Sunday, 2014-08-31

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* sledges singing Big ship on de ocean like a big Titanic..
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sledgesalin: this should now match with your .config:
sledgesreview appreciated: ( Sage_ vgrade situ alin )00:23
sledgesgnite peeps, tomorrow will be an awesome day off at Retro Rides gathering :)00:25
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Sailor812on mako ea4, video playback (lls vplayer) crash in just the same time as camera.00:57
Sailor812with bad codecs at least00:57
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Sailor812mmh, apparently with the demo video, too.00:59
Sailor812(default gallery)00:59
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sledgesPSA: could anyone raise awareness of us in the USA during Linux Action Show, today 5pm UTC? ( )06:26
sledgesat least paste them this one: :)06:26
dragonkeepersledges, !!!06:26
sledgesmaybe you dragonkeeper ? ;P06:26
sledgesi'm off the whole day today06:26
sledgesStskeeps, lbt, Sage_, vgrade, thp, situ, alterego, alin ^^06:27
dragonkeeperim putting another pc together today, maybe 2.  and having a relax day after that.06:28
sledgeschat in here closer to the time:
sledgesdragonkeeper: thanks anyway06:28
sledges(for +1 ;P)06:28
dragonkeeperhaha u work hard in this channel, u deserve a break from waterfalls of questions   xD06:29
sledgesthanks but not when it's about a good PR ;P06:30
sledgesand i don't mean github :D06:31
dragonkeeperright ,time to wake up n make a full English breakfast :D   or as i call it ... breakfast  lol06:32
sledgesmoo-rning Stskeeps :)06:32
sledgesdragonkeeper: where u based?06:33
dragonkeeperSE London06:33
dragonkeeper7:33am here06:33
sledgesgood to know, next community meetup you're in ;P06:33
sledges7:32 here, Bristol ;)06:33
sledgesk i'm off to an awesom car show;) laters! o/06:34
dragonkeepero/ cya06:34
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lbtwtf ... pings at 7:30am on a sunday ...09:08
alinlbt: cultural differences09:11
lbtyeah - he's practically welsh09:11
alinlbt: you see09:11
rusty88morning y'all09:11
Stskeepslbt: what's a sunday09:12
lbtday after tango09:12
lbtthere are many sundays :)09:12
lbtI think I can stop our obs workers from failing to boot now .. which is good09:13
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lbtvgrade: when you're up :
lbtI was thinking of introducing some of that kind of hackery at xda conf09:14
Stskeepswhen is it again?09:14
lbtend of this month09:14
alinlbt: add some pictures09:15
alinlbt: all I see is a busty lady the end of the page09:16
* lbt looks09:16
rusty88is there a way to monitor through dbus when the phone is idle ?09:17
Stskeepsssh in?09:18
rusty88Stskeeps: was that question for me ? :P09:20
Stskeepswell, more like a helpful suggestion09:20
rusty88lool well the issue is that the display is not being turn off when idle... so i was thinking to make a script to turn it off when idle :P09:21
StskeepsEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer ?09:22
rusty88is set to wayland09:23
Stskeepsfor compositor?09:23
Stskeeps / lipstick09:23
rusty88is set on the env. dunno what's the env of lipstick let me check09:24
rusty88for lipstick is EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev09:26
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Stskeepsok, and QT_QPA_PLUGIN to hwcomposer?09:26
Stskeepsor something like that09:26
rusty88QT_QPA_PLUGIN is not set, instead there QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer09:28
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TriadaHi guys. Noticed such a thing in EA4 (in EA3 too) unit will lie down for a while and after unlocking starts to slow down wildly, looked CPU Usage - process lightho (h) loaded processor at 100%, after a time fell back to 0-10%. It's like something is treated? if not, catch the feedback :)10:18
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stephgTriada, little thing but on 3G or wireless (or neither? or both?)10:21
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Triadauh, kill the process and found that it is a program for monitoring the system does this, but without it, even on EA3 it was seen10:22
stephglightho == lighthouse you mean?10:23
Triada>ighthouse you mean? - yes :) lighthouse10:24
Triadaread on xda, it can be a swap (the lighthouse when removed)10:25
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alinany reason why dmesg is not available for users?10:46
Sage_I would guess security, but this is just a guess. Why would normal user need dmesg? :)10:47
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alinSage_: see error messages?10:54
alinanyhow... is not important10:54
alinsledges: vgrade Sage_ situ with the new kernel options10:54
alin[68582.257948] init: waitpid returned pid 23380, status = 00005d0010:54
alinauditd is crashing10:54
alinI checked and in the config is not present at all... we turned it from yes to no10:55
alinalso I still have two left in warning state10:55
alini suspect they are dependent on other options10:56
alinsledges: did you add   my diff to the tree?10:57
Sage_alin: leave out anything MEM related things for now if you are having issues10:57
alinSage_: the only issue I see when running is related with audit10:57
alinSage_: the mem.. is only a warning when I check10:57
Sage_alin: yes, what I mean was that we have seen issues when enabling some of those WARNING MEM config options so if your device doesn't boot for some reason leave those out10:58
alinSage_: ok I did not see such a thing..10:59
alinSage_: that one is worst... I enabled it... but somehow when the .config was generated was left our10:59
alinmore interested in fixing the audit11:00
alinI suspect we need to disable the auditd deamon11:00
Sage_I don't think it is an issue tbh as I tested it with =n already with n5 and seemed fine11:00
alinSage_: yes works fine... just floods the dmesg11:01
Sage_auditd is running on android side?11:01
alinSage_: seems so11:01
alinSage_: yap11:02
alinif you have n5 handy...11:02
alininit.rc line 42711:02
Sage_ok, well that is probably something we might want to disable.11:02
alinSage_: yap just did it I will check now to see11:02
alinthat involves reboot and no internet see you soon11:03
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alin__Sage_: rebooted11:06
alin__let us see now11:06
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alin__Sage_: maybe you know... why do you we import all these cm init.rc11:19
alin__do we really need them?11:19
Sage_alin__: we need some of those yes to get the hal layer up and running11:22
alin__Sage_: ok11:22
alin__Sage_: so now to kernel config.. CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT if I set it but mer check still complains about it11:23
alin__means some other variable needed is not set?11:23
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rusty88guys, when i make an outgoing call  ofono show write something to journald right ?12:07
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TriadaI previously wrote about the fact that after locking the screen, after a while the program (lightouse) loads the processor at 100% and everything slows down. Uninstalled, sailfish after locking still continues to slow down.  Nexus 4, EA4, wireless12:14
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beidlhello porters13:44
Stskeepshello hell13:44
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beidlStskeeps: got some time to help debug compositing on omap4/galaxy nexus?13:51
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Stskeepsbeidl: yeah, sure, why not13:51
Stskeepstell me the symptoms/problems13:52
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beidlStskeeps: in a nutshell: scrolling in the shell (app list, notifications) is fluid. scrolling in applications is, depending on the number/types of UI components, laggy.13:53
beidlStskeeps: in the case of notifications, the scrolling starts to lag as well when an app window is selected (with the notification view on top)13:54
Stskeepsokay, do you know of any android SGX profiler?13:54
beidlnope, sadly not13:54
beidlthat one looks promissing13:56
beidlI'll play around with it13:56
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Stskeepshopefully it'll be somewhat hackable into the system13:58
rusty88anyone into debuggin ofono? i can't make outgoing calls :( dunno where to look14:00
dragonkeeperrusty88, could be wrong but i think u need to trace /var/log/syslog  and make a phone call14:04
beidlStskeeps: it should work, downloading server support for gnu/linux armv7 and android. might take some time14:05
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Stskeepswas able to make it work for qualcomm profiler with a bit of adb hackery14:05
beidlStskeeps: push a bunch of extra libs to the phone?14:06
Stskeepsnah, boot up adb on tcp and set a build.prop i think14:07
Stskeepswe'll see how pvrtune does it14:07
rusty88dragonkeeper: I was looking at the logs (journalctl -u ofono.service) before making a phone call but nothing happens :\14:08
dragonkeeperrusty88, unsure about the journalctl options   just starting out with sailfish .    i have seen some stuff about ofono using -af    but just complaining it cant start xD14:10
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beidlyay 50% of downloading the PVR profiling tools completed14:26
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Umeaboysledges: Are you here?15:00
UmeaboyThe guide on the S3-thread seems to only work on Ubuntu which is kinnda sad.15:00
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aironeousjust FYI linux action show starts in 30 minutes. I would like to have Sailfish known there, not spammed just within taste.16:29
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aironeouslinux action show in about 5 minutes16:56
aironeouslive chat gets commented on during show16:56
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sledgesStskeeps, lbt, Sage_, vgrade, thp, situ, alterego, alin ^^16:59
sledgesmanaged to vet internet in this middle-of-nowhere, bye for now:)16:59
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sledgesstephg: maybe you could repr our portings to the US of A;)17:00
sledgescheck logs, and tvm!17:01
stephgare there logs of here?17:02
stephgso there are17:02
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dragonkeepersledges,  you know bash right ?17:07
dragonkeeperoh hes gone ?17:10
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rusty88i think so17:12
rusty88do you need help with bash dragonkeeper?17:13
dragonkeeperyeah my script isnt working as id like17:13
stephgdragonkeeper, paste it here17:13
stephgor rather17:13
stephgpastie it somewhere and give us the link17:13
dragonkeeperyh ok ill paste 200+ lines17:13
stephghey Sage_17:14
dragonkeeperbasically just the menus part. i dont think they close properly because only option 1 works17:14
stephgunless I'm missing it, you close a case in Snes that you don't open17:15
rusty88not a bash genious but arent closing the inner case in line 56 and the outter case in 65 ??17:19
dragonkeeperso ur saying if i remove esac then it will read the next options ?17:20
Armadillo_esac closes the last case17:20
*** Armadillo_ is now known as Armadillo17:20
dragonkeeperok hang on gonna paste bin another17:21
rusty88guess so, esac is used to close a case17:21
stephgyou also seem to be reusing $opt there too17:21
stephgso I'd be curious what that does17:21
stephgyou are first setting $opt on line 38 (or rather use it in the first case)17:21
stephgthen re-set it on line 4717:21
dragonkeeperthis one works17:22
dragonkeeperits my old one im just updating it adding functions so its easier to update later on17:22
stephgthe second one is a damn sight easier to read too ;)17:22
dragonkeeperthinking i need to add  a number of   ;;   *) echo invalid option;;17:26
dragonkeeper    esac17:26
dragonkeeper  done      at  the end   line 152  second paste ... but hmmmm17:26
stephgwell I'd but the echo invalid option in a new line and put the string you want echo'd in quotes17:28
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dragonkeepernope made no difference17:29
dragonkeeperoh i see17:30
rusty88gotta go guys see ya later... and good luck dragonkeeper ;)17:31
dragonkeeperok cya o/17:35
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dragonkeeperall the options look good. they seem to close ok but no idea why i cant use option 217:44
stephgdragonkeeper run the script with bash -x17:46
stephgyou'll at least be able to see what it does17:46
dragonkeeperPlease choose sega-games game page17:48
dragonkeeper+ PS3='Please enter your choice: '17:48
dragonkeeper+ options=("Page1" "Page2")17:48
dragonkeeper+ select opt in '"${options[@]}"'17:48
dragonkeeper1) Page117:48
dragonkeeper2) Page217:48
dragonkeeperPlease enter your choice: 217:48
dragonkeeper+ case $opt in17:48
dragonkeeperalways get that last line if i dont select 117:48
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stephgso it hangs there or exists?17:50
stephgexits even17:50
dragonkeeperyh waits for me to select a good option17:51
stephgI personally don't like the fact you're reusing opt and option17:51
stephgbut it may not be theat17:51
dragonkeeperno it just resets that option for new menu (no back key)17:52
dragonkeeperi was thinking that i didnt need the ;; esac done ;;    because (looking at 2nd 1)  i open another case and i moved that to the function in new 117:54
dragonkeeperbut it gives errors so i dunno17:55
stephgwell if you put them in earlier, they'll close the loops earlier17:57
stephgwhich may or may not be what you want :)17:57
dragonkeeperwell i believe its needed as it closes the case and moves to the next case    i.e  sega -> page 1 -> games17:59
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sledgessailfish os live:
sledgeshe took out n5 and showed it running ;)18:32
Stskeepsgood \o/18:32
* Stskeeps upgrades sledges to marketing department18:32
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locusfnice :)18:33
sledgesChloeWolfieGirl: welcome on board :)18:38
* stephg waves18:38
ChloeWolfieGirlsledges, Hey18:38
* sledges thanks to aironeous for telling us about linux action show :)18:39
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sledgescool Screen Cheat idea that one:) might be a pain in the neck though18:52
stephgyeah, I can see it being infuriating for you/the other players but I guess that's part of the point of the game18:53
stephgvery vindictive18:53
sledgesimagine everyone playing it in a circle and turning their heads at all times18:53
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UmeaboyI'm a bit confused. Am I forced to use the entire guide that I linked to earlier as root all the time?19:02
UmeaboyIt doesn't say when to stop being root.19:02
beidlhey sledges have you taken a look at the lipstick strace that I've sent you? regarding deadlock when setting ambience19:04
beidlalso, today I've noticed a problem when pinch-zooming an image in the gallery, causes the zoomed image to turn black (GL texture error?)19:05
beidlbecause someone mentioned the possibility of ambience hangs being related to texture creation: maybe it's some logic error in the shell code that doesn't remove a lock, causing the deadlock.19:07
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