Thursday, 2014-08-21

sledgeshurrian: guess you'll want to follow this fellow: :)00:01
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hurrianI don't think that guy used HADK - iirc that was the Linux kernel booting straight up to Nemo armv7hl00:03
sledgessure, was long time ago, but i saw uboot in his github among other toys00:04
sledges(same username)00:04
hurrianyep, he definitely used uboot, and I'm planning to use Android's kernel toolchain to build uboot.00:04
sledgesanyhow, if you prod him, might be interested in co-op00:05
sledgeshe contacted me back in the day after seeing nemo on pandaboard00:06
hurrianhmm, just might work - I need to know what toolchain people used for the i910000:06
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* sledges nods00:08
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hurrianlocusf: seeing as you're the maintainer for n7000, what did you hook the home/menu/back buttons up to?01:59
hurriani mean, sailfish pretty much makes them pointless02:00
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locusfhurrian: I didn't map them to anything02:08
hurrianyep, i guess i'll be doing the same02:08
hurriannot much point in navigation buttons with Sailfish :D02:08
locusfyeah :D02:09
hurriancloning the droid-hybris repo now, 8GB to go D:02:10
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locusfthis was for i9100?02:11
hurrianyep, i910002:11
hurrianI'll ape the n7000 adaptation for the most part, seeing as they're both smdk4412 devices02:11
locusfgood luck with it02:20
locusfI had to use some tricks to get mer kernel to boot up, a custom repacker to piggyback the initrd02:20
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locusfhurrian: any progress?06:20
hurrianlocusf: confirmed that u-boot builds and runs with whatever toolchain Google ships with AOSP, I'm still a few GBs from downloading the Cyanogenmod tree though06:21
hurrianthird world internet speeds are the epitome of suffering.06:21
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locusfhurrian: lol ok :)06:53
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jusa_any ideas how to detect slimport/hdmi connect with nexus 5 other than in hwcomposer plugin?07:48
Stskeepswell, i would sort of expect that code to be in the hwcomposer plugin (is oss)07:48
Stskeepsie the one detecting new displays07:49
jusa_Stskeeps: yep07:51
Stskeepsif there's a more standard way.....07:51
Stskeepsthat i don't know07:51
jusa_that's what I'm looking for :)07:51
dr_gogeta86good morning guys07:51
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jusa_at least /sys/devices/virtual/switch/hdmi(_audio)/state changes..07:57
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dr_gogeta86Stskeeps: did you manage qcom legacy ?08:25
dr_gogeta86i got a ported device08:26
dr_gogeta86that refuse to print any on screen08:26
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sledgesmorningen! good news: tutorial has magic close sequence: on first screen touch every corner starting top-left clockwide ;)09:30
sledgeswise even ;p09:30
vrutkovssledges: hey, poked the new libhybris on n7 flo: still gets stuck09:35
sledgesvrutkovs: did you rebuild hwc against new libhybris?09:39
sledgesunsure how much that is important, but in case of api change..09:39
vrutkovssledges: no, I guess not. You mean qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin, right?09:40
vrutkovsokay, lets see09:41
vrutkovssledges: doesn't seem to help either09:46
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lbt<<--   karma whore10:03
* Stskeeps goes order lbt a tshirt..10:04
lbtmake sure there are strategic slashes ...10:04
sledgesvrutkovs: then time to poke Stskeeps ;)10:04
* sledges hides10:05
* lbt sees potential for a whole new slash-dot T-shirt10:05
lbtwait, what chan is this ...10:05
sledgesstill apropriate ;)10:05
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vrutkovsStskeeps: well, anytime you've got time and mood - I think I can make that ssh stuff you've requested10:07
vrutkovsor any other instructions10:07
Stskeepsyeah.. time is my problem right now10:07
vrutkovsno rush, maybe someone on libhybris channel will help?10:08
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sledgeslbt: still did not reply what ciders you want to drink at xda:devcon10:17
sledgesvrutkovs: mako had very similar problem as yours, maybe nexus7 graphics stack needs this bizzarly reverted to work (see nature of commit):
sledgesagain long shot but you never know :)10:29
sledges(i'd say reverting this might break all currently working devices that is :D but curious to try on flo for one)10:30
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vrutkovssledges: eh, it seems all that time I was updating libhybris wrong ;) Now I did this correctly and stupid android drivers usually fail with
vrutkovshave anyone seen those IOCTL_KGSL_MAP_USER_MEM also?11:44
sledgesvrutkovs: so did updating progressed you at all?11:46
vrutkovssledges: kind of - latest upstream works a bit better for me, the crash is less frequent I'd say11:47
vrutkovsreverting swapbuffer stuff didn't show lipstick at all11:47
sledgesvrutkovs: but segfault/error is similar?11:47
sledgesgood :)11:47
sledgeswhat's in dmesg?11:47
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vrutkovssledges: nothing, though traceback has changed:
sledgesvrutkovs: so are your apps simply crash, but lipstick stays fine?11:51
vrutkovssledges: well, sometimes lipstick also crashes11:52
vrutkovsgimme a sec, I think I've got two issues her11:52
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sledgesalin__: alpha3 is without suw+tutorial?12:09
alin__sledges: it has them12:09
sledgesok need to recheck my multirom setups then :)12:09
alin__sledges: you boot the wrong one?12:09
alin__sledges: usually i delete the sailfish entry12:09
sledgesi factory reset12:10
alin__and redo it clean cm+sf every time12:10
sledgesis my first multirom boot12:10
sledgesafter wipe12:10
alin__sledges: ok I see.. which alpha3 do you use?12:10
alin__the one which there shall have the tutorial12:10
alin__if you get one without ambience is a sign of using an old one without12:11
sledgesyes, no ambience now12:11
alin__so do not tell me we uploaded the wrong one in the end12:11
sledgesi downloaded wrong one12:11
sledgesmy bad12:11
alin__because the first one was without12:12
alin__sledges: great... mistery solved time for lunch then12:12
sledgeswheh have a good112:12
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vrutkovssledges: oh, it seems that libhybris upstream cannot be pulled without conflicts :(12:46
sledgesi wonder which local bits are offending12:50
vrutkovssledges: nope, did git reset and git clean. Probably its some nexus4 and nexus5 specific fixes in mer-hybris/libhybris repo12:51
sledgesvrutkovs: yep, i meant local=mer-hybris/libhybris12:51
vrutkovsyep, and should be reverted to update cleanly, lets see if this helps for flo..12:54
sledgesvrutkovs: so you haven't tried proper upstream update yet ;) hopes up12:56
vrutkovsoh my, what a mess of stuff was I running on before ;) And it kinda worked ;)12:56
sledgesyou can't stop libhybris roll :))12:57
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Guest50029can I ask some thing?13:10
phdeswersure you can13:10
Guest50029did double-tap-to-unlock work for non-jolla devices?13:11
Guest50029sorry, *to-wake-up*13:12
phdeswerGuest50029: not really as it usually needs some changes to the touchscreen firmware afaik13:12
swlnot working on the N5 or N7 at least.13:12
vrutkovssledges: well, so now the crashes are the same as in packaged version :)13:14
Guest50029but, if we are using CM10.1\11 codebase, when for some of devices func supported and why we can't use it? this is because implementation contains in kernel?13:14
sledgesvrutkovs: means rebasing upstream didn't help?13:14
vrutkovssledges: yep13:14
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sledgesvrutkovs: was worth the shot13:18
vrutkovssledges: yeah, should I file a bug on libhybris github - or nemomobile's bugzilla would be better?13:19
sledgesvrutkovs: have you tried asking in #libhybris first?13:20
vrutkovssledges: I did, but I have at least two different crashes - and its getting complicated to keep all those pastebins13:20
sledgessince it's lipstick compositor libhybris related crashes on your particular hardware, use nemomobile bz13:23
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nh1402in order to make surfaceflinger and lipstick to co-exist, could we not change the code for surfaceflinger to use fb1 instead of fb0, and then either disable or mask lipstick14:03
nh1402after reading this:!topic/android-porting/R1MSIPiELvE14:04
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dr_gogeta86sledges: btrfs hit me in the face14:48
sledgesat least it's butter14:53
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dr_gogeta86sledges: I can't factory reset14:58
dr_gogeta86up todate14:58
dr_gogeta86i need to find a nexus 514:58
dr_gogeta86i don't wanna use android14:58
dr_gogeta86the worst curse to a porter15:00
dr_gogeta86frackup real jolla15:00
dr_gogeta86especially while in vacation15:00
dr_gogeta86now blinks too15:00
dr_gogeta86asks for sim pin15:00
dr_gogeta86how to verify os files15:01
dr_gogeta86for integrity purposes15:01
sledgesdr_gogeta86: wrong channel?;p15:02
dr_gogeta86it can happen also on ported15:02
sledgesno btrfs devices here15:02
dr_gogeta86you say ;-)15:02
sledgestjc, #jollamobile or #sailfishos could help you by probability much better, seriously15:03
dr_gogeta86mine got :P15:03
dr_gogeta86i know15:03
dr_gogeta86in g525 i've got also btrfs support15:03
dr_gogeta86anyone used f2fs ?15:03
dr_gogeta86apart ext15:03
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vakkovMSameer: do you want to continue with maguro? (I was quite busy in the past days, sorry for not pinging)15:41
MSameervakkov: If you want :)15:42
MSameerI am a bit busy at work ATM so maybe after a while?15:42
vakkovMSameer: ok, ping me when you are available.15:43
MSameerthank you15:43
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junnuvisledges: I will take back my comments about groupper bluetooth. Enable/disable does not yet work from gui :(16:31
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locusfI got rild partially working on the p616:55
locusfshortlived joy:
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sledgeskeep the fight:)17:18
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locusfsledges: yeah about the release, not gonna do it just yet even if the image works, wanna get rild working first17:41
sledgeslocusf: n7000?17:43
locusfsledges: yeah17:43
locusfyou asked me last night but I was sleeping :)17:43
sledgesplenty of ril problems :) add p6 to it :)17:43
sledgeswe should gain some know-how there, like with GPUs17:44
locusfapparently ril on samsung devices can't be the stock ril, it needs to be the samsung-ril17:49
sledgesyou could talk a lot about it with beidl and vakkov17:53
locusfapparently they are the experts on ril :)17:54
locusfI got droid-hal-init to stay upright!17:55
locusfon p617:55
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vakkovhere for a couple of minutes. locusf - samsung-ril didn't do anything with sailfish (tested on maguro). the guys at replicant said that they are preparing a new version but i think there is no ETA for it.18:01
locusfvakkov: okay, good to know18:01
sledgesso vakkov went with normal rild and put it to submission?:)18:01
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sledgesvakkov: congrats on your uni studies! moving to uk? ;p18:42
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vakkovyes, beidl made a script to "wake up" the radio. locusf might also need a similar hack. locusf, you can try "waking" it up calling an emergency number (say 911 since it is not available in europe)19:31
vakkovsledges: thanks! sure, i am :)19:32
tbrvakkov: 911 will get translated most likely by the modem to an GSM emergency call. those have no number and highest network priority.19:34
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vakkovtbr: well, that's the goal. an emergency call wakes up the modem. otherwise he probably doesn't even get access to the network.19:37
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tbrvakkov: I was just pointing out that your statement of 911 won't work isn't true19:38
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* phdeswer just notices he missed the community meeting and fixed already the main issue tbr brought up19:41
tbrphdeswer: humh?19:42
phdeswertbr: the license issues with silica.19:43
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tbrphdeswer: you're the third person to fix them then. w00t was too and so was Stskeeps19:45
javispedroI suspect a lot of failed git merges in the next days...19:46
phdeswertbr: no idea what they did, except looking at my commit from last week...19:49
tbrI'm not going to care as long as it's fixed19:50
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* Stskeeps blinks19:52
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alinthought irc is dead21:22
alinanyhow konvi did not let me in21:22
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vakkovsledges, you there?22:13
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters22:27
Umeaboysledges: Hi!22:27
UmeaboyWhere do I start?22:27
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UmeaboyThe HADK looks to advanced so I'd like to have step by step-instructions that I can put into a wiki-page for future porting as well.22:28
sledgesUmeaboy: welcome. i9305 has been ported by Jolla back in the day but images never seen light of day due to phonecalls not working (sms and data work though)22:30
UmeaboyWhat about porting it to the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 then?22:31
UmeaboyAlso known as p1 in CM.22:32
sledgeslooking good:)22:36
sledgesUmeaboy: then you need to follow closely chapter 1422:36
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sledgesUmeaboy: follow example of this wiki for your endeavours:
sledgesand as you go at the start, i recommend setting MER_ROOT somewhere within your $HOME, will reduce future hassle if any22:41
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Umeaboysledges: I'm now building CM from scratch.22:52
sledgesUmeaboy: good call22:59
Umeaboysledges: Here's the info about the device:
sledgesUmeaboy: already looked when i said "looking good";)23:00
sledgeshow have you been anyhow?:)23:01
UmeaboyGood. Now that the temperature outside has decreased.23:02
UmeaboyAsthma is almost non-existing.23:02
sledgesvery well, good to see you back and fishing some HADK:)23:02
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UmeaboyBy the way...... why do I have to download all the branches (all CM-versions) to build it?23:03
UmeaboyIsn't it enough to use the most stable one?23:03
sledgesthat's the way git works23:03
Umeaboyrepo sync downloads all.23:03
UmeaboySome files seems to be missing during the fetching.23:04
sledgesi try not to look into that, works most times:)23:04
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rusty88hi sledges, still no luck with ril :(  is there something else to try  ?23:11
Umeaboysledges: I know that it's a long shot, but it would be nice to flash Sailfish OS on my iPad 4 since it's Jailbroken & rooted.23:13
Umeaboy should start to achieve that.23:14
*** hurrian has quit IRC23:19
sledgesrusty88: yes, ping stskeeps on regular basis (basically, ping -a)23:19
sledgesUmeaboy: you should be looking for something the other way round23:19
Umeaboysledges: Que?23:20
sledgesand you overshot even android-on-iphone in this picture23:20
sledgesthe closest they got was putting u-boot on iphone, never heard more:)23:20
UmeaboyIf openiboot would work in iPad 4 I'd do that.23:20
sledgeswith apple's protectivity it's quite futile23:20
UmeaboyIt's not updated.23:21
sledgesUmeaboy: you asked to run sf on apple hw, then gave a link of how to run apple sw on non-apple hw23:21
UmeaboyTo emulate it, yes.23:22
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hurrianUmeaboy: the last devices you could theoretically have Bootlace/OpeniBoot on are the iPhone 3GS/423:26
Umeaboyhurrian: Have you seen that the project have a toolchain as well?23:27
UmeaboyThat helps a bit.23:27
hurrianthat's not very special, anything can target the Ax CPUs for a while now23:27
* sledges calling it a night23:28
hurriantbh considering the massive, herculean effort to run other kernels on the iPhone, it's way more practical to build xnu and run GNU programs on top of it23:28
hurriannight sledges23:28
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