Wednesday, 2014-09-10

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Nokius_lbt_: a nice small VM with a minimal version to see how it works is ready for you atm uploading ping if you like to see it ^^09:05
lbt_erm - I prefer code?09:05
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Nokius_lbt_ ^^09:06
lbtmy ADSL line is *really* crap atm and I'd rather not download and play with vms09:06
Nokius_lbt oky so will show you it at xda:devcon09:07
lbtcan't you just paste the code or github it ?09:07
Nokius_lbt let me thing have a A4 sheet which shows which page / template inherits an other page/template09:09
lbtcool - scan/pdf ?09:09
situMSameer: I have not been able to play mp4 videos on my browser. which package am I missing ?09:10
lbtor - is this something you can setup a minimal example of on Mer wiki ?09:10
lbt(does it need any code plugins? )09:10
Nokius_lbt in my eyes it a bit "hard" to follow but guess you are familier with mediawiki09:10
lbtwell - used it ... :)09:10
Nokius_lbt yes it needs PaserFunctions extension09:11
lbtok - is that all?09:11
lbtany mininmal mw version?09:11
lbt(probably well past time for an ugrade anyhow)09:11
Nokius_and some modifiation in Common.css and Common.js09:11
Nokius_lbt vm is 534MB btw.09:12
lbtabout 1 day to download atm09:12
Nokius_lbt edit it abit for SFOS09:12
lbtBT are being super-crap09:13
Nokius_so far but a bit love is needed09:13
Nokius_lbt: okay will scan my sheet at home this afternoon09:14
lbtty - pdf I can handle :)09:15
Nokius_and will tell you abit about it hope you will understand it (:09:15
Nokius_lbt: not at home sorry and dont have any phototaking device with me sorry09:16
lbtsure - really not a problem - I'm around for many hours today09:16
Nokius_lbt: I will show it to you first before play on mer wiki ... feels saver09:17
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lbtif it relies on that plugin then it'll take me a little while to install it09:17
lbtbut otherwise feel free to setup a place on the wiki - in fact feel free to create the real page09:18
lbtif it all goes bad we delete it - otherwise no messing about replicating it09:18
Nokius_lbt may I will switch back to plan A and setup up a "littel" wiki this afternon so you can see it remotly ^^09:19
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lbtor... just hack on the Mer one ...09:21
Nokius_lbt: mhhh09:22
* lbt wonders how to be more encouraging :)09:22
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Nokius_lbt its to drity point to LunaOS sometimes and has may brocken links to this project as said a bit love and maintanice is needed still and removing is not a good option will make the template useless09:24
Nokius_lbt ^^09:26
Nokius_lbt your are but I guess no one has intresst in collecting brocken glass ... or?09:27
Nokius_lbt will think about it buring my lunchbreak ...09:27
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Nokius_lbt: ah mer is on 1.15.xx09:37
Nokius_lbt just wondering is it runing since mer for N800? not sure when this was but could?09:39
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Nokius_lbt: okay I will give it a try but may we will fail at the Extension point ...10:32
Nokius_lbt: and here it is ParserFunctions is all ready needed :'(10:38
alinlbt: generated a new image and everything seems to be ok... flashed it10:47
alinlbt: so you did not break anything... now I do not run the inc anymore10:48
lbtalin: great10:48
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Nokius_lbt: hmmm
lbtlgtm - keep at it and I'll look at an update asap10:56
sledgesjolly spiffing work chaps!10:59
Nokius_lbt :)11:00
Nokius_lbt: is there a color convection11:03
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Nokius_lbt: 1.15 has abit diffrent behavior have to watch my steps ..11:21
Nokius_ah no was me in this point11:21
sledgesreview appreciated:
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Nokius_lbt: basic teplates are created!&to=Z&namespace=1011:36
Nokius_lbt: is there a page for11:58
Nokius_lbt: sorry old stuff11:58
MSameersitu: which phone11:59
Nokius_lbt: main stuff is there only the Common.css and Common.js hack is missing11:59
situMSameer: Nexus 511:59
Nokius_lbt and <311:59
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lbt! ?12:12
Nokius_have no idea for what its used but I guess it has his job..12:15
Nokius_lbt: may we have to ask Flo_Edelmann about this12:17
* lbt is going to get some food and then I'll take a look at the wiki12:18
lbtmakes a change from f%*$#'ing spec files12:18
Nokius_lbt: he is the head behind the "new" cm-wiki Layout12:19
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stephgeveryone loves spec files12:49
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Nokius_lbt: will leave soon to get back home if any question point to Nokius1 thanks will rejoin around 6 pm CEST13:18
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alinlbt: so... do we get gfortran as a package?13:20
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Nokius_cu later13:43
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sledgesphdeswer: thanks for LGTMing :)14:10
phdeswersledges: no prob ;)14:10
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Umeaboysledges: Would it be wrong for me to change i486 to x86_64 as my laptop uses x86_64 as arch?15:24
UmeaboyI'm following the HADK now and I'm at the Mer-wikipage about making a mer-image.15:25
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UmeaboyFor instance: sudo mic create fs mer-i486-latest-sdk-rolling-chroot-all-sb2.ks -o . --pkgmgr=zypp --arch i486 --pack-to=mer-latest-sdk-rolling-chroot-all-sb2.tar.bz215:34
sledgesUmeaboy: mer sdk is provided to you, no need to mic it15:36
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sledgesmer sdk is i486, and works perfectly fine under 64bit host15:36
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Umeaboysledges: So the HADK in confusing, ey? :)16:16
UmeaboyNo harm intended by saying that.16:17
UmeaboyJust wanted to joke a bit.16:17
UmeaboyAny way...... I have to go. Take care.16:18
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Nokius1lbt: any plan?16:51
lbtyes, shower then out dancing...16:54
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stephggood plan lbt16:55
lbtI have a few things to nail before I can allocate time to the wiki16:55
lbtplease keep working on it and letting me know that it needs updating so I don't forget :)16:55
Nokius1ping u ever day .. :P16:56
Nokius1nice plan by the way ^^16:56
Nokius1may we will get it done over next weekend :) in MAN16:57
Nokius1will try to go on tomorrow16:57
Nokius1will put the files to my git home will show edit better16:58
Nokius1will scan the sheet now16:58
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Nokius1lbt: here17:45
Nokius1will add the Templates and pages later :)17:46
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Nokius1lbt added the rest but this is outdated have to push tomorrow the latest from the wiki19:19
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locusfNokius1: where is that wiki at right now?19:25
Umeaboysledges: Can the HADK be LESS complicated to read without section that tells you to jump another page on the net?19:26
Nokius1locusf: hope u got the link19:27
Nokius1locusf: but its not ready yeat see back log19:27
UmeaboyNokius1 and locusf: You get what I mean?19:31
locusfno :)19:31
UmeaboyI mean......... If you follow the HADK from part 4 you get instructions to go to the Mer wiki since it doesn't assume that you've made the setup of the provided SDK.19:32
UmeaboyI'd wish that the HADK WOULD assume that.19:32
UmeaboySo we get instructions to move on.19:32
locusfhmm i dont have it open19:33
UmeaboyInstead of........ Do this, do this, do this and if you haven't done that go there.19:33
UmeaboyIt's darn confusing.19:33
Nokius1Umeaboy: there Version u got is much easyer the first I saw was more jumping ^^19:35
UmeaboyNokius1: Well, I uses the latest from 21st of Juli.19:35
Nokius1I was assuming this19:36
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UmeaboyNokius1: Aha.19:43
UmeaboyNokius1: Even thou it's far from perfect and in Swedish, please have a look at my guide:
Nokius1lbt: hope the guys from #cm-wiki will get a connection to Flo so he will contact me  soon :) hope we can get some question clear19:45
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UmeaboyGotta go.19:48
*** Umeaboy has left #sailfishos-porters19:48
Nokius1Not sure if I will be here tomorrow will try my best cu19:51
locusfabsolutely no [] in the env vars19:55
locusfunless you have tested it that it works?19:55
Nokius1u talk about Umeaboy pastey?19:56
*** zon is now known as zZz0n19:57
Nokius1not sure why he installed jdk ...19:58
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cxl000sledges, Nexus 7 GSM talapia builds using HADK as a guide. modem comes up and you can use data and SMS. voice calls don't go through. microphone also needs sorting. I can look at setting up an ssh tunnel21:22
sledgescxl000: thanks. i'd guess junnuvi would be capable of ironing some issues, jusa_ the rest21:23
sledgesi'd help to get all bits upstream from junnuvi's grouper build21:24
cxl000Is there a grouper downstream I could compare?21:25
sledgesso not really21:25
sledgesempty :)21:26
sledgesbut you could perform rootfss diff ;)21:27
cxl000I had that in mind.21:27
sledgesmatter of configs really21:28
cxl000yes the grouper and tilapia are much the same.21:29
sledges*-configs dir is a symlink in dhd21:30
sledgesat the same time hoping junnuvi pops around soon:)21:30
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:40
Umeaboysledges: Would you like to assist me step by step through the HADK? It's confusing me.22:06
*** SK_work has quit IRC22:08
sledgesUmeaboy: sure22:08
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Umeaboysledges: I begin by doing export MER_ROOT=$HOME/mer/ right?22:22
UmeaboyThen I go directly to part 4.1 Setting up required environment variables22:23
Umeaboysledges: Are you with me?22:24
sledgesjust came back from the kitchen:p22:25
UmeaboyWhat do I start with according to you if not what I wrote?22:25
sledgesif we follow hadk, you start with 4.122:26
sledgesfinished with 4.1 ?22:26
UmeaboySoon. Hold on.22:28
sledgesis ok, pasta is boiling:)22:28
Umeaboysledges: Now I did the command for mersdk.profile.22:32
UmeaboySo, moving on to 4.2 ?22:32
UmeaboyOr perhaps even 4.3 ?22:32
sledgessince you are new, least confusing is the bit22:33
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos-porters22:33
Umeaboyubu-chroot to type next then.22:33
sledgesdo you have mersdk in place?)22:33
sledges01:33 < sledges> since you are new, least confusing is the bit22:33
sledgesat any rate, most people just skip to tl;dr bits ;)22:34
sledgesso we counted on that, sorry if it turns out different22:34
Umeaboysledges: The i9305 doesn't have armv7hl. It has armv7l. Do I use the all archive instead?22:35
UmeaboyI just want to make sure I'm not using the wrong tar-archive.22:40
UmeaboyBecause as I see it, theese are general instructions.22:41
UmeaboyI'll use the one on that guide then since you didn't protest.22:41
sledgesUmeaboy: all devices have armv7hl22:46
sledgesif you see armv7l, something is wrong22:46
Umeaboysledges: OK. Now I'm done with thoose instructions and I'm inside the MerSDK.22:48
*** dr_ has quit IRC22:49
Umeaboyhadk only shows Env setup for i930522:49
UmeaboyI think we need to add to that part that you have to run sudo when you run curl.22:52
sledgeseverything in your hoem dir22:52
sledgesso no sudo22:52
UmeaboyOtherwise I get permission denied.22:52
UmeaboyNot now. I'm downloading the tarball.22:53
sledgesor other shell ;)22:53
Umeaboy /home/kristoffer/mer/sdks/sdk22:54
sledges(to resome suspended task type22:54
sledgesyou should be in your home folder22:54
UmeaboyIt's continuing anyway. :)22:55
*** lbt has quit IRC22:55
sledgesyes because you did sudo22:55
sledgesif something says error, does not mean you have to change that command;)22:55
sledgesit might be a command missing beforehand22:55
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UmeaboyI'll do sudo rm -f on that file when it's done.22:55
sledgesjust move it22:55
sledgesmv THAT_FILE ~22:56
sledges(sudo mv)22:56
sledgesthere i fixed it now:
UmeaboyThe guide should have that as well. That you should be in your home dir.22:57
sledges(you can see I added cd $HOME just before sdk)22:57
sledges;) no need to re-release the guide ^22:57
sledgesjust to iterate: there is no absolute truth guide. the caveat is to follow a re-written guide from elsewhere, which inherited all prime errors, plus introduced some from that author22:59
Umeaboysudo tar --numeric-owner -xvjf $TARBALL -C $UBUNTU_CHROOT gave me an error.23:01
sledgesare you at $HOME ?23:01
UmeaboySorry. The HADK didn't say it.23:02
sledges01:57 < sledges> there i fixed it now:
sledges01:57 < sledges> thanks23:02
Umeaboysledges: I was looking in the HADK like you told me to do.23:02
UmeaboyStep by step.23:03
UmeaboyBut I fixed that now.23:03
sledgeslol, and you found a bug23:03
sledgesand i fixed it23:03
sledgesif we had a flawless guide23:03
sledgeswould anyone come here and make community? :D23:03
UmeaboyMoving on to 4.4.2 Entering Ubuntu Chroot23:04
* sledges not going to repeat himself about good guides and bad guides23:04
sledgesremembering my thesis, every time i read it, i found errors, until i gave up re-reading it :))23:04
UmeaboyEnv setup for i9305 is the answer of hadk.23:04
sledges01:49 < Umeaboy> hadk only shows Env setup for i930523:05
sledges01:50 < sledges> good23:05
sledges01:50 < Umeaboy> OK.23:05
UmeaboyNow I'm in the HABUILD_SDK.23:05
Umeaboypwd shows /home/kristoffer23:05
sledgesyou need to exit HABUILD_SDK23:05
sledgesto get back to MER_SDK23:06
sledgesof 5.123:06
sledgesit's a stack principle23:06
sledgesjust take it as a fact :)23:06
sledgesto exit an SDK23:06
sledgespress Ctrl+D23:07
sledgesor type23:07
sledgesto go back to previous SDK23:07
sledges(prompt will tell you)23:07
*** Tassadar has quit IRC23:08
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmmmmm. Do I use the same command for ubu-chroot as I did before to get back in?23:11
UmeaboyWhy is repo sync failing?23:14
UmeaboyI did all the proper steps.23:14
sledgeswhat is the error?23:14
UmeaboyExited sync due to fetch errors23:14
UmeaboyIt's down?23:14
sledgesneed the whole output..23:14
sledgesUmeaboy: remove non-latin characters from your git username23:16
sledgesgit should handle it, but i think it's down to your UTF-8 support23:16
sledgesin the shell..23:16
* sledges shrugs23:16
UmeaboyGood. Now the repo is syncing.23:19
UmeaboyFor being a total idiot I'm doing good. ;)23:20
sledgesyou'll learn a lot23:20
UmeaboyHope so.23:20
* Umeaboy shrugs 2 times.23:20
sledgestwo negatives mean positive;)23:21
Umeaboy1 step front and 2 steps back for me.23:21
sledgesslowly but surely;)23:22
UmeaboyHey, where the *BEEP* is Moe?!23:22
*** _Serial has joined #sailfishos-porters23:23
* sledges performs intensive googling23:23
sledgesand i guess you're not referring to simpsons23:23
Umeaboysledges: Is there a multiboot solution ready for i9305 yet?23:23
sledgesUmeaboy: nope23:23
UmeaboyI heard the TWRP-project has one.23:24
sledgesyou can write up a flasher script inside recovery23:24
UmeaboyI don't know if it's usable for my phone thou.23:24
sledgesis how dragonkeeper did to his23:24
sledgeswell, it's only for nexuses23:24
sledgesand sailfish is not ready for the other one yet23:24
UmeaboyOK, I mean since I won't be getting service to make calls.23:25
sledgeslike i said, you can implement a script inside recovery yourself23:26
UmeaboySo I wanted to be able to choose which OS to boot.23:26
sledgesugly but works23:26
sledgestwo mini .zip files23:26
sledgesinstall one - boom sailfish23:26
sledgesinstall another - boom cm23:26
sledgesor what you want23:26
UmeaboyCM and Sailfish, the best of both worlds. :)23:26
sledgeswe did that, won't be a prob23:27
sledgesheheh yeah23:27
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:32
Umeaboysledges: Done syncing.23:34
UmeaboyNow moving on to 5.223:34
*** olafh_ has quit IRC23:35
UmeaboyIt seemed to work when I executed breakfast $DEVICE, but I got the error fatal: duplicate path device/samsung/smdk4412-common in /home/kristoffer/.repo/manifest.xml23:36
UmeaboyIs that OK?23:36
sledgesrm .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml23:37
sledgesand try again that breakfast23:37
UmeaboyStill same result.23:37
sledgesUmeaboy: try lunch23:38
sledgesstephg: you had you breakfast yet?;)23:38
sledgessounds like some beans&bacon:}23:38
UmeaboyJust lunch or something more? OK.23:38
sledgeslunch $DEVICE23:38
UmeaboyYou're building on Linux23:39
UmeaboyBreakfast menu... pick a combo:23:39
Umeaboybash: column: command not found23:39
Umeaboy... and don't forget the bacon!23:39
sledgesmmm bacon23:39
sledgespotato-stuffed pig intestines is actually part of .lt national cuisine23:39
sledgesUmeaboy: sudo apt-get install bsdmainutils23:40
UmeaboyWhat do I answer to the question?23:40
stephgsledges: no, just dinner (a pasty) but it did have bacon in23:40
* sledges parps back23:40
sledgespasta with tomato and smoked bacon23:40
UmeaboyNow breakfast $DEVICE worked.23:41
sledgesUmeaboy: where's ur lunch?23:42
UmeaboyIn my stomach?23:42
UmeaboyDone install bsdmainutils23:42
stephgit's apt that you're getting in on the package manager puns23:43
Umeaboymake -j4 hybris-hal now=23:43
sledgesUmeaboy: yep23:43
UmeaboyThoose small errors in the build-process are made by CM, right?23:57
UmeaboyThe warnings.23:57
Umeaboysledges: How loong time until service will work in i9305?23:58
sledgesdirectly proportional to availability of a connman expert among us23:58
sledgescurrently - close to eternity:D23:58
UmeaboyIt works in CM.23:59
sledgesbut with persistent people like you, we might be able to gauge interest;)23:59

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