Friday, 2014-08-29

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Sage_sledges: yes kernel 1.0 at least ;)05:48
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brujoandhey guys, has anyone managed to run sailfish on htc one (m8) and not written about it on the interwebz?08:18
tbrwhich SoC is that?08:19
tbrhave you checked the status wiki mentioned in the topic?08:19
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brujoandouch. didnt notice it. will check08:21
brujoandnot even on the grid. I'm guessing no then :/08:21
tbrwhich soc is it? check for comparable devices with same soc.08:22
tbrbut yeah, that means no "just install this" easy way08:23
brujoandhm, system on chip? 2.50GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 80108:25
brujoandi a bit off on the lingo here08:25
brujoandI don't mind a bit of work to get it working. but if I'm looking at a new photoframe I guess ill wait :P08:26
tbrah, QC, not bad chances then08:29
YolDovahwhere do i get for a cm11 2014-08-04 build?08:30
tbrtry perusing the search enginge of your least distrust for a CM11 Gapps zip08:30
YolDovahtbr, i mean ive seen lots of gapps versions.  how do i know which is most compatible ?08:32
stephgYolDovah: don't think the compatability would be a problem08:32
stephgI'd just get the latest one (unless you don't like hangouts)08:32
tbrany recent CM11 gapps should work08:33
YolDovahok thanks08:33
tbralso they will update themselves once you have set up your account etc08:33
YolDovahokay :)  also why im here, anyone know how to make a .zip with only the boot.img inside. i keep trying and it fails when trying to install08:36
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YolDovahive been trying this ...08:38
YolDovahassert(package_extract_file("boot.img", "/tmp/boot.img"),08:38
YolDovah       write_raw_image("/tmp/boot.img", "boot"),08:38
YolDovah       delete("/tmp/boot.img"));08:38
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Sage_sledges: hmmp that .sh thing is a bit tricky08:48
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sledgesyes, a bit of a sh:) wonder if for loop is allowed in %files.. Sage_ guess not08:59
dr_gogeta86good morning guys09:00
* sledges yawns09:01
Sage_sledges: that needs quite huge rework09:01
Sage_sledges: as not all of those files belong to droid-hal package anymore09:01
sledgesofc *-configs will need split in the end09:02
Sage_sledges: proposals welcome. Need to go now for some hours09:04
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YolDovahsledges, set it up as dual boot via recovery :)09:11
sledgesgood man:)09:16
sledgesso, scrub v0.1 ;)09:16
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dr_gogeta86swearing over 2l10:12
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Stskeepscash is cash10:12
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Price15Hello? I am having issue with Wifi on Mako10:33
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Price15Multirom, Cm 10.1.3 and flashed the 0.48 radio from android 4.2.210:35
Price15Wifi not working, Cellular is working10:35
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sledgeshi Price1510:42
sledgesCarepack: could you help?10:42
sledgesPrice15: is wlan0 interface there?10:43
Price15sledges: I open settings > wifi > "Networking is not available please restart devices"10:44
* YolDovah is having fun with a pc build fix10:44
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sledgesPrice15: could you open terminal and run some commands for me?10:47
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Price15sledges: alright tell me10:47
sledgesls -l /data/misc/wifi/10:49
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sledgestell me the size of WCNSS_qcom_wlan_nv.bin10:49
Price15permission denied10:50
sledgesgo and set developer password10:50
sledgesin settigs->developer mode10:50
Price15okay su-devel I get it10:51
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sledgesin the meantime, pls flash 0.54 radio10:54
sledges0.48 migbt be a tad bit to old10:54
sledgesor incompatible10:54
Price15okay cool I'll flash it and try10:55
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Price15sledges: I just wanted to say thanks for all the nexus 4 ports. Your a hero!.10:57
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sledgesthankd glad you enjoy it, it is amazing effort by the whole team indeed10:59
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sledgesNeeDforKill: about that paypal account? just buy a Jolla phone ;) or another half at least, to go on a wall:))11:05
NeeDforKilli live in Russia :D11:05
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sledgesNeeDforKill: jolla Kazakhstan ready for you11:05
Price15sledges: Bro it didnt fix it so there are two issues. Maybe its caused because of the multirom?11:16
sledgesnp, i'm cooking something for ya now11:17
Price15cool hasnt anyone made noise about this so far?11:17
sledgesthey have11:18
sledgesstrangely it worked for Carepack11:18
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sledgesPrice15: could you do ls -l /firmware/image/ ?11:19
sledgesgonna be lot of output11:19
sledgesbest of you use laptop ;)11:19
carepack_here I wrote down my steps:11:20
sledgeswhich AOSP rom do you have as primary?11:21
sledgesCarepack: ^11:21
sledgescarepack_: ^^ :))11:21
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sledgesgreat tutorial btw11:21
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Price15sledges: my primary rom is AOKP 4.4.411:24
sledgesPrice15: try the kexec multirom kernel that carepack_ used11:25
sledges2. I've downloaded the kernel without cm in the name. Correct kernel is needed with kexec patch. Is included in the files11:25
sledges(the .zip)11:25
sledgeswould such kernel load cm itself?11:26
sledgesPrice15: do you have primary cm11 on top?11:26
carepack_sledges: thx11:27
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Price15sledges: nope I used aokp as primary, then I installed cm+sailfish together as a seperate rom11:28
carepack_for  multirom and kexec environment is needed. not everyone has included this patch. so I used the hellscore kernel in primary. the sailfish is installed like described in the mail. additionally installed the modem 0.8411:28
Price15carepack_: cool ill try that11:29
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carepack_read here for detailed steps:
sledgescarepack_: ahhh hellscore what the hell:)))11:31
sledgesnot from multirom kexec collection11:31
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Sage_sledges: so ideas about how to handle the .sh scripts and stuff?11:41
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sledgesSage_: trying something now11:49
Sage_sledges: also added on mount fix also to pull request and merged couple of commits11:52
sledgesSage_: merged many thanks for useful bits11:58
sledgesif it breaks, we'll see what activity is going on:)) good way to say hello again:)11:59
sledgesand yes agree with thp_ those are good new flags and tidyup12:00
Sage_sledges: that will save quite a bit of effort from many12:00
sledgesin terms of?12:00
Sage_sledges: device boots up but some stuff can be broken if not all of thos eare in12:01
Sage_though not all of those are needed, so warnings are mostly guidelines12:01
sledgesok, i was coming from narrow-PoV that all works on n4 n5 ;) but yes, for the still-non-working devices it might even help12:01
sledgeshuh hybris-11.0 manifest doesn't have mer-kernel-check12:03
sledgesvgrade: ? ^12:03
sledgeshow did you go about that, not finding instructions even on :)12:04
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piggzlo sledges, vgrade.  back from hols and back to the ace....12:42
piggzi need to remember where i am!12:42
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt12:42
sledgesplanet earth12:43
piggzto make things a little more convenient .. im using my laptop via a 40" tv cos my screen is bust!12:45
vgradesledges: I raised this a couple of weeks ago,
MerbotNemo bug 746 in Hybris-ing "android 11.0 manifest misses mer-kernel-check" [Normal,New]12:48
vgradeI can only assume if script is not there it does not stop dhd12:49
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sledgesvgrade: i can't get my head around this:
sledgesso the latter line pulls  kernel check as i seem to fail finding any references of dhd looking into ../hybris/mer-kernel-check12:51
sledgesnow which repo does it pull..12:51
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sledgesSage_: fixed executables problem, commit coming12:58
*** catern has joined #sailfishos-porters12:58
sledgesvgrade: yes makes sense, yet it never compiles that hybris/-checker- one13:01
sledgesi guess it pull from mer-tools13:01
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sledgesyoyo dragonkeeper13:02
dragonkeeperyoyo sledges13:02
sledgesthere was your evil twin not long ago:)13:02
dragonkeeperhaha other client at home was lagging so i closed it and opened local. sitting in shop with my laptop and phone ;)13:03
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sledges;)) and scrub bootloader, that's awesom!13:03
dragonkeeperonly place i can vape massive clouds without getting weird looks or comments haha , perfect relax spot :P13:04
dragonkeeperi can debug device here ,  but cant rebuild images or .zips till i get bk13:05
Sage_is siteshwar here?13:06
Sage_He should look at
piggzso .. atm, i have a devic that boots to a gui (first run) but no touch input.  i cant telnet in as telnet isnt running, and i dont know a password for ssh :/13:07
sledgesSage_: it's situ13:07
sledgesdragonkeeper: by clouds you mean smoke coming out from your devices?13:09
Sage_situ: ^ :)13:09
dragonkeepersledges,   s/smoke/vapour/   :P13:09
dragonkeeperwe sit in the shop cloud chasing setting off the fire alarm when customers walk in to scare the crap outta them xD13:11
piggzooo, telnet is running on 232313:13
sledgesthat's the plan13:13
dragonkeepersledges, so did u have an idea about the lib mismatch or do oyu need more info ?13:15
sledgesdragonkeeper: haven't looked in yet, busy13:15
sledgeshope your ubuntupaste doesn't expire soon;)13:15
dragonkeeperhaha fair ;)13:16
piggzsledges: whats the next step in debuggin touch events?13:17
sledgesSage_: config fixes, review welcome (cherry-pick if ok):
sledgestested, works:)13:19
dragonkeepersledges just an idea but do u think maybe because im using cm11 and droid-hal-device only has a cm10.1 branch ........?13:19
dragonkeeperprob way off but just came to mind lol13:20
sledgesSage_: refresh, added some code comments13:23
sledgesdragonkeeper: dhd is branch-independent, not renamed due to legacy reasons13:23
sledgeswell noted though;)13:23
dragonkeeperi see13:24
sledgespiggz: do they work in cm?13:26
piggzsledges: yep, and ive read the events thru adb13:27
sledgespiggz: do this for me both on cm and then sf:13:27
sledgesfind /sys | grep input | grep uevent | xargs grep NAME=13:27
dragonkeepersledges, is hwcomposer built in or made available via plugin?13:28
piggzsledges: this is sf:
caternwow!! i am using this Nexus 7 2012 Wifi (grouper) port, and it is just working great, this is amazing13:31
caterngreat job13:31
Price15sledges: carepack_: thanks for the help I was doing everything right the problem was with the radio modem13:33
caterni just have a questio, what is the password for nemo?13:34
sledgespiggz: cool, waiting for cm13:35
sledgescatern: thanks, and thanks to junnuvi for this great port:)13:35
sledgesso who'll be the first to answer catern what's pwd for nemo?;P13:35
sledgesdragonkeeper: it's complicated; read about it in hadk chapter 1313:36
caternah, i can set it myself, I see13:36
sledgesgood work;)13:36
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sledgesPrice15: what was the prob?13:37
piggzsledges: and cm
*** dragonkeeper has joined #sailfishos-porters13:37
dragonkeeperwow real bad lag o.O13:37
sledgespiggz: so it's event113:37
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters13:38
piggzsledges: yes, i know that :)13:38
caternoh, wow13:38
caternthere's even an option for allowing ssh login13:38
caternthis is so awesome13:38
sledgespiggz: im just confirming..13:38
sledgescatern: welcome to Linux, buddy:)13:38
caternit's good to finally be home ;_;13:39
piggzsledges: in cm, if i cat /dev/input/event1 and touch the screen, shit happens13:39
piggznothing on sf13:39
dragonkeepersledges, hwcomposer built-in/plug-in?13:39
piggzon cm, owner is root,input, on cm it is root,video13:39
piggzbut nemo is in video group13:39
sledgesdragonkeeper: both13:40
Price15sledges: I had 1.03 as my primary radio modem. Instead of changing the primary rom radio I was changing the multirom rom section. That would break my wifi and volume rocker13:40
sledgesPrice15: changing radio via multirom sf rom section is not supported yet13:40
dragonkeepersledges, via  qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin ?13:40
sledgespiggz: if you cat event1 as root in sf?13:41
sledgesdragonkeeper: yes13:41
sledgesPrice15: so now you flashed the most-recent-but-working radio physically? (go for tested 0.84)13:41
*** SK_work_ has joined #sailfishos-porters13:42
piggzsledges: nothing happens13:42
dragonkeepersledges, has cm10 branches but not cm11... *shrug*13:42
Price15sledges: yup I installed 0.84 then reinstalled multirom now its all good13:42
*** SK_work has quit IRC13:43
sledgesPrice15: hmm so injecting radio in mrom did break more, i see why you had to reinstall there ok13:43
sledgesPrice15: awesome! i'll update tutorial, thanks for input13:43
sledgespiggz: then you have to dig down deep to driver level in kernel - is cm kernel directly branched into sf kernel with min amount of mods, and is your kernel version matching?13:45
sledgesdragonkeeper: thoseare legacy, never used in hadk. hadk uses master branch13:45
sledgespiggz: also might there be any touchscreen firmware left out?13:46
piggzsledges: yes, min mods, to bottom of this file
piggzwrong branch specified there13:49
sledgespiggz: wrong?13:49
piggzits the 10-1 branch13:50
*** sletta has quit IRC13:50
sledges# Linux/arm 3.0.101 Kernel Configuration13:50
piggzsledges: on cm,13:50
piggzshell@android:/ $ ls /vendor/firmware/13:50
sledgesthose are broadcom stuff13:51
vgradeSage_: that requires was added to "fix" /system not being mounted before driod-init ran.13:51
piggzsledges: yes13:51
sledgespiggz: dhd=wlan, and your ts is not bc13:51
piggzso no that then i guess13:52
vgradeSage_: not sure if the recent changes to CONFIG's for systemd have made sure /system always gets loaded before droid-init13:52
sledgesvgrade: he reverted that Requires and system boots13:52
sledgeseven better than before13:52
sledgesneeds testin13:52
sledgeshope alin could save the day :)13:53
sledgesor dmt_13:53
vgradesledges: Sage_ was just adding some history13:53
sledgesvgrade: sure, im just confirming first tests' outcome13:53
sledgesthere were also changes in mounts13:54
caternso is there any way for me to very quickly get a lot more software? CLI mainly13:54
sledgescatern: warehouse is pre-installed13:54
catern(like, tmux, which I prefer over screen :))13:54
sledgescatern: try zypper search tmux13:54
vgradecatern: git clone, configure, make, make install13:55
caterntis not there13:55
sledgescan't promise, you may need to do a tad bit of porting13:55
caternvgrade: well, yeah, I'd do that, but I thought I'd ask first :)13:55
sledgescatern: it is here!
sledgesalways go to that build host and search;)13:55
caternoh? so, how do I get that? just, install with rpm?13:56
sledgesalso check other home repos (just go search tmux, there were other porters, pick the best :)13:56
vgradezypper ar
sledgesand if all works, promote to mer ;)13:56
vgradezyppe in tmux13:56
lbtthought I put that in mer-tools13:56
lbtapparently not13:56
caternvgrade: thanks13:57
sledgesyou see, community is coming to get you in the end lbt :)13:57
caternshould i specifically use zypper or can i use pkcon if i like?13:58
lbtcatern: hold on a minute13:59
lbtcatern: make sure you have mer-tools:testing repo and install it from there14:00
lbtthen test it14:00
lbtthen if it works I'll promote to mer-tools stable and it'll be in the tools repo14:01
lbt(that should eventually end up in the on-device tools repo too)14:01
lbtmmm it'll be a while I think Stskeeps is hogging the obs14:04
lbtwhen it's showing succeeded here:
* lbt goes back to rabbit hole14:05
lbtsometimes perl is ... not the easiest14:05
lbtpush @{$deletehashes{$hash}},  { project => $prjdir, file => $projectsdir.'/'.$prjdir.'/'.$file };14:05
caterncool cool i will grab it :)14:06
sledgesthat's an understatement14:06
sledgesto the rest of us:))14:07
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KonstaHi. Anyone know what's the current status with cm11 based porting?14:10
sledgesKonsta: ported14:11
Stskeepsmoo konsta, at least hammerhead is based on it14:11
Konstaany success besides nexus 5 of course?14:11
Konstayeah, anything else?14:11
KonstaI was thinking I might give it a try at some point14:11
Konstaor should I still wait?14:12
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters14:12
sledgesmany devices, but those which don't boot to gui aren't guilty because they are cm11-based, other reasons14:12
*** blackjack4it has left #sailfishos-porters14:12
Konstasledges, ok any qualcomm devices?14:13
sledgesqualcomm are the most likely to works14:13
Konstab-family, I have msm8610 and msm8226 at the moment14:13
Konstayeah, I've seen that but there no similar devices there14:15
Konstanot even msm8974 besides nexus 514:15
sledgesqcom is qcom:)14:15
sledgeslesser leap than to exynos14:16
Konstatrue, but bfam still uses different stuff than the previous qcom platforms14:17
Konstae.g. display HALs what comes to CM1114:18
sledgeswell all the more, they intertwine surely14:18
sledgesbcom bits on qcom soc14:18
sledgessony/sammy also perusing qc bits here and there14:18
sledgesplatform might be friendly, but as i said, you might run into gpu problems14:18
sledgesyou have as many chances as any other new device coming in here14:19
alinsledges: vgrade give me half an hour...14:19
sledgesalin: \o/14:19
alinsledges: and if all is in place I build and image and I test14:19
sledgesno rush, all weekend ahead :)14:19
sledgesalin: branch from my dhd pls14:19
Konstaso I've heard :P that's why I'm asking...14:19
alinsledges: ok... will do... I will ask you when starting14:20
alinsome insane day here14:20
situSage_: Why has it been removed ?14:26
sledgessitu: explained in commit desc14:28
situsledges: I don't see a description at
sledgesthe comment :)14:30
situsledges: ohh ok :)14:30
dragonkeepersledges, sh-3.2# su nemo  ----- NOTICE: Env value ignored HYBRIS_LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib:/vendor/lib:/system/lib  ???14:31
situSage_:  How would we make sure /system is mounted before droid-hal-init starts ?14:31
sledgesi think Sage_ is gone for weekend already14:32
sledgeshence why we'll test new image soon14:32
sledgesbefore merging14:32
sledgeshe said he didn't run into race14:32
sledgesdue to many specific changes (kernel cfg options and mounts)14:33
sledgesbut needs more reboot tests14:33
sledgesdragonkeeper: expected14:35
sledgesdragonkeeper: what does echo $HYBRIS_LD_LIBRARY_PATH say there?14:36
*** SK_work_ has quit IRC14:36
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:36
*** mkosola has quit IRC14:37
dragonkeepersledges, could that be a problem ?14:38
sledgesdragonkeeper: and from ssh?14:40
sledgesthen it's fine:))14:41
dragonkeeperokay o.O14:42
sledgesKonsta: we have find5 hw being 1:1 with nexus4 - yet can't get to ui14:42
*** Dazzozo has quit IRC14:43
sledgesapparently soc isn't a criterion:))14:43
*** spiiroin_ has quit IRC14:43
*** Dazzozo has joined #sailfishos-porters14:43
*** iekku has quit IRC14:44
Sage_situ: having After=system.mount in the .service is the only proper way, however not entirely sure how those are handled. also the After=local-fs.mount or what ever should do it14:44
*** spiiroin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters14:44
*** iekku has joined #sailfishos-porters14:44
Sage_will check more but that requires= makes a lot of trouble as it makes droid-hal-init restart with the mounts :/14:44
*** Price15 has quit IRC14:45
Sage_anyway, I'll check more during weekend or next week and will push my updates to that pull request (or new one if that gets merged ;))14:45
Konstasledges: could that be because they use different display HALs?14:46
sledgesKonsta: possibly, we're yet to find out sometime soon14:46
Konstanexus uses hardware/qcom/display , everything else uses hardware/qcom/display-caf14:46
Konstabfam uses hardware/qcom/display-caf-new14:47
Konstaall lifted from caf at different point of course14:48
sledgesKonsta: we have find5 gpu stack failing in the same way as xt89714:49
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters14:51
sledgesKonsta: do you think this is worth the try for -caf ones? (not yet in our libhybis fork):
*** SK_work has joined #sailfishos-porters14:54
Konstalinkerlinker.c:1110| ERROR: Library '/system/lib/egl/' not found14:56
Stskeepsthat's ok14:56
Konstathat's not likely the real error14:56
Konstaadd the file if you need it, if it's not in cyanogenmod it's likely not used at all14:57
Konstasledges: sorry, no idea. I have no experience with wayland etc14:57
Konstamostly just hacked android14:57
dr_gogeta86sledges, Stskeeps but is possible to force 10.1 hw while using hybris-11.014:58
dr_gogeta86my device use display-legacy14:58
sledgesdr_gogeta86: just use hybris-10.114:58
sledgesjob done14:58
dr_gogeta86is not well supported14:58
dr_gogeta86cm11 despite display-legacy14:58
dr_gogeta86is fully working14:59
sledgesis display-legacy backported to cm11?14:59
sledges(forward-portet fwiw)14:59
Konstadr_gogeta86: what device?15:00
sledgesdr_gogeta86: how does hybris-11.0 not picking up that hw then?15:00
sledgesKonsta: yes, adreno200 is not-an-error15:00
dr_gogeta86sledges, hwcomposer not works15:01
dr_gogeta86while cm10.1 yep15:01
locusfdo I need a reboot on new hybris packages installation?15:05
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos-porters15:10
locusfdid it anyways :)15:10
*** _Serial has quit IRC15:11
dr_gogeta86hi locusf15:11
piggzsledges: whats the diff between hybris-boot.img, hybris-recovery.img and boot.img ?15:11
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC15:12
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos-porters15:15
locusfhmm segmentation fault even with EGL_PLATFORM=null15:15
locusfhi dr_gogeta8615:15
*** blackjack4it has joined #sailfishos-porters15:18
dragonkeeperpiggz  boot.img is android boot  ..hybris-boot.img is the boot image SF uses     hybris-recovery.img  well what it says lol15:21
*** blackjack4it has left #sailfishos-porters15:21
alinsledges: ok15:23
alinsledges: so... let me see what is new15:23
piggzi seem to have taken a backwards step ... im not getting any boot output ... nothing in iSerial, and no init.log being created :(15:24
sledgespiggz: dragonkeeper: hybris-boot.img acts like -recovery when /init_enter_debug exists on sf rootfs15:27
*** dwangoAC_ is now known as dwangoAC15:28
*** phdeswer has quit IRC15:32
piggzphew fixed the boot ... git diff shows that i intorduced a typo in the init-script :)15:34
alinsledges: can i remove droid-hal-device from android root and then just clone the new one?15:35
alinsledges: too late trying it15:36
caternwhaaat, why is the bash version so out of date?15:42
caternwait, is this because of the GPLv3? enthusiasm for sailfish OS at the edge of collapse based on the answer15:43
vgradeyes gpl315:43
caternseriously? ...15:43
vgradefeel free to replace15:44
caternis there a repo available anywhere?15:44
vgradesearch OBS15:44
caterna standard one, I mean15:44
caternbut ok15:44
caternthat's seriously ridiculous that now people are using zsh from mer-tools instead, just because GPLv3...15:49
vgradecatern: SailfishOs is built on
caternvgrade: yeah? did that not allow GPLv2?15:51
caternthat's still no reason for such an evil tradition to continue...15:51
sledgescatern: easy: can you find something else with latest bash in your pocket :)15:52
SK_workcatern: install openrepos, and download bash from openrepos15:53
*** ParkerR_ is now known as ParkerR15:53
SK_workitis updated15:53
*** ParkerR has quit IRC15:53
*** ParkerR has joined #sailfishos-porters15:53
caternsledges: yes. ubuntu touch15:53
sledgescatern: fair answer, i never checked such versions:)15:53
caternSK_work: is there a way to install packages from that from the command line, out of interest?15:54
caterni might want to install quite a few...15:54
sledgessame: just adding a repo iirc15:55
caternstill, i guess that works15:55
SK_workcatern: yes, add a repo (ssu ar openrepos something)15:55
SK_workand then zypper in it15:55
caternsledges: I know ubuntu touch is up to date because it didn't barf on my .bashrc which turns on globstar (an option not available in 3)15:57
*** Taaeem has joined #sailfishos-porters15:57
catern(and sailfish did)15:57
caternbut, I guess I can look past it. at least I didn't have to compile it from scratch. still this policy is harmful.15:57
catern(sorry for spamming this channel about it)15:58
sledgesan interesting PoV, let's take it to #mer though15:58
* sledges always keen on hearing all parties' opinion15:59
*** Taaeem has left #sailfishos-porters16:00
alinsledges: are you there?16:01
sledgesalin: no, just my bot replying16:01
alinsledges: ok... so.. just to double check I did the thing right...16:02
alinrepo sync16:02
alinthen removed the old hal-droid... folder... checked out your branch16:02
alinand make hal-hybris?16:02
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC16:02
sledgesalin: would be good if you ran latest mer-kernel-check16:03
sledgesi think that is pulled from mer-tools instead :(16:03
sledgeswhere it's not updated16:03
alinsledges: thought that is just aesthetics16:07
alinsledges: the check16:07
sledgeserm, it's the gatekeeper ;)16:07
sledgese.g. it fails the build in case a mandatory flag is not in16:07
sledgesand we introduced some new ones (really good-to-have)16:07
alinsledges: ok... so you think the build will fail16:08
sledgesthere's possibility16:08
sledgesbut now i'm more concerned about its packaging16:09
* sledges is looking at it atm16:09
sledgesalin: it doesn't look that it will fail for you, as you'll still be using old v0.0.216:10
sledgesbecause it comes from jolla repo16:10
sledgesso only next update (or update after!) would see a light of day, which is not ok16:10
alinsledges: ok... I may not finish it... still at make hybris-hal16:10
alinsledges: is open?16:11
sledgesi'll see chances of mer-tools providing it instead16:11
sledgesit is16:11
alinsledges: if is open we can build  in the mw repo?16:11
sledgesalin: the which-we-don't-have-yet one?;)16:12
alinsledges: we have the one in which we added all our things.. usb dsme sensors dhd16:13
alinthe sink repo16:13
sledgesthe hw repo16:14
sledgesnot ok16:14
alinsledges: yes... I know but we can abuse it16:14
alinsledges: temporarly of course...16:14
sledgesor simply revert dhd to use the hybris/mer-kernel-check as done in past16:15
sledgesi'd go with that16:17
sledgesand then version is controlled in manifest16:17
caternwhat's with the dirty kernel version? on Nexus 7 2012 Wifi (grouper)16:19
caternsomeone was too much in a rush to commit? :)16:19
sledgescatern: it's an alpha release by community member16:19
caterni'm not complaining, was just surprised to see it on a distributed kernel :)16:20
sledgesjunnuvi: ^ ;)16:20
*** Tassadar has quit IRC16:25
*** stephg has quit IRC16:34
sledgesalin: i'll provide a tmp fix soon16:37
dragonkeepersledges, trying to figure out how to fix my cameras video function and system wide video playback  (flashing new rom doesnt work)    cause:  a rom decided to try update camera fw and crashed16:37
sledgesdragonkeeper: talking not about sailfish?16:38
dragonkeepersledges, no , in general16:38
sledgesdragonkeeper: clean reflash and stick to one j*lte? ;) (non xx16:39
sledgesdon't mix cm.zips in future pls:)16:39
dragonkeeperwhat do u mean :S16:40
piggzsledges: i get this kernel output re touch panel
alinsledges: things are falling...16:41
sledges14:32 < dragonkeeper> instead i just used jflte and added the .zip for jfltexx16:42
sledgespiggz: maybe there's some android service that kicks it into life?16:42
sledgesthat we/you disabled in /init*.rc ?16:43
sledgesalin: sweet:) paste?16:43
dragonkeepersledges, that was before , im now back to jflte M9  ...  maybe you forgot .  regardless  that doesnt affect my question .  problem is universal , on every rom16:43
sledgesdragonkeeper: so you lost your video? when? you need to reflash stock, so it reinits all firmware partitions16:44
alinsledges: coming16:44
dragonkeepersledges, lost video record and playback ..  stock ... as in original samsung rom ?16:44
sledgesdragonkeeper: yes16:45
alinsledges: anyhow I think I may know16:45
dragonkeeperwhy ... why torture me like that sledges16:45
sledgesdragonkeeper: you want video playback back?16:46
alinsledges: now our .ks file16:46
dragonkeepersledges, yes but to flash a samsung rom ... just seems wrong ... lol16:46
sledgesdragonkeeper: but other roms scratched your firmware so, who's wronger?:))16:47
dragonkeeperwell if i knew what partition the camera fw was on maybe i could just flash that part ?16:48
sledgesalin: yes, local libhybris deps, wonder how that crept into dmt_'s rock-solid script system;)16:49
sledgesalin: as no changes i can recall around that area since16:49
alinsledges:  have no idea... minial brackahe to it16:49
alinsledges: the patterns... we used to download them and regenerate16:50
alinsledges: from our repo16:50
sledgesdragonkeeper: of odin permits, you'll be happy to16:50
alinsledges: but I build all  by hand... or I am wrong to so so?16:51
alinsledges: I can reuse the dhd rpms?16:51
dragonkeepersledges, yeah i have a full list of partitions in heimdall  but no idea what camera one is or where to find just camera part .... google will try to assist me16:52
sledgesdragonkeeper: and xda..16:52
sledgesalin: doesn't the script do that? sure, do by hand, you should be able to fix libtool problem (sb2 ... zypper in libtool iirc)16:53
dragonkeeperof course... that place is like home16:53
alinsledges: ok then... so I just need your configs for the sb2 build?16:54
sledgesmy configs?16:54
alinsledges: the ones fordhd configs16:54
alinfor dhd configs16:54
alinfrom github sledges configs-fix branch16:54
sledgesjust do git fetch sledges; git checkout configs-fix -b configs-fix16:55
sledges(or even without -b .. bit)16:55
alinsledges: ayp I did that in android_root16:55
alinsledges: then I am stupid16:56
alindo not tell anyone16:56
alinsledges: the image builds16:57
alinthe config checks part16:58
sledgesare they from new checker?16:59
alinsledges: no... I think is still the old one16:59
alinsledges: I have no idea what uses by default17:00
dragonkeepersledges, ill try change to a stock kernel and see if it auto updates before i go and flash sammy lol17:00
sledgesalin: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-build rpm -qf /usr/bin/mer_verify_kernel_config17:00
alinsledges: give me a second... that before the inc bit17:02
sledgesalin: remember first mb2 always fails:P17:02
sledgesargh and you did paste first mb2 ;P17:02
alinsledges: finished the image17:03
alinbut I see what you want to know... I have the version which is by default in the mer17:03
alinI got a zip17:03
alinsledges: shall I burn it?17:03
sledgeslet's do kernel check first17:03
sledgesi said tmp fix coming;P17:03
sledgesalin: pls do:
sledges(repo init downloads manifest update?)17:18
sledgesand tell me your repo sync has spawned fresh hybris/mer-kernel-check :) thanks!17:19
alinsledges: i did a repo sync and generated a new image17:19
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:19
alinsledges: let me check in the old tree17:19
sledgesalin: you'll needto repo sync again after that commit i just did17:19
alinsledges: just realised... I will do it right now...17:20
alinsledges: but you own me a beer... I will be one beer short17:20
alinI am already late17:20
sledges:)) alin, no rush, otherwise we'll have to spend all weekend just beer drinking:))17:20
alinsledges: unfortunately I cannot I will have to work17:21
sledgesme too17:22
alinsledges: here is that file again17:25
*** iTune has quit IRC17:25
alinsledges: the check17:25
sledgesyou mean, that file is there now? (no again, as it wasn't there before:p)17:27
sledgesalin: apply this patch then and run mb2:
alinsledges: I just checkout 2 min ago17:30
alinI shall have all17:30
* sledges wonders what alin is up to17:31
alinsledges: nothing17:33
alinjust rebuild all the image17:33
*** sletta has quit IRC17:33
sledgesalin: perfect17:33
sledgesthank you:D17:33
alinsledges: so let me double check17:34
alin  echo "repo sync -c &> repo-sync.stdoe"17:34
alin  repo sync -c &> repo-sync.stdoe17:34
alin8>rm -rf droid-hal-device17:34
alin  git clone
alin7>pushd droid-hal-device17:34
alin  git checkout configs-fix17:34
alin  source build/envsetup.sh17:34
alin  export USE_CCACHE=117:34
alin  breakfast $DEVICE17:34
alin  rm -f .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml17:34
sledgespastebin next time17:35
sledgesand you did not apply
alinsledges: yes... I am in a rush... I still wait for a kf5 plasmoid for this crap17:35
sledgesthat's a new one17:35
alinsledges: I cloned all the repo.. apply it where?17:35
sledgeskf5 sound pretty awesome;)17:35
sledgesor git checkout fix-nemo#76817:36
sledgesit has all in17:36
alinsledges: I know what I did ... checked it our in the wrong place...17:37
alinsledges: I will copy the contents in rpm17:37
alinand do a new image17:37
sledgesgit checkout fix-nemo#76817:37
sledgesdoes just fine17:37
alinsledges: but in rpm foldeR?17:37
sledgesgit clone rpm17:38
alinsledges: ok...17:38
dragonkeeperfix-nemo the sequel to finding-nemo, the one where they give him a working fin17:39
dragonkeepergonna take me an hour to get this stock fw pack   , sammymobile severs are slow17:40
alinsledges: did some magic17:42
alinyou see no complaints anymore in the process17:42
sledgesalin: hmmm where's  echo Verifying kernel config17:44
sledges ?17:44
sledgesor is it all silenced?17:45
alinsledges: yap...seems so... no errors produced... silent like a lamb17:51
alinsledges: we continue later17:51
alinsledges: the image I hope is good I am flashing it17:51
sledgessure, thanks a lot!17:51
*** alin has quit IRC17:51
sledgestut tut alin, integration didn't finish somewhere:
sledgeswill need to test multirom kernel update avoidance, good chance to put even nexus5 kernel in order17:55
piggzsledges: i just cant figure it reading the driver source...all th sysfs files are there in /sys/android_touch18:04
piggzthe init looks to have completed ok18:05
sledgespiggz: is there a libhybris test_ for input devs?18:05
sledgesi guess not as they expose themselves well behavedly18:05
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:05
*** Konsta has quit IRC18:14
*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters18:23
rusty88hi all :) i'm back for a few hours :P18:32
*** mkosola has joined #sailfishos-porters18:40
*** _Serial has joined #sailfishos-porters18:49
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters18:50
*** carepack_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:52
*** carepack_ is now known as carepack__18:52
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters18:55
vgradepiggz: I remember someone saying something about some process intercepting touch events18:55
vgradepiggz: was it mce, bme18:56
piggzvgrade: the driver has a debug switch (/sys/android_touch/debug_log_level) which when set to 1 will print all touch data to dmesg directy.....and it still doesnt work in sailfish18:59
sledgesvgrade: piggz: good measure to stop in 2nd stage telnet then before system kicks in18:59
piggzby reading the driver, ive also found that setting the debug level up, it will print when the device is suspended/resumed, which happens on the power button in cm ... about to see if it prints anything in sf19:00
piggznothing printed19:05
sledgespiggz: touch /init_enter_debug19:06
sledgestelnet 2319:06
sledgescp /init /target/init-debug19:06
sledgesecho continue19:06
sledgestelnet 232319:06
sledgescat event119:06
piggzok...brb...need wine19:06
sledgesi reckon so:))19:06
*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters19:09
sledgeswhasap beidl o/19:09
*** oh1jty_ has quit IRC19:11
*** beidl_ has quit IRC19:11
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters19:13
*** furikku has quit IRC19:19
piggzsledges: still nothing19:35
sledgespiggz: means problem is in kernel19:37
sledgesfor one19:37
sledgesand not stolen by mce & co19:37
sledgespiggz: boot to recovery19:37
sledges(your cwm/twrp)19:37
piggzyeah, i thought so too anyway due to not getting dmesg output with logging turned on19:37
sledgesand do cat there19:37
sledgespiggz: we might still miss some oddities in android's boot process19:38
sledgesat any outcome, is weird, because cm/sf kernels should do the same thing them being nearly same19:38
piggzi think the kernel itself is ok ... the output is the same for ine initialisation on both cm and sf19:39
sledgessomething in initrd?19:40
sledgesanyhow, how does twrp/cwm behave?19:40
piggzsledges: in recovery, it is event3 and works ok catting it19:41
piggzrecoversy is 4ext19:42
*** _Serial has quit IRC19:42
piggz(wrong window)19:43
sledgespiggz: you could rename cm's system_server19:44
sledgesso your cm gui doesn't come up19:44
sledgesstill can adb and cat19:44
sledgesif recovery works.. either sf kernel is borken19:45
sledgesor cm/recovery are doing extra magic (in initrd?)19:45
sledgesworth investigatin source of your phone's recovery19:45
sledges(for lesser codebase, easier to find)19:45
sledgesas if some ioctl is missing for the touchscreen19:45
piggzsledges: ueventd.rc contains19:52
piggz# sysfs properties19:52
piggz/sys/devices/virtual/input/input*   enable      0660  root   input19:52
piggz/sys/devices/virtual/input/input*   poll_delay  0660  root   input19:52
sledgesyet they are video?19:53
sledgeswe might have GID miss problem , not the first time 'round alraedy19:53
rusty88sledges: i'm in CM now, ril daemon is working but if i stop it (/system/bin/stop ril-daemon) and run it manually it doesn't work, theonly way to get it to work again is if  i run /system/bin/start ril-daemon... is there a way to run it manually ?19:54
*** zon is now known as zZz0n19:55
sledgesrusty88: how about strace -fF /system/bin/start ril-daemon ?19:56
piggzsledges: in cm they are input, sf video19:57
rusty88sledges: already tried it but it gives almost no output just loading a bunch of libs and then it exits19:58
rusty88sledges: I was thinking on runing /system/bin/start ril-daemon; strace -fF -p `pidof rild` (attaching to pid)19:59
rusty88attaching to rild using its pid sorry :P19:59
sledgesrusty88: try! good120:00
rusty88sledges: I think it worked :)20:04
sledgesnice one:)20:05
rusty88yup it shows a modem status [0x4] and then writes modem online :) now i'm gonna flash sf and see where it differs20:07
sledgesand you'll surely use the same pidof approach;)20:08
rusty88btw is there any music player that i can you in sf ? i didn't find any in warehouse :P20:10
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:26
rusty88gogeta: thanks :)20:28
rusty88sledges: I can't see any problem with the straces... i mean where i think they differe is writting the string modem status (in SF is 0x0 and in cm is 0x4) besides the read syscall is with a weird character (I assume is because of adb)20:29
*** gogeta has quit IRC20:31
sledgesrusty88: so in sf modem status is 0 ?20:33
sledgeswhere is it read from (code line in ridl sources?)20:33
rusty88sledges: haven't figure it out yet, the file that it opened was /efs/nv_data.bin20:41
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters20:44
gogetajolla first run20:46
gogetaseem retarded20:46
*** gogeta is now known as dr_gogeta8620:47
rusty88the way sf opens /dev/umts_boot0 differs from CM by one flag (in sf adds O_LARGEFILE)20:51
sledgesrusty88: /dev/umts_boot0 files don't exist anywhere at any rate20:55
dr_gogeta86anyone got problem with touch calibration21:02
sledgesnever had to21:02
rusty88sledges: hmm really ? because i have tha files as a character device :\21:03
sledgesrusty88: you do?? i9305 doesnt..21:04
rusty88sledges:  yes! look here
sledgesrusty88: that's mental, as in my memory it's always been a strace from you21:09
sledgesopen modem boot error(/dev/umts_boot0) ~ No such file or directory21:09
sledgesrusty88: so, where is modem status read from? ;)21:10
rusty88sledges:  yes! that was before i use the manifest you gave me to build the kernel, since then it always existed :P21:10
dr_gogeta86anyone got this21:11
dr_gogeta86Aug 30 00:10:22 Jolla pulseaudio[1157]: Unable to load mixer: Operation not permitted21:11
dr_gogeta86Aug 30 00:10:22 Jolla ngfd[1149]: test file open: No such file or directory21:11
rusty88sledges: I haven't found it in rild sources yet21:11
dr_gogeta86and then reboots immediatelly21:11
dr_gogeta86is not nor lipstick21:15
dr_gogeta86nor ngfs21:16
dr_gogeta86nor ngfd21:16
sledgesrusty88: but which fd does it get modem status from in strace?21:19
sledgesdr_gogeta86: never had, im sure you know what to do to isolate this problem?:)21:20
dr_gogeta86burn systemd21:20
rusty88sledges: i belive is socket 7 which was assigned by open and was used in connect(/dev/socket/property_service) then it was issued this syscall in sendto(7, "\1\0\0\0ril.cbd.rfs_check_done\0\0\0\0\0\0"..., 128, 0, NULL, 0) = 12821:21
rusty88this happened both in sf and cm the only difference is that in cm it got 0x421:22
rusty88sledges:  sf =>   cm =>  if you wanna see the straces :P don't worry they are short :P21:23
rusty88btw i got that droid-hal has an open file descriptor for /dev/socket/property_service21:24
sledgesrusty88: ril.cbd.rfs_check_done is a property21:26
sledgesshould be visible via getprop21:26
rusty88sledges: O.o i dont have it in sf21:28
rusty88let me check cm21:28
sledgeso yes :)21:28
rusty88it has :P lol is there a way to set it? setprop ? xD21:29
rusty88hmm is not setting it21:31
rusty88oops nvm i was greping rild xD21:31
sledgesthe moment of [hackers'] truth21:32
rusty88still modem status 0x021:32
rusty88ril should burn too21:33
sledgestwo sets of proerties, remember? ;)21:33
sledgesso you set it with setprop to 421:33
sledgesdoes getprop return it after?21:33
dr_gogeta86last try21:33
rusty88getprop is returning it now21:34
sledgesrusty88: you surely realise is not the way to do it, but fine for a quick hack test ;)21:34
rusty88sledges: i know i just wanna get it to work, after it i try to fix it properly...21:34
sledgesrusty88: you should see in cm strace where 0x4 is returned after sendto(7, "\1\0\0\0ril.cbd.rfs_check_done\0\0\0\0\0\0"...21:35
rusty88i even create a systemd unit to recrete the /dev/block as in mako (but using my on script to symlink)21:35
sledgessure, we'll tidy up it all21:35
rusty88sledges: could be an ioctl call?  ioctl(7, 0x6f27, 0)         = 421:36
sledgeswhat's 7 ?21:36
rusty88is the property_service socket21:36
sledgesand in sf = 0 ?21:37
rusty88the same :P21:37
sledgessame 4 ?21:37
rusty88ohh i thought you meant the socket 7 :P21:37
rusty88te ioctl is quite different ioctl(7, VIDEO_SET_HIGHLIGHT, 0) = 021:37
sledgesis fine21:38
sledgesim sure on a more robust strace (kudos to sf) VIDEO_SET_HIGHLIGHT = 0x6f2721:38
rusty88ohhh and i just check the socket 7 in both cm and sf is now pointing to /dev/umts_boot0 looool21:38
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC21:38
sledgesrusty88: lemme see strace :)21:39
rusty88sledges: first line is the os :P21:42
rusty88too big ? xD21:44
sledgeswhat is ril.cbd.rfs_check_done set to in cm?21:45
rusty88sledges:  yes! to 121:45
rusty88and in sf is also define in getprop21:45
sledgesrusty88: very interesting:
sledgesrusty88: you defined it in sf yourself, to 1 too?21:48
*** zuh_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:48
rusty88well i can't say for sure because like i say before i was grepping rild  instead of ril21:49
rusty88and i ran setprop after21:49
rusty88but yes now is defined as 121:49
rusty88in sailfish21:49
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rusty88sledges: is it possible for rild to set properties ?21:53
sledgesjust check21:53
rusty88i was checking all ril properties in CM and SF21:53
sledgesset it to one value, run rild, check again21:53
rusty88i guess not21:55
rusty88wait, nevermind... it changed the value21:56
sledges(logcat should show something like I/UpstartPropertyWatcher( 1773): Property changed: ril.cbd.rfs_check_done=121:56
sledgesfound in
rusty88sledges: the only log that happend in logcat was this E/NetlinkListener( 1629): recvmsg failed (I/O error)21:58
sledgesis ok21:59
rusty88sledges:  btw  the process droid-hal has a fd for /dev/socket/property_service, i'm guessing that it should do something when rild writes that property to the socket right ?22:00
sledgesdroid-hal-init is android's init22:00
sledgesjust renamed22:00
sledgesno wonder it is the master of properties :)22:00
rusty88hmmm maybe that's rild saying to set ril.cbd.rfs_check_done to 1 :P22:01
sledgesnah that one is just some property watcher22:02
sledgesupstart hints ubuntu touch22:02
sledgesrusty88: rfs_check_done should get set by something22:03
rusty88sledges: well i set it to 0 before running rild, then i ran ril and it change to 1 so i guess is ril the one changing it22:04
sledgesso both are = 122:05
sledgesthen im baffled22:05
sledgesas to why ioctl to umts_boot0 fails22:05
* sledges fires up meld22:06
rusty88ohh i hate you samsung :(22:09
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sledgesrusty88: sec22:16
rusty88not releated to ril just reporting a weird behaviour... ofono may have a leak (just a crazy thought could mean nothing) it now says that it had opened too may fd... and /proc/`pidof ofono` shows a bunch of sockets22:23
sledgesyes it keeps failing22:24
sledgesprobably good idea to disable it completely22:24
sledgesuntil we tame rild22:24
sledgesrusty88: dl this:
sledgessideload this binary and launch as root22:25
sledgesthe code is here:
sledges(you can compile it using mersdk if you don't trust me;P)22:25
rusty88ahaha going to trust you for now :P22:26
sledgesok, just for now :)22:26
rusty88and what do you mean by sideload ?22:27
rusty88ahh xD22:27
rusty88didn't know that term ;)22:27
sledgesit came to life when all these app stores appeared:)22:27
rusty88good to know :)22:29
rusty88sledges: prints -122:29
sledgesanything else?22:31
rusty88noup, just -122:31
rusty88just restarted rild and still umts_iotcl prints -122:32
sledgesyes that was my next suggestion ;)22:32
sledgeswhat does rild say?22:32
sledgesstrace in terms of that ioctl?22:32
rusty88= 022:33
caternso out of curiousity what is blocking the use of the Jolla Store on the ports? (specifically the Nexus 7 2012 one)22:33
caternbugs, or access permissions?22:33
sledgescatern: server-side22:33
caternaw :(22:33
caterndoes that mean it's unlikely to work anytime soon?22:34
sledgesnexus7 has no modem, so device_id is problematic22:34
sledgesit will surely work on maguro before it starts to work on grouper22:34
caternbut is it likely to start working on maguro either?22:34
sledgessure, magure has imei22:35
sledgesi'll just have to nag the jolla store guy enough ;)22:35
caternoh, cool22:35
caternthanks for your efforts :)22:35
rusty88btw nag him about i9300 too xD22:35
sledgesrusty88: imei works?:DD22:36
rusty88but i dont have imei :(22:36
rusty88but it will soonish22:36
sledgescatern: you're very welcome:)22:36
caternso if it requires IMEI or something, how are you going to work around that for grouper?22:37
sledgescatern: could you do some tests for me on grouper?22:37
sledgeswlan->bt mac22:37
*** oh1jty has joined #sailfishos-porters22:37
sledgesi wanted to ask you if wlan and bt MACs are constant across reboots22:37
sledgesand tell me their last 4 digits22:37
sledgesthen i'll need to find another grouper and see if they differ (to avoid some pre-set MACs creeping in22:37
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters22:38
sledgesrusty88: why -1!?... :)22:38
sledgesshould be 022:38
sledgesand 4 on cm22:38
sledgestry on cm? ;)22:38
rusty88sledges: dunno... going to modify it to print errno22:39
sledgesmaybe missing an #include? though i doubt22:39
sledges(and here goes my career as c programmer, shouldn't give up my day job:)22:39
sledgesrusty88: just checking, do you know how to cross compile quickly?22:40
rusty88just running the command now xDD22:40
sledgessb2 is true bliss22:40
sledgesmultiple targets etc <322:41
rusty88it truly is! i'm just sad i don't know it very well :P22:41
sledgeswell, not much more to know really :)22:41
rusty88all i know is what i did while building the image22:43
sledgesand adding new target22:44
sledgesboth commands are in hadk22:44
sledgesnothing else needed to know :))22:45
rusty88i'm a bit rusty in c but fopen returns a FILE * right ? ioctl uses a fd22:45
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:46
*** alin has quit IRC22:46
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:46
rusty88yup error is bad file descriptor... going to use open instead22:47
sledgeswhoops lol :) thanks22:47
alinsledges: ok22:48
alinimage booted22:48
sledgesalin: \o/22:48
rusty88sledges: is returning 022:50
alinsledges: ok... what shall I test22:51
sledgesrusty88: and you surely ran it couple of times ;)22:55
rusty88yup even do a while loop in bash with a sleep a restarted ril22:55
sledgesalin: use phone a bit, it has new kernel bluetooth patches22:56
sledgeswhich improve HID22:56
sledgesbt audio might not work yet, as pulseaudio bits are missing22:56
sledgesalin: and then reboot22:57
sledgesto see if race condition appears22:57
alinsledges: ok... race conditions I did nto see for a while22:57
sledgesalin: we made a change that might bring them back22:58
alinsledges: ok... let me check if I got the change22:59
alinsledges: also can I check the configs are the right ones?22:59
sledgesalin: find /usr/*bin/ -name "*flash*" -exec ls -l {} \;23:01
alinsledges: nothing23:02
sledgesconfigs didn't get pulled in23:02
sledgesyou should have /usr/sbin/flash-partition23:03
sledgesfrom my branch23:04
*** arcean_ has quit IRC23:05
rusty88how do i know if the modem did boot? is there any way to check for that ?23:05
sledgessomething should trigger it23:05
sledgesrusty88: does umts_ioctl work under cm?23:06
rusty88haven't checked.. but i guess so since in strace returned 423:06
alinsledges: strange23:06
rusty88sledges: i must discover that something that should trigger it23:08
sledgesrusty88: what does rild do with all that firmware it had read?23:11
sledgesah it just does checksum23:11
rusty88yup AFIK it does the checksum and waits for modem to boot up23:12
sledgeshang on23:12
sledges[pid  3766] nanosleep({0, 500000000}, 0xbe8cf4f8) = 023:12
sledgestry to add sleep 5 between opening dev/umts and doing ioctl23:13
sledgesin that app23:13
sledges(we wrote that binary only to eliminate O_LARGEFILE quirk, but we can play on)23:13
sledgesagain long shot, as devnode probably doesn't care the moment something opens it23:14
rusty88yup still the same behaviour23:14
sledgesyet good measure to try to run umts_ioctl first thin in boot (before first run of rild)23:14
rusty88even when ril is stopped umts_ioctl prints 023:15
sledgeswhat is this nanosleep thing and why its straces differ23:15
sledgesi mean, when ril never ran yet in boot23:15
sledgeswhat if you are using other rild version23:16
sledges[pid  3766] nanosleep({0, 500000000}, 0xbe8cf4f8) = 023:16
alinsledges: what rpm shall provide the config/23:16
sledges[pid  2529] nanosleep({3, 0}, 0xbeccb4c8) = 023:16
sledgesrusty88: is there such thing as samsung-ril (/me gets bells ringing started:)23:16
sledgesalin: droid-hal-hammerhead..rpm23:16
sledgesalin: and /var/lib/platform-updates/ should reside in -img-boot.rpm too23:17
alinsledges: but this is the problem I dif not rebuild it23:17
alinsledges: I used the download it23:17
rusty88isn't that the address of where is ril mapped? i mean i could change because of ASLR23:17
sledgesrusty88: im talking {0, 500000000 vs {3, 0}23:18
rusty88ohhhhh that23:18
rusty88but it happens in CM too only once because modem boots up23:19
sledgesonly once what?q23:19
rusty88ahh ok ok in sf is different23:19
rusty88wait i'm getting confused :p23:20
sledgesrusty88: which bit are you on about?23:20
rusty88why are you looking at that ... i mean it happens both in sf and cm... first it calls nanosleep({3,0} .... and then nanosleep({0, 500000000}23:21
sledgesah crap23:21
sledgesmeld and me being colour-blinded :D23:22
sledgesthey were all on the same line :)23:22
sledgesthanks for bringing back sanity here, again;)23:22
rusty88ahahah no prob ;)23:22
*** ParkerR_ is now known as ParkerR23:23
*** ParkerR has joined #sailfishos-porters23:23
rusty88i found this repo
rusty88but md5sum matches the one i got23:24
*** Tassadar has quit IRC23:25
caternoh, I tried to do that testing, and it's failing to boot :)23:26
sledgescatern: known issue of race condition at boot. relnotes mentioned to reboot again23:27
sledgesrusty88: yes, are identical *ril*.so libraries loaded in cm and sf?23:27
caterni've rebooted at least 5 times now23:27
caternjust unlucky?23:28
sledgesis it your first reboot ever? what have you installed so far?23:28
rusty88guess so... let me flash back to cm23:28
sledgesrusty88: how do you trace which .sos get linked in?23:29
caternit's my second reboot, i installed just basic things, bash, etc.23:29
sledgescatern: time to debug via usb then23:29
rusty88sledges:  so far using strace and when that fails and the process is alive lsof23:29
sledgesrusty88: good call23:30
rusty88sledges: if my memory is not failing me i think they differ23:34
rusty88forgot to do the md5 in SF :P23:34
sledgesaccess sf from cm23:34
rusty88no can do... restore the backup :P23:34
rusty88it removes the folder23:35
*** olafh_ has quit IRC23:35
rusty88i may be doing this the bad way,... to switch back and forth between cm and sf i use CWM backups23:36
sledgesoh dear23:37
sledgesyou are shortening life of your internal memory23:37
sledgesall you need to do is flash boot.img23:38
sledgesfor cm23:38
sledgesand hybris-boot.img back to sf23:38
rusty88yeah i knew that but i didnt know that i could just flash the boot :P23:39
rusty88well the kernel partition23:39
sledgesall good what's in time :)23:41
rusty88btw now that i'm in cm i can just dd boot to the sdcard right ?23:41
sledgesim not responsible for you borking sammy's boot partition ;)23:42
sledgesno wonder you need to use heimdall/odin etc ;)23:42
rusty88well sammys boot partition is the kernel partition23:44
rusty88not the bootloard23:44
rusty88but i'll use heimdall :P23:44
sledgesthey have their guns to protect boot partitions23:45
sledgesheard some horror stories so just warning :)23:45
rusty88sure thanks23:46
rusty88sledges: yes the libs are the same23:53

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