Monday, 2014-09-01

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sledgesgood monring:)08:31
stephgningles portifiers08:33
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dragonkeepersledges, what do you mean ?   Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?08:35
sledgesI was actually talking about MONday's RING gandalf ;D08:37
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stephgoh no not again08:42
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dr_gogeta86good morning guys08:43
sledgesalin: re your question: yes i got your commits in: 03:23 < sledges> alin: this should now match with your .config:
sledges03:23 < sledges> review appreciated:
alinsledges: perfect... there is one more needed08:46
alinsledges: audit needs to be disabled in init.rc08:46
alinsledges: otherwise we will get floods of crap08:46
dr_gogeta86sledges, some one give me sgs 208:46
dr_gogeta86anyone ported to this08:46
dr_gogeta86is similar to samsung note08:46
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: netchip, hurrian, and Sail0r have/tried08:51
dr_gogeta86they failed ?08:51
sledgeshaven't heard from them, so probably not/unfinished yet;p08:52
dr_gogeta86better so08:52
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alinsledges: Stskeeps september is here... so when is the new update bound ot come?09:39
Stskeepswhen it's reaady09:39
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alin__is only me seeing this...11:23
alin__I go to people and I see people online from both my accounts (xmpp and a gtalk)11:24
alin__but if I go to notification screen I see that my presence is offline11:24
stephgthe notification stuff seems to misbehave occasionally12:11
stephg(well if it's notification, I mean the telepathy)12:13
stephgseemed to be worse more recently for me (entirely anecdotal), not being able to sign into one, but being able to sign into others, getting confused as to whether it's on line etc.12:13
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sledgesalin__: presence bits were also on sbj, check with tjc12:50
sledgesalin__: so with all new kernel flags and audit disabled, hammerhead doesn't misbehave?12:52
phdeswersledges: see my comment on those new kernel flags, espcially MEM_CTRL12:53
sledgesphdeswer: seen that, alin__ said no issues, wanted to confirm12:53
phdeswersledges: ah ok :)12:53
sledgesi've split _MEM_ configs to a separate commit for easier reversion if any12:54
phdeswerI noticed. Just wanted to be sure it got tested as the MEM_CTRL has been a nasty can of worms in the past12:54
sledgesdo you know how to open that can of worm by chance?12:54
phdeswerI just remember it caused a lot of crashes, need to ask kjokinie for the details13:00
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alin__sledges: yes13:21
alin__sledges: I run it since saturday13:21
alin__and no issue13:21
alin__sledges: I think my diff had few more than I have seen in the commits...13:22
alin__sledges: and we still have two not fatal warnings13:22
sledgesalin__: diff -u output pls?13:32
sledges< sledges> alin: this should now match with your .config:
alin__sledges: why with my .config and not my a/arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_hammerhead_defconfig13:36
sledgesbecause they are now comparable13:37
sledges(.config and the one on github are both "exploded")13:37
alin__sledges: yap... they are the same I can confirm13:38
sledgesjob done13:40
sledgeswhat other two warning still remain ooi?13:40
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alin__sledges: one sec13:51
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sledgesthanks alin__14:00
sledgesbut you set them14:00
alin__sledges: I added them14:00
alin__if you look into my diff they are there...14:01
sledgesis where i am pasting ;)14:01
alin__just for a reason when generated the .config they are not there14:01
sledgesbut it still complains?14:01
alin__sledges: yap14:01
sledgesyes, just what i thought, Sage_ ^14:01
alin__sledges: indeed they are not in the .config14:01
sledgesbut after make defconfig it disappears14:02
sledges( Sage_ , enough if you check only this ^ )14:02
sledgesi guess it's about dependencies14:02
sledgesi guess mer-kernel-check should contain first-class citizens ;)14:02
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alin__sledges: maybe... like in 90s one shall use the graphical interface to see what the CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT=y14:13
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sledgesalin: yep, and in 2010s it's called Kconfig:)14:20
alinsledges: I do not know... last time I used is was 199914:21
alinI expected things moved since then...14:21
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vrutkovssledges: topic link to hadk pfd requires auth, not cool :/14:28
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sledgesvrutkovs: thanks, bitly redirect problem, fixing..14:40
vrutkovssledges: fixed, thanks!14:45
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*** sledges changes topic to "Official Sailfish OS porters channel | | | | | | |"14:49
sledgesthere, properly docked now14:50
* sledges hides14:50
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Sage_sledges: yes it is dependencies that are needed for those then. E.g.
Sage_depends on: CONFIG_WATCHDOG14:55
sledgesSage_: so you OK us to have watch dogs for all hadk devices?14:57
Sage_sledges: well it is optional requirement not mandatory.14:57
sledgesah yes ofc14:57
Sage_we might not need those for all platforms14:57
sledgesadding that to PR, thanks-14:58
Sage_if it is WARNING it is optional if error mandatory14:58
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alinSage_: sledges WARNING: CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT is invalid15:08
alinwith CONFIG_WATCHDOG=y15:08
alinmaybe does not like this one CONFIG_MSM_WATCHDOG_V2=y15:08
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beidlhello hello guys15:19
alinbeidl: hello15:19
alinbeidl: finished with the potatoes?15:19
beidlalin: not even done making scrambled eggs for the officials15:19
alinbeidl: seriously? eggs are bad for planet15:20
alinnot more than five a week15:20
beidlalin: but... officials loooove eggs15:20
alinbeidl: give them chocolate one15:21
* stephg craving chocolate right now15:21
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beidlI|ve checked with some comrades about having 2 days off. its possible, so visiting fosdem 2015 stands a chance15:23
Sage_alin: that is not error and dont' worry too much about it.15:24
alinbeidl: you can organise some comapaing15:24
alinSage_: no worries about ... just I wanted to quiet all the warnings15:24
Sage_alin: it says invalid but th eline below only states why it is invalid, invalid is not error just warning15:24
Sage_alin: well you most probably can't do that fully :)15:24
alinSage_: yes I know... is not an error15:24
Sage_alin: even for jolla some of those warnings still show up :)15:25
alinSage_: ... for me.. if it builds and boots15:25
alinI am fine about15:25
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kimmolibus driver was suprised when granny did give him handfull of raisins during a journey. driver took raisins. same repeated few times, and driver asked why she is giving him raisins? granny said we don't have our teeths with so we can't eat them. Driver asked why they have raisins in first place. granny said that they like the chocolate on top of them...15:26
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* stephg wonders if kimmoli has started preaching or if it's just an example of the world he lives in15:30
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sledgesdo you know how mayonaisse was invented, and what is its main ingredient?15:37
beidlsledges: continue15:37
*** zZz0n is now known as zon15:39
sledgeswhat i heard was that during ww2 (or1) eggs was the main food for soldiers, but it was very dry, so they came up with the sauce. It fit eggs so well, mainly because, it was made of eggs!15:44
MSameermayonaisse has raw eggs15:46
MSameerI guess this channel is no longer sailfishos-porters ;)15:48
kimmolimy irssi shortens it "sailfish~ers"15:49
stephgwell you port a device you have to break some eggs15:50
stephgor something15:50
MSameeri can give some eggs to anyone who gets me a 1+ phone :D15:55
sledgeswell that cracked me up15:56
beidlMSameer: interested in a gst-omx patch to accepts the extension string via an environment variable?15:56
beidlMSameer: its not a phone, but still15:56
MSameerbeidl: why? just try the 2nd extension and if it not there then try the first one15:56
MSameerbeidl: what is it BTW?15:57
MSameerdoes the extension even work?15:57
beidlMSameer: the extension string (nativeBuffers vs nativeBuffers2) is hardcoded in gst-omx15:57
beidlMSameer: remember the maguro screenshot?15:57
stephgsledges, I'm eggstremely upset at your poor punning15:58
MSameerbeidl: yes I remember it15:58
MSameerbeidl: yes. Just make it try nativeBuffers2 and fall back to nativeBuffers if nativeBuffers2 is not available15:58
beidlMSameer: ok, I will.15:58
MSameerbeidl: upstream is more likely to accept it that way while if we use an environmental variable then I doubt the patch will be accepted upstream15:59
beidlMSameer: yeah I understand that15:59
MSameerbeidl: but maguro still does not work15:59
beidlMSameer: here some screenshots,Ay6s9UH,tgMVkwj16:06
stephgsledges, btw the latest HADK link is wanting HTTP auth16:06
beidlMSameer: you might notice that some videos have remainings of earlier played video buffers in them16:06
sledgesstephg: not from the topic;)16:06
stephg right?16:07
sledgesfixed today, cheers16:07
sledgesthat one's broken16:07
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beidlMSameer: every frame shows a different remaining of an older played video, repeats every 3rd frame16:08
alinMSameer: vgrade has one16:31
alinMSameer: and somebody else here but I do not remember the name16:32
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SmarteXCan someone kindly explain what is the state of this "open dalvik" that I found on
tbroh, did someone finally get around to that? I've been talking about the concept for a year17:12
tbrah, no, it's the usual-suspects™17:14
tbrI would expect that there is not much. Someone would need to sit down and JFDI17:14
tbrjust as a start having an AOSP build that renders into a virtual framebuffer would already be something17:15
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SmarteXSo the chances of a dalvik runtime on Sailfish devices that aren't Jolla-made phones are pretty low? Ouch.17:19
tbrI'd say they are quite good, it just needs someone to sit down and do it.17:20
caternyou might as well JFDI on desktop linux first17:20
tbrthe chances that someone hands you such a thing _right_ _now_ gift wrapped with a nice bow, approach 017:20
tbrcatern: your point being?17:20
caterntbr: that would be more popular than doing it on sailfish first17:21
caternand possibly easier17:21
tbrcatern: essentially it's the same17:21
caternyeah, i'm just saying in terms of marketing and get contributors and adoption17:21
tbrthe sailfish part is having it render to something that can be mapped to the wayland/lipstick bit. everything else should be pretty generic at first.17:23
locusfits here even a poc available?17:23
tbrnot that I know of, but someone might have already done something like that17:24
tbrhmm, one thing complicating a poc might be that IIRC android has a hard requirement on GLES nowadays, but mesa might be enough, even if crap17:25
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caternisn't opengl4.1 gles compatible?17:28
sledges (thanks Stskeeps for digging)17:29
caternoptionally gles compatible*17:29
SmarteXtbr: Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, I didn't want to sound mean or anything. It was a genuine question, forgive me if it sounded like a douche, it wasn't my intention :)17:36
SmarteXBe back soon.17:37
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locusfnice project that but no sources yet :/17:44
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sledgesalin, Sage_ , are you happy with that ?17:48
sledgesreview appreciated:
Sage_sledges: looks ok'ish. that kernel one, however does disabled mean that it can be manually or by demand restarted?17:53
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MSameerbeidl: I am sure we are not implementing the extension correctly and that might be a reason why the videos are not playing as they should17:53
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:53
sledgesSage_: disabled means does not autostart at boot17:53
MSameerbut I don't have a phone with an old android adaptation to test and fix17:53
MSameerbeidl: it might be the way we are passing in frames as well (not marking keyframes properly) but it needs to be debugged17:55
MSameerbeidl: worth trying with mpeg4 too17:55
sledgesSage_: and im pretty sure service restart of other android parts won't cause this to start17:56
tbrsledges: ah, someone did that bit already, good. Aand there seems to be some kind of code too: - locusf ping17:57
sledges20:53 < sledges> Sage_: disabled means does not autostart at boot17:58
Sage_sledges: what I meand to ask that is there any service that refers to auditd?17:58
sledgesSage_: if they were (e.g. in init.$PLATFORM.rc files), in hammerhead case they would've triggered its start17:59
*** dev_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:59
sledgesbut since alin tested and crashing was gone, we are confident there aren't17:59
*** dev_ is now known as dragonkeeper17:59
sledgescommon practice to add "disabled" , and never caused issues or services popping up, for past over a year18:00
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dragonkeeperhey guys18:02
locusftbr: yeah looked at it, just cmkae list fikes18:02
tbrbut looks like the guy is on it. he also made a github account it seems.18:02
tbrso he'll get it up eventually18:02
locusftbr: could you tell me his username so I couls follow him?18:03
tbrmeh, but obvious enough ;)18:03
Sage_sledges: ok18:04
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UmeaboyAnyone here?18:32
UmeaboyThe guide for i9305 on makes me confused.18:33
UmeaboyIt only works to some point.18:33
piggzsledges: vgrade: the usb network device.....has a different mac each time?  its getting annoying having NM create new devices every boot! :)18:33
UmeaboyI'd like some help if it's possible.18:33
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters18:34
UmeaboyI get to the part after you've typed hadk the other time and you're supposed to press Ctrl Alt X. Nothing happens when I do that.18:34
UmeaboyAnd when am I supposed to be writing commands as normal user or am I supposed to write them as root all the way?18:34
*** iTune has quit IRC18:35
UmeaboyThat's what I'm talking about.18:35
Umeaboydragonkeeper and piggz: Can you assist me=18:37
*** Just486 has joined #sailfishos-porters18:37
UmeaboyEverything seems to work until then.18:37
Just486hello! Is there anyone here that has advanced knowledge about Tassadars Multi ROM Managar and has a few seconds to answer my question?18:38
*** CarlosMazieri has joined #sailfishos-porters18:39
dragonkeeperUmeaboy, ???18:40
piggzUmeaboy: i dont have an i9305 and havtn read the guide...i just work from the hadk pdf18:41
dragonkeeperyeah work from the pdf... plus i didnt see a ctrl alt + x so i dunno what u mean lol18:42
Umeaboydragonkeeper: If you take a look at the link to the post you'll see what I mean.18:44
Umeaboyexport $MER_ROOT=/srv/mer/ doesn't work.18:44
UmeaboyI get an error then.18:44
Umeaboynot a valid identifier.18:44
dragonkeeperso your in the MER_SDK ?18:45
*** sletta has quit IRC18:45
UmeaboyNope. I'm following the guide written on the link I posted. HADK is to hard to understand. I'm not used to all this extra information.18:46
*** gogeta has quit IRC18:46
Umeaboyls -l /srv/mer shows me totally 0 as a result.18:47
UmeaboyThat shouldn't happen.18:47
dragonkeeperyh im not 100% on his guide .... id use the pdf and read through it18:47
Umeaboydragonkeeper: And I told you that I'm not used to read THAT much text. I like it clean and simple. Just like building a package from source-archive.18:50
UmeaboyI know it's wrong for you to do so, but we all work different sometimes.18:50
UmeaboyWhy isn't export $MER_ROOT=/srv/mer/ working?18:51
UmeaboyIt says clearly to do so.18:51
dragonkeepersudo mkdir -p /srv/mer/18:53
dragonkeepermkdir  -p $HOME/mer/18:53
dragonkeepernano .bashrc18:53
dragonkeeperexport $MER_ROOT=/srv/mer/18:53
dragonkeeperexport $MER_ROOT=$HOME/mer/18:53
dragonkeeperwhy is it set to 2 different places lol18:53
piggzUmeaboy: its a complicated process ..... even if youre not used to reading that much text, its maybe a good idea to do so to gain an understanding of what is going on ;)18:55
dragonkeeperim just going to suggest using the pdf  regardless.  im sorry is everything isnt as simple as  ./configure && make && sudo make install18:55
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Umeaboydragonkeeper: I have no idea, but I sent him an email. He hasn't replied yet.19:08
*** beidl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:09
Umeaboydragonkeeper: I started to learn how stuff worked by going the other way......... which means MY way.19:09
UmeaboyI mean.........People don't everything like others do.19:09
UmeaboyI hope you get my point.19:10
dragonkeeperi do get your point but the guide has all the info you need when setting up a build19:11
*** beidl has quit IRC19:12
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Umeaboydragonkeeper: When I use it, I'd love to get step by step-help from you.19:15
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC19:16
UmeaboyIs that OK?19:16
dragonkeeperwhy from me ? haha19:18
*** mispp_ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:19
dragonkeeperi mean ill be here if a question is asked that i know the answer to, but relying on me isnt a good idea,  ive only just got my s4 to boot  so im new at it too19:19
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt19:20
*** mispp has quit IRC19:23
* lbt can answer the MER_ROOT stuff if needed19:23
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:23
Umeaboylbt: Really? Thanks.19:27
*** Nokius has quit IRC19:27
UmeaboyIs the thread instructions really valid=19:27
UmeaboyThey seem to be a bit confusing.19:27
UmeaboyThe ones in
UmeaboyHow do I get them working then?19:27
lbtouch - that's so wrong19:28
Umeaboylbt: I sent that guy a private message, but no reply.19:28
lbtok - well, sorry to say but the only way I've done this is by using HADK19:29
lbtso I can't advise on the xda threads etc19:29
lbt(they probably do help for non-mako devices but...)19:29
lbtfirst thing: MER_ROOT should really be set to $HOME/mer/ rather than /srv/mer19:29
piggzwhat shoud the contents of /init-debug be? ... it looks to me like $INIT isnt being set anywhere, so it doesnt switch to systemd19:30
Umeaboylbt: He seemed to used the HADK as far as I can read.19:30
lbtyou can make both work but it's not for noobies (you need some bind mounts and such)19:30
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:30
UmeaboyYeah, he mentions something about mounts further down.19:30
Umeaboylbt: Wanna PM?19:31
lbtno, in chan is always best :)19:31
UmeaboySo, I delete everything and start from scratch then......19:32
UmeaboyHold on.19:32
*** dr_gogeta86 has joined #sailfishos-porters19:35
lbtsome corrections posted19:49
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters19:53
*** NeeDforKill has joined #sailfishos-porters19:58
NeeDforKillhi guys19:58
NeeDforKillwhere my sledges \o/19:59
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters19:59
*** gogeta has quit IRC19:59
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters19:59
dragonkeeperNeeDforKill, had a questions overload and needed to reboot20:01
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC20:02
NeeDforKillpossible to make ota updates for sailfish ports?20:02
dragonkeeperi assume so20:03
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:04
Umeaboylbt: It's alsi unclear if you're supposed to run all theese commands as root.20:06
UmeaboyI prefer using root in front of sudo.20:06
UmeaboyAny way...... have to go for a while.20:07
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC20:07
lbtno, in general root is not needed20:09
*** Just486 has quit IRC20:16
zetazHi all. I am following flyser's footprints: got the image compiled and like him I am now in bootloop for the recovery kernel, or stuck on the bootloader screen with the normal image.20:31
zetaztaking a look at the zip I have one question20:31
zetazwhat does it do with the tar.gz file ?20:32
piggzvgrade: ping20:32
piggzvgrade: what is the command to test video without lipstick?20:32
zetazlooks like the updater-script copies it to /data/sailfishos-rootfs.tar.bz2, and then call updater-unpack, which extracts it to /data/.stoaways/sailfishos20:33
zetazshouldn't that land in /system/ at some point and not inside some hidden data directory ?20:33
*** zon is now known as zZz0n20:36
*** gogeta has quit IRC20:52
piggzvgrade: sledges: \o/ i just passed the first run wizard on the ace!!!!!!!21:09
zetazanswering to myself : looks like it is the real path to extract things, but somehow it is not done during the flash with clockmod works21:18
zetazDone it manually through adb, now I can see the file, but rebooting the phone still gives a bootloop (now I don't even have an ip address associated to the USB Ethernet device it creates on my computer...)21:19
*** just486 has joined #sailfishos-porters21:29
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*** stephg has joined #sailfishos-porters21:35
stephgbon soir mes amis21:36
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters21:50
Umeaboylbt: Are you still here?21:50
UmeaboyDirectory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug21:50
UmeaboyNormal message?21:50
UmeaboyI saw it when I ran sdk.21:51
*** stephg has quit IRC21:54
Umeaboydragonkeeper: Do you know where lbt went?21:55
dragonkeeperaway? i dunno i was talking to some bird, wasnt paying attention to irc lol21:58
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*** aironeous has joined #sailfishos-porters22:25
aironeoushere is the moment in the linux action show where they showed the Nexus 5 with Sailfish OS on it. they put it into their ting commercial22:26
*** aironeous has quit IRC22:28
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sledgespiggz: woohoo! \o/22:43
*** olafh_ has quit IRC23:35
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:49

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