Wednesday, 2014-08-20

sledgeslulz, paste each?00:00
rusty88well they have somethings in common :P  i think i use the wrong option in meld to compare :P00:01
sledgesadd filter for [0-9]*00:01
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rusty88log sf  and cm
sledgeslogging prefix is differing00:06
sledgesotherwise logs are comparable00:07
sledgesrusty88: your rild is still dying00:07
sledgessee PID changes00:07
sledgesin logs00:07
sledgesafter modem boot timeout00:07
sledgeslooks like the modem is not up/powered00:09
sledgesin sf case00:09
sledgesmaguro has switch modem on custom script00:10
sledgesrusty88: try this:
sledgesthough that's an ofono hack, im digging further..00:14
sledgeswon't hurt to try :p00:14
rusty88true :P00:15
rusty88is stuck00:16
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sledgesoh well nm then ;)00:21
sledgesrusty88: comment rild out from /init*.rc00:22
sledgesand run rild by hand00:22
sledgeshaving logcat open in another window00:22
sledgesif it exits00:22
sledgesi'll ask for its strace00:22
rusty88sledges:  is just the service right?  should i leave setprop ?00:24
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rusty88ohh no something went terrebly wrong lost connection with the phone00:27
rusty88is not picking up the interface00:27
sledgesfun'n'games time;)00:29
rusty88well logcat just shows RILClient connection refued00:35
sledgesrusty88: does it end with D/RIL     ( 1637): modem status [ 0x0 ]00:38
sledgesE/RIL     ( 1637): Modem boot timeout00:38
sledgesE/RIL     ( 1637): Boot up process timeout: -11000:38
rusty88sledges:  nope just that conenction refused00:39
rusty88just for the record
sledgesrusty88: /system/bin/start ril-daemon00:45
rusty88sledges:  no ril in ps after that command00:46
sledgessure because it starts and quits00:47
sledgesanything new in logcat after ^ ?00:47
rusty88ah ok. nope logcat stayed the same00:48
sledgeswhat is written in grep ril /init*.rc ?00:48
sledgesrusty88: run logcat in another window (without -b radio)00:51
sledgeswhat does it say when you execute /system/bin/start ril-daemon00:51
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sledgesuncomment the whole block pls: /init.rc:#service ril-daemon /system/bin/rild00:53
sledgesand add disabled instead00:53
sledges(as i showed in the example commit)00:54
rusty88sledges: done, but nothing has changed00:58
rusty88i got to go01:06
sledgescontinue tomorrow, got still tools in the box ;)01:07
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dragonkeeperhello guys04:42
dragonkeeperis porting dependant on using ubuntu OS or can i use something else without issues from packages ect. .  ?04:43
Stskeepswell, you can probably use most 64-bit linux distros, the ubuntu part of the build process is kind of encapsulated away into a chroot/directory04:44
dragonkeeperok, my ubuntu partition took a turn for the worse :P  ... ill be back,  ill use gentoo instead04:46
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dragonkeeperwell im back, gonnaattempt to set this up for the 1st time  ... should be fun04:50
dragonkeeperanyone working on i9505?04:56
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locusfvgrade: sadly no I don't have a reliable factory image source05:08
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Dinsdale247Hello, is this were I can ask questions about the Hardware Adaption Developer Kit?05:14
Dinsdale247I'm new to IRC as well so...05:15
Dinsdale247I have a one plus that I badly want to rid of Android05:15
Dinsdale247I have set up a Mint VM on my computer and then installed the two SDKs05:16
Dinsdale247Let me go and put together some articulate questions...05:16
Dinsdale247Are you looking for feedback on the document?05:18
Stskeepssure, always05:18
Dinsdale247k. he he he!05:18
Stskeepsjust be sure to have the most recent one..05:19
Dinsdale247Ah ha! A Table of contents. You must have read my mind05:21
Stskeepsfunny things happen when you generate documentation.. :P05:22
Dinsdale247okay, this is great. And I have been trying to do what you suggested by going over the documentation over and over again...05:23
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Dinsdale247So technically is we were using a "supported device", would the process be done at the end of section 10?05:25
Dinsdale247is = if05:25
Stskeepsugh, i'm having massive lag here in tghe train..05:26
Stskeepswell, you are done when something boots ;)05:26
Dinsdale247Would that occur after section 10?05:26
* Stskeeps looks05:27
Stskeepsi'd presume so, yes05:27
Dinsdale247okay, I wanted to confirm my understanding. Thank you05:28
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dragonkeeperis the SDK on the sailfish main page a need for ports ?05:30
Stskeepsthe porting guide states what's needed :)05:31
dragonkeeperyeah i get confused and distracted easily :P05:32
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Dinsdale247It would be nice to have the chapter numbers in the TOC.05:35
Dinsdale247It would make it easy for quick reference05:36
Dinsdale247Okay, so in section 5.2, we are supposed to run the command "breakfast $DEVICE"05:41
Dinsdale247Because I do not have a supported device this step fails. Should I continue on and complete the next chapter to chapter 10, then loop back and try making it work with my device?05:42
Dinsdale247what I am asking I think,05:42
Stskeepsokay, what do you mean by unsupported.. unsupported cyanogenmod?05:43
Dinsdale247is should I continue on even though I cannot get build artifacts and then fork the source?05:43
Dinsdale247Unsupported from the HADK.05:43
Stskeepsok, i have unacceptable irc lag so i need for vanish for a while..05:43
Stskeepsmaybe some others will awake soon :)05:43
Dinsdale247okay, thanks05:44
Dinsdale247um... okay. shut down. I guess that's it for tonight for me. Take care guys, have a great morning and once again, love what you guys are doing05:46
Dinsdale247Brilliant document StsKeeps. Keep up the good work. I know how much documentation can suck! lolz +++05:47
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dragonkeeperis cm11 able to be used or is cm10.1 mandatory06:00
situdragonkeeper: We use CM 11 on Nexus 5.06:00
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swlmorning! :)07:18
swlalin: i saw that you had made a lot of bugreports for the nexus5 implementation. What log should i check for when i see that my bluetooth gives up completetly after beeing paired. now i cannot enable/disable like it was before alpha3.. any tips? :)07:22
swlso i can make a bugreport of my own ;)07:22
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alinswl: probably... but be sure you can reproduce it and is not a one off07:34
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos-porters07:35
alinswl: dmesg and journalctl -l -b --no-pager are your friends for logs07:35
jobe-mHi sailors07:43
jobe-mI am currently trying to put sfos on my Nexus7/grouper.07:43
jobe-mI have flashed the device with a self build image. The device doesn't boot into sfos. It seems that the kernel was compiled with wrong settings. This is what I see on the initrd console in diagnosis.log:
jobe-mCan someone point me where I can adjust the kernel config in hadk?07:44
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*** kjokinie has joined #sailfishos-porters08:07
swlalin: thanks :)08:08
swlalin: i'll try to reproduce when i'm back in the car. It was after pairing with my VW that it stopped working completetly, only reboot helped.08:09
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*** zZz0n is now known as zon08:17
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters08:18
sledgesjobe-m: junnuvi has working version, waiting for him to release it so everyone could enjoy using and improving ;)08:23
sledgesunless you want to know how things work :)08:23
sledgesjobe-m: kernel config is one of the sections in chapter 14.108:24
sledgeswritten where it msy be hiding08:25
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt08:27
junnuvijobe-m: if you like to try i can share current image, just drop me pm08:27
junnuvisledges: do you have any idea about bluetooth. It cannot be enabled from gui but if you try to enable from terminal and reboot right after that it will be enabled on next boot08:31
sledgesjunnuvi: is it bcm bt chip?08:32
sledgescheck rfkill and bcm scripts in maguro dhd tree08:33
sledgeshope they preset anything needed08:33
sledgesoh and also  hammerhead, for udev rules and such08:33
junnuviok, I will check those later. Thanks08:34
*** mofd has joined #sailfishos-porters08:34
sledgesjust need to identify what state cmdline puts bt in and why it bizzarly persists across reboot(s?)08:34
dr_gogeta86hi guys08:34
swljunnuvi: I'd like to give your image a spin since i never get any time to fix my own.. would that be ok?08:34
dr_gogeta86sledges: i've officially invited the huawei guy here08:35
dr_gogeta86there is too hacks to run also android 4.4 on that phone08:36
sledgesexciting times :)08:36
dr_gogeta86maybe can raise interest at bbs.anzhi.com08:36
dr_gogeta86is like xda in china but closed sometimes outside GFW08:36
swlsledges: was there something in sailfish itself that prohibits the camera in nexus5? or did i read it completely wrong yesterday. :P08:36
swljust browsed through the backlog on irc.08:37
sledgesswl: main stopper - google's camera hal api new version08:37
alinswl: there is a bug report on that. we miss api 2,0 in applications to use it... MSameer knows08:37
swlah! I see! :)08:37
swlAnd gps was also something missing? so it was almost working?08:38
alinok time to walk to office... see you soon and do not fix all the sensors without me08:38
sledgesgps is blocked by sailfish08:38
alinswl: that is woek in progress... i hope08:38
swlnaughty fishie!08:38
sledgesfishy indeed ;)08:39
alinsledges: once when quiet... spoke with phdeswer about... we need a proper dev repo against which we can tinker08:39
alinboth us and jolla people get some testing and breaking done08:39
swlOther than that, i think it works pretty darn well. Thought i should go sailfish for a few days, just to play around and see if i see any issues.08:40
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sledgesalin: phdeswer: for example?08:43
dr_gogeta86sledges: blobs bits ?08:44
phdeswersledges: as we mentioned sometimes before. Having devel versions of connman, usb_moded, ${open source nemo components} in a repo which is accessible from the outside08:44
*** mofd has quit IRC08:45
phdeswerSo patches can go in the repo, and sailfish hadk builds don't need weird work-arounds or packages from some obs place every time in between updates08:45
*** alin has quit IRC08:45
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sledgesphdeswer: the main caveat is that such repo would build against a released sfos, and would not work for devel packages who introduce api changes down the big stacks08:51
phdeswersledges: well it needs some thought still, but we somehow need to find an efficient way to handle the hacking and getting the fixes in the images.08:52
jobe-mjunnuvi: thx for your offer I will come back to it :)08:52
jobe-msledges: I will try to follow the instructions in hadk. I made it until here and would like to go the last mile ;)08:53
sledgesphdeswer: so create such repo and put all staging packges from currently being in ha repos, to say least..08:54
sledgesjobe-m: knowledge ftw ;)08:54
phdeswersledges: I am somehow confused by your wording? You mean creating a new repo and move all latest versions of the open stuff there? And I have no idea what you mean with ha repos...08:56
sledgeswe have cherrypicked mer/mw packages in ha08:57
sledgeslike bluez in hammerhead08:57
dr_gogeta86sledges: any way to vnc sailfisos gui ?08:58
sledgesmental note: we'll have to adjust hadk doc and dmt__ scripts to pic from that overlay repo08:59
* phdeswer really needs to look at the repo stuff a bit more09:00
*** PhompAng has quit IRC09:01
sledgesit could be nemo:devel:hadk and nemo:devel:hadk:stable09:01
sledgesdr_gogeta86: it's linux ;p09:05
dr_gogeta86x11vncserver doesn't work :-D09:06
sledgesgoogle vnc wayland09:06
sledgesor vncfb09:06
dr_gogeta86for who study tradition09:06
dr_gogeta86and hystory of human kind09:07
dr_gogeta86today my neighbor is making tomato souce jars09:07
*** vrutkovs_ has joined #sailfishos-porters09:07
sledgesvrutkovs_: how o/ how's deb/flo goin? :)09:08
sledges*hoy ;)09:08
vrutkovs_sledges: hey, still at 'apps crash' point09:08
vrutkovs_I'll take a look at latest libhybris tomorrow and probably ask Stskeeps to take a look also09:09
sledgesmh.. so launching stand alone appwouldt crash?09:09
vrutkovs_sledges: yep, it either gets stuck somewhere on wayland side IIUC09:10
dr_gogeta86sledges: i dunno but ubuntu touch how f* works ?09:11
sledgescheck behavour of compositor - do apps crash when you minimise one? or when you open 5th app (think tiles resize, gpu bogging task;)?09:11
dr_gogeta86in demos seams workss everything09:11
dr_gogeta86but are demos09:11
vrutkovs_sledges: well, at libhybris from mer-hybris/libhybris apps did manage to start up (once out of 50 attempts or so), so I guess we're close09:13
sledgesvrutkovs_: i see09:15
*** dmt__ has quit IRC09:23
sledgesvrutkovs_: if bored, can try rebasing mer-hybris/libhybris to latest upstream libhybris/libhybris, if good enough delta09:28
vrutkovs_sledges: hmm, makes sense, gonna try this later during the day09:29
sledgesexamine delta first09:29
vrutkovs_sledges: maybe cxl000 had more luck running it btw?09:29
sledgeshopes up09:29
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters09:29
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vrutkovs_hmm, the delta looks promising - I guess I've got the same symptoms09:30
*** vrutkovs_ is now known as vrutkovs09:30
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iunosledges: even when all services are disabled, it does a reboot when continuing from telnet stage 209:35
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC09:39
sledgesiuno: edit /lib/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service and replace Exec value with sleep 109:44
iunore-enabling all services?09:44
lpottersledges: do you have full journal output with sensors when coming out of sleep?09:45
sledgesiuno: irrelevant09:46
sledgeslpotter: sec09:46
iunosledges: then continue?09:46
sledgesiuno: yes09:48
dr_gogeta86sledges: if i run surface flinger09:50
dr_gogeta86seems to work09:50
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sledgesiuno: you need to figure out why android's init process causes reboot. launch it by hand now (remember the Exec line you've overwritten? ;p)10:04
iunosledges: launched by hand, rebooted again10:07
cxl000vrutkovs, sledges I've not been able to work on the lipstick crashes because my n7 is of for repairs10:08
vrutkovscxl000: ah, okay, I think I can poke wifi stuff there for now10:09
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters10:10
cxl000I could not find the image where I had working wifi and you had the main step of triggering the firmware load10:13
sledgesvrutkovs: upgrading against upstream submodule is very easy ;) just sayin' :)10:15
vrutkovssledges: heh, git magic, I relied on "cp -r" =)10:16
sledgeswell, that's also if you ever want to contrib ;)10:17
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters10:24
iunosledges: at least when i execute the commands by hand it does not reboot. got this:
sledges13:07 < iuno> sledges: launched by hand, rebooted again10:25
iunosledges: yes but now i read the  commands from the .sh and entered them and it threw me out of telnet but didn't reboot10:26
sledgesiuno: so you're diggin deeper..10:27
sledgesiuno: add sleep 1 after each line in .sh10:28
iunosledges: and change back in droid-hal-init.service?10:29
sledgesiuno: no, just launch .sh by hand (which should cause reboot as you said)10:30
sledges1step forward 2steps back10:30
sledges(actually that soudns wrong:)10:30
iunoSegmentation fault10:30
sledgesbut no reboot?10:31
sledgesiuno: paste: /bin/sh -x /usr/bin/droid/droid-hal-startup.sh10:31
sledgesiuno: reboot and retry the paste10:33
iunosame until last line, it rebooted again10:36
iunosledges: no segfault, last line was +exec /sbin/droid-hal-init10:36
sledgesiuno: reboot and launch all commands by hand, i bet last exec will reboot10:37
sledges(so to eliminate any shell borks)10:37
sledgesdo strace /sbin/droid-hal-init10:37
sledgesfor the last bit10:37
sledgesiuno: what android stock factory version underneath? (and cm thereafter?)10:38
iunosame as before, kicked me out of telnet but no reboot10:40
iunosledges: 4.4.4/ cm11 m910:40
iunostrace not found10:41
*** flyser has quit IRC10:53
iunosledges: i can't currently get internet connection, right? i'd copy it via adb or is there a faster way? what about dependencies?10:55
sledgesrpm -i --nodeps10:56
iunobut ssh is not up in this state10:56
sledgesiuno: echo continue ;)10:57
sledgesfor once10:57
sledgesiuno: bingo11:00
sledgesadd selinux=011:00
sledgesto your kernel cmdline11:00
dr_gogeta86sledges: needs kernel config enabled on most devices11:05
dr_gogeta86we need add this kconfig enty as must11:06
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters11:14
*** oh1jty has quit IRC12:14
*** Dazzozo has joined #sailfishos-porters12:15
dr_gogeta86hi Dazzozo12:16
dr_gogeta86sledges: Dazzozo is one of huawei expert12:18
dr_gogeta86at least for my phone12:18
Dazzozo"expert" :P12:19
dr_gogeta86 you know better that device than me for sure12:20
dr_gogeta86here locusf ported sfa also on ascend p612:20
locusfyeah but it has Vivante GPU12:21
Dazzozoi planned on looking in to porting it myself _eventually_12:21
dr_gogeta86locusf: is not integrated in soc ?12:21
locusfdr_gogeta86: it is integrated, see
dr_gogeta86locusf: you used android drivers or not ?12:23
locusfdr_gogeta86: I did yes12:23
dr_gogeta86Dazzozo: said to me my phone use alot of hacks to run 4.412:24
dr_gogeta86drivers are for 4.1 am'i wrong Dazzozo ?12:24
locusfif you go 4.4 you gotta then use hybris 11.0 afaik?12:24
dr_gogeta86Dazzozo: can you explain to locusf the problem , if you have time of course12:25
iunosledges: how do I modify kernel cmdline in mer?12:29
sledgesDazzozo: welcome aboard12:30
sledgesiuno: hunt for CMDLINE in hybris/hybris-boot12:30
alinsledges: phdeswer sorry slow reply12:31
phdesweralin: no problem. That's how irc works ;)12:35
dr_gogeta86sledges: how to change repo branch12:41
sledgesdr_gogeta86: .repo/manifests/default.xml12:42
dr_gogeta86i need to downgrade whole thing12:42
dr_gogeta86i think is better to rm12:42
dr_gogeta86i try to run cm10.1 implementation12:43
dr_gogeta86but i think nothing change12:44
sledgesstart new folder12:44
dr_gogeta86i did it12:44
dr_gogeta86now to download kernel with just 2mbit adsl12:45
sledgesonly kernel? ;)12:46
locusfshite, bootloop12:47
*** Sequenced has quit IRC12:48
locusfcan't flash recovery image on p6, gotta always flash the hybris-boot12:56
locusfthe kernel apparently doesn't recognize the command line or something12:57
*** vrutkovs_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:04
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC13:06
locusfwhat is /dev/socket/hwnff ?13:09
sledgeslocusf: the only difference between -boot and -recovery is cmdline..13:10
locusfsledges: yeah13:11
sledgestoo long?13:11
locusfapparently not13:11
locusfor I dunno, I just added selinux=013:11
dr_gogeta86is supported by kernel selinux=0?13:12
locusfwell it booted well enough on hybris-boot too13:12
iunosledges: i must be too dumb, can't find it13:13
locusfiuno: hybris/hybris-boot/ HYBRIS_BOOTIMG_COMMANDLINE13:15
locusflines 26 and 2713:15
iunoaaah thank you! why can't we disable selinux in defconfig btw?13:18
*** souren has joined #sailfishos-porters13:20
sourenhi there13:20
sledgeshi souren13:23
sledgesiuno: yes, we will follow dr_gogeta86 propsal if selinux-sensitive devices go out of hand:
sledgesbut whether CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM should enter mer kernel checker i need to consult lbt, Stskeeps and Sage_13:26
locusfsledges: thanks for the page, I added the P6 to the list13:28
locusfof droid-hal-init reboots13:28
locusfand adding selinux=0 didn't fix it13:29
sledgesSage_: some hadk devices droid-hal-init reboots if selinux=0 is not in kernel cmdline (see bottom of )13:29
sledgesbut is it safe bet to do so for all devices?13:29
locusf <- this is what happens on P613:30
Sage_can you get more detailed log e.g. does logcat give more output what goes wrong there?13:32
locusfno output to logcat though13:32
dr_gogeta86sledges: but the bug is not selinux13:33
*** vrutkovs_ has quit IRC13:33
dr_gogeta86the bug is why kernel reboot in certain condition ... selinux in permissive i think is just a contributing source13:33
Sage_sledges: at least not as mandatory, optional maybe. Not mandatory because having that option enabled would mean that one enables SELINUX in the first place13:33
*** vrutkovs_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:34
sledgesSage_: disabled ;)13:34
Sage_16:26.52 < sledges> but whether CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM should enter mer kernel checker i need to consult lbt, Stskeeps and Sage_13:34
sledgesCONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=n what i had in mind earlier13:34
sledgeslogically ;)13:34
Sage_sledges: why not just having CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX=n ?13:34
sledgesSage_: whichever suits best, dr_gogeta86 pulled it out :P13:35
Sage_ <- depends on: CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX13:35
Sage_sledges: so if we add that to mer kernel checker it means that people need to have CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX enabled to set that as =n :)13:36
dr_gogeta86Sage_: better to not disable selinux especially on cm1113:36
dr_gogeta86i'm not sure but some drivers need it13:36
Sage_I'm confused atm.13:36
Sage_selinux=0 helps? and that basically means the same thing as CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX=n13:37
sledges^ my thoughts exactly?13:37
Sage_at least based on the documentation13:37
Stskeepsso, on n5 it's now possible to get video decoding acceleration going with the recently released gst-omx and gst-jolla13:39
dr_gogeta86HI owly Stskeeps13:40
soureni am trying to build image for maguro, just following instructions in HADK pdf.  breakfast $DEVICE says "ls: cannot access device/*/maguro/ No such file or directory", fetch some stuff from internet, and finally "build/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/samsung/maguro/]]: "hardware/ti/omap4xxx/" does not exist.  Stop." What i am doing wrong?13:40
phdeswerSage_: not exactly. selinux=0 disables it, with m there is probably something "enabled" or the module gets loaded.13:41
sledgesStskeeps: \o/ cc: alin vgrade situ dmt ^13:43
sledgessouren: local manifest?13:43
sledgessee 14.3.1 i hadk13:43
situStskeeps: Great, thanks !13:44
iunosledges: no reboot now after continue13:44
iunochange back droid-hal-init.service and re-enable services?13:45
sourensledges: oh thanks13:45
sledgesiuno: yes13:46
alinsledges: ? what shall I read?13:48
sledgesalin: Stskeeps' line above13:48
alinsledges: found it... Stskeeps yap... I can package them and see13:49
alinsledges: then we add them in our minirepo13:49
sledgesalin: nope, they are part of ha13:50
sledgesalin: they are already packaged13:52
alinsledges: ok... so we just need to install them13:52
sledgesneed to copypac them into our repo13:53
alinsledges: strange I do not see any of thme13:53
sledgesobs indexing is bonkers13:53
lbtI just hit it13:56
sledgesalin: here:
dr_gogeta86sledges: Stskeeps is possible trick wayland to use old hybris implementation despite found hwcomposer version 313:57
sledgesStskeeps: shall i webhook and tag them all 0.1?13:57
dr_gogeta86long story short13:57
sledgeslbt: seems like needs an indexer crond that's all13:57
dr_gogeta86hybris cm1113:57
alinsledges: perfect...13:57
dr_gogeta86but need to work as cm10.113:57
alinsledges: I need to sort our some tickets and hotel then I am on them13:57
alinsledges: already started the first two13:58
alinsledges: we miss something I may ping Stskeeps for that13:58
sledgeslol, your working faster than talking :))13:58
*** spiiroin has quit IRC14:03
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos-porters14:03
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC14:04
lbtsledges: yeah - our obs has a couple of bits missing ... on the list14:07
sledgeslbt: anywhere i could help to set fertile soil for the magic phaeron's script for our precious patterns to work again?14:08
iunosledges: also remove the link lipstick.service to /dev/null?14:09
sledgesiuno: yes14:09
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters14:09
lbtit'll drop out of the obs work I hope14:09
sledgeslbt: ah, as free extras ;)14:10
lbtwell - as fixing things I broke :D14:10
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:12
iunosledges: what is supposed to happen next?^^14:12
sledges... profit!14:13
sledgesiuno: got ssh?14:15
*** spiiroin has quit IRC14:16
sourenYou are attempting to build with an unsupported version of java. Your version is: Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on.The correct version is: Java SE 1.6 or 1.7.14:16
Tassadarsledges: multirom: recovery:
sledgesiuno: journalctl | grep lipstick14:17
sledgessouren: lsb_release -a14:18
sourenNo LSB modules are available.14:18
sourenDistributor ID: Ubuntu14:18
sourenDescription:    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS14:18
sourenRelease:        14.0414:18
sourenCodename:       trusty14:18
sledgesTassadar: \o/ testing in a bit14:19
sledgessouren: something went terribly wrong somewhere14:20
sourenroger that14:20
sledgessouren: java -version14:20
sourenUnrecognized option: --version14:21
sourenError: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.14:21
sourenError: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.14:21
sourenjava corrupted14:21
soureni think14:21
sledgessouren: "-"14:21
sledgesnot "--"14:21
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos-porters14:21
sourenPicked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on14:22
sourenjava version "1.7.0_55"14:22
sourenOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.4.7) (7u55-2.4.7-1ubuntu1)14:22
sourenOpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.51-b03, mixed mode)14:22
sledgesiuno: removed from /etc?14:23
sledgessouren: export | grep _JAVA_OPTIONS14:24
sourendeclare -x _JAVA_OPTIONS="-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on"14:25
*** olafh has joined #sailfishos-porters14:25
sledgesexport _JAVA_OPTIONS=14:27
sledgesand retry14:27
*** jobe-m has quit IRC14:27
sledgessouren: wait14:27
sourenout of luck14:27
sledgesi know14:28
sledgeshow do you unexport/undeclare?14:28
sledgessouren: or just grep useSystemAAFontSettings ~/.bash*14:28
sledgesif fails: sudo grep useSystemAAFontSettings /etc/ -R14:28
sledges(should fail tho)14:28
iunosledges: yeah i did.. however it was still there. anyway:
sledgesiuno: cat /var/lib/environment/compositor/*14:29
souren/home/souren/.bash_profile:export _JAVA_OPTIONS='-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on'14:30
soureni commented it, got same error14:30
sledgessouren: logout from sdk14:30
sledgesiuno: change HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=fbdev to EGLP_LATFORM=hwcomposer14:31
sledgesand type as user systemctl --user restart lipstick14:31
sourensledges: thanks, it works now14:31
iunosledges: sure it is EGLP_LATFORM, not EGL_PLATFORM?14:33
sledgesiuno: not ;) thanks14:34
*** sletta has quit IRC14:39
iunosledges: sorry, gotta go, bbl14:40
*** mailyaseen has joined #sailfishos-porters14:56
mailyaseensledges: could you please provide me with the latest sailfish os for MAKO, so that i can test it on multirom?15:00
sledgesmailyaseen: i am doing that right now15:00
sledgeslatest public image doesn't support multirom, next release will15:00
mailyaseenany plan for release of latest image for image?15:01
mailyaseensledges: any plan for release of latest image for public?15:02
dragonkeeperhmm, trying chroot into the ubuntu part using    ubu-chroot -r /srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu    , but it complains it doesnt look like a ubuntu rootfs .. so i check the folder + version, showing as jessie/sid ... so should i just mark it using echo 'MerSDK' | sudo tee /etc/debian_version15:08
sledgesdragonkeeper: run zypper ref; zypper dup in MerSDK and re-enter chroot15:09
dragonkeeperok trying15:10
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:13
*** lbt_ has quit IRC15:13
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:13
dragonkeepersays the same thing when trying to enter the ubuntu part15:13
*** lbt has quit IRC15:14
sledgesdragonkeeper: edit /usr/bin/ubu-chroot and replace wheezy by "wheezy\|jessie"15:14
sledges(including "quotes")15:15
dragonkeeperthat has already been done o.O15:19
sledgesdragonkeeper: "but it complains it doesnt look like a ubuntu rootfs"?15:20
sledgesdid you setup HA_BUILD in your $PS?15:21
sledges(section 4.1)15:21
sledgesfull paste pls?15:22
dragonkeeperof error ?15:22
sledgesubu-chroot -r /srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu15:22
junnuvisledges: bluetooth works now from gui15:22
dragonkeeperMerSDK dragonkeeper@Dragonslair ~ $ ubu-chroot -r  /srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu15:22
dragonkeeperset root to15:22
dragonkeeper does not look like an Ubuntu rootfs15:22
dragonkeeperif you are sure it is, you may mark it by running15:22
dragonkeeperecho 'MerSDK' | sudo tee /etc/debian_version15:22
sledgesjunnuvi: \o/15:22
sledgesdragonkeeper: pastebin ls -l /srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu15:22
sledgesjunnuvi: what was the magic potion?15:23
junnuvirfkill thing to uden (same as maguro uses) and permissions to /dev/ttyHS215:24
sledgesnooice :)15:24
sledgeswell done and "submit patches" ;))15:24
junnuvisledges: yes, as soon i learn how to do that :P15:28
dragonkeepersledges, ha never mind  i was having a stupid moment15:29
dragonkeeperi was doing ubu-chroot -r  /srv/mer/sdks/ubuntu      when seems i should of been doing  ubu-chroot -r /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu15:31
alinsledges: Stskeeps done... any testing to be done before pushing it in the hammerhead repo?15:31
*** uvatbc has quit IRC15:32
sledgesalin: launch video from gallery15:33
alinsledges: he he I have none15:34
sledges1 should come with image15:34
sledgesjolla promo15:34
alinlet me check I think is not installed15:34
Stskeepsmight not be in tracker for whatever reason..15:34
sledgesthen put one on ;)15:34
alinthere is a jolla-demo not active15:35
alinsledges: let me see if I have anything15:36
alinsledges: Stskeeps mp415:37
alinblocked initially but after restarting the app seems to be ok15:40
*** vrutkovs_ has quit IRC15:42
alinsledges: but now the sensor is a must15:44
alinsledges: the orientation one15:44
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters15:45
kjokiniereview appreciated:
*** giucam has quit IRC15:48
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters15:48
alinkjokinie: that shall make wlan hotspots work?15:51
Stskeepsmight already work .. did you try?15:51
alinkjokinie: ok... together with a service...15:51
alinStskeeps: yes... it does not15:51
kjokiniealin: it's just in case your device needs such a thing.. if the WLAN driver is sane, you most likely don't need it15:52
*** giucam has quit IRC15:53
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters15:53
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters15:53
sledgeskjokinie: so it's a compilable-in flag?15:53
sledgesor if its in, it can safely sit and lurk15:53
alin[94103.668726] bcm_wifi_get_mac_addr: READ MAC ADDRESS BC:F5:AC:FF:8A:0F15:53
alinbroadcom... not the sanest thing15:54
alin[94104.000253] CFG80211-ERROR) check_dev_role_integrity : device role select failed15:54
kjokiniesledges: it's default in, you can compile it out if you  configure it with the disable flag... if the service file is missing, it will not do anything15:54
* kjokinie heading home for today..15:56
sledgeskjokinie: so if my device doesn't need such a thing, still safe to have it in?15:56
sledges(like ffmemless back in the day ;)15:56
kjokiniesledges: yes15:56
sledgesok, thanks and have a nice home evening :)15:56
* kjokinie is a big friend of runtime probing :P15:58
sledges:)) o/15:58
*** mailyaseen has quit IRC16:03
*** lbt_ has quit IRC16:03
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:03
*** iTune has quit IRC16:07
alinsledges: totally convinced I put a bug on hotspot16:09
alinsledges: i did not ...16:09
alinadded one now16:09
alinof course guilty is connman16:09
MerbotNemo bug 767 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] wlan hotspot does not work" [Normal,New]16:09
alinand after the wifi test... the mac of the wifi card changed...16:12
sledgesjunnuvi: cd rpm/; git status is a good way to start contributing :)16:12
*** lbt_ has quit IRC16:12
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:12
*** lbt_ has quit IRC16:12
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:12
sledgesalin: yes, there's bug on that16:12
alinsledges: where? I could not find it16:13
sledgesWLAN forgetting APs16:14
sledgesrootcause is MAC16:14
alinsledges: yap that I know... but usually thought mac changed only when rebooted the phone16:14
alinsledges: and the root cause of that... [    1.820554] bcm_wifi_get_mac_addr: Failed to get information from file /persist/wifi/.macaddr (-2)16:15
sledgesyou might have hit the beehive ;)16:15
sledgesprobably two different things then16:16
sledgesdo we mount /persist?16:16
alinI think so... but probably too late16:16
alinsledges: cause the file exists there16:16
alin  /persist/wifi/.macaddr16:17
alincotaining some gibberish16:17
alinsledges: the hexdump f5bc ffac 0f8a16:17
alinwhich looks like a mac16:17
alinmaybe this guy shall join us16:19
sledgesif you read that bug16:19
sledgesyou'll see that mac is gotten twice16:19
sledgesso we need to preempt /persist/ mount quite a bit16:19
alinsledges: I do not think... tries one from file... and then assigns some random16:20
sledgesone from file not being mounted yet16:20
sledges2nd attempt during systemd works16:20
phdeswersledges: we just need to make sure all filesystems are mounted before doing anything else afaik.16:21
sledgesalin: duplicate:
MerbotNemo bug 735 in Hybris-ing "[hammergead] wifi hotspot not working" [Normal,New]16:24
alinsledges: blimey and is even by me16:25
sledgesalin: happens to the best of us ;)16:25
sledgesphdeswer: yes, because in this case things are happening even before droid-hal-init as per
MerbotNemo bug 731 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead] Does not connect to known wifi after reboot" [Normal,New]16:26
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters16:26
phdeswersledges: I just wonder how.16:26
sledgesTassadar: it says "Kexec-hardboot support is required to boot this rom" (i can't see any kexec bits in a working hammerhead: )16:27
Tassadaryou need a patched kernel in the primary ROM16:28
sledgesTassadar: unless it blames it on cm, which is 10.1, and kexec-hardboot ones in your multirom xda thread are listed only from >10.216:28
alinphdeswer: sledges i see the persist mount but nothing depends on it16:28
alincan't we make it the first bit to be mounted16:28
sledgesTassadar: im happy to have sf as primary rom :)))16:28
Tassadarsledges: CM never merged my patches, never got any response actually16:28
sledgesTassadar: roger..16:29
Tassadarsledges: so either you rebuild your sailfish kernel, or flash one of the ZIPs right now (but they won't work with sailfish)16:29
phdesweralin: it does not matter when it gets mounted. As long as systemd does not start any services before everything is mounted.16:30
Tassadarsledges: ( - kernel_kexec_mako_*.zip are for n4, choose appropriate version)16:30
alinphdeswer: yap so practically we shall make the network service to require the persistent mount?16:31
phdesweralin: that might be an option. Better would be that there is no service executed before everything is mounted. As doing it only in the network service might just make some other race condition pop up.16:33
alinphdeswer: ok...16:33
alinso we need some kind of expert on systemd16:33
sledgesTassadar: what is that needs to be served with used for?16:41
Tassadaryou need binaries from it16:41
Tassadarwhen you install sf, you need to flash it over cm16:41
sledgesso primary rom can be any other?16:41
sledgesso i have to put into relnotes now that cm10.1 will not work as primary rom16:42
sledgesbut is needed for sf16:42
Tassadarwell it will, you just need to flash that zip with kernel over it16:43
sledgesTassadar: unless newer kernel won't be compatible with older rootfs16:45
sledgescm10.1 as primary rom, flash and booting primary rom might be problematic (especially if flashed e.g. by mistake)16:47
Tassadaroh, I don't have 10.1 kernel over there16:47
Tassadarwhy aren't you using 10.2 anyway?16:48
sledgeswhole hybris stack is 10.116:48
Tassadarright, it is different version of android, 4.2 vs 4.316:49
*** oh1jty has joined #sailfishos-porters16:52
*** oh1jty has quit IRC16:57
*** Nokius has quit IRC17:02
sledgesTassadar: you think could bake a pls?17:19
*** oh1jty has joined #sailfishos-porters17:20
Tassadarif it were in the repos -
Tassadaronly cm10.2 is there17:20
Tassadarsledges: try the zip for android 42 or - I think cm102_old should work the best with it, that one is before they flipped to caf I think17:21
sledgesi'll try17:22
Tassadarnah, it is certainly newer than that 10.117:23
TassadarI'll build the zip17:23
Tassadarwhoa, is that supposed to be built with 4.617:31
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos-porters17:45
Tassadar                    "name": "CM 10.2 - new",17:46
Tassadar                    "file": "",17:46
Tassadar                    "extra": {17:46
Tassadar                        "releases": [ "4.3" ],17:46
Tassadar                        "display": "cm_mako"17:46
Tassadar                    }17:46
Tassadar                },17:46
Tassadarsorryyy, wrong paste17:46
Stskeepsoi oi ;)17:47
sledgesTassadar: wonderful!17:47
Tassadarsledges: , if you wanna put link somewhere
Tassadarand please try if it boots, again, I don't have the device17:47
sledgesim on it (in an hour ;)17:47
sledgesalin: properly tagged versions of gst-* building
alinsledges: ok.. I did it in my repo just wanted to submit...17:51
alinsledges: now I can remove them from mine17:52
alinsledges: I will build the list of packages we need17:52
alinand add it to the script17:53
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:56
iunohallo again17:58
*** beidl has quit IRC17:58
iunosledges: have you looked at my last paste? lipstick still failed18:02
sledgesalin: i just webhooked them thereafter you've tested, thanks18:06
alinsledges: cool...18:06
sledgesalin: we can just post on xda thread: do this: ssu ar community-ha; devel-su; zypper ref community-ha; zypper in gst-omx ...18:06
sledgesto test hw video playback18:06
sledgesno need to reflash18:06
sledgesor new release18:07
alinsledges: yap... that we can do18:07
alinsledges: though I am sure some will complain...18:07
sledgesit's alpha ;P18:08
alinsledges: cli18:08
sledgeshow do they install warehouse then etc18:08
alinsledges: just say we will do it properly in the next release... for the curious18:08
alinsledges: not all... installed it...18:08
sledgesfor the impatient ;)18:08
sledgesor store support, still needs cli18:08
alinsledges: now I need to go... my mission here is finished... had to create a stupid php form... still have to add a captcha but I am done...18:09
sledgesiuno: yes, hardmask lipstick again (in etc..user), then do as user: cd /var/lib/environment/compositor/; cat *.conf; (export all VARIABLES with export command); then launch lipstick by hand with $LIPSTICK_OPTIONS18:09
sledgesyay #sailfishos-porters is getting a captcha :)18:09
alinsee you later...18:10
*** alin has quit IRC18:12
iunosledges: got segfault18:19
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:26
*** iuno has quit IRC18:54
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters19:00
*** furikku has quit IRC19:11
sledgesiuno: strace pls19:12
*** keithzg has quit IRC19:41
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:55
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:02
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters20:08
*** dmt__ has quit IRC20:09
situiuno: unmount debugfs20:09
sledgesiuno: what situ said20:10
situsledges: It's so common, we should put it somewhere in wiki.20:10
sledgessitu: hammerhead and amami, anything else?20:13
situsledges: can't recall, but I have seen this issue few times.20:14
sledgessitu: hadk-faq piratepad it is then20:14
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:16
rusty88hey sledges yesterday you said there still was something else to try to debug ril20:19
sledgesrusty88: sure20:23
sledgesrusty88: strace /system/bin/rild20:24
*** dmt__ has quit IRC20:30
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:30
sledgesvakkov: ping ^20:35
sledgesrusty88: 18:55 < Stskeeps> anything, else strings on the ril .so always helps20:44
sledgesrusty88: strings /system/lib/libril.so20:44
iunositu: thanks20:48
iunosledges: screen turns on (black), reboot...20:48
vakkovthat strace20:48
vakkovdoes not look bad to me20:49
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters20:49
*** iuno_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
sledgesvakkov: because rild dies20:53
sledgestoo early20:53
vakkovmine does not die and has almost the same output20:53
sledgeswhen launched from d-h-init (via android service start) it spits much more into logcat20:53
vakkovand it finnishes the strace at the same point20:53
sledgeslike accessing modem20:53
sledgesthis execution does not spit anything into logcat -b radio20:54
*** souren_ has quit IRC20:54
*** iuno has quit IRC20:54
sledgeshow to strace such launched things: ?20:55
rusty88let me just add that this time started to spit into logcat -b radio... but the output still has the Modem boot timeout20:55
sledgesrusty88: it started?? :))20:55
sledgesrusty88: if output still has modem boot timeout, how can strace be so skinny?20:55
rusty88yes! just check to see if it was spitting this time20:56
sledgesrusty88: strace -fF /system/bin/rild20:56
rusty88no idea... strace is stuck at tha last nanosleep20:56
*** iuno_ has left #sailfishos-porters20:57
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters20:57
sledgesiuno: lipstick still masked? what's strace before reboot?20:58
rusty88sledges: same output...  :\20:59
sledgesrusty88: strings? ;)21:00
rusty88just to be sure but the rild and modem should be the same as in cm10 right?21:03
iunosledges: yes. open("/dev/ion", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE)  = 4421:04
iunoioctl(44, 0xc014490021:04
sledgesbut answer is: whatever is in cm of low level, should be same in sf ;)21:04
rusty88well the radio partition or whatever... if modem boots up in CM can't see why is not booting here21:05
sledgesiuno: run logcat in another window before reboot21:06
sledgesrusty88: yep, but we checked radio partition - they are correct21:07
*** CarlosMazieri has joined #sailfishos-porters21:07
sledgesdouble check with mount21:07
sledgesin cm and sf21:07
sledgesalso check lsmod ooi21:07
*** giucam is now known as JollaMann21:07
*** JollaMann is now known as giucam21:07
sledgesgiucam: oh Mann ^_^21:08
rusty88sledges: mount shows no record of mmcblk0p7 and lsmod just shows dhd21:08
giucamsledges: long story :D21:09
sledgessometimes those are the best ones ;)21:09
sledgesrusty88: radio is not moutnable21:10
sledgesemmc is special fs21:10
sledgesrusty88: im searching for special symlink, hang on21:10
sledgesthat maguro used to please sammy21:11
sledgesunder /dev/21:11
giucamsledges: but i'm afraid you woulnd't understand it given you're not in ;)21:11
sledgesrusty88: found it! go to cm and see if anything similar is there (symlinks under /dev pointing to mmcblk0p7):
sledgesgiucam: i use archlinux and speak italian, but probably is not enough :)))21:12
sledgesyou can tell me over a birra sometime:)21:13
giucamok ;)21:15
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:21
rusty88sledges: I don't think so, it only has the 4
iunosledges: logcat sais Unable to open log device '/dev/log/main': Not a directory21:23
sledgesrusty88: fais play because yours is not omap...21:23
sledgesiuno: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat21:24
rusty88i meant there's no special symlink :(21:24
sledgesrusty88: and that is why..21:27
sledgesrusty88: do ll -R /dev/ |grep mmcblk0p721:27
sledgesand then memorise that layout21:27
sledgesand make sure it looks the same in sf21:27
sledgesas many nodes as needed should be symlinked to p721:27
sledgesmmcblk0p7 that is ofc21:27
sledgesiuno: i noticed /dev/ion ioctl would trigge reboot, might be related:
sledgesiuno: see also oneplus one:
sledgesiuno: your device needs to land to that ^ wiki too, with logcat and strace infos21:30
sledgescould you do that pls?21:30
rusty88you were right, there's the missing p7 symlink21:36
sledgesonly that?21:37
sledgeswell hopes on that one then :)21:37
rusty88and the permissions of /dev/block/mmcblk0p7 differ21:38
rusty88the rest is the same21:38
rusty88scratch that... i was checking the link instead of the file21:39
iunosledges: yes, but the whole strace? it's huge21:40
sledgesand you scanned the whole /dev/*right?21:40
sledgesiuno: just paste into wiki last 10 lines of strace, if you could pastebin the whole file somewhere that would be a bonus, but not critical21:41
alinphdeswer: hi21:41
alinphdeswer: do you want usb-moded-mtp-mode-android added?21:42
phdesweralin: that's not needed. pc-suite is the one that supports the jolla stuff21:42
alinphdeswer: I know is not needed... asked it if you want complaints about21:43
phdeswerthe usb-moded-mtp-mode-android won't do much since it still needs the android user space mtp daemon21:43
phdesweralin: so what's the complaint?21:46
alinphdeswer: ok.. so I will not added21:46
rusty88sledges: yes, i listed the whole /dev... comparing them now21:46
alinphdeswer: none from me... I wanted to know if you want to put it default to give it exposure21:46
alinsledges: I added one for you too...21:47
alinsledges: strace21:47
alinsledges: do you want strace-graph?21:47
phdesweralin: ok. So no exposure needed since it does not do anything useful anyway.21:47
alinphdeswer: perfect!21:47
phdesweralin: thanks21:54
alinphdeswer: I updated the sfa-mer-testing if you are tempted to build your own image21:54
alinphdeswer: or to test.. the testing... dmt will merge them soon21:54
phdesweralin: good to know. But won't tonight. Soon off to sleep21:55
iunosledges: alright?
aliniuno: and this one too
sledgesiuno: nice, i just added your SoC and GPU22:00
sledgesTassadar: sailfishOS mako booted via multirom \o/22:00
sledgesthanks a bunch:)22:01
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:01
lpottersledges: I meant _everything_ in journal output :) I presume there is kernel and other output there as well?22:01
iunosledges: ah sorry thought it was same as 1+22:01
sledgesiuno: nearly;)22:01
sledgeslpotter: i did journalctl -f :)22:01
Tassadarsledges: k, gonna release it22:01
sledgesship it :D22:01
Tassadarokay, scratch that, I'm gonna ship it instead!22:02
TassadarI'll add changes for the n7s too, so that all devices get v2822:02
Tassadarcan you give me a link to their images/boot.imgs/somewhere where the commmand line from boot.img is?22:03
sledgesTassadar: cxl000 and vrutkovs(not here now) should be able to give you22:03
* sledges is thinking about multirom column in the table (is huge already anyhow:))22:05
iunoalin: done, line looks sad :P22:07
sledgesTassadar: would there be any luck by grep BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE ?22:08
Tassadaryeah, looks like you use that on hammerhead
sledgesTassadar: yes, add selinux=0 as per last paragraph of
Tassadarfor all of them?22:10
Tassadarnot for mako?22:11
sledgesmake is well behaved22:11
Tassadarmako isn't on cm1122:11
sledgesotherwise i would've had reboot already22:11
Tassadaryeah, doesn't have selinux yet22:11
sledgesso, it's a 4.4/cm11 feature then22:11
sledgesic, thanks valuable22:11
Tassadar< 4.4 has selinux in permissive mode22:11
Tassadar4.2 is when it was first turned on I think22:12
Tassadarno, sorry, L will be the first AOSP release with enforcing mode22:12
Tassadarbut CM switched to enforcing in...cm11? I think22:12
TassadarI'll add it to mako too, doesn't hurt and I guess you'll switch to cm11 some time in the future22:13
sledgesok, let's slip that in22:14
Tassadarand let me tell you, selinux is a pain in the ass22:15
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters22:15
Tassadarbut it probably is that for both us and the people who create malware, so I guess it has some benefits22:16
sledgeslocusf: how's n7000 release goin? :)22:19
Tassadarsledges: is grouper's port maintained?22:19
sledgesTassadar: is coming out from the ashes yes, and definitely there's interest (cc junnuvi )22:20
iunothanks again guys, I'll go to sleep, bye ;)22:21
sledgeslaters iuno !22:22
Tassadarsledges: I've worked with plasma active on grouper, and that one uses mer, but it was quite different than the hammerhead sailfish port22:22
Tassadarlike I think it actually used proper linux drivers instead of libhybris22:23
*** iuno has quit IRC22:23
sledgesi only heard about plasma active on archos tablets; yea could be22:23
Tassadarare there any images for grouper already built or is it work in progress?22:24
* sledges hides22:24
sledgesTassadar: images built and junnuvi also resurrected audio and bluetooth \o/ he's not made images public yet22:25
sledgesbut pm him for a taster22:25
TassadarI just need to know if they work the same way as other device's ports - android's kernel with extra config options and android drivers22:26
*** nh1402 has quit IRC22:33
sledgeslpotter: dmesg during display blank and on:
rusty88sledges: what is init.svc.TvoutService_C ?22:46
sledgestvout something, can be safely ignored/disabled22:47
sledgesrusty88: partition symlinking didn't help? :/22:47
rusty88sledges: nope, still figuring out what's wrong with rild22:47
cxl000Tassadar, for n7 deb I've been using base_cmdline="%b androidboot.hardware=flo user_debug=31 msm_rtb.filter=0x3F ehci-hcd.park=3 androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.serialno=09214ba9 androidboot.baseband=mdm asustek.hw_rev=rev_e androidboot.bootloader=FLO-03.15 selinux=0"22:48
sledgesyeah, what differences..22:48
Tassadarcxl000: "androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.serialno=09214ba9 androidboot.baseband=mdm asustek.hw_rev=rev_e androidboot.bootloader=FLO-03.15" gets added by the bootloader, that's what the %b alias means22:49
Tassadarthe bootloader also removes first 26 characters from the cmdline from boot.img and uses only the rest, because hacks)22:50
rusty88sledges: in getprop ro.emmc and ro.emmc.boot   are set to 0 is this ok ?22:50
Tassadarfirst 26 characters are " console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8", so I guess they wanted to prevent the serial console from being used)22:50
sledgesrusty88: well they are set to the same in cm, riight? ;)22:51
rusty88sledges:  haven't checked :P22:51
sledgespls do:)22:51
rusty88sledges: ok ;) btw Ive also spotted that cm it has a /dev/socket/wpa_wlan0 and in sf is missing, you think that could be related to wireless issues?22:54
cxl000Tassadar, I recall there being some problems with the mer/plasma port to grouper. I'll probably do a sailfish port when I get mine back22:56
cxl000Tassadar, I just copied from /proc/cmdline so should be able to simplify to " console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 %b selinux=0"22:58
sledgesrusty88: possibly, grep wpa_wlan0 /init*.rc22:58
Tassadarno, that 'androidboot.hardware=flo user_debug=31 msm_rtb.filter=0x3F ehci-hcd.park=3 ' part has to be there22:58
rusty88same content in both places :\23:00
cxl000right and add an extra console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 when using audio jack serial adapter23:01
sledgesrusty88: ?23:01
Tassadaranyway, multirom on all supported devices is now ready for sailfish23:02
rusty88sledges: the socket is only available when the wlan is connected to a network23:02
Tassadarsledges: is there an XDA thread for flo?23:03
Tassadarsledges: I mean, mako23:05
*** CarlosMazieri has quit IRC23:08
*** souren_ has joined #sailfishos-porters23:10
*** mugna has quit IRC23:13
sledgesTassadar: yes
sledgesrusty88: ok23:24
Tassadarsledges: are the releases linked in the first post the new ones?23:25
TassadarLike, can I link this from the multirom thread?23:25
sledgesTassadar: sadly is a bit of a mess on that thread23:25
sledgesreleases are scattered around, but historically we also sent an email to early adopters distribution list, how it all started23:26
sledgesi'll create a new thread (got experience from hammerhead, by stealing contents from beidl_'s maguro sfos xda thread :))23:26
sledgesTassadar: why did i notice "ubuntu touch" disappearing from mako TWRP multirom menu when went from 27 to 27o ?23:27
Tassadarbecause ubuntu touch isn't installed like that anymore23:27
sledgesi'll pm you once new thread is there23:27
sledgesah ok, fair enough23:27
rusty88gotta go to sleep23:29
*** rusty88 has quit IRC23:30
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:44
hurrianweird, I'm not seeing android-tools in mer-tools:i486 repo23:48
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters23:48
*** beidl_ has quit IRC23:49
sledgeshurrian: wazaaap!?
sledgeslong time no chat ;)23:51
hurriansledges: finally had some free time, going to try bringing up Sailfish/Mer on i910023:51
hurrianthat, plus building u-boot so I can still use Android when needed :D23:51
sledgesah niice, i've got i9100 dusting in a housemate's drawer ;)23:52
*** souren_ has quit IRC23:52
sledgesremember peeps putting X/qt4 flavours on those ;)23:52
hurrian(plus, experiments with making Android render to a virtual fb)23:53

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