Tuesday, 2014-09-16

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Umeaboysledges: Have you fallen asleep?02:46
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Umeaboylbt: Are you awake?04:20
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stephgpiggz: /media/sdcard07:10
juicemealin, ping07:19
juicemejust checked the result of the running script07:19
juicemeand, surprise, it has failed at the same point as my manual compilation.07:19
juicemewhat on earth is going on here... :(07:20
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Stskeepssledges: https://github.com/libhybris/libhybris/pull/23611:09
Stskeepsnow you don't need to unmount debug anymore11:09
Stskeepssitu: ^ as well11:09
situvgrade: ^ so finally we got to the root of it.11:10
sledgesgreat, we need to patch mer-hybris/libhybris11:12
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rbnhi, i'm testing the sailfish os port on nexus4..11:19
rbnshould i report bugs in the bugtracker?11:20
sledgesrbn: hi and welcome aboard11:21
sledgessure you can, but pls briefly describe them in this channel first11:22
rbnone thing i've noticed are ui-freezes11:22
rbni've taken a look at the output of top via ssh, but there was nothing unusual11:23
rbnat least i guess so11:23
rbnand the freezes mostly happen when having more than 4 apps open11:25
sledgesrbn: yes im aware, it's even in relnotes, but probably worded wrong, pardon me:)11:25
rbnah ok :)11:25
rbni've restarted everytime, does it unfreeze after a while?11:25
sledgesjust needs to flex the muscle:)11:26
rbngood.. then i'll wait the next time :)11:26
sledgesit happens whe wlan+gsm is n, and phone is asleep for some time11:28
rbnwlan seems to be problematic everywhere :D11:29
sledgesit's due to netd+connman running  at same time11:29
sledgesyou could easily stop netd and see if improves11:29
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sledges(netd is is redundant there but is needed at boot)11:29
rbnah, was about to ask what netd does :)11:30
sledgessame as connman, but for android11:30
sledgesso really obsolete. but it handles wlan firmare load t boot11:30
sledgeswhich needs to be done separtely, and that's the fix11:31
sledgesyet needs to be tested first to confirm the theory11:31
sledgesyou think you could test that?11:31
rbnas long as it doesn't brick my phone11:32
sledgeshaha, never heard of bricked  n4 in this channel11:32
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rbnfrom logging into the phone via ssh i've got a more linuxey feeling from sailfish, compared to android, so i think i can give it a whirl11:33
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sledgesrbn: that's the spirit11:33
rbnso, what should i try?11:34
sledgesps ax | grep netd11:35
rbnshould i kill it? ;)11:36
sledges/system/bin/stop netd11:40
alinsledges: but if not needed... cannot we cook a systemd service to stop it gracefully?11:40
alinsledges: before conman starts?11:40
rbnok, stopped it11:41
sledgesrbn: not in ps ax anymore?11:41
rbnnope, it's gone11:41
stephgpfft sledges and your BSDish command options ;)11:41
rbni only use "ps aux".. muscle memory ;)11:42
sledgesrbn: job done, go live life until ui starts stuttering again;) then come back here:)11:43
rbnthat was easy ;)11:43
rbnah, great port btw.11:43
sledgesstephg: hehe11:43
sledgesalin: a one ioctl .c  binary is needed instead;)11:43
sledgesrbn: thanks!11:44
alinsledges: interesting on n5 we do not have it11:45
sledgesdifferent wlan fw load method11:45
alinsledges: good... good...11:45
alinwhat do you think about a nice way to kill telnetd?11:45
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* lbt thought telnetd only runs in debug boot12:34
lbtare we not moving past that?12:34
OrmodBTW what's the status on Nexus 5 of the camera? Any hope of getting that working?12:37
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sledgesOrmod: yes ofc, but not soon12:38
Ormodsledges: I'm just wondering what the issue with it is12:39
sledgesandroid camera HAL version12:39
sledgesMSameer knows it all12:40
Ormodsledges: ok, just curious. Thanks12:40
sledgesnow i agree with mudnightoil about enabling HW experts meet devices12:42
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sledgesmarxistvegan: maguro vs mako: http://bit.ly/port-devices-status12:43
marxistvegansledges: thanks12:49
marxistvegansledges: yesterday it was said that nexus 4 is the only one with an official one12:50
sledgesthis boundary has diminished, as jolla helped in other devicse, as well as community helped for mako so12:52
MSameerOrmod: someone needs to write code to glue the recent android hal to gstreamer12:53
stephgsledges: I guess it's still a best effort thing though12:54
sledgesstephg: without bluetooth;)12:54
marxistvegansledges: well that is good to know12:54
stephgI mean it's shiny that someone wants to buy you a phone but if it proves to be unportable or there are problems, I see community dessent too12:55
MSameeris vgrate still MIA ? :/12:55
flyserSince I just finished my thesis and have more time, has there been any progress on adreno phones like the photon q?12:55
stephgsomeone said his DSL was down12:55
sledgesflyser: apparently htc desire is adreno and just works with =fbdev12:56
sledgeskudos to piggz12:56
sledgescould it be photon q + find5 are using display-caf insted of display ?12:57
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flyserwhat is display-caf?12:58
sledgessuch thing as https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_display-caf12:58
flyserwhat does caf stand for?12:59
sledgescheck what's under your hardware/qcom/display*12:59
sledgesflyser: http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2014-08-29.log.html#t2014-08-29T14:42:5613:00
sledges(my convo with Konsta)13:00
sledgeswe blindly tried https://github.com/libhybris/libhybris/commit/2b033500079a85e02916e618e76578f0cd802680 with Nokius on find5, no luck13:02
sledgeson find5 we also (quick) tried libhybris mods that Stskeeps gave to locusf for ascend p613:03
sledgesno luck13:03
sledgesso needs proper investigation, where those buffers get lost on their way to fbdev13:04
locusfseems that p6 + vivante is a completely different beast13:04
sledgeswe just blatantly assumed some generic fix lurking there, now at least we can get those out of the way13:04
sledges(not forgetting that fb virtual console works on photon q, as discovered by oh1jty)13:05
locusfso no one else has tried the null wayland commit yet than that on find5?13:07
sledgesis it worth it?13:08
OrmodMSameer: you wouldn't happen to have a link to the previous HAL version gstreamer glue code?13:09
locusfwell it might make stuff easier on p6, probably, so without using the patched libhybris13:09
locusfhaven't gotten time to test it yet13:09
sledgeslocusf: this is updated libhybris with nullws patch: https://github.com/Nokius/libhybris/commits/master13:10
MSameerOrmod: github.com/sailfishos/gst-droidcamsrc13:10
locusfsledges: ours (mer-hybris) or upstream?13:10
sledgeslocusf: ours13:10
sledges(see submodule;)13:10
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locusfsledges: its the upstream one13:12
locusfhe squashed it forward13:12
sledgeslocusf: yes, it's updated (i thought you're asking if it's hybrisized one, silly me;P)13:13
locusfI'd like to see a clean mer-hybris with that nullws applied13:13
locusfI'll fork it13:13
sledgeswhy don't you need the rest?13:13
sledgestoo many extra vars?13:13
locusfyeah, it might be that upstream libhybris couldn't work on these devices13:14
locusfjust a hypothesis though13:14
locusfa simple cherry-pick might do13:16
locusfdamn mb2 changes13:26
sledgesyes, seems to break dhd13:26
sledges...Boolean thing?13:26
locusfcheck pastie13:26
sledgesare you in a right dir?13:27
sledgesit's submodules so13:27
sledgeshadk says steps for libhybris13:27
sledgescd libhybris/libhybris13:27
sledgesmb2 -s ../rpm/lib....13:27
locusfI tried that13:28
sledgesand you did git submodule update ?13:29
sledgestry to compile another pkg13:31
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sledgeslbt: i think this will be quicker for you to fix ^13:39
sledgesand ^^^13:39
sledgesi can look into that, if you're busy now13:39
lbtpastie the spec13:40
sledgeswell, libhybris13:40
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lbtare these tar_git setups ?13:42
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locusfat least glacier-home is13:42
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* lbt wonders if mb2 has mutated13:44
locusfmy mersdk host is in KVM guest running Ubuntu 14.04, with mer sdk setup from august first release of HADK13:44
* sledges fires up the rack13:44
locusfwith your latest package providing mb213:44
sledgesdhd still needs fixin anyways13:44
locusfthe package was from mer testing13:45
locusfor something13:45
alin_sledges: then how comes I have seen not issued?13:47
sledgesalin_: yet juiceme has13:47
sledgeswith script system13:47
sledgesmaybe because he started fresh?13:47
alin_sledges: e?13:47
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sledges10:19 < juiceme> just checked the result of the running script13:48
sledges10:19 < juiceme> and, surprise, it has failed at the same point as my manual compilation.13:48
alin_sledges: ok... strange... I did not see anything like that with the one in my branch13:49
alin_sledges: let me try it13:49
sledgeslocusf: zypper info sdk-utils13:51
locusfsledges: http://pastie.org/955892113:52
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sledgeslocusf: sudo zypper in -f http://repo.merproject.org/releases/mer-tools/rolling/builds/i486/packages/noarch/sdk-utils-0.62-1.2.1.noarch.rpm14:03
sledgesfor now14:03
locusfsledges: yeah, works now14:05
beidlhello hello guys14:09
beidlsledges: o/14:10
beidlgot some spare time, anything that needs some work/help? :)14:10
sledgeshow is maguro living?14:13
energycsdxbeidl: does maguro support ALS and PS sensors?14:14
beidlother than gps, camera and video playback fixes everything works :)14:14
beidlenergycsdx sledges: ^14:15
sledgeswhere did you get stuck with video playback ooi?14:15
energycsdxbeidl: did you do something to make it work?14:16
beidlsledges: iirc MSameer has a potential fix, we just didn't have time to try and debug14:16
energycsdxhttps://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/tree/hybris-10.1/device-samsung-maguro-configs i see nothing special here14:16
beidlenergycsdx: nothing special needed, the middleware just works with the HAL14:16
beidlenergycsdx: are you having a problem on a special device?14:17
MSameerbeidl: me? potential fix?14:17
beidlMSameer: deadlock after playback14:17
MSameerI recall that issue14:17
MSameerdid I have a fix ? :D14:17
beidlMSameer: I think... I believe... I... dont know :P14:18
MSameeri think I do too...14:18
beidlMSameer: I remember you having something ready but I was gone14:18
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energycsdxbeidl: yes, i have sensors in evdev_trace output, but they don`t work14:19
beidlenergycsdx: maybe a permission error?14:19
energycsdxi don`t think so14:20
energycsdxalso when i run evdev_trace -t i see only touchscreen events14:21
beidlenergycsdx: depends on the ALS device being an event device to userspace14:21
locusfgrr my p6 doesn't have telnet anymore :/14:21
locusfit used to but I have tried with both ip addresses14:22
sledgeslocusf: get into recovery14:22
locusfsledges: probably just needs a kernel reflash14:22
energycsdxi think sensors should be turned on some how, proximity sensor for sure, it have LED that is turned on during call14:22
beidlenergycsdx: you mean the screen backlight? or notification LED?14:23
energycsdxbeidl: no it looks like proximity sensor and ALS is the same device, it do proximity detection by turning on small red (infrared?) LED and measure lighting14:25
beidlenergycsdx: sure, but it depends on how your device/kernel exposes functionality to user space. which phone are we talking about here?14:27
energycsdxbeidl: xperia L14:27
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sledgesflyser: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/1rt9md/eli5_what_is_caf_why_is_cm_going_caf_affects_the/14:28
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locusfsledges: revived :)14:37
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locusfalso nullws patch didn't help on my p614:50
locusfapps don't just launch14:50
locusfhmm they do launch but alas no window to be seen14:52
vrutkovs_locusf: same stuff on flo btw. Did you try the latest PR merged today?14:55
locusfvrutkovs_: to which component?14:56
vrutkovs_locusf: libhybris upstream, https://github.com/libhybris/libhybris14:57
vrutkovs_my wild guess is that https://github.com/libhybris/libhybris/commit/d4cdc398ada5a96c1cfa98a42812595ba4d7a692 should help14:57
vrutkovs_locusf: also checking logcat would give some info: for me kgsl sometimes crashes14:57
locusfvrutkovs_: yeah I have seen the crashes on vivante as well, but it normally works like now it does14:58
locusfnot sure that the commit you linked would help as I'm going with EGL_PLATFORM=null now14:59
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vrutkovs_locusf: okay, I'll take a look today15:03
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rbnmaybe the wrong channel, is there any possibility to merge contacts?17:23
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sledgesrbn: nice you're indulging yourself into the OS. Say hello to the whole #sailfishos community there17:24
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sledgesrbn: pulley menu in the contact -> "Link"17:25
rbnyes, i'll better do that17:25
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rbnshutting down netd seems to really have fixed the freezes btw17:26
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situHow many people think "The Qt Company" is a pathetic name ?17:34
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rbni think its cute :P17:38
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beidl_sledges: it's "jolla-store-for-maguro?"/annoying-sledges-again time :)20:06
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl20:06
stephgbeidl: you need a theme20:14
beidlstephg: need to produce something then. 30 secs max. else the viewers would get bored fast.20:15
*** mkosola has joined #sailfishos-porters20:19
stephgyes it has to be catchy20:20
stephgand annoying20:20
beidlstephg: but most of all: annoying20:24
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stephgand repetitive20:32
stephg*and* annoying20:32
beidlstephg: this seems to come close (also in a "WTF" kind of way): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9wipZFDoHQ#t=5820:34
beidltheres so much wrong with the internet, sometimes20:35
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stephgbut, not cachy enough20:38
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piggzno sailfish poerting tonight.... this instead :) https://flic.kr/p/pdAdm522:08
piggzso, i'll answer my mailing list post tomorrow evening :)22:09
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sledgesmade my day (from sailfish-devel) read bottom-up: https://pastee.org/kpzud22:25
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alinsledges: wth?  you get into absurd theatre?22:26
alinsledges: by the julia is a synamics programming language22:27
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:27
sledgesbeidl: i'll try to do my best (it won't be easy as you can see from the time-stretch already)22:30
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sledgesalin: i do admire the name Julia, sadly your dyn programming language took the name first, so we can't re-baptise Jolla:)22:40
sledgespiggz: MSameer: sailfish-devel ml is for os+app developers, not for porters. sdcard answers can be found on TJC22:46
sledgesinvoker vs cmdline: check what is under /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-config.conf22:47
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sledgespiggz: needs to be: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/commit/d9e5afb01820adcccfe54a65800f014a24dc308322:48
sledgessailfish-porters-devel - such mailing list doesn't exist:) so just ask here or file a bug about hw-specific things22:49
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sledges(but have to admit i like that even all devel ml now knows we're brewing something;)22:52
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