Monday, 2014-09-15

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dr_gogeta86good morning guys07:27
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juicemeI'm having some problems with step "7.1.107:48
juicemeI'm having some problems with step "Building the droid-hal-device package" of the HADK07:49
juicemeall things up to that point build flawlessely, but this step fails. I have now tried it 3 times, wiping my /mer/ hierarchy and startingall over from downloading&installing the images... :(07:51
juicemethe problem is the second  "mb2" command07:51
juicemeAs I read the guide, the first command should fail. However, I fail the 2nd command too...07:52
juicemeHere is the output of the 1st "mb2" command:
juicemeHere is the output of the 2nd "mb2" command:
juicemeCould anybody share athought what is causing the "V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID" errors...?07:56
juicemeand, I am building for grouper (nexus7) which should be well and clear, no hitches there.07:57
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juicemeBTW, I am sorry if this ^^^ is a FAQ somewhere.... at least I could not find a clue on it...08:03
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locusfjuiceme: you have an error in your rpmdb08:11
locusfin the target08:12
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juicemelocusf, thanks :)08:22
juicemehow do I change it?08:22
juicemeand I was fairly sure to follow the guide meticulously, is there an error in there?08:23
locusfI don't have hadk with me now, search it for rebuilddb08:23
juicemeokay, thanks08:24
juicemelocusf, do you mean this: "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R rpm --rebuilddb" ?08:25
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juicemeI did that step as part of the scratchbox2 installation08:25
juicemeIll try again08:25
juicemelocusf, the --rebuilddb command did not give any output, that OK?08:29
juicemeokay, now as I go to $ANDROID_ROOT and give the 2nd mb2 command, it does not fail but actually starts to do something.... zypper tells me it's going to install 71 new pcakages.08:33
juicemeah, no08:33
juicemeit waited there for about a minute and then bailed out with "Error: RPM failed: error: /var/cache/zypp/packages/jolla/core/noarch/setup-2.8.56-1.1.3.noarch.rpm: Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID f2633ee0: BAD"08:34
juicemeseems not to like to go thru on my machine :(08:35
locusfrun that zypper ref --force too08:36
locusfon the target08:36
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juicemetarget meaning?08:36
juicemethe sb2 command, ?08:37
locusfif that doesn't work, recreate the target08:37
juicemeyeah, fails on the same thing still :(08:38
locusfthat sucks :/08:40
juicemeby recreate target, you mean "rm -rf /var/home/juice/mer/targets/asus-grouper-armv7hl" and extract the tarball there again?08:41
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cjbaylissDoes anyone here know how to set the homepage in the sailfish web browser?08:55
Stskeepssettngs -> apps?08:55
cjbaylissI only have search engine setting in there.08:56
cjbayliss(and privacy)08:56
stephgcjbayliss: it may be in about:config08:57
stephg(but that's hard to read)08:57
cjbaylissstephg: ok, so I go to about:config and I can't click the button to say 'I'll be careful'.08:58
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cjbaylissthat is the place I would expect to change it.08:59
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* cjbayliss tries rebooting his device just in case.08:59
stephgno about:config is difficult to use09:01
cjbaylissstephg: is there a way I cloud port forward it to my desktop?09:01
stephgtjc to the rescue:
stephgthe window? no it's wayland09:02
cjbaylissI was thinking with ssh port forward the server that is serving the about:config if it is using a server to serve it. (I wonder how many time I could use the word server? :-)09:04
stephgno it's internal to the browser09:04
stephgactually that tjc question doesn't seem to concretely answer it09:04
cjbaylissstephg: yeah, but it gives ideas to explore. Thanks for the link.09:07
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juicemelocusf, same thing happens again... even though I removed the target and reinstalled it from tarball...09:15
juicemethwere is now something I do not do correctly...09:15
juicemeaww, I'll have lunch now and think about what's the thing that goes wrong here :(09:16
sledgesjuiceme: why is it under /var/home ?09:17
juicemesledges, morning09:17
sledges(long time no chat;)09:17
juicemethat's cos my home lives there09:17
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sledgesbeen alright?09:17
juicemeyes, fairly good :(09:17
juicemeopps, I mean :)09:17
juicemeapart from not getting the build for grouper...09:18
sledgesjuiceme: enough disk space?09:18
juicemesure. loads. That's why my home is on /var09:18
juiceme/dev/sda5                                               884G  215G  624G  26% /var09:19
juicemebtw, I did change the directories in mer/sdks/sdk/usr/share/scratchbox2/modes/sdk-build/fs_rules.lua to /var/home/09:19
juicemebut that's the only thing I have done09:20
juicemehmm, that not correct?09:20
cjbaylissI added this commit to /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/browser/browser.qml and now I can change the home page in settings > apps > browser09:20
juicemesledges, normally on my system the /home is a symlink to /var/home, this is how I do it on all my systems09:21
sledgesjuiceme: but mersdk heavily peruses /home09:21
sledgesfor mounts09:21
juicemelrwxrwxrwx   1 root root     9 Aug 24 19:02 home -> /var/home09:21
sledgesi think lbt would frown seeing the above wrt mersdk ;)09:22
sledgeshave you used mersdk previously, for e.g. nemo targets?09:22
juicemebut as you say, I noticed this does not work for the chroot envs09:22
sledgesbecause it has to become  home -> /parentroot/var/home09:22
sledgesunder chroot..09:22
juicemeso I changed my entry in /etc/passwd to read /var/home/juice09:22
sledgesdoesn't mean you changed everywhere09:22
juicemeand all other bits work nicely09:23
juicemeI mean the mer-sdk works09:23
juicemeand android-build under ubuntu chroot works09:23
juicemeit only blows now09:23
sledgesyes, but mb2 is working with target, which doesn't seem to work09:23
sledges12:22 < sledges> have you used mersdk previously, for e.g. nemo targets?09:23
* lbt reads09:23
juicemebtw, I am able to compile/run normal small binaries under sb209:24
sledges10:55 < juiceme> Here is the output of the 1st "mb2" command:
sledges10:56 < juiceme> Here is the output of the 2nd "mb2" command:
sledgeslbt ^09:24
sledgessame after removing/readding target09:24
juicemeyes, what about those?09:24
lbtjuiceme: is /var/home symlinked?09:24
lbtjuiceme: the issue is that the SDK does a bind mount of $HOME ... if your passwd file says /var/home then you should be OK09:25
juicemelbt, yes, but I changed my paswwd home entry to /var/home/juice as the symlink thingy did not work with chroots09:25
lbtshould be OK Then09:25
juicemeall works perfectly until "7.1.109:26
juicemeBuilding the droid-hal-device packag"09:26
juicemeall works perfectly until "7.1.1 Building the droid-hal-device packages"09:26
juicemeI am reluctant to repartition my box, as it is set up so that there's only about 1.6G free on /09:27
sledgessb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R df -h .09:27
sledgesjuiceme: ^09:27
lbtjuiceme: repartition should not be needed09:28
sledgesjuiceme: get another laptop for quick test? (you can skip ubuntu parts, just make sure mb2 works first)09:28
lbtsledges: don't forget we have a new mb2 now09:28
sledgeslbt: uhm!09:28
juicemesledges, at what stage should that command go?09:28
lbtjuiceme: when you setup the scratchbox target it did a hello world09:28
sledgesjuiceme: in mersdk, any stage09:28
lbtdid that build & run09:28
lbtsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl ./test09:29
juicemesledges, okay I'll try that. Installing on other laptop, about how much space needed for sb2 only?09:29
lbtthat's a really good sanity check that essentially sb2 is setup and OK09:29
sledgesjuiceme: those are two separate things09:29
sledges12:24 < juiceme> btw, I am able to compile/run normal small binaries under sb209:30
sledgeslbt: ^09:30
lbtjuiceme: hold off on that laptop09:30
lbterror: rpmdbNextIterator: skipping h#      47 Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID f2633ee0: BAD09:30
lbtjuiceme: did you have a quite old, pre installed Mer SDK09:31
lbtsledges: is the problem09:31
lbt(you probably saw that!)09:31
alinsledges: hi... you back09:31
juicemelbt, the downloads are by the HADKv209:32
sledgeslbt: yes, but what is rootcause? new mb2 or home on /var?09:32
sledgeslbt: as re-adding target didn't help09:32
sledgesalin: ahoj!09:32
* lbt finishes reading backlog09:33
lbthome on var shouldn't be an issue09:33
alinsledges: new mb2 probably not... as I tested it with clean09:33
lbtjuiceme: when did you install the mer SDK ?09:33
alinjuiceme: look through the readme of this09:33
alinjuiceme: shall do all things for you... maguro shall work09:34
lbt[15/09/2014 10:32] <juiceme> lbt, the downloads are by the HADKv2  << does that mean a brand new Mer SDK too ?09:34
juicemelbt, just this morning (the 3dr time this week)09:34
lbtok - that's fine, ty09:34
juicemealin, what do you mean?09:35
lbtit feels like there's something wrong with the target09:35
lbtmaybe qemu09:35
juicemeyou sure it's not my having all under /var/home/juice ?09:36
alinjuiceme: that script with the proper parameters... will build you an image for maguro09:36
lbtI'm not 100% sure about that09:36
juicemesledges, chowned to juice09:36
alinjuiceme: and allows you to specify random paths for mer and ubuntu09:36
sledgesjuiceme: there're many steps to init a target (grep groups >> etc...)09:36
lbtI found it very hard to write a general purpose09:36
lbtrelocatable SDK install/setup script09:37
juicemesledges, all done meticulously following the HADK09:37
sledgesjuiceme: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R df -h .09:37
sledgesso what does this one say for starters?09:37
juicemeI did that, in /var/home/juice/mer/android/droid09:38
juicemeno, sorry09:38
alinlbt: we wrote it is not so compilcated...09:38
sledgesjuiceme: and then pls paste output: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper in repomd-pattern-builder09:38
juicemein /parentroot/var/home/juice/mer/targets/asus-grouper-armv7hl09:38
sledgesjuiceme: i'm just interested in paste09:38
sledgesdoesn't matter which dir09:38
sledgesjust stay inside mersdk09:38
lbtalin: it's not - but it's not automatable09:38
lbtalin: my stuff is installed in /srv09:39
juicemesledges just entered the last command, still doing stuff09:39
alinlbt: you missed me there...09:39
juicemejust a minute, I'' laste the output09:39
lbtalin: it's not that complicated to have a non-$HOME MER_ROOT - I do it; but I haven't written it up due to being too busy :)09:40
lbtalso I forgot exactly what I did09:41
alinlbt: yap... but you do not have to... we wrote one already...09:41
lbtthe script ?09:41
alinlbt:  yap09:41
alinlbt: dmt mainly...09:41
lbtyeah - convert that to documentation and we're good09:42
alinlbt: would be nice to integrate all in the obs but I suspect that may take while09:42
alinlbt: has -h09:42
lbtno, I'm not interested in documenting the script - that way lies madness09:43
juicemesledges, here you are:
lbtI'm interested in documenting what it does09:43
alinlbt: hadk09:43
alinlbt: is aligned with the second hadk09:44
juicemesledges, that make any sense?09:44
lbtalin: right - so if you can provide text we can use to add a section to hadk to support non $HOME installs, that's good09:44
alinlbt: plus one extra think like using the obs repo09:44
alinlbt: ok I will speak with dmt as he wrote that part if he wants to do it09:45
lbtsee - dmt4 is a fork of sdk or ubu-chroot09:45
lbtwhich is a real PITA09:45
juicemeaaa... got to run to a meeting noow09:45
lbtas it means yet another thing to support09:45
juicemewill try more later,09:45
lbtjuiceme: np - it will work09:45
alinlbt: that I think can be merged09:45
alinlbt: ubu-chroot or something was not really nice at passing arguments09:46
lbt*nod* ... it is now09:48
lbtanyhow ... gotta go - need to do some bz work09:48
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alinlbt: ok... we will test it09:49
alindmt: lbt says ubuchroot is nicely behaving now... so we do not need to have the patched one09:50
lbton the OBS this command is executed:    ubu-chroot -r /srv/mer/sdks/ubu "cd %android_root; source build/; breakfast %{device}; rm -f .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml; make %{?_smp_mflags} %{?hadk_make_target}%{!?hadk_make_target:hybris-hal}"09:50
dmtalin: trying to see what/where was the patch09:51
alindmt: ubu-chroot-fixed-cmd-mode09:52
dmti remember now the ubu-chroot did not execute properly09:52
sledgeslbt: what if juiceme installs remaining required packages without errors like he did with ?09:53
dmtlbt alin: ok09:53
sledgesstill errors out on NOKEY though but gets pulled in..09:54
* sledges bbiab09:54
stephgcjbayliss: cool09:54
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sledgesuh oh lbt12:45
sledges<peshko> and we encountered a problem -
sledges12:24 < sledges> 10:55 < juiceme> Here is the output of the 1st "mb2" command:
sledgesi think new mb2 is knocking at our door12:45
lbtsledges: yeah - dhd was supposed to be back compat but it isn't12:59
lbtmandatory mb2 upgrade I think13:00
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kimmolisailfish this >
stephgsailfish all the things!13:22
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sledgesthat's some nice looking piece! what does the back of it resemble to you? ;)
sledgesnice find kimmoli :)14:02
sledgessilly links ;)
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energycsdxanybody knows why mediaplayer started muted?15:29
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dmtlbt: have you put ubu-chroot from the link above in the mer/ubuntu archive?16:01
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sledgesenergycsdx: after every reboot?16:17
sledgesdmt: what linky?16:19
lbtdmt: yes - today (I'd forgotten)16:28
*** sletta has quit IRC16:33
dmtlbt: i'll try again then16:39
lbtdmt: it's only in testing atm16:39
dmtsledges: a github link with fixed ubu-chroot16:39
energycsdxsledges: already found a reason why16:39
dmtlbt: ok16:39
lbtdmt: could you confirm it works and I'll push to stable16:39
sledgesenergycsdx: good man, upstreamable fix?16:40
energycsdxno i just miss to install one package16:42
energycsdxwhat i need to do to have ALS and PS sensors working?16:43
sledgesenergycsdx: does accelerometer work yet?16:43
energycsdxsledges: no, i didn`t even try to make it work16:44
energycsdxwithout proximity sensor it is inconvenient to make calls16:45
sledgeswell, in mako no sensors work except accel16:46
sledgesmain reason being - no proper exposure via evdev16:46
energycsdxaccording to table, maguro have PS working16:48
sledgesthat one is most probably visible under /dev/input/event*16:48
sledgeswhat input devices do you enumerate?16:48
energycsdxi have /dev/input/event0 name tsl2772_proximity and /dev/input/event1 name tsl2772_als16:51
energycsdxfrom evdev_trace16:51
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dmtlbt: get stuck trying to execute the ubuntu setup16:55
dmtlbt: i notice it has some suspiciosly specific thigs in the new ubu-chroot16:56
dmtlike /parentroot/usr/share/ubu-chroot/mer-ubusdk-bash-setup16:56
lbtouch - I wonder if I pushed the wrong branch16:57
dmtis there something wrong with the simple fix i put in?16:57
lbtI didn't see one16:57
lbtthe version I have now needs to work on OBS too16:58
lbt(and that hard codes the ubu root to /srv/)16:58
lbtsince there's an ubu-trusty package now16:58
lbt(but since it's hardcoded it's not ideal for people to use atm)16:59
lbtdiff ?16:59
lbt is mine17:00
dmtbuilding out of /home needed some more work so i didn't bother17:00
lbtyeah, this is a bit hardcode for now: exec bash --init-file /parentroot/usr/share/ubu-chroot/mer-ubusdk-bash-setup -c '$*'"17:01
lbtthe problem I found is that ENV is not passed through due to how we do sudo17:02
lbtthat was a bit stupid of me though17:03
lbtthanks for testing and finding it :)17:03
dmtif you come up with a fix i can try it again17:03
lbtI'm trying to upgrade mer bz atm so ....17:03
dmtno worries, whenever..17:04
lbtI need to fwd port some patches to support mer ldap - once I do that I'll look at it17:04
piggzi have a kernel that works on the ace, with apps working!17:11
piggzmay need some help plugging other bits in17:11
sledgespiggz: upped the GPU mem? \o/17:12
*** iGhost has quit IRC17:13
*** iGhost has joined #sailfishos-porters17:13
piggzsledges: no ... a hack which shouldnt work but does!!17:14
piggzmy first ever kernel kernel mod, and im not proud of it!17:14
sledgesdirty dirty :))17:17
piggzsledges: im gonna try the same hack on the cm-11 kernel, and if that works i'll roll with need to make it work without using /sbin/hotplug for uevent (touchscreen) then i thought plugging the wifi into the gui would be good17:20
sledgespiggz: but what about apps crash fix?17:20
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters17:21
piggzsledges: you want me to explain it .... get ready!17:21
piggz1. pmem allocated ram on startup17:21
piggz2. when apps crashed, i noticed kernel messages relating to pmem_mmap unable to allocate memory on pmem17:22
piggz3. i added debug messages to pmem.c to see what was happening17:22
piggz4. i noted that the first mmap always succeeded .... but also noticed that the amount mapped was == the total reserved, nomater how much i reserved17:23
piggz5. the fix.....17:23
piggz6. track the return from the alloc and store in variable pgz_hack17:23
piggz7. when the alloc fails, return pgz_hack17:24
* lbt notes that #3 is "I added print statements" .... which is always the sign of a good hack17:24
piggzwhy it works i dont sure apps should be overwriting the memory of eachother!17:24
* lbt is trying to find where his bugzilla print statements go right now17:24
sledgeswhy does it try to re-alloc whole amount every time? and does the alloc first time 'round succeed?17:25
piggzsledges: yes, first is ok17:25
piggzafk for 10 mins!17:25
sledgeswell, the param to alloc the whole mem needs to be traced back (backtraced ;P add int i = 3/0; and enable kernel debug output to show backtraces ;)17:40
*** alin_ has quit IRC17:42
piggzsledges: mem is mapped for every app open ... im assuimg it is something to do with the gpu driver as apps would never use pmem themselves, its a hardware limitation of the device17:43
sledgesstracing an app could do17:44
sledgeslooking for pmem, and which lib it originates from17:45
piggzsledges: its a kernel driver for android17:48
piggzmust be the gl17:48
*** zZz0n is now known as zon17:49
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos-porters17:56
sledgesyes, but it will still go through libhybris fabric17:57
sledgesand bottom line they are c function calls17:57
sledgestrace is lost when a driver sends messages/calls to GPU, and GPU itself would then ask the kernel back for some mem18:02
sledgesstill interesting, what invokes first pmem request down the stack (at least which kernel layer/driver)18:02
sledgesi wonder what's happening in cm, as you said18:03
piggzsledges: the first pmem call seems to be the touchscreen events18:03
piggzmy elegant piece of work!18:04
piggzhow do i go about plugging the wifi into the gui? (thought id try that to install strace, instead of bridging through the usb)18:04
sledgesis interface up?18:07
*** carepack has joined #sailfishos-porters18:10
*** carepack is now known as carepack_18:10
piggzsledges: no, im not sure which interface it is ... gu doesnt see it18:12
*** carepack_ has quit IRC18:17
*** uvatbc1 has quit IRC18:17
juicemelbt, ping18:21
juicemesledges, ping18:21
juicemeokay, I tried something different, but it still didi not work.18:21
piggzsledges: wifi works with cm11 kernel :)18:21
juicemeI have another machine that I have my home in /home/juice18:21
piggzmy list of working stuff is increasing! vibreation also works ok18:21
piggzi will have to update with wiki with some green!18:22
juicemebut that machine has not got enough hdd to get the full android build there.18:22
juicemeSo, I just installed mer sdk & jolla target there18:22
juicemeand tried to mount the android dir via NFS to it from my original build machine.18:22
juicemeWell, the mount goes OK when I run in normal mode, but I am unable to mount it when running in chroot sdk evn :/18:23
juicemechroot sdk env, I mean18:23
juicemeSo, any thoughts, what should I try next?18:24
*** filippz has quit IRC18:25
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:26
*** Tassadar has quit IRC18:30
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:36
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:36
juicemealin, ping18:38
alinjuiceme: pong18:39
juicemealin, any new thoughts on my problem...?18:39
alinjuiceme: I have no idea what is your problem18:39
juicemesorry then, I incorrectly remembered you gave some advice to me earlier18:39
juicemeah yes, actually you did, regarding compiling for maguero18:40
alinjuiceme: yap... suggested you to try the script18:42
*** sletta has quit IRC18:42
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos-porters18:43
juicemealin, am looking at your repo on, which script is it exactly?18:44
alinjuiceme: read readme18:44
alinjuiceme: fullbuild.sh18:45
juicemedo I just dump all the scripts of the repo in a directory under my home and run them there?18:46
juicemeand does it automatically fetch the mesdk, ubuntu-thingy and do the android repo sync?18:47
juiceme(sure I need to first config it to use grouper in my case...)18:47
*** alin has quit IRC18:48
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:49
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:49
alinjuiceme: yes does all the work by itself18:49
juicemeok I'll give it a go18:50
alinjuiceme: just use absolute paths in your home for mer and android root18:50
alinand backup your .hadk. .mer... and othe rones18:51
juicemeyes, just copying my conf to backups18:52
alinjuiceme: remove them18:52
alinthe script will create the proper ones... I hope18:52
juicemeyes, that I meant, not copying, moving18:52
*** sletta has quit IRC18:53
juicemealin, I need to edit the hadk.env probably, to put mu y device&paths here?18:55
juicemealin, as the hadk.env has "export MER_ROOT=${MER_ROOT:-${HOME}/sfa-mer}", does this understand OK that my $HOME is /var/home/juice/ ?18:59
juicemeso I need not define it elsewhere?18:59
alinjuiceme: no18:59
alin./fullbuild -h18:59
juicemeah, ok19:00
alinin readme is an example for nexus519:00
alinjust change vendor and device19:00
alin./ -mer-root nexus5 -android-root nexus5/droid -device hammerhead -vendor lge -extraname dmt -sfrelease -jobs 8 -branch hybris-11.0 -dest nexus519:01
alinall nexus5 can be replaced by absolute paths where you like19:01
alinthe breanch may be 10.1 for hybris...19:02
alinshall be in hadk but you already know that by now19:02
alinextraname is your call19:02
*** cestdieg- has quit IRC19:02
alinalso you may need to bash19:02
juicemealin, do I need the -extraname parameter?19:05
*** alin has quit IRC19:05
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:05
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:05
alinjuiceme: does not hurt19:05
juicemealin, do I need the -extraname parameter?19:05
juicemedoes not matter what I put there19:06
alinjuiceme: noope19:06
juicemeOK, now running it... crossed fingers19:07
juicemestarted first download19:07
juicemeI guess I'll just need to let it run for the rest of the night, maybe on the morning I'll have an image :)19:08
juicemeBTW, what does it create, the full installable SFOS image for my nexus?19:09
juicemealin, ?19:09
alinjuiceme: probably if succesfull19:10
alinjuiceme: will ask you for root password at one moment19:10
alinbe suer you have enough space19:10
alinand will take a while to download close to 20GiB19:10
juicemethere's 624G, hope that's enough :)19:11
alinjuiceme: yap19:11
juicemethat's why my home's on /var19:11
alinjuiceme: echo $HOME19:14
alinjuiceme: no idea what linux do you have?19:14
juicemedebian 7.619:14
juicemeit's just my typical way of setting it up, since at least 15 years I've been using mostly Debian.19:15
alinok... dinner time19:16
juicemesmall boot partition, then swap, then largish /usr and finally all that's left for /var19:16
juicemeyes, thanks.19:16
piggzat this rate, Sailfish/ACE could be my daily driver!19:17
juicemethe script seems to be going like it should, on another download now. Did dl&install the set of RPMs19:17
juicemeallright, now already syncinc repo. That'll take something like 4 hours if I recall...19:18
*** alin has quit IRC19:21
*** pulser_ is now known as pulser19:33
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*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters20:08
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:10
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:10
alinjuiceme: any success?20:13
juicemestill syncing repo20:13
juicemewith my net connection it takes ~4..5 hours20:14
juicemedownloaded 7.8G now20:15
juicememmh I'll call it a night and come back tomorrow to see if my shiny new image's ready... :)20:16
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters20:16
beidl_otgo\ hello civilists20:18
Umeaboysledges: You around now? If so, welcome back. ;)20:19
*** beidl_otg has quit IRC20:22
*** Sequenced has quit IRC20:22
*** beidl_otg has joined #sailfishos-porters20:22
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*** lbt has quit IRC20:25
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters20:25
sledgesUmeaboy: thanks :)20:30
sledgesbeidl: o720:30
*** lbt has quit IRC20:33
alinbeidl: hello20:34
alinso... how many eggs left to break?20:34
alinsledges: when is the storm?20:34
alinthis week?20:34
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters20:37
Umeaboysledges: Would it be possible to adapt the process to only fit a certain device so the wrong config-file won't be used?20:40
UmeaboyGotta go.20:42
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC20:42
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*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos-porters22:56
marxistveganhey folks this is being repeated from a post in #sailfishOS ...22:57
marxistveganhey folks for those that are working on android devices to install on is the Galaxy Nexus Maguro a good one or is the Nexus 4 better?22:57
*** Guest6890 has joined #sailfishos-porters23:12
Guest6890hi, i'm thinking about using sailfish on my nexus 4, but i'm not shure about the app support.23:14
Guest6890i know that android apps don't work23:14
Guest6890but what about the native sailfish os apps?23:15
*** Guest6890 is now known as rdsfsadf23:15
*** rdsfsadf is now known as Guest689023:15
Guest6890ah, this protection :)23:15
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