Monday, 2014-09-08

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situsledges: Where has moved to ?09:53
sledgessitu: hmmm09:55
situsledges: ?09:56
sledgessitu: yes iirc, but where do you need it?09:57
situsledges: Trying to follow
sledgesoh nice09:58
sledgesyes there was a> move in that regard09:58
sledgesso does it work now?09:58
situYeah, building target.09:58
sledgescool, where should we fix that? mersdk or sfsdk configs?09:59
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situsledges: I think rozhkov just need to fix his blog post :P09:59
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situsledges: I am not able to create '/media' directory under my sb target.10:34
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situsledges: It gives me permission denied error.10:34
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sledgesvakkov: you had similar prob with /usr/lib ? ^10:44
sledgessitu: check where your target resides (parent permissions..)10:44
situsledges: Right, found and fixed.10:45
* stephg read 'patent issues' not parent permissions and was very, very confused for a second10:46
sledgessitu: what was it?10:47
situsledges: In there is this command10:47
sledgesstephg: we all had difficult childhood ap-parent-ly10:47
situ'sudo chown -R $USER /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/mer-target-armv7hl/*'10:47
situit should be10:47
situ'sudo chown -R $USER /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/mer-target-armv7hl'10:47
sledgesaha ;)10:48
stephgit's a symlink?10:48
sledgesnope, but parent dir should also be chowned10:48
sledgesbtw a guy in UK has family name Chown10:49
stephgoh was reading them the other way round10:49
stephgbottom one was right, top one wrong10:49
stephgsledges: looks like a typo to me on his birth certificate10:49
situsledges: xkcd
dr_gogeta86situ, stephg my ancient relatives got an additional I at beginning of surname10:52
dr_gogeta86My Grandfather was Isgro10:52
dr_gogeta86while his brothers are Sgrò10:52
sledgesneither sounds italian;)10:53
stephgI'm surprised you've not been sued by apple ;)10:53
dr_gogeta86is Isgrò10:53
dr_gogeta86not iSgrò10:53
dr_gogeta86during this years i've lost the accent on last char10:55
alinMSameer: you were looking for 1+10:56
alinMSameer: these guys claim to sell it
carepackin october oneplus one accept pre-orders from everybody11:00
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MSameeralin: thanks but I got an invite already :)11:54
alinMSameer: cool11:54
MSameer342 euros? I payed less than that for the phone + screen protector + shipping12:01
MSameerwell, 10 euros less12:01
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dr_gogeta86any strong kernel hacker here ?12:29
phdeswerdr_gogeta86: I would never claim such a title for myself but maybe I can help12:35
dr_gogeta86i dunno why12:35
dr_gogeta86one of my machines12:35
dr_gogeta86same kernel ... same binaries12:35
dr_gogeta86to allocate 1gb of ram12:35
dr_gogeta863.68 second on first12:36
dr_gogeta860.68 second on the second12:36
dr_gogeta86the second is in production12:36
dr_gogeta86the first in single user mode12:36
dr_gogeta86i've also runned12:36
dr_gogeta86dell system diagnosis12:36
dr_gogeta86but no memory fault12:36
phdeswerdr_gogeta86: is that continously reproducable?12:39
phdeswerIt might take longer if you have high memory fragmentation etc...12:39
phdeswerAnd are those machines similar enough? Same ram, cpu etc?12:40
dr_gogeta86anytime  same results12:41
phdeswerAnd the machines are the same?12:42
dr_gogeta86same mmap13:02
dr_gogeta86same size13:02
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dr_gogeta862.56 second against 0.613:02
dr_gogeta86some memory fault occurs ?13:02
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phdeswerdr_gogeta86: that would be possible. Or slower memory settings (lower clock)13:09
phdeswerOr the userland is different enough to cause high memory fragmentation so the kernel needs to do more work to find the free memory13:10
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dr_gogeta86phdeswer, i've used a live cd13:26
dr_gogeta86and straced the same process but this time rhel 6 kernel  take the half of time13:26
dr_gogeta86mmap function13:26
carepackmaybe test you're ram with memtest and do more than one cycle. If the ram have random errors you won't see them in only one cycle. And sometimes I've got the feelin that manufacturer diagnostics sometimes are not the best choice for this. But a feeling :-913:31
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phdeswerdr_gogeta86: well different mmap function would for sure explain, but you said same kernel..13:46
phdeswerAnd the memtest suggestion is a good one13:46
dr_gogeta86phdeswer, with different kernel works like a sharm13:47
phdeswerdr_gogeta86: weird....13:47
dr_gogeta86amongst kernel strace says same timing excpet the large mmap13:47
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beidlhello guys!14:55
beidlMSameer: ping14:55
MSameerbeidl: pong14:56
beidlhey :D you told me to remind you about gstomx.conf14:56
MSameeris it today already ? :D14:57
beidlMSameer: :D oh and my phone is online as well, anything to pull'n'compile? :)14:57
MSameernot now. I am a bit busy at work :/14:58
beidlMSameer: alright, whenever you got the time :)14:58
beidlI'm busy anyway, replacing my laptop HDD with an SSD14:59
MSameergood luck :)14:59
beidlMSameer: thanks, will need that for my arch+cryptsetup+bcache unfuckery :P15:00
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beidlit's so quiet here15:32
dr_gogeta86i dunno15:34
dr_gogeta86FYI a craft beer is the works for celebratin saifishos-porters .... it will a porter15:35
dr_gogeta86if some one got some hints15:35
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alinsledges: vgrade situ today I had a funny experience15:46
alingot the screen on15:46
alinbut I could not do anything15:46
alinall I was seeing was the clock15:46
alinhad to reboot the thing15:46
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beidlalin: swipe in from the bottom15:50
sledgesalin: tried usb in?15:50
alinsledges: nope... I was in the kitchen... no usb there15:50
alinbeidl: I will see next time I get it if15:50
beidlalin: it happens to me too, sometimes the notification area is overlayed transparently for no reason after unlock15:51
sledges"ghost" screen;)15:53
beidlsledges: yap :)15:59
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lbtI'm promoting sdk-setup package to mer-tools:testing now. It updates the mb2 code to better support spec parsing16:03
lbtplease test and feedback any issues ASAP16:03
Nokiusvgrade: Had my eyes on the Devices view over at cmwiki (less fulled at LunaOS) today so will try to unterstand it a bit better and maythen we can try to use it as well16:05
lbtNokius: you mean the per-device templatey stuff ?16:07
Nokiuslbt yeah all stuff behind devices (its use a bunch of templates)16:08
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lbtexcellent - if you dig into it then please let me know how it works and how to maintain it16:08
Nokiuslbt vgrade told a few weeks back that we may coud use this16:09
lbtyep, it would be rather good to do that16:09
lbtI've not had time to dig into it myself though16:09
Nokiuslbt are you at xda:devcon may? makes a bit easy f2f16:10
lbtI am16:10
Nokiushad today a "durty" try will work it out a bit the coming days16:11
Nokiuswe show u the "nuggets" at devcon ^^16:11
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alinlbt: how do you want to test16:19
alinlbt: rebuilding an image will suffice?16:19
lbtbasically so long as mb2 build works that should be OK16:19
lbtmb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build16:20
alinlbt: without any other update?16:20
lbtmake sure it doesn't cause regressions16:20
alinlbt: ok... if you say so... just enter my mersdk and build the hal16:20
lbtI *think* the build of the .inc will fail now - but the .spec build should pull in the build deps16:21
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sledgesalin: lbt: so .inc build is no longer needed?16:35
alinsledges: lbt ok.. it worked in the sense I managed to build an image16:36
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lbtalin: any probs ?16:36
alinlet me know of any signs16:36
alinlbt: not.. got my zip16:36
lbtsledges: you can remove some BR's from the target and ensure that building the .spec re-adds them16:37
alinlbt: if you see anything suspect or you want to test let me know16:37
lbtalin: it's a fairly innocuous change - just the spec parser bits16:38
sledgeslbt: alin can achieve this by building from scratch using dmt_'s script build system16:38
alinsledges: yap...16:38
lbtsledges: fwiw you could do all that inside mb2 build now :)16:38
lbtincluding the ubu root install16:38
alinsledges: lbt so this is not needed anymore mb2 -t lge-hammerhead-armv7hl -s rpm/ build16:39
lbtalin: hope not16:39
alinlbt: ok.. let us comment and test16:39
lbt(obviously when it gets promoted to stable; sledges we'll need a hadk update at that point)16:40
* sledges nods16:40
sledgeswe'll need a hadk update on other bits too;) namely droid-hal-version that im working on atm16:40
sledgesand any other split-off packages16:40
alintruth moment16:40
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alinsledges: now if you update the guide16:42
alinMER_HA_VERSION=" (armv7hl,unknown)"16:42
alincan we replace that unknown with domething nice16:42
sledgesyes, im working on -version package16:43
sledgeswill test what it yields, and if it's still unknown, will investigatge16:43
sledgeswonder what's on sbj ;P16:43
alinlbt: ok it builds16:43
alinlbt: I wonder if I start a clean install with all these changed now16:43
alinchanges now16:44
alinsledges: you can tell me is better to wait one or two days16:44
alinsledges: for the update storm16:44
sledgesupdate storm has nothing to do with what we're talking about now;)16:45
alinsledges: yap I know...16:51
alinlbt: anyhow I removed the .inc build and seems to be nice and builds16:52
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piggzlo *17:16
piggzvgrade: how is sf on nexus 1?17:17
lbtsledges: I'm not liking the %if %{device} == hammerhead17:17
lbtoh, is it a Sage_ thing17:17
lbtthe Provides: should be move-able into the per-device spec file17:18
piggzso ... i guess I am on my own doing kernel debugging on pmem for the ace, unless anyone else has experieince of android kernels and graphics drivers????17:22
lbtsledges: comments ?17:25
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beidluhhhh, dhd package building on OBS.17:33
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beidllbt do you mind giving me maintainer status on nemo:devel:hw:maguro? :)17:37
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vakkovis it really needed?18:45
Stskeepstests always welcome18:46
vakkovi guess he has backported it?18:47
vakkovbtw i recruited a friend of mine to port to the galaxy s+... since it has only 512 mb he might try that18:48
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beidlvakkov: nice, lets see how it goes :)19:14
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lbtbeidl: what's the maguro vendor ?19:17
*** ernesti has quit IRC19:17
beidllbt: samsung19:18
lbtok ... lessee19:18
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lbtStskeeps: can you look at pull/55 ^^19:33
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Sage_lbt: sry, but I have no idea any other way to do that thing than that atm.19:41
Sage_improvements welcome19:42
Sage_lbt: fwiw, I dont like it either :)19:42
lbtSage_: OK - I'm thinking that we do something which depends on a define and set the define in the per-device spec19:44
lbtI'm quite happy that you just made it work and there's no problem improving it19:45
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Sage_lbt: things need to work first before they can be improved ;)19:50
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sledgeslbt: what does rpmlintrc do? unclear from PR19:52
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sledgesotherwise lgtm19:53
lbtsledges: sorry - lost connection19:53
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lbtbeidl: so .. I have your manifest in bug 729 but I need a git repo that git init can use20:18
MerbotNemo bug 729 in Hybris-ing "Maguro droid-hal-device packages for OBS hw repository" [Normal,Reopened]
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lbtso you either need to get the repo for mer-hybris/android to accept a PR or, more quickly, clone and modify that git repo20:19
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters20:19
sledgeslbt: what does rpmlintrc do? unclear from PR20:21
lbtdisables the rpm lint checking20:21
*** cestdiego has joined #sailfishos-porters20:21
beidllbt: I'll clone it temporarily20:25
beidllbt: yours on github?20:25
lbtclone mer-hybris one20:25
lbthmm sec20:25
lbtyeah - mer-hybris one20:25
beidllbt: I'm lost (multitasking, chatting with my brother) which repo are we talking about?20:27
lbtpretty sure you'll replace default.xml20:28
lbtit should be very similar though20:28
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lbtI'm not webhooking this yet - it's very expensive to run20:39
lbtthe make command20:40
lbtmake -j4 rfkill brcm_patchram_plus hybris-hal20:40
beidllbt: rfkill is not needed anymore20:40
sledgeslbt: so does this PR put requirement of having latest mb2 ?20:41
lbtok - but the standard droid-hal-device just does make hybris-hal20:42
* lbt is wondering how big an issue that is20:43
beidllbt: I don't want to waste your time, I can wait until you hooked it up as there are some new changes in the pipe, and I don't want to annoy you everytime there's a potential update20:43
* lbt goes for the JFDI and fix it ASAP approach20:45
lbtbeidl: lets hack on dhd20:45
lbtare you likely to need more than just make hybris-hal20:45
*** rusty88 has quit IRC20:46
lbtsledges: I'm thinking that we can %define "hadk_make_target"20:46
lbtand override in droid-hal-maguro.spec20:46
beidllbt: on the dhd side, there's only hybris-hal and brcm_patchram_plus. additional packages are rpm only (gstreamer, sensor packages)20:47
lbt'only 1' is enough to break it :D20:48
lbtit also sounds like a reasonable thing to support20:48
sledgesalso do we sometimes lunch vs breakfast?20:51
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
beidlI have already proposed to push a brcm_patchram_plus package to mer but yeah, there are only 2 consumers (maguro and I believe grouper) so I'm not sure if that would be a good compromise20:53
*** lbt has quit IRC20:53
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt20:54
lbteasy fix and conceptually makes sense that some devices will need device specific builds from the droid side20:54
lbtthere's already a need for per-device %files handling which is very similar20:55
beidllbt: true that20:55
lbtso hold on and I'll push some changes20:55
lbtjust need to google some rpm magic20:55
lbtI'm thinking "make %{hadk_make_target:hybris-hal}"20:55
beidllbt: make ssense21:01
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters21:01
lbtmake %{?hadk_make_target}%{!?hadk_make_target:hybris-hal}"21:01
lbtit's not like bash expansion :/21:01
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters21:01
lbtnor is it documented afaict21:01
beidllbt: I got a lot of respect of anybody whos RPM knowledge exceeds simple conditionals :D21:04
lbtwell - it's one of those things where using it is a sign that something is wrong ...21:05
lbtbeidl: take a look21:17
lbtsledges: if you're around21:17
sledgesalready clicked;)21:17
beidllbt: LGTM21:21
sledgesbeidl: webui pls;P21:21
beidlsledges: already done ;P21:21
beidlpopped my cherry, my first LGTM@mer-hybris21:22
lbtsledges: you can merge then21:22
*** piggz has quit IRC21:23
* lbt triggers the repo service on obs to use beidl's android repo21:24
* lbt things repo is rather overused21:24
beidllbt: should I remove other devices from the manifest?21:24
lbttoo late :)21:24
beidllbt: DAMNIT :P21:24
lbtI think we're going to end up with manifests per device which we can optimise21:25
lbtso it's worth doing, yes - but atm it's not going to hurt much21:26
lbtI have a super-magic manifest thing in the works anyhow21:26
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:26
beidllbt: alright, I'll make changes to the manifest now anyhow, that means if it's done pulling the manifest repo :)21:26
lbtyeah - don't push for a bit21:27
beidllbt: ok :)21:27
*** _Serial has joined #sailfishos-porters21:27
beidllbt: how are things looking with maintainer status in the maguro OBS project?21:29
beidllbt: should I sign an agreement to not overuse the build button? :P21:29
beidllbt: thank you very much :D21:34
*** alin_ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:35
lbtI think the main thing you're going to need to do is run osc service remoterun when droid rebuild is needed21:35
*** piggz has quit IRC21:35
lbtit takes about 40mins to build the tarball and about an hour to build21:35
lbtit may be quicker now I prodded the -j21:35
alin_lbt: osc service rr21:36
alin_lbt: also I think there is a flag that determines the maximum for -j21:36
alin_lbt: let me see if I have it in any of my specs21:37
lbtDavid Greaves [all] Meke the OBS build use _smp_mflags macro (-j <n>) in make21:37
lbtthat one?21:37
sledgesthe meke one;)21:37
alin_lbt: yes the _smp_ ones21:38
alin_lbt: %{?_smp_mflags} VERBOSE=121:38
lbthah - the logfile is big enough as it is21:39
alin_lbt: ok... we rely on verbose to parse rpmlint after21:40
alin_anyhow is good21:40
lbtfrom Config import *21:40
alin_lbt: anyhow once sledges cleans the manifest we shall be able to build all in obs21:40
alin_lbt: I see no real barrier21:41
lbtalin_: no barrier?21:41
alin_lbt: once the source is reduced to normal sizes21:42
alin_lbt: and it does not take half a day to clone21:42
alin_lbt: we can build the image on obs21:42
lbtwhich OBS ?21:42
lbtMer one or another ?21:43
lbtI just (last couple of weeks) sorted out a 'repo' service for Mer OBS21:43
lbtwhich does the clone in a cached manner21:43
* sledges cleans what?;)21:43
lbttakes a few mins to check out and then 40mins to make a tarball of the checkout21:44
lbtI debated doing the repo sync from the builder but it would get too complex with transparent git proxy mess21:44
lbtin the end I went for an 'optimise later' approach :)21:44
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:45
*** elcaset has joined #sailfishos-porters21:46
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters21:57
beidllbt: what was the reason for the rebuild?22:06
lbtservice failed22:06
lbtjust watching it now22:07
*** carepack__ has quit IRC22:07
beidlif it fails again I'll push a modified manifest22:08
beidljust to make it not hurt as much watching it :)22:08
beidllbt: also I assume the packages are suffixed with i486 because of the build environment but are actually arch armv722:11
lbtI knew I forgot something22:11
*** gogeta has quit IRC22:18
*** mugna has quit IRC22:31
beidllbt: should I update the manifest? I'm starting to believe the build error comes from a missing repo...22:33
*** mispp has quit IRC22:37
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters22:37
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*** beidl has joined #sailfishos-porters22:43
beidllbt: should I rebuild?22:45
lbtgot a problem :/22:45
beidllbt: which problem?22:46
lbtinternal obs thing which needs fixing22:46
beidllbt: all I can say is: I can wait, no need to hurry :)22:48
lbtok - I may sleep on it22:48
beidlsleep? never heard of that22:48
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:50
beidlmentioning sleep, that's what I need now as well.22:51
beidlgood night, porters!22:51
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC23:00
stephgaaand good morning!23:01
stephg(boo everyone seems to have gone to bed, so I'll do the same)23:19
borceannight stephg :P23:20
*** arcean has quit IRC23:21
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Umeaboylbt: Hi!23:36
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