Friday, 2014-09-05

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stephgwell hello10:42
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rusty88could anyone send me their ofono log ? still haven't figure out why isnt having a signal12:58
sledgesrusty88: tell us how to increase verbosity and what actions to log pls13:16
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rusty88i've added the line `OFONO_AT_DEBUG=1` to /var/lib/environment/ofono/noplugin.conf (this is the environment file that ofono unit uses to pass arguments to ofono) and also appended -d to the OFONO_ARGS13:24
rusty88is to make an outgoing call13:24
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rusty88as far as i can see it receives a response from somewhere but is not valid `drivers/rilmodem/rilutil.c:ril_util_parse_reg() Size of response array is too small: 3` looking through at the code the size should be >= 4 or >= 513:44
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sledgesrusty88: log coming up14:00
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rusty88ok thanks sledges14:10
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sledgesrusty88: here ya go:
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sledgesrusty88: and this is logcat:
rusty88thanks sledges14:24
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beidl_hello friends15:22
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locusf_hey beidl15:25
phdeswerhi beidl! I think I saw you ask USB questions yesterday. Did you get your answers?15:32
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beidlphdeswer: thp mentoned that the Jolla phone appears to be using mass storage mode. Still, I'd need to find a way to make MTP work as there's no external SD card reader on maguro.15:33
beidlphdeswer: basically, usb-moded sets the android storage mode (via sysfs) to "mtp", but there's a user space component needed to do the work15:34
beidlphdeswer: as the kernel merely presents a /dev device in mtp mode, and the user space daemon needs to do actual reading of files and sending info via the device node to the host system15:35
beidlI've noticed that buteo-mtp tries to do the work (I guess it's activated via uevents, have to check) but iirc it's using functionfs instead of android's usb gadget driver15:36
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phdeswerbeidl: indeed there is a user space daemon missing for mtp. If you want buteo to work you need to install the pc-suite mode16:00
phdeswerMass-storage works too, but you need an fs or some loop mounted fake fs16:01
phdeswerdetailed the way how to get that working here:
beidlphdeswer: indeed, that's basically what my little app ISODrive does16:01
beidlphdeswer: I'll take a look at that, thanks16:02
phdeswerbeidl: no prob. USB is my area and want to be sure people know what they need to know ;)16:02
beidlphdeswer: hehe :D  that guide is kind of similar to what I do in ISODrive (in theory), instead I directly use the android usb gadget sysfs
phdeswerWell on Jolla you could hand over that part to usb-moded and it can even shut down and start anything you would need to have running also16:04
beidlphdeswer: I could port over ubuntus implementation of an mtp user space daemon, but I really don't want to if there's a way to integrate into the existing infrastructure :D16:05
beidlphdeswer: oh, yeah true, I might take a look at that16:05
phdeswerbeidl: do you have a link for that one? Might be interesting to see if works better than buteo16:06
* phdeswer will have a look at that later16:07
beidlphdeswer: great :)16:11
rusty88 any off you guys had trouble with the earjack? i mean i plug a headphone but the sounds keeps going through the speaker16:19
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junnuvirusty88: i have that issue too with nexus717:15
junnuvigstomx professionals awake? :)17:15
rusty88junnuvi:  did you check /sys/devices/virtual/audio/earjack/state to see if the state changes ? i'm guessing that pulseaudio is not doing the magic cuz in mine the state changes when headphones are plugged/unplugged17:27
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junnuvirusty88: No such file or directory17:36
rusty88hmm junnuvi maybe is device dependant... i issued a find /sys/ -type f | grep earjack to know if there was something related to that... maybe you could do the same17:47
junnuviprobably it is.. no results17:48
rusty88junnuvi: what about /sys/class/audio/earjack/state ?17:55
junnuviwhole /sys/class/audio is missing, /sys/class/sound is there but nothing which looks to be related audiojack there17:57
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* Stskeeps pours a cold one18:35
rusty88jolla-mediaplayer doesn't searches the external sdcard for music :(18:37
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sledgesrusty88: check in tjc? but yea, probably due to different location of sdcard rather than that of jolla phone18:42
rusty88sledges: good point :) what's tjc ?18:44
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sledges;) together.jolla.com18:46
rusty88sledges: gotcha thanks ;)18:46
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sledgesrusty88: anything out of them ofono logs?:)19:40
rusty88sledges: taking a break :P but nothing yet, i think there's a problem with ofono and i9300 modem because the error message when it receives a notification from ril it has size 3 but should be greater than or equal to 419:42
Stskeepscheck ril.h19:42
Stskeepsfor that notification19:43
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rusty88Stskeeps ok will do19:54
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rusty88the thing is that i don't know anything about the notification it happens because ofono tries to register in the network20:03
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rusty88also there're times where this appears in ofono's logs "Can't parse SIM IO response from RILD"20:15
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alinsledges: kind of silence these days20:57
alinnothing good happens?20:57
situalin: Silence before the storm ;)21:07
alinsitu: he he that would be good... even better to test the storm21:10
beidl_better update the storm :)21:15
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alinbeidl_: finished with the eggs?21:17
beidl_alin: rather, cleaning up the egg mess21:19
alinbeidl_: he he21:22
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alinsledges: what are you doing putting beer on cold?21:34
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sledgesbarely moving after 3course dinner: dessert,main,,dessert:)21:39
alinhe he21:40
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alintrying to see what can be fixed from broken things here21:40
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rusty88well fellas gotta run21:47
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alinsledges: so any rumour for the storm to come?21:54
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sledgescloudy, with the chance of meatballs22:02
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sledgesnn peeps!!22:13
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