Sunday, 2014-09-07

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vakkovMSameer: beidl: wow, i have missed the fun; anyways ping me when you try again ;p05:38
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vakkovbeidl_ have you tried to set up a social acoount?06:27
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piggzsledges: thats annoying..ive figured out how to allocate more ram, and the kernel confirms:08:05
piggz[    0.000000] reserve_memory_for: reserve 119537664 bytes from memory 2 for pmem_adsp.08:05
piggz[    0.000000] reserve_memory_for: reserve 119537664 bytes from memory 2 for pmem.08:05
piggzso ive allocated approx 4x than standard, but apps still must be something else08:05
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vakkovsledges: why do we have all these targets10:49
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beidlsorry vakkov :P11:29
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beidlalso, yesterday I finally found out where lipstick deadlocks when setting an ambience11:31
beidlthp: are you available?11:32
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Sailor2928hi everyone11:42
Sailor2928quostion: since android ports are based on a certain version of cyanogenmod11:43
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Sailor2928could i install a cm compatible kernel on a sailfish build?11:44
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tbrfor sailfish the kernel has config requirements that go beyond android11:48
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dvorak_is not gonna work?11:48
dvorak_sailor2928 here11:48
tbrif you want to run sailfish, the kernel needs to be built for sailfish. The source can be still the same, but the config will be different.11:49
tbryou could possibly run android on a kernel built for sailfish11:49
tbrbut you would lose e.g. the paranoid network feature11:49
dvorak_so sailfish zip replace cm kernel?11:51
dvorak_kernel config isn't done at compile time?11:51
tbrwhat the hell are you trying to do anyway?11:53
dvorak_install cm -> install custom android kernel -> install ea411:54
tbrwhat for?11:54
dvorak_on android cm stock kernel for 10.1.3 is really slow on my device11:55
dvorak_i thought could affect sailfish too because is the same kernel11:55
tbrthe proper way would be to review the differences between the sources and configuration of the "custom kernel" and the sources and config used in the sailfish hardware adaptation11:56
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dvorak_anyway, i'm gonna try11:58
dvorak_i'll make you know if it works lol11:58
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dvorak_well, it doesn't12:30
stephggood afternoon folks12:34
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tbrdvorak_: yes, expected, you MUST use a sailfish compatible config for building the kernel from source12:59
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MFaro-Tusinoahoy :)13:08
MFaro-TusinoI’m looking to start porting SF to the M8 and Galaxy S5. I know the HADK is written for CM10 and both of these are CM11 devices, so wanted to check in to see what instruction changes need to occur (if any)13:11
MFaro-TusinoAnd also if there is any intiated progress with either device, to speed up the effort13:11
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rusty88when using test-connman to connecto to my wifi i get this error net.connman.Error.Failed: Input/output error any ideias?13:18
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rusty88i was able to change the sound to the headphones manually by issuing this command pacmd set-sink-port sink.primary output-wired_headphone13:59
rusty88is there a better way for this to happen automatically ? i mean i could write a bash script but seems a bit dirty14:00
TrimodHi all. Who is porting it to sgs3 lte ? Want to be a tester.14:03
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TrimodWho is sgs 9305 porter?14:15
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vakkovMFaro-Tusino: the nexus 5 port is based on CM1114:19
vakkovMFaro-Tusino: and not only it :P follow the steps here -
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Nokius1MFaro-Tusino: sledges vgrade work an hybris for cm 11 may ask them for help14:26
beidlMSameer: ping14:33
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MSameerbeidl: pong14:43
beidlMSameer: o hai :) got some time?14:43
MSameerbeidl: yes and no. What's up?14:43
beidlMSameer: regarding old OMX extension work14:44
beidlMSameer: had time to rest after working with that stupid thing? :)14:44
MSameerbeidl: the issue is I saw a messup in the extensions14:45
MSameerI have
MSameerand that does not even exist14:45
MSameerso I am not sure how the thing worked14:45
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beidlthat is interesting indeed14:45
MSameerbeidl: I need to go through the code and fix it then we can add proper support to the old extension14:45
MSameerwhat frightens me is it works and it's reliable!14:46
beidlMSameer: probably some fallback in the vendor blob that makes it work?14:47
MSameerprobably we were lucky :D14:48
MSameerI stayed up until +7 am trying to get a oneplus invite so did not get a chance to check that issue :[14:49
* MSameer hides14:49
beidlahaha, you so want that o+o :D14:49
MSameerwhy not? :)14:49
MSameerit has 3 main drawbacks but other than that it seems decent14:50
beidltrue, it's a damn nice phone, a friend of mine has it as well, always like "oooh, look at that, duuude look"14:50
MSameerI ordered it already so it should be a matter of days14:50
beidlMSameer: which drawbacks specifically?14:51
beidlnice :D14:51
MSameerbeidl: 1) built in battery 2) no sd card support14:51
MSameermy n9 suffers from those too so not a major issue14:51
MSameer3) seems the SW is not that stable <-- this is what worries me14:51
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beidlthats what sailfish is there for :P14:51
MSameerI am also a bit worried about the hw durability but time will tell14:52
MSameerbeidl: with all respect to sailfish, it doesn't cut the my bread yet14:52
beidlregarding SD card, I gave up on that as applications tend to put files all over the place anyways14:52
beidlit's enough for my needs, thankfully14:52
MSameerI use skype to talk to my parents. no skype = phone unusable14:53
beidlyeah thats a bummer14:53
MSameersailfish on jolla phone has that14:53
MSameerbut sailfish on 1+ does not14:53
beidlstore app I assume14:53
MSameerwhat store app?14:54
MSameeraliendalvik is available for jolla hw only14:54
beidloh, aliendalvik yeah right14:54
beidlforgot about that one14:54
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MSameerif I could figure out how skype ui deals with skype binaries then I can develop a UI on top of those binaries and plug the holes using hybris14:56
MSameerI am not a fan of switching to android but at least that's CM and I can't keep using my n9 forever14:56
beidlthey probably obfuscated and stripped away some symbols though14:56
beidlon the other hand, there are some tools for disassembling the dalvik byte code, that could be a start14:57
MSameerthey give you that weird intermediate language (a hell lot of files)14:58
beidlyeah, "smali" or something. reading is okayish, but I'd never add code in that language14:59
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sourenmaybe re-using skype binary from N9 or even n900 better idea?15:01
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MSameersouren: might work via telepathy15:13
MSameerok. guess I fixed the mess of extensions (hope so)15:15
MSameerbeidl: can you point me to a maguro headers RPM?15:21
MSameerbeidl: or do you want to build gstomx yourself?15:21
beidlMSameer: building myself seems quicker :)15:21
beidlMSameer: but there are RPMS at
MSameerlet me  try to apply the patches I created yesterday and push to a branch15:21
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MSameerbeidl: gst-omx repos old_native_buffer branch15:25
MSameerbeidl: it's not the time for your gf now :P15:29
beidlMSameer: sry, fixing a deadlock in lipstick. trying your branch now :D15:29
MSameerhow am I going to upstream all those patches :/15:31
beidlbuilding. meanwhile I'm testing my hwcomposer qpa patch15:34
beidlI should have installed the qt debug symbols earlier :/15:34
MSameerI can zypper in for you :D15:36
beidlMSameer: :D so it doesn't crash anymore but the playback still looks like before15:37
MSameerlet me try that15:38
beidltry what?15:38
MSameerthere is a crash when the pipeline stops15:40
MSameer0:00:00.468750001  2353  0x11e3180 LOG             droideglsink gstdroideglsink.c:448:gst_droid_egl_sink_set_caps:<droideglsink0> hal format: 0x015:41
NeeDforKillwhere my sledges ((15:42
MSameerbeidl: could you try with a 720p video?15:43
MSameerI am using Videos/H264_test5_voice_mp4_480x360.mp415:43
MSameeror even 640x48015:43
beidlMSameer: are you in my device atm?15:44
MSameerbeidl: want me out?15:45
beidlno no, I wondered how you got in there, I changed back to pubkey auth :D15:45
Stskeepshaxx00r :p15:45
MSameerseems you did not15:45
MSameerbeidl: password worked for me15:45
beidlnot that I kill your session after a reboot :P15:46
beidlMSameer: h264_720p_mp_3.1_3mbps_aac_shrinkage.mp415:46
MSameerfine for me15:46
beidlsoo, it actually looks good (~/a.png as a screenshot)15:47
beidlstill that border around the video15:47
MSameersounds like there is alignment/padding/stride issues15:48
MSameerbut we are at least in a better position ;)15:48
beidlMSameer: that crash you mentioned might be the reason why gallery stalls after playback of a video is done15:49
MSameerhere we go15:50
MSameerbeidl: launch a video and stop it then close gallery15:50
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beidlMSameer: closed15:50
MSameerProgram received signal SIGTERM, Terminated.15:50
MSameer0x40efe8cc in ?? () from /lib/
MSameerwarning: Unable to fetch general register.15:51
MSameer#1  <unavailable> in ?? ()15:51
MSameerPC not available15:51
MSameer#0  0x400c58c4 in nanosleep () from /lib/
MSameer#1  0x4033136c in g_usleep () from /usr/lib/
MSameer#2  0x0000a618 in ?? ()15:52
MSameer#3  0x0000a618 in ?? ()15:52
MSameerbeidl: do you have hybris load_sym_ whatever pythin script15:52
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beidlMSameer: don't know, never seen that15:52
MSameercopied it :p15:53
beidlis the network speed okay even? :P15:53
MSameerseems so15:55
beidlperfect :)15:55
MSameercannot reproduce under gdb15:59
beidlMSameer: prepare for a reboot16:02
beidlMSameer: ready?16:02
beidlshould be back online in a minute16:02
beidlMSameer: on16:04
MSameerI am trying to dig in stagefright16:04
MSameerif (mOMX->getConfig(                                                                                            mNode, OMX_IndexConfigCommonOutputCrop,                                                             &rect, sizeof(rect)) != OK) {16:05
MSameerand they communicate the stride16:05
MSameermore work is needed16:05
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MSameer720p case is fixable easily16:15
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beidlMSameer: positioning and stretching the video correctly, I assume.16:18
beidlsledges vakkov: lockup when setting ambience fixed ;)16:21
MSameerbeidl: it's worth checking if the stuff from master works with 720p or not16:23
MSameerbeidl: camera uses crop already so it should be fine (I hope)16:24
MSameerI hope the crop will fix all issues too16:24
MSameerI am just too hungry ATM to do anything useful :/16:24
beidlMSameer: find some food, debugging can wait anyways :)16:25
MSameerfood is being cooked ATM :)16:25
MSameersalmon + salmon soup + rice :D16:26
beidlMSameer: Mahlzeit/enjoy the food :D16:27
MSameerthank you :D16:27
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beidlsledges vakkov:
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vakkovi'm here :P17:07
vakkovbeidl: wooow, nice17:07
vakkovjust bought an asus g750js... for "studying purposes"17:09
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beidlstill some issues with setting a custom ambience. as the wallpaper has to be cropped the generated texture is black (just as with pinch zooming in the gallery)17:17
beidlin applications the wallpaper is shown correctly as a blurred background, but not in the shell17:18
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MSameerbeidl: ping18:33
MSameerbeidl: same branch. could you please try again?18:33
beidlMSameer: pong, I'm on it :)18:33
MSameeri have added crop info and I hope at least 720p will get fixed18:37
beidlMSameer: nice job! border is gone :D18:38
MSameergood :)18:38
MSameerhow about the other video?18:38
beidlthe "small", 4 second video?18:38
MSameerthe one with weird resolution18:39
beidlonly remaining bugs: 1) "small" starts off with a gray and pixels that change get correct color. 2) gallery locks up when playback is finished18:40
beidlgray overlay*18:40
beidllooks like good old artefacts18:40
MSameerso the video is working fine now?18:40
MSameerother than the gray stuff18:41
MSameerwhat was the name of that video again?18:41
beidlMSameer: yup :) small.mp418:41
MSameerhow about Videos/H264_test5_voice_mp4_480x360.mp418:41
beidlMSameer: same there, even better. after ~3 seconds the video quality is perfect (gray overlay completely gone)18:42
MSameerlooks like a keyframe issue18:43
beidlMSameer: what does that mean?18:43
MSameerwith videos in general there is a keyframe and then some sort of "diffs" between such frames and the keyframe18:43
MSameerthe keyframe gets repeated every N normal frames18:44
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MSameerso if we are not giving the decoder a keyframe or not telling it or something is wrong then it can't decode18:44
MSameercan't decode properly18:44
MSameerbut that's just a guess18:44
beidlok, understand18:44
MSameernot sure how to debug that yet18:44
beidlwell by your description it looks like thats the case18:44
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MSameeri think I might know18:45
MSameercrop rectangle: 0x0, 480x36018:45
MSameerthat's initially18:45
MSameerthen it gets fixed to the correct one18:45
MSameercrop rectangle: 32x24, 480x36018:45
MSameerso might be anything18:45
MSameerso might be that18:46
MSameerbut I am tired now really :)18:46
MSameercould we postpone it for a while?18:47
MSameer** (gst-launch-0.10:6777): WARNING **: Too old frames, bug in decoder -- please file a bug <-- these are warnings also18:47
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beidlMSameer: of course, I can wait as long as you need time to rest :D18:48
MSameerBTW we need to start working on camera at some point :D18:48
beidlMSameer: definitely :P do you believe the configurable jolla-camera might help, or would you want to work on the gstreamer layer?18:49
MSameerbeidl: I think it's configurable jolla-camera mainly18:50
MSameerwe might need to do some fixes for gst18:50
beidlMSameer: I gotta tell you, can't wait until update9 drops :D18:51
MSameerI did what was enough for jolla phone so we need to extend/fix for other phones. the more we fix and clean up, the better support for other phones we get18:51
MSameerbeidl: I don't want that to happen :D18:51
MSameerbeidl: I will have to update my own camera for that and I don't have time :D18:52
beidlMSameer: haha :D18:52
MSameerbeidl: I will push the stuff from the branch to master and we continue fixing the crash/leak and try to fix the remaining issues with video18:53
*** zZz0n is now known as zon18:53
MSameerbeidl: and BTW youtube should work for you now (browser) ;)18:53
beidlMSameer: I'll try that now :D18:53
MSameeractually it might not work but let's see18:54
beidlMSameer: well, browser crashed :P18:54
beidlMSameer: interesting fact: it only crashes when run from the browser18:56
beidlwhen run from the shell*18:57
MSameergdb then i guess18:57
MSameerseems there is some sort of a race condition18:57
beidlwhich implies that using invoker screws either with permissions or reading from the correct gstomx.conf18:57
MSameerI need to fix that gstomx thing18:58
beidl(maguro needs nemo to be in the group drmrpc, I added the privileged user too but still, same issue)18:58
MSameerif you remind me tomorrow then I can do it from office :)18:58
beidlMSameer: I will :)18:58
MSameerbeidl: change the permissions on the device node ?18:58
MSameerbeidl: BTW ren't you supposed to be in army?18:58
MSameerhow come you are here18:59
beidlMSameer: I am, but the new work schedule allows me to get home every day18:59
MSameer"work schedule" ?18:59
MSameerarmy is funny these days :D18:59
beidlMSameer: yeah, what a change of pace, first doing the basic training, now I'm working there in the kitchen :D19:00
* MSameer hates kitchens :D19:00
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beidlMSameer: yeah, after one week of being their slave cook: yes, me too :P19:02
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:02
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:02
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters19:03
beidlMSameer: you got the same user name on xda as well?19:03
beidlupdating my xda thread with a new screenshot :)19:04
Umeaboybeidl: Hi!19:05
beidlUmeaboy: hello!19:05
UmeaboyAre you by any chance a developer of Sailfish?19:05
beidlUmeaboy: no, just a community member/enthusiast/evangelist :)19:05
UmeaboyOK. ;)19:05
beidlUmeaboy: why?19:06
UmeaboyI'm having a hard time finishing the thread on how to port Sailfish OS to the Galaxy SIII LTE.19:06
UmeaboyIt's as if I'm missing a command.19:06
UmeaboyI canät seem to find jdk6 in the SDK.19:07
UmeaboyI typed sudo zypper search jdk619:07
UmeaboyAny repo that I should add?19:07
beidlUmeaboy: when is the build process complaining of a missing jdk?19:07
UmeaboyI've managed to get to breakfast $DEVICE.19:07
UmeaboyThat's when.19:08
UmeaboyAlso the SDK rootfs is still missing a dir.19:08
beidlUmeaboy: hmm, I've hit that once when I started working on maguro (galaxy nexus), can't remember how I fixed it though :/19:08
UmeaboyYou may read this pastebin-link of how I'm trying to make the HADK-instructions made for NON-professionals (Regular user that is) easier to accomplish:
UmeaboyIt's in Swedish so you can use Google Translate if you like.19:11
UmeaboyThis is sort of a fool-proof guide.19:11
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MSameerbeidl: yup19:12
beidlMSameer: mentioned :)19:12
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos-porters19:12
MSameerI didn't do anything to deserve mentioning but thank you19:12
*** piggz has quit IRC19:13
MSameergot it in my inbox19:13
beidlMSameer: of course you did :P19:13
beidlMSameer: well, I did not write the patch :)19:13
UmeaboyMSameer: You Swedish? :)19:13
MSameerbeidl: my pleasure19:14
MSameerUmeaboy: Egyptian19:14
UmeaboyAlhamdulilah. :) :)19:14
MSameerwhy? :)19:14
UmeaboyI can speak and write a little bit in Arabic.19:15
MSameerit's my mother tongue :)19:15
UmeaboyAnd I've learned from many friends of mine by asking if you were going to ask me.19:15
MSameerI don't get you19:16
UmeaboyOf course. One of my best friends here in Sweden comes from Egypt as well.19:16
MSameerno wonder you know a few words19:17
UmeaboyMaas boot. :)19:17
UmeaboyQeifak? :)19:18
*** zhxt has quit IRC19:19
MSameerUmeaboy: mazboot19:20
MSameerbut Qeifak is mainly lebanese/syrian19:20
UmeaboyAaaaaha. :)19:20
MSameerbeidl: seems there is a dead lock too. We will have fun19:20
MSameerbeidl: seems there is a dead lock too. We will have fun \o/19:20
Umeaboybeidl: Are you reading my guide?19:20
beidlMSameer: where?19:20
beidlUmeaboy: I've taken a quick look at it, not finding anything terribly wrong at all19:21
MSameergst-launch-0.10   filesrc location=Videos/H264_test5_voice_mp4_480x360.mp4    ! qtdemux name=q q. ! h264parse ! omxh264dec ! droideglsink19:21
MSameergive it a few seconds, ctrl-c19:21
beidlMSameer: most probably the same deadlock I get when a video is done from the gallery19:22
MSameercould be19:22
Umeaboybeidl: So, how do I install jdk6? I should install it in the sdk, right?19:22
beidlUmeaboy: I'm not sure it's needed as no java code is actually being compiled19:23
UmeaboyI'll be back in a jiffy.......19:24
beidlUmeaboy: but you could enter your ubuntu chroot and run apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk19:24
*** nh1402 has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
MSameerbeidl: LK Android Bootloader on Nokia Lumia devices:19:35
MSameerbeidl: WTH! do you boot android on lumia phones?!19:35
beidlMSameer: no no, I tried to work on it 2 years a go, but I didn't have time to actually do it :(19:36
beidlMSameer: also, LK would first need to learn about that proprietary file system before it could load a kernel19:37
MSameerI did zypper in glibc-debuginfo19:38
*** Tassadar has quit IRC19:39
beidlMSameer: gdb will take a lot longer now loading those debug symbols, I believe :D19:39
MSameernot really19:40
MSameerI usually have a lot of those19:40
beidlI could see the difference on maguro, just loading qt5 symbols19:40
MSameerI will pull valgrind with its dependencies ;)19:41
MSameerunless you mind19:41
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos-porters19:42
beidlMSameer: no problem :)19:42
MSameerbeidl: the issue is: the more symbols, the better the bt we get19:42
beidlMSameer: true that19:42
MSameerwe have a deadlock and a crash and I cannt yet pinpoint the culprit19:42
*** gogeta has quit IRC19:43
MSameer==9449== Thread #1: Attempt to re-lock a non-recursive lock I already hold19:46
MSameer==9449==    at 0x483BF20: pthread_mutex_lock (hg_intercepts.c:507)19:46
MSameer==9449==    by 0x4A47237: g_mutex_lock (in /usr/lib/
sledgesbeidl: awesome stuff! we need to ping giucam to look into that PR (so it doesn't break jolla etc)
* MSameer hides from beidl 19:48
MSameeryay! sledges is back :D19:48
beidlhey sledges :D19:48
sledgeshad a street party ;)19:48
sledgessports with neighbours all day:)19:49
beidlsledges: I'm pretty sure it won't break Jolla as it doesn't use hwcomposer 1.0 but true, better safe than sorry :P19:49
* MSameer imagines sledges dancing in the streets nude while drunk :D19:49
sledgesoh ok19:49
beidlsledges: what MSameer says :D19:49
sledgesMSameer: that's in the evening:D19:49
MSameernow we are doing good19:49
beidlsledges: in the meantime MSameer has been haxx0ring around on my phone via ssh, debugging gstreamer, pretty great progress :D19:51
*** alin has quit IRC19:51
sledgeshow cool is that! :)19:52
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:53
*** uvatbc has quit IRC19:53
beidlas long as you guys don't touch my porn folder we are good19:53
situsledges: Did you manage to get sensors working on mako ?19:53
sledgesbut that's what it's meant for?19:53
* sledges hides19:54
sledgessitu: only accelerometer19:54
sledgeswith a terrible hack19:54
sledgesas sensors never ever crashed there, just boot order race19:54
sledgesapparently other sensors do not expose themselves via uevent19:55
beidlsledges: chmod -R a-w /tmp/.porn/19:55
sledgeslol, worm -- write-once-read-many19:56
beidlsledges: is that the job description of release management? :P19:56
situbeidl: I expected the porn folder to be under /system :P19:57
sledgessitu: and on each screen wake-up i restart sensord;)19:57
* sledges hides more19:57
beidlsitu: just how a band released their album as a kernel module, I'd propose porn kmods for even more geek-pornery :P19:58
Umeaboybeidl: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.20:02
beidloh btw, apart from readonly'ing my porn, I'd like to ask you if your Store guy has any information on my account issues?20:03
beidlsledges: ^20:04
sledgeshaven't asked, busy as update is coming this month;)20:04
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos-porters20:05
beidlsledges: ok :) because.. you know... I'd really like to OTA update9 as soon as it's available :P20:06
sledgesthat needs to be enabled extra20:06
sledges(in addition to a low-hanging-fruit of just store access)20:07
sledgescreate a new account;)20:07
sledgesas those are two diff issues arent they?;)20:07
beidlsledges: account #3 then :P20:09
Umeaboysledges and beidl: Would it be wrong for me to create a rootfs.tar.bz2 for Mageia to add to the repo? :)20:09
UmeaboySo Mageia-users can port to.20:10
sledgeslbt: ^ ?20:10
UmeaboyI didn't know that lbt ishere now.20:10
sledgeshe's always here;)20:10
sledgeseverywhere! it's lbt:))20:11
UmeaboyYes, but he/she/heshe hasn't answered my thread question so I don't assume that people are around all the time.20:11
beidlsledges: "the evil is always and everywhere" :D20:11
Umeaboybeidl: That depends on who you're asking and how well educated they are. :)20:12
beidlUmeaboy: :)20:13
UmeaboySo there's nothing wrong or right. It's constant.20:14
UmeaboyOoooooh yeah........ I don't count in Apple as right.20:14
beidlUmeaboy: that fruity company isn't even in my dictionary ;)20:15
*** ernesti has quit IRC20:16
*** hurrian has quit IRC20:16
Umeaboylbt: I'd love your reply if possible.20:18
sledgesUmeaboy: irc works based on highlights and channel logs20:18
sledgessometimes they get into the void of internet, so sorry if your questions gone unanswered in the past20:19
sledgesbut persistence is teh key ;)20:19
*** nh1402 has quit IRC20:23
Umeaboysledges: In other words you mean to 1:29? :)20:23
sledgesi actually watched the whole through:D yes20:25
sledgesjust made my next popcorn time :D20:25
UmeaboyGod rest both of their souls.20:26
alinsledges: hi20:26
alinsledges: updates are every month20:26
sledgeshi :)20:41
beidlalright guys, I have to leave now, have to get up early tomorrow.20:44
sledgesbeidl: goodnight and thanks for all the fish!20:45
beidlsledges: :D night20:45
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters20:53
*** alin has quit IRC20:56
vakkovMSameer: ping20:57
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
*** rusty88 has quit IRC20:59
MSameervakkov: pong21:01
vakkovMSameer: was wondering if you want to ssh in my maguro and continue with the fun :D21:02
MSameervakkov: well, beidl left the shell on21:04
MSameerit's usually that he compiles and I debug when needed21:04
vakkovoh, ok21:04
MSameeras I am too lazy to setup a maguro target21:04
MSameerbut thanks for the offer :)21:04
MSameerI think I have a fix for the deadlock but I guess it will wait for tomorrow21:05
* lbt wanders in21:12
lbt3.14 kernel seems pretty sucky for swap and latency :/21:15
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:15
*** arcean_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:15
*** Merbot has joined #sailfishos-porters21:22
UmeaboyWhere do I install the jdk6 that I get an error for when I run breakfast $DEVICE21:22
Umeaboysudo zypper install jdk6 doesn't help.21:23
lbtno, it won't21:23
Umeaboysudo zypper search jdk6 give me nothing.'21:23
lbtwhen you use the ubuntu chroot it's in there21:23
lbtso ensure you use the HABUILD_SDK shell21:24
lbtUmeaboy: just fyi - the reason we did hadk is so things are really consistent no matter what repo you use21:26
Umeaboylbt: I don't think I can use the HABUILD_SDK.21:26
lbtwhy not?21:26
UmeaboyThe instructions on that guide doesn't show it.21:26
UmeaboyThe thread-guide.21:26
lbtso now you know why we don't spend time on lots and lots of different guides :)21:27
lbtyou should go through the hadk guide21:27
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes, but that doesn't make it easier for the novice user to port either.21:27
lbtand once you've done it (even though it may not work 100%) then you'll have it all setp21:27
Umeaboylbt: I'm starting to.21:27
lbtyou can tweak your approach21:28
UmeaboyThat's what my pastebin-link is for.21:28
UmeaboyTo make a foolproof-guide.21:28
lbtand I do agree - we need to make things more supportive for different devices21:28
UmeaboyI'd love to have a rootfs made in Mageia in the mer repo as well since Mageia is also RPM-based.21:29
UmeaboySo we don't have to use chroot environments made to be runned in Ubuntu or whatever.21:30
UmeaboyFlexibility so to speak.21:30
lbtif by flexibility you mean "something else we need to make sure works"21:32
lbtso Umeaboy ... the whole idea of the SDK is to be distro-agnostic21:33
*** _Serial has joined #sailfishos-porters21:33
lbtif we were more trendy we'd call it a container :D21:33
Umeaboylbt: Why agnostic?21:33
UmeaboyI'd love a GUI-based SDK.21:34
lbtI have a GUI sdk - I use emacs and X1121:34
*** vgrade has quit IRC21:34
lbtthere is a gui SDK for sailfishos apps though21:34
lbtbut platform developers tend to use command line21:35
lbtUmeaboy: so the agnostic stuff is important21:35
lbtit's almost zero extra work for you21:35
lbtand it guarantees it will work21:35
lbtthe only 'cost' is disk space - and that's so cheap it's not a cost anymore21:36
Umeaboylbt: Yes, but the instructions assume that everyone uses Ubuntu.21:36
lbtwe don't force you to run ubuntu version x.y or SuSE or RedHAt...21:36
lbtno, they really don't21:36
Umeaboyubuntu-chroot for instance.21:36
lbtyou misunderstand21:36
lbtif you use fedora then you download the ubu chroot onto your fedora system21:37
*** vgrade has joined #sailfishos-porters21:37
UmeaboyReally? So why am I downloading a chroot archive for Ubuntu from that guide then?21:37
lbtand then you chroot into it *just to build sdk*21:37
lbtso it ensures we have the exact same compiler, headers, jdk, etc etc21:37
lbtmaybe we don't make that clear enough ...21:38
lbtI'm doing a talk at XDA conf with vgrade in a couple of weeks21:38
lbthopefully that'll be video'ed21:38
lbtneed to get my finger out and write it though ... :D21:39
lbtUmeaboy: does that make more sense now ?21:40
UmeaboyWe'll see in the future. :)21:41
UmeaboyBut can you add any missing information to my post as a new version?21:42
lbtwhich ?21:42
lbtI'm afraid I don't have time to follow the forums much21:42
lbtso mentions are the best way to attract attention21:42
lbt(I just enabled email for PMs too - that was off which is why I missed your PM - sorry)21:43
UmeaboyOK. ;)21:44
UmeaboyNo problem.21:44
lbtso ... ultimately the answer to your jdk question is - the one included in the ubu chroot21:44
Umeaboylbt: So, I exit the sdk and then type sudo apt-get install jdk6 ?21:45
UmeaboyOr did I missunderstand?21:45
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC21:46
UmeaboyI have to type hadk before that, right?21:46
lbtso where does it tell you to do that?21:46
UmeaboyRow 153. Use Google Translate if you don't understand Swedish.21:47
UmeaboyWhen I type breakfast $DEVICE I end up with an error about missing jdk6.21:48
lbtit's been a long time since I built i9300 but it didn't need it afair21:49
UmeaboyStupid that he did it then. ;)21:49
lbtI think there may have been a check for it which is not needed21:49
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:50
lbtwell, ISTR a check that says it is needed (which it may be for the full build) but it's not really needed for our minimal build21:50
UmeaboyBut how can I get passed that issue if everything works fine until then?21:51
lbttypically you find where the check is carried out and disable the check :D21:52
lbtit helps to know that it is safe to do so21:52
*** piggz has quit IRC21:56
*** giucam has quit IRC22:03
*** _Serial has quit IRC22:03
*** mugna has quit IRC22:04
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters22:06
*** giucam has joined #sailfishos-porters22:07
*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:10
*** Stskeeps has joined #sailfishos-porters22:17
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC22:17
*** Stskeeps has joined #sailfishos-porters22:17
*** _Serial has joined #sailfishos-porters22:39
Umeaboylbt: For thoose that uses OSX, will there be porting instructions for that as well?22:40
lbtgood question22:43
lbtI suspect OSX won't work due to linux'isms22:44
lbtthere's a mer SDK which runs in virtualbox22:44
lbt(it's part of the 'gui' I told you about)22:45
lbtshort answer "no"22:45
lbtlong answer - over the next months we can work on a virtualbox image of the SDK which would run on windows and OSX22:46
lbtsledges: ^^ maybe add this to the HADK task list22:46
Umeaboylbt: Have I missed to add sudo in front of any of my instructions somewhere?22:52
sledgesok, i'll add22:52
lbtUmeaboy: it's possible22:52
lbtsledges: shoulda known you;d be awake - it was more a note so we could discuss22:53
lbthaha ... about .. there,22:53
lbtno, up a bit22:53
lbtI think you'll need to give me some more clues about what you did and what went wrong before I can answer that22:54
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:54
sledgescommand, output, pastebin22:56
sledgesUmeaboy: try lunch instead of breakfast22:58
UmeaboyYes, I considered doing that. ;)22:58
sledgesi remember it was needed for i9305, but can't recall when exactly22:58
UmeaboyWasn't sure if it would break something.22:58
sledgeshowever can't see how breakfast is served without java, yet lunch would ;P22:59
sledges(too many puns)23:00
sledges(just realised..)23:00
sledgessleepy time!23:00
UmeaboyI've started to translate the HADK.;)23:04
UmeaboySleep tight, sledges!23:04
UmeaboyI'll install Ubuntu next to Mageia now. I'll be back.23:06
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC23:06
*** Dragonkeeper has quit IRC23:13
*** olafh_ has quit IRC23:35
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:58

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