Saturday, 2014-09-06

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UmeaboyAs I come to the point when I type hadk in the new terminal-window and everything has worked out so far, I'm about to type ubu-chroot -r /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu04:23
UmeaboyThat command isn't working.04:23
hurriando you have ubu-chroot?04:24
Umeaboyhurrian: Where am I supposed to find that?04:25
hurrianthe android-tools package04:26
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UmeaboyNo such package as you can see.04:28
UmeaboyI use Trysty Tahr.04:29
hurrianinstall it manually from OBS04:29
UmeaboyTrusty Tahr.04:29
Umeaboyhurrian: Still can't seem to find it.04:31
UmeaboyShould I add a repo?04:36
hurrianno, it's part of the stock repos and rpm just isn't fetching it04:37
UmeaboyFound the solution now.04:37
junnuvilet me quess, you were not in mer sdk when trying to install?04:39
Umeaboyjunnuvi: I was. I just didn't realize that I had to use the zypper-command from from a different guide. :)04:42
UmeaboyMoving on now. :)04:42
UmeaboyI'm writing a step-by-step guide to make this work. :)04:43
UmeaboyAlmost foolproof. ;)04:43
UmeaboyWhen can I expect that the issue I reported about the missing folder is fixed?04:45
UmeaboyNow I seem to be missing repo for some reason.04:50
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Umeaboyjunnuvi: Can you tell me what I should do?04:54
junnuviare you using some scripts or just following HADK manual?04:55
Umeaboyjunnuvi: Neither. :)04:55
UmeaboyI just took the zypper command to install android-tools for the above mentioned setup_HADK.sh04:56
junnuviah, ok04:56
UmeaboyI googled the issue and found that script.04:56
junnuviand what output/error it will give?04:57
Umeaboyrepo init -u git:// -b hybris-10.1 says bash: repo: command not found04:57
UmeaboyShould I cd to $HOME//mer/android/droid and execute it from there?05:00
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junnuviUmeaboy: hadk manual, section 5.1 (page 17) :-)05:04
Umeaboyjunnuvi: I'm NOT a developer. I'm a learner. I learn by doing misstakes.05:07
UmeaboyNot when it comes to drugs, alcohol or violence thou. :)05:08
UmeaboyI got a UnicodeEncodeError doing repo init -u git:// -b hybris-10.105:09
UmeaboyIt started to fetch thou.05:09
junnuviUmeaboy: I'm not either.. i'm mistaker as well :)05:10
junnuviIf i remeber correctly I had those unicode errors as well, and it didn't cause problems05:15
UmeaboyBut repo status shows that no repo exists.05:19
Umeaboyjunnuvi: ^^05:20
UmeaboyShouldn't I see hybris-10.1 with that command?05:23
UmeaboySeems like repo sync works anyway.05:28
UmeaboyI may be wrong, but it seems to be fetching more than I expected.05:28
UmeaboyI'll check when it's finished.05:29
Umeaboy77 parts to fetch anyhow.05:29
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junnuviit will fetch guite lot of stuff and also unneeded things. Totally aroung 10GB05:36
junnuvibut I have to go now, good luck :)05:37
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UmeaboyHmmmmmmmm. Now that the repo is synced, what's my next step?05:52
UmeaboyTyping export $DEVICE ?05:52
Umeaboyhurrian: Do you know?05:53
hurrianuhh, breakfast $DEVICE?05:54
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UmeaboyGotta go. I haven't slept yet.06:03
UmeaboyThanks for the help. ;)06:03
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piggzsledges: vgrade: hi .. sailfish ace may be in jeopardy :(12:05
piggzsledges: having memory problems ... the only app that opens is the phone app ... all others get an 'unable to allocate memory' type error in dmesg from pmem-mmap12:06
piggzthere is >200mb free ram so i dont know why12:06
piggzi tried adding swap but that didnt help12:06
sledgeso yej.. 576 MB RAM12:06
sledgespiggz: try without invoker (i.e. via cmdline)12:07
piggzsledges: i tried logging in as nemo thru ssh and running jolla-gallery12:07
piggzbut it failed12:07
piggzi think pmem is used by th graphics hardware, so maybe its gl/hybris/wayland related12:08
sledgesi can suggest installing qml-compositor and playing through there12:08
sledgesah, you mean GPU mem allocation problems?12:08
piggzseems that way ... pmem wont be used by apps12:08
sledgesi guess similar could be observed in vgrade's passion (Nexus One)12:09
Stskeepsold adreno gpus are likely not to be happy about the way we do apps12:09
sledgesyou could disable lipstick and run other apps as single-instance compositors12:09
sledgesjust to play about12:09
sledgesoh yes btw, piggz how did you make it output to fbdev successfully?12:10
sledgeswe're suffering with other adrenos:
sledges(so were you)12:10
vakkovthose new galaxy notes with 64-bit cores (with the exynos chipset)12:15
piggzsledges: minimer always worked, just lipstick was failing, and that was th servicemanager problem12:16
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piggzsledges: i wonder why the boot cmdline contains mem=88M12:23
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tbrthat's likely a memory reservation for something12:30
tbrbut yeah, better to check12:30
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piggztbr: false alarm ... its set in the kernel config, but the kernel takes its cmbline from the bootloader12:38
piggzi wonder why the lock-ls-mem.service failed12:38
piggzi need a kernel config to allocate more gpu ram....12:39
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sledgesnote that mem is not vmem, and on TI chips they share the same space (there's some quirky setter doing devs heads in..) wonder if it's similar on your chip12:47
sledgespiggz: ^12:47
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piggzMemTotal:         605860 kB13:01
piggzMemFree:          378912 kB13:01
piggzSwapTotal:        262140 kB13:01
piggzSwapFree:         262140 kB13:01
sledgespiggz: im talking about the setter in cmdline13:02
piggzsledges: ignore that setting, its not used13:02
sledgesyour gpu mem might not be shared in main mem at all13:02
sledgesjust saying how TI does it on OMAP/DM with cmem13:03
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piggzsledges: ooo, see this kernel
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piggzAllocated more GPU memory13:04
sledgesnoice find;)13:05
* dragonkeeper is back to phone flashing 13:08
dragonkeepermight as well be a tablet fir just texting and basic web browsing , in its current state13:11
dragonkeepermight as well be *13:20
dragonkeepervideo + sound dont work and it crashes on making a phone call,  camera works but video mode doesnt .  so downloading another stock rom to flash   but nothing seems to be working as of yet13:21
sledgesi see, poor android13:22
dragonkeeperyeah ... i hate it lol13:22
sledgestablet you say..13:23
dragonkeeperlove it13:25
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piggzsledges: so, with some looking at kernel messages:16:08
piggz   0.000000] reserve_memory_for: reserve 56623104 bytes from memory 2 for pmem_adsp.16:08
piggz[    0.000000] reserve_memory_for: reserve 31457280 bytes from memory 2 for pmem.16:08
piggz[    3.919464] pmem: Initializing pmem (user-space) as cached16:08
piggz[    3.919921] pmem_setup: allocating PMEM region from system memory.16:08
piggz[    3.919982] allocating 31457280 bytes at   (null) (2a500000 physical) for pmem16:08
piggz[    3.920104] pmem: Initializing pmem_adsp (user-space) as non-cached16:08
piggz[    3.920501] pmem_setup: allocating PMEM region from system memory.16:08
piggz[    3.920593] allocating 56623104 bytes at   (null) (2c300000 physical) for pmem_adsp16:08
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beidl_MSameer: got some time for me and more gstreamer debugging? :)17:57
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl17:57
beidland hello hello to everybody17:58
beidlthe channel seems to have gotten silent in the last few days17:58
MSameerbeidl: what do you feel like debugging ? :)17:58
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beidlMSameer: browser crashing due to gstreamer errors17:59
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MSameerdo you have a bt?18:00
MSameermight be the null pointer dereference (cc sledges )18:00
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beidlMSameer: time for some gdb action I guess. lets see...18:01
MSameerbeidl: do you have colorconv installed?18:02
beidlMSameer: yup, pulled git changes 10 minutes ago18:02
MSameergdb it then18:03
beidl(gdb) bt18:04
beidl#0  0x00000000 in ?? ()18:04
beidl#1  0x6374d718 in qcom_start (handle=0x505e25c0) at gstcolorconvqcom.c:5418:04
beidl#2  0x63671ef8 in gst_color_conv_start (trans=<optimized out>) at gstcolorconv.c:27718:04
beidl#3  0x636726b0 in gst_color_conv_accept_caps (trans=0x55c0a0c0, direction=GST_PAD_SINK, caps=0x5236b640) at gstcolorconv.c:40518:04
beidl#4  0x5484c0cc in ?? () from /usr/lib/
beidl#5  0x5484c0cc in ?? () from /usr/lib/
beidlBacktrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)18:04
beidlMSameer: ^18:04
MSameerframe 118:06
MSameerprint backend18:06
MSameerprint backend->conv18:06
MSameerbeidl: ^18:06
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beidlMSameer: compiling... wondering which one is a NULL pointer...18:09
MSameerwhy do you compile?18:10
*** ernesti has joined #sailfishos-porters18:10
beidlMSameer: no no, I'm compiling something else right now :)18:10
beidl(gdb) frame 118:12
beidl#1  0x61fe9718 in qcom_start (handle=0x50feaf00) at gstcolorconvqcom.c:5418:12
beidl54gstcolorconvqcom.c: No such file or directory.18:12
beidl(gdb) print backend18:12
beidl$1 = (GstColorConvQcom *) 0x50feaf0018:12
beidl(gdb) print backend->conv18:12
beidl$2 = {getDecoderOutputFormat = 0x60b6c33d, convertDecoderOutputToI420 = 0x60b6c377, getEncoderInputFormat = 0x60b6c345, convertI420ToEncoderInput = 0x60b6c437,18:12
beidl  getEncoderInputBufferInfo = 0x60b6c34d, openColorConverterLib = 0x0, closeColorConverterLib = 0x0}18:12
beidlMSameer: ^18:12
MSameerare you sure it's line 54?18:13
MSameerI know what happened18:13
MSameerbackend->conv.openColorConverterLib ();18:13
MSameerbeidl: try this patch:
MSameerif it works, I will push it to git18:16
beidlMSameer: building gst-colorconf now :)18:17
* MSameer is waiting...18:17
beidlMSameer: but will it actually "do" color convert now? or just do nothing actually?18:18
MSameerwe will see :D18:18
MSameerit should in theory work18:18
MSameerI was not sure if it's qcom specific or android specific. Seems it is available on all androids18:18
MSameeromx does not even work for you18:19
beidlMSameer: tested, doesn't crash anymore but of course, the video is scrambled as hell, only showing moving stripes, but yeah :)18:20
MSameeromx has to be fixed :/18:20
beidlMSameer: yeah. if you could point me to where to start, I might take a look at it. and thanks for the patch :D18:21
MSameertrust me. I don't know18:22
MSameerwe need to find how stagefright implements that extension and do the same18:22
Stskeepsbeidl: stride?18:23
beidlMSameer: IIRC stagefright has some quirks for galaxy nexus/ducati, will look at it18:23
beidlStskeeps: ?18:23
MSameerbeidl: pushed the patch to git18:24
beidlMSameer: awesome :)18:24
MSameerbeidl: thanks for testing18:24
beidlMSameer: my pleasure :)18:24
MSameerThe node should then expect to receive18:25
MSameer/ UseAndroidNativeBuffer calls (via OMX_SetParameter) rather than UseBuffer18:25
MSameer/ calls for that port.18:25
MSameerso we  need to check what UseAndroidNativeBuffer() does18:26
MSameerI am not even sure what UseBuffer() is18:26
MSameermight be OMX_UseBuffer()18:26
MSameerso we need to use OMX_SetParameter()18:26
MSameerso we need to use OMX_SetParameter() instead18:27
MSameerStskeeps: he's using a different extension for omx (older than what we use for jolla phone) so it needs to be supported18:27
MSameerbeidl: found it :D18:29
MSameerbeidl: until when are you going to be available tonight?18:30
beidlMSameer: nice :D lets see18:30
MSameerI might try to cook something for you after a while18:31
beidlfor around 30 minutes. might check in every few minutes18:31
MSameerneed to put child to bed and stuff18:31
MSameermy git sha is 66809dc49bec6cb6345c74d48d319c2a63c17ac618:31
MSameerOMXNodeInstance.cpp:584 <-- fun starts18:32
MSameerbeidl: git clone
MSameerso not frameworks/base18:32
beidlMSameer: setting additional parameters?18:35
StskeepsMSameer: ah18:36
MSameerbeidl: useGraphicBuffer2_l() is used for the new extension while useGraphicBuffer() is used for the old one18:45
MSameerbeidl: crash course about omx buffers:18:45
MSameereither let the component allocate the buffers via AllocateBuffer() or let it use an external buffer via UseBuffer()18:46
MSameerthis is the normal way18:46
MSameerandroid new extension uses UseBuffer()18:46
MSameerold extension does not use the correct method. It uses SetParameter() instead18:47
MSameeri can try to patch the code but not ATM18:47
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beidlMSameer: add codepath for OMX extension < 2 in gstomx.c:gst_omx_port_allocate_buffers_unlocked?18:53
MSameeraround line 80518:55
MSameerjust trying to build the thing but freedesktop git has vanished :@18:55
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:58
beidlgood admins (tm)18:58
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MSameeroh crap19:05
MSameerthe struct contains an sp<ANativeWindowBuffer>19:06
MSameerI wonder if I can replace that with ANativeWindowBuffer19:06
Stskeepswell, can't you just treat it as a pointer to a ANativeWindowBuffer?19:08
Stskeepssp is a refcounted pointer afaik afaik19:08
*** swex has quit IRC19:12
*** hurrian has quit IRC19:12
MSameerStskeeps: I am trying that now with the above patch19:13
* Stskeeps looks19:13
MSameerlet's see if beidl's phone does not explode :D19:13
Stskeepsi've yet to make a battery explode in my porting efforts.. :P19:13
*** dragonkeeper has quit IRC19:13
Stskeepsdon't be surprised at a crash looking for incRef/decRef19:13
*** dragonkeeper has joined #sailfishos-porters19:14
MSameerlet's see19:14
* MSameer hides away from Stskeeps 19:14
beidlMSameer: thanks, I'll try it in 5 minutes :)19:14
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MSameerthere is a leak in the patch upon error but that's minor ;)19:23
MSameerbeidl: ?19:27
*** Anarky_ has quit IRC19:27
beidlMSameer: playing a video from the Gallery: Sep 06 21:27:03 Jolla [2241]: [W] QGstreamerPlayerSession::processBusMessage:1223 - Error: "GStreamer encountered a general stream error."19:28
beidlwill add GST_DEBUG, lets see19:28
MSameerbeidl: GST_DEBUG='*:2'19:29
MSameerbeidl: wait19:29
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MSameerthere was a variable you need to export19:29
MSameerbeidl: export QT_GSTREAMER_PLAYBIN_FLAGS=019:30
*** Anarky has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
StskeepsMSameer: sailfish's modded gst good/bad packages are practically just 'enable some codecs that are not usually okay in open source' right?19:34
MSameerbeidl: open gstomx.c19:34
Stskeepspondering to submit some bcond stuff for those so it becomes more of a build condition19:34
MSameerStskeeps: patented19:34
MSameerStskeeps: mainly bad + bad has 2 sailfish specific patches for camerabin2 (not sure they are needed for mer or not)19:35
MSameerbeidl: ping19:35
beidlMSameer: pong19:35
MSameerbeidl: edit gstomx.c19:35
MSameerbeidl: line 97819:35
MSameerremove comp->android_extension = index;19:36
MSameeradd comp->android_extension = extension;19:36
MSameerbeidl: save and rebuild19:36
MSameerStskeeps: wait wait19:36
MSameerStskeeps: plugins-bad is for sailfish. plugins-bad-free is for mer19:37
MSameergah. too tired to remember :/19:37
beidl MSameer strange, thats not in gstomx.c:97819:37
StskeepsMSameer: nod19:37
beidlah wait19:38
MSameerbeidl: search for it. I edited the file19:38
MSameeredited my file so might have moved a bit below19:38
beidlMSameer: ok, building :)19:38
MSameerStskeeps: ping me tomorrow please. have not slept well the past 3 nights19:38
StskeepsMSameer: yeah, no rush, it's weekend :)19:39
MSameerStskeeps: tell that to beidl :D19:39
MSameerStskeeps:  sailfishos uses plugins-bad (non-stripped) but mer uses a stripped plugins-bad and it's called plugins-bad-free19:42
MSameerStskeeps: the rest should be the same IIRC19:42
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MSameersailfish needs h264 parser too so it's one reason19:42
beidlMSameer: sigsegv19:42
beidlMSameer: (gdb) bt19:42
beidl#0  0x4d6c459c in gst_omx_port_allocate_buffers_unlocked (port=0x4511d098) at gstomx.c:186419:42
beidl#1  0x4d6c49b8 in gst_omx_port_allocate_buffers (port=0x4511d098) at gstomx.c:189619:42
beidl#2  0x4d6ccea8 in gst_omx_video_dec_set_format (decoder=0x45118248, state=<optimized out>) at gstomxvideodec.c:134219:42
beidl#3  0x4d6dd7f0 in gst_base_video_decoder_sink_setcaps (pad=<optimized out>, caps=<optimized out>) at gstbasevideodecoder.c:31919:42
beidl#4  0x4c365e6c in gst_pad_set_caps () from /usr/lib/
beidl#5  0x4c3661b0 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
beidl#6  0x4c3661b0 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
beidlBacktrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)19:42
MSameer1864 is an empty line19:44
MSameerunless it's g_assert (buf->omx_buf->pAppPrivate == buf);19:45
beidlMSameer: the line before, I just commented the android_extension = index;19:45
* MSameer slaps beidl :D19:46
* beidl hides :P19:46
MSameerupdated patch19:47
MSameerOR edit the file and:19:48
MSameeradd buf->omx_buf->pAppPrivate = buf;19:48
MSameerafter  err = OMX_SetParameter(comp->handle, comp->android_extension, &param);19:48
MSameerbeidl: keep holding. We are progressing!19:48
beidlMSameer: are you around in 1:30 hours? girlfriend is getting mad :P19:49
MSameerno comment :)19:49
MSameeri can't guarantee it really19:49
MSameermight or might not19:49
MSameermaybe we can try this last time?19:50
beidlbuilding :)19:51
beidlMSameer: added line manually, now getting:19:54
beidl#0  0x4f2e3738 in gst_omx_port_allocate_buffers_unlocked (port=0x4531b8a0) at gstomx.c:182719:54
beidl#1  0x4f2e39c0 in gst_omx_port_allocate_buffers (port=0x4531b8a0) at gstomx.c:189719:54
beidl#2  0x4f2ebeb0 in gst_omx_video_dec_set_format (decoder=0x453180d0, state=<optimized out>) at gstomxvideodec.c:134219:54
beidl#3  0x4f2fc7f8 in gst_base_video_decoder_sink_setcaps (pad=<optimized out>, caps=<optimized out>) at gstbasevideodecoder.c:31919:54
beidl#4  0x4d8e0e6c in gst_pad_set_caps () from /usr/lib/
beidl#5  0x4d8e11b0 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
beidl#6  0x4d8e11b0 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
beidlBacktrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)19:54
MSameerbeidl: now go to your gf and we can try to continue later19:55
MSameersomething is really fishy19:55
beidlMSameer: deal :)19:55
MSameerbeidl: or get me an ssh tunnel :D19:55
beidlMSameer: wait :P19:56
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alinbeidl: seems soon will  be no difference between army and civil life20:03
MSameeri thought he was in army20:05
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MSameercan't even find UseAndroidNativeBufferParams anywhere20:21
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MSameerbeidl_: something is fishy with those extensions. I will wait for tomorrow to get a fresh mind and try to clean up the mess20:57
dr_gogetagood evening peeps21:08
*** dr_gogeta has quit IRC21:16
beidl_MSameer: alright :)21:26
*** uvatbc has quit IRC21:28
MSameerbeidl_: I don't even know how the existing stuff worked :p21:37
beidl_MSameer: your mind seems to be out of memory :P21:43
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