Wednesday, 2014-08-27

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dragonkeeperguys,  how do you pull your log files to desktop if your just using telnet ?00:23
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OrokuSakiWhen I run droid-hal-init I get this: about missing ril_0 for ofono, except I don't have a telephone03:09
OrokuSakiworse I did the i9300 method for porting, but my system partition is now mounting, and I realized that I had to change my init.device.rc because some stuff was not caught for lvm, etc03:09
OrokuSakiBut I think droid-hal-init might run if I could decipher what in the hell that meant03:10
OrokuSakiI found a page about this, but now I cannot find it03:10
OrokuSakiand I think it was geared torwards.. you have a modem, except I don't03:10
OrokuSakino efs or modem partition03:11
OrokuSakijust vendor data cache, etc03:11
OrokuSakiusing selinux=003:12
OrokuSakigetprop works, etc03:15
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OrokuSakiEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace lipstick -platform hwcomposer gives me this:  BT819_FIFO_RESET_HIGH04:23
OrokuSakiI think it's a cm11 hybris thing... I have used this kernel with ubuntu touch but I had to make it cm10.1 happy by reverting a patch about retiring a fence and changing fence from true to false or vice versa in my board config, because I wanted to test hybris SO bad, I used kernel for cm11 and downgraded and it worked04:28
OrokuSakijust an fyi04:28
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alinphdeswer: did you have any luck with gps?10:37
phdesweralin: yeah it worked fine. I think I mentioned that ;) Just needed to check the code to see my expectations where slightly wrong.10:38
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alinphdeswer: cool...10:39
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phdeswerSorry for causing a bit of panic ;)10:40
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alinphdeswer: it did not work for me10:51
phdesweralin: well I expected it to print immediately. But it did eventualy (just took a while)10:52
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dr_gogeta86good morning guys11:40
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phdeswersledges: where is the kernel config file?12:44
phdeswersledges: ok. How the hell did I miss that one12:55
* phdeswer troutslaps himself12:55
sledgesrule of thumb: check commit history, as soon as you see a familiar name, the first commit timewise is 99% kernel cfg changes (sometimes the only)12:56
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* phdeswer wonders how that kernel ever compiled13:16
phdeswerUnless of course a pre-historic compiler is being used13:16
phdeswerThat looks bad :
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sledgesphdeswer: are you using android sdk toolchain for that?13:29
phdeswersledges: nope. I use a real one ;)13:30
phdeswerMore crap...
* sledges pulls latest merge to compile under hadk advised toolchain13:33
phdeswerGoddamn qc really messed up the usb subsystem. Forgot all the cleaning work I needed to do for sbj...13:47
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SK_workphdeswer: hehe, welcome to hell ... again14:06
phdeswerDon't know if it is worth it to fix it for n514:06
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sledgesParkerR: happy birthday! :)15:21
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stephgsledges helllOOOOoo!15:23
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sledgesstephg: ohaiiii:))15:40
sledgeseveryone's back from holidays it seems (cc carepack__ Nokius1 :p)15:40
stephgyes yes :)15:41
sledgestime flies hehe:)15:41
sledgesgood time off?15:41
sledgestime flies like an arrow15:42
sledgesfruit flies like a banana15:42
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stephggreat time off thanks, very rested now15:43
stephghow has the porting gone, I see the devices have liked doubled in the wikikikikikiki15:43
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sledgesexponential effort:))15:50
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locusfhey stephg16:02
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stephglocusf what's up16:03
locusfall good :)16:04
locusfI should get around to release sfos on n7000, just missing rild still and havet gotten around to revive it16:08
locusfvakkov suggested dialing 911 :)16:10
tbryou might as well dial 112, it will have the exact same effect16:15
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dragonkeeper:(  might need to go back to android tonight :(16:59
dragonkeeperfancy some light reading of log files before i do that >?  lmao17:00
dragonkeeperi literally dumped every log and service file i could find + dmesg17:01
dragonkeeperbeen through it twice and cant find anything majorly wrong17:01
sledgesdragonkeeper: what's the status?17:04
dragonkeepersame as before  when u get me . since then i just been trying start processes and reading logs17:04
locusfhmm not even 112 woke it up :/17:04
sledgesdragonkeeper: sorry food poisoning deleted my memory;)17:05
dragonkeeperi use booze for that but what ever floats ya boat17:06
sledgesharharhar, boat, :))17:08
dragonkeeperstatus =  no screen boot / only telnet / and you suspected droid-hal-*  but i havnt found much past systemd wont start17:09
sledgesyou are in 2nd stage telnet (2323)17:09
sledgesthe fact it's picking up preinit is not welcomed17:10
sledgesi assume you have done cp /init /target/init-debug ?17:10
dragonkeeperyes that got me to 232317:10
sledgesnow do this17:11
sledgesmv /sbin/preinit /root17:11
sledgessync reboot17:11
dragonkeeperokies just booting laptop :P17:11
dragonkeeperreboot fails to talk to init daemon17:16
sledgesjust sync and reset :)17:16
sledgesvia power button17:16
dragonkeeperthats what it says lol  but as im talking im think  idiot pull the battery lol17:16
dragonkeeperok rebooted17:17
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sledgesdo logs look better now?17:21
dragonkeeperpreinit booted default.target17:23
dragonkeepercouldnt find alt telinit implementation to spawn17:23
dragonkeeperthats boot/systemd_stdouterr17:23
sledgesdragonkeeper: so you echo continue?17:29
dragonkeepercontinue just waits a min and reboots to recovery still  sledges17:32
sledgeshow come boot/ contains a (new?) stdouterr?17:35
sledgesif systemd hasn't started until you echo continue17:35
sledgesis it boot/systemd_stdouterr in your last thousand-lines paste? ( )17:35
dragonkeeperboot/systemd_stdouterr is now empty17:36
dragonkeepersledges, yes everything that was there and i could find before and had text is in that paste17:37
dragonkeeperunlabeled  just dumped xD17:37
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dragonkeeperoo but journalctrl -a -f now gives output17:39
dragonkeeperwaiting to see if it does during boot17:39
sledgesjournalctl should only give output when you've echo continued twice17:39
dragonkeeperi ran continue then ran journal but connection dies after it reboots so i dont get the output live17:41
sledgeshow fast does it reboot after?17:42
dragonkeeperreboot loads recovery then i just reboot to system and it boots as normal17:42
sledgesi mean17:43
sledgesafter you echo continue17:43
sledgeshow soon does it reboot after that?17:43
sledges(or connection is lost for that matter)17:43
dragonkeepertakesa min or 2.  before it was almost instant17:43
sledgesso how come journalctl -f is not outputting anything?17:44
sledgesfor those two mintues17:44
dragonkeeperit does t17:45
sledgesat any rate, lets disable lipstick17:46
sledgescd /etc/systemd/user17:46
sledgesln -s /dev/null lipstick.service17:46
sledgesecho continue17:46
dragonkeeperok rebooting17:49
sledgesno need ;)17:50
dragonkeeperdoes it by its self ;)17:50
sledgeswe'll have to do something what put you into a bootloop17:51
sledgeswhich should never happen if you do only these commands:17:52
sledgescd /etc/systemd/system17:52
sledgesln -s /dev/null droid-hal-init.service17:52
sledges*put you in a bootloop in the past17:52
dragonkeeperok do i want to reboot  or run continue :P17:53
dragonkeeperlots n lots of output on journalctl now17:57
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sledgesso doesn't reboot?17:57
sledgesyou echoed continue i presume17:57
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
sledgesyou should have ssh now as well17:58
sledgeswhich brings us to..17:58
sledgessideload this17:58
dragonkeepersideload a .rpm ? o.O17:59
sledgesand do rpm -i17:59
drag0nsend rpm to device with scp ?18:01
sledgesfirst change nemo password18:01
sledgesvia telnet18:01
sledgespasswod nemo18:01
Nokiussledges: it is mounting system18:03
sledgesNokius: \o/18:03
sledgeswhat was the prob?18:03
Nokiusno Idea :-/ history looks like u worked on this :-/18:04
sledgesdoes it mount on boot in time?18:04
Nokiuslooks not like this to me18:05
drag0nsledges, dependency failure18:05
sledgesdrag0n: ignore:D18:05
drag0nok done18:05
sledgesdrag0n: what exactly does the output look of cat /proc/cmdline18:05
drag0nandroidboot.hardware=qcom user_debug=31 zcache msm_rtb.filter=0x3F ehci-hcd.park=3 selinux=0 sec_log=0x100000@0xffe00008 sec_dbg=0x80000@0xfff00008 sec_debug.reset_reason=0x1a2b3c00 lcd_attached=1 lcd_id=0x428047 androidboot.debug_level=0x4f4c sec_debug.enable=0 sec_debug.enable_user=0 androidboot.cp_debug_level=0x55FF sec_debug.enable_cp_debug=0 cordon=7835a3ab3c9b4b1a51b8d888b636cfac connie=GT-I9505_OPEN_EUR_acf5a6918:06
drag0nf27eea025519ea16f75aa1092 lpj=67678 loglevel=4 samsung.hardware=GT-I9505 androidboot.emmc_checksum=3 androidboot.bootloader=I9505XXUAMDM androidboot.nvdata_backup=0 androidboot.boot_recovery=0 androidboot.check_recovery_condition=0x0 level=0x574f4c44 vmalloc=450m sec_pvs=0 batt_id_value=0 androidboot.emmc=true androidboot.serialno=f50650a2 androidboot.baseband=mdm18:06
sledgesok good18:06
sledgesstrace /sbin/droid-hal-init18:07
sledgesand save the output if it reboots18:07
sledgesit's still trying to load selinux18:15
drag0nboot has it set to 018:18
vgrade_drag0n: you may need ,
sledgesnot enough, this should also be in ^ sorry18:20
* sledges hi5s vgrade_ 18:20
vgrade_hi sledges18:20
drag0nyes that is not set18:22
sledgesgood and promising;)18:22
drag0nok brb ill rebuild and flash18:22
ParkerRsledges, Heh thanks18:24
ParkerRGoogle teel ya? :P18:24
sledgesParkerR: nope;)18:25
sledgesdrag0n: nope18:25
sledgesthe one from commit18:25
drag0nyeah but that was under it so just checking18:26
sledgesParkerR: fb ;)18:29
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Nokiussledges:  try now few reboot and system gets mounted18:36
sledgeswill ssh in18:36
drag0nsledges, flashed hybris-boot.img  and have booted back into telnet18:37
sledgesdrag0n: echo time18:37
sledgesjust remove the symlink first18:38
drag0nwhich \?18:38
sledgesdroid-hal-init.service from etc18:38
sledgesalso lipstick one18:38
sledgesi think it will *just* work :)))18:38
drag0nthen just continue ?18:39
drag0nlooks like lipstick failed18:42
sledgeslet's see18:42
sledgesbut no reboot man! \o/18:42
sledgesjournalctl | grep lipstick18:43
sledgescat /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf18:43
drag0nAug 26 15:57:24 Jolla lipstick[1303]: lipstick: eglplatform_fbdev.cpp:28: void fbdevws_init_module(ws_egl_interface*): Assertion `0' failed.18:43
drag0nAug 26 15:57:24 Jolla systemd[939]: lipstick.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=6/ABRT18:43
drag0nAug 26 15:57:24 Jolla systemd[939]: Failed to start The lipstick UI.18:43
drag0nAug 26 15:57:24 Jolla systemd[939]: Unit lipstick.service entered failed state.18:43
drag0nAug 26 15:57:25 Jolla systemd[939]: lipstick.service holdoff time over, scheduling restart.18:43
drag0nAug 26 15:57:25 Jolla systemd[939]: lipstick.service start request repeated too quickly, refusing to start.18:43
drag0nLIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap18:44
sledgeslogin as nemo user18:44
sledgesand launch18:44
sledgesHYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=hwcomposer QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer /usr/bin/lipstick -plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap18:45
drag0nerrors all over18:45
sledgesdrag0n: do you have anything under /system /?18:46
sledgesHYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=null QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer /usr/bin/lipstick -plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap18:48
vgrade_sledges: mismatched libs18:50
sledgesvgrade_: how?18:51
vgrade_sorry missed the ?18:51
vgrade_when I see cannot find function names18:52
vgrade_I'd guess mismatched libs18:52
* sledges nods, but what steps to take from there?18:52
sledgeswrong installed cm vs cm tree?18:52
vgrade_sledges: could be18:53
drag0nim using cm11 :S18:53
sledgesor worse, factory18:53
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC18:53
sledgesdrag0n: but cm booted for you18:53
vgrade_drag0n: cm snapshot or nightly18:54
sledgeswe went for as stable as it could get18:54
drag0nsnapshot  didnt want to use the experimental one18:54
vgrade_drag0n: and your manifest pickes source from around that snapshot18:55
drag0ni assume ...18:56
sledgesneed to check that18:56
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters18:57
vgrade_this is similar hw to N418:57
drag0nas in local manifest under .repo ?18:58
vgrade_drag0n: local and default.xml18:59
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
vgrade_oh no, more like N519:01
drag0nunsure what exactly im looking for but i dont think so19:01
vgrade_drag0n: which snap M8. M919:04
vgrade_oh ffs,
*** Tassadar has quit IRC19:07
drag0n       rm19:08
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vgrade_bbl. food19:11
sledgesjust had some19:13
sledgesvgrade_: why that link?19:15
vgrade_it was for the 4.4.4 blob comment,19:28
vgrade_drag0n: can you pastie your manifests19:37
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters19:37
drag0nvgrade_,  yes19:40
Stskeepzahh, finally home19:41
vgrade_Stskeepz: long day?19:42
Stskeepzindeed.. as in back in poland19:43
Stskeepz10 days in .fi can take life out of you19:43
vgrade_5 days in leeds did it for me19:44
vgrade_getting old19:44
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vgrade_mou: hi20:00
zetazhi. I'm starting to compile hybris-hal (fot xt897). I get this message : "awk: cannot open sdk/files/ (No such file or directory)", but it continues to build. Did I forget some package ?20:03
sledgeszetaz: all well what ends well ;)20:03
zetazsledges: ok, so not a problem if it doesn't break ? :D20:06
sledgesit won't break because of that;)20:07
sledgesim nearly confident clean cm build produces same non-critical errors20:07
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*** alin has quit IRC20:08
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:08
zetazsledges: perfect ! So waiting for the build to finish (or crash...) for the next puzzle to solve.20:08
*** Sequenced has quit IRC20:31
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*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:04
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sledgesTassadar: which file should be updated on a multirom rom, in case kernel package gets over-the-air update?21:14
*** mou has quit IRC21:21
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Tassadarsledges: /data/media/0/multirom/roms/*sailfish*/zImage21:39
Tassadarand you mustn't re-write the boot partition21:39
Tassadarinitrd.img is also there21:39
dragonkeepervgrade_, sledges  sorry   having a rough evening/night  :P21:39
sledgesso if cmdline changes, we're in trouble:)21:39
alinsledges:  but do you update the kernel too?21:39
Tassadar(ignore the boot.img, it is not actually used for booting, the recovery just leaves it there because I have no idea why)21:39
sledgesTassadar: what about cmdline?21:41
Tassadarit is hardcoded in the same folder in file rom_info.txt21:41
Tassadarthat's actualy not very good21:41
sledgesthough we -could- worry about this later, as cmdline wouldn't change often21:42
TassadarI could make multirom use the boot.img instead of extracted zImage+initrd.img and it would take cmdline from the boot.img then too, if you need it21:42
sledgesdragonkeeper: cd device/samsung/jflte; git log --name-status HEAD^..HEAD21:44
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alinSage_: sledges vgrade_ situ22:00
alin4g vanishes once one selects anything else in the menu22:00
sledgeswith the fixed .conf in?22:06
alinsledges: yes22:07
alinsledges: but I am not in a 4g area22:07
alinsledges: if i reboot is there22:08
alinsledges: the option and preselected22:08
vgrade_so the initial state is prefer 4g regardless of avaiablity.22:10
alinvgrade_: yes22:10
vgrade_but after selection , defaults to available bands22:12
sledgesworth updating the bug22:13
alinvgrade_: i think is normal... if you are not in the 4g are... the qml is focked up on that22:14
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sledgeswonder what jolla phone is about22:16
sledges(i don't have 4g enabled sim)22:16
vgrade_I have sim but no coverage22:17
alinvgrade_: the same here dmt_ has both22:17
sledgesvgrade_: so what does sbj say?22:23
sledgesor you'd have to reflash it first?;))22:23
vgrade_prefe 4g22:24
vgrade_and allows me to reselect 4g after selecting 3g22:25
vgrade_but thats with a non 4g sim22:25
alinvgrade_: ?crazy22:25
alinvgrade_: /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/mobilenetworking/mainpage.qml line 27222:26
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*** alin has quit IRC22:37
alin_vgrade_: sledges turnns out there is no 4g.... but any22:49
*** srdk has quit IRC22:52
*** srdk has joined #sailfishos-porters22:58
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dragonkeeper sledges vgrade_ sorry again
sledgesnp, night time is the most productive;)23:57
dragonkeeperyeah it is :)23:57
dragonkeeperand my phones been on the whole time xD23:58

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