Wednesday, 2014-09-17

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juicemealin, ping04:46
juicemealin, running the still fails on my system... even though I did change things around that my home is now where everybody else keeps their homes (/home/juice) and no funny business with symlinks.04:47
juicemealin, there is the last part of the build log, after android repo has been synced:
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piggzsledges: ah, so you prefer ot to use the ml?  (a -porters ml might not be a bad idea for non-real-time comms)05:36
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juicemesledges, ping06:18
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juicemehowcome, in the most-current Mer SDK there is no longer sdks/sdk/usr/bin/ubu-chroot script at all...??08:33
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juicemeJust downloaded the latest snapshot from
juicemehow are you supposed to launch the ubuntu env without that...?08:35
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Umeaboysledges: You here?09:06
juicemeUmeaboy, no-one here exept us wolves... this morning at least :(09:07
juicemeru an expert?09:07
UmeaboyAfter I added the repo and changed the permissions I went in to the HABUILD_SDK and as it entered chroot as my kristoffer I saw this message: sudo: unable to resolve host localhost.localdomain09:07
UmeaboyAny special command to use to fix it?09:08
juicemecos I ran into something... seems that the latest Mer SDK images have no ubu-chroot any longer :(09:08
juicemeUmeaboy,aa that's reasy to fix09:08
Umeaboyjuiceme: OK. Start from the beginning and I'll try to help you.09:08
juicemeyou need to copy your /etc/hosts into the /etc/hosts of your chroot09:09
juicemeUmeaboy, well my problem is; as I follow the HADKv2, when I get to the point of where I should enter the HABUILD_SDK ubuntu chroot, the script to do that is missing in the latest MER SDK images... and I have no old images left so I cannot copy it from there...09:10
UmeaboyOK. I have slimmed the HADK to fit my needs more, but it still does the same as the original.09:11
juicemeallright, do you have any clue what's the script to enter the ubuntu chroot?09:12
junnuviubu-chroot is part of android-tools package09:12
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juicemejunnuvi, wot?09:13
junnuvijuiceme: see section 4.3 on document09:13
juicemejunnuvi, I thought it came from mersdk09:13
junnuvisudo zypper in android-tools createrepo zip09:14
juicemejunnuvi, ah now I get it! what I did, is I cleaned up my build-user home totally and started all over from start, I forgot that bit!09:14
junnuviok, good09:14
juicemeof course09:14
juicemestupid stupid me09:14
* juiceme goes to corner in shame09:14
UmeaboyLook at my HADK:
juicemeUmeaboy, what's the difference?09:16
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Umeaboyjuiceme: Mine has no information about the commands. :)09:17
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junnuviall unnessessary bullshit removed :P09:19
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* lbt headdesks09:20
Umeaboyjuiceme: Yes. ;)09:22
Umeaboyjunnuvi: Yes. :)09:23
UmeaboyI wish that we in the future can get seperate repos to init to build for the right device.09:23
UmeaboyI initiated the proper repo for i9305, but it was missing the manifest.xml09:24
UmeaboyI'm trying out new solutions since I haven't been able to finish with the ordinary HADK yet.09:24
UmeaboyFor instance....... When you run source build/ there's no sh-file for i9305, but for mako there is.09:26
UmeaboyI have created my own repo for i9305 that hope would only contain stuff needed for that phone and nothing more.09:27
UmeaboySame with the kernel as well.09:27
UmeaboyThat would help to make it smaller.09:27
Umeaboyjuiceme: Would this command fix the host issue? echo " $HOSTNAME" >> $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu/etc/hosts09:30
juicemeUmeaboy, entry for already exists IMHO09:31
juicemeyou need to add
juicemesomething like;  echo " $(hostname)" >> $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu/etc/hosts09:34
Umeaboyjuiceme: Adding to my HADK............ :)09:39
juicemegood :)09:39
UmeaboyTo make Java 6 JDK recognized when running make hybris-hal I should do PATH=~/usr/bin:$PATH when I'm in the HABUILD_SDK, right?09:46
Umeaboyjuiceme: ^^09:47
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UmeaboyEven thou the file exists I get this error running the echo command -bash: /sdks/ubuntu/etc/hosts: File or directory does not exist09:52
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sledgesjuiceme: still struggling with mb2 errors btw?11:08
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Umeaboylbt: Are you busy atm?11:35
lbtin general it helps to ask specific questions11:44
Umeaboylbt: If you read my entire pastebin to see if I have made anything wrong, can you find anything I shouldn't do so I can correct it?11:46
lbtsorry no, I think you're going to cause more problems than you solve :)11:46
Umeaboylbt: Well, that's not my intent.11:47
lbtnow there's another set of instructions that we have to keep an eye on11:47
lbtI know, I really do :)11:47
lbtbut will you personally help everyone who follows your guide?11:47
UmeaboyBecause no matter what I do I end up stuck on the same place.11:47
lbtor will we all have to say "which guide did you use?"11:47
lbtI would *love* to see "follow the HADK and on page XX do "blah" instead of "blahblah"11:48
lbtthat way we could update the main HADK and have the whole DRY thing going11:48
Umeaboylbt: As the HADK still end up at the same place, what can we do?11:50
lbtdoes your guide work ?11:50
UmeaboyYes, to the same spot.11:50
lbtok - so a better use of both our time is to explore fixing that problem?11:51
UmeaboyI also added some extra instructions to get rid of the Java-problem.11:51
lbtso, instead of copying and adding11:51
lbtwrite something which is more like a patch11:51
lbt"follow the HADK and on page XX do "blah" instead of "blahblah"11:51
lbtdo that for the java problem11:52
lbtand then lets investigate the blocker11:52
Umeaboylbt: But I've come to the same error no matter which way I choose.11:52
UmeaboyThe reason is because the wrong kernel config-file is being used.11:53
UmeaboyEven thou you wrote on the first 5 lines which device you're building for.11:53
UmeaboyI do think the spec-file is responsible for that as well.11:53
lbtI think that's the manifest for i930011:54
UmeaboyBecause I have no errors until then.11:54
lbtwhich needs a fixed kernel config iirc11:54
lbtand that's just porting work11:54
lbtclone the repo, modify it properly, do a PR11:54
lbtclone the repo, modify it properly, verify it builds, do a PR  :D11:54
Umeaboylbt: I made my own i9305 repo on github.11:55
UmeaboyJust haven't uploaded anything to it yet.11:55
lbtyou can modify it in-place in your repo sync'ed area11:56
UmeaboyDoes that actually fix the problem forever or just for the moment?11:56
lbtwhen you've fixed it locally you can commit, push, rebuild, verify, MR11:57
Umeaboylbt: Yes, but the find-function in gedit doesn't find the parts that are unset so what do I do then?11:58
UmeaboyI marked the name of the part that's unset and searched and I come close, but not the right thing.11:58
lbtthis assumes you know your way around a kernel build and re-config11:58
UmeaboyFor instance I looked for this in .config: CONFIG_CGROUP_PERF11:59
UmeaboyCan't find it.11:59
Umeaboy are the stuff that needs to be changed.12:00
lbtand your kernel config?12:00
Umeaboylbt: Is THIS the right file?
UmeaboyOr this:
UmeaboyIt looks like the latter.12:02
UmeaboySeems like is missing much stuff.12:04
lbtquick google of  CONFIG_CGROUP_PERF  gives  which suggests looking at CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS  which  is not set12:05
lbtso that's like 30s work12:05
UmeaboyI didn't know which link to trust, that's all.12:06
lbtI know - but lkml is usually sound12:06
lbtand use it to make educated guesses or follow through - the defconfig file is *not* a .config12:07
Umeaboydef means default, right?12:07
lbtso when your kernel builds you need to find the .config it produces (hint - the spec verifies it so uses it)12:07
lbtread that actual .confi12:07
lbtkinda ... afaik the def_config is a base config and make config will enrich it to update it according to kconfig12:08
lbtso ... plenty of hints there - go have a dig and ask for help after you've done at least 5 different google searches to try and find an answer :)12:09
UmeaboySo after the first sb2 command I go to edit the config?12:09
lbtyou already did the HABUILD make droid-hal ?12:10
lbtthat should have built a kernel and a .config12:10
UmeaboyIf you mean make -j4 hybris-hal then yes.12:11
UmeaboyAnd yes it did.12:11
UmeaboyJust don't know exactly were to look.12:12
UmeaboyGotta go.12:12
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alinsledges: testing testing testing12:55
alinsledges: now I am curious to reproduce the failure12:55
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alinsledges: ping13:48
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sledgesalin: pong, but me limited availability in next hour14:05
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beidlhello guys!14:30
alinsledges: no problem... found a silly issue... seems rpm does not like rebuilddb in the new sb214:33
alinbeidl: hi14:33
beidlalin: o/14:34
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alinsledges: so practically the rpm database is focked up14:39
alinerror: Unable to open /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc for reading: No such file or directory.14:39
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alinsledges: alarm passed... solved it... broken downloadn14:50
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sledgesalin: but currently possibly all hadk users are broken by
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beidl_sledges: o/15:06
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sledgesbeidl: finally can tell you a firm date: store discussions won't happen until next week15:12
beidlsledges: haha :D alright :)15:12
sledgesnow, onto other priorities then;)15:13
phdeswersledges: btw do you still need to update usb-moded by hand?15:23
beidlsledges: might take a last look at ofono if nobody got time to help15:23
beidlsledges: oh and maybe I'll port over ubuntus mtp userspace daemon to sailfish15:23
alinsledges: no... jsut build it now works15:26
alinsledges: ok... the inc part is not needed as far as I remember15:27
alinsledges: now I am testing that set15:27
alinsledges: I used the dhd from obs15:27
alinphdeswer: no if you build against the dhd repo15:28
phdeswerbeidl: let me know if you succeed. I only had a quick look and did not seem obvious how to get that to build15:28
beidlphdeswer: what issues did you face?15:29
phdeswerbeidl: none yet. It just did not seem to be configure, make...15:29
sledgesalin: which sdk-utils version in mersdk?15:30
alinsledges: I will check now build the kernel15:30
phdesweralin: well I just don't know if the latest version made the dhd repo. Found and fixed a problem with the internet connection sharing/USB tethering.15:30
alinphdeswer: yap it made it for hammerhead15:30
alinphdeswer: I do not know about the others15:31
alinphdeswer: the point is that the newrelease shall be out soon15:34
phdesweralin: so its version is 0.80.7 now?15:35
alinphdeswer: i | usb-moded                                   | package | 0.80.4-10.1.1.jolla | armv7hl | nemo:devel:hw:lge:hammerhead (sailfish_latest_armv7hl)15:36
phdesweralin: So it's not. Well not a big deal. It's just that wifi will stay deactivated after turning off USB tehtering15:37
alinphdeswer: if you can speak with sledges you can push in the the repo15:37
phdesweralin: yep, that's why I asked him ;)15:38
beidlphdeswer: seems ubuntus mtp daemon depends on dbus-cpp which is not in the mer repos. I'll take a look at it in detail, I wonder why it would need dbus anyways15:38
phdeswerProbably to communicate with something else (like a content tracker or so)15:39
beidlphdeswer: communicating with the greeter15:39
phdeswerWell if it is just that it could probably be patched out easily15:40
* phdeswer looks up the repo again15:40
sledgesphdeswer: we keep usb-moded for hammerhead and others separately, so currently it's all fragmented:
alinphdeswer: sledges I think the update is almost thre15:40
alinthere... I see strange things... and I did nto drink anything15:41
phdeswersledges: no problem. Just wondering.15:41
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alinsledges: ok... it fails in     mb2 -s ../rpm/libhybris.spec -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build16:32
sledgesalin: that's another issue16:37
sledgespiggz: hi, -porters ml is an option, but we already have bugzilla, i can make you area owner so you are cc'd automatically16:39
sledgesand anyone else who's interested16:39
piggzsledges: i was wondering what to concentrate on next ... invoker problems maybe?16:40
sledgesarnav-g: pm me your email then16:41
sledgespiggz: did you see the commit i gave you to check?16:41
arnav-g`/query sledges16:42
sledgesalin: just build dhd instead, we need to reproduce that parse..Boolean problem first16:42
sledges(doesn't matter that libhybris isn't built yet)16:42
sledges(dhd doesn't depend on it, just realised /me hides)16:43
piggzsledges: i see it, what is it needed for?16:44
sledgespiggz: to fix apps launching not launching via invoker, but launching via cmdline16:44
sledgespiggz: adding you to default cc list in bz, using email you wrote to sailfish-devel, k?16:45
alinsledges: I cannot reproduce it16:46
alinsledges: remove the .inc16:46
alinsledges: is probably coming from there one sec to double check16:46
piggzsledges: ok .. both my emails point to the same account ... forwards to ... gmail sends from ... however, my blackberry doesnt have such an option, and sends from, which is a pita sometimes!16:47
sledgesyou ok with these emails now being in logs for robots to spider?;)16:47
sledges(i know someone who know someone who can adjust logs;) just btw)16:48
piggzi figure gmail will filter my spam anyway :)16:49
alinsledges: so the parse error is from there... innocent anyhow16:49
sledgesyeh, probably in this day and age googling someone's email yields myriad of hits:)16:49
sledgesalin: thanks ofc16:50
sledgesjuiceme: ^16:50
sledgesskip the first (.inc) mb2 essentially16:50
alinsledges: anyhow... was a line with this error is expected... and is non fatal...16:51
alinsledges: anyhow now to real problems16:51
sledgesyes, just that it's worse now, and people with that problem get SHA BAD with mb2 on .spec thereafter16:51
sledgesso it's not over;)16:51
alinsledges: ok.. I did not see that one16:52
alinsledges: the one I get mb2 fails... expects tar.bz2... practically wants to build the rpm kosher16:52
alinsledges: so this fails for them   mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build16:53
piggzsledges: is there a way to get the modified servicemanager into the install .zip file yet?16:53
sledgespiggz: yes!16:53
sledgesPRs are there16:53
sledgesalin: and that's the bug that crept between sdk utils 0.62 and 0.6416:54
piggzsledges: yes! files and browser now load :)16:54
sledgesalin: wanna look into it?16:54
sledgespiggz: \o/16:54
alinsledges: the libhybris one?16:55
sledgesalin: the .tar.bz2 one16:55
sledgeson them all packages apparently16:55
alinsledges: ok... this is what I was doing...16:55
sledgeswe're badly fookt:)16:55
sledgesalin: thanks16:55
alinthe strange thing is that is fine for .spec16:55
alinthe one I put before16:56
sledgesis it? 19:53 < alin> sledges: so this fails for them   mb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build16:56
alinsledges: that one builds16:56
alinsledges: without any issue16:56
alinsledges: we have both sdkutils16:56
sledgesprobably dhd works and libhybris not due to URL missing? see vs
alinsledges: I will see now16:57
alinsledges: I need the spec not the inc16:59
alinsledges: the url makes not difference16:59
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sledgesso if you create an .inc for libhybris, thing's will work?:))17:00
*** energycsdx has joined #sailfishos-porters17:00
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piggzsledges: pr created for ace env variables17:02
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piggztested browser, doesnt load (says to relaod) bu slashdot works17:02
piggzi'll have to make a video!17:02
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piggzwould love to have a working .zip to post on xda ;)17:03
piggzsledges: under 'developer options' should i be able to set up 'allow developer updates' ?17:04
sledgespiggz: and
sledgesthanks to Nokius117:05
sledgespiggz: no you shouldn't be able to set that up:)17:05
piggzsledges: thats ok then :)17:05
sledgespiggz: merged
piggzI noticed that not all required packags were installed by default ... eg qt5-qtdeclarative-import-positioning17:06
sledgespls review other PRs17:06
alinpiggz: yap... all declaratives are missing17:07
piggzand qt5-qtdeclarative-import-qmlscene17:07
sledgesqt5-qtdeclarative-import-positioning is needed only by (working) jolla-camera17:07
piggzsledges: i know, i installed it, but camera still doesnt work, havnt looed why ... the app loads but shows black17:07
piggzi need to get sound working also17:08
piggzand sdcard mount17:08
sledgespiggz: camera needs lots of per-device love17:09
piggzsledges: in what way17:09
sledgesgstreamer essentially17:09
sledgesnot even using jolla-camera as such for now, just gst command lines17:10
piggzi'll try for audio first :)17:10
sledgesto first sort video playback, camera will be easier to debug after update9 is out17:10
alinsledges: update9... when is that... 9 is over almost17:10
alinany news on gps?17:11
sledgesno news, busy times17:11
piggzoh yeah, i wondered if there was a simple app to show gps data17:11
alinpiggz: which device?17:12
piggzalin htc desire hd17:12
piggzlets see if sd-utils fixe more stuff17:15
piggzi probably should list these in my kickstart file?17:15
sledgesand pray for libhybris gods17:16
sledgesand your handheld's vendor;)17:16
sledges(preferably as root)17:16
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alinsledges: I am on it...17:22
alinsledges: not far away17:22
alinsledges: one error away17:22
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alinsledges: done17:36
sledges\o/ what was it?17:39
alinsledges: the spec wants the tar.bz217:40
alinsledges: in the same place with the .spec17:40
alinsledges: now let me try to put it in few lines of code17:40
sledgesso which commit broke it?17:40
alinI will have to go home soon17:40
sledgesin sdk-utils17:40
alinsledges: I have no idea I did nto check that...17:40
alinsledges: I took sdk0util as a black box17:40
alinsledges: just fixed it17:40
sledgesgit blame will do:)17:41
alinsledges: I mean fixed the build17:41
sledgesyep, tell me which line17:41
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Umeaboysledges: Would you consider helping me to make a repo for i9305 with only related material for future use?17:46
UmeaboyJust wondering.17:46
sledgesUmeaboy: is in your local manifest isn't it?17:47
sledgesbut it should be17:48
sledgesis how you build it17:48
*** zZz0n is now known as zon17:49
*** arnav-g_ has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
*** uvatbc has quit IRC17:49
sledgesUmeaboy: ah no sorry, it's in
sledgesbecause it's one of legacy supported devices17:50
sledgeslike mako is there too17:50
Umeaboysledges: Yes, but I'm planning to use my own repo that I made. :)17:51
*** arnav-g has quit IRC17:51
sledgeswhat is the current status-quo not pleasing you?17:52
*** arnav-g_ is now known as arnav-g17:53
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
alinsledges: that is the solution17:59
alinsledges: and you need this before the mb2 line     tar -cjf rpm/libhybris-${version}.tar.bz2  libhybris-$version18:03
alinsledges: can you try it and let me know if works18:03
alinmaybe from the solution you can see what change happened in the sdk18:03
alinand who is guilty18:03
alinhave to go now18:04
alinsee you later18:04
*** alin has quit IRC18:12
*** ernesti has joined #sailfishos-porters18:18
Umeaboysledges: Well, I don't like that the instructions from the HADK doesn't work for i9305 as standard. That I have to change something to make it work. That's why I wanted to make my own repo with only related material in.18:33
UmeaboyAnd NO, I'm NOT angry. :)18:33
UmeaboyJust a bit disappointed and lazy.18:33
UmeaboyIf people tell me to use the HADK I expect the stable one to work til the last row.18:34
*** PhompAng has joined #sailfishos-porters18:34
UmeaboyThat I don't need to touch any files.18:34
UmeaboyThat's NOT my job as I'm not a developer.18:34
UmeaboyI'm only a packager.18:34
UmeaboyWith low selfconfidence and selfsence.18:35
*** iGhost has quit IRC18:35
UmeaboyNo harm meant.18:35
beidlif you want to do hardware adaptation/porting you are supposed to be a developer18:35
Umeaboybeidl: Right, but I think you missunderstood me when I said porting.18:36
UmeaboyAll I wanted was to use the current instructions and install the zip in my phone to become a tester.18:36
*** ernesti has quit IRC18:37
piggzsledges: does this look like working gps?
piggzto add packages to the .zip, do i list them in the %packages section under the @Jolla configuration .... ?18:42
beidlpiggz: looks like your GPS is trying to get a fix. if positioning works it should print the longitude and latitude at the bottom of the output18:43
*** lbt has quit IRC18:47
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters18:47
piggzbeidl: it now looks like
*** hurrian has quit IRC18:54
*** krnlyng has quit IRC18:55
Umeaboybeidl: Have I made something wrong in my simplified HADK?18:55
UmeaboyLet me know if you find any errors or misstakes.18:56
UmeaboyAs all theese instructions come from the official HADK I think it SHOULD work.18:57
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos-porters19:00
Nokius1I did what ?19:03
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC19:05
*** piggz has quit IRC19:05
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:05
piggzbeidl: ah:19:05
piggz*** location callback19:05
piggzflags:  2319:06
piggzlatitude:       54.81657119:06
piggzlongtide:       -3.14831919:06
piggzaccuracy:       50.00000019:06
piggzutc:    -211537587019:06
*** arnav-g has quit IRC19:08
beidlpiggz: there you go :) did it take so long to get a fix?19:08
piggzbeidl: dont know how long ... i left it next to the window tho to get a better signal19:25
piggzsomething else to update to Y on the wiki!19:25
Nokius1sledges: But it can't be impossible to hock up the gpu Ubuntu got it to work but they have a different stack ….19:27
UmeaboyI'd love to see the missing dir in the SDK root bug fixed soon thou. ;)19:33
UmeaboyIt can't be that hard to add it.19:33
UmeaboyI COULD add it myself, but I don't want to break something as I don't know how commits affects the current setup.19:34
*** rbn has joined #sailfishos-porters19:40
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alinsledges: ping19:59
*** lbt has quit IRC20:00
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piggzsledges: those PRs for servicemanager .. is there not also a change needed to install the serviemanager in the correct location?20:50
*** zon is now known as zZz0n20:55
*** swex has joined #sailfishos-porters21:11
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alinjuiceme: hi21:37
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos-porters21:42
piggzkeep an eye on my twitter feed/google+ ..... uploading first video on Sailfish on the ACE :)21:48
piggzGuhl, sledges, vgrade ^21:48
piggzoff to zzzzzz now21:48
piggz~20 mins21:49
*** javispedro has quit IRC21:53
Guhlpiggz, c you and thanks again!21:54
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC21:55
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*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters22:37
sledgespiggz: yes, recompiled servicemanager always appears under /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin22:43
sledgesthen only init.rc change fetches it from there22:43
sledgesalin: well, shoving in a tarball is just to keep the broken mb2 happy22:46
sledgescommits needs checking between version tags though22:46
alinsledges: probably they enforced source checking22:48
alinsledges: the bad bit is that even with local build I still get a failure... related with patterns22:49
alinsledges: I pushed the script up22:49
alinWarning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-configuration-hammerhead-0.0.6-201409172208.noarch requires pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-0.0.6-201409172208.noarch[adaptation0-hammerhead-]22:50
sledgesaand what's the rootcause?22:52
alini have no idea22:53
alinsledges: is there a git for that mb2?22:54
alinsledges: I suspected I try to intall some stupid package22:54
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:55
sledgesalin: it's in sdk-utils repo22:58
sledgesas in, search for sdk-utils in build.merproject.org23:00
sledges(or maybe you can extract URL property from an .rpm ;)23:00
sledgesas bmo seems to sleep atm23:00
alinWrote: /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/droid/droid-local-repo/hammerhead/repodata/repomd.xml23:02
alinException AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'px_proxy_factory_free'" in <bound method ProxyFactory.__del__ of <libproxy.ProxyFactory object at 0xf707150c>> ignored23:02
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC23:02
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