrokuSakiSoon as this works...08:37
OrokuSakianyone know if we should have a console=tty# in the cmd line? Curious about that08:39
OrokuSakiNo wonder I could not get sailfish to work on the n950 image08:39
OrokuSakiOnly with ics and old hybris08:40
OrokuSakiAll these files in the root filesystem and stuff.. layout is very different08:40
sledgesalin: orientation is thanks to accelerometer08:45
sledgesand morning :)08:45
alinsledges: cool...08:46
OrokuSakiMade some comments in #ubuntu-touch.. I was going to say.. AND THEY GOT WAYLAND.. but.. naa. =)08:46
alinso no new entry08:46
alinsledges: added bugs for each issue...  would be nice if somone with knowledge from jolla comments on them..08:47
phdesweralin: links?08:47
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alinphdeswer: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=hammerhead08:47
alinphdeswer: these are hammerhead...08:47
phdesweralin: well I was curious about which bug exactly :)08:48
alinphdeswer: I suspect usb related there is none...08:48
alinphdeswer: sensors for example...08:48
alinphdeswer: camera...08:49
phdeswerI guess the last ones on that list. And good to hear there are no usb ones :D08:49
alinphdeswer: was only one about led not going on when usb plugged but it was fixed08:49
phdeswerWell and technically that is a led bug ;)08:50
spiiroinalin: I can't see any proximity sensor bugs, did someone get it working?08:54
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alinspiiroin: nfc08:54
alinspiiroin: or is not the same?08:54
spiiroinalin: no, or if it turns out they are I'm very surprised ...08:55
alinspiiroin: ok... perfect I will add one about08:56
alinspiiroin: and we will need a new column for it in here https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris08:56
alinspiiroin: is not related to magnetometer?08:57
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spiiroinalin: the proximity sensor? nope, but it usually is bundled with ambient light sensor.08:58
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spiiroin(to clarify: ALS and PS are commonly physically close to each other, can be that same hw or driver takes care of both)09:01
alinspiiroin: I see.. so we shall have an entry for it09:01
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sledgesspiiroin: alin: we are struggling to have sensorfw to work with sensors.qcom on android side. to early to pick on separate sensors09:11
sledgeson hammerhead09:11
sledgesalin: could you test hybris-sensorfw plugin taken from lpotter's github home repo (sensorfw repo, nexus branch)? it worked for mako, there's a 40% chance it could help hammerhead too09:14
alinsledges: yap...give me half an hour to deal with some stupid things here09:14
sledgesno rush09:15
sledgesmao0ko sensors still not 100% ready.. die after screen blank09:15
dr_gogeta86sledges: locusf vgrade09:18
dr_gogeta86i've reinstalled android on g52509:18
dr_gogeta86i've done  dumpsys SurfaceFlinger09:18
dr_gogeta86how to use it09:18
dr_gogeta86to debug missing framebuffer ?09:19
dr_gogeta86here size is correct09:19
dr_gogeta86and not real numbers size :-d09:19
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alinsledges: shall we add a column for proximity/09:23
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dr_gogeta86alin: indeed09:24
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locusfdr_gogeta86: I'm trying to understand what you are trying to do?09:25
dr_gogeta86framebuffer not works09:26
dr_gogeta86in any way09:26
locusfdr_gogeta86: yesterday you asked wether its possible to run lipstick in a framebuffer? I don't have an answer to that as I don't knnow lipstick that well09:26
dr_gogeta86is just to print something to it09:26
dr_gogeta86i dunno know if is a kernel problem09:27
dr_gogeta86or simply permission thing09:27
dr_gogeta86the strange fact is hwcompositor reads a wrong displaysize, while dumpsys works like a charm09:27
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locusfhave you checked your kernel modules loaded?09:33
locusfwith lsmod, while in android09:33
dr_gogeta86i can do it now09:34
dr_gogeta86no kmod apart wifi09:34
dr_gogeta86as in mer09:34
dr_gogeta86i've relflashed cm11 for these purposes09:36
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locusfhmm ok09:36
dr_gogeta86fyi http://pastebin.com/96nNess1 is the out of dumpsys SurfaceFlinger09:44
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alinspiiroin: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=76310:03
MerbotNemo bug 763 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] proximity sensor is not working" [Normal,New]10:03
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dr_gogeta86locusf: we need more data from android ?10:04
locusfdr_gogeta86: I don't know10:06
dr_gogeta86i've just flashed merrified kernel10:07
dr_gogeta86is a pity10:07
dr_gogeta86apart display10:07
dr_gogeta86ril seems to work10:07
alinsledges: spiiroin proximity added... https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris10:09
alinsledges: in one tea I will give a spin to the sensors10:09
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locusfdr_gogeta86: have you tried minimer?10:13
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locusfhmm I can't remove /data/.stowaways/sailfishos read-only filesystem10:20
locusfdr_gogeta86: what ways have you tried to get the framebuffer to wake up?10:20
phdesweraargh nexus 5 bootloops on low battery10:30
phdeswerhmm my cable might be shitty10:31
locusfmounted as rw but when I tried to remove it it says ro10:31
alinphdeswer: ?10:32
alinphdeswer: which image?10:32
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phdeswerlast alpha, changed cables and it is ok now10:33
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phdeswerWell does not seem to charge enough, will need to plug in a dedicated charger10:34
phdeswerDamn still bootlooping. But battery got to 1% now... Let's hope with screen off it will now charge enough to stay on10:37
locusfapparently the /data partition is corrupted10:40
alinphdeswer: yap give him a ccoffee time for charging...10:43
alinphdeswer: not starting with low battery happened on cm too10:43
dr_gogeta86locusf: i got same error of htc desire hd10:44
dr_gogeta86the gpu is the same10:44
dr_gogeta86 - Physical size: QSizeF(4.29497e+09, 4.29497e+09) is the same10:44
dr_gogeta86but  - Screen size: QSize(540, 960) is different10:44
locusfdr_gogeta86: while doing what exactly?10:45
dr_gogeta86EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer main.qml10:46
locusfdr_gogeta86: in minimer directory?10:46
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dr_gogeta86i've just installed qmlscene10:47
dr_gogeta86not other else10:47
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locusfdr_gogeta86: download this and transfer to device and extract: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sb0jsu9m0k9hjck/minimer3.tar.gz10:48
dr_gogeta86i can download from device itself10:48
locusfcd to minimer10:52
dr_gogeta86with fbdev10:55
dr_gogeta86not segs10:55
dr_gogeta86but nothing displayer10:55
dr_gogeta86but nothing displayed10:55
locusfEGL_PLATFORM=null ?10:57
Stskeepstwo new oss bits: https://github.com/mer-hybris/gst-omx , https://github.com/mer-hybris/gst-jolla10:57
dr_gogeta86Stskeeps: great10:58
dr_gogeta86locusf: display blinks and segsv10:58
locusfdr_gogeta86: hmm ok progress10:59
dr_gogeta86blinks also with hwcomposer10:59
dr_gogeta86but just on first run10:59
dr_gogeta86locusf: i think is adreno 205 gpu wide bug11:00
locusfwhat about fbdev?11:00
dr_gogeta86stand there11:00
locusfpastebin that as well11:03
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dr_gogeta86locusf: i can't find any11:12
locusfok nothing interesting there :/11:13
dr_gogeta86apart ERROR: MSMFB_MIXER_INFO ioctl failed11:14
dr_gogeta86i think without ping dazozzo11:15
dr_gogeta86( huawei guy )11:15
dr_gogeta86nothing change11:15
dr_gogeta86with fbdev11:26
dr_gogeta86E/memalloc( 1440): unrecognized pixel format: 0x4011bcef11:26
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alinsledges: https://build.merproject.org/project/monitor/home:alin:extra11:31
alinis normal to look for qt4 stuff?11:31
alinlpotter: ^^ or I got the wrong branch11:32
sledgesalin: wrong packaging11:34
sledgesbranch hybris-sensorfw-plugin11:34
sledgesand change its _service11:35
alinsledges: I cannot see it in lpotter;s repos https://github.com/lpotter?tab=repositories11:35
sledgesalin: in his repos is called sensorfw11:36
sledgesyour obs package should be called hybris-sensorfw-...11:36
sledgesso it picks the right .spec11:36
sledgesbranch package from ha repo11:36
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dr_gogeta86locusf: my egl driver tries to write to /system11:39
dr_gogeta86is normally ro11:39
alinsledges: blimey11:39
locusfdr_gogeta86: oh11:39
locusfdr_gogeta86: remount as rw11:39
alinsledges: sensorfw-qt5-hybris11:40
sledgesalin: that11:40
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alinsledges: I am almost close to the full repo build11:42
alinsledges: doing tests11:42
sledgeshehe saw that and got shivers down the spine :)11:42
alinsledges: why.. works...11:45
sledgesabout the amount of packages ;)11:45
alinsledges: in my repo11:45
alinsledges: ignore them11:45
alinsledges: they are practically the apps I used on android11:45
alinsledges: meecast is a mess... wanted to fix the qml but I do noteven get it compile11:46
alinman is the only one needed11:46
alinsledges: what I want is to have the sfa-mer script build against the repo...11:46
alinsledges: fixed with dmt the patterns issue.. in a very hackish way but works11:47
Stskeepshttps://github.com/mer-hybris/gst-droidcamsrc as well11:47
alinStskeeps: yap and no MSameer has it already iirc I used his to find our for nexus 5 more work is needed missing api11:47
MSameeralin: that's jolla's code which I wrote and it will also not work11:48
MSameeralin: it does not have support for your camera hal version11:49
alinMSameer: yap I was just telling Stskeeps that11:49
alini wonder if we can be smart when we clone the kernel and not endup with 30GiB of bits11:53
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dr_gogeta86locus but replace with freedreno ?11:56
alinsledges: lpotter sensors installed11:56
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Stskeepshttps://github.com/mer-hybris/gst-colorconv , last one for now12:00
sledgesalin: means you added hammerhead ha as additional repo to https://build.merproject.org/project/repositories/home:alin:extra sailfish_latest in order to be able to compile sensors plugin?12:01
alinsledges: yap12:02
sledgesgood, well, reboot and afterwards launch messages app12:02
sledgessee if it rotates12:02
sledgesif not, we're out of luck, but good to have that package for future, thanks12:02
alinsledges: the screen blanked so I suspect can be done only on a nice screen12:03
sledgesalin: don't let the screen blank :)12:03
sledgesor if you do, run systemctl restart sensord12:03
sledgesinstead of reboot12:03
alinwhere is /tmp/Jolla... comes from?12:05
alinsledges:    Active: failed (Result: start-limit) since Tue 2014-08-19 13:06:25 IST; 1s ago12:07
sledgesalin: sensorfw still crashes, oh well, out of luck ;)12:07
alinsledges: yap12:07
dr_gogeta86locusf: dimming works12:10
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alinsledges: lpotter http://paste.opensuse.org/7956487312:19
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iunosledges: hi again, so i enabled (and double-checked ;) ) CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC and it is not possible to connect via telnet anymore. the interface goes up and then immediately disappears, appears but is set down12:35
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iunowhen i disabled CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC and tried again i was able to telnet again. did another try then with the CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC set and still the same12:37
alinJonni: usb-moded installed?12:37
aliniuno: usb-moded installed?12:37
iunoalin: sorry, didn't understand12:38
aliniuno: we seen that when usb-moded was installed12:39
aliniuno: was kicking in and destroying the party12:39
sledgesalin: change warning to test in /lib/systemd/system/sensord.service and then run journalctl | grep sensor as root after reboot12:43
sledgesiuno: means you have satisfied all kernel config flags and it tries to boot to sailfish, but dies due to usb-moded being installed (guess): delete /lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service from your rootfs12:44
iunoalin: i don't even know that, is it part of mer/sailfish?12:44
iunosledges: ah i see. thanks, i'll try that12:44
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dr_gogeta86locusf: my device got many patches on on display qcom drivers12:50
dr_gogeta86 so12:50
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*** alin has quit IRC12:51
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters12:53
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locusfwhy isn't kproc config in mer-kernel-check if its needed for sailfish to boot?13:07
sledgeshmm historically - because it's not needed for other mer-based distros to boot ;)13:14
sledgesif Sage_'s kernel check patches are looking more sailfish-ward, we should make that distinct somehow13:15
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phdeswersledges: a simple check to know if usb-moded is locking out the usb network is to see if the device says it is mass-storage.13:19
phdeswerIf it is, usb-moded is doing what it should (due to no device lock), otherwise it is some other problem.13:19
sledgesoic, thanks13:20
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iunophdeswer: actually, it showed up as mass storage, like when i was in via telnet and used 'echo "umount_stowaways" >/init-ctl/stdin'13:30
sledgesiuno: defo usb moded and hence needs removing for now13:30
iunoyes, just saying. didn't do it yet13:36
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alinsledges: http://paste.opensuse.org/9306145413:54
alinespires in one 113:54
locusfany tips on fsck'ing a data-partition?13:59
locusfsince my mounting always comes read-only because of the ext4 filesystem being faulty14:00
locusfon n7000 even14:01
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:04
locusfI guess my NAND is dead then :/14:05
locusfeven recovery mer bootloader remounts the /data partition as read only14:05
*** souren_ has joined #sailfishos-porters14:12
locusfreformatted /data via CVM14:15
locusfnow it works again14:17
iunosledges: i don't have usb-moded ??14:22
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locusfnow I got the alpha release for n7000, just need to type in xda thread and upload it somewhere14:28
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Sage_locusf: it is not needed it is just easy guideline to check the kernel functions for porters14:35
locusfSage_: okay14:36
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sledgespsa: sailfishoss community meeting in #mer-meeting15:01
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*** tbr_ is now known as tbr15:08
vgrade_locusf: ping tbr for access to the server we use for N5 if you want15:25
locusfvgrade_: sure15:25
locusfafter the meeting though15:25
sledgeslocusf: \o/15:29
sledgesalin: paste expired :p15:29
* sledges goes back to meeting15:29
alinsledges: of course15:29
sledgesiuno: then touch /init_enter_debug on your rootfs, you'll get first stage telnet; copy /init-debug to /target/init-debug; echo continue; then you'll stop in 2nd stage telnet (port 2323) see if you have usb net then15:30
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iunosledges: just tried it. was not able to connect in 2nd stage16:24
alinspiiroin: Aug 19 14:44:19 abbaton mce[767]: mce-sensorfw.c: mce_sensorfw_load_sensor(): loadPlugin(alssensor): no reply16:27
sledgesiuno: 1st stage telnet: cat /target/*stderr*16:27
alinspiiroin: that is food of thought for you16:27
alinsledges: log now16:27
alinand in 30minutes I go to porter house...16:28
iunosledges: +exec16:28
sledgesalin: did you get verbose sensorfw output? ofc mce can't find sensors as sensorfw is dead on the first place16:29
sledgesand since it's segfaulting, we'll be needing strace16:29
alinsledges: http://pastebin.com/yfyh93LP16:30
alinsledges: yap I got it16:31
alinvgrade_: sledges next time starce and gst-av shall be added16:35
sledgesis gst-av redist?16:36
alinsledges: I do not know16:36
alinis in jolla repo16:36
alinsledges: unless is on the same idea as xt9...16:37
alinthen no16:37
sledgeslicence check in order16:38
Stskeepsgst-av .. well, the responsibility becomes that of the image builder and hoster..16:38
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC16:39
*** vgrade_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:39
alinStskeeps: sledges does not have a license field that makes it complicated16:40
sledgeszypper info gst-av16:40
sledgeshm where is licence field? :p16:41
alinsledges: of course... I still do not see it... though I am tired.16:41
sledgesrpm -qa --queryformat '%{license}\n' gst-av16:42
*** ernesti has quit IRC16:43
alinsledges: seems zypper info is innept16:44
alinsledges: I asked in opensuse about16:44
alinsledges: ok lgpl shall be fine as far as I now16:44
alinsledges: let me know what strace you want16:45
alin15 minutes left16:45
sledgesstrace sensorfw (take cmdline from sensord.service)16:46
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC16:48
alinsledges: interesting is waiting for somthing16:49
sledgesand without strace segfault?16:49
alinsledges: http://paste.opensuse.org/4598241416:51
alinsledges: expires in 1h16:51
sledgesno pressure lol16:53
sledgesalin: ls -l /etc/sensorfw/sensord.conf.d16:54
alinsledges: total 016:55
alinvgrade: the script now really builds using only the repo16:57
alinpushed the changes in the testing branch have a look at it16:57
*** javispedro has quit IRC16:58
*** javispc has joined #sailfishos-porters16:58
alinI still wonder if we can build the image without cloning the cm tree16:59
*** javispc is now known as javispedro16:59
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters16:59
*** iTune has quit IRC17:04
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters17:13
*** alin has quit IRC17:14
*** dr_gogeta86_joll has joined #sailfishos-porters17:18
locusftbr: so about distributing the n7000 image?17:22
dr_gogeta86_jollWho can pass me mer meeting log?17:24
locusfdr_gogeta86_joll: http://merproject.org/meetings/mer-meeting/2014/mer-meeting.2014-08-19-15.04.txt17:24
dr_gogeta86_jollirc on sailfish rocks ... and doesn't seem that good old protocol it is :-)17:25
dr_gogeta86_jollcongrats to all porters ...17:29
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters17:31
dr_gogeta86_jolllocusf: some birds said to watch at qcom legacy17:32
locusfdr_gogeta86_joll: cool17:36
dr_gogeta86_jollis great bounce of crap17:37
*** Nokius has quit IRC17:48
*** dr_gogeta86_joll has quit IRC17:49
*** dr_gogeta86_joll has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
*** beidl_ has quit IRC17:58
tbrlocusf: yeah, I guess you don't have an account yet do you?18:00
locusftbr: nope18:00
tbrlet's fix that18:01
*** dr_gogeta86_joll has quit IRC18:03
tbrlocusf: in your home directory on devaamo.fi you'll find a symlink to the n7000 directory18:03
locusftbr: uploading, thanks :)18:06
*** SK_work has quit IRC18:11
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos-porters18:26
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters18:29
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters18:35
*** kimmoli has quit IRC18:50
*** furikku has quit IRC19:02
*** zon is now known as zZz0n19:06
vgradelbt: congrate on your 1st post19:11
vgradelocusf: do you have a link to n7000 factory images/19:23
vgrademy sons stock has black screen. seems to be still alive. I get change in usb details if I enter recovery19:24
vgradeso just wanted to reflash woth factory just incase19:25
vgradevery difficult to find a non broken link to image19:25
sledgesmaybe he'll put it on his device wiki soon? ;)19:27
*** sletta has quit IRC19:28
* vgrade hates all these download sitez19:28
vgradewhich have 17 Download links19:29
vgradeall of which don't work19:29
Stskeepsi really wondered why torrents didn't get more popular in that regard19:29
* lbt would like to torrent from img19:29
lbtbut, you know, time :)19:29
lbtgoddam xda added my reply to me to my post and didn't increment the count19:31
sledgeslbt: been there exactly :))19:32
iunoshould i be able to boot up cm btw, after sailfish was installed? (using fastboot boot boot.img)19:37
sledgesiuno: oh yes19:37
lbtsledges: so reply to me19:37
lbtand I'll share some news19:38
iunoyou need 10 posts? i'll help :P19:39
*** lbt has quit IRC19:39
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters19:39
sledgeslbt: you already had a chance, now life gives 2nd ;)19:40
situHas anyone noticed searching for wifi networks does not work on Nexus 5 sometimes ? Reboot fixes it.19:40
iunosledges: well that doesn't work, too. i can get to recovery but trying to boot cm turns the device off after sony logo19:42
sledgesiuno: ah, sony19:43
sledgesiuno: you need to flash kernel, boot is pure vapour, sadly19:43
sledgesfastboot flash boot boot.img19:44
sledgesinstead of19:44
sledgesfastboot boot boot.img19:44
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:44
lbt_oh ffs - 15 ADSL reconnects since 4pm ... no wonder it's felt messed up19:45
iunoah yes19:47
iunothat works i did that before19:47
*** lbt has quit IRC19:48
iunosledges: cat /target/*stderr* did only output "+exec"19:49
sledgesiuno: how about cat /target/boot/systemd_stdouterr19:51
iunonothing at all19:51
*** javispedro has quit IRC19:52
* vgrade starts packing for Leeds Festival19:53
Stskeepssounds nice19:53
vgradeStskeeps: boys long weekend away, me an two sons19:54
sledgesvgrade: the one you retold me on way to fosdems :)19:54
sledgesiuno: so /target/init-debug exists and is a clone of /init ?19:55
vgrademy first time at Leeds, took Alex to Glasto a few years19:57
vgrademore my cups of tea but they wanted to do Leeds this year19:57
sledgeswhat's the diff?19:58
vgradesledges: Leeds is more rock19:58
Stskeepsthis hotel has a sheep sound as default wakeup tone.19:58
sledgesStskeeps: lucky it isn't a goat (yes vgrade baaad joke ;))19:58
iunosledges: yes, as long as i got it right that sailfish / is /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/19:58
iunocp: '/data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init-debug' and '/target/init-debug' are the same file19:59
Stskeeps.. and now the tv doesn't want to turn off.19:59
sledgesiuno: you should do it from 1st stage telnet19:59
sledgesas it says when you enter: cp /init /target/init-debug19:59
iunooooh "/init", you wrote "copy /init-debug to /target/init-debug" before...20:00
sledgesmy bad x)20:00
iunoso i was searching... alright so i copy init :D20:00
sledgesok, and after echoing continue20:01
sledgesit should halt in the 2nd stage telnet (port 2323 as you know already)20:01
iunoyes, done20:02
sledgesso you're in?20:03
sledgesdo ls /lib/systemd/system/usb-moded.service20:03
iunonot there20:03
sledgespaste ifconfig -a20:03
sledgeslooking good20:04
sledgesecho continue (syntax as previously)20:04
iunoit rebooted, telnet stage 1 again20:07
sledgesbaad :)20:08
sledges0xdeadbeef :)20:08
sledgeshmmm try hardmasking lipstick20:08
sledgescd /target/etc/systemd/20:09
sledgesmkdir user20:09
sledgescd user20:09
sledgesln -s /dev/null lipstick.service20:09
sledgesand continue into stage 220:09
sledgesand continue20:09
Stskeepsdroid-hal-init, might be what kills it first?20:09
sledgesmight be yes20:09
iunouser already existed20:09
sledgesdroid-hal-init should go into /target/etc/systemd/system/20:10
sledgesyou choose ;P20:10
iunoso stage 2 again20:10
sledgesand continue again20:10
iunostage 120:11
sledgesi.e. reboot?20:13
sledgesthen let's listen to Stskeeps20:13
sledgescd /target/etc/systemd/system20:13
sledgesln -s /dev/null droid-hal-init.service20:13
iunowell, i think it's a reboot, because i can't see anything on the device but telnet connection breaks and i can connect again on port 2320:14
sledgesyes, a reboot20:15
sledgesbbl, dinner20:15
iunoyes, enjoy it ;)20:20
iunomight have came to the next stage? :D sshd started20:22
iuno(continued again from stage 1 and 2)20:22
*** zZz0n is now known as zon20:26
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:31
*** zon is now known as zZz0n20:40
*** iuno has quit IRC20:41
*** zZz0n is now known as zon20:46
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:09
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters21:09
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:09
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:09
vgradenn guys21:16
vgradeback monday21:16
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC21:16
lbt_vgrade: have a good one :D21:17
vgradelbt_: cheers21:18
MSameerthat's a long one too :)21:18
*** nh1402 has quit IRC21:19
iunobye, enjoy leeds ;)21:21
iunois there a default username for user nemo (for ssh)?21:37
iuno*default password21:37
*** mugna has quit IRC21:37
phdesweriuno: nope. You need to set one yourself through telnet first21:38
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters21:42
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters21:44
*** uvatvmw has joined #sailfishos-porters21:49
alinsledges: vgrade somehow vibrations work21:55
*** souren_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:57
sledgesalin: it's green cell in the table22:04
alinsledges: thought someone said does not work22:04
*** souren_ has quit IRC22:16
iunosledges: i can get in via ssh now.. saw that there was an error trying to mount22:17
sledgesiuno: paste22:21
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters22:22
iuno(from journalctl -xn) http://pastie.org/22:24
iunoshit http://pastie.org/948741722:25
sledgesiuno: pastie: cat /lib/systemd/system/*.mount22:33
rusty88good evening guys22:35
rusty88finally got the sockets in /dev/socket but ofono gets connection refused22:36
sledgesrusty88: is ril sane now?22:38
rusty88sledges: yes I think so... at least is not crashing and removing the socket.. the only think that caught my attention on logcat -b radio was some times it says Modem boot timeout22:40
iunosledges: http://pastie.org/948746322:40
sledgesrusty88: i remember rild always knocks on many non-existing /dev/ nodes (umts* one of them)22:42
sledgesiuno: that failing mount should not be the end of the world22:45
rusty88sledges: ok so assuming rild is sane ofono should have had access to it right?22:47
sledgesrusty88: is rild not crashing and visible in ps ?22:48
rusty88sledges: yes rild is not crashing :)22:49
sledgesiuno: you will now need to rm /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service; edit /init*.rc and disable 2nd half of it's service routines like this: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_device_samsung_i9305/commit/ae0ef01432d93c65dbec8476218e4bb135614556#diff-145cb5a61011e98b42208bb423dcbb22R48522:51
sledges(all that in 2nd stage telnet)22:51
sledgesthen reboot22:51
sledgesand in 2nd stage telnet echo continue22:52
iunoam i currently in a further stage and need to go back when ssh is up?22:52
sledgesif it reboots on its own, edit /init*.rc and disable another half22:52
sledgesiuno: when you'll re-enable droid-hal-init (by rm its hardmask symlink) you won't have ssh anymore after reboot ;p and that's good22:52
sledgesyou need to use divide and conquer method to find out offending android service22:52
sledgesif i explained clearly enough :)22:53
*** souren_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:53
sledgesrusty88: refresh me, has rild been crashing before or just infinite spamming logs?23:06
sledgeshas rild's log changed?23:06
sledgeshow did you sort sockets out?23:06
rusty88sledges: yes, before rild was crashing and the socket /dev/socket/rild wasn't available23:07
rusty88sledges: and the log is a bit less scary (even though i just can make sense out if it :P)23:08
rusty88doing a strace on ofono i knew he was trying to access /dev/socket/rild which the other day wasn't there23:10
rusty88now it's there but ofono has no permission to access it23:10
sledgesrusty88: ls -l /dev/socket/rild ;)23:20
rusty88srw-rw---- 1 root radio 0 2014-08-20 00:19 /dev/socket/rild23:20
iunosledges: yes, i got it, thanks. but i have to try that tomorrow, time to sleep ;)23:25
*** chrisi has quit IRC23:25
*** iuno has quit IRC23:25
*** chrisi has joined #sailfishos-porters23:25
*** souren_ has quit IRC23:25
*** souren_ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:25
rusty88btw i think nfc work  (test_nfc did not segfault) and dump some info about the device :)23:26
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:28
sledgesrusty88: connection refused means permissions are ok23:31
sledgesjust there's no-one on the other end23:31
sledgesdue to modem boot timeout quite probably23:32
sledgesnow it's time to start diff -u  logcat -b radio in sf and cm23:32
sledges(i used gtk meld app, it can ignore numbers (think PIDs ;))23:33
rusty88sledges: o'right :) better than just doing nothing i think... yes! i'm also using meld xD23:34
*** chrisi has quit IRC23:36
*** chrisi has joined #sailfishos-porters23:36
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:42
*** souren_ has quit IRC23:54
rusty88wow the log is completly differente23:54
sledgese`! veramente? ;)23:56
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:59
rusty88yep two completly diffent files :P23:59

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