Tuesday, 2014-09-02

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piggzsledges: vgrade: see my tweet for a pic :)05:33
Stskeepswhat device is that?05:36
piggzStskeeps: htc ace (desire hd)05:38
Stskeepsdid anybody port to hd2 yet?05:43
Stskeepsthat's prolly the 'run everythiiiing' phone..05:43
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_dinsdaleGood Morning, I am having trouble building Sailfish for a OnePlus One (bacon). I am getting the following error: "make: *** No rule to make target `/home/dinsdale/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/bacon/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libminui_intermediates/export_includes', needed by `/home/dinsdale/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/bacon/obj/EXECUTABLES/charger_intermediates/import_includes'.  Stop."05:53
_dinsdaledoes anyone have some insight into what I am missing?05:54
_dinsdaleThis error happens when running HABUILD_SDK $05:55
_dinsdalemake -j4 hybris-hal05:55
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_dinsdaleUnfortunately it's the end of the night for me on the other side of the world (West Coast of Canada).05:56
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_dinsdaleIs there a forum or anything I could use to ask questions offline? StsKeeps said that the mer-genearl@merproject.org simply goes to him so I'm not sure if that's the best place to ask questions?05:58
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vakkovwhat is the "cure" here06:17
vakkov_dinsdale: http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2014-07-26.log.html06:20
vakkov_dinsdale: read after 16:1606:21
vakkovvgrade: maybe you can help _dinsdale06:23
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_dinsdaleThe -j1 vs -j4 is something that I have seen. When running parallel jobs seems to die somewhere else.06:25
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_dinsdaleI will try with a -k tomorrow night. Thanks for the info vakkov06:27
vakkov_dinsdale: i think that this is whereyour problem is solved: http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2014-07-29.log.html06:28
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_dinsdaleokay, had a quick scan. Too tired to do much good now. Thanks so much! I'll try hitting up vgrades tomorrow too. Good night06:37
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stephgsledges, what's diagnostic mode on the USB of EA4 on the n4?09:00
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sledgesstephg: terra incognita:)09:31
dr_gogeta86bad things09:31
stephgthere be dragons09:31
dr_gogeta86worse then galaxy s2 nfc edition ... I'dont think so09:32
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sledgesRT appreciated: https://twitter.com/sledgeSim/status/50675557129993011210:49
Stskeepsit doesn't go to the right location10:52
Stskeepsfor some reason10:52
Stskeepsoh after a reload10:52
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stephg_\o/ internet at home again10:53
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sledgespiggz: how did you get the touchscreen going in the end?11:27
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flyser_any news regarding 2s3d on photon q or other devices?11:56
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Stskeepsglesv23d.so is a warning, not an error11:57
flyser_well, then regarding black screen with fbdev or crash on ioctl with hwc11:58
flyser_are there devices with similar problems?11:59
sledgesblue screen fbdev, crash on hwc11:59
sledgesssh tunnel and webcam ready;P11:59
flyser_I think the webcam of the photon q works as well12:01
flyser_since it seems to be standard gspca12:01
sledgeswith Nokius1 we tried also updated https://github.com/Nokius/libhybris/commits/master12:01
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sledgesno luck12:01
sledges(with nullws patch)12:01
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sledgesflyser_: i mean, live stream to find5 is ready ;)12:02
sledgeskudos to Nokius112:02
sledgesfor those who want to have a tinker12:02
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vgrade_piggz nice work12:04
vgrade_Hey, sledges12:07
vgrade_No internet at new house until 9th :(12:07
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sledgesand how's new house despite that?12:08
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vgrade_Good, office space is great, lots of space for another much needed desk12:09
sledgesfor all your gadgets:))12:10
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aironeousfyi just woke up to this alarming cell phone security issue discovered by cryptophone posted on yahoo http://www.welivesecurity.com/2014/08/28/android-security-2/ is this something jolla needs to address and will these sailfish OS ports to otehr devices still be affected by it if they can't run Android apps?12:47
aironeousoh and congratz oiggz12:47
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vakkovhow was it fixed on the desire hd12:53
hurrian>baseband firewall12:57
hurrianSamsung's by far the biggest user of DMA to enable their hardware components, there was a big one a few months back about any app with camera permissions being able to DMA main memory.12:59
hurrianReading their source for the "baseband firewall", they simply time baseband awake time when the AP is asleep.13:00
tbrand IIRC baseband can easily just DMA13:00
tbron most devices13:00
tbrso yeah, you're screwed13:00
hurrianand jesus, if baseband is pwned and can DMA, how much effort is left to stop the timer, obviously running on AP?13:01
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hurrianI'm a proponent of strong security but this is just snakeoil.13:01
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dr_gogeta86vakkov, desire hd was fixed ?13:16
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qazzyhello portert!13:22
qazzyporters* :D13:22
qazzyone more questions for you - did you think about implement "double tap to wake up" features for non-jolla devices? because for swype-orient UI it is killer feature :D13:24
Stskeepsit'll cost power consumption13:26
Stskeepsunless you can program your touch fw13:27
tbror your accelerometer13:27
tbra double tap has a very characteristic look on an accel. Beware of putting that into a product though. IIRC someone has a patent on that.13:28
qazzyStskeeps, but if compare sailfish os and android power drain I think user choose to turn on this feature13:29
qazzybecause power drain is really small on the Sailfish OS13:30
tbrSome accels can even be programmed to emit an interrupt on certain patterns13:30
tbrqazzy: keeping the TS on and processing it all the time might be quite a big drain though13:30
qazzybut for custom android-rom with kernel implementation drain isn't big and users are happy13:32
dr_gogeta86sledges, i've started to port i910013:33
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: cool, worth cc`ing those guys i mentioned to you13:34
flyser_interesting http://lwn.net/Articles/610318/rss13:35
dr_gogeta86time to compile13:35
dr_gogeta86i'm sorry for huawei13:35
dr_gogeta86but need some really love on systemd side13:35
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dr_gogeta86i wanna create a almost complete port for october in order to create a panel for 2014 linux day ( if will be held in messina )13:38
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nh1402hello, how's it going14:14
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Umeaboylbt: If you're here, did you read my reply to the thread?14:16
sledgesnh1402: full steam ahead!14:26
sledgesUmeaboy: root is never needed, unless you're asked to use sudo14:26
sledgesdr_gogeta86: good plan!14:27
dr_gogeta86bad plan14:27
sledgesmorphis: congrats on WebOS LuneOS launch!14:29
Umeaboysledges: What about writing instructions for thoose dists that doesn'r use sudo as standard then?14:29
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sledgesUmeaboy: and end up with N instructions? this is why you are using merSDK which is a controlled environment under any distro (and a ubuntu chroot for android build, which we also provide - also works under any distro)14:30
sledgeseverything is written out in the HADK document14:30
morphissledges: thanks!14:30
morphissledges: btw. just call it LuneOS :)14:31
dr_gogeta86morphis, i've tried to buy touchpad14:31
dr_gogeta86my order was refused by hp14:31
dr_gogeta86I've buyed blackberry playbook14:31
dr_gogeta86for desperation i've buyed a nexus 7 201314:32
sledgesok :)14:33
dr_gogeta86hybris create a dynasty of middleware14:34
dr_gogeta86how many oses rely on  it14:35
dr_gogeta865 ?14:35
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Umeaboysledges: I reported a small bug for the sdk last night. I hope it'll get fixed soon.14:36
UmeaboyThere is a dir missing when you run the sdk.14:36
UmeaboyI'm curious if HP Slate would work good with Sailfish OS.14:37
UmeaboyIt's not that great when it comes to specs, but......14:37
UmeaboyThe HP Slate All-in-one PC.14:38
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sledgesUmeaboy: thanks for reporting the Directory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug14:44
alinsledges: so... when is ready the new update?14:44
sledgesUmeaboy: bash: nano: command not found14:44
sledgesyou are in Mer Platform SDK chroot at that point already14:45
sledgesthe packages available have nothing to do with host OS14:45
sledgesthe package manager of MerSDK is zypper14:46
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sledgesUmeaboy: zypper install nano14:52
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Umeaboysledges: I didn't write the guide.14:54
UmeaboyRoot privileges are required for installing or uninstalling packages.14:54
UmeaboyFixed it.14:55
sledgescommon sense :)14:55
Umeaboysledges: What the easiest way to start over without reinstalling Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?14:58
UmeaboyI think I made a misstake.14:58
UmeaboyJust delete the folder?14:58
GranPCwhoops, sorry15:00
GranPCquassel went batshit15:00
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alinUmeaboy: yes15:06
alinUmeaboy: there is a script that does a lot of stuff for you...15:06
alinif you read through it you shall find all the steps from the hadk...15:06
alinjust keep in mind that does not replace hadk but complements it15:07
sledgesalin: could you LGTM so I can merge pls? https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_system_core/pull/7 (Sage_ OKd it)15:07
alinsledges: thought I tried it15:09
alinsledges: let me try to build an image with it15:10
sledgesalin: it's fine, you already tested it15:10
sledgesand said it stopped crashing and logs are clean15:11
alinsledges: yap... was on sunday15:12
alinsledges: when you partied15:12
alinsledges: I think I spoke with Sage_ or Stskeeps15:12
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beidl_hey hey, fine folks15:24
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl15:24
sledgesalin: soo i'd appreciate your input (don't want to create and merge PRs just like that): https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_system_core/pull/715:29
sledgesbeidl: howdy!15:29
alinsledges: ok I will drop a comment15:30
morphissledges: I saw from the mer wiki page that RTC alarms in general are not working15:30
beidlwhats going on? I see some kernel-flashing-goodness coming :)15:30
morphissledges: do you know what the problem is?15:31
vakkovdr_gogeta86: i know that DHD was fixed. My question is HOW :D15:37
alinsledges: done15:40
alinmorphis: yap.. do they work for you?15:41
sledgesalin: merged15:41
alinsledges: great15:41
morphisalin: that is why I am asking15:41
alinsledges: so now all is merged?15:41
morphismaybe someone already found a clue around this15:41
alinmorphis: spiiroin and situ knows why is broken15:41
alinmorphis: not that I knwo15:42
morphisspiiroin, situ: ping15:42
alinmorphis: is more a bug into qualcom crap15:42
morphisperfect ..15:42
sledgesbeidl: yes, if zypper dup picks up a new dhd from ha repo, that rpm will now have ability to flash the kernel (boot partition # hardcoded, and only for hammerhead atm iirc)15:43
beidlsledges: hammerhead detection is hardcoded in the rpm spec as I can see, at least setting permissions and stuff.15:44
alinsledges: you updated new dhd?15:45
sledgesbeidl: check flash partition scripts out,i haven't looked into those15:45
sledgesalin: all is merged15:45
beidlsledges: probably will in a few minutes. first I'll check if theres something for a potential pull request15:46
alinsledges: ok so in principle we can generate a new image15:46
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sledgesalin__: if i understand you correctly - image yes. release? not really contains much, does it?15:54
alin__sledges: no... for release I just want to build one an test15:54
alin__sledges: also maybe update the dhd rpms?15:55
alin__sledges: though it may make no sense I expect 09 release to happen15:55
Nokius1vgrade: so its hard at the moment to catch you up will try to get in touch we you in the next days as said have one more idea for the xda:devcon ^^ will get it up to day15:59
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*** carepack is now known as carepack_16:01
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beidlMSameer: in my commit, regarding gst-omx nativeBuffers < 2 as a fallback, should I remove the gstomx.conf file as well?16:06
beidlMSameer: as a separate commit, same PR16:07
MSameerwhich commit?16:07
beidlMSameer: comming PR :)16:07
MSameerdon't remove the file please for now16:07
*** phdeswer has quit IRC16:07
beidlMSameer: alright, will play with the existing env variable then16:07
MSameerI need to do that and make sure to fix jolla too16:07
MSameerdid you get it to work?16:08
beidlMSameer: well, it's just an additional if, not much else. I'm no multimedia genius :)16:08
* MSameer is not too16:08
beidlMSameer: still better than me :P16:09
*** zZz0n is now known as zon16:09
MSameerthat's easy to fix :D16:09
MSameerbeside, I was just lucky :)16:09
beidlMSameer: :D16:10
spiiroinmorphis: I think the situation is that: rtc alarms work when the device is up and running, but we can't enable power up via rtc alarm16:10
morphisspiiroin: doesn't android use /dev/alarm for that?16:11
beidlMSameer: there still seems to be a little issue in combination with the browser. does a failed gst plugin load cause it to be removed from gst's registry?16:11
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters16:11
beidlMSameer: because that would explain why the plugin doesn't get loaded after gstreamer usage in the browser16:11
MSameerbeidl: might be the environmental variable issue16:12
beidlMSameer: seems that the browser does not pick up the environment variable for the custom gstomx.conf, causing failed plugin loading, etc16:12
morphisone other thing is that we can't set the rtc clock so the system time will stay different16:12
MSameerbeidl: gstreamer caches the plugin info16:12
MSameerbeidl: rm ~/.gstreamer-0.10/*registry* IIRC16:12
morphisand all users will fail to set an RTC alarm16:12
beidlMSameer: the env var I'm talking about is GST_OMX_CONFIG_DIR16:13
dr_gogeta86hi MSameer16:13
MSameerwhy don't you just replace the file for now?16:13
beidlMSameer: yes, that's what i have to do every time after browser/gst testing16:13
MSameerdr_gogeta86: hello16:13
MSameerbeidl: replace gstomx.conf16:13
beidlMSameer: rpm screams and cries tears16:13
dr_gogeta86oneshot question16:13
beidlMSameer: file conflict16:13
dr_gogeta86did you aver tried qtav on sailfishos16:13
*** alin__ has quit IRC16:14
MSameerbeidl: I don't remember all the locations gst-omx checks. maybe somewhere in home would take a higher priority than /etc16:14
MSameerdr_gogeta86: what's qtav?16:14
MSameerlibav wrapper?16:14
MSameernot really16:14
MSameerI cooked my custom wrapper when I needed one (did not notice its existence)16:15
dr_gogeta86says run on sailfish16:15
dr_gogeta86but you are a badass coder16:15
*** alin__ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:15
situmorphis: pong16:15
MSameerdr_gogeta86: I am just lucky :)16:15
MSameerdr_gogeta86: I don't see why it should not run16:16
morphissitu: alin__ told me you know more about the problems with RTC on n516:16
dr_gogeta86the fun fact supports sailfish since last year16:16
MSameerjust note that libav is not whitelisted (And I doubt it will as long as they like to break ABI)16:16
dr_gogeta86a friend of mine wrote a qt app16:16
dr_gogeta86using this but i thought16:16
dr_gogeta86HD mpeg4 done in cpu ?16:17
situmorphis: You can not write to RTC registers.16:17
beidlMSameer: hmm. that would be nice, but I'm sure $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set, which is required for g_get_user_config_dir()16:17
beidlor *should* be required16:17
morphissitu: I saw that qcom android devices have a time_daemon to do something similar16:18
beidlMSameer: ok, forget the last one, the default then is $HOME/.config16:18
MSameerdr_gogeta86: all video playback and encoding is done using hw codecs16:18
situmorphis: time_daemon stores time on filesystem while shutting down.16:18
dr_gogeta86MSameer, time to finish port to sgs216:18
morphisand restores the time on next boot?16:18
situmorphis: and sets it when it starts.16:19
dr_gogeta86and then fireworks starts16:19
morphissitu: I expect it does that through some QMI work16:19
morphisso works around the std. API's we have for that in the linux kernel16:19
morphisso basically we can't never set the RTC clock unless we use the time_daemon, is that your conclusion too?16:20
situmorphis: It just sets time and systems sees correct time.16:20
dr_gogeta86sledges, and et all there are new kernel needs on last mer-check16:20
situmorphis: You can never set RTC clock even if you use time_daemon.16:20
situmorphis: time_daemon just calls settimeofday (I think) while starting.16:20
spiiroinmorphis: everything else works via workarounds, but we can't get the device to power up via rtc alarm16:21
morphisspiiroin: but through the android alarms, right?16:21
spiiroinmorphis: does not matter, dsme sets both via /dev/alarm and /dev/rtc016:22
situmorphis: I think it's not possible to power up the device using alarms.16:22
MSameerbeidl: I know it's not ideal but please keep the file like that for now16:22
situmorphis: but I am not sure.16:22
morphissitu: with power up you mean waking up from suspend?16:22
situmorphis: Yeah16:22
beidlMSameer: no problem :)16:22
situmorphis: Waking up when device is powered off.16:23
situmorphis: Not sure what "suspend" means here.16:23
spiiroiniphb timers wake up from suspend via rtc alarms; I think someone ran the test app on N5 so it should work16:24
morphissitu: powered off means for me the device is completely powered off16:24
morphissuspend means it's sleeping16:24
situmorphis: ohh ok, sorry didn't know how suspend works with Nexus 5.16:25
morphisah :)16:25
morphisbasically what I am interested in is to get notified by the kernel on /dev/rtc when an alarm is triggered16:26
morphisso the problem I have to solve is that rtc clock isn't in sync with the system time16:26
situmorphis: Right.16:27
morphiswondering what is with other not-qcom based devices16:27
spiiroinmorphis: rtc time of day can't be set; so we maintain delta between rtc time and system time instead16:27
spiiroinin n5 that is16:27
*** filippz has quit IRC16:27
morphisspiiroin: right16:27
spiiroinin jolla phone the system time is taken from rtc on bootup and stored back to rtc on shutdown16:28
morphisisn't it qcom based too?16:28
spiiroinyes, but (I do not know the details) it required just toggling two flags in kernel board files16:29
spiiroin-> to enable rtc tod set + power up via rtc alarm16:29
morphisI saw those too flags16:30
spiiroinIIRC in N900 that stuff was under hw protection; needed enabling in bootloader or something similar16:31
TassadarI think that it is disabled for a reason16:32
morphisTassadar: yeah16:33
spiiroin... or it is just the default and nobody has needed it16:33
TassadarI dunno what that may be, but writing some kind of userspace deamon to store time when you could just enable it in dtb seems weird16:33
TassadarI heard something about CM guys trying to enable it and running to some kind of issues16:34
Tassadarbut I don't really remember what issues :/16:34
situmorphis: Setting qpnp-rtc-write won't work.16:34
dr_gogeta86hi Tassadar16:34
morphissitu: ok, good to know16:34
situmorphis: See my question here http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ports.arm.msm/852316:34
morphissitu: yeah saw that already16:35
Tassadarthey didn't really respond16:35
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters16:36
morphisspiiroin: does dsme already support maintaining the delta and set it correctly when setting a RTC alarm?16:37
morphislooks like the current dsme doesn't has a way to workaround this16:39
*** kakos_ has quit IRC16:47
vakkovbeidl Msameer: what's your progress guys, i want to join :P16:48
*** kakos has joined #sailfishos-porters16:49
*** nh1402 has quit IRC16:51
beidlvakkov: not much, just had to fight with reading the gst omx config file from a custom location :)16:54
beidlMSameer: for some odd reason github 404's when trying to make a pull request. here's the tiny commit https://github.com/beidl/gst-omx/commit/161822c2267028ca1217eaf6499a2622fbf29b2916:56
*** vrutkovs_ has quit IRC17:00
beidlMSameer: https://github.com/sailfishos/gst-omx/pull/1 :)17:00
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters17:04
situmorphis: https://github.com/nemomobile/dsme/pull/7617:10
situmorphis: sorry, it's not related to RTC alarm.17:11
MSameerbeidl: LGTM. Will merge it in  a while17:12
MSameerbeidl: merged17:13
MSameerbeidl: thank you17:13
beidlMSameer: great, thanks a lot :D17:13
MSameerI am just too tired to tag now17:15
MSameerwill do that tomorrow when I wake up17:16
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters17:16
*** carepack is now known as carepack_17:16
sledgestagging can be done vie webui;)17:19
beidlsledges: got some time to look at my dhd pull request? :)17:26
beidlsledges: after that I'll pull to local branch and work on kernel image flashing17:26
spiiroinmorphis: the delta is related to rtc time of day vs system time17:28
*** carepack_ has quit IRC17:28
sledgesbeidl: also you can drop all "/bin/sh " in your .service units, as +x permissions are now retained17:28
spiiroinmorphis: alarms are set relative to current time, i.e if alarm is needed 10 minutes from now, rtc alarm is programmed to rtc time + 10 minutes (and we do not care what the rtc time actually is)17:29
sledgesbeidl: merged thanks17:36
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters17:41
*** carepack is now known as carepack_17:41
*** carepack_ has quit IRC17:45
beidlsledges: thank you :D17:46
*** iTune has quit IRC17:47
*** alin__ has quit IRC17:52
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC17:58
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beidlhow does OR work in if-conditions in rpm spec files? want to "whitelist" maguro for kernel flashing18:10
beidlalso, where to pull simg2img from?18:11
vakkovsimg2img is normally in toolchains.. do you need an arm version?18:15
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
*** carepack is now known as carepack_18:17
beidlit's needed on the device itself. I wonder where hammerhead is pulling it in from18:17
sledgeshammerhead does not need it, as it's format is not simg18:19
sledgesbut sammy's devices will need18:19
sledgesext4fs_tools have itiirc18:19
* sledges thanks to Sage_ for sharing that knowledge ^18:20
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:21
beidlah ok. so that means that I can ignore flash-partition and just implement a working flash-bootimg.sh18:44
beidlthanks for that info :)18:44
*** uvatbc has quit IRC18:46
beidlsry, now I got it, have to properly read the script, I missed that the header of the boot.img is being checked before trying to run simg2img18:46
*** CarlosMazieri has quit IRC18:47
beidlhow are we going to handle multiple devices then? how about setting a variable in a device-specific spec file?18:47
beidlthose maintainers who wish to add kernel flash support could then add a %define in their spec file18:49
sledgesand i think preinit is also a prerequisite(sic)?18:51
Sage_sledges: preinit does the actual flashing on next bootup of the device and then makes another boot18:58
*** carepack_ has quit IRC19:03
*** furikku has quit IRC19:06
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*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters19:19
beidl_sledges and whoever is involved in kernel-flash-on-update: annoying beidl is annoying again with a pull request :) https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/pull/5319:30
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl19:33
sledgesbeidl: trust but check, did you test https://github.com/beidl/droid-hal-device/commit/ab1d6eb759f7143cf3345648af36d376450e455d ? ;)19:35
beidlsledges: I've seen the commit about keeping permissions. if that works then yes. that's what I actually had before committing those services :)19:36
sledgesawesome, means systemd is happy with that in its .services ;)19:37
sledges(as we tested only in oneshot context)19:37
sledgesawesome, merging, that's a great commit19:38
lbtis anyone working on mako on obs?19:38
sledgesbeidl: maguro is not needing simg2img?19:38
lbtor can I break it badly ?19:38
sledgeslbt: break devel, leave testing be ;)19:39
lbtit's not in testing though :)19:39
sledgesperfect then:)19:39
beidlsledges: I've never had to deal with such a tool, so it shouldnt19:39
*** mkosola has joined #sailfishos-porters19:39
lbtsledges: did you want to change naming ?19:39
sledgesbeidl: probably locusf will need that ;) remembering his horror story with boot.img on Note:)19:40
sledgeslbt: yes pls19:40
lbtmako ?19:40
locusflol yeah19:42
lbtok promoting to nemo:testing:hw:lge:mako19:44
lbtdhd is ,,, somewhat different now - I did it in individual commits though  http://pastie.org/952227319:45
sledgeslol :D19:47
sledgesno hacks at all, great job!19:47
morphissitu, spiiroin: thanks19:47
gogetalocusf: is tha house19:54
gogeta*in da house19:55
gogetaon galaxy s2 recovery in initrd19:58
gogetaso kernel must be compiled accordingly19:58
piggzvgrade: thx20:04
beidlsledges: just rechecked. dd'ing the boot image is enough on maguro20:09
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC20:17
locusfhey gogeta20:23
gogetasamsung note  120:24
gogetai've tried to flash sailfished kernel20:25
gogetawith bad resoults ... i needed to flash with heimdal/odin a kernel with recovery20:25
locusfgogeta: yeah note n7000 is the one I have20:28
gogetawich cpu20:29
gogetacan you send kernel conf20:31
locusfthis is the  tool that sledges linked me20:32
gogetain order to ?20:34
gogetasorry i'm a bit outdated with samsung crappiness20:35
gogetaafter galaxy corby20:35
gogetai've ditched20:35
locusfto make the kernel load the initrd20:35
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters20:36
beidloh btw, any news on why logging in to my jolla account from the phone doesn't work anymore?20:38
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters20:39
beidlI noticed an HTTP 409 (conflict) error in the journal, which is odd because my device is not linked to my account anymore (judging from the web interface)20:39
beidlso I wonder how it would be conflicting20:40
locusfsleep now, laters20:40
*** zon is now known as zZz0n20:43
piggzhow can i make my usb net device give the same mac address each time so NM reuses the conection?20:44
*** uvatvmw has quit IRC20:58
*** lbt has quit IRC21:04
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*** uvatvmw has joined #sailfishos-porters21:05
piggzno progress on Sailfish-Ace tonight ... normal scheduling should resume tomorrow :)21:07
piggz(been mountain biking, and came closer to death than id really like to!)21:08
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*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
Umeaboylbt: I hope you read my reply now. ;)21:55
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:58
alinsledges: i hope this is mine error: line 70: Unknown tag: %{_oneshot_requires_post}21:59
alinfrom  Info: mb2 -t lge-hammerhead-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-hammerhead.spec build21:59
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC22:07
*** alin has quit IRC22:10
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:14
*** Tassadar has quit IRC22:23
sledgesalin: install oneshot into your target22:24
sledgesnot your error i guess dhd now needs "BuildRequires: oneshot" added22:25
sledgesalin: you could test that ^ instead of ^^ :)22:25
alinsledges: ok... will take a while I am building the hal bit now22:25
sledgesbeidl: adding to my todo-list-of-questions-to-store-guy22:28
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC22:31
sledgespiggz: geez o.O22:43
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