Tuesday, 2014-09-09

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UmeaboyYaaaaaaaay! I think I managed to get a working step-by-step guide to port to i9305. ;)05:11
UmeaboyI got passed the java-issue.05:11
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dr_gogeta86good morning09:14
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junnuviStskeeps: any progress with geoclue? :)10:06
Stskeepsno, not yet :/10:07
junnuviok, seems to work pretty well as it is on grouper. But I will be happy to include it to image as well someday10:08
sledgesso you sideload it from a jolla phone?10:12
sledgesand gps in sailfish apps works!? wow, i thought there was some code to write.. maybe no agps for initial quicker fix?10:13
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junnuvisledges: yes, from jolla phone and seems to work just fine and fix is pretty fast too10:14
sledgesyay! amazing find junnuvi ;) now how many people in here have jollas AND other sf devices?...:}10:14
tbrmost I'd guess10:15
sledgeshappy hacky times:))10:16
sledgesas long as they are no-redist;P10:17
* sledges feels pressure mounting on Sts;)10:17
junnuviStskeeps: sorry :P10:20
alinnot me10:28
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alinthe silence before the storm11:49
alinMSameer: so you got the camera working on n4?11:49
sledgesyes he did11:55
sledgesunless you ask about freeze bug:P11:56
alinsledges: nope.. about the camera... the freeze is a detail11:57
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Umeaboylbt or sledges: I managed to get passed my java-issue and managed to complete the breakfast $DEVICE command without an error in the end. :)14:37
UmeaboySo this is one step forward. ;)14:37
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sledgesUmeaboy: what was it?14:45
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sledgesPSA: SailfishOSS community discussion @ #mer-meeting , 15 UTC (in few minutes)14:52
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beidlhello guys14:55
beidlsledges o/ (on my phobe atm while installing arch on an ssd)14:56
beidl:D damn typos14:57
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Umeaboysledges: I added /usr/bin to $PATH in the SDK. I didn't assume that I was supposed to do so since the guide didn't says so.14:59
sledgesuhoh, thanks14:59
Umeaboysledges: What my next step after typing make libhybris-hal?15:00
sledgesno such thing15:00
sledgesmake hybris-hal15:00
sledgesand after - exit HABUILD_SDK (ctrl+d)15:00
UmeaboySorry. I mean that.15:00
sledgesand write mb2 -t ... -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build15:00
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Umeaboysledges: Can you check my guide to see if I've written it wrong somehow? I mean.........any command on the wrong place......15:02
UmeaboyJust to make sure.15:02
UmeaboyI know that it works until make hybris-hal, but that doesn't mean that everything will work from now on.15:03
sledgessure, still better is to check with hadk:P15:03
alinUmeaboy: https://github.com/dmt4/sfa-mer check with this too if in doubt15:07
alinbeidl: finished with the eggs?15:08
beidlalin cant finish the eggs enough ;)15:11
beidlsledges mankind has to find a new state of egg-boiledness for us15:15
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Umeaboysledges: My worries are about exiting the HABUILD_SDK for the first time since typing sdk again doesn't bring me back to it. Even in a new window.15:16
sledgesbeidl: scramble scramble15:16
sledgessdk is about mersdk15:17
sledgesubu-chroot is about habuild_sdk15:17
UmeaboyOK, so I have to type the ubuntu-chroot -r command again to get in?15:17
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pylerHi everyone15:18
UmeaboyThat's why I wondered if I done everything correctly step by step.15:18
pylerI saw sailfish port for N7 wifi15:18
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pylersince tilapia N7 3g is similar, maybe you can build sailfish for it too15:19
Umeaboypyler: Use the HADK & try. :)15:19
pylerHaha :D Well, too hard for me. I am not as big geek as you.15:21
Umeaboypyler: There's no shame in learning. :)15:25
pylerI know some more of info about Android, Adb, Xposed, etc.. but this is really behind my skills :)15:27
sledgespyler: you could ask the porter junnuvi , or his grand-porter alterego15:30
sledgesiirc the configs packages are symlinked from grouper to tilapia, but one'd still need to bring modem up15:30
sledgesand none of us have a tilapia..15:31
sledgesim sure we could use your via ssh tunnel;)15:31
pyleri asked junnuvi on twitter, but he said he had no tilapia to test :/15:31
pylerthese nexuses are cheap now (around 100€ maybe).15:33
pylerI saw tilapia on progress list in Sailfish port wiki, so I think someone in porters has it.15:33
pyleroh, ssh :D I need my tablet now :D But I can test alpha, beta versions.15:34
pylerco work with XDA is also good idea.15:35
sledgespyler: i think it's as hard as doing make tilapia instead of make grouper15:35
sledgesfor first boot-to-gui image15:35
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Nokiuslbt:  Hi got the nuggets ^^15:36
sledgesNokius: we're in the #mer-meeting atm ;)15:36
sledgesdiscussing community party times;)15:37
Nokiussledges: okay15:37
Nokiuswill join15:37
Nokiuslbt oky finish first meeting :) will show later the littel pices of gold :P15:39
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Umeaboysledges: No offence meant by asking, but wouldn't it be better to download only what's needed for the modelname that you're building for when you do repo init -u git://github.com/mer-hybris/android.git -b hybris-10.1?16:05
UmeaboyLike putting everything in the same place.16:06
sledgeshybris-10.1 is sanitised for what's needed, except extra device kernels (agree that needs to go per device, and was in talks recently)16:06
sledgeshybris-11.0 however needs total vacuuming16:06
Umeaboylbt: Hi!16:06
UmeaboyI'm now one step closer to having a fully working guide for i9305. ;)16:07
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lbtUmeaboy: the _ideal_ guide would be "follow the HADK apart from these small points 1/2/3" :D16:09
Umeaboylbt: Not for a NON-developer that's lazy and just want easy to do-instructions. Don'16:17
Umeaboyt get wrong, I'm on your side.16:17
UmeaboyThis is the only way to get people helping out in porting. Not by forcing them to read a DEVELOPER document.16:18
UmeaboyMy guide is written so that any idiot should be able to use it. :)16:18
stephgUmeaboy: you're assuming people will read them ;)16:21
stephgyour instructions I mean16:21
locusfIMO, HADK guide is quite spoonfed already16:21
Umeaboystephg: Of course. :)16:21
sledgesand i guess this one is too dry then? https://github.com/dmt4/sfa-mer16:21
UmeaboyMine is written just for i9305. Not nexus5. :)16:23
sledgesthe other one can be adapted for any device with minimum changes16:24
sledgesso you/other will write a new tutorial for each device?16:24
sledgeswe're going to release future revisions of hadk, so pls keep up with them16:25
Nokiusjust say templates since I had a nice day with them (:16:25
sledgesi'll try to provide a concise changelog16:25
Nokiuslbt: sledges is helping me at the moment will tell u later about the nuggets16:26
Nokiuslbt: okay?16:27
lbtwfm - I'll take a break16:27
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Umeaboysledges: Now that I've synched I type ubu-chroot -r and the rest of the old command I did earlier, right?16:52
UmeaboyI want to make sure that I don't make stuff duplicated.16:52
sledgesrepo sync doesn't duplicate16:53
sledgessequence is16:53
sledgesMerSDK (sdk)16:53
sledgesHABUIL_SDK (ubu-chroot)16:53
sledgesit's like stack16:53
sledgesif you exit on, you fall back to one above16:53
alinUmeaboy: cool.. then you have the wrong audience here...16:55
Umeaboyalin: hehehehe. ;)16:55
alinsledges: tested the image I produced with the newest changes16:55
alinsledges: seems to be ok works16:55
alinUmeaboy: the script is not for nexus5 the defaults are set for nexus 5... that script boils down the hadk16:56
UmeaboyIt feels like theese rows you gave me aren't fully working.16:58
UmeaboyI've just completed repo sync.16:59
* sledges deeply sighs...17:01
sledgesthose weren't commands17:01
UmeaboyWhat? You wrote thoose lines.17:01
sledgesdid i say they are commands?17:01
UmeaboyNope and I asked what to do next after repo sync is done.17:01
UmeaboyI guess you missunderstood me.17:02
sledgesi tried to teach you how hadk works..17:02
sledgesbecause what to do B after A is done is not the way...17:02
Umeaboysledges: I'm NOT a dev.17:02
UmeaboyThat is a DEV-document.17:02
sledgesyou'll encounter this next time 'round again in another context17:02
sledgesthis is a dev channel17:02
Umeaboysledges: Hey, you told me to come here. ;)17:03
* sledges lets out the steam elsewhere:))17:03
UmeaboyAll I said was that I wanted to help out in porting SF to my i9305.17:03
UmeaboyNot doing dev-work.17:03
UmeaboyThere is a difference.17:04
UmeaboyWriting useful guides is one.17:04
sledgesyou're not a dev, but managed to fix javac problem yourself, so i have(had) hopes :P17:04
Umeaboysledges: Yes, but I just added the right path. I googled and found that out.17:05
sledgesfor other questions17:05
sledgeshadk is your new google17:05
sledges19:52 < Umeaboy> sledges: Now that I've synched I type ubu-chroot -r and the rest of the old command I did earlier, right?17:05
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sledgeswhat does it mean "synched"?17:05
UmeaboySorry. I misspell sometimes.17:05
sledgessync what? repo, filesystem flush `sync`?17:05
sledgesbecause repo sync should be done inside ubu-choroot17:06
sledgesand not the other way round as you wrote it17:06
sledgesanyone dev/non-dev can go through that "simple" pdf document just executing comands written in fixed width blocks17:07
sledgesthe order of which is dictated by in-doc hyperlinks17:07
sledgesif problems encountered, ask here ofc17:07
sledgesbut now i see you're coming from yet another source of sequencing commands, things becoming hairy:)17:08
Umeaboysledges: I updated this paste now.17:09
UmeaboyI did something wrong when I exited right?17:09
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sledgesi still have hopes in you that you'll figure this out yourself Umeaboy ;)17:15
Umeaboysledges: I'll continue using a number of Ubuntu-installations. :)17:15
UmeaboyTo make things absolutely fresh.17:16
UmeaboyInstead of creating a reset snapshot. ;)17:16
UmeaboyRunning breakfast $DEVICE showed ls: cannot access device/*/[i9305]/cm.mk: No such file or directory17:17
sledgesdevice should be i9305, not [i9305]17:17
UmeaboyOK. :)17:17
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UmeaboyGotta go. Take care and thanks for being somewhat patient with me. ;)17:25
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Nokiuslbt: ?18:18
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Nokiuslbt: its not so hard as it looks during the first view18:24
Nokiuslbt hard part is to get the "filter" :)18:26
Nokiusbut Herrie from Webos-ports help me there18:27
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Nokiusreviews appreciated: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_system_core/pull/8 https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_frameworks_base/pull/118:48
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Nokiuslbt will ping  you tomorrow with more details19:16
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