Friday, 2014-09-12

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UmeaboyAnyone have a solution to the sb2 error?01:25
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UmeaboyWhen will the SDK get updated?07:56
UmeaboyI reported a missing dir a while ago and it still hasn't been fixed.07:56
SK_workUmeaboy: --> #SailfishOS ? or are you talking about Mer platform SDK07:57
UmeaboyI suspect that it causes a compilation error in the beginning.07:57
SK_workwhich issue ?07:57
UmeaboySK_work: When you login to the HADK for the first time.07:58
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UmeaboyYou see the message "Directory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug"07:58
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SK_workhum ...07:59
UmeaboyAnd also during the start of the make -j4 hybris-hal you see awk: cannot open sdk/files/ (No such file or directory)08:00
UmeaboySK_work: Can you fix an update?08:01
SK_workUmeaboy: I, for sure cannot ;)08:01
UmeaboyThen who CAN?08:02
SK_workpoint 1 don't look like a bug for me08:02
SK_workthere are people here who might: sledges, Stskeeps etc.08:02
SK_workis point 2 a warning or an error ?08:02
Umeaboysledges is busy during the weekend.08:02
UmeaboyAn error.08:03
UmeaboyAlso I see the error collect2: cannot find 'ld'08:08
UmeaboyIt would be nice if we could use fully functional stuff when we port.08:08
UmeaboyNo harm meant.08:09
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UmeaboyStskeeps: Are you awake?08:14
UmeaboyI could use your help.08:14
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UmeaboyI managed to execute the second command on the 7.1.1 part.08:14
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UmeaboyBut it failed for some reason.08:15
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UmeaboyVi: Hi!08:20
Vi-hi Umeaboy  'zup? :?08:22
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UmeaboyNothing much. :)08:26
UmeaboyJust trying to figure out how to edit the .config file properly.08:26 I can install the build-deps from the spec-file.08:26
UmeaboyI'm using the second  sb2 command from 7.1.108:27
Umeaboyof the HADK.08:27
UmeaboyMy phone is the i9305.08:27
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UmeaboySamsung Galaxy SIII LTE if you don't know.08:27
Vi-i know, and all ok?08:28
Vi-im fixing a iphone 3gs, changing nexus 5 display and making web store xD08:30
lbt_Umeaboy: did you get the mb2 answer?08:30
Umeaboylbt: Which one?08:30
lbt_you had
UmeaboyI did the sudo rpm command and that went OK, but as I ran the sb2 command with the spec-file it failed.08:31
lbt_the screen shot is using the .inc ...08:31
lbt_now you have a newer mb2 you can just use the .spec08:32
UmeaboyYes. I restarted to check if I did something wrong and now I managed to get to the spec-file.08:32
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UmeaboyI have to edit the .config file, but don't know what to set theese values to.08:32
lbt_which value are you haveing problems with ?08:33
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lbtok - so tha'ts kernel config08:36
lbttbh I haven't got time to go through kernel config at the minute - need to get some stuff done08:37
UmeaboyI don't know what to set thoose to.08:37
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lbtwell, it actually tells you08:37
lbtAllowed values: ...08:37
UmeaboyYes, but which do I do y on?08:38
lbtyou probably need to do some research08:39
lbtwhen you run make menuconfig on a kernel then it tells you what the options do08:40
lbtso just go through that first08:40
Umeaboylbt: Should I look at the kernel config that Samsung releases in their romzip?08:43
lbtand the changes to the i9305 one08:43
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UmeaboyGotta go.08:59
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Nokius_lbt: oh just saw wiki-server has the latest Version of mysql and php5 :)09:45
lbtNokius_: I'm doing some other infra work today and then will check out the wiki09:50
Nokius_lbt: luckily mediawiki has now LTS since 1.19x09:50
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Nokius_lbt: may the Extension SecurePages will make some trouble10:00
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Nokius_lbt: LDAP/Cite needs an upgrade10:02
lbtNokius_: could you log a bug and note these things ?10:03
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Nokius_lbt: luckily sequeeze has newer packages to make an update possible10:05
Nokius_lbt. ? I check the projet pages and SecurePages10:06
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Nokius_lbt: have a look here later
Nokius_ afk for lunch10:07
lbtyep - rather than leave notes in the irc log could you add them here:
MerbotMer bug 847 in Mer Wiki "Update wiki to support CM Templates" [Normal,New]10:07
lbtthen I'll waste less time hunting them down and missing things when I do the updates - thanks :)10:08
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Nokius_lbt: okay I see10:32
Nokius_lbt: will add my comments later have to leave soon10:41
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mudnightoilhey everyone.  have people thought about Indiegogo to purchase devices for porters?  it occurred to me it could work, particularly for devices that aren't hugely expensive, but are powerful / popular10:53
mudnightoilstruck me looking at the pricing of the Sony Z3 Compact that it's likely to be very popular, as pricing is way better than anticipated ... £350 sim free in the UK.  that's £150 less than the Z1 Compact launched at10:54
Nokius_cu later10:56
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locusfnice, new update to sfos incoming11:26
stephgnot for me :/11:28
locusfnot yet I meant :p11:29
junnuviincoming.. someday.. ? :)11:31
junnuviOk, so no need to start checking updates yet :P11:37
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beidlhello, civilists12:52
beidllbt: I see build'n'copy from dhd to the device repo works now. great job12:54
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lbtit's not build+copy - it builds 'against' it - difference is that no manual intervention is needed13:03
lbtjust fyi13:03
beidllbt: so droid-hal-device in the maguro repo is just a reference to the same named package in the dhd subproject?13:09
beidlstill an OBS newbie13:10
lbthmm - where's that ?13:10
lbtwondering if it's a remnant that needs tidying up13:10
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beidllbt: might have been an illusion/too little coffee, I believe I saw that yesterday13:12
lbtnp - double checking is always good13:13
lbtcould you do me a favour and try and use those repos to make an image?13:13
lbtyou'll need both13:13
beidllbt: I figured I'd need both, will try that immediately.13:13
beidllbt: will have to set up a new target, deja-dup didn't back up root-owned files in my /home13:14
lbtta - I'm doing bz infra today13:14
beidllbt: actually I'll try those sfa build scripts, I'm too lazy right now13:15
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UmeaboyHi again!14:09
Umeaboylbt: You busy now to?14:09
UmeaboyIt's kindda odd that I get the awk error in the beginning of the make command for hybris-hal even thou I can type man awk and read the manual for it.14:11
UmeaboyI thought that if the equivalent package for it is installed that it'll get recognized during the make process.14:11
UmeaboyI type aw and press Tab and then I see awk.14:12
UmeaboySo apparently the command exists.14:12
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beidllbt: I tried to build an image, but it took my local (older) packages instead of those from OBS.14:41
lbtmake sure your local repo is not in the ks14:41
beidllbt: and iirc I need one of the local packages for an image build, i believe it was the dhd patterns rpm14:41
lbtobs is using latest dhd and your manifest14:42
lbtUmeaboy: yes, I am busy - sry :/14:42
beidllbt: Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration maguro14:45
lbttry to trim your local repo ?14:46
beidllbt: already done, trying new rebuild14:48
* beidl gets himself some coffee while waiting for mic to finish refreshing repos14:50
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beidllbt: now with only dhd -kickstart, -patterns and ssu-kickstarts-droid in the local repo I get those warnings:15:15
beidlWarning: [droid-hal-maguro-0.0.6-10.4.1.jolla] Requires [], which is not provided15:15
beidlWarning: [droid-hal-maguro-0.0.6-10.4.1.jolla] Requires [], which is not provided15:15
beidlWarning: [droid-hal-maguro-0.0.6-10.4.1.jolla] Requires [], which is not provided15:15
beidlError <repo>: Unresolved dependencies, transaction failed.15:15
lbtOK - I'll have to look at it then15:17
beidlthe dashes after (GLIBC_x.x) look suspicious15:21
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vgrade_evening all15:37
beidlvgrade_: o/15:37
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vgrade_taking the chance of some internet connection at day job as home is still not connected (BT suck)15:37
vgrade_hey beidl15:38
beidlvgrade_: horrible service, how long have you been waiting already?15:39
vgrade_ordered on 28th Aug, not going to have a connection until 25th Sept, its like going back to the bad old days of the 70's15:40
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vgrade_outgoing customer is holding onto line until 18th Sept even though I moved in on 1st Sept.  Can't do a thing about it apparently15:41
Stskeepswelcome to the future15:41
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vgrade_Stskeeps: I'm sure things are getting worse15:42
vgrade_my move has been very stressful so far15:42
vgrade_but maybe me just being a grumpy old man15:43
vgrade_how is the porting going in general?15:43
vgrade_Nokius1: sorry , missed your ping15:43
vgrade_Nokius1: do you have a link to the log?15:44
vgrade_do we have any more folks visiting xdadev:con15:44
vgrade_lbt: I'll see if I can ping for a chat on Sunday15:45
lbtvgrade_: OK - I'm out until around 6pm15:45
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lbtvgrade_: seen  and
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* vgrade_ looks15:47
vgrade_built on OBS dhd, nice15:48
Nokius1vgrade_: Hi15:48
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vgrade_lbt: 1200 seconds for a build, good time15:51
lbtyep - I got round to adding -j in the obs spec :)15:52
lbtvgrade_: headsup - mb2 has been updated and the mb2 build step no longer needs to run against .inc first15:52
lbtalso you'll need new mb2 to handle macros to avoid including OBS only buildrequires in hadk builds15:53
vgrade_lbt: ok. has anyone tried hammerhead yet?15:53
lbtnot afaik15:53
lbtI'd like to verify the lge:mako or maguro works before trying another one15:54
lbtbeidl had some issues ^^15:54
vgrade_lbt: I've been tinkering with one+ as I hope to get a demo for xdadev:con15:54
lbtand I've not looked at mako from an image Pov yet15:54
beidlvgrade_: nice. I'm thinking about how to spend my next army salary, either an actual Jolla or a device to port to... still undecided :D15:55
lbtget 'the real thing' :D15:56
beidllbt: that's what I'm gravitating towards to :P15:56
vgrade_beidl: having a real device to compare and contrast is useful.  I also saw from the backlog there has been some success with gps mw by using the jolla package15:58
beidlvgrade_: definitely. and where most people tend to scream "too low specs" I say "FREEDOM" *braveheart*15:59
beidlwell, not entirely of course, but I hope sailfish will get there some day, at least with middleware :)16:00
vgrade_anyone interested in doing some work on Intel Galieo Gen 2 board?16:03
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Nokius1vgrade_: read that some guys get surprised to run Win8 on it …16:29
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Nokius1no its only called Windows looks like a CE / embedded one16:34
vgrade_Nokius1: its gpuless out of the box so not really aimed at the mobile, tablet market.  More embedded control , IoT16:43
Nokius1I don't understand why Adruino and Intel build this one how wants a powerfull board can take on of the RP clones but may I don't get the IoT stuff16:45
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vgrade_gtg now, thats enough free internet for me16:54
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piggzvgrade: how goes nexu 1 port?18:02
Nokius1lbt: added a bit information to bug 84718:03
Nokius1may its helpful18:03
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piggzwhat is the difference between the egl platforms...and how do they interat with the qpa platforms19:03
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piggzwho is doing the nexus 7 port?19:51
piggzi see for that lipstick runs but apps crash19:51
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MSameeranyone doing sailfish for oneplus phone?20:35
MSameervgrade: sledges ^20:39
MSameerdo you know?20:39
mudnightoilthink there's a thread on xda where someone said they were20:42
* MSameer searches20:42
MSameerI just got the phone today and boy android is horribly pathetic!20:43
Stskeepsisn't it CM on there?20:43
MSameeryes but still20:43
MSameerthe central addressbook which we are all used to since N900 days is not there20:43
mudnightoilCM's ok minus the google crap20:44
locusfMSameer: vgrade is doing oneplus one20:45
MSameermudnightoil: the phone has google play so it has google crap20:45
MSameerlocusf: good to hear :)20:45
MSameervgrade: I want to join you!20:46
mudnightoildon't think CM has it by default ... One Plus (Oppo) just load it by default as most people will want it, I assume20:46
MSameermaybe that's the case20:47
MSameerguess I will wait for vgrade and meanwhile will resume working on my normal projects20:47
mudnightoilyou know what is crap, though ... Ubuntu ... I can't belive how bad the UI is :(20:48
mudnightoiland multitasking seems badly gimped20:48
MSameermudnightoil: crashed it in the first 5 minutes a year or more ago :p20:48
MSameerthe main thing I am missing from sailfish is skype but I am working on a solution for that20:49
mudnightoilall apps suspend completely by default .. it's iOS like 'multitasking'20:49
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mudnightoili was really hoping for big things for ubuntu phone ... given it's Qt / QML based and could help Sailfish20:50
mudnightoilbut it's an absolute horror show at the moment ... and I don't think there'll be any major changes before release, given that they've already branched the RTM build for Meizu20:51
MSameerwell, taste is subjective20:51
mudnightoilhave you tried it?20:51
MSameerlong ago20:51
mudnightoili don't think it really resembles the original vision ... the UI and general layout / gestures are really, really confused20:53
MSameerwhere did the HADK go!20:53
* MSameer blushes20:53
piggzStskeeps: systemd doesnt seem able to control lipstick20:55
Stskeepsin terms of20:55
piggzsh-3.2# systemctl status lipstick20:55
piggz   Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)20:55
Stskeepsit's a user service20:55
Stskeepsalso, .service20:55
piggz   Active: inactive (dead)20:55
MSameerpiggz: systemctl-user20:55
piggzahh, ta20:56
piggzwish i could get apps to open :((((((((((21:01
piggzmaybe it would be easier to port the the N9!21:03
MSameerpiggz: what are you debugging?21:08
piggzMSameer: lipstick loads ok .. but apps crash21:08
MSameerpiggz: which hw?21:08
MSameerssh and launch the apps from the command line21:08
MSameerand use gdb21:09
piggzMSameer: htc ace21:09
piggzi am sshd in21:09
MSameergdb jolla-settings21:09
MSameerwait for a crash and then: bt21:09
piggzi think it is system memory related ... dmesg prints that pmem was unable to allocate for mmap21:09
piggzbut, the bugger is the very first build i made did launch stuff21:09
MSameermight be a permission on a device node21:10
MSameerbut then how did lipstick start21:10
piggzi tried modifying the kernel to reserve more ram .... and added some printk messages to the pmem driver21:11
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MSameerpiggz: gdb or strace21:15
*** Vi- has quit IRC21:26
piggzMSameer: will get to it after a quick reboot ... seems my nemo user has a totally different envirnomen, egl_platform and qt_qpa_platform are not what they should be21:29
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piggzMSameer: jolla-settings: wayland_window.h:65: WaylandNativeWindowBuffer::WaylandNativeWindowBuffer(alloc_device_t*, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int): Assertion `alloc_ok == 0' failed.22:00
piggzto make it worse ... before i reboted it was working!!!!!22:00
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