Thursday, 2014-09-11

* Umeaboy jumps up and down causing earthquakes and sunami's00:00
sledgesyes, exactly like rusty88 been fighting his i930000:00
sledgescomparing cm and sf calling logs00:00
sledgesand he made it work!00:00
sledges(well, still struggling with outgoing calls but hey!)00:00
sledgesso i believe you'll learn how to compare logs, and we tell you what to do etc00:02
sledgesin the hardest times you'll be able to setup ssh tunnel00:02
UmeaboyIs it about unloading and then loading the module again?00:03
sledgesi think Stskeeps would've figured as much00:03
sledgeshe was fighting on that qualcomm modem00:03
sledgesyet he lost against time00:03
UmeaboyTime is what I've got plenty of.00:03
UmeaboyDone making.00:08
sledgeschapter si00:08
stephgUmeaboy good luck and keep at it00:11
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stephgsledges catch you in the morning, is bed time and my knees hurt (in a good way, if that makes sense)00:12
sledgesnn skater boy00:12
sledgesi won't be around much until monday;)00:12
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Umeaboybash: sb2-init: command not found00:16
sledgesUmeaboy: MER_SDK?00:17
UmeaboyI have to be in the SDK.00:18
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I'll save this output from the beginning and redo everything since I made theese commands in the HADK_BUILDSDK00:19
UmeaboyHABUILD_SDK I mean00:20
UmeaboyOr what do I do to go back and undo this?00:20
sledgeswhich commands?00:20
UmeaboyFrom chapter six.00:21
sledgesit's just downloading and unzipping tarball00:21
sledgesif you know its location00:21
sledgesand don't get lost in /parentroot/00:21
sledgesjust carry on00:21
UmeaboyI got until cd $SFFE_SB2_TARGET00:21
sledgeswas about to say that grep will screw it up :))00:21
UmeaboyNow I'm in the MerSDK again.00:22
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UmeaboySo doing theese instructions again.00:22
Umeaboysledges: The Hello World-script isn't working.00:28
Umeaboymain.c:2:9: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before '<' token00:28
sledgespaste main.c00:28
sledges(your first programming steps;)00:29
Umeaboyinclude <stdlib.h>00:29
Umeaboyinclude <stdio.h>00:29
Umeaboyint main(void) {00:29
Umeaboyprintf("Hello, world!\n");00:29
Umeaboyreturn EXIT_SUCCESS;00:29
sledgesuse pastebin00:29
sledgesno # in .c files pls )00:29
sledgesas in00:29
sledgesthey should be #include00:29
sledgesin one line00:29
sledgesas HADK says ;)00:30
UmeaboySo, how to edit and change it then?00:31
UmeaboyOr any editor works good?00:31
Umeaboysledges: MerSDK kristoffer@Satellite:/parentroot/home/kristoffer/mer/targets/samsung-i9305-armv7hl$ sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl gcc main.c -o test/opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-ld: cannot open output file test: Read-only file system00:38
sledgeswhich i already see is not $HOME00:39
Umeaboy /parentroot/home/kristoffer/mer/targets/samsung-i9305-armv7hl00:39
sledgescd $HOME00:39
sledgesHADK states twice00:40
sledgesin ch.600:40
UmeaboyYaaaaaaaay! Fixed it!00:41
UmeaboyAnd now what?00:41
Umeaboy7.1.1 right?00:42
UmeaboyMerSDK kristoffer@Satellite:~/mer/android/droid$ mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/ build00:43
UmeaboyFatal: 'rpm/' doesn't exist (and couldn't be made from a yaml)00:43
UmeaboyYes, I saw the line about the commands that wouldn't work. Just confusing.00:44
sledgeswhere did you repo sync into?00:45
UmeaboyJust like the guide told me.00:46
Umeaboycd $ANDROID_ROOT00:46
sledgesguide told you to repo sync into $ANDROID_ROOT00:46
sledgesthat's where you are now00:46
UmeaboyThen repo init -u git:// -b hybris-10.100:47
Umeaboyrepo sync00:47
UmeaboyI did nothing more.00:47
UmeaboyCan I look for that somehow? The fetched stuff.00:47
sledgesgo back to HABUILD_SDK00:48
sledgesmaybe your memory will refresh if there is some duplicated ~/mer/android/droid evil twin00:48
UmeaboyHABUILD_SDK [i9305] kristoffer@Satellite:~/mer/android/droid$ pwd00:48
sledgesls ..00:49
Umeaboy /home/kristoffer/mer/android/droid00:49
sledgesls ../..00:49
sledgesi mean00:49
sledgesc'mon ;)00:49
sledgesyou'll have to find out00:50
sledgesaround your PC box :)00:50
Umeaboyandroid  sdks  targets00:50
sledgesin your home?00:50
sledges(i wish you not)00:50
UmeaboyThe HADK seems to lack of telling when to use MerSDK and not.00:51
sledgesit starts every code block with MER_SDK00:51
sledgesor HABUILD_SDK00:51
UmeaboyYes, but not telling you to cd to home. :)00:52
sledgesit tells you to cd $ANDROID_ROOT00:52
UmeaboyNot always anyhow.00:52
sledgeshome is only at beginning00:52
sledgesafterwards you forget HOME;)00:52
sledgesbut i think you didn't00:53
sledgesand repo synced home00:53
sledgeswhen you shouldn't have00:53
UmeaboyI can make a pastebin and you decide if I've forgotten.00:53
sledgesit's late ;P00:53
sledgesand your home is full of ... now :))00:53
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Umeaboysledges: I think I found what you're talking about in my output: HABUILD_SDK [i9305] kristoffer@Satellite:~/mer/android/droid$ repo init -u git:// -b hybris-10.101:07
sledgesls still empty01:07
sledgesmeans repo sync was elsewhere ;)01:07
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UmeaboyI think I synced to the HDABUILD_SDK.01:11
sledgesbut what is the dir?01:11
UmeaboyAnyway....... Deleting that now.01:12
Umeaboy /home/kristoffer I suppose.01:12
sledgesdon't delete01:12
sledgesdo this:01:12
sledgescd $HOME01:12
sledgesfind -maxdepth 4 -type d -name hybris01:12
UmeaboyIt gave 4 rows of hits01:14
UmeaboyAnd I see the hybris-dir in $HOME01:14
sledgesnot the end of the world01:15
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sledgescd $HOME01:16
UmeaboyAlready done $HOME. ;)01:17
sledgesmv {.repo,Makefile,RPMS,android,bionic,bootable,build,device,documentation.list,droid.qmap,external,frameworks,hardware,hybris,kernel,libcore,out,prebuilts,rpm,system,vendor} $ANDROID_ROOT01:17
sledgesrm -rf /home/kristoffer/mer/android/droid/.repo01:24
Umeaboysledges: Done.01:27
sledgesmv .repo $ANDROID_ROOT01:28
sledgescd $ANDROID_ROOT01:28
sledgeshere's your android01:28
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UmeaboySo what's next now?01:30
sledgeswhereever we stoped01:31
sledges03:43 < Umeaboy> MerSDK kristoffer@Satellite:~/mer/android/droid$ mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/ build01:32
sledgesok time to sleep01:32
Umeaboybash: mb2: command not found01:32
sledgesreviews appreciated: alin:  lbt:
sledgesi'll be away till Monday01:33
sledgeshave a good time!01:34
Umeaboysledges: OK. Take care and thanks for helping me.01:34
UmeaboyMe so stupid.01:34
sledgesmore silly than tomorrow01:35
sledgesbut less silly than yesterday;)01:35
UmeaboyThanks for the boost.01:35
UmeaboyHave a great weekend.01:35
sledgesthanks:) u201:36
UmeaboyI'm going to clean my output a bit.01:36
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*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters03:56
UmeaboyHi again! Can someone please repaste the packagename to install with sudo that sledges told me to install?03:57
_Serialbsdutils ?03:58
UmeaboyThanks. :)03:59
UmeaboyMay I ask where you're from? I'm from Sweden and I haven't slept yet.03:59
UmeaboyI should be sleeping now since it's almost 6 o'clock in the morning.03:59
_Serialit's 5am here, but I'm @ work for 2 more hours04:01
UmeaboyWhen I'm about to do MER_HA_DEVICE=mako for my phone, what do I call it?04:03
UmeaboyMine is the Samsung Galaxy SIII a.k.a i930504:03
UmeaboyGT-i9305 ?04:04
Umeaboy_Serial: ^^04:04
_SerialI'm not into the porting scene but according to I'd say it's i930504:05
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Umeaboy_Serial: I can't get the main.c working as before. I did the same thing as before, but it just wont' work.05:28
UmeaboyJust like the HADK tells you to.05:31
UmeaboyI even tried using the bash-signs next to include on the two rows..05:31
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UmeaboyFixed it now. The HADK is missing a closing bracket.05:45
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Umeaboyalin: You read sledges message to you?07:24
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Nokius_lbt: so get some Templates more Sailfish will work on it ...11:27
Nokius_lbt: Template:! is used by some other Templates after a short look11:30
lbtok - it was just a bit of an odd one, making sure it wasn't a typo that needed cleaning up11:31
Nokius_lbt: Hope to get intouch with Flo soon may He can tell why and for what its used11:32
Nokius_lbt: try to keep track abot the changes at github ...11:41
Nokius_cu later again11:46
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*** mudnightoil has joined #sailfishos-porters11:48
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mudnightoilquick question.  is EA5 for the Nexus 4 likely to move to CM11 and default modem (instead of 0.84)?11:52
sledgesif someone from community does the port then yes, shouldn't be hard though12:05
sledgesi'm out of capacity for that12:06
sledgesbut can guide through12:06
sledgesmudnightoil: ^12:07
mudnightoilafraid i lack the expertise .. was just wondering.  only have limited time to fiddle and curious to know if next release would be easier12:07
mudnightoilhave jolla handed off the nexus 4 port entirely to the community now, then?12:07
sledgesit's always a joint effort, think other devices12:07
sledgesflashing 0.84 radio is not as fiddly as trying out whole new OS;)12:08
sledgesalso, cm11 still works fine in 0.84, even call quality12:08
mudnightoilalready have a jolla. just hoping a stable nexus 4 or 5 build will come along soon, and bits of the android kernel might help smooth out some of the connectivity issues with the jolla12:10
mudnightoilplus, better camera would nice to have12:10
mudnightoilanyway, will probably flash 0.84 and give EA4 a whirl.12:11
mudnightoilthanks for responding and good luck to you and the other porters!12:11
sledgesmudnightoil: what do you mean by " and bits of the android kernel might help smooth out some of the connectivity issues with the jolla12:12
mudnightoili assume the stuff concerning networking in the kernal the jolla uses is of jolla's writing .. both mobile connectivity and wifi are a bit ... 'eccentric' in the jolla, was hoping different (android) kernel in a sailfish port for nexus 4 or 5 might smooth things slightly.  probably lack of technical knowledge / wishful thinking on my part.  I guess work needs to be done on sailfish itself12:14
sledgesi think it's down to connman12:15
sledgeswill be great if you could try and compare the two phones12:15
sledgesand give feedback here12:15
sledges'cause it's otherwise so hard to trace connectivity problems, as they also depend on signal strength and type of wlan router, and mobile operator, your location etc:)12:17
mudnightoili was one of the ones with bricked mobile data and funky wifi in 1.07 (switching to new networking stack didn't work). 1.08 unbricked it.  just returned from a holiday where roaming connectivity was absolutely dire  ... by my experience, wifi and mobile data issues are still by far the biggest problems with the jolla / sailfish.  if experience is smoother on nexus 4, i'll be sure to post about it12:18
sledgesif you live in an area where using jolla becomes annoying conn wise on regular basis, you're a very valuable tester;)12:18
*** tohtoris has quit IRC12:18
sledgesah well, roaming is even more hairy then;)12:19
sledgesand hardest to test12:19
mudnightoilhopefully availability in more markets kz / ind / hk will help things in that regard12:20
* sledges nods12:20
mudnightoilit was very noticeable that the jolla behaved itself very well when i went for a holiday in finland, though12:21
sledgesalin (when you come back): has 10.1 branches for mer-hybris packages that are device-independent like dhd, so all ok (they should be renamed to master eventually, though carefully)12:27
sledgesi.e. 11.0 manifest contains refs to mer-hybris 10.1 branches - that's ok12:27
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*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters12:34
*** tohtoris has joined #sailfishos-porters12:36
lbtsledges: is now updated12:47
lbtwe need to test those mako rpms are sane (rebuilding atm)12:47
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters12:54
*** NeeDforKill has joined #sailfishos-porters12:56
NeeDforKillhi guys12:56
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*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos-porters13:28
sledgeslbt i wont be around  much in next 4 days, i trust your actions  and community:)13:31
sledgesNeeDforKill: ^ ;)13:31
lbtsledges: OK13:31
NeeDforKillhow are u?13:31
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beidlhello hello14:26
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*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters15:22
beidlwhats up in here? is everyone busy?15:24
vakkovsetting up my new beast laptop :D installed windows 8.1 (decided that i would need a win installation)... now thinking of formating this crap and installing a 715:25
alinvakkov: linux15:27
alinvakkov: forget win15:27
alinbeidl: quiet the silence before the storm15:27
beidlalin: thank god the army provides some pretty nice rainjackets15:28
vakkovalin: i already have linux ..15:28
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos-porters15:28
alinvakkov: on the phone?15:29
vakkovthe pcs?15:29
alinbeidl: vakkov if you are bored can you please test sfa-mer script?15:29
beidlalin: ?15:31
*** vakkov has quit IRC15:32
alinbeidl: yap15:32
*** carepack has quit IRC15:32
alinbeidl: I am curious if you can build an image with it15:32
beidlalin: I'm usually running my own little script/bash function but lets see.15:33
alinbeidl: check the options15:33
beidlalin: oh, yes, I've tried it once and it screwed around with my target and sdk's. I might try it in a VM though15:33
alinbeidl: if you backup the . files15:34
alinand use new folders shall be nice and clean15:34
*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters15:34
alinwith this ocassion you can test the connection of the austrian army15:34
beidlalin: luckily I'm home, forget about internet @ the barracks15:38
beidlalin: you could probably count bits passing through the wire15:39
alinbeidl: seriously?15:39
alinbeidl: so bad?15:39
alinand already on holiday not bad15:39
beidllbt: any progress on OBS dhd magic?15:44
lbtlike maybe :
lbtbeidl: ^15:59
lbtwhich is fresh out of the oven16:00
beidllbt: nice stuff. do you think things work now as expected for maguro? I might trigger a rebuild then16:00
lbtlet me re-setup the projects16:01
UmeaboyI managed to get to the 7th part in the HADK.16:20
Umeaboylbt: Can you assist me?16:20
lbtUmeaboy: bit busy atm - say what the problem is and maybe others can help16:21
locusfI can help :)16:21
Umeaboylocusf: Everything works like a charm until I run the second command on the 7.2-part.16:22
locusfUmeaboy: 7.2 is about hw-release, right?16:23
beidllbt: whoah, nice work, thank you very much16:23
Umeaboy7.1.1. Sorry.16:23
UmeaboyJust woke up.16:24
UmeaboyMy brain is malfunctioning.16:24
locusfUmeaboy: can you paste the output of that command?16:24
locusfnot here :)16:24
Umeaboymb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build is the command I ran.16:24
locusfso what happens?16:26
*** Nokius has left #sailfishos-porters16:26
Umeaboybash: mb2: command not found16:26
locusfare you in the Mer sdk right now?16:27
beidllbt: what to do about packages requiring droid-hal-devel?16:27
locusfyou should16:27
lbtbeidl: working on it16:27
Umeaboylocusf: Fatal: 'rpm/droid-hal-i9305.spec' doesn't exist (and couldn't be made from a yaml)16:28
Umeaboylbt: The HADK is missing a bracket for the main.c script.16:28
lbtbeidl: there's something wrong with the repo I think16:28
UmeaboyA closing bracket. Can you update it?16:29
beidllbt: OBS or git repo?16:29
locusfUmeaboy: you should be in $ANDROID_ROOT16:29
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters16:31
lbtbeidl: just doing a repo init on your repo16:31
lbtand a sync16:31
cxl000junnuvi, Did you sort out microphone for grouper?16:31
Umeaboylocusf: error: Failed build dependencies: qt5-qttools-kmap2qmap >= 5.1.0+git5 is needed by droid-hal-i9305-0.0.6-201409111631.armv7hl repomd-pattern-builder is needed by droid-hal-i9305-0.0.6-201409111631.armv7hl16:32
locusfUmeaboy: run the first command now16:32
lbtbeidl: deleting many obsolete paths :D16:32
lbtok - I see what's up16:32
*** alin has quit IRC16:32
lbtthere's a symlink in there16:33
beidllbt: the tilapia -> grouper symlink?16:34
lbtfixing my repo handler service now16:35
junnuvicxl000: yes16:35
locusfUmeaboy: hmm I have no idea about that error16:37
*** sletta has quit IRC16:38
Umeaboylocusf: That is supposed to be happening according to the HADK.16:38
lbtlocusf: we're playing with a new version of mb2 and it looks like it's needed now16:38
locusfUmeaboy: no, a different error should happen16:39
locusflbt: oh :)16:39
lbtyeah - the 2-step mb2 is now 'fixed'16:39
cxl000junnuvi, is the a source I can look at for your changes. I like to pick them up in talapia.16:39
lbtand newer versions of dhd apparently need it :/16:39
*** gogeta has quit IRC16:40
lbtthat wasn't intended ... but lets move fwd, not back16:40
locusfokay so apparently lets wait then16:40
Umeaboylbt: So what's my next step?16:40
junnuvicxl000: yes I can share of course.. but workaround is to use alsa modules so it's not best solution but seems to work16:41
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters16:42
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters16:42
lbtlocusf: in your MERSDK can you verify: sudo rpm -U
locusflbt: my mersdk is ancient but I'll give it a try16:43
lbtI've promoted to stable so it'll automatically get released soon (tomorrow I think)16:43
locusflbt: no errors16:44
lbtUmeaboy can do that too - help him do it in the right place16:44
lbtalso .. ty :D16:45
locusflbt: np :)16:46
locusfso Umeaboy do that sudo rpm thing above inside Mer SDK16:46
Umeaboylbt and locusf: That gave me no error.16:47
locusfUmeaboy: rerun the first command again16:48
Umeaboylocusf: Do you accept DCC-send here?16:51
UmeaboyI can't update my paste so I took a screenshot.16:51
locusfUmeaboy: nope, can't accept DCC :/16:51
locusfUmeaboy: don't update it, add a new one16:52
UmeaboyI have to go soon.16:53
locusfhmm still failing, I wonder why16:53
UmeaboyGotta go now. I'll be back later tonight.16:55
UmeaboySend me a memo if you find a solution.16:55
*** Umeaboy has left #sailfishos-porters16:55
locusfUmeaboy: sure, bye16:55
lbtah yes, mb2 no longer needs the .inc step - it just works on the .spec16:56
locusfah ok16:56
lbthadk needs an update16:56
*** piggz has quit IRC16:56
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*** zZz0n is now known as zon17:06
lbtbeidl: ping17:10
lbtyour manifest (correctly) points to the mer-hybris one17:11
lbtthe mer-hybris rpm/ droid-hal-device one17:11
lbtfor now can you point it to the lbt/droid-hal-device one17:11
beidllbt: pong, I'm on it17:19
lbtsomething's a bit odd in the last maguro service run too - I coulda broken it :)17:20
lbtnb - you've done a great job stripping down the manifest - 740Mb cf 1.6Gb for mako17:20
beidllbt: :)17:23
beidlbtw, repo pointing to yours now17:24
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beidllbt: what went wrong in the last service run?17:26
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lbtnot 100% sure17:38
lbtI could have been editing the script as it ran17:38
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beidllbt: \o/ great stuff19:12
beidllbt: thank you :)19:13
vakkovwhat are you guys using on your jollas for youtube videos?19:13
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Umeaboylbt and locusf: Now I'm back.20:45
UmeaboyWhat to do now then?20:45
Umeaboystephg: Are you around?20:48
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lbtOK - I've abandonded aggregatepac approach23:08
lbt should build now23:09
lbtnote that we've annoyingly got 2 per-device HA repos in the obs nemo:devel:hw:samsung:maguro:dhd for the android build and nemo:devel:hw:samsung:maguro for the mer-side packages23:10
lbt too23:10
sledgeslbt: shouldn't mer-side packages go to android:common?23:11
lbtso once the maguro one is validated (or mako) we can probably accept my dhd changes and start the sanitisation of dhd23:11
lbtmer-side but device specific23:11
sledgesyes, and android:common would have multiple repos - one per device23:11
sledgesto build against23:11
lbtandroid common would be non-device specific, multi-device but somehow not mer-core23:11
lbtif we could guarantee that all devices would change codebases in lock-step... yes23:12
lbtbut I think it's best to allow that they won't23:12
sledgeshmph i tried not to think about that23:12
lbtyou're not wrong though - in theory we could merge a lot of this23:13
sledgesyet we still have pests like ugly-patched systemd for maguro;P23:13
sledgesand i sense libhybris fragmenting due to hwc havoc (think ascend p6 et al.)23:15
lbtnot keen on that23:18
sledgeswell, so far so good, until locusf upstreams his huawey;)23:21
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