Saturday, 2014-08-23

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dragonkeeperhey guys , does github have a timeout ? (limit for how long you can be downloading before it cuts you off for a certain time)02:42
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memekaanyone awake? and willing to help me with a small libhybris issue?04:38
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DinsdaleHello Hello! I am trying to port sailfish to a OnePlus based on the hadk and I have run into some difficulty - most likely due to inexperience.06:00
DinsdaleIs there anyone that could help me?06:00
Stskeepsjust ask the questions you have :)06:01
Stskeepsi personally have to leave in 5 mins thogh06:01
DinsdaleThanks connectbot :)06:01
Stskeeps.. :P06:01
DinsdaleI have created a local manafest06:01
Dinsdalebut I do not think it is getting called because I get the following error when I attempt top run breakfast $DEVICE...06:02
Dinsdalels: cannot access device/*/Bacon/ No such file or directory06:02
Dinsdalebuild/core/ *** Cannot locate config makefile for product "cm_Bacon".  Stop.06:02
DinsdaleDevice Bacon not found. Attempting to retrieve device repository from CyanogenMod Github (
Dinsdale^[Repository for Bacon not found in the CyanogenMod Github repository list. If this is in error, you may need to manually add it to your local_manifests/roomservice.xml.06:02
Dinsdalels: cannot access device/*/Bacon/ No such file or directory06:02
Dinsdalebuild/core/ *** Cannot locate config makefile for product "cm_Bacon".  Stop.06:02
Dinsdale** Don't have a product spec for: 'cm_Bacon'06:03
Dinsdale** Do you have the right repo manifest?06:03
Dinsdale<end error>. Does that sound like a plausable cause for the error message?06:03
DinsdaleWhat would you need to know to help me debug this?06:04
Dinsdalemy manifest looks like this...06:05
Dinsdale"<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>06:05
Dinsdale<project path="device/oneplus/bacon" name="CyanogenMod/android_device_oneplus_bacon"06:05
Dinsdalerevision="cm-11.0" />06:05
Dinsdale<project path="kernel/oneplus/bacon" name="CyanogenMod/android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974"06:05
Dinsdalerevision="cm-11.0" />06:05
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Dinsdalehmmm... can I just clone these projects into /srv/mer/android/droid/device ../kernel ?06:45
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Dinsdaleha ha. was in the wrong directory when I called sync. everything got cloned into ~. oops07:15
Dinsdalealright, re-syncing now. back at it in the morning. take care!07:25
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junnuviuugh, finally bluetooth enable/disable working perfectly on grouper08:06
junnuviis ofono used only for 3g/gsm functions? It causes lot of errors as grouper does not have modem at all. Should that be safe to disable it?08:08
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phdeswerjunnuvi: yep, ofono is only for telephony stuff. If you want to be sure nothing goes bad you can try turning it off first and see if it has any bad effects.08:36
junnuviit does not seem to cause problems if disabled. Just asking because I like to make sure before disabling it from image08:38
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alinvgrade:  someone works one oneplus09:03
alinvgrade: [07:05] <Dinsdale> <project path="device/oneplus/bacon" name="CyanogenMod/android_device_oneplus_bacon"09:03
alinStskeeps: hi09:04
alinStskeeps: your magic for video did not work... crashes the browser and in some app has only sound... with silly image09:04
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dr_gogeta86a small help10:07
dr_gogeta86pulseaudio shits10:12
dragonkeeperrandom words? lol10:13
dr_gogeta86pulseaudio is bad word ... or curse10:15
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jusa_dr_gogeta86: what's the problem?11:08
dr_gogeta86mic don't install all package11:08
dr_gogeta86just 147  pkgs11:09
dr_gogeta86but no middleware11:09
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NeeDforKillmy boy12:53
NeeDforKillhow it's going12:53
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dr_gogeta86sledges: abemus minimer on huawei13:01
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dr_gogeta86with egl null13:03
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dr_gogeta86better then nothing13:03
sledgesNeeDforKill: full steam ahead!13:04
sledgesdr_gogeta86: \o/13:04
dr_gogeta86i need to downgrade to cm10.1 base13:05
dr_gogeta86cm11 use hacks13:05
sledgesjunnuvi: completely ok to unroot ofono out of the image (punz) :)13:06
sledgesmemeka: don't ask to ask, ask ;)13:06
dr_gogeta86sledges: now is time to set13:06
dr_gogeta86egl system wide for now13:06
sledgesdragonkeeper: hadk 5.3 2nd bullet13:07
memekasledges: yes... currently decided to recompile QT hoping it will fix my issues by magic :-S13:07
sledgesmemeka: what's the issue ooi?13:07
memekaso i will ask in a couple of hours :)13:07
memekasledges: basically I installed libhybris + wayland + qtwayland + jolla hwcomposer plugin13:08
memekaon an exynos513:08
memekabut then EGL is not working13:08
memekai can start qml-compositor... it works13:09
memekai tried starting weston with the wayland EGL and wayland compositor and it's not working13:09
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sledgesmemeka: -platform hwcomposer instead ?13:09
memekasledges: somehow the android_wlegl in hybris is not being called at all13:09
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memekaso i start qml-compositor with -platform hwcomposer and it works13:10
memekaso i guess the jolla plugin does its thing13:10
sledgesmemeka: worth reading 13.6 of hadk, but i sense you know your thing;)13:11
memekabut then ... no EGL :(13:11
memekasledges: I don't know my thing :))13:11
memekawhat are you talking about? :D13:11
sledges-platform wayland is only for clients13:11
sledgescheck that section13:11
dr_gogeta86sledges: to set EGL_PLATFORM systemwide ?13:12
memekamy guess is that it's either qtwayland, or libhybris ...13:12
sledgesim talking about the fact that i don't know why you want explicit egl, which is not my area of expertise ;)13:12
sledgesso i assume you know what you'¶re doing :)13:12
memekasledges: well ...after I start qml-compositor13:13
memekaand egl fails13:13
memekai can start weston on hwcomposer as well13:13
memekaand i have nice slow weston13:13
memekaif I start on wayland backend (as in go to the qml-compositor)...13:14
memekathen I have a nice assert failed cause android_wsegl in hybris is null13:14
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memekaanw like i said... now i'm trying compiling my own QT13:15
memekainstead of the ubuntu one13:15
sledgesoki, and i see Stskeeps helping you out on #libhybris13:16
sledgesgood luck!13:16
piggz_Sledges: is therenany new info on running lipstick as the nemo user? Have any other ports had permission problems?13:21
sledgespiggz_: yes13:21
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piggz_Sleldges: oh yeah, i remember, i fixed that and was stuck on touch input13:37
dr_gogeta86why first run13:43
dr_gogeta86not react to touch13:43
dr_gogeta86i've straced it13:43
dr_gogeta86it read touchscreen13:43
sledgesright devnode?13:44
dr_gogeta86whole perfect13:44
dr_gogeta86correct input device13:44
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piggz_Dr_gogeta86 :same prob for me, havnt yet determined if there are events genereated tho13:47
dr_gogeta86the first time works13:47
dr_gogeta86ora funziona13:49
dr_gogeta86now works13:49
dr_gogeta86after a while13:49
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blackjack4ithi all I'm back o/13:55
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dr_gogeta86until Aug 23 16:56:24 Jolla systemd[1028]: Starting Runs basic setup for the Jolla user before the rest of the user session is started...13:56
dr_gogeta86touch not works13:56
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dr_gogeta86any way to calibrate13:59
cxl000junnuvi, are you basing off cm10 or cm11?14:00
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sledgescxl000: pretty sure cm10.1, as it has already been done by alterego14:01
blackjack4itsledges: I've red the logs of these days, but I cannot understand the trick to let hybris compile on a sony devices.which "stub" information do I have to add inside Thanks :D14:02
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dr_gogeta86bad news14:11
dr_gogeta86after firstrun14:12
dr_gogeta86while lauchlipstick phone reboots14:12
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junnuvicxl000: cm1014:14
blackjack4itsledges: thanks14:14
junnuvisledges: any idea how to disable ofono.. or which is best way to do it?14:15
sledgesblackjack4it: providing a fake recovery.fstab with half of other fstab's contents could to too:)14:15
sledgesjunnuvi: sec14:15
blackjack4itsledges: ok I have msm_sdcc.4 instead of msm_sdcc.1 thanks :D14:16
MerbotNemo bug 728 in Hybris-ing "[p3110] rild keeps ofono on creating too many unix sockets" [Normal,New]14:16
sledgesblackjack4it: sure your values will differ14:16
junnuvisledges: thanks14:17
sledgeshave fun:)14:18
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blackjack4itbuiiildiiing hybris finally \o/14:35
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blackjack4itok I'm on fixing mountpoints, an easy way to get the mount-points using for example the terminal emulator?14:47
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sledgesblackjack4it: in cm and cwm/twrp - use adb to inspect /dev/14:49
sledgesyou can use terminal emulator in cm, but recovery must be wired14:49
blackjack4itsledges: ok tnx :D14:50
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blackjack4itinside msm_sdcc.4 I see only a mmcblk0 with two partitions p1 and p2 but there's no by-name label15:11
blackjack4iti used these steps to get the partitions with adb -->
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mofdguess who it is :)15:23
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blackjack4it* switched to private conversation *15:25
blackjack4itcat /proc/mtd gives me system, userdata and cache as mtd0, mtd1 and mtd215:32
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mofdhow much is the jolla and what do you think about it guys?15:45
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mofdlets try that again15:48
mofdwhat do you guys think about jolla?15:48
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mofdok gtg bye15:51
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srdkHi, I run into a strange issue in 7.1.4:16:12
srdkFile './droid-hal-bacon-devel-0.0.6-201408201839.armv7hl.rpm' not found on medium 'file:/home/srdk/droid/droid-local-repo/bacon'16:12
srdkThis is a package I created three days ago. I have since then built a new one and have the new RPMs in droid-local-repo. But apparently a reference to the old packages is still stored somewhere. Any ideas?16:12
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sledgessrdk: re-run createrepo16:14
srdkDone that several time16:14
sledgesperform zypper ref inside target16:14
srdkstill no luck16:16
sledgeswhat does zypper info droid-hal-bacon-devel say inside target?16:19
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srdkpackage 'droid-hal-bacon-devel' not found.16:21
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beidlhey guys16:30
sledgessrdk: file:/home/srdk/droid/droid-local-repo/bacon is missing a backslash16:32
sledgesor two16:34
sledgesand $ANDROID_ROOT should be absolute16:34
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dragonkeeperhey, anyone else have problems repo syncing CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_webview  ?16:49
sledgesdragonkeeper: safe to ignore?16:54
dragonkeepersledges, idont know , it just wont pull it .  it says recievering but keeps jumping up n down percentages and stuck at 99%16:56
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sledgesjust comment out in manifest for now16:57
dragonkeepersledges, ill leave it incase it sorts it self out but if not,  what file is it using ?16:57
sledges70% are not taken in16:57
srdksledges: Hmm, tried multiple escaping variants for file://. Still no luck. It seems the output in the error message is just wrongly escaped, but the path should be fine.16:59
beidlI see some new repositories in mer-hybris? is there anything new I missed?16:59
sledgesbeidl: yes, gst-* make hw accelerated playback17:00
dragonkeepersledges, looking into it on git,seems like its the chrome web browser frame17:00
sledgesif youre lucky :)17:00
sledgesdragonkeeper: yap17:00
dragonkeepersledges, is firefox  avalible for sailfish ?17:01
sledgesdragonkeeper: sailfish-browser uses gecko engine, so, yes17:04
dragonkeeperok what manifest file is being used on the 1st initial sync (before use of breakfast)17:05
dragonkeeperin ~ ?17:08
sledgesin $ANDROID_ROOT17:09
beidlsledges: great stuff, will play with it soon :)17:09
sledgesbeidl: cool :)17:09
dragonkeepersledges, what cli editor can be used in HA_build17:12
sledgesdragonkeeper: vim17:13
sledgesHABUILD_SDK is ubuntu chroot, so do sudo apt-get install nano or what you like17:13
dragonkeepersledges, thanks finally getting the hang of it :)17:23
sledgesgood stuff:)17:23
sledgesdragonkeeper: add yourself ? :)17:23
dragonkeepereh, if i get a working build i will .  :)17:24
sledgesfair play;)17:24
dragonkeeperi want to get there 1st but i wont put it my name down unless its at an acceptable standard17:25
dragonkeeperi am finding this method alot better than the ubuntu touch method lol17:26
sledgeswhich device? ;)17:26
sledgesah i9505 ;p17:27
dragonkeeperin general   but  both i950517:27
dragonkeeperthats mine17:27
dragonkeeperalpha build , no app armor , no cellular    works as a teblet with a few fixes via cli :P17:28
sledgesgood work:)17:29
dragonkeeperyh there is a bug in the ubuntu part when talking to the driver .. i just gave up on it in favor of this :P17:31
sledgeswhich hw part?17:31
dragonkeeperiforget its name . but its part  that uses the network scripts to get the network ids ect.. and then use the hw to connect17:33
dragonkeeperthat works fine and i got tethering to work  ,  just celluar stuff doesnt17:34
dragonkeeperit connects same way u would when using a usb dongle for 3g in ubuntu desktop17:35
dragonkeeperjust doesnt like talking to hw :P17:35
dragonkeepernot a great deal tho . given up removed my sources again from frustration  and moved to this ..  seems theres a better porting community here as well. at least people talk and answer questions lol17:37
dragonkeeperthe port guide is more in depth as well :)17:38
dragonkeepersledges, is platform/developers/build  needed ?17:44
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sledgesis it manifest?17:46
sledgeswhere did you take that manifest from?17:46
sledgesjust dawned on me ;)17:46
dragonkeeperstock on the hybrid cm1117:47
dragonkeeperi havnt pulled anything device related or added anything17:47
sledgeswhat's wrong with platform/developers/build then? :))17:48
dragonkeeperjust problems pulling the repo17:48
alin__sledges: hi17:48
sledges16:07 < sledges> dragonkeeper: hadk 5.3 2nd bullet17:49
dragonkeeperthats not my problem .   theystart to pull just freeze up17:51
sledgesbut it doesn't mean repo is wrong17:51
sledgesjust network sync17:51
sledgesi.e. github's repo17:52
dragonkeepermaybe soim removing them to get all them ill add back in and see what happens17:52
alin__sledges: so any movement behind the scenes on any of the bugs?17:56
sledgesnope, everyone's busy with update917:56
sledgesbut Stskeeps will move geoclue ;)17:57
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alin__sledges: ok I see...18:03
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junnuvisledges: that ofono thing.. it works perfectly, thanks20:30
sledgessnatched it from HADK team's knowhow x)20:31
junnuvione thing more solved... could be that image is some day good enought to be shared :P20:34
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sledgeswhat do you see as needsbe still?20:36
junnuvido you mean what needs to be done before sharing?20:37
sledgeswhat do you see unfit yet20:37
junnuvirtc thing would be nice and microphone at least20:38
sledgesyou mean, hwclock playing up?20:38
junnuviyes, you caannot set time from qui20:38
sledgeshumm that wasn't discussed much:)20:40
junnuvichanging time on settings does not do anything. I haven't investigated it yet at all20:41
sledgeswhat we solved here20:42
sledgeswas hammerhead picking time automatically20:42
sledgesand that's most everybody's default these days20:42
junnuvican you get time from wlan?20:43
sledgesis what i meant in your case20:44
sledgesshould work20:44
junnuviOh, I didn't know that. Cool20:45
sledgesor does it need ntp?....20:45
junnuviah ok, you mean ntp..20:46
sledgesi don't know how wlan auto time works20:46
sledgesjust from what i remember in these logs20:46
sledgesalin_: ^ ?20:46
sledges(cc spiiroin)20:47
junnuvibut imo manual settings should work as well..20:47
sledgesif it picks time automatically20:47
sledgesit must be using ntp20:47
sledgesthat's right20:47
sledgesand is the reason you'll neet to ping spiiroin :)20:47
sledgeseither way - for manual or automatic setup20:47
sledgeswhat is in the logs)?20:50
*** _dinsdale has joined #sailfishos-porters20:50
junnuvias said I haven't investigated it almost at all yet20:51
alin_sledges: junnuvi on what device?20:51
alin_changing time from settings worked on n520:52
sledgesand microphone is jusa_ , yet you already went ahead of him to make soudn work ju ;)20:52
sledgeswhat did i just write? :D20:53
* sledges goes coding instead :P20:53
junnuvisledges: yes I have been already discussed about pulseaudio with jusa_ earlier, I will continue about that with him later20:55
sledgesyup, cool20:56
sledgesi see questions on grouper on this channel20:56
sledgesthought of how to make co-op20:56
sledgesbut i see you're actually not far from completion:)20:56
sledgeswe all release alphas, and probably many could do without time, or moreover mic20:57
junnuviyeah, it will happen soon :)20:58
sledgeslocusf: how goes yours? :)20:58
sledgesgrouper is best performing device i've seen20:59
sledgessmooth scrolling -wise20:59
sledgeshow interesting :)20:59
sledgesjunnuvi: could you confirm it still is so?20:59
dragonkeepersledges if i pulled repos manually and placed them where they should be would repo sync see that its already got them ?21:00
junnuviwell, comparing actual jolla device it's not so smooth...21:00
sledgesjunnuvi: how about homescreen->apps scroll? sec for a video..21:00
sledgesdragonkeeper: odear :)21:01
sledgesdragonkeeper: if you checkout the right branch, why not21:01
sledgeswell, just try yourself dragonkeeper , with one repo, and see if repo sync redoes it21:01
junnuvisledges: it's not so bad. I can record video tomorrow21:01
dragonkeepersledges, yh its being weird with some repos :(21:01
*** Sequenced has quit IRC21:06
sledgeshappy you want it so much:))21:07
* beidl hopes to make scrolling faster on maguro in the future21:10
dragonkeeperid like to make a formal compliant ... a few of your gits within the manifest have ganged up on my repo script21:10
sledgesformal complaint accepted:)21:12
* dragonkeeper has told on those gits... they should behave now21:13
sledgesour gits? like mer-hybris ones?21:14
sledgesat any rate21:14
sledgesthey are all on github21:14
sledgeswhich is notorious for being DoSsed on regular basis.. :(21:14
sledgesbut now all looks sane..
sledgesdragonkeeper: your downlink?..21:15
sledgesalso, did you put your credentials in .netrc for better measure?21:15
sledgesas github might not just spit "forbidden: api rate limit exceeded", but might just ignore;)21:16
dragonkeeperi can pull some .  give me a chance :P21:16
sledgesdoes it ever freeze when pulling manually?21:17
sledgese.g. a big repo21:17
dragonkeepernot done manually yet .just a question :P21:17
sledgesah ok ;)21:17
* dragonkeeper will brb :P21:18
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters21:18
Nokiussledges: so back hope will get my hands on the device tomorrow :)21:18
sledgesNokius: wb :) it didn't burn your house down?21:20
sledgesgreat! :D21:20
dragonkeepersledges   ~/.netrc   ..  whats the login for .. github ?21:28
sledgesdid you read the article linked from hadk21:28
sledgesyour own login21:28
sledgesof github account21:29
beidlanyone else having problems with devicelock? just noticed that setting a lock doesn't work on maguro (complains about /usr/share/lipstick/devicelock/devicelock.conf missing)21:30
dragonkeeperyeah i read the linked section   just wasnt 100% clear :P21:30
sledgesbeidl: encsfe in?21:30
sledgesohok :)21:30
Nokiussledges: Did check this room …. had to start my washing machine first :P21:31
dragonkeeperlike the machine part. machine  o.O21:31
*** srdk has quit IRC21:32
beidlsledges: excuse me, what?21:32
Nokiussledges: and checking mail (old fashion one) but just the bad nones ….. are in21:33
sledgesbeidl: jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa21:34
sledgesNokius: feeling rested?21:36
dragonkeeperso confused by that machine bit ... im local ! :P21:36
beidlsledges: I should have zypper searched instead of bugging you :P installed, rebooting now, thanks :)21:36
sledgesbeidl: good one :)21:37
NeeDforKillsledges time to work on mako :D21:38
Nokiussledges: room is fine may it was windy the last weeks :-/ | Stream box got some HW problems (OH DELL)21:38
sledgesNeeDforKill: mwhahahaha21:38
NokiusNeeDforKill: I guess time will tell ;)21:40
Nokiussledges: so hope to find time tomorrow to get back to stock and to 10.1 and to SF :P but for now I will get some sleep :) cu tomorrow :)21:41
NeeDforKillI'll introduce you to the Topol-M21:43
sledgesok NeeDforKill , one politically incorrect joke was enough21:44
NokiusNeeDforKill: whats your Problem?21:44
NeeDforKillit's not politically21:44
sledgesNokius: you need read backlog of 2 weeks :)21:45
sledgesthey just want nexus4 release that's all21:45
sledgespiece ;)21:45
sledges*peace even :))21:45
Nokiussledges: saw the work on the nexus on twitter21:45
NeeDforKillsorry, about my joke21:46
NeeDforKillit was bad one ;D21:46
Nokiussledges: so n5 is get well :) | but as sad time will tell and as you sad weeks ago Rome was not build in one day21:47
sledgesNeeDforKill: np:)21:48
sledgesNokius: n5 is already out21:48
sledgesand is better than n4 atm ;)21:48
sledgesn4 is catching up :)21:48
Nokius^^awesome news :)21:49
Nokiussledges:  are u at xda:devcon this year iirc u sad no right but u will be at FOSS 2015 rigth :) we have to share a drink ;)21:50
sledgesfosdem it is :)21:50
sledgesare you in xda:devcon? cool :)21:51
Nokiussledges: got a filght (London) have to check my card tomorrow and get the rest than ^^21:53
Nokiussledges: called for the beer meetup an xda and here also so … I have to or?21:53
Nokiusfosdem i recomend 9Hotel  new rooms space and nice palce only - is king sizebad and one cover ..21:54
Nokiusokay but bow I will check in to my bad …. cu gn821:54
sledgeswe had one really near centre, Sage_ spends proper time choosing perfect one, and it was!:))21:55
sledges*in the centre:)) for the delirium cafe to find in any state and back :D21:55
Nokiusokay 9Hotel is at Central Station next to the cathedral21:56
sledgesthe get a room bit from your post :DD21:56
Nokiushad last nigth Scandic and it was not so nice old house small rooms21:57
Nokius^^okay cu21:57
sledges3rd time won't lie :)21:59
*** Nokius has quit IRC22:01
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MSameervakkov: sorry but I got busy and then forgot. Shall we try tomorrow when you are around?23:12
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