Wednesday, 2014-09-03

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mailyaseenseldges, i am not able to locate android files, from sailfish OS. Where i need to look for Android files, i mean hierarchy ?06:39
mailyaseensledges, i am not able to locate android files, from sailfish OS. Where i need to look for Android files, i mean hierarchy ?06:40
phdeswermailyaseen: what "android" files are you looking for?06:54
phdeswerlook in /system for some of the original stuff06:55
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carepackhello everybody ;)08:17
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alinsledges: Timeout exceeded when accessing ''.08:27
alinsomething changed?08:27
Stskeepslbt: ^08:28
carepackmäh ;)08:29
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lbtalin: it's back - the VM didn't resume properly after some maintenance09:19
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alinlbt: cool let me test10:01
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mailyaseenphdeswer, i am looking for folder, com.whatsapp and file com.whatsapp*.apk. i am able to locate com.whatsapp*.apk in /system .10:06
mailyaseenphdeswer, i have MIUI as primary rom and Sailfish as secondary rom.10:07
phdeswermailyaseen: so you're looking at stuff where the android layer puts things?10:07
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* phdeswer knows nothing about android apps as I have yet to find one I need.10:07
mailyaseenyes, Mitakuuluu and not getting registered, so coderus suggested to copy this files to sailfish filesystem and mitakuuluu will import things its own10:08
phdeswermailyaseen: you should ask coderus for more details then I guess10:08
mailyaseenphdeswer: i did the same, and he is not aware of itseems...10:09
mailyaseenphdeswer : com.whatsapp*.apk is in /system/app . but i am not able to locate com.whatsapp/files10:10
phdeswermailyaseen: well you can do find / -d  com.whatsapp/files10:10
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phdeswerOf course it could be that the original files are on your primary roms partition and it is not mounted so you cannot see them from sailfish,10:10
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mailyaseenphdeswer : anyway i can mount i can find the location of them... find / -d com.whats/files is not working... (warning: the option -d is deprecated)10:14
phdeswer-type d instead of -d (sorry)10:14
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sledgesmailyaseen: /data ?10:18
mailyaseensledges: we dont have com.whatsapp in /data10:19
mailyaseenand files in the /data/app are not visible in sailfish10:20
alinsledges: image generated10:21
mailyaseenwe have /data/app  (where we find all the apk of android) and /data/data (where we find all the application data) .. both sub directory does not have any files...10:21
sledgesmailyaseen: do you have multirom?10:23
sledgesalin: kool10:23
mailyaseensledges: yes i have multirom. Primary is MIUI rom and secondary Sailfish10:23
alinsledges: yap... you have the right approach... a kde10:23
sledgesalin: lol or german10:24
alinsledges: yes... but kde was german in origin... iirc almost all the founders were10:24
alinin 1848 when they started10:24
alinsledges: anyhow... on update10:24
alinsledges: we shall try to setup a task force to release the image asap aftre it happens?10:25
sledgesmailyaseen: boot to your primary rom and copy those file to /data/media/0/multrom/roms/sailfishos/home/nemo (i cant remember whole path 100% but you get the idea)10:25
sledgesalin: after update9 happens?10:26
mailyaseensledges: Thank you, let me try...10:26
alinsledges: yap...10:26
alinsledges: heard something about safe updates via zypepr up10:26
sledgesalin: then you need to get a map,ship,and a crew10:26
alinsledges: are they committed?10:26
* sledges hides10:26
alinsledges: map... only if phdeswer fixed the gps10:27
alinthe rest we have10:27
alinnext week I will be in uk in the middle of nowhere maybe we get time10:27
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alinsledges: daresbury10:28
alinsledges: physicists stuff and big computers10:28
sledgeshow dare you?:)10:29
alinsledges: by the way... now I remember is there any reason for which the gcc from jolla does not have fortran?10:29
alinsledges: dare what?... I am one of them10:29
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sledgesalin: only when update is out we will be able to test OTA sw-update10:32
sledgeskernel update is in dhd now10:32
sledgesbut disabled for multirom :/10:32
sledgesneed to work with Tassadar on that10:32
alinsledges: ok... any way to enable that?10:32
lbtalin: yeah - we moved past the 80s :D10:32
sledgesdisabled because would break multirom primary boot;)10:33
alinlbt: missconception... that is 80s... but does not matter...10:33
lbtalin: srsly though I think it may be coming back - fortran turns up in some odd places in distros10:33
* lbt used to do CFD and suchlike at BNFL ... I'm kidding :)10:34
alinlbt: yap... as much I like c++...  I will not burn my fortran knowledge yet10:34
lbtsledges: we now have
lbtwhich, amongst other things, means we can "zypper in ubu-trusty"10:35
phdesweralin: gps was not broken at least ;) I know there is some middleware missing for mps etc though10:36
alinphdeswer: yap.. thought you work on that glue10:36
phdeswerNot really, but if I get some time I might have a go at it10:37
sledgesStskeeps mentined about opening uo geoclue hybris10:38
sledgeslbt: looks like a major rewrite of hadk pending;)10:38
Stskeepsnod, still on my list..10:38
sledgeswhat else is on your list?;)10:39
Stskeepsoh god..10:41
lbtI would hope it's not major10:42
alinlbt: anyhow... would be nice if fortran get enabled10:43
alinsledges: whom shall we ping about?10:43
lbtStskeeps: am I right in thinking we decided fortran would be coming back? I know it affected gcc build time a bit but don't recall what else ?10:43
Stskeepslbt: *twitch*10:44
lbthey... we can do proper physics for angry birds ...10:44
Stskeeps47(!!!) minutes extra build time10:44
lbtwhat %10:44
Stskeepsit should be possible to build it seperately though10:44
alinStskeeps: but that is nothing...10:44
lbtyeah - I wondered about that too10:44
Stskeepsalin: when gcc rebuilds 3-4 times in a bootstrap, it adds up to the amount of coffee you drink..10:45
lbta discrete gcc fortran build could be fun ... alin ...10:45
alinStskeeps: why do you rebuild gcc so many time?10:45
alinStskeeps: anyhow can be made available as a separate package10:46
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lbtsledges: Stskeeps:
sledges\\o// !!!11:16
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lbtnot sure what the missing bits are11:17
sledgesis hybris-hal build cached?11:18
sledgesneither is repo sync ;)11:20
sledgesi reckon11:20
lbtoh that is11:20
lbtwhat do you mean by cached?11:20
lbtccache ?11:20
sledgeswell, the build products11:20
sledgesguess irrelevant if repo sync is cached \o/11:21
lbtrepo service still takes a while - it makes a 1.7Gb src tarball11:21
lbtok - so that's good - my staging obs didn't build the qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin either11:22
lbtnow .. I bet that's an old qt5-qpa - have build deps changed ?11:22
Stskeepswhat repo are you building against11:23
sledgeslbt: that needs libhybris11:23
lbtwood ... trees...11:23
sledgesyep, the graph theory11:25
lbtnb ... I don't expect this to work on a device just yet11:26
lbtbut I'm keen to fixup the hack commits and merge into main dhd11:26
lbtI'm going to do a local build using the obs version of the dhd spec11:27
lbt*sigh* have choice for needed by qt5-qtgui: libhybris-libEGL mesa-llvmpipe-libEGL11:28
Stskeepsremember, prjconf11:28
Stskeepsfor libhybris and friends11:28
Stskeepscheck existing dhd repos11:28
Stskeepswell, no libEGL..11:29
lbtyeah - alright, that looks like an old hacky one from early mako times11:30
lbteg: ngfd-settings-nemo11:30
lbtnot sailfish11:31
lbtshould ngfd-settings-nemo == ngfd-settings-sailfish ?11:31
sledgesor.. just mako without lge ;P11:38
lbtsee description! :D11:39
lbtlge:mako is the new one11:39
sledgessf vs nemo11:39
lbtyeah - but I think we should be doing nemo11:39
sledgesif done by community - yes11:39
sledgesmako is still at early adopters state, coming from jolla11:40
sledgesmy hope is to have someone port mako to 11.0, so sensors become saner, and move to nemo:11:40
lbt*nod* ... at the moment it's in :devel ... just noting we should do the right thing at some point11:40
lbtoh, even better11:41
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Stskeepslbt: does HADK instruct to install SDK into $HOME/something these days?12:55
Stskeeps(randomly wondering)12:55
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lbtStskeeps: I think it mentions both - /srv/mer is tricky though13:03
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sledgesStskeeps: mentions to prefer $HOME14:21
lbtI'm going to setup a new HADK env and see if I can document /srv/mer too14:31
lbtI know $HOME/mer is good now14:31
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beidlhello fine people14:36
*** souren has quit IRC14:38
*** phdeswer has joined #sailfishos-porters14:42
lbthey beidl14:46
beidllbt: hey o/14:47
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beidlanyone got some spare time to look at this PR?
beidloh and how's progress on building dhd packages on OBS going? don't want to lbt all the time :)15:25
beidl*to annoy lbt15:25
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* lbt is currently wandering around his house with his new electronic interference detection system (an AM radio!)15:27
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beidllbt quite some unresolvable errors15:38
alinbeidl: finished with the eggs?15:39
lbtonly care about the rightmost column atm15:39
beidllbt isn't it the wrong arch?15:39
beidlalin: damn, please don't mention eggs today, bad experience :D15:40
beidlalin: our vice-ltn wasn't too happy with our performance today15:40
alinbeidl: too runny?15:41
beidlalin: one comrade made the wrong meal, the other one burned the ham & eggs15:42
beidland I almost scraped off the wrapped bacon from the sausages while cooking. didn't look like "berner würstel" at all15:44
alinbeidl: double the portion of rum or cognac whatever the ruling classes drink nowadays15:44
alinwill immeadiately see the world different15:45
* beidl takes notes15:46
sledgesbeidl: 22:38 < sledges> awesome, merging, that's a great commit16:01
sledgeswrote but didn't merge :D16:01
beidlsledges: wait16:01
beidlsledges: I'm trying one single thing for gstomx.conf stuff16:01
beidlsledges: thanks :)16:02
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beidlsledges: done :)16:06
*** xn2 has joined #sailfishos-porters16:06
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*** ParkerR_ has joined #sailfishos-porters16:08
beidloh, have you guys seen lennart poetterings post about systemd+btrfs+frameworks for distro-agnostic application packaging? pretty interesting stuff16:09
*** hexo has joined #sailfishos-porters16:11
sledgesbeidl: merged16:19
* beidl hands sledges some nice porters beer16:19
beidlthanks :)16:20
*** ernesti has joined #sailfishos-porters16:27
* sledges zum wohls (clank!)16:31
beidlsledges: prost! :D16:31
beidlsledges: sorry I'm annoying you again, but could you please check this one as well? :)
beidlafter that I'm ready to get a rebuild done and release a new image16:35
sledgesbeidl: did you run make defconfig on that one?16:37
sledgesafter adding flags16:37
beidlsledges: no, just build'n' flash16:37
sledgescheck the new rule (recommended):
*** zZz0n is now known as zon16:40
beidlsledges: ok, rebuilding now, lets see what happens16:42
*** xn2 is now known as xnbya16:42
sledgesbeidl: just .config will be fuller, which then needs a nice cp16:43
beidlsledges: here's a diff16:47
beidlsledges: so everything that is set to n by default is just being unset16:48
beidlsledges: pushed16:49
vakkovwhat :D you gonna release a new image? :D i will have to flash again?///16:51
sledgesbeidl: wow audit switched off..16:53
sledgeswhat is its default value?16:53
sledgesapparently =n is equiv to "is not set" in this case16:54
beidlsledges: it has no explicit default in Kconfig16:55
sledgesbeidl: merged16:55
beidlsledges: thank you :) my body is ready for some rebuild action16:55
*** ParkerR_ is now known as ParkerR16:59
*** ParkerR has joined #sailfishos-porters16:59
beidlvakkov: if your adaptation0 repo is pointing to the OBS repo, kernel updates should work :)17:00
* vakkov checks17:00
beidlvakkov: not yet. awaiting rebuild17:01
*** mkosola has quit IRC17:04
*** mkosola has joined #sailfishos-porters17:05
piggzlo *17:07
* sledges switches to vodka17:07
beidlsledges: heading for the ballmer-peak? :)17:08
*** ernesti has quit IRC17:08
sledgesyes, straight after that rebuild action of yours:))17:08
sledgesih piggz &)17:08
sledgeshow was that near-death incident?17:09
beidlsledges: :D17:10
piggzsledges: a bit too close tbh! .... it was in the same spot that almost a year ago, another biker did die!17:10
beidlhello piggz17:10
sledgespiggz: oh no, sounds like a cursed one...17:10
piggzas i went over the bars i though 'shit, this is where that guy died'!!!17:10
piggzlucklily i landed on the edge of the path, and not down the valley! :D17:11
sledgeswhew `,:)17:11
* sledges wipes sweaty keyboard17:11
SK_workjust wondering17:11
beidlpiggz: gladly a shitload of luck :)17:11
SK_workdo you think that webos could benefit from the sailfishos-porters's effort ?17:12
sledgesSK_work: already does17:12
sledgesand it's been mutual ;)17:12
SK_worksince it is based on libhybris - qt-wayland - qt ?17:12
SK_workah really ?17:12
sledgesyep, one name - morphis ;)17:12
SK_workdidn't saw anything about it actually17:12
SK_workah morphis ?17:12
SK_workcool :):)17:12
sledgesand probably more guys over at #libhybris17:12
piggzi got it on video too ... its not very impressive to watch tho cos the camera is mounted on the bars .... it will get to youtube eventually tho!17:12
sledgesyes pretty awesome17:12
sledgespiggz: ok, i'll order a new keyboard then17:13
SK_worksledges: tjhanks that's good news :)17:13
piggzsledges: so, id like to create an installable zip that works (ish) ... i need to install a modified servicemanager and modified environment config file ... how do i go about that?17:14
sledgespiggz: submit PR17:14
vakkov2 years and 2 days ago i also had such a bike accident17:14
sledgesto android_system_base17:14
sledgesand env config file PR into dhd17:15
piggzvakkov: ultimatlely it wasnt that bad (only my knee is sore) .. but it was a bit close for comfort17:15
vakkovmine ended up with many sutures and wounds17:16
sledgespiggz: Nokius has servicemanager PR pending, he'd do that later tonight17:17
sledgesyou can worry about other things17:17
piggzsledges: for the environment file, i guess i just need to modify my droid-hal-ace rpm17:18
sledgespiggz: cd rpm/; git status17:18
sledgesthere ya go17:20
sledgesgit add .17:20
sledgesgit diff17:20
sledgescleanup and commit, we'll review17:21
*** ernesti has joined #sailfishos-porters17:21
*** mkosola has quit IRC17:22
morphisSK_work: we're reusing a lot from Sailfish, more and more each day :)17:22
SK_workmorphis: ah ?17:23
SK_worksoon a super merge ?17:23
*** mkosola has joined #sailfishos-porters17:23
morphisSK_work: no17:23
morphisthere are multiple components we can easily share17:24
morphislike qtwayland, libhybris, ofono, ...17:24
morphisjust switch for ofono in LuneOS yesterday from the Ubuntu to the nemo one17:24
piggzbrb, kids to take to sports17:24
SK_workbut not mw (as I read a bit of code from the webosports  repo)17:24
morphisSK_work: yeah right17:24
SK_workmorphis: hehe :)17:24
morphislower system level components17:25
morphisbut for example look at luna-next (our compositor) it's similar to lipstick17:25
SK_workmorphis: I take notes17:26
morphisSK_work: one other thing I would like to adopt in the future the gstreamer modules MSameer is currently working on17:26
*** SK_work has quit IRC17:26
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*** Stskeeps has joined #sailfishos-porters17:33
beidlhmm. not sure what to do with my money... buy an android phone for sailfish porting or buying an actual Jolla phone... :)17:35
*** uvatbc has quit IRC17:35
*** Tassadar has quit IRC17:47
phdeswerbeidl: I can give you my account number, I am always open to free money ;)17:48
sledgesbeidl: if you decide for andy phone, choose very popular one so sailfish reach is maximised;)17:48
sledgesand people buy more jollas after having a taste of sfos:)17:49
*** ernesti has quit IRC17:49
beidlphdeswer: oh please, I'd love to give you my credit card info :P17:51
beidlsledges: thinking about it ;)17:51
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
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locusfJolla has like android adaptation on steroids, its a really cool device18:07
sledges:D yep, and steroids you could call the love it has been shown for :)18:09
*** mugna has quit IRC18:09
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters18:10
piggzsledges: which product is dhd in?18:12
*** mugna has quit IRC18:13
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos-porters18:13
sledgespiggz: pardon?18:16
piggzsledges: ignore me18:16
piggzim on the bakk now18:16
piggzmaybe not!18:16
* sledges afks18:22
*** mkosola has quit IRC18:32
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*** furikku has quit IRC18:39
piggzto make a pull request, do I have to fork the repo first?18:46
Nokiussledges beidl yeah I could cry gave a SGIIImini a way dew month ago its a damn popular Phone :,-(18:49
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piggzsledges: first ever PR
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
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piggzi guess i should figure out which of the 2 simulataneous changes i made fixed the touchsreen19:16
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #sailfishos-porters19:18
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*** rusty88 has joined #sailfishos-porters19:27
rusty88anyone with a master in ofono ?? :P19:33
vakkovrusty88: you still have problems with rild?19:43
rusty88vakkov: nop, already fixed it was a missing binary in SF that starts the modem19:45
rusty88the problem now is that i cannot make an outgoing call or send sms19:45
rusty88but there's no issues with receiving a call or a sms19:46
rusty88but data connection works ok19:46
vakkovpost some logs form journalctl when you try to make a call19:47
rusty88that's the thing nothing happens19:48
vakkovguys, is Facebook working for you? it suddenly stopped here19:48
rusty88but give me a sec i'll paste one right now ;)19:48
Stskeepsvakkov: no.19:48
rusty88vakkov: face is not working for me neither19:49
rusty88vakkov: there you go19:50
rusty88but sf says: "no network coverage "19:50
vakkovand i had just found my flatmates at uni ... :(19:50
rusty88the cal was made as 20:4919:50
vakkovStskeeps: was there something that was giving more ofono output19:52
rusty88I also added the -d flag in the config file19:52
vakkovdo you have OFONO_AT_DEBUG=119:52
vakkovenv OFONO_AT_DEBUG=1 in the conf19:53
rusty88no :P i'll add it right away19:54
vakkovrusty88: where is your conf licated19:54
vakkovlocated *19:54
rusty88vakkov:  i was editiing this file/var/lib/environment/ofono/noplugin.conf19:55
rusty88got it from /lib/systemd/ofono.service19:55
*** mugna has joined #sailfishos-porters19:56
vakkovtry with a /etc/init/ofono.conf19:56
vakkoviirc ofono finds it automatically19:57
vakkovand it is meant for that purpose19:57
vakkovrevert your noplugin.conf19:57
vakkovhow have you added the -d19:57
rusty88the  dir /etc/init doesnt even exists, there's no problem right?19:59
rusty88vakkov: i think the log is now more verbose20:03
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:06
vakkovdo you have more than that20:09
vakkovthe following20:09
rusty88noup that's all20:09
vakkovoh, i have been confused with the phonesim conf file .. and it is in a different directory .. nvm20:10
vakkovthat's all20:10
rusty88wait but in /proc/`pidof ofonod`/environ doensn't have the variable OFONO_AT_DEBUG20:10
vakkovand you are sure there is nothing more from ofono in journalctl?20:10
rusty88yes! i'm sure :( been dealing with this since sunday with no luck... nothing happens in journalctl20:11
rusty88btw i'm using -u flag, journalctl -u ofono.service20:11
vakkovand no voice registration status is 1 ??20:13
vakkovwhere are you located?20:13
rusty88in portugal20:13
rusty88this is what i get when grepping voice20:14
vakkovok, try calling 911 for a few seconds and close :D20:14
rusty88it worked :P20:14
vakkovis it now working? i mean calling20:15
rusty88i was able to call 911 (well 112 actually)20:15
piggzsledges: vgrade: so, i figured out how i fixed the touchscreen, however it goes against the mer kernel checker20:15
vakkovnooo, not 112 ;D you might get into trouble for that20:16
vakkov911 is not available here in europe... that was the plan :D20:16
vakkovwhatever, try to call some other phone now, does it work?20:16
piggzhad to leave in CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH="/sbin/hotplug"20:16
rusty88vakkov: here's the log calling other numbers doesnt work... keep saying no network coverage20:18
vakkovdoes the signal indicator show something20:19
vakkovthe one visible while unlocking the screen20:19
rusty88noup, just a bar with a weird background20:19
piggzhow can i add swap mem to sailfish?20:20
vakkova silver one? in the form of a sim iirc20:20
vakkovrusty88: is your sim's pin code removed?20:22
rusty88well is hard to describe, more like a transparent one20:22
rusty88yes, the sim pin is removed20:22
rusty88like I said i can accept incomming calls20:23
rusty88and sms20:23
vakkovand now you are able to receive a message/call20:23
vakkovyep ... strange20:23
vakkovlogcat from rild?20:23
rusty88vakkov: btw facebook is working again..20:24
*** zon is now known as zZz0n20:28
*** ernesti has quit IRC20:33
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters20:35
vakkovrusty88: strange that the ril says you have coverage20:35
sledgespiggz: hmm need to figure out why we got rid of hotplug bit, git blame?20:36
rusty88vakkov: yes! i notice that.. but i think I actually do have coverage otherwise I could accept incoming calls and talk :P20:36
vakkovyeah, i know20:37
piggzsledges: it says for systemd in the script20:37
vakkovit just makes me think that you need some kind of patch for ofono20:37
sledgespiggz: and has a link for further info20:38
piggzsledges: Legacy hotplug slows down the system and confuses udev:20:39
piggz .... and also makes touchscreens work, which we dont need in systemd20:40
piggzsledges: this is getting to be a problem...  pmem: mmap unable to allocate memoryon pmem20:41
piggzhaving trouble opening apps20:42
sledgespiggz: there was hotplug/udev rules regarding that on hammerhead20:42
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:53
sledgescheck its configs20:56
rusty88gotta go fellas see ya ;)21:52
*** rusty88 has quit IRC21:54
sledgespiggz: merged hybris-boot22:03
sledgescommented on
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