Thursday, 2014-08-28

sledgesdragonkeeper: which cm .zip did you use exactly?00:10
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dragonkeepersledges, i used cm11-*-SNAPSHOT01:44
dragonkeeperi will find the page01:45
dragonkeeperpretty sure its M901:47
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sledgesdragonkeeper: then your tree is really close version wise with flashed cm..02:09
sledgesi've never seen such errors of lib mismatch, i'd say they are due to the particular hardware02:10
sledgesvgrade_ has seen more apparently02:10
sledgesi'd do symbol search throughout rootfs02:10
sledgeslooking back to your errors02:10
sledgesalternative would be to build and flash jfltexx02:11
sledgesbefore merge02:11
sledgesso it's early 201402:11
sledgesand we've known nexus5 working since then02:11
dragonkeeperhow early02:14
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sledgeslast known jfltexx02:15
sledgesyou'll need to init a new tree02:15
sledgesor just new device should suffice02:15
sledges(as in jfltexx)02:15
UmeaboyHi sledges!02:16
UmeaboyLovely to "see" you. ;)02:17
UmeaboyHave you gotten any further with the i9305-port?02:17
dragonkeeperhmm okay02:18
dragonkeepersledges, so do i have to go bk through the doc  or do i put pull in a new .zip for jfltexx and  breakfast jfltexx02:19
UmeaboyI guess he went to sleep.02:22
UmeaboyWhen he saw me coming here.02:22
sledgesUmeaboy: :P02:27
sledgesi9305 is all in community hands now;)02:27
sledgesdragonkeeper: just start with 14 again, and add jfltexx repos to local manifest02:28
Umeaboysledges: I just want to ask a serious question and I hope that you can answer it in a serious way......... Does hardware decide if NSA can track what I do or just the usage of Android-versions?02:29
sledgeslol i work for jolla, no idea about nsa;)02:29
UmeaboyThe reason for asking is that I'm thinking about buying the Oppo-phone.02:29
UmeaboyThe phone that the Cyanogenmod-devs made.02:30
sledgescyanogenmod-only phone is oneplus one, don't know what you mean by cm devs02:31
UmeaboyThat one?02:34
sledgesoppo find5 is among already being ported phones by Nokius02:34
UmeaboyOK. Doesn't seem like anything is being done with it, or did it get added recently?02:36
sledgesquite some time ago02:37
sledgesbut it's in the gpu-problematic list02:37
sledgeswaiting for Stskeepz on that02:37
Umeaboysledges: Where are instructions for building Sailfish OS for x86-hardware?02:38
UmeaboyLike a laptop.02:39
sledgesinstall sdk :)02:42
dragonkeepersledges, well gonna need chang hadk too ?02:43
sledgesdragonkeeper: why?02:43
sledgesthe script02:43
sledgesyes sure02:43
sledgesi usually extend it to .hadk.$DEVICE02:43
dragonkeeperah i see02:44
sledgesand leave all common vars in .hadk02:45
sledgesthen just source ~/.hadk02:45
sledgesin each .hadk.$DEVICE02:45
dragonkeeperjust running through 1402:47
sledgesdragonkeeper: in parallel, you could flash latest snapshot
sledgesand check if all hw works02:49
dragonkeeperit should do .  ive prob flashed every version in time ive had this phone xD02:49
sledgeslol i get you02:49
sledgestime to sleep over here02:49
sledgesdragonkeeper: you'll become expert in porting like this too (telnets, selinuxes etc;))02:50
dragonkeeper;) just one question02:50
dragonkeeperbreakfast jfltexx02:51
sledgesUmeaboy: no instructions for x86 hw, but there aren't many sf bits available, only those in x86 emulator02:51
dragonkeeperbash: openssl: command not found02:51
dragonkeeperls: cannot access device/*/jfltexx/ No such file or directory02:51
dragonkeeperbuild/core/ *** Can not locate config makefile for product "cm_jfltexx".  Stop.02:51
sledgesUmeaboy: you can find people porting it to HP etc tablets back in the day, just by taking emulator contents and figuring out themselves02:52
sledges*x86 pads02:52
dragonkeeperlike yeah no shit . so maybe i need add to local manifest innstead?02:52
sledgesdragonkeeper: did you do repo sync after adding new repost to maniest?02:52
dragonkeepereh im getting confused .  running through 14 again lol02:53
UmeaboyI'm now following this thread on to build the zip-file:
UmeaboyDon't haveany clue to weather it works or not.02:53
sledgesUmeaboy: rusty88 is the porter, he brought up to UI, but modem doesn't work02:54
sledges'k chaps, good night and good luck :)02:54
dragonkeepernn ty02:55
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Umeaboysledges: Should PS1="MerSDK $PS1" be seen in the mersdk.profile when opening it?02:58
dragonkeeperi have   PS1="MerSDK \[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[01;34m\] \w \$\[\033[00m\] "02:59
dragonkeeperbut i suppose have it what ever u like   just changes the part before $ to let you know what part your in03:00
Umeaboysdk didn't prompt me of a password.03:03
dragonkeeperis it suppose to ?03:03
UmeaboyYeah. The guide says that.03:10
dragonkeeperpart ?03:11
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UmeaboyRead the code-window.03:17
UmeaboyAfter the part of03:18
Umeaboynano $HOME/.mersdk.profile03:18
Umeaboyfunction hadk() { source $HOME/.hadk.env${1:+.$1}; echo "Env setup for $DEVICE"; }03:18
UmeaboyAnyway.....have to sleep. It's 5 in the morning here.03:19
UmeaboyTake care.03:19
UmeaboySleep tight.03:19
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JaxI believe this thread was pointed out some time ago already:
JaxIs it possible to get some of the critical folk engaging there!? Xda-dev is after all the hub for everything #android, not #sailfish-porters.07:24
JaxCarsten Munk (libhybris) is one person who comes to mind as critical for the discussion, probably Thomas Perl (apkenv) too, & maybe Mario Torre (IcedRobot)?07:25
JaxNo doubt ya'll can think of others... Please add further thoughts/ideas there, TY.07:26
StskeepzJax: for me personally (carsten munk) it may be problematic to involve me as i've been involved with other android runtime stuff commercially..07:26
Stskeepzie, i'm tainted07:26
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JaxIt needn't just be a discussion about an open alternative, it could also be about repackaging Myriad's commercial offering for Android devices running a Sailfish port07:28
Jaxu could engage in "that" part of the discussion...07:29
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Stskeepzyeah.. repackaging isn't going to work :)07:33
Stskeepzi'll take a look though07:33
Jaxheck even this thread has seen more action!?! >.>
JaxWhy won't it work, on the surface it seems like a win win; Myriad get's to license it's wares to a wider array of devices, & Sailfish gains broader appeal to (potential) Android converts.07:37
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JaxYou/Myriad could limit it's availability to only the most advanced/stablisied ports...07:38
Jaxstablisied => stabilised07:40
Stskeepzit's a commercial offering => costs money07:41
JaxPersonally not interested in THAT part of the discussion as much as: "an open alternative to AD", but it's still an important part of the equation.07:42
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JaxYeah but you wouldn't offer it to end-users for free, they'd have to pay for it via your Store, naturally.07:45
JaxPerhaps you wouldn't have a heavy markup though, only enough to cover all (envisioned) costs, not enough to make a strong profit etc.07:46
Stskeepznod, just saying there's a large cost to support a new device07:46
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JaxSurely Myriad would bear some responsibility there too, perhaps it's something you'd both share the load on.07:49
JaxPlus, most rational Sailfish port users wouldn't have unreasonable expectations on the level/extent of "support", so long as their expectations are set properly.07:50
Stskeepzwell.. :)07:50
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JaxWell what? It's just an ACL, users can't expect it to be the source of all ills/problems, nor the solution to all ills/problems, most will grasp that concept easily.08:05
JaxSo long as it's "certified" to a small subset of ports that have reached a "certain standard", they will only expect it to deliver (roughly) what it delivers for Sailfish on the Jolla Phone.08:06
JaxIt's a stop-gap measure ofc, the longer term goal must be an open alternative to AlienDalvik, but Jolla prolly shoudn't be too heavily involved in that (other than to help get the ball rolling) until it's a VERY viable alternative.08:09
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carepack__good morning08:31
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StskeepsJax: , curious09:09
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ttttkldamn nickserve booted me! (Jax registered supposedly >.>) Now I lost everything i typed in the last session... grrr.. stupid IRC...09:21
dragonkeeperthats what u get for not calling dibs :P09:23
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ttttkl"Carsten": had a chance to see that vid thankfully, interesting... it should be shared in that thread at xda-dev I ref'd, along with any further thoughts about repackaging AD for Sailfish ports.09:25
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dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, need to be adapted a bit09:38
dr_gogeta86put everything in /usr09:38
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morphisStskeeps: interesting10:16
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ttttkllost connection again... u get my last post here stskeeps?10:19
Stskeepsyes, but busy atm10:20
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ttttklk cool, np at all...10:21
morphisStskeeps: looks like he didn't uploaded any source code for that yet10:22
dragonkeeperwhat is DSME ?10:22
alindragonkeeper: the thing that keeps your phone up10:22
dragonkeeperthat would be my dock >?  lol ;)10:23
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dragonkeeperlooks like im really close.  D-Bus seems to work now10:24
alindragonkeeper: no.. that will be all the lower leve10:25
* dragonkeeper agrees10:25
mailyaseensledges, for nexus 4, we will get 9 update port directly instead of 8 update port?10:26
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dragonkeepercurl -L -O  device-cm-url     just pulls the zip to work with   and will build against that one regardless of $DEVICE  ??10:34
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sledgesmailyaseen: you'll get update8 first11:27
dragonkeepersledges, morning11:30
sledgesmorn &)11:30
dragonkeepergetting further ;)11:30
sledgeswith older xx tree?11:32
dragonkeeperi decided to not change to jfltexx11:32
sledgesvery well11:32
dragonkeeperinstead i just used jflte and added the .zip for jfltexx11:32
* sledges wants to learn how to fix lib mismatch issues too;)11:32
sledgesadded the zip?11:32
dragonkeeperfollowed 14 again   then rebuilt it all  flashed both .zips11:33
dragonkeeperi was getting errors starting with the jfltexx couldnt be bothered to deal with errors lol so yeah same device anyway + both cm11  so what the hell :)11:34
sledgesboth cm11s in sounds fishy:/11:36
sledgesare you still getting library mismatch in lipstick?11:36
dragonkeeperjust booting rebooting to check11:37
dragonkeeperthat would be  booting laptop  rebooting phone ;)11:38
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos-porters11:39
dragonkeeperok done.11:40
dragonkeeperif i call lipstick it say  ailed to ld plugin  xcb  then lists available ones   so i assume thats not set right:P_11:40
* dragonkeeper bashes his keyboard 11:41
sledgeswell you'll need to check the log files of this channel;11:42
dragonkeeperyh just gott find them11:45
sledgesin the topic11:51
sledgeslook for _PLATFORM11:51
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drag0nsh-3.2# HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=null QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer /usr/bin/lipstick -plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap12:00
drag0nEGLFS: Screen Info12:00
drag0n - Physical size: QSizeF(62, 111)12:00
drag0n - Screen size: QSize(1080, 1920)12:00
drag0n - Screen depth: 32      sledges12:00
sledgesdragonkeeper: pastebin full?12:01
dragonkeeperhaha yes  just realised i should be in nemo12:01
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dragonkeepersledges, changed perms of /dev/fb0 so it could access it and it spits out what i pasted into the channel12:12
sledgesdragonkeeper: go for HYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=fbdev for now12:14
dragonkeeperok done12:15
dr_gogeta86dragonkeeper, null too12:15
dragonkeepersegmentation fault sledges12:16
sledgesdragonkeeper: strace time12:16
dragonkeeper;)  gonna need to put rpm file bk on12:16
sledgesalso strace of =null would be curious12:19
dragonkeeperyeah i dont think sshd started on dev12:20
dragonkeeperill push it over adb12:21
sledgesor in first stage recovery12:22
sledgesit exports partitions via mmc12:22
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dragonkeeper i see12:30
*** srdk has quit IRC12:30
sledgesdrag0n: strace time? :)12:39
sledgesis on your side, yes it is (i hope;)12:40
dragonkeeperits in pastebin12:40
dragonkeeperline 712:40
sledgesHYBRIS_EGLPLATFORM=null QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace /usr/bin/lipstick -plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap12:40
locusfdragonkeeper: LOL strace time12:41
sledgesmade my day tbh:))12:41
dragonkeeperhey im learning lmao12:41
sledgesdragonkeeper: good mood is the best ingredient to that:)12:43
locusfI cracked up way more than I should have lol12:44
sledgesim still on the floor:))12:44
dragonkeeperwell as long as i entertain you xD12:44
sledgesdragonkeeper: ls -l /system/12:45
dragonkeepereh nothing12:45
sledgesls -l /lib/systemd/system/*.mount12:46
sledgesdid you echo continue x2?12:47
sledgespls do so12:47
dragonkeeperit just outputs "continue x2"12:48
dragonkeeperlmao im joking :P12:48
sledgesyou could've pastebinned that too:))12:49
dragonkeeperwell system came bk but it rebooted12:50
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dragonkeepery isnt /system in fstab12:53
locusfoh yeah your systemd reboots on continue12:53
dragonkeeperwould be nice if phone would show output onscreen or something  just to show what its doing lol  bootscreen is annoying :P12:57
sledgeswe solved that yesterday13:02
sledgesselinux=0 and kernel flag in?13:02
dragonkeepershould be its just a rebuild n  flash of zips13:02
sledgescat /proc/cmdline13:03
dragonkeepereh no  dafuk13:04
*** Nokius1 has quit IRC13:04
dragonkeeperSELINUX_BOOTPARAM =y  so thats ok .  just boot cmdline13:05
dragonkeeperwhat file is that stored ?  ill reflash boot.img13:06
sledgesBOOTCMDLINE iirc13:07
dragonkeeperits set to selinux=013:08
*** ttttkl has joined #sailfishos-porters13:08
dragonkeeperHYBRIS_BOOTIMG_COMMANDLINE := selinux=013:08
sledgesinspect your hybris-boot.img then13:09
sledgesit has cmdline as plain text13:09
ttttklSigh, disconnected again... time to try a dedicated client I think, can anyone recommend an excellent IRC client for OSX?13:10
dragonkeeperwhat just from a text editor ?13:11
sledgesdragonkeeper: yes13:12
*** vgrade has joined #sailfishos-porters13:12
ttttklI'm more of GUI kinda guy when it comes to comms utilities like IRC clients ;)13:12
Stskeepsttttkl: adium can do it can't it13:13
ttttkldev slowed on it heaps last I checked, surely there's much better alts nowadays, any I digress too much, sorry...13:14
dragonkeepersledges, gedit now hates me lmao13:14
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters13:14
sledgesdragonkeeper: wat?:))13:15
carepack__nano :)13:16
* dragonkeeper reads gibberish 13:17
sledgesyoung grasshopper is learning ;)13:17
dr_gogeta86and export VT100 is your friend13:17
dragonkeepersledges, i know about cli ediotrs ,, just takes longer lol13:18
sledgesyes, nothing is impossible,only impossible takes longer:))13:19
dragonkeeperbollox to it lol13:22
dragonkeeperHABUILD_SDK [jflte] dragonkeeper@Dragonslair:/srv/mer/android/droid$ cat out/target/product/jflte/hybris-boot.img | grep selinux=013:23
dragonkeeperBinary file (standard input) matches13:23
dragonkeepergood enough? lol13:23
*** ttttkl has quit IRC13:24
locusfvgrade: exciting patch :)13:25
dragonkeeperfind command in nano also shows selinux=013:26
* dragonkeeper refuses to just scroll :P13:26
vgradelocusf: not entirely sure what it does but looked interesting13:26
vgradeI remember nexus 1 had lipstick but no wayland apps13:28
locusfand p6 is too13:28
locusfit has fbdev, but apps won't launch13:28
sledgesdragonkeeper: flash it13:31
dragonkeepersledges, ok flashed hybris-boot.img and selinux=0 is in /proc/cmdline now13:31
sledgesso continue wont reboot13:32
dragonkeeperwill see13:32
dragonkeeperlipstick refusing to start13:34
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters13:36
*** Nokius has quit IRC13:36
*** Nokius1 has joined #sailfishos-porters13:36
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters13:36
locusfso close ..13:38
dragonkeeperbut no cigar13:38
sledgesdragonkeeper: back to strace :)13:39
sledgesback to libmismatch13:43
sledgesalso try =fbdev strace13:44
sledgesand finally =hwcomposer13:44
sledgesgood to have those all13:44
dragonkeeperas EGLPLATFORM ?13:45
*** Sequenced has quit IRC13:50
dragonkeeperenjoy ! lol13:56
dragonkeepersledges, still a lib mismatch right ?14:01
sledgesyes, grepping my hadk tree atm14:04
vgradedragonkeeper: can you pastie your /system/lib dir14:05
vgradels -lR sorry14:07
* dragonkeeper passes the time with ledzeppelin14:11
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:12
dragonkeepersledges, vgrade   just gonna make some (late)lunch and coffee14:14
vgradedragonkeeper: libs look all present14:15
sledgesdragonkeeper: grep reservedVectorImpl out/* -Raz14:17
sledgesdragonkeeper: this command is lunch-time-friendly ;)14:18
sledgesvgrade: this is where i'm coming from:
vgradesledges: dragonkeeper
sledgeshmmm intriguing :)14:23
dragonkeeperhmm yeah none of them are in mine14:25
sledgesi vote for vgrade's flag ;)14:26
sledgesand then mka hybris-hal14:26
vgradedragonkeeper: I'm not saying they are missing but something to trace through14:26
vgradesee where NEEDS_VECTORIMPL_SYMBOLS is used in your tree14:28
vgradeor just add and rebuld as sledges suggests14:29
sledgesodd, NEEDS_VECTORIMPL_SYMBOLS is in none of device's mk files, checked n5, n4, grouper, and yuga14:29
sledgesprobably default as yes?14:29
dragonkeeperok added  COMMON_GLOBAL_CFLAGS += -DNEEDS_VECTORIMPL_SYMBOLS   to device/samsung/qcom-common/BoardConfigCommon.mk14:31
sledgesdragonkeeper: what did grep out/* say?14:31
dragonkeeper grep reservedVectorImpl out/* -Raz   waiting for result14:32
dragonkeeperok done14:35
sledges_ZN7android10VectorImpl19reservedVectorImpl1Ev vs _ZN7android9tinyutils10VectorImpl19reservedVectorImpl1Ev14:38
sledgesvgrade: ^ ?14:38
vgradeso no VectorImpl.o matches14:39
vgradecompared to your hammerhead pastie14:39
sledgesandroid10 vs android9tinyutils1014:40
sledgesAPI/ABI/HAL version ?14:40
*** drag0n is now known as Guest6724314:40
*** Guest67243 has joined #sailfishos-porters14:41
*** Guest67243 is now known as dragon_14:41
vgradesledges:not sure,14:41
vgradebut hammerhead has VectorImpl.o as a match.  I assume that's the implementation of the function. But dragonkeeper's grep does not have that .o.  lets see what happens when dragonkeeper builds with NEEDS_VECTORIMPL_SYMBOLS14:44
sledgesit has14:44
sledgesjust no line breaks :)14:44
dragonkeeperwhatam i building a new .zip now ?14:46
sledgesdragonkeeper: did you run mka?14:46
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters14:47
sledgesvgrade: you're right14:47
sledgesit has only references to that .o14:48
dragonkeepermka hybris-hal  -is running14:48
sledgesdragonkeeper: yes, new zip will be in order14:49
dragonkeeperclean flash of both + flash boot.img    or  dirty flash ?14:49
sledgesbut after mka's finished, do check if exists out/target/product/jflte/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libpixelflinger_static_intermediates/codeflinger/tinyutils/VectorImpl.o14:49
sledgesTassadar: can people have 4.2 on mako, cm10.1 as primary rom yet 4.4 and/or cm11 as secondary ROMs? (i guess then is the case they'll need injected firmware partitions)14:51
*** NeeDforKill has joined #sailfishos-porters14:51
NeeDforKillmy boy i miss u14:51
sledgesNeeDforKill: not long now, dad14:52
dragonkeeperNeeDforKill, im sorry but you will have to pay for these rent boys14:52
NeeDforKillfor making new update for mako ? :D14:53
NeeDforKill i will write it on 4pda.ru14:53
NeeDforKilldonations for sledges :D14:53
sledgesdragonkeeper i charge pimps 90% ;P14:53
Tassadarsledges: yes14:54
sledgesTassadar: \o/ thanks14:54
NeeDforKillsledges how mako going? :D14:54
sledges17:52 < sledges> NeeDforKill: not long now, dad14:55
dragonkeeper out/target/product/jflte/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libpixelflinger_static_intermediates/codeflinger/tinyutils/VectorImpl.o    exists14:59
dragonkeepercompiling .zip now15:00
*** tuna_ has joined #sailfishos-porters15:03
dragonkeepersledges  dirty or clean flash ?15:05
sledgesdirty ofc, you know me:D15:06
dragonkeeperhaha i almost deleted my system (host)15:08
dragonkeeperany longer that could of been real bad :D15:08
dragonkeeperthats like twice in 2 days ,,  think my subconscious is trying to tell me something15:11
*** RobJanc has quit IRC15:19
NeeDforKillgibe mako (((15:19
*** Nokius has quit IRC15:22
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters15:25
*** dragon_ has quit IRC15:30
dragonkeepersledges all done and booted  but no telnet atm  ..15:30
dragonkeepermay need a clean flash15:31
sledgeswhat's on dmesg?15:32
dragonkeepersees the device(samsung) but no mer debug15:33
*** tuna_ has quit IRC15:35
dragonkeeperok it founf mer debug but its not open on a port15:38
sledgesIP .1 vs .15 ?15:40
dragonkeeperill clean flash it15:44
locusfoh that nullws is already merged to upstream hybris, when will you guys pull it to mer-hybris?15:50
sledgesthat can be easy to test15:57
sledgesif doesn't break anything, yet improves others, will pull15:57
sledgesdragonkeeper: IP address i meant15:57
dragonkeeperoh . none it didnt show15:58
*** vgrade has quit IRC16:00
dragonkeepersledges, hmm it works when i clean flash. but as son as i flash the bootimg it doesnt wanna do much16:02
sledgeswhy do you flash boot img?16:02
sledgesboot img should be alraedy inside .zip16:03
dragonkeeper./proc/cmdline didnt have selinux=016:03
sledgesif you created new .zip16:04
sledgesit has new .img16:04
sledgeswith selinux16:04
dragonkeeperok.. i checked it wasnt there  which is why i flashed hybris-boot.img16:04
sledgesok something wrong during .zip creation then16:05
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #sailfishos-porters16:05
sledgesdragonkeeper: which cm have you flashed now?16:06
sledgeswe should keep to either version, not both16:06
dragonkeeperjfltexx cm11  feb build16:06
dragonkeeperusing the jflte tree to build with16:07
dragonkeeperdunno what would be wrong... boot image has selinux=0 in there16:10
dragonkeeperonly change has been the addition to Board...mk16:11
sledgesnot rm16:19
sledgesi strongly suggest you to reverto to latest cm snapshot16:20
sledgesas we solved lib mismatch16:20
sledgesnow bumped into .img problem, but will get there16:20
dragonkeeperso u want me to go bk to cm11-jflte build instead ?16:20
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC16:21 yes16:21
sledgesthings seem to fail16:21
sledgesbut surely we should be on same page with cm16:21
dragonkeeperyeah lol16:21
sledgesso flash jflte one16:21
sledgeswe'll take it from there16:21
sledgessorry about the fuss16:21
sledgesporter's daily ;)16:21
dragonkeeperok give me a min ;)  just gonna eat then ill rebuild and flash  using latest version16:22
sledgesgood idea16:22
dragonkeeper    haha :)16:30
*** Triada has joined #sailfishos-porters16:36
dragonkeepersledges, what are the files that have device check line for updater-script ?16:37
TriadaHi guys. There is information on when the Nexus 4 release ea4? Wait for September or ...?16:38
dragonkeeperrule of opensource .. no ETA  lol :P16:38
Triada:D optimistic16:40
*** Triada has quit IRC16:42
*** alin has quit IRC16:43
sledgesdragonkeeper: assert16:44
*** mirkolone has joined #sailfishos-porters16:46
dragonkeepersledges now going to be using the top one   2014-8-2716:47
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters16:47
sledgesjust not nightly16:47
sledgestoo unpredictable16:47
dragonkeeperoh ok16:47
sledgesnot many tested so16:47
sledgesimportant that we got vgrade_'s compile option, my money on him now for this great find ;)16:48
dragonkeeperok   take your pick  lol16:48
sledgesthe one you picked before16:49
sledgesM something16:49
*** xtal has joined #sailfishos-porters16:51
*** zZz0n is now known as zon16:53
*** spiiroin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:55
*** dan_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:56
*** dan_ is now known as Guest5330816:56
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters16:57
*** xtal has quit IRC16:57
*** Guest53308 has quit IRC16:59
*** spiiroin has quit IRC16:59
*** _Serial has quit IRC17:00
*** _Serial has joined #sailfishos-porters17:01
Sage_sledges: the kernel flashing fix went in to the same pull request as I pushed it to same git tree on my side. :/17:06
Sage_sledges: however for me it worked fine in local build so the question is more if that is ok in packaging ways17:06
Sage_sledges: also made that prjconf fix already you mentioned17:08
sledgesSage_: Prefer: droid-hal needs testing, as it's a provide, not top-level-package name17:08
Sage_sledges: well testing it atm. :)17:09
sledgeswonder if obs does deep-level resolving17:09
Sage_sledges: if it doesn't work then it means that we need to have adaptation specific prjconf's17:09
Sage_sledges: or we do Ignore rule for that ofono config17:09
sledgesSage_: also if somebody with multirom in community performs zypper ref zypper dup with new kernel flasher packaging, it will break their devices' boot17:10
sledgeson my mind was to add extra check for multirom kernel cmdline17:11
sledgeswhich it adds17:11
Sage_sledges: how does the multirom work?17:11
sledgesunpacks hybris-boot.img on /data/...17:12
sledgesnext to rootfss17:12
sledgesthen does hard kexec17:12
Sage_sledges: can you point to the code? :)17:12
sledgeswe just need to add this check:
sledgesif it's there, then at least do nothing for now17:13
Sage_sledges: now that I think maybe adding Ignore: ofono:ofono-configs is ok as well, as that ofono-configs isn't needed on builds17:14
Sage_then ofono-configs isn't installed and no conflicts will appear17:14
sledgeswill that get rid of mer-ofono-configs package  being pulled in?17:14
Sage_also we need to add Provides: ofono-configs a well there17:14
Sage_just a moment17:15
sledges(iirc the name but it defo had mer- ;) just doing rpm -qf on that ril conf17:15
dragonkeepersledges, iremovedtheline from hybris/hybris-boot/updater-script and it still adds it to the finished product... :(17:15
sledgesdragonkeeper: look for the installed copy of that file in out/17:16
dragonkeeperhybris-updater-script inout/ has it removed17:17
sledgesit probably takes it from more sources17:17
sledgeslike droid-hal-...hybris-boot.rpm17:17
dragonkeepereh ill search all files containing  assert(getprop("ro.product.device")17:18
sledgesrpm is compressed17:19
sledgesdragonkeeper: i think it unpacks droid-hal-*boot*.rpm17:19
sledgesduring zip creation17:19
sledgesso, if you renegerate dhd with mb217:19
sledgesthat would help17:19
sledges(and update the repos)17:20
Sage_sledges: also in
dragonkeepersledge hmm it added bk the dvb stuff i removed17:22
Sage_sledges: so17:24
Sage_20:20.20 < dragonkeeper> ok17:24
Sage_sledges: so if data_subdir is found from cmdline then it is multiboot?17:24
Sage_dragonkeeper: sry, tab and misclick :)17:25
sledgesSage_: yes17:25
sledgesSage_: so all set? not going the Ignores way for now unless blows up17:26
Sage_sledges: added that as well everything set17:28
*** luca_vs has joined #sailfishos-porters17:33
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC17:33
sledgesdragonkeeper: dvb would break the build17:40
sledgessage_: mb2ing:)17:40
dragonkeeperiknow i removed it .just confused why it put it bk17:40
dragonkeeperok done and syncing17:45
vgrade_nice one sledges17:48
vgrade_N4 rel17:48
sledgesvgrade_: thanks! kudos to MSameer for camera stuff:)17:48
vgrade_sledges: yes great to see that , fingers crossed for N517:49
vgrade_sledges: twittered?17:50
vgrade_found it,17:51
Sage_sledges: that multiboot is a tricky thing easy to hack in but pondering proper way17:54
NeeDforKillMy boy, why u not write me about mako (((17:54
sledgesNeeDforKill: now you got it, yet always something to complain about?:)))17:55
sledgesi sent email to all early adopters, have you registered?;)17:55
NeeDforKillgibe link bro17:55
NeeDforKillu my favorite weapon =)17:55
sledgesSage_: what do you mean?17:56
NeeDforKillso usb charging working? :D17:56
sledgesNeeDforKill: you're the only one who reported it not;P17:56
NeeDforKillokay i make retest17:57
NeeDforKillthank u for update bro17:57
NeeDforKilldid u have paypal?17:57
sledgesenjoy it mate!17:57
NeeDforKillofc have*17:57
sledgeslol it's jolla's port;P17:58
NeeDforKillbut anyway17:58
NeeDforKillso if i get it, anyway i need install as primary anroid 4.2 then multirom?17:59
sledgesin a non hacky way yes17:59
dragonkeepersledges, surprised u havnt gone mad ;)  ive been looking at the code + output for a few days  but your looking at it 24/7 dealing with others too :P18:00
sledgesi've been looking at the code since new year ;)18:00
Sage_sledges: someone with multirom should test that though18:01
Sage_I don't have such setup so can't do real testing atm.18:02
sledgesSage_: i have multirom, maybe could test without building it18:02
dragonkeepersledges,  ok that fixed it xD  no more device checking no more unzipping18:04
sledgesyeap, should be doable18:04
sledgesdragonkeeper: \o/18:04
luca_vssledges: can you describe how to use multirom and CM11 as primary...? It should be very useful.... :-)18:04
dragonkeeperreflash , gonna assume that the boot.img will add options ok now  (fingers crossed)18:05
sledgesluca_vs: carepack__ can describe to you ;) but all is needed is to flash old modem partition18:06
luca_vssledges: I have a modem.img in my but where do I need to flash it....18:10
sledgesluca_vs: don't know, just ping carepack__ ;)18:10
sledgeshe did all the testing and verification18:10
luca_vscarepack__: are you here? :-D18:10
sledgesluca_vs: flashing partitions should also be part of xda nexus4 knowhow, no?18:11
luca_vsok :-)18:12
dragonkeepersledges ,,, no theres a problem18:13
dragonkeeperSerialNumber: Mer Debug setting up (DONE_SWITCH=yes)18:14
dragonkeeperthats the only mention in dmesg  no telnet is open18:14
sledgesdragonkeeper: ok, fresh ground at least;)18:15
sledgesdragonkeeper: touch /init_enter_debug18:15
carepack__yep. here18:16
sledgesdragonkeeper: on rootfs18:16
sledgesvia recovery18:16
carepack__just flash 0.83 modem from xda. here:
dragonkeepersledges, done . + same result18:19
sledgesdragonkeeper: i hope you did touch /data/.stowaways/...../ ?18:20
sledgesit should stop in 1st stage telnet now18:20
dragonkeeperfresh flash    so all untouched18:20
mirkoloneTHANKS FOR EA4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:21
dragonkeepersledges, far as i can recall it started after adding the option to board*.mk18:22
sledgesmirkolone: enjoy:)18:22
sledgesdragonkeeper: yes we still have to "get in" ;)18:22
luca_vscarepack__: Thanks, next I need : fastboot flash radio radio.img  ?  That's all?18:22
sledgesdragonkeeper: did you do touch /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init_enter_debug ?18:22
dragonkeeperno ?18:23
sledgespls do18:23
dragonkeepersledges, is gandalf the sailfish wizard18:27
dragonkeeperi got port 2318:27
dragonkeepern now 2323 :P18:28
sledgesyes, port 23 it is18:28
dragonkeeperselinux =0 is in cmdline18:29
sledgesdragonkeeper: good18:31
sledgesdragonkeeper: cp /init /target/init-debug18:31
sledgesdragonkeeper: mv /target/sbin/preinit /target/root/preinit18:31
sledgesdragonkeeper: sync18:31
sledgesdragonkeeper: echo continue...:)18:31
sledgesdragonkeeper: 2323 ?18:35
sledgescarepack__: luca_vs: i suggest you follow this least intrusive ingenious approach:
dragonkeepersledges, you want more strace reading material ? lol18:37
carepack__no. that are flashable zips. sorry. afk. beeing back later18:37
sledgescarepack__: it's the same modem.img just injected via multirom means only for sf18:38
sledgesaosp44 and cm11 stay intact, everyone's happy18:38
sledgescarepack__: im taking my words back, as Tassadar said this is not yet ready for sf18:41
sledgesscp servicemanager nemo@192.....:18:43
sledgesssh nemo@...18:43
sledgesmv lol18:43
sledgeswrong window :D18:43
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:44
sledgesok, it's been a long day, time to kick some ass18:44
* sledges off to karate o/18:44
dragonkeeperlol  o/18:44
luca_vsOk, I'll try, THANKS!18:45
sledgesluca_vs: 21:41 < sledges> carepack__: im taking my words back, as Tassadar said this is not yet ready for sf18:45
sledgessee also my reply follow-up18:45
*** luca_vs has quit IRC18:48
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:48
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC18:49
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:50
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:50
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:57
*** furikku has quit IRC18:59
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos-porters19:03
*** _Serial has quit IRC19:07
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:08
*** Taaeem has joined #sailfishos-porters19:09
*** Taaeem has left #sailfishos-porters19:10
*** beidl has quit IRC19:11
*** _Serial has joined #sailfishos-porters19:11
*** YolDovah has joined #sailfishos-porters19:13
*** dragonkeeper has quit IRC19:18
*** Sail0r has quit IRC19:27
*** Sequenced has quit IRC19:31
*** mirkolone has quit IRC19:47
*** kimmoli is now known as KimmoJolla19:53
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:00
*** alin has quit IRC20:00
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:00
*** KimmoJolla is now known as kimmoli20:03
alinsledges: so this is what you did all this time20:05
alinnexus 420:05
*** YolDovah has quit IRC20:10
*** sletta has quit IRC20:13
MSameersledges: n4 camera is just a hack. I will check it now and try to cook a better fix!20:21
MSameeralin: what'swrong with nexus4 ? :D20:41
MSameerwhat's wrong20:41
NeeDforKillmy sledges20:41
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters20:41
alinMSameer: nothing... seems actually is in a good shape20:41
NeeDforKillso 4.2.2+ cm 10.1.3= sailfish  ?20:42
MSameeralin: I will soon take a look at camera for nexus5. I am just trying to iron out the nexus4 crash and leak20:42
NeeDforKillMSameer better look at camero for nexus 4 :D20:43
NeeDforKilloh u working with sledges on mako?20:43
MSameerNeeDforKill: do you have a nexus4 ? ;)20:43
NeeDforKillyes i have20:43
MSameerNeeDforKill: the fix sledges committed for camera on nexus4 was my suggestion :p20:43
NeeDforKillthank u =)20:43
NeeDforKilldid multirom working under android L?20:44
MSameerthere are still some issues. 1) I don't like the fix and I need to convince myself it's the proper fix so I can push it to the master branch (and I am tough sometimes :P) 2)there is a fd leak which I need to chase and fix20:45
MSameerNeeDforKill: but I am glad that my work made you happier :-D20:45
*** piggz has quit IRC20:46
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters20:47
*** YolDovah has joined #sailfishos-porters20:51
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC20:57
*** piggz has quit IRC21:00
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:01
*** piggz has quit IRC21:03
Sage_sledges: can we merge ?21:07
sledgesNeeDforKill: kudos to MSameer for you all enjoying that camera;)21:12
sledgesalin: mainly hacking sensors, but even that one was helped by the team, awesome effort21:13
alinsledges: are there any plans for gstreamer 1.0?21:13
sledgesalin: ask MSameer21:14
alinMSameer: you know the low levels of gstreamer... is there any way to capture a a video on sailfish from cli?21:14
alinsledges: I know he is bundling his own... to push it in the sailfish is a different business21:14
sledgesalin: so ask him about pushing it into sailfish21:16
stephgcamera works here fwiw, great work guys21:17
sledgesSage_: ok will merge, as i see safe fallback options there (will explain later), but first answer me: can there be a kernel flag you just made mandatory, that does not exist in some devices (lest kernel versions) ?21:17
sledgeshehe thanks, loving the fwiw part;)21:17
alinsledges: he he... from desktop experience I know updating gstreamer is top 3 of most difficult things to convince people21:18
alinafter systemd and network21:18
sledges;) but rewarding once done21:18
stephgwell I'd prove it with a selfie but, even though I'm a tanned Adonis right now, it's probably not a good idea ;)21:18
alinstephg: be sure you have your tshirt on21:19
stephgalin that'd be one of the problems right now21:19
alinstephg: then do not...21:19
alinstephg: we do not want a blondes invasion in the channel21:20
sledgeswas adonis blond?21:24
alinsledges: ... no... but if they find out naked selfies of him are in this channel....21:26
* stephg puts the medallion away21:26
MSameeralin: not straight forward but we can have a small app that does it21:30
sledgesalin: ok
alinsledges: I see... a feynman diagram21:31
*** kimmoli has quit IRC21:31
*** kimmoli has joined #sailfishos-porters21:31
sledgesvery much so wow21:31
MSameeralin: I have (or should have) a small app that records videos, captures images, ... from the command line21:32
MSameeralin: I can try to find it and push it somewhere21:32
MSameeralin: gstreamer 1.0 is planned but it will wait for a while21:32
alinMSameer: would be great... images we have for people to take screenshots21:32
alinvideos even better21:32
MSameeralin: it needs qtmultimedia support to be merged first21:32
MSameeralin: wait. do you mean screencast?21:33
alinMSameer: yap... plus give time people to port apps if any21:33
MSameeralin: aha. I am not aware of a way to get screencast :/21:33
MSameerI actually researched that a few weeks ago21:33
MSameerand could not find anything21:33
*** lpotter has quit IRC21:34
MSameeralin: the best way would be for someone to implement it in nemomobile lipstick and then jolla would get it automatically21:34
alinMSameer: ximagesrc but is not supported it seems21:34
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos-porters21:34
MSameeralin: that's X specific. we are using wayland21:34
alinMSameer: yap... this is what I wanted to comment21:34
alinMSameer: if there is wayland equovalent21:35
MSameeralin: weston (the wayland reference compositor) has it now so maybe someone can take those bits and hack them in lipstick21:35
MSameeralin: and we don't need to use HW encoders for that as we will be encoding the screensize only21:35
MSameerwhich can be 1080p21:35
MSameeralin: lipstick (home screen) talks to Qt hwcomposer plugin which then talks to android HAL21:37
MSameersomeone needs to add support to lipstick21:37
MSameerand no I don't have enough time to do it :/21:38
*** YolDovah has quit IRC21:38
MSameeralin: a workaround (UGLY) would be to save a series of PNG images for now and then encode them to construct a video21:40
MSameerlipstick already has the functionality to save screenshots as PNG images21:41
alinMSameer: no way... I am fedup of doing films frame by frame21:41
MSameerperhaps you could consider hacking lipstick to add the support then ? ;)21:42
*** lpotter has quit IRC21:57
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos-porters21:57
*** alin has quit IRC22:10
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:11
*** alin has quit IRC22:11
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:11
*** YolDovah has joined #sailfishos-porters22:12
MSameersledges: seems the patch adds a leak for that buffer22:33
MSameerthat part of the code needs to be rewritten22:33
* sledges nods22:34
sledgesso a leak with each photo taken22:35
sledgesplus an fd leak after 20secs regardless22:35
sledgeshmm something's gotta give:))22:35
stephgI'm giving. It's now bedtiem22:36
stephgg'night folks, catch you all in the morning22:36
*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:36
YolDovahhey sledges22:50
YolDovahpossible to dual boot android (any version) with SF and not have them conflict so i can still work on the port but use the phone ?22:51
MSameersledges: false alarm. doesn't seem to be a leak22:55
MSameerI will push the fix to master22:56
sledgesYolDovah: yes, but needs a bit older radio.img flashed22:56
sledgesMSameer: sounds like a proper fix then :)22:56
MSameerI hope so ;)22:56
YolDovahsledges, why?22:56
sledgesYolDovah: because sf loads firmware from there22:56
sledgesand can tolerate only radio.img v0.53 (4.2.2) or 0.8x (4.3) but not 4.422:57
YolDovahok :s22:57
sledgesbut we tested both, and CM11 on top of older fw still works! \o/22:57
sledges(0.53 from JDQ39 - links in main post, -and also 0.84 from JWR66V)22:58
YolDovahhow do i find out what version i have already . i think i only updated it once22:58
sledgesYolDovah: depends on your android stock22:58
sledgesfactory version, what is it?22:59
YolDovahlol u love the word factory and i never know what u mean23:00
sledgesgoogle's images:)23:01
Tassadarit should be written in bootloader23:01
sledgesthe base rom23:01
YolDovahthe one i want to dual boot with  ?23:01
Tassadaras in, on the bootloader screen23:01
sledgesgood one Tassadar :)23:01
YolDovahim so confused and i dont know why im just lmao23:02
YolDovahaosp GE 4.4 is usually what i use23:03
YolDovahcm11 is base of SF23:03
MSameersledges: want a tag ?23:03
sledgesMSameer: yes please, webhooks updated23:03
MSameerwho is the nice guy who created 0.1.0 and 0.1.1 ?23:04
sledgesand created for mako ;D23:04
MSameersledges: 0.0.20140829.023:05
MSameersledges: I don't have :O23:05
sledgesit was in the image:))23:05
sledgesi followed last tagging convention from March :P23:05
MSameerthat reminds me. I need to update the hooks too23:05
sledgesi think i updated yours too23:05
sledgesYolDovah: boot to bootloader and check what's written on bottom23:06
YolDovahboot to bootloader ?  u mean where it has fastboot and other options ?23:08
YolDovahmy phone has to options that i know of ... download mode(odin)  and recovery   or boot straight to system  :P23:09
sledgesYolDovah: ouch23:10
sledgeswhat phone do you have?23:10
YolDovahu know this lol23:10
sledgesstop changing nicknames;P23:10
YolDovahi like to xD23:10
sledgescrap i thought you're one of the mako guys, who are all fighting multirom23:11
sledgesday been -too- long;P23:11
YolDovahnah i just wanna be able to work on sailfish and make phone calls tomorrow lol23:11
sledgesyou can boot back to cm11 anytime23:11
sledgesjust flash it's boot.img23:11
YolDovahbut then id only be able to use the rom im using with SF ?  cant i have  .. say .. move cm boot.img and hybris-boot.img to data and have another boot.img to flash and choose what to boot . like a mini grub menu xD23:13
YolDovahbe nice if modify partitions too hahaha23:13
* YolDovah is asking for to much23:14
sledgesYolDovah: you'll need laptop for that23:14
sledgesyou can pack .img into mini .zips and do that via recovery23:14
sledgesso not asking too much, but you'll have to DIY ;P23:14
YolDovahbut no1 has decided to make a grub menu look alike for android ?23:15
YolDovahwasting your time on other projects ?23:15
sledgesmultirom is grub23:15
sledgesin your case it would be called scrub23:15
sledgesNAND scrub23:16
YolDovahbut u say that it doesnt support new radio23:16
YolDovahsounds silly to me23:16
sledgesscratch that23:17
sledgesi was talking mako23:17
YolDovahi see lol23:17
YolDovahok say i did a multirom setup would it install to same partition and cause conflicts or can i install to sdcard ... but in the latter wouldnt that cause conflicts for apps23:19
* YolDovah 's head hurts23:19
sledgesmultirom places all rootfss in a subfolder, manages kernels and boot imgs in another place, unpacks and does kexec+chroot-ish approach23:21
sledgesYolDovah: just one command with flashing a chosen boot.img would solve all your problems for next two weeks23:21
sledgeswe have more important tasks;)23:22
YolDovahok  lmao . so i can use cm11 base and then flash other boot img to use sailfish  by making two zips n using recovery23:23
sledgesyes, if you don't want to use laptop to switch;)23:23
sledgesyou'll just have to trim updater-script to bits, as you already understood;)23:23
YolDovah:)   yeah be cool . then i can take laptop down town probs tomorrow   go about my day  sit in shop and work on this abit swap between make calls  ;)23:25
YolDovahas u can see im determined to get this port working haha  well at very least to a gui23:26
YolDovahafter gui it all depends on RILDs attitude ;)  im assuming sf uses it too23:27
YolDovahthink ill play one or two more games of warthunder as im being nagged at lol  then switch over n sort this ^^23:29
sledgesYolDovah: you'll still need laptop to telnet in during first week ;P23:32
sledgesgnite peeps! been one helluva day:)23:32
YolDovahunless i have another device and otg ;)23:34
sledges;D smartypants23:35
sledgesthat would look cool23:35
sledgesand hwkbd23:35
*** olafh_ has quit IRC23:35
YolDovahill see if i can find my atrix :P  great little phone23:35
YolDovahwhich may get sailfish after ;)  it uses cm10.123:37
*** _Serial has quit IRC23:40
*** Tassadar has quit IRC23:57

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