Tuesday, 2014-09-23

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Guhlsledges, https://www.thinkthinkdo.com/g2ics/IMG_20140923_085525.jpg (done with an N7 - does not get any better)07:02
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alinGuhl: coool07:07
Guhlthanks - still a lot of work ahead though07:12
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situThis price tag should work.08:42
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sledgesGuhl: do sensors work?09:17
Guhlnot really tested yet09:20
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Guhlsledges, can the timeout for lipstick to come up be changed?09:22
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sledgesGuhl: hmm, don't know. check listick.service. better to address the issue why09:34
Guhlof course - just wanted to check if it's really only taking to long to come up09:35
Guhldid you see the link of the new picture i posted?09:36
sledgesyes. could you set ambience first?09:38
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iunoHi guys! I need help on section 12.2... I somehow missed chapter 12 before :-/09:39
sledgesideally, we'd have the phone locked in landscape, open messages and type like Hello world!09:39
sledgesthen take that Leica out;)09:39
sledgesiuno: wassda prblem?:)09:40
sledgesGuhl: the wooden background was superb!09:42
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Guhlsledges, k will do09:42
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iunosledges: are the changes to bionic, busybox etc.. already done when using hybris-11?09:49
situiuno: Yep09:51
sledgesiuno: yes09:51
sledges(by the guy who just answered;)09:51
iunositu: sledges: hm ok thanks then it's alright ;)09:54
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iunosledges: remember i had high cpu load? vgrade posted this: http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2014-08-25.log.html#t2014-08-25T21:57:0809:56
iunoi copied the files over to amami but it didn't help09:56
Guhlsledges, that picture will not be as perfect as you'd like it09:57
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Guhlcause Sailfish brings up the virtual keyboard too09:58
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Guhlsledges, how about that https://thinkthinkdo.com/g2ics/IMG_20140923_120317.jpg10:06
Guhland btw. i could not do it with the Leica as i do not have w macro lens here with me so i used the N710:07
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iunowill test_gps come up with a position or something?10:36
iunoit sais ***tracking started, ***tracking, ***tracing, ***tracing etc...10:36
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sledgesiuno: yes11:11
sledgesiuno: which process high-loads cpu?11:11
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phdesweriuno: eventually yes. It usually helps to be outside. Also if you have network/cellular data starting with -a might give you agps11:20
iunophdeswer: i already tried outside11:27
phdesweriuno: even then unassisted GPS can take 15-20min to lock11:28
iunophdeswer: ok thanks. then i'll try this again11:28
iunolater... i have no laptop now11:29
iunosledges: systemd-udevd (~30%) + a kworker (~10%)11:30
sledgesiuno: udevd is a patch:11:32
sledgesbut it's for OMAP, i think we talked about it :)11:33
iunosledges: ty... yeah i don't remember everything, i'll have to read through the logs again11:35
iunosledges: wifi not available in this stage? i could not find a suitable if11:35
sledgesiuno: check how android handles it - firmware/kernel modules11:36
sledgesblimey that Guhl's photo looks dam nice:)11:37
alinsledges: I have a desires... we can spin12:07
alinnow we have the andromadus patches under control12:07
alinI will speak with the boys what can be done12:07
kjokinie1do you guys have some obs project for "generic" tools? Thinking about webhooking https://github.com/sailfishos/initrd-helpers12:08
sledgeskjokinie1: but not yet integrated well.. https://build.merproject.org/project/show/nemo:devel:hw:android:common12:13
kjokinie1hmm.. my scripts are not really related to android12:15
sledgesyes, bad naming12:16
sledgesis not finalised either12:16
sledgeslemme dig logs abit..12:16
sledgesof what i talked with lbt concerning that12:16
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kjokinie1sledges: well, I can hook that now to my home project I think.. generally one would hook that up to any adaptation project that actually needs them12:19
kjokinie1just need it avaialable pre-built for kernel building instructions12:20
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sledgesin that case it would go per-device, e.g.: https://build.merproject.org/project/show/nemo:devel:hw:lge:hammerhead (though we don't btrfs as you know;)12:22
sledgeskjokinie1: ^12:22
kjokinie1sledges: yea, not needed there12:23
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sledgeskjokinie1: ok let's stick with your home repo, until lbt comes back (he's got the powers to create projects under nemo:devel:hw ;)12:28
* lbt is here but not talking :)12:28
lbtwhat do you need?12:28
lbtgeneric tools12:29
lbtI'm really tempted to get rid of android:common and build against mer-tools12:29
lbtwell, that is to say, move tools from there - any genuine common libs and on-device stuff should stay12:30
sledgesandroid:common contains droid hal bits (see mce-plugin-hybris), but we discussed that common repo is a burden (split- and ssu -wise)12:30
lbtkjokinie1: ^12:30
kjokinie1lbt: was there some latency in mer-tools building packages?12:32
lbtkjokinie1: it has to go through our ad-hoc QA12:32
sledgeshang on, isn't initrd-helpers going into device? (so not into mer-tools)12:33
kjokinie1well, those scripts (or now only that one script) is meant to be added to init ramdisk, if you happen to need it. I use in jolla kernel this hw-ramdisk tools (based on moslo) to generate initrd and add files like the ones in initrd-helpers12:35
sledgesooh, adding inside ramdisk is via http://github.com/mer-hybris/hybris-boot12:36
lbtI've not looked at the code - just the "generic" tools note12:37
lbtyeah - so I have this guideline12:37
lbtstuff which goes into the boot images is developed in the android space12:37
lbtsledges: you're correct12:38
* lbt goes to github12:38
lbthmm - I'm wondering about duplicating hybris-boot rather than extending it12:39
lbtbut the android build side is such a mess12:39
lbtif we were doing clean rpms then I'd split them - but the pain and overhead ...12:40
lbthybris-boot does already build the recovery image12:40
lbtand this would go in there12:40
sledgesand if we have more tools to come?12:40
lbtthat would need to be modified to support any initrd-tools12:41
lbtso anytime you edited initrd tools you'd need to edit a makefile in another repo ...12:42
lbtor ... make the build system nice and reliably generic12:42
lbt(and port it to CM10.1 / 11...)12:42
lbtso ... that's what I'm thinking is painful12:43
lbtany test needs hacks PRs to 2 repos...12:43
kjokinie1guys, you don't need to break you nice initrd system ..12:43
lbtkjokinie1: it's not a problem - we should support this kind of script12:44
lbtwe need to do a better recovery system too12:44
sledgeslbt: we might need two phase mb2: mb2 initrd-helpers (which puts itself cleverly inside initrd tree somewhere under out/); make hybris-hal; mb2 the rest12:45
lbtthat's why it needs to be developed in android space12:45
sledgessince next hadk rev will look like this: mb2 rpm/helpers/build_auxilliary_packages.sh, could do something similar if more than initrd-helpers come in future12:46
sledgeswell, dhd has local-repo12:46
sledgeswe can avoid out/12:46
sledgesand do merger12:46
sledgesas i don't want to force creators of such tools like initrd-helpers to go android12:46
lbtwhy ?12:46
sledgesbecause we're linux;) and keep it where possible12:47
lbtit runs inside the android initrd12:47
sledgesI still didn'ลง get Android.mk :))12:47
sledgeswell, it's android's busybox, yes..12:47
sledgesyet sbj has a linuxy recovery cmiiw12:47
kjokinie1lbt: well, I remade the hw-ramdisk package into a toolset to generate ramdisks and add random tools and check automatically library depenencies and install those as well because I just needed btrfs in my ramdisk12:48
kjokinie1but not sure if it could be utilized here12:49
kjokinie1it's basically moslo12:50
kjokinie1but I just reduced the functionality a bit to make it bit more generic.. (I guess there were still some legacy kernel module checks from Nokia there..)12:51
lbtwe have(?) to run the mkbootimg in the droid build area (or we have to port all mkbootimg and variants to mer)12:52
lbtthinking about it I would like initrd to be glibc based so recovery can use the exact tools used on device12:52
lbthowever, maybe sledges is right - maybe it has to be 2-phase12:53
kjokinie1lbt: ahh, yes you need that specific version of mkbootimg12:53
lbtmaybe we make a recovery initrd fs cpio image and drop it into the build root as a BR12:54
sledgeslbt: and then mingle with it?12:54
lbtwell - we define the initrd to be glibc12:54
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lbtand droid/bionic would be static12:55
lbtwe'd get a cyclic build depend though12:55
lbt*if* recovery need hybris (eg for fancy graphics)12:55
lbtor any sensor or blah12:56
lbtthen you'd be cyclic12:56
lbtor we do multiarch but one is bionic, one is glibc. Or we do static bionic12:56
lbtwe could also merge initrd fs's12:57
lbtso build one in mer-side (for btrfs and other tools) and build one in droid (for bionic-specific stuff like bootloader menus) and merge them12:57
lbtthoughts? am I making sense?12:58
sledgesor as you said: build bionic part, provide cpio image, in the mb2 phase unpack it and inject extra glibc bits12:58
lbtcpio is embedded in img which needs to be finalised in droid build12:59
kjokinie1are you guys sure you can fit 2 c libraries to recovery partition?12:59
sledgesi just don't know how bionic+glibc marriage'd go down12:59
lbtkjokinie1: probably12:59
lbthell - we run mixed arch in sb2 and I did it by hand back in the day :D13:00
lbtit wasn't fun - but for a small but important space like initrd13:01
lbt"and kernel modules you picked with the -a option"13:06
lbtkjokinie1: I think you may need to split the functionality of hw-ramdisk13:06
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kjokinie1lbt: yes, the interface is not the best in the world13:07
lbthybris-boot is the owner of the img files and any mkbootimg commands. So it would be the place to support module selection/inclusion13:08
kjokinie1lbt: what kind of split?13:08
lbtjust ^ I think13:08
kjokinie1lbt: if you run the tools in that package, you get to choose.13:09
lbthw-ramdisk provides a filesystem - probably as a cpio, which droid-hal-device (the droid build) BRs against on a per-device basis13:09
kjokinie1lbt: but the module inclusion thing could be made better,13:09
lbtI mean it can't run in that package13:09
kjokinie1it don't have cpio?13:09
lbtit has to run in the droid img build (afaik the mkbootimg thing would be too hard to extract)13:09
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lbterm - lets do a quick reset13:10
kjokinie1hmm.. ok so it's the ubuntu chroot thing that has only adroid build env?13:10
lbt1) we need to provide recovery tools (btrfs) to go into an initrd13:11
lbt2) mkbootimg has to run in the ubu root in dhd13:11
lbt3) kernel is built in ubu root in dhd13:11
lbtactually the order is 1 3 213:12
lbtbut anyhow - 1) makes use of hw-ramdisk13:12
lbtand may include initrd-helpers and other binaries (btrfs) and libs13:13
lbtso at that point 3) hasn't happened and you can't do module selection13:13
lbtso you need to take the module selection out of 1) and put it in 2)     2 is hybris-boot13:14
lbtI think13:14
kjokinie1makes sense13:14
* lbt goes for food ... ping if you need me13:16
kjokinie1lbt: ok13:17
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energycsdxhi guys14:08
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energycsdxwho is expert in sensors? looks like sensors on my phone is working but only after i enable it in sysfs14:10
energycsdxhow to instruct MCE enable it when needed?14:10
spiiroinenergycsdx: which sensor?14:11
energycsdxaccelerometer, proximity14:11
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energycsdxby default i see only touchscreen events in evdev_trace -t14:12
spiiroinenergycsdx: actual sensor enable/disable goes via sensorfw14:12
spiiroinbut mce can be told to use/not-use als/ps sensors14:12
spiiroinmcetool --set-als-mode=<enabled|disabled> --set-ps-mode=<enabled|disabled>14:13
spiiroin... after that it depends on sensord working14:14
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energycsdxspiiroin: looks like it runs with default config14:18
spiiroinsensord? or mce?14:19
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energycsdxi think i have hybris-libsensorfw-qt5 missign14:22
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energycsdxspiiroin: is hybris-libsensorfw-qt5 package mandatory, in sensor mostly is evdev devices, can i configure sensord to you input devices directly?14:30
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spiiroinenergycsdx: I just use sensorfw, lpotter might be able to help with configuring sensord side ...14:31
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sledgesenergycsdx: all devices ported to-date use hybris-libsensorfw-qt516:08
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sledgesGuhl_: o/17:22
*** Guhl_ has quit IRC17:22
sledgesjust wanted to share the reach your photo gained in SoMes ;)17:27
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piggzGuhl: any more progress today?18:16
piggzsledges: battery_monitor doesnt exist for me18:22
sledgespiggz: details?:)18:30
piggzseems dbus-x11 ist brought in automatically but needed for dbus-launch (needed for /usr/bin/qmf-accountscheck)18:30
piggzsledges: im looking at failed services. http://pastebin.com/3TL5kBcN18:31
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stephggood evening my porticles18:43
piggzlooks to me like messageserver5 service is broken18:46
piggzsh-3.2# dbus-launch --autolaunch=523d551234e1f83f1ee958af541bc15a --binary-syntax --close-stderr18:46
piggzAutolaunch requested, but X11 support not compiled in.18:46
piggzCannot continue.18:46
Guhlpiggz have been working this afternoon18:48
Guhlso nothing new on the phone18:48
Guhli changed kernel to our 4.4 again that is missing the pmem patch18:49
Guhlso apps don't start18:50
Guhli hope that i still got time tonight18:50
piggzGuhl: dont call it the pmem patch..call it the pmem-abomonation-hack18:57
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sledgesGuhl: massive success on SoMe, with main article pointing to http://bit.ly/port-news19:01
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piggzhow the hell do i go about testing/configuring pulseaudio19:21
*** tohtoris has joined #sailfishos-porters19:22
alinpiggz: ^19:26
sledgespiggz: jusa_ and pactl pamon ;)19:28
alinsledges: will be a september update?19:31
lpotterenergycsdx: I'm sensors guy. It should be possible to use sensorfw configured for evdev, yes.19:34
lpotterbut it would be easier to just use hybris19:34
lpotteras long as you have android's sensord19:34
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alinlpotter: so... anything new on n5 sensors?19:37
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Guhl99piggz, cool stuff (but ignore my ignorance what is SoMe - i might guess social media)20:05
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sledgesGuhl99: yes20:23
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piggzdoes this mean anything to anyone? http://pastebin.com/LUAFhj8g20:30
sledgesjusa_: ^20:33
sledgesbut what i suggest: start simple: see how pa is started via systemd (it's as user btw!), hardmask it/stop it, and launch the same cmdline20:34
sledgeswithout -n, so it doesn't fork20:34
piggzsledges: it just starts with --start ... however it starts 5 times?????20:36
jusa_piggz: you'll need configs that use pulseaudio-modules-droid20:37
jusa_piggz: take a look here for idea: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/tree/hybris-10.1/device-lge-hammerhead-configs20:38
piggzjusa_: ok, so thats the files i see in the droid-hal packages20:38
piggzyes, them20:39
piggzthe 2 ive seen seem the same20:39
piggzjusa_: does it need a special name?20:39
alin_ok... i have pulseaudio at 20% fro cpu20:41
jusa_piggz: pulse config can be "whatever", but it's defined here: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/blob/hybris-10.1/device-lge-hammerhead-configs/etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio20:43
piggzjusa_:cool, i c20:43
piggzjusa_: i now get:20:47
piggzE: [pulseaudio] droid-util.c: Unknown entry AUDIO_FORMAT_EVRC20:47
piggzE: [pulseaudio] droid-util.c: Failed to parse configuration from /system/etc/audio_policy.conf20:47
piggzE: [pulseaudio] module.c: Failed to load module "module-droid-card" (argument: "rate=48000 mute_routing_before=24576 mute_routing_after=4096"): initialization failed.20:47
piggzE: [pulseaudio] main.c: Module load failed.20:47
piggzE: [pulseaudio] main.c: Failed to initialize daemon.20:47
jusa_yes. so you have android hal which has something we haven't seen before20:47
jusa_as a workaround for now remove that mention of AUDIO_FORMAT_EVRC from /system/etc/audio_policy.conf , if possible20:48
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piggzjusa_: now ive got http://pastebin.com/MnuiiwGx20:52
piggzi also removed the format QCELP20:53
jusa_piggz: yep. now we are crashing because the audio hal headers used to build the modules don't match the hal version you have (likely)20:55
jusa_iirc I made a patch to not segfault if output stream doesn't open, but maybe I forgot to push it..anyway this requires code changes20:57
piggzjusa_: well if you get soemthng, i can test it ;)20:58
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jusa_piggz: can you upload hardware/...foo.../audio.h and system/...foo.../audio.h from your droid-headers ? (I'm not sure I remember 100% if that's all, I'm on my way to sleep)21:02
jusa_I'll check that tomorrow21:03
jusa_(and I *really* should write all this to hadk)21:03
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sledgesjusa_: im working on hadk rev3, out soon21:07
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