Friday, 2014-08-22

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alinmerde got banned on freenode... the ip not me00:07
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Umeaboyhurrian: I seem to be missing an important part to build XNU. It's called MIG and I don't know where it is.01:38
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hurrianUmeaboy: Mach Interface Generator? Work off if you're building for the iPhone07:36
hurriananyways, that's way off topic for this channel07:36
dr_gogeta86we are ELF07:39
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TriadaHello guys! Now Multirom uses the new recovery with Salfish support. I actually managed to install Sailfish OS, but the boot process gets stuck at loading stage with "Google" screen. Should I have installed CM 10.3 first, or what's wrong with that?08:02
dr_gogeta86no 10.108:03
dr_gogeta86depends on the device btw08:03
Triadadevice Nexus 408:04
dr_gogeta86put 10.1 first08:04
dr_gogeta86the best thing is08:04
dr_gogeta86install 10.108:04
sledgesTriada: next release will support multirom08:04
dr_gogeta86and next sfa for mako08:05
sledgesnt current08:05
mailyaseenwe dont have sf with multirom support yet08:05
mailyaseensledges where can we get current image for mako?08:06
sledgesmailyaseen: we have for n508:06
Triadathx guys :)08:06
sledgesis not out yet08:06
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sledgeshoy Stskeeps08:07
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vakkovagh, can't connect to wifi using test-connman.. CAL is still not mounted and firmware not laoded .. so i can't install strace. That's why i'm gonna ask again: is this familiar to anybody - ERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Inappropriate ioctl for device) 21:3108:18
dr_gogeta86or is already opened08:19
dr_gogeta86or not loaded support at all08:19
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dr_gogeta86sledges: fixed08:43
dr_gogeta86btrfs sucks , but i won ;-D08:43
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swlHm, someone should create SuxFS that's better.. ho ho.08:44
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dr_gogeta86anyone here tried to port sailfish on moto E09:11
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vakkovoff topic: should i buy a powerful desktop pc or a laptop for my university years11:11
vakkovasking here because i might hear some good model suggestions11:11
alinvakkov: laptop...11:19
alinvakkov: desktop makes no sense... for a student life...11:19
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swlalways pick a laptop. :P11:37
sledgesdr_gogeta86: good job, so you btrfs claimed your phone back;)11:38
dr_gogeta86i need to shutup btrfs11:39
sledgesvakkov: you can always sideload strace11:39
dr_gogeta86sledges: was a cheap fix11:40
dr_gogeta86not a FIX11:40
dr_gogeta86for huawei11:40
dr_gogeta86i've downgraded it to 10.111:40
dr_gogeta86i've found old sources11:41
vakkovsledges: needs perl. should i install all of these -
sledgesdr_gogeta86: i thought your jolla borked11:42
sledgesdr_gogeta86: not moto e, but if similar enough: moto g (falcon) was attempted by vgrade , but he hasn't a device. ParkerR is after him (as he got the device)11:42
sledgesvakkov: --nodeps11:43
dr_gogeta86sledges: same chipset11:43
sledgesvery well then11:44
sledgeswhat about photon q from porters list?11:44
Stskeepsvakkov: laptop and one that doesn't break your back11:44
Stskeepsyour back will be the most important asset you have11:44
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* tbr agrees with the laptop statement11:53
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dr_gogeta86sledges: abemus 10.1 on huawei12:18
dr_gogeta86lets build whole thing apon that12:18
sledgesdon't forget to backport bionic & co12:18
dr_gogeta86i've found a prebuilt android image12:19
dr_gogeta86i'm using 10.1 branch of repos12:19
NeeDforKillsledges how are u12:21
sledgesim fine thanks and you?:)12:22
sledgesdr_gogeta86: so huawei ascend g525 uses btrfs??12:22
NeeDforKilli'm good too. 5 months ago change my N9 to Nexus 412:23
NeeDforKilland wait for sailfish os =)12:23
dr_gogeta86sledges: it can use it12:24
dr_gogeta86kernel have support builtin12:24
sledgesdr_gogeta86: ah :p12:24
dr_gogeta86despite some problems is more intersting in embedded rather then storage12:25
sledgesNeeDforKill: you mean daily driving one?;)12:25
NeeDforKillnot get it ((12:26
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sledgesNeeDforKill: first sailfish for nexus 4 has been released in April12:27
NeeDforKillyeah i try it12:27
NeeDforKilli test all versions12:27
sledgesis what i meant, is not a daily driver yet for you ;)12:27
sledgessince you said you're still waiting12:28
NeeDforKillcan one day we use it without , cm?12:28
NeeDforKillor get for last cm version?12:28
sledgesNeeDforKill: it will support multirom12:28
NeeDforKillbut , i need for normal working install cm like a main system?12:29
sledgesand even if so, why can't you add newer cm as secondary ROM?
sledges(see screenshots)12:31
sledgesone of ROMs is nightly12:31
sledgesTassadar, could you confirm the above pls? ^ :)12:31
sledges(*cm nightly)12:31
sledgesto run sailfish on mako, primary rom -must- be cm10.1?12:32
sledgescan a cm11 be added as an extra secondary rom?12:32
Tassadarno it doesn't12:33
sledgesTassadar: answer to which question? (cc NeeDforKill wait;)12:33
Tassadarprimary rom can be anything12:33
sledgesNeeDforKill: ^ \o/12:33
sledgesjob done:)12:33
NeeDforKillbut for now, for normal working sf without multirom , i need install cm 10.1 with old kernel and modem12:34
NeeDforKillcan it work under cm 11 ?12:34
sledgesfor now yes12:34
NeeDforKillin future12:34
sledgescurrent and nearest future ones cannot work on cm1112:35
sledgesbut why is it a problem for you?12:35
sledgesjust install multirom and have anything you want12:35
Tassadaryou need to use cm10.1 zip when you're installing the sailfish (it asks for two zips, one cm, one sf), that's all12:35
NeeDforKillyeah yeah,last time when i install E3 , it not charge from usb ((12:35
sledgessorry about that, i never heard such reports though12:35
NeeDforKilli think it's my bug12:36
NeeDforKillor stmh12:36
sledgesbtw, with multirom you will be able to power off and reboot gracefully \o/12:36
sledgesand charge while phone is powered off etc etc12:36
NeeDforKillyeah, multirom awesome12:37
sledgeskudos to Tassadar \m/12:38
vrutkovsTassadar: ping. Any chance you're porting SailfishOS to that flo you have?12:43
TassadarI thought somebody is already working on that12:44
vrutkovsme and cxl000 do, though I though you've got some ideas on debugging12:44
vrutkovsas you might know apps usually don't start12:45
vrutkovsor it would be nice to help out with wifi12:45
dr_gogeta86sledges: all yours
dr_gogeta86for ext4 just downgrade it ;-D13:02
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: what are you after? ;) fs revisions on your devices like on jolla? ;)13:04
dr_gogeta86of course13:05
dr_gogeta86you tainted me with the curse13:05
dr_gogeta86now i continue to use it13:06
dr_gogeta86is not bad btw13:06
sledgessitu: alin: vgrade: dmt_: swl: are you still having race condition boot stuck?13:09
sledgeson hammerhead13:09
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vakkovstrace from qmlcomposer - read(20, "./qml-compositor\0-platform\0eglfs"..., 64) = 3313:12
vakkovclose(20)                               = 013:12
vakkovopen("/dev/pvrsrvkm", O_RDWR|O_LARGEFILE) = 2013:12
vakkovfcntl64(20, F_SETFD, FD_CLOEXEC)        = 013:12
vakkovioctl(20, 0xc01c670c, 0xbe9081cc)       = 013:12
vakkovioctl(20, 0xc01c6700, 0xbe9080a4)       = -1 EFAULT (Bad address)13:12
vakkovoops, maybe i should have used pastebin :D13:12
vakkovcan the reason for this be the fact that the kernel pre-registers the pvrsrvrkm module and that's why i built the sgx ddk (the android graphic modules) using the preregistered option so that they can be successfully inserted13:14
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alinsledges: no13:30
alinsledges: only once I have seen it13:30
alinsledges: why you get it?13:34
sledgeshaven't played with n5 much, hence the question13:34
alinsledges: byt the way if you build a new image with sfa-mer you shall get the hw gst stuff from Stskeeps13:34
sledgesalin: does youtube work with those hw codecs now?13:35
alini do not know13:35
sledgesi just need selling points to sell on xda thread;)13:35
sledgesalso there is native youtube player app from store13:35
sledgeswonder if it improved13:35
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alinsledges: nope... crashes13:38
sledges:{ thanks for checking13:38
sledgesbrowser or app?13:39
alinsledges: browser13:39
NeeDforKillsledges add support for android apps pls =))13:39
sledgesNeeDforKill: it's non-free :/13:39
sledgesunless community provides their free alternative13:40
NeeDforKilli know, can we make smth13:40
NeeDforKilli mean smth13:40
NeeDforKilllike everyone buy license for dalvik13:40
NeeDforKillfor using on sf13:40
NeeDforKillwho want android aps13:40
sledgesif you buy13:40
sledgesmeans you buy support too13:40
sledgesand it's product by Myriad13:40
sledgeswill they want to support different hw?13:41
sledgesfor small price?13:41
NeeDforKillwhy they can't make license without support13:41
NeeDforKillfor sf ports13:41
sledgesand if something doesn't work?13:41
sledgesit's closed source13:41
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alinsledges what is the app for youtube13:42
sledgesyoutube app13:42
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:42
alinin harbours?13:42
sledgesalin: YTPlayer13:42
NeeDforKillit's all cuz closed sources13:43
sledgesNeeDforKill: 16:40 < sledges> unless community provides their free alternative13:44
sledgesalin: jolla store no wor?13:44
NeeDforKillor start write native apps :D13:44
alinsledges: I do not use it...13:44
sledgesNeeDforKill: that's the spirit man! \o/13:46
sledgesno go and write your first hello world in two button clicks (Create, Deploy) with SailfishSDK ;)13:48
vakkovif somebody finds my "bad address" log after time - run the correct pvrsrvinit13:50
vakkovsledges: is it possible to add a script before modules-load.d is loaded13:51
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sledgesvakkov: what's responsible launching modules-load.d ?14:31
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sledgesFroyday! :D14:53
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sledgeswhat are you up to fellows?14:53
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vakkovsledges: should be some systemd service. but i think that i don't need a script for now15:14
vakkovStskeeps: i made some progress  -
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sledges/usr/local/lib/libhybris/ undefined symbol: android_wlegl_ha...terface15:21
sledgesvakkov: would you want some *droid's /system underneath?15:22
vakkovi have an ICS /system (i am using hybris with ics)15:23
sledgesso some abi miss still15:24
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alinsledges: practically that ytplayer... does not have the dev lkey.. so it cannot be built15:33
alinsledges: these are the only two things reported when browser crashes15:34
alinAug 22 16:34:13 abbaton ohmd[739]: *** resource_request:  register   815:34
alinAug 22 16:34:13 abbaton ohmd[739]: *** resource_request:  unregister   815:34
alinAug 22 16:34:13 abbaton mapplauncherd[1214]: Boosted process (pid=19530) was terminated due to signal 1115:34
sledgesalin: im testing ytplayer atm15:37
alinsledges: I could not build it... and did not find it on harbour15:38
sledgesfound it in 20seconds..15:38
sledgesvia Jolla Store app on the phone15:38
sledgesdoesn't work properly - shows only delta frame (i.e. what moves)15:39
sledgeswith weird effect that makes video looks like badly rendered 3d silhouettes on black background :)15:40
sledgesbut at least you can watch your favourite movies in portrait mode15:41
* sledges hides15:41
sledgesa lot, compared to that we got it just by opening codecs and not typing a single line of code:)15:41
sledgesnever tried on a device before15:42
vakkovsledges: it should be android_wlegl_handle_interface15:44
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vakkovsledges: mm nope, ics. maybe hybris used something from jb?15:50
sledgesmy thoughts^;)15:52
vakkovmm i doubt it16:02
alinsledges: I could not get the store to run... keeps asking for details16:06
alinbut I cannot find the bloody player at all16:07
sledgesalin: probably findable only through store16:07
alinI mean i find it in store... but that is all16:07
alinI cannot install it16:07
sledgesalin: what details? log?16:07
sledgesand include ssu s too16:07
alinssu s?16:07
alinsledges: Device registration status: not registered16:08
sledgesthat's only for devs16:08
sledgespaste all logs and from store, then i can help16:08
alinAug 22 17:06:12 abbaton packagekitd[22059]: Needs authentication:
alinAug 22 17:06:12 abbaton packagekitd[22059]: Needs authentication:
alinAug 22 17:06:13 abbaton packagekitd[22059]: Needs authentication:
alinAug 22 17:06:13 abbaton [18800]: [D] Package::InstallTransactionPkgKit::slotTransactionError:389 - void Package::InstallTransactionPkgKit::slotTransactionError(PackageKit::Transaction::Error, const QString&) 37 "Authentication failed (is SSU set up correctly?)"16:09
alinok... maybe my doing forced a ssu up -r16:11
sledgesalin: is SIM in, and/or is IMEI visible in about product?16:11
sledgesand does it match with ssu s output for device ID ?16:11
alinsledges: yao16:11
sledgespastebin ssu lr16:12
sledgesalso, remove and re-add your jolla account16:12
*** boilerkim has quit IRC16:12
sledgesis time set correctly? ;)16:12
*** uvatbc has quit IRC16:14
alinsledges: yap and
*** AlexRussia has joined #sailfishos-porters16:14
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos-porters16:14
sledgesalin: ssu domain16:15
alinsledges: Device domain is currently: sales16:16
sledgesssu rr xt916:16
sledgesand if you do pkcon refresh (from a priviledged shell), it should bring back adaptation016:16
sledgesinto normal16:16
sledgesthis is how it is on my device, and works16:16
alinsledges: xt9 still there16:17
*** sletta has quit IRC16:17
sledgesremove again16:17
sledgesit brings it back after refresh16:17
sledgeshave you re-added jolla account?16:18
alinsledges: re-added it?16:18
alinsledges: on shall I?16:18
sledges19:12 < sledges> also, remove and re-add your jolla account16:19
sledgesif still doesn't work16:19
alinsledges: I remain to my zypper repos...16:24
sledges  - store           ...
sledgeswhy is this incomplete?16:24
alinsledges: where that?16:25
sledgesi flashed alpha3 just now, and used my jolla store account, then tried another one - both time everything works16:25
sledgesssu lr16:25
alinno idea.. cpy paste error16:26
alinhere is fine16:26
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC16:26
alinsledges: my ssu.ini is focked up16:28
alinsledges: can you paste the general one16:28
alinthe general section from yours16:29
alinsledges: worked16:34
sledgeswhat borked?16:34
sledgeswarehouse playing about?16:34
alinsledges: the user...16:34
alinsledges: I deleted a credentials line by mistake16:35
sledgesthe between-chair-and-the-keyboard case:)16:36
alinsledges: yap16:36
sledgeswhy would you touch ssu.ini o.O16:36
alinsledges: between chair and screen16:36
alinsledges: silliness16:36
alinsledges: was trying the old method...16:37
alinsledges: now time to go shall be back later... if they do not ban the ip again on ir16:37
sledgesget a shell somewhere16:38
alinsledges: sounds works on youtube16:38
alinsledges: I have one16:38
alinthe opensuse... one16:38
alinsee you later16:38
*** alin has quit IRC16:39
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beidl_hello hello guys17:18
*** AlexRussia has joined #sailfishos-porters17:19
beidl_sledges how are you doing? :)17:19
sledgesmontamer o/17:19
sledgesbusy :) working on mako release ;)17:19
sledgesgot it under multirom thanks to Tassadar17:19
NeeDforKillwe need mako17:19
sledgesi know you do ;p17:19
sledgesbeidl_: you escaped again! :)17:20
sledgesmontamer: hello there o/17:20
beidl_sledges got to :D 1 week remaining until regular working schedule17:20
sledgeshow regular? :)17:21
beidl_2-4 work days per week :D17:22
sledgesthis made me smile just now:
sledgesbeidl_: cool, moar hacking  :D17:23
beidl_sledges really, I can't wait for that :D17:28
sledgeswhat are you up to atm?17:28
beidl_sledges related to sailfish/maguro?17:30
beidl_trying to improve compositing17:31
sledgeswellyeah, but this is an informal channel:))17:31
beidl_everything else should be fine now, except setting an ambiance17:31
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:32
beidl_any news about the GPS side of things?17:32
sledgeswow job nearly done then:)17:32
sledgesno motion yet, should surface within a week or two17:33
beidl_sledges oh, an ofono/SIM reading is still a bitch, might look into that :)17:33
sledgeshow did optimisations go?17:33
beidl_sledges changing the GPU clock certainly helps, but its the scene graph/app rendering thats a little slow. cant wait for qt 5.2 to drop in a future release17:34
beidl_i remember that helped when writing the android port of our diploma project17:35
sledges5.2 helped?17:36
Stskeepsgps side of things i have to go through a oss'ing procedure on.. let's see how that goes17:37
NeeDforKillsledges not forget about usb charging17:37
NeeDforKillfor mako or Putin17:38
NeeDforKillfind u*17:38
sledgesNeeDforKill: i think i just made orientation work on mako ;) \o/17:39
NeeDforKillit's my boy \o/17:40
sledgesneed some soak tests but will ship it in next release, it's early adopters hey hey hey ;)17:40
beidl_I hope we can find a way to get maguro users a way to use the jolla store. :)17:41
sledgesbeidl_: haven't they found that themselves yet? ;)17:41
sledgeshaaacky way17:42
beidl_sledges yeahh, well, something ootb would be nice :D17:42
sledgesnexus5 worked oob today though17:42
sledgesfrom alpha317:42
sledgesmaybe i just need to contact our store guy to accept maguros?17:43
beidl_oh really? nice.17:43
beidl_oh, anything new in the camera-front?17:43
sledgeswip, no eta17:43
beidl_great, I guess I'm up to date now :D17:44
*** piggz has quit IRC17:52
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*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
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* Stskeeps yawns18:49
*** nh1402 has quit IRC18:52
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*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:20
dragonkeeperhow can i assemble a complete list for local manifests ?20:38
dragonkeeperis there a database where theres a list for each device ?20:38
sledgesnot atm20:40
*** boilerkim has quit IRC20:41
dragonkeepersledges, so how would/do others know what to add ?20:41
*** _Serial has quit IRC20:41
sledgesdragonkeeper: go to then contact the porter here20:41
sledgescommunity is involving :)20:42
dragonkeeper... my device is not there   im trying to get their 1st lol20:42
sledgeswhat is it? ;)20:43
sledgessammy uses the same kernel across i950x range, so you're not alone20:44
dragonkeeperi did the port for Ubuntu touch on i9505. was a bit of a task n bugs everywhere , so  making a change again :P20:44
sledgestake my words back20:45
sledgesi930x is same kernel20:45
sledgesi950x will be another20:45
sledgeswell, your local manifest will pretty much be like this table with two repos:
sledgesso nothing major;)20:46
dragonkeeperhmm be a few differences using that model20:46
sledgesbut i can't find cm support for i9505 variant20:47
dragonkeeperwill be under jflte20:47
sledgeswhat's that?20:47
dragonkeeperthey merged all the models    jfltexx , jfltetmo  ect .. to use one source20:47
dragonkeeperbut still its i950520:48
*** montamer has quit IRC20:48
dragonkeeperill be using the merged version as i want to use cm11   but additional hardware sources that might be needed im not sure about/  like the i9500 has device and kernel but will also need exynos stuff i believe20:49
sledgeskernel will be exynos:
dragonkeeperyeah thats i950020:50
sledgespeople had no trouble taking i9305 port and putting it on i930020:50
sledgessurely modem didn't pick up20:51
sledgesbut you can get the impression20:51
dragonkeeperi9505 and i9500 has a totally different CPU and other hwchanges20:51
sledgesouch, that i didn't expect20:51
* sledges goes to gsmarena20:52
sledgesdiffering chipset hmmmmmmmmmm20:52
dragonkeeperi9500 is a oct core  using big little arch    i9505 is a quad core20:52
sledgesi mean, i9500 is exynos and i9505 is qc20:52
sledgesfoudn it20:53
sledgestake all from here and you're good to go20:53
sledges(don't like when codenames become re-coded and put to model names hrrr:)20:53
dragonkeeperyeah thats cm10    this is cm11
sledgesthat page says cm100 is supported too20:54
dragonkeeperAs of CM 11, this carrier specific device has been deprecated in favor of a new unified device: jflte.20:54
sledgesso why do they still say wiki supports is?20:55
*** _serial has joined #sailfishos-porters20:55
sledgesand there's branch
sledgesok, it's not maintained for nearly a year20:55
sledgesdoesn't mean it's bad for sailfish;)20:56
sledgese.g. put xx cm on there, if hw works, it'll work on sf20:56
dragonkeepereh this device is fucked up lol .   when its under device and kernel  (when building it)    it will be under /device/samsung/  **   jfltexx  jflte jflte-common and msm-soomething and another folder   for the other hw  and i cant remember what they are lol20:57
sledgesyou'll figure from manifest20:58
sledgesmany devices have -common packages20:59
sledgesthink sony-qualcomm-common etc20:59
sledgesbut first flash(or multirom) this for good measure if you should go ahead:
dragonkeeperyeah i have  that or a similar one   just trying work out what i need to do next . ive just had the sdksnpdfs sitting here for a day doing nothing n i have gotten lost :P21:01
sledgeswell, like in any other book, start with chapter 1421:02
NeeDforKillsledges gibe mako with usb charging or Putin21:03
dragonkeeperha im on 14 ;)21:04
NeeDforKilland with multirom support21:04
*** lbt_ has quit IRC21:04
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:04
*** souren_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:15
rusty88hi all21:22
rusty88sledges: guess what.. stoping rild on cm stops working gotta reboot :P21:22
sledgesrusty88: ain't that something :)21:23
*** boilerkim has joined #sailfishos-porters21:23
rusty88sledges: at lease is not a timeout... this time is: `open modem boot error(/dev/umts_boot0) with -1`21:24
*** boilerkim has quit IRC21:27
sledgesrusty88: define 'this time'21:27
*** boilerkim has joined #sailfishos-porters21:28
rusty88sledges: on CM the behaviour is different than on SF, that error was in CM21:31
rusty88it was working and i stopped it to strace it21:31
*** piggz_ has quit IRC21:34
dragonkeeperhey guys.  the command  repo init -u git:// -b hybris-10.1    ..  im assuming this is the hybrid, modified android parts for cm10 ?21:35
sledgesgo for 11 approach:
sledgesrusty88: why would there be an error?21:37
sledgeswhen it should work on cm21:37
dragonkeeperhaha thanks that was my next question ;)21:37
sledgesalso /dev/umts_* do not exist, so that error is expected, just non critical21:37
rusty88sledges: dunno :\21:42
sledgesit just carries on then21:42
rusty88nope, the process exits21:43
rusty88gives up just like in SF after the modem boot fails21:43
sledgesbut you can make phonecall?s21:43
rusty88no, no network21:44
* sledges confused, you said modem works in cm21:44
rusty88well yes! if I don't stop rild the modem is working21:44
sledgesbut if you stop it, phone reboots you said21:45
rusty88if I stop it i have to reboot for rild to work again21:45
sledgesok, just understood too;)21:45
sledgesdon't start it ;)21:45
sledgesadd "disabled" /init*21:46
rusty88ok just a second..i'm in SF21:47
sledgeshang on21:48
rusty88but if I do the same in SF and recreate the /dev adding the missing symlink21:48
rusty88and then start rild21:48
sledgescm's init`s are in initramfs iirc, so you'll end up regenerating boot.img21:48
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:52
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
*** boilerkim has quit IRC21:58
*** boilerkim has joined #sailfishos-porters22:03
rusty88hmmm logcat shows praticatlly the same output between CM (after rild has been restarted) and SF22:08
*** piggz_ has quit IRC22:08
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:08
rusty88but the strace differ22:09
sledgesrusty88: sounds like it starts on sf, then dies22:09
sledgesand restarts again22:10
sledgesthat's why best is to "disabled" it everywhere :)22:10
sledgesand launch manually22:10
rusty88rild on CM spawns a a process while on sf it stays in nanosleep :\22:18
sledgesalso it differs if you launch it as /system/bin/start /system/bin/rild22:19
sledgesor just as 2nd argument22:19
rusty88I run it in both as /system/bin/rild22:19
sledgesstart is used to start services from init22:19
sledgesdoes it fork?22:19
sledges(you can check with ps)22:19
rusty88may be was a thread, it was a clone syscall22:20
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:21
*** alin has quit IRC22:21
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:21
sledgesrild sources available? ;)22:21
uvatvmwsledges: hi there! any way I can help for nexus 4 porting?22:22
sledgesrusty88: you're becoming a ril expert ;)22:22
rusty88sledges: aahah I hope that would be true i'm tired of flashing back to cm22:23
sledgesuvatvmw: got a particular itch to scratch?22:23
sledgesrusty88: some serious debugging in order:) src is open;)22:24
uvatvmwsledges: the main thing stopping me from using it as my daily phone right now is bluetooth22:24
uvatvmwwhen hammerhead jumped ahead of mako in bluetooth, I figured it should also be possible in mako22:25
sledgesuvatvmw: worth checking what has been done for nexus5 bt to work, and port over here22:25
dragonkeepersledges, so breakfast device-code  will pull my device info from cyanogenmod right? which if i remember right adds all to roomservice manifest ready to sync. but the pdf guide says remove the roomservice file because  hybris already has the device specific repos ..... what about for new devices, should i keep it in ?22:28
*** phlixi has joined #sailfishos-porters22:29
sledgesdragonkeeper: remove roomservice only if breakfast errors out22:29
dragonkeeperi see22:30
dragonkeeperhope sailfish compiles better than my previous attempts of ports lol :P22:31
sledgesfingers cross(compil)ed :)22:33
*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:34
*** alin has quit IRC22:42
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:43
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*** lbt_ is now known as lbt22:49
ParkerRsledges, whats up about Moto G? Saw the mention23:08
*** rusty88 has quit IRC23:14
sledgesParkerR: well spotted;)23:16
sledgesyou'll have to wait for vgrade to return from leeds :)23:17
sledgesafter weekend23:17
sledgesbut someone asked about moto m23:17
sledgeshence my dig up23:17
sledgessame chipset or the like23:17
ParkerRsledges, It was easy to spot :P grep -B 10 -A 10 "ParkerR" ~/.config/hexchat/logs/zncf/#sailfishos-porters.log23:17
sledgeslogs ftw ;)23:18
sledgesmassive know-how in them, if you know how to grep :))23:18
*** _serial has quit IRC23:23
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