Monday, 2014-09-22

sledgesshell lesson learned: never grep for >00:00
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iunohi there ;-)09:45
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Guhlhi, i would have a systemd question10:40
Guhlmy /system does not mount10:40
Guhlin system.mount is says What=/dev/block/mmcblk0p2510:40
Guhlbut for whatever reason when i check the kernel messages10:41
Guhlis see10:41
Guhl<30>[   35.093139] systemd[1]: Expecting device dev-block-mmcblk0p25.device...10:41
Guhl<28>[   63.937561] systemd[1]: Job dev-block-mmcblk0p25.device/start timed out.10:41
Guhl<31>[   63.938354] systemd[1]: Job dev-block-mmcblk0p25.device/start finished, result=timeout10:41
Guhl<27>[   63.940185] systemd[1]: Timed out waiting for device dev-block-mmcblk0p25.device.10:41
Guhl<27>[   63.943389] systemd[1]: Dependency failed for Droid mount for /system.10:42
Guhli would say that the simple solution is to change the What=10:42
Guhlbut of course my question is why do the dev-block-mmcblk0pxx.device jobs timeout10:45
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Guhlw00t -> test_glesv2 creates a diamond shaped thing containing a rotating spiral on my screen10:48
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Guhland now for something completely different: why does lipstick not start?10:55
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sledgesGuhl: because /system not mounted10:58
sledgesdoes ./block/ node exist?10:58
Guhlsledges, /system is now mounted on boot as i changed it to /dev/mmcblk0p2510:59
sledgeslaunch qmlscene now11:00
Guhlusing which qml? or none?11:09
GuhlEGL_PLATFORM=fbdev test_hwcomposer works perfectly btw11:09
Guhllauching without qml creates something that looks like a file explorer on the screen11:10
Guhlas there is not realy going on to much her atm i'll paste 20 lines to irc OK11:12
Guhlsh-3.2# EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform hwcomposer11:12
GuhlEGLFS: Screen Info11:12
Guhl - Physical size: QSizeF(4.29497e+09, 4.29497e+09)11:12
Guhl - Screen size: QSize(480, 800)11:12
Guhl - Screen depth: 3211:12
Guhl== hwcomposer module ==11:12
Guhl * Address: 0x4359f00411:12
Guhl * Module API Version: 211:12
Guhl * HAL API Version: 011:12
Guhl * Identifier: hwcomposer11:12
Guhl * Name: Qualcomm Hardware Composer Module11:12
Guhl * Author: CodeAurora Forum11:12
Guhl== hwcomposer module ==11:12
Guhl== hwcomposer device ==11:13
Guhl * Version: 1010001 (interpreted as 1010001)11:13
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Guhl * Module: 0x4359f00411:13
Guhl== hwcomposer device ==11:13
GuhlQEglScreen 0x1a0a68811:13
GuhlQEglWindow 0x1a2cb18: 0x1a54900 0x011:13
GuhlQEglWindow 0x1a2cb50: 0x1a52648 0x011:13
GuhlQEglWindow 0x1a7b3a0: 0x1a52618 0x011:13
GuhlThis plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()11:13
GuhlQEglBackingStore::flush 0x1a5490011:13
GuhlWARNING: virtual int FbDevNativeWindow::setBufferCount(int): allocated only 2 buffers out of 311:13
GuhlQEglBackingStore::flush 0x1a5490011:13
GuhlQEglBackingStore::flush 0x1a5490011:13
Guhlthat looks very promising to me -> but now i got to go cooking as my ladies will come home soon for lunch :-)11:14
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vakkovHi there, porters!11:35
alinvakkov: freshers week over?11:39
vakkovalin: first lecture starting in 20 minutes11:40
alinvakkov: forget about that... see which university has freshers week this week11:40
alinlectures will be every week11:40
Guhlso piggz said:11:42
Guhlpiggzwhat happens if you run qmlscene?  if it works, you likely want the servicemanager patches11:42
Guhlso it seems that i likely want the servicemanager patches11:43
Guhlif i would know where and what they are11:43
Guhlbut a question to the porting pros here11:44
Guhlthe system.mount file obviously is generated from out/target/product/vision/root/fstab.vision11:46
Guhlwhich basically means that whit every new build my change in system.mount will be gone11:48
alinGuhl: probably... unless specially patched will be by whatever ends up in /etc/fstab11:48
alinGuhl: I think there is a procedure where you have to create new mountpoints for the device... commit them and not worry when you build the image11:48
alinGuhl: sledges knows11:48
Guhlyou mean the fix_mountpoints script from hybris-boot?11:49
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Guhli think that is for recovery.fstab11:53
Guhlbut i'll wait for sledge11:53
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sledgesyes, alin's correct11:54
sledgesjust remove blocl bit, add vision next to i930511:54
alinsledges: ok.. I will do a printscreen to that... to show to my gf11:55
Guhlsledges, where?11:55
Guhlahh now i see11:56
Guhlthe "i9305" | "encore" | "n7000") section11:56
Guhlsledges, do you know which "servicemanager patches" piggz was refering to?11:59
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Guhlanother question - i have to load a kernel module on boot12:01
Guhlwhere would i tell this to the build system?12:01
alinGuhl: I think one of the init. files12:17
alinGuhl: you can sed it in ks  in the post section12:17
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sledgesGuhl: piggz: Nokius1: sorry merged only now, good work!
sledgesGuhl: find rpm/ | grep modules12:37
Guhlsledges, i c - thanks a million12:39
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Guhlsledges, to incorporate the patches you just committed i need to update the devel mer-hybris ?12:50
Guhlah no i need to repo sync right12:53
Guhlit's getting to convenient to just ask a question to you instead of looking and thinking myself :-)12:56
sledgesthat's why i start answer slowly;P12:57
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GuhlOK:module load worked13:48
Guhlsystem is mounted13:48
GuhlOMG it asks for a language selection and i even used the right input for the touch screen13:49
* sledges hands out a porter's badge to Guhl 13:59
alinGuhl: you are there...14:00
alinGuhl: are you in the tutorial?14:00
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sledgesGuhl: photosession time;)14:26
Guhlwell if i get lipstick running you'll be the first to see it :-P14:28
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beidlhabe die ehre14:30
Guhlund die masern14:30
sledgeslet's go all the way:)14:32
Guhlyou would not wanna  go down that road14:36
sledgesyou don't wanna get lipstick running?;P14:36
iunobeidl: a bayer, hier? ;-)14:37
beidliuno: austrian ;)14:37
iunoah almost! (sorry for that :P)14:38
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beidliuno: close enough :)14:45
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* sledges <- not biased at all15:22
Guhlsledges, maybe you can see something in this why lipstick fails?15:25
beidlGuhl: could you please run top and see if a process is going crazy?15:27
sledgesGuhl: would be good to isolate lipstick - just start it from cmdline as user15:29
Guhlnot really when lipstick tries to start it's like 70% CPU but all other processes are insignificant15:29
Guhlas root?15:31
sledgesas user15:31
Guhl[C] unknown:0 - Failed to create display (Connection refused)15:33
Guhlsorry that was without -platform15:34
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Guhlbetween the QEglScreen15:37
Guhland the next line it hangs for about 10 seconds15:38
Guhlthen the screen backlight turns on and i get the segfault15:38
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sledgesGuhl: did you repo sync and make hybris-hal ?15:42
sledgesdid you re-generate image?15:43
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Guhlyes the changes like in fix-mountpoints and modul loading all work15:44
Guhland as said on the first run after i flash the image the welcome app comes up15:44
Guhlbut i did not make clobber before i did the make hybris-hal15:45
Guhlso one can not be absolutely sure if your patches really got built15:45
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sledgesi mean15:48
sledgesyour init.rc should point to the newly recompiled servicemanager15:48
sledgesunder /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin15:48
Guhlyou did a change to init.rc ?15:49
Guhlthe one in hybris-boot?15:49
sledgesis one of the PRs15:52
sledgesnot init-script ;) .rc ;)15:52
GuhlOK sorry was confused15:52
Guhlsledges, just to sort out confusions by "make hybris-hal" you mean?15:54
sledgesenter HABUILD_SDK15:58
sledgesrepo sync (you did)15:58
sledgesbreakfast etc15:58
sledgesmake hybris-hal15:58
sledgeswill rebuild the PRs15:58
Guhlyes i did that,15:59
sledgesafterwards you don't have to regen image, just copy new init.rc to device's / and servicemanager from out/ to /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin15:59
Guhli am rebuilding again atm after i did a make clobber first to make sure that everything really gets rebuilt16:00
Guhlwill copy them when the build is finished16:00
sledgesensure it's the right servicemanager binary you're picking up (similar in size and latest date)16:09
sledgesbeen there, got lost;)16:09
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Guhlwhile this builds i'll be gone for a while - later16:23
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piggzlo porters17:10
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vgradepiggz: was reading about your mem alloc issue.18:42
vgradepiggz: I see the first gralloc succeed and the next fail, is that what you were seeing18:43
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Guhlhi piggz18:58
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Guhlnew status: can start lipstick as user nemo19:31
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piggzvgrade: yes ... also the first alloc requests the full amount20:00
piggzGuhl: cool, how well is it working20:00
Guhlclose to not at all :-)20:03
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iunosorry, was busy the last time... so I had the problem with cpu load and tried this:
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iuno(copied the files over again from hammerhead to amami) but it didn't help. also looked inside the platform-device script and it turns out 'echo $1' outputs nothing20:47
iunobtw i only rushed through the logs... i suppose there is nothing new about ?20:49
zetazstrange thing : I am running the initramfs, but the echo continue fails. To try to debug that I echo'ed the "switch_root /target /target/sbin/init --log-level=debug --log-target=kmsg" to /init-ctl/stdin21:04
zetazbut it answers with the help of command switch_root21:05
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piggzGuhl: what have you got?21:05
piggzvgrade: ping21:05
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Guhlpiggz, well21:05
zetazI don't see an error in my call. Helps says that /target must be a mount point (it is), and it must be run as PID 1 (which init is, so the echo'ed command should be too ?)21:06
Guhlthe test_egl, ... test_hwcomposer programs work perfectly21:06
Guhlwe fixed the mount problem for system21:06
Guhl(i will pull request to your repo later)21:07
Guhlwhen i do a clean install the welcome app where you select the language comes up and also the touch input works21:08
Guhlbut lipstick did not start21:08
Guhlafter a repo sync and new build (new service manager)21:09
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Guhli can now start lipstick from a nemo shell21:09
Guhlbut it is not responsive to touch input21:10
piggzGuhl: on my build, I have to pull the battery after first boot and getting to the language selection...after that it works21:11
sledgescat /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf21:11
piggzGuhl: did you change your kernel config for uevent_helper_path ?21:11
Guhlthe only thing that works is turn the display on and off with the power button (with a lot of lag)21:11
sledgeszetaz: take switch_root command exactly as it is in init-script21:11
Guhli thing so - i changed it to "" sec21:12
zetazsledges: I did, only replaced the $INIT by the actual value the script would use21:13
zetazand I tried both syntax (if init-debug is present, and if not)21:14
zetazI must be making a stupid mistake somewhere...21:14
sledgeszetaz: how come echo continue doesn't work!?21:14
zetazlet's try again21:14
piggzGuhl: change it back ... for me it fixed the touch input ... i dont know what the correct fix is yet...21:14
Guhlpiggz, aha interesting21:15
Guhl# Config for htc/vision21:15
GuhlLIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event1 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap21:15
sledgesGuhl: i know what's in there21:16
sledgesstart lipstick $LIPSTICK_OPTION21:16
sledgesafter exporting that above21:16
Guhlk - noob at work21:16
zetazsledges: If init-debug is present, I get the "Mer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis0" message. I tried inverting usb0 and rndis0 order (as it was needed for hybris-recovery boot) but same results. So I wanted to check if the switch root was done correctly before getting further.21:17
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sledgesnoob ported a phone to GUI ;P21:17
Guhlsledges, i did an export LIPSTICK_OPTIONS="...."21:22
Guhlbut that does not change the behaviour21:22
Guhlif i unsleep Display it takes about 2 seconds then the clock is displayed21:23
sledgesGuhl: and you launched lipstick with $LIPSTICK_OPTIONS21:24
Guhlnah sorry21:24
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters21:24
Guhlin the sense of:21:24
Guhl$LIPSTICK_OPTIONS EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev lipstick -platform hwcomposer21:24
zetazsledges : here are the commands I tried, and their output.
sledgesGuhl: nope21:26
sledgesEGL_PLATFORM=fbdev lipstick -platform hwcomposer $LIPSTICK_OPTIONS21:26
Guhlyeah does not work21:26
sledgesdon't believe you:))21:26
Guhlmy version does not work :-)21:27
vakkovis this still requiered21:27
Guhlaha this looks good:21:27
Guhlevdevtouch: Using device /dev/input/event121:28
Guhlmin X: 1 max X: 102321:28
Guhlmin Y: 2 max Y: 96621:28
Guhlmin pressure: 0 max pressure: 021:28
Guhldevice name: atmel-touchscreen21:28
GuhlProtocol type B (mtdev)21:28
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vakkovsledges: is this - still required and is there a way that doesn't brake network-manager and the latter starts automatically21:30
Guhli can scroll up and down now21:31
sledgesGuhl: \o/21:31
sledgesvakkov: i have buried networkmanager long ago, can't say:))21:31
vakkovhow are your connections managed then21:32
Guhlit did start the browser21:32
vakkovsledges: ^^21:33
zetazsledges: I give up for today. At least I have checked all leds/buttons/HW keyboard/headphone switch are working. I'll try to find some time to continue in the week.21:34
zetazgood night !21:34
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters21:36
Guhlsledges, piggz
Guhlthe jolla has probably the worst camera of all phones i had in the last 5 years21:41
Guhlthis is a very good moment to quit it for today tomorrow i'll try to get lipstick working as a service21:43
piggzGuhl: you got the camera to work??21:46
Guhldid not even try yet i did take the picture of the G2 running Sailfish OS using the Jolla21:47
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC21:48
piggzah, k21:48
Guhlbut it does (of course) not work21:50
sledgesGuhl: tweet?21:52
Guhlwhat is a tweet in the sense of a twitter message21:52
Guhli do not exist on any (virtual) social network21:53
sledgesGuhl: fair play, I'll wait for a fancier photosession from you pls ;P21:53
Guhlbut if you would like to tweet it - please go ahead21:54
piggzGuhl: so, the uevent thing helped?21:54
Guhldid not do the uevent thing yet21:55
Guhljust the lipstick options21:55
piggzanyway, gotta get to zzZZ21:55
piggzc ya!21:55
Guhladded to the command line when starting21:55
piggzhmm, so maybe your touchscreen works without the uevent change21:56
Guhlme too - thanks guys - you are an amazing community21:56
*** piggz has quit IRC21:56
sledgesGuhl: a photo of homescreen and in broad daylight21:57
sledgesyour jolla camera will do miracles then :D21:58
Guhlbtw the hardware keyboard works out of the box - that is insane21:58
sledgeswaht device is that?21:58
Guhli'll rather use my leica m8 tomorrow :-P21:58
GuhlHTV Vision, aka Desire Z, aka T-Mobile G221:58
sledgesaaaaa! first phone with hwkbd!21:59
Guhlthis is G221:59
sledgesman you can't imagine what impact that tweet will make ;)21:59
sledgesso get that leica out tomorrow :D21:59
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:59
Guhlwill do - sledges good night21:59
sledgesvakkov: networkmanager... :")))22:02
sledgesbut i put it to submission not to reset usb0, lesse how....22:02
stephgevening chaps22:16
sledgesfirst #hwkbd phone sailed!:))22:16
* stephg reads backlog22:17
*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:19
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*** Guhl has quit IRC22:33
vakkovsledges: tel me more about that. I want my pc to start without looking for a whole minute for connections22:34
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters22:36
sledgesvakkov: all i see from first glance is a bunch of MAC addresses added to no-auto-default in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf22:36
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:56
iunocan I test other functions while lipstick is still not working?23:12
sledgesiuno: yes, with test_*23:13
iunobzw.. is sailfish booted 'all the way up' when I continue from telnet stage 1 & 2 (ssh running, lipstick hardmasked)?23:13
sledgesiuno: nope, because lipstick has there rest of deps like bluez etc23:14
sledgesbut you have connectivity23:14
sledgesand test_* suite queries low level hw, which is initialised at that point23:14
iunosledges: ok, thanks23:15
iunohmm at least vibration works... ;)23:21
iunosegfault in most tests23:25
sledgesas root?23:28
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