Thursday, 2014-09-18

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juicemelbt, hi08:08
lbtmorning all08:08
juicemesledges, yes, I am still stuck but to a different place now.08:09
juicemelbt, as it hapened I was stuck for some time in HADK cahpter 7.1.1 "Building the droid-hal-device package" where I had problems about update not recognizing signatures. I had my home directory in /var/home/juice which might have caused some scripts to go awry...08:12
juicemehowever, I changed my home to /home/juice, and at least that step seems to pass thru, but I get errors now about kernel options08:13
lbtmix of good/bad :)08:13
juicemeyes :)08:13
juicemelbt, see the errpr here:
juicemeI mean, why is it "verifying kernel config" in the first place?08:17
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juicemeI kind of thought the kerne's been built earlier, in HADK step 5.2 "Building Relevant Bits of CyanogenMod"08:19
juicemelbt ^^^08:19
lbt_hmm I think my line dropped08:20
lbt_so essentially you need to work on your device def_config08:20
lbt_use the .config produced in the out/ dir in the build phase08:20
lbt_as a guide08:20
lbt_the kernel tree is pulled in by the manifest for your device08:20
juicemeso I need to check that config against the values it is crying of, and recompile the kernel?08:21
lbt_so you need to point to a suitable one (ie fork and fix)08:21
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juicememmh, but I thought as I am using a device that's supported already (grouper) it would automagically pull in the correct kernel optiosn?08:22
juicemelbt, is this the one I need to check against: ./out/target/product/grouper/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config08:24
juicemelbt, additionally there's lots of configs in ./kernel/asus/grouper/arch/arm/configs/08:26
juicemelbt, okay, now I see it. The config I shoud modify is kernel/asus/grouper/arch/arm/configs/cyanogenmod_grouper_defconfig, right?08:30
juicemelbt ^^^08:30
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lbtsounds right (was making coffee)08:35
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lbtjuiceme: no, fork the kernel, modify the def_config and use that09:38
juicemeyou do mean I need to pull newer kernel from git and use that?09:39
lbtafaik we've not introduced anything which needs a 'new' kernel09:40
juicemeI did fix the defconfig on the parts that I could, but there's some features not in the current kernel that need to be defined...09:40
lbtSage_: you were working on kernel_check ... did we raise the minimum kernel version?09:40
lbt(he may not be around)09:40
juicemeso it'd be possibly OK if I fix the parts of the config I can, and just fake the missing entries?09:40
lbtno need .. sec09:41
juicemeby faking it, I mean: just put the config keys in the defconfig to fool the buildscript check09:41
juicemealready done that, building :) :)09:42
lbtyou plonker09:43
lbtwe *used* to have  %if %{without mer_verify_kernel_config}  in the .inc09:43
lbtso you could specify that on a per-device basis if you knew you didn't pass the test ... kinda "I know what I'm doing, just build"09:44
lbtbut 'used to'09:44
juicemeokay, so at some point it was removed, ?09:44
lbtit was09:44
juicemewell, I'll first try this out, it might be it works, you never know :)09:45
lbtyeah - otherwise just comment out the check in the .inc file09:45
lbtas a 'for now'09:46
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juicemeokay, built it :)09:48
juicemelessee if the check passes!09:49
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Guhlcan somebody please help me with the message09:49
GuhlFatal: htc-vision-armv7hl is an invalid sb2 target09:50
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Guhlthat I receive in Step "Building the droid-hal-device packages"09:50
Guhlrunning either the command09:50
Guhlmb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/ build09:50
juicemelbt, now I am again in HADK step "7.1.1 Building the droid-hal-device package", should I give both "mb2" commands?09:50
Guhlmb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -s rpm/droid-hal-$DEVICE.spec build09:51
lbttry just the spec one09:51
juicemeGuhl, youre in same place as I am right now :) :)09:51
Guhlahh juiceme you seem to be at the same step :-)09:51
juicemelbt, thanks09:51
Guhlwhat device are you porting for?09:52
juicemeam doing grouper (asus nexus7 model I)09:53
juicemeand you?09:53
juicemelbt, it went thru!!!!09:53
juicemeI got 12 RPM's as result, that OK?09:54
lbtsounds about right09:54
Guhljuiceme, HTC Desire Z aka T-Mobile G209:55
juicemeGuhl, okay. Have you tried first some of the "more supported" devices, like I am doing with grouper?09:55
Guhlup to now i managed to get the boot and recovery built and running (can telnet into the bootloader)09:55
juicemeI thought of first practicing with this, before moving to open waters :)09:56
juicemelbt, thanks. I need to run now, but I'll continue later :)09:56
Guhlwell i did work on the Vision a lot and i have 3 spare of them09:56
GuhlOK I think i got my mistake. I messed up somthing when setting up the Scratchbox2 target10:05
Guhlthe mer sdk has quite a learning curve for someone coming from android10:06
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sledgeslbt: fix:
sledgestbh reading "if without mer_verify_kernel_config" sounds counter-intuitive10:19
Sage_lbt: juiceme: those should be only warnings. There should not be errors on those. Also you most probably see (some) of those after enabling some of the requirements10:19
lbtsledges: ty :)10:20
Sage_lbt: and no we did not raise kernel version requirement though we still dont even require any specific kernel but just certain options. Meaning people can freely backport patches to enable some options if they want10:21
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lbtsledges: I think the logic needs a bit of thought - it should work without being defined and we should only define "without_verify_kernel_config" to 110:22
lbtSage_: yep - just a sanity check  (I thought not)10:22
lbtSage_: I also think we may need some "how to handle def_config_*" docs10:23
sledgeslbt: agreed, this bcond_without is a flaky logic per se :)10:24
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morphissledges: ping11:28
sledgesmorphis: pong11:30
morphissledges: you have bluez4 running on sailfish right?11:31
morphisI am currently seeing problems with suspend when hciattach is running11:31
morphisit causes the kernel to hold two wakelocks for the serial line to the bluetooth chip11:31
morphiswonder if you have/had a similar problem11:31
sledgesi can ask11:31
morphissledges: great, who is responsible for this?11:32
sledgesone sailor, talking to him now11:32
sledgeswhich device?11:32
sledgesmorphis: ^11:35
morphissledges: see PM11:35
alinsledges: Warning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-configuration-hammerhead-0.0.6-201409172208.noarch requires pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-0.0.6-201409172208.noarch[adaptation0-hammerhead-]11:35
alindid you create new patterns which are not accessible I cannot understand where it gets these jolla ones11:36
sledgesalin: you know what to do;)11:36
alinsledges: I already disabled all the bloody packages11:36
sledgesalin: nah, sec11:36
sledgesalin: 2nd part of 8.411:37
alinsledges: I create the pattern with the helper11:37
sledgesbottom of page 2411:37
alinsledges: blimey...11:40
alinsledges: and tried all the bloody packages11:40
sledgesjust a 3to4-stage subsitution and you find the offending one11:41
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alinsledges: slowly I am going... seems the local repo is not found I am rebuilding it now12:10
alinlbt: I was looking in some sdk-util git.. .and seen you broke it12:11
lbtyep - testing version is broken12:11
alinlbt: I did not spot where.. but I can see you the solution... for mb2 to work again12:11
lbtI need it to work on both OBS and in hadk12:12
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alinlbt: I have a version working hadk style12:12
vakkovwhat's up guys12:12
vakkovgreeting from Uxbridge!12:12
alinlbt: I do not know about obs12:12
vakkovhas anything new happened in the past 4 days12:13
lbtis it a patch against the latest git version ?12:13
sledgesvakkov: hey! mb2 broken, otherwise
alinvakkov: did you walk?12:15
alinvakkov: anyhow we have a workaround12:15
sledgeslbt: alin: the diff between mb2s is huge, and the bug is somewhere in between:
alinso nothing to worry too much12:16
vakkovlol :D nope, was busy settig up my new life here ;)12:16
alinvakkov: in england is simple.. find the local pub12:16
alinand that is all...12:16
alinyou may need a chippie if they do nto do food... or you want to save some money12:16
lbtwhat's the error anyhow?12:17
vakkovlol, those english guys can't drink for sure12:17
sledgesit's looking for tarball12:17
sledgesand alin: shoveling a tarball for it is not a good workaround;)12:17
sledgesjust sayin'12:17
alinsledges: it gets me a rpm... at least is not critical anymore12:18
sledgesit's a good kludge, yes;)12:18
vakkovso update 9 is still not out?12:18
alinvakkov: no12:20
alinsledges: lbt i suspect something changed in the parameters for rpmbuild12:21
alinmake it to want the .tar.bz212:21
sledgesalin: mb2 is python, should be quick to find12:21
sledgesit isn't python12:21
alinsledges: looked last night I did not see it.. .is bash12:21
sledgesa simple script12:21
sledgessame good then12:21
sledgesbash -x does miracles ;)12:22
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alinsledges: I know.. one thing I have seen changed OPT_SPEC from TEMP_SPEC12:24
alinI will look to see in the end12:26
sledgesme too12:28
sledgeshaving both mb2s on board will ease to trace why one wants tarball, other doesn't12:28
sledgeseasy done with zypper in -f sdk-utils-$VERSION bit12:28
alinsledges: line 316 is the one in the new mb212:30
alinsledges: ok... now finds the setup dir from the setup tag and cd is there12:46
alinin the past did not do that12:46
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alinsledges: which is what I did12:47
alinnow I want to see the tar.bz2 issue12:47
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sledgesalin: problem is in sb2 yep13:06
alinsledges: not only...13:07
alinsledges: sb2-monitor? what is that?13:10
sledgeswhatever it is, it is the one looking for tarball13:10
sledgesit's a binary13:10
sledgesand doesn't launch itself from anywhere else but an sb2 sandbox13:10
sledgeswhich is part of scratchbox2 package, now things start not to make sense a bit, but i keep digging13:12
sledgesprobably it's in some config scripts that tarball lookup is enforced13:12
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sledgesalin: you were right, rpmbuild is looking for that tarball13:24
sledgeswill compare exact cmdlines of its launch13:27
alinsledges: they are identical... but a define for number of jobs13:34
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sledgesalin: fixed13:38
*** blackjack4it has left #sailfishos-porters13:38
sledgesremove --target=$build_tgt13:38
sledges from /usr/bin/mb2 line 31413:39
alinsledges: i know where it is...13:39
sledgesnow to investigate why...13:39
alinbut why would you want to remove it?13:39
sledgesbecasue it's not there in the working one13:39
sledgesthis is not a solution, a workaroudn in the meantime though;)13:40
alinok... there is in quite few other places13:40
sledgesas is said13:40
sledges16:39 < sledges> now to investigate why...13:40
* sledges goes to git blame13:40
sledges(commits, not people;)13:40
sledgesis something to do with sailfish sdk13:43
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alinI remember reading somewhwre13:46
alinarmv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi about adding that in a config13:46
alinotherwise things will break13:47
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*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos-porters13:51
sledgeswell it adds only the armv7hl-meego-linux part of it13:52
sledgeswhich config i wonder13:52
sledgesand also, it's not as target13:52
sledgesright, now i remember what you're on about13:52
sledgesecho -n "@ARCH@-meego-linux" > /etc/rpm/platform13:53
sledgesin .ks13:53
sledges    # Without this line the rpm does not get the architecture right.13:54
sledgesand it is in, so unrelated probably13:54
sledgesalin, proper fix thanks to kaltsi:
MerbotMer bug 848 in Other "mb2 is looking for tarball" [Task,New]13:59
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alinsledges: that is bloody old... the patch14:02
sledgesremember how old 0.62 was :P14:03
sledgesyet it worked;)14:03
sledgesuntil we touched:))14:03
* sledges goes for food14:04
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sledgesalin: could you check if that patch does not regress anything?14:11
sledgeslbt: how many patches (if not all) we want to accept?14:11
alinsledges: give me some time... in the middle of some crap14:14
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alinsledges: ok... let us see14:20
alinsledges: I miss somethign that is a rpm patch14:22
alinsledges: I will need to install that rpm from there?14:22
alinsledges: mer-core testing is what we install14:23
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GuhlHello has somebody got time to help me with a maybe noob mer-sdk problem that is that sb2 does not find files14:25
Guhli.e. the command14:25
Guhlsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl gcc main.c -o test14:25
Guhlresults in14:26
Guhlarmv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc: error: main.c: No such file or directory14:26
Guhlof course the file main.c exists and is read/writable by the current user14:27
alinsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl cat main.c14:28
Guhlno such file or directory14:29
sledgesalin: it's rolling not testing14:29
sledges(probably copied from testing if you say)14:29
alinsledges: ok... so you want the rpm build against it?14:30
alinGuhl: so is not there...14:30
alinGuhl: try sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl ls14:30
alinand check spelling did not hit again14:30
Guhlor maybe i try try sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl pwd14:31
Guhlsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl pwd -> /mnt/dev0214:32
sledgesalin: and rpm package is in release repo, not testing14:32
sledgesGuhl: just put it under #HOME14:32
Guhlsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl ls -> ls: cannot open directory .: No such file or directory14:32
Guhl/mnt/dev02 is the users home14:32
sledgesoops then14:33
sledgessb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl14:34
sledgesshould give you shell14:34
alinGuhl: probably you missed a cd14:34
alinor so14:34
Guhlit does give me a shell and is in /mnt/dev0214:35
Guhlbut ls still cant access .14:35
sledgeswhat does mount say?14:36
Guhla lot :-14:37
sledgesit's all about $HOME not being /home14:39
Guhli assumed that but i can't do that14:40
sledgesjuiceme had same problem14:41
sledgessymlink helped iirc14:41
Guhlthe internal ssd of this notebook does not have enough space14:41
sledgessymlink then14:42
Guhlwell i could try to symlink /mnt/dev02 to /home/guhl14:42
Guhlbut i already tried that but then the ubuntu-chroot did not bind that correctly14:42
alinsledges: building it locally14:42
alinI see the 026 patch is missing14:43
Guhlto i really need this ubuntu-chroot ?14:43
Guhli built about 1000 android roms with my local toolchain14:43
sledgesalin: thanks, i could not find mer-core:devel repo available anywhere, it's just quirky:)14:43
alinsledges: is not built14:43
Guhlbut i'll try again14:44
sledgesalin: not on obs, but im sure it exists somewhere:)14:44
alinsledges: done14:44
sledgesGuhl: you can try without ubu-chroot, but don't expect support if something fails ;)14:44
Guhlthats fair enough14:45
sledgesi.e., if i see you error is something i've never seen before, i'll blame ubu-chroot-lessness ;)14:45
Guhlif i manage to run in a problem with mer that you've never seen before i probably have a serious problem anyway14:46
sledgesi've seen that;)14:46
alinsledges: ok works14:48
alinsledges: i rebuild all the stack now...14:48
alinsledges: anyhow that does not solve my page 24 issue14:48
alinor let us see14:48
alinalin: after putting the proper name for the @14:49
alincomplains about packages I have in the droid-local repo...14:49
alinso I do not know what to say14:49
sledgesalin: paste14:49
alinsledges: slowly14:49
sledgesalin: pls update that mer bug14:49
sledgesthat you sideloaded a patched rpm (only 0026 or them all?)14:49
alinsledges: all of them14:50
sledgesofc would be good to test the whole build system14:50
sledgesbut looks promising, muscle flexed enough for starters14:50
alinsledges: I git clone the git from the service14:50
alinfrom the deve14:50
alinthat cloned a lot of crap...14:50
alin4.9.1 and so on...14:50
alinreverted to the old ways of building mw14:51
alinand they build14:51
alinwith target inside the mb214:51
sledgesin short, rpm from devel builds14:51
alinsledges: even better: git://
alinthis one... forgot to checkout the strange revision14:53
alinsledges: yes...14:55
alinInfo: marking pattern jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead 0.0.6-201409181447 to be installed14:56
alinWarning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-0.0.6-201409181447.noarch requires droid-hal-hammerhead, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: droid-hal-hammerhead-0.0.6-201409181447.armv7hl[adaptation0-hammerhead-]14:56
alinand before you ask the local repo is here
sledgesdid you do createrepo?14:59
sledgesand does your target have it?14:59
sledgesin ssu lr14:59
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alinthe thing is that the sb2 has more than I would like inside15:03
alinwhich I do not like15:03
*** beidl has quit IRC15:04
Guhlsledges, so i symlinked the home directory and changed the path for MER_ROOT15:04
Guhlnow the sb2 works15:04
Guhland the ubu-chroot does not follow the symlink15:05
sledgesalin: did you do zypper ref on target?15:05
sledgesand again, did you run createrepo in that local-repo folder?15:05
alinsledges: yap ad nauseam15:07
alincreaterepo $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE15:09
alinsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install ssu ar local-$DEVICE-hal file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE15:09
*** arcean has quit IRC15:09
sledgesalin: remove/disablethe 2nd (remote) repo15:09
alinsledges: yap... thats is bad... is there a way to remove all the non-kosher repos?15:10
alinsledges: like on phone when you do ssu up15:10
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC15:11
alinsledges: same crap remote removed15:12
sledgesand refreshed ofc ;P15:13
alinsledges: of course15:16
alinsledges: closer15:18
alinsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install zypper in droid-hal-hammerhead15:18
alinwhat shall say?15:18
*** vakkov has quit IRC15:21
piggzso, was my video a hit? :)15:24
sledgespiggz: defo, loving the BBC news in the background:))15:25
phdeswerpiggz: the HTC desire one? Sure!15:25
piggzsledges: i changed the backgound to some stock youtube music :)15:26
piggzits got a funky feel now15:26
piggzsledges: what do you think could be the problem of the uevent_helper bug? why would i need to leave it as /sbin/hotplug?15:33
alinsledges: lbt so we add the new rpm?15:40
sledgesalin: update bug, it will send an email to lbt ;)15:43
sledgesthat you tested15:43
*** Guhl has quit IRC15:43
alinsledges: lost the bug15:43
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters15:43
sledges16:59 < sledges> alin, proper fix thanks to kaltsi:
MerbotMer bug 848 in Other "mb2 is looking for tarball" [Task,New]15:44
sledgespiggz: very vaguely: ->
stephgooooh congrats to alterego :)15:51
sledgesthe first one!15:59
piggztesting a .zip which i hope will work without telneting in16:04
*** Guhl has quit IRC16:15
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters16:16
alinInfo: Copying attachment files...16:32
alinInfo: Applying configurations ...16:32
alinQ: Failed to apply RootPasswordConfig, skip and continue?(Y/n) Y16:32
alinWarning <kickstart>: Can't find /usr/bin/passwd in chroot16:32
alinInfo: Running post scripts ...16:32
*** vakko has joined #sailfishos-porters16:32
*** vakko is now known as vakkov16:33
*** zZz0n is now known as zon16:40
*** vakkov has quit IRC16:43
dwangoACHas anyone ever set up Infrastructure WiFi, i.e. acting as an access point?16:46
dwangoACI've never looked into how feasible that is.16:46
sledgesdwangoAC: is called Internet Sharing in settings16:53
phdeswerdwangoAC: afaik there is a whole tethering UI in Sailfish16:53
sledgeswith glue in all places should go also on non-jolla phones, but didn't work for me on n4 and n516:54
dwangoACsledges: Cool, I wasn't sure you could get it to be in Infrastructure mode16:55
dwangoACsledges: I have a device that won't connect to an ad-hoc network16:55
dwangoACI'll take another look16:55
dwangoACsledges: I do have the N4, though.16:55
sledgessome glue is missing if Internet Sharing won't work on n4, phdeswer is your man^_^16:56
dwangoACHey, is the bug where you can't get into the Jolla store if you swap out your sim card fixed?16:56
sledgesdwangoAC: only one way to find out;)16:56
dwangoACsledges: I'll volunteer!16:56
sledgesyou can tell if IMEI is seen at all times16:56
sledgeswith and without SIM16:56
dwangoACAre there any newer images, or should I use the one from earlier this month?16:56
sledgesif yes - store should be 100% happy16:56
sledgesno newer images16:56
dwangoACOK, that's fine.16:57
sledgesi fear that some phones might be somewhat different, with IMEI not being read without SIM16:57
sledgesbut can't reproduce on mine16:57
dwangoACI absolutely love how light on battery Sailfish is on the N416:59
dwangoACI carelessly left it on (but with no mobile network, just WiFi) for literally 3 weeks before it finally died.16:59
dwangoAC(Only glancing at it from time to time)17:00
sledgesolder versions you can't shut down either;)17:00
dwangoACI finally noticed it when it started beeping plantively to charge it :)17:00
dwangoACWell, yeah, there's that too. :)17:00
sledgesdid you have any accounts setup?17:00
dwangoACsledges: Yes17:00
dwangoACsledges: That's what's amazing17:00
sledgescool, 3 weeks not bad17:00
dwangoACsledges: It was syncing a Google account *and* an IMAP account (every 30 minutes)17:00
dwangoACI couldn't get that kind of life out of my N917:01
dwangoACer, N90017:01
sledgesno chats or fb though17:01
dwangoACI never had an N917:01
dwangoACNo, no FB17:01
dwangoACFB sucks.  Literally.17:01
dwangoACI choose not to participate.17:01
sledgesi meant, any social accoutn17:01
sledgeslike twitter also updates etc17:01
dwangoACsledges: None at all.17:01
sledgesand if you chat on google a lot17:01
sledgesshould drain more17:01
dwangoACsledges: I funnel Google through Bitlbee17:02
dwangoACsledges: So it's as light as IRC17:02
sledgesis irc light?;)17:02
dwangoACsledges: As in, I run a Bitlbee server that connects to Google as a standard client but shows me Google Chat in IRC17:03
dwangoACsledges: I use irssi for IRC17:03
dwangoACsledges: And it's incredibly light, assuming you do the heavy lifting on a remote SSH17:03
dwangoACsledges: A buddy of mine (Kyle Rankin over at Linux Journal) had a script running on his N900 that would check for new IRC updates once a minute with very minimal hits on bandwidth, and then he could open up the full interface in ~1 second if he needed to17:04
sledgesvery clever!17:05
sledgesthe notifications bits is what i wondered but now you explained that too17:05
dwangoACsledges: It's not for everyone, of course, but the nice thing is I have irssi running on a $15 a year server and just connect to that17:06
dwangoACsledges: And even SSH on the N4 seems to last a really long time, it's certainly something you can get a full day out of17:06
sledgestrue, needs a remote host, like i use screen+irssi now17:13
sledgesand there's nothing like working from phone in the morning:D17:13
sledgesalso does android suffer from terminal in the background disconnecting ssh sessions? %)17:14
sledges*still suffer17:14
dwangoACsledges: Yes17:14
dwangoACsledges: And I don't use it because of that17:14
dwangoACsledges: I'm very annoyed that there isn't a better solution on Android for this.17:15
dwangoACHmm.. connecting by USB cable, Linux sees usb0 with but the phone is at and therefore is on a different subnet17:15
dwangoACWhy would the phone offer DHCP of 192.168.0.x?  I'll try forcing a static address17:16
sledgesdwangoAC: i don't think dhcp offered that, or you found a bug;)17:17
dwangoACHmm..  Linux Mint is acting really odd and mixing up my eth0 with usb017:18
dwangoACYeah, I'll investigate17:18
alinsledges: extra issues17:25
alinchanges happen behind the scenes?17:25
*** alin has quit IRC17:28
sledgesexcuse me?17:29
*** vrutkovs has joined #sailfishos-porters17:38
Guhlit would make me happy if i would understand all the commands that i am copy/pasting from the porting guide :-)17:38
Guhlbut with time comes understanding17:39
*** uvatbc has quit IRC17:43
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters17:44
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters17:45
Umeaboysledges: Hi!18:06
UmeaboyCan you guide me to when we're supposed to edit the manifest.xml to fit the needs? Is that before the second sb2 command?18:07
UmeaboySo I can add it to my guide.18:07
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
*** lbt has quit IRC18:16
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters18:24
sledgesUmeaboy: a bit on where we are with you: HADK was written with an idea that people can build existing(ported) devices (at the time of writing: mako,i9305,grouper), go through hadk to rebuild existing image, and then help improving it. When we release hadk, we saw that people don't care in improving what's already ported, instead they port to new devices. So they immediately jump to Chapter 2 which directs them to Chapter 1418:34
sledgesso I apologise for you troubles in trying to reproduce i9305, because simply no-one has done that18:34
sledgesand now you want isolated repos for it18:34
sledgesi cannot suggest anything else, but to tread i9305 as a yet-not-ported device, and go to chapter 1418:34
sledgesanswer to your last question: hadk section 14.3.118:35
Umeaboysledges: Wrong again....... A guy at the forum has done it.18:35
sledgeswas he here, did he go with us to polish hadk and that we can improve by releasing a 3rd revision?18:35
UmeaboyI have made some requests in his thread.18:35
sledgesno-one has done it in such way that makes life easier of others like you18:36
sledgesin OSS world - "please submit patches"18:36
UmeaboySo he followed the HADK to.18:36
sledgesothewise chaos, fragmentation, etc ensues18:36
UmeaboyHe used the i9300 as an example build.18:37
sledgeswhy? i9305 is supported18:37
sledgesand is in off-the-shelf manifests18:37
sledgesand now you want to offload its repos separately18:37
sledgeswe (hadk creators) need a firm stance on how local manifests are treated, my knowledge is limited here, i'll speak to lbt about it18:38
sledgesnow i have to go, hope sit is clear enough, not ideal, not blaming anyone, just we have to pick it up from the floor gracefully:)18:38
Umeaboysledges: Yes, but if I set the instructions to build for i9305, why doesn't it adapt the manifest properly then?18:38
sledgesi don't know manifests and their dependencies that well18:39
UmeaboyI thought that would happen as you continued.18:39
sledgesneed a refresher18:39
sledgesexamine 14.3.118:39
UmeaboyI'll do that. ;)18:39
sledgeshope you can eplain me, when im back in 2hrs ;)18:39
sledgesthanks! :)18:39
sledgeslet's "do it together":)18:39
UmeaboyTake care.18:39
Guhlsledges, where is the file /etc/hw-release mentioned in 7.2 supposed to be18:46
UmeaboyGuhl: He's gone for 2 hrs.18:47
Guhlk anybody else knows the answer? I got a tmp/hw-release in $ANDROID_ROOT18:48
UmeaboyGuhl: $ANDROID_ROOT is a short command for /home/yourusername/mer/android/droid18:51
Guhlyep i know18:52
Guhlwhat i wanted to say is that i only have a file hw-release in /home/guhl/mer/android/droid/tmp18:53
Guhlbut don't know where the mentioned /etc/hw-release should be18:54
UmeaboyHave you tried searching on the web to see if someone else has the same question?18:55
Guhlnot yet but i'll try18:55
Guhlthanks the only helpful thing is one pastie,d.ZGU&cad=rja that leaves me with the impression that /tmp/hw-release is copied to /home/<use>/mer/android/system/installroot//etc/hw-release19:00
Guhlsometimes later19:00
Guhlbut i think that i can skip that anyway19:00
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos-porters19:01
dwangoACBah...  well, the "Reject the agreement and turn off." option works.  Note to self: aim better next time.19:04
dwangoAC(It seems I can't help but test the installer.  Repeatedly. :)19:05
*** Guhl has quit IRC19:09
dwangoACphdeswer: OK, I'm on the most recent Nexus 4 build.  Is there a particular order I should do things in, such as disabling WiFi prior to enabling internet sharing?  The SSID isn't showing up on other devices so I'm assuming I need to start monkeying at the command line next.19:20
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters19:20
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC19:21
dwangoAC...actually, I can tell things aren't health - checking WLAN hotspot in Internet Sharing pulses but never goes solid (referring to the radio button indicator)19:21
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:22
UmeaboyI'm getting a bit confused about the text in 14.3.1 Device repos19:24
Guhlwhat exactly, thats my homeground19:25
GuhlUmeaboy, ?19:27
*** alin has quit IRC19:28
UmeaboyGuhl: Should I use this at the first time I enter the HABUILD_SDK?19:29
UmeaboyI'm updating my guide.19:29
Guhlyou only have to create a local manifest once19:30
Guhlwhen you set up the repos for a new device19:30
Guhlbut of course you really need to know which repositories you need in addition to the ones that where provided by the default.xml from mer-hybris19:31
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
Guhli.e. this is mine for the HTC Vision19:34
Guhli added all the kernel and hardware related repos from our Andromadus repositories19:34
Guhland i addition removed the original mer-hybris/hybris-boot with my guhl/hybris-boot19:35
Guhl*and replaced it*19:36
alinsledges: lbt_ so any idea about my failure... are you doing something behind the scenes?19:36
alincause yesterday it built without issues19:36
UmeaboyGuhl: So where does THAT fit in to my guide?19:37
UmeaboyI'd like add it in a proper place.19:37
UmeaboyI know every device is different, but my guide is for i9305.19:37
Guhlbetween line 58 (repo init) and 59 (repo sync)19:39
Guhlbut i have no idea what the local manifest for i9305 will have to look like19:39
Guhlwho is maintaining the CM builds for the i9305 he should be able to tell you19:40
*** sletta has quit IRC19:48
UmeaboyGuhl: Right. I'm also trying to make my own repo for this model without using any unrelated stuff if possible.20:00
UmeaboyI really don't like the idea of having the same instructions for every device.20:00
UmeaboyAnd same material also.20:00
UmeaboyFor instance...... I want to shrink the kernel-archive to fit only the related device.20:01
UmeaboyI know it's a lot of work, but........20:01
UmeaboyLinux is NOT about getting bigger in size. It's about the option to customize.20:01
UmeaboyBtw...... Shouldn't I have rm .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml before making the i9305.xml ?20:06
alinUmeaboy: no... customisation is dead... try to see where kde/gnome go20:06
alinUmeaboy: option is mad... makes you think20:06
Umeaboyalin: I hope that you're being sarchastic now. ;)20:07
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC20:07
GuhlUmeaboy, with20:08
Guhlrepo init -u git:// -b hybris-10.120:08
*** zhxt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:08
Guhlyou will not have a .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml20:08
Guhlyou will only have this if you did a repo init from cyanogenmod20:08
Guhlanybody familiar with porting to a complete new device20:10
Guhli am a bit confused about building the middleware stuff20:10
*** just486 has joined #sailfishos-porters20:12
UmeaboyGuhl: So no need for the rm command then............... Removing it from my guide.'20:12
alinGuhl: rhat is simple20:12
alinUmeaboy: you may need it20:13
GuhlUmeaboy, did you have one after the repo init or not (i did not and i am quite sure that you will also not have one)20:18
*** alin has quit IRC20:18
Guhlthere goes the man that told me that it is simple :-(20:18
*** lbt_ has quit IRC20:19
Umeaboyalin: Are you sure? OK, but Guhl told me that I would only have this if I synced with the CM repo.20:19
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:19
UmeaboyWhich my guide doesn't do.20:19
UmeaboyGuhl: I have added it after the repo init.20:20
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters20:23
*** just486 has quit IRC20:24
Guhlso alin i am trying to do step 13.8.3 Packages of the HADK guide20:25
alinGuhl: lemme show you something20:25
alinit will probably fail with the current setup... building mw sledges discovered an issue with the rpm20:26
alinGuhl: ahal may be of interest for curious20:26
Guhlit definitely is20:29
Guhlbut to you have any explenation why the command20:29
Guhlmb2 -s ./rpm/libhybris.spec -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build20:29
Guhlfails with20:29
Guhlerror: File /home/guhl/mer/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/rpm/libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz2: No such file or directory20:30
Guhleverything else in your script and the guide look similar20:31
stephggood electioneveningles everyone20:31
Guhlalin, are there any options to this build command to get more (debug) output?20:32
alinGuhl: what do you mean?20:34
alinthey are in $MER_ROOT20:34
alinwhat is not on the screen20:34
alinGuhl: there is a trick20:35
alinhexo: what fails there?20:35
alinGuhl: ?20:35
Guhli mean that the only output is that the libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz2 does not exist20:35
Guhlbut no clue why20:35
alinGuhl: ok... that is good20:36
alinGuhl: old rpm20:36
alinGuhl: you need a newer one... this was the bug sledges solved today... a new rpm is not yet in there20:36
alinGuhl: are you in mersdk?20:36
Guhla new rpm in the mer sdk?20:36
Guhlthere would not a rpm in my host linux20:37
alinok... downgrage sdk-utils to 0.6220:37
* Guhl could need a howto here20:38
alinor build and install this rpm git://
alinGuhl: 20:38:56 mer:~ sudo zypper in --force sdk-utils=0.6220:39
GuhlOK, what would you do downgrade or build a newer rpm?20:40
alinGuhl: better now?20:46
UmeaboyWhy do we need to specify certain versions of each packages?20:46
Guhlalin, that makes a big difference :-)20:46
alinUmeaboy: you do not or better said where?20:46
alinvgrade: how is your 1+?20:47
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos-porters20:59
UmeaboyI see that the breakfast issue is caused by an error in BoardConfig.mk21:00
Guhlwhat is the breakfast issue21:05
UmeaboyGuhl: About the missing repo manifest.21:05
UmeaboyHere's the solution:
UmeaboyI think it should work on the i9305 as well.21:06
Guhlwhat is the i9305 btw (to lazy to google)21:06
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC21:08
UmeaboyGuhl: LTE-model of the Samsung Galaxy SIII.21:10
UmeaboyMeaning 4G.21:10
UmeaboyCan we adapt this somehow? :)21:11
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:11
UmeaboyTo the mer-hybris repo.21:11
Guhlalin, is this:21:16
GuhlWarning: repo problem: nothing provides qt5-feedback-haptics-droid-vibrator needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hybris-droid-vibrator-0.0.6-201409181909.noarch21:16
Guhla know problem21:16
alinGuhl: yap you need to build it21:16
Guhli just did build the middleware package21:16
alinGuhl: yap21:16
alinand probably all from there21:16
Guhland also did the createrepo stuff ...21:17
Guhlbut it's still complaining21:17
alinGuhl: did you create the pattern?21:18
Guhlalin, yep21:19
Guhlbut something went wrong with the build or mv21:19
Guhllook at this21:19
sledgesUmeaboy: so what do those local manifests do?:)21:19
Guhlls -la $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE21:20
Guhldrwxr-xr-x 2 guhl users    4096 Sep 18 20:47 libhybris21:20
Guhldrwxr-xr-x 2 guhl users    4096 Sep 18 20:53 ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator21:20
Guhldrwxr-xr-x 2 guhl users    4096 Sep 18 20:59 pulseaudio-modules-droid21:20
Guhl-rw-r--r-- 1 guhl users  142989 Sep 18 21:12 qt5-feedback-haptics-droid-vibrator21:20
Guhldrwxr-xr-x 2 guhl users    4096 Sep 18 20:51 qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin21:20
Guhldrwxr-xr-x 2 guhl users    4096 Sep 18 21:18 repodata21:20
Guhldrwxr-xr-x 2 guhl users    4096 Sep 18 21:07 sensorfw21:20
alinsledges: do we have newer sb2?21:20
Guhlfunny (and sorry for pasting)21:20
Umeaboysledges: Fix my problem?21:20
Guhlalin, do we have a pasting policy here?21:20
alinGuhl: yes use a service21:21
*** _Serial has joined #sailfishos-porters21:21
Guhlbtw. in the guide 8.4 Building the Image with MIC21:25
Guhlin th sudo mic create fs ... command21:25
Guhlis the mako in --outdir=sfa-mako-ea-$RELEASE$EXTRA_NAME a coincidence21:26
Guhlor does this mean the mako (N4)21:26
alinGuhl: yes21:27
alinbut shall be $DEVICE21:27
Guhlthought so21:27
*** oh1jty has quit IRC21:27
*** locusf has quit IRC21:27
*** oh1jty has joined #sailfishos-porters21:28
*** zuh has quit IRC21:28
*** locusf has joined #sailfishos-porters21:29
*** zuh has joined #sailfishos-porters21:29
Guhlso finally the mic create fs ... command did not complain anymore about missing stuff21:43
Guhlbut it gives me a whole lot of strange errors like21:43
Guhl/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.NW380s: line 2: /dev/null: Permission denied21:44
Guhland after installing all packages21:44
UmeaboyGuhl: I guess you have not accepted changes to your device then.21:45
UmeaboySuperuser has to accept any changes.'21:45
Umeaboy /dev/null is your phone/tablet.21:45
UmeaboyIf I'm not misstaken.21:45
Guhli really hope that my phone is not /dev/null21:46
sledgesGuhl: Umeaboy: ignore all errors from mic, as long as it exits successfully21:46
Guhlwell atm it hangs with21:47
Guhlqemu: Unsupported syscall: 31121:47
Umeaboysledges: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Why aren't errrors being treated as normal then?21:47
Guhli'll paste the output21:48
alinsledges: it does not... thre are new ones21:51
alinGuhl: so you got the repo build correctly?21:51
Guhlalin, yes21:53
*** Nokius has quit IRC21:53
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters21:53
*** Tassadar has quit IRC21:54
sledgesUmeaboy: because all packages are being installed in an emulated mic environment, surely there would be no errors of you install them on a phone one by one, in most cases21:58
sledgesthey are non-critical lerrors21:58
Guhlwell i will have to see about that tomorrow as it's late for me and i got to get up early tomorrow21:59
alinGuhl: good you managed where I failed... so you missed the pattern or what?21:59
Guhlno i did a mistake in the move command when building the middleware22:00
Guhlthats why there where no rpms in the qt5-feedback-haptics-droid-vibrator directory22:00
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos-porters22:01
Guhlbut instead the rpm was called qt5-feedback-haptics-droid-vibrator22:01
Guhlsee the directory ls that i pasted above22:01
Guhlsledges, if you have time to have a look at my pastepin and have an idea - i will check the channel log in the morning22:02
Guhlthanks for all the help so far22:02
Guhlon last question has sailfish os already been ported to a device that has a hardware keyboard?22:03
sledgesnope, but it's near - motorola photon q22:03
Guhlk cause thats the interesting part for me porting it to the HTC Desire Z22:05
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC22:06
Guhlgood night and thanks again!22:06
*** piggz has quit IRC22:09
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos-porters22:10
* sledges tried to quit this22:13
sledgeslet's stick aroudn:))22:14
sledgesGuhl: (cc: alin)22:14
sledgesGuhl: (cc: dr_gogeta86)22:14
sledgesall i can say, looks like for those two chaps above, mic just went ahead after syscall problem22:15
alinsledges: you did not answer my question about sb222:18
*** dmt_ has joined #sailfishos-porters22:19
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:46
Umeaboysledges: Anything useful from that thread that I pasted the link for?22:50
UmeaboyTo adapt.22:50
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos-porters23:33
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC23:34
*** olafh__ has quit IRC23:35

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