Wednesday, 2014-09-24

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iunomorning :)08:33
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iunoso I don't think gps is working. I have another device just next to it that sais 8 satellites in view and locks quite fast while my device is still "***tracking...", repeat..08:41
Stskeepsagps vs gps perhaps08:41
iunono mobile connection on the other device08:42
alinlbt: hi08:44
alinlbt: if you have time can you make the hammerhead repo to build the rpms for dhd08:44
alinlbt: as you did for maguro08:44
alinlbt: I mean set it up... I do not have rights for that08:45
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lbthmm hammerhead is already lge:hammerhead08:47
lbtmeans it'd potentially break08:48
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alinlbt: break what?09:07
lbtthe current hammerhead09:07
alinlbt: you cannot make an omlette without braking the eggs09:07
alinlbt: beidl_ knows the best09:08
alinlbt: yap breaking will happen09:08
alinlbt: give me a second to clone the repo09:08
lbtI think I can test the main problem area easily09:08
lbtI need to kick OBS09:11
alinlbt: cool... so now let me know something.. .the rpms will be publised where?09:11
lbthmm what's the hammerhead repo?09:12
lbtsame as but lge/hammerhead09:13
alinlbt: cool now I need a service to populate09:14
lbtmer-hybris/android hybris-10.1 branch ?09:14
alinlbt: no 1109:14
lbtalin: service ?09:14
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alinlbt: the content of the _Service branch09:14
alinbut I see you are ahead of that09:15
lbtfor the time being I'd like to manage the _service files for dhd09:15
lbtthey're still a bit experimental09:15
lbtand load the OBS a lot09:15
alinlbt: perfect09:15
lbtso I don't really want them in home projects09:15
alinthe good thing is that once built are built09:15
lbthmm - maybe I'll filter that09:15
alinlbt: I totally agree09:15
Stskeepslbt: how much effort would it take to make a hadk based on 11?09:16
alinStskeeps: zero.zerofive09:16
lbtStskeeps: tbh I'm not the man to ask09:16
alinStskeeps: is just a branch change09:16
lbtsledges: ^^09:16
alinStskeeps: at least for nexus 5 this is what happened09:16
lbtalin: OK - that sounds sane09:16
alinlbt: did you pish the sdkutils?09:16
lbtI wonder if we should publish a table of values for each device for hadk09:17
alinlbt: the thing that kills the dhd build is the building of the bloody clang/llvm09:17
alinlbt: we were wondering if is really needed09:17
lbtalin: no - but I think I saw sledges verify mer tools mb2 in nemomobile at the weekend09:18
lbtI was sick :/09:18
lbtwhy do I get sick at weekends ???!!!09:18
Stskeepsgood planning?09:18
alinlbt: he he he... the same like why does it rain in holidays09:18
lbtwell, maybe it was migrating my desktop to btrfs root fs ... running over twin SSDs09:19
alinphdeswer: you are the usb guru... does it support mounting as sd?09:19
alinlbt: no...09:19
lbtok - so service is running09:19
lbtalin: yes...09:19
alinlbt: I tried it last week or two weeks ago09:19
* lbt is brave09:19
* lbt has backups09:20
alinlbt: a piece of crap... in few years since I tried nothing changed... started loosing nodes09:20
lbtwhat kernel ?09:20
alinand after one day when I rebooted did not want to start anymore09:20
alinlbt: 3.16 and 3.1709:20
lbtok - apparently 3.16.2 is needed atm09:20
lbtand I won't argue that it's risky09:21
lbtbut I need to be familiar with it - and recovery from it09:21
lbtso ... eat dogfood09:21
phdesweralin: what do you mean with mounting as sd?09:21
alinlbt: my experience is not nice with it... and I still have to meet someone happy09:21
lbtalin: it's that or zfs ...09:22
alinphdeswer: if I plug it to come as a usb stick09:22
phdesweralin: yes usb_moded supports that. ;) It's called mass-storage09:23
alinphdeswer: mass storage... option to work09:23
alinphdeswer: I know... is as option... does not work09:23
phdesweralin: you need to do some setup yourself. No partitions to export in the jolla fs scheme.09:24
phdeswerHere is the way to make it happen :
alinlbt: question: now you will build the base repo against dhd?09:31
alinlbt: also you will need rfkill installed to build dhd.spec09:32
lbtfirst we'll build the dhd-hammerhead repos09:32
alinlbt: yap09:32
alinlbt: and I had to install few more packages...09:32
alinlbt: qt5-qttools-kmap2qmap repomd-pattern-builder09:33
lbtas BR ?09:33
alinlbt: qt5-qttools-kmap2qmap repomd-pattern-builder09:33
alinBR what is that?09:33
lbtbuild require09:33
lbtinstall to mb2 root ?09:33
alinlbt: yes mb209:34
lbtif you need to install to mb2 root manually then the spec is broken and should get a PR09:34
lbtpull request09:34
lbtideally *before* we run a repo service on OBS09:34
lbtplease get the DeLorean out of the garage09:35
alinlbt:   sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -m sdk-install zypper in qt5-qttools-kmap2qmap repomd-pattern-builder09:35
lbtyep - those should go into the .spec or .inc09:35
lbt(depending on whether they are device specific or generic)09:35
alinlbt: there is no more .inc09:35
alinlbt: I mean I remember you did away with it09:36
lbtno, not really09:36
alinlbt: they are generic09:36
alinlbt: ok... so then I missed something and removed the .inc09:36
lbton OBS I pre-process the spec/inc %include to fool OBS because it is stoopid09:36
alinlbt: ok.. so in the manual build I shall still process the inc09:37
lbtok - crosstalk09:37
lbtthe hadk used to manually process the inc because mb2 was stupid09:37
lbtwe made mb2 better by using thp/kaltsi's updates09:38
lbtbut the spec file still %includes the inc file09:38
lbtmb2 now understands the %include09:38
alinlbt: ok.. so now with the new sdk-utils shall not be needed09:44
lbtah well:
lbt[  255s] build/core/ *** Cannot locate config makefile for product "cm_hammerhead".  Stop.09:55
lbt[  255s] Device hammerhead not found. Attempting to retrieve device repository from CyanogenMod Github (
lbtlooks like the manifest is wrong09:55
lbtbut local builds 'fix' themselves09:55
alinlbt: interesting10:00
alinlbt: the branch is wrong10:02
alinlbt: hybris-11.010:02
lbtgood catch - I must have not hit save10:03
lbthmm - need to fix that in the repo service - it should have errored10:03
alinlbt: you see you got the testing for free10:10
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alinlbt: ping me when ready I will test it10:20
sledgesmorning good10:21
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sledgesStskeeps: well just changing then branch in hadk, what alin said. but i'd rather explain braching in detail especially when we still have 10.1 devices coming in (think, old)10:23
thpyeah, mb2 is kind of a weird hack, but works better than mb(1) ;)10:30
lbtthp: the rpmquery fix10:32
lbtalso "hi"10:32
alinsledges: hi10:33
alinthese qt5-qttools-kmap2qmap repomd-pattern-builder seem need to be installed to build in the script I do it by hand but lbt said this shall got to inc or spec10:34
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lbtsledges: so ... dhd PRs10:51
lbt looks good, yes10:52
lbtmerged 61 for ace10:54
sledgeslbt: 56 merged10:56
lbt62 is dubious10:56
* sledges agrees10:56
lbt"I think we should add a guard into 'write' so it doesn't attempt to write to non-existent files before accepting this"10:57
sledgescould do with an "if"10:57
sledgeswhat if it exists on other devices, but should not be written into?10:58
lbtthat case exists too10:58
lbtbear in mind these are usually generic kernel things10:59
lbtso it'll be rare to be that device specific10:59
sledgesok, we can take that low risk11:04
situsledges: Not able to download packages from
situsledges: Needed a "zypper ref"11:21
lbtsledges: why is init-debug still in dhd - shouldn't it all be in hybris-boot now ?11:25
sledgeslbt: ah that's the bad boy which messed up preinit11:30
sledgeslbt: dhd lays files in rootfs, hybris-boot - initrd11:30
lbtyep - it's been there since feb11:30
lbtwe should delete it11:31
sledgesand test11:31
sledgesSage_: do you recall the outcome of testing preinit ?11:32
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alinlbt: failed.......11:46
lbtalin: ? obs11:47
alinlbt: yes11:50
alinlbt: something to do with the cloning11:50
lbtyah - lesson: never edit a shell script on a production box whilst it's running ...11:50
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energycsdxspiiroin lpotter: now i have PS sensor always on12:43
Sage_sledges: ?12:44
energycsdxam i right that voicecall-ui tells mce that voice call in progress and MCE looks on PS sensor and shutdowns screen?12:46
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spiiroinenergycsdx: almost; mce gets call state directly from ofono12:59
UmeaboyIt's confusing that the .config tells you that you shouldn't edit it when you have to. Should I now run make menuconfig ?13:00
Umeaboylbt: What should I do?13:01
energycsdxspiiroin: but why PS sensor always on?13:02
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beidlhello friends13:02
energycsdxhow i can test magnetometr?13:02
energycsdxUmeaboy: i run menuconfig13:03
sledgesSage_: we're finally going to remove the preinit-less init-debug, but didn't that cause problems?
beidlalin: of course I know. my new motto: "you can't handle the scramble"13:03
sledgesUmeaboy: please explain better13:04
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Umeaboysledges: Well, why does the kernel verify script tell you about a setting that doesn't even exist in the config-file?13:10
sledgesUmeaboy: if it doesn't exist in the .config file (exploded one), means your kernel is too old. but as long as the flag is only optional, safe to ignore13:11
*** inte is now known as inte_away13:13
UmeaboyIn which categories in menuconfig can I find CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_RESTORE ?13:15
sledgesdon't use menuconfig, as it is not crosscompiling and will render your kernel half intel arch13:16
energycsdxsledges Umeaboy some kernel configs from vendors don`t have all options writen in .config13:16
sledgesgrep through Kconfig files across the tree13:16
energycsdxARCH=arm make menuconfig ?13:17
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sledgesenergycsdx: menuconfig is evil, you start toggling values up and down and then when you look back at the diff you don't know what you did :)13:18
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energycsdxsledges: yes13:18
Umeaboysledges: So, how do I change it correctly then?13:19
Umeaboymake xconfig?13:19
sledgesUmeaboy: i pointed you to commit with instructions13:19
sledgesenergycsdx: flags not in .config? hmmmm 8)13:19
energycsdxsledges: from Sony, i`m sure that it is not all possible options that linux kernel have13:22
sledgesenergycsdx: this is not the exploded config13:22
sledgesenergycsdx: we have new rules to store configs now:
UmeaboyI can't find the commit you showed me. I'm looking at all of your commits right now.13:22
sledges(cc Umeaboy the link i told you ^ )13:23
sledgesUmeaboy: don't look at all of my commits, but grep channel logs ;)13:23
UmeaboyHmmmmmmmm. That gives me a blank row.13:24
UmeaboyHere in the chat client.13:24
* sledges headdesks13:24
UmeaboyFrom which day? Was it this Saturday?13:25
UmeaboyOr Sunday.....?13:25
sledgeshow would i recall? :)13:25
sledgesspider all the logs, and grep13:25
energycsdxsledges: that was default config, after i run menuconfig i become ~8 times longer13:26
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Umeaboysledges: Found it.13:36
sledgesgood boy13:39
sledgesenergycsdx: yes13:40
Umeaboysledges: doesn't have the same structure as the Hammerhead repo.13:40
energycsdxsledges: is there any way to reduce it back?13:40
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spiiroinenergycsdx: short version: having ps enabled allows us to keep off other stuff that would consume more power13:44
energycsdxspiiroin: what other stuff?13:45
Whippler_is there a flashable zip of dezire z port?13:46
spiiroinenergycsdx: in jolla: double tap detection, in N9: lpm display, etc13:46
energycsdxbtw double tap is not working for me, and how it is related to PS sensor?13:47
spiiroinenergycsdx: what hw you're playing with?13:47
energycsdxXperia L, als/ps sensor tsl277213:48
spiirointhe relation is: while display is off: touch panel is powered off when proximity is covered13:49
spiiroini.e. no double tap detection in pocket13:49
energycsdxwhen proximity sensing enabled it turns on small LED to do detection13:49
energycsdxbut when screen is on PS is not needed unless you are in call13:50
spiiroin... but the ps does not really matter if cpu & display are drawing 100x times more13:51
sledgesWhippler_: ahoj13:52
sledgesWhippler_: you'll have to pester Guhl for this, more often, more sooner the .zip will be out :)13:52
sledgesenergycsdx: never heard of the make defconfig tool ;)13:53
sledgesUmeaboy: yes, they are all different, why?13:54
energycsdxspiiroin: 1. this LED is visible and annoying 2 all recent xperias have nice power button on right edge that perfectly fits to finger and for me double tap is not so necessary13:54
Whippler_tbh it matters more what works and what doesnt. DZ doesnt seem to be listed on the port status wiki13:54
sledgesWhippler_: fairly fresh port13:56
sledgesstick around and set highlight on Guhl, he looks busy atm13:56
Umeaboysledges: Well, it's not normal that I can't seem to find arch-directory13:58
sledgesUmeaboy: kernel13:59
sledgesnot device13:59
UmeaboyYou mean
Umeaboysledges: ^^14:00
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spiiroinenergycsdx: but, nevertheless it is working during calls? have you tried if the "lpm" triggering works too?14:06
*** beidl has quit IRC14:07
* spiiroin needs to go for a while14:08
energycsdxspiiroin: yes it ALS PS Orientation sensors works, how to test compass?14:09
Umeaboysledges: Can you correct the duplicate paths in the manifest?14:09
sledgesrm roomservice or make lunch14:10
sledgesim finalising hadk rev3 Umeaboy , you want send some patches?14:10
UmeaboyI did that. After the breakfast i9305 command.14:13
sledgesno breakfast14:13
sledgesjust lunch14:13
sledgesif error persists14:13
Umeaboysledges: Yes, for the gcc-script you should remove the row before the }14:14
alinenergycsdx: what device?14:15
sledgesreturn EXIT_SUCCESS;?14:15
Umeaboysource build/ and export USE_CCACHE=1 and then lunch?14:15
energycsdxalin: Xperia L14:15
alinenergycsdx: and you have sensors working...14:16
alinnext thing you tell me gps is working14:16
energycsdxalin: i didn`t check GPS14:16
energycsdxalin: also i`m sure ill have problems with GPS14:17
energycsdxalin: GPS: GPS is disabled because it doesn't work without a patch in frameworks/base afaik all AOSP builds have problems with GPS14:18
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alinenergycsdx: e? even in android?14:19
energycsdxalin: yes, sony released AOSP for Xperia L but with problems with GPS14:20
alinlbt: almost success14:22
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alinsledges: we will need ot remove this one... and build the project against dhd14:23
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*** beidl_ is now known as beidl14:24
beidllbt: have you looked into the dhd package/glib symbol version mismatch issue?14:25
lbtnot yet - prep for xda and infra work still14:25
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beidllbt: I'm just wondering, is mb2 doing a symbol lookup for binaries/libraries and putting that information as a Requires in the rpm file?14:27
lbtmb2 isn't, no14:27
lbtbut rpmbuild can do that kind of thing14:27
lbtis it logged as a bug btw ?14:28
beidllbt: not yet, thanks for reminding14:28
alinbeidl: are you on holiday?14:28
alinbeidl: how comes they allow you on internet in the middle of the day?14:29
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos-porters14:29
beidlalin: nope, I had the morning shift today14:29
beidlalin: as I said, basic training is done, now I'm working at the barracks' service company14:34
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters14:34
beidlalin: probably becoming a professional egg scrambler14:34
UmeaboyYou now have a pull request from me, sledges. :)14:34
alinbeidl: I see... with this work programme you can ask to be hired...14:36
alinbeidl: no need to worry about food14:36
UmeaboyAt least I THINK I did.14:36
alinbeidl: forgot ... did you have a look in clang crap?14:37
*** puranik has joined #sailfishos-porters14:37
sledgesUmeaboy: good stuff! did you re-run make bootimage and copied .config over? I'd be missing EXPORTFS=y like in
sledgesbut sammy might just not have it14:39
lbtwtf is hammerhead manifest doing? it's like 3Gb of src14:41
lbtso far...14:41
alinlbt: is 19GiB when I download it on my host14:42
alinlbt: practically I think has all the crap in it14:42
lbtthat includes all the git repo history though14:42
lbtthis is just a single checkout14:42
alinlbt: ok... however you want to call it14:42
lbtin obs we do a checkout of a single commit (for each repo) and then use that to build14:43
lbtthat checkout is usually <2Gb14:43
lbt3.5Gb and counting14:43
lbtand I'm gonna have to setup bigger disks!14:43
alinlbt: this is the repo init one?14:43
alinI have the objects in it from building but clean is 19GiB14:44
alinI am pretty sure we do not need all the muck from there...14:44
lbtomit all .git/ dirs14:44
alinand that manifest needs cleaned14:44
beidllbt: reported.
Merbot`Nemo bug 771 in Hybris-ing "dhd packages built on OBS require unavailable glib symbols" [Normal,New]14:45
beidlalin: I'll look into that now14:45
*** zGrr has quit IRC14:46
beidlalin: there's a comment in the manifest, "added while trying to build libc" for clang14:47
Umeaboysledges: Hmmmmmmmmmm. The command make bootimage in HABUILD_SDK doesn't finish with a new prompt.14:54
sledgesUmeaboy: stuck? paste?14:56
alinbeidl: stange thought gcc will build without issues libc14:58
alinlbt: so do we get gfortran?14:58
lbtwe should build it in mer-tools14:58
lbtI suggest taking the gcc src and making an alternate spec file for gcc-fortran14:59
Umeaboylbt: Can you accept my pull request?14:59
beidlalin: build failed because of a missing header. and I wonder why clang is used by default instead of gcc, because the same header probably is provided by gcc as well14:59
alinlbt: done what?15:03
sledgesbuild/envsetup and lunch pls15:03
sledgesUmeaboy: ^15:03
lbtalin: pr15:03
alinlbt: pr= pull request?15:04
Umeaboysledges: Done.15:05
sledgesdone what15:05
lbtthreading is fun15:06
sledges17:39 < sledges> Umeaboy: good stuff! did you re-run make bootimage and copied .config over? I'd be missing EXPORTFS=y like in15:06
Umeaboybuild/ and then lunch and full-eng15:06
sledgesmake bootimage15:06
sledgesfull-eng breakfast... odear:)))15:06
sledgesjust dawned on me15:06
lbtso slow15:06
lbtmmm bacon15:07
UmeaboyStill seems stuck.15:08
UmeaboyAfter running make bootimage.15:08
UmeaboyGotta go. I'll be back at 23:45 CET tonight.15:10
*** Umeaboy has quit IRC15:10
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beidlPR awaiting for android.git, I finally added repositories required for maguro to the manifest.15:20
Sage_sledges: yes, but I think those were related to the race conditions that were already fixed but haven't checked latetly15:27
* lbt thinks the android thing should die15:28
lbtit's every repo for every device15:29
lbtanyhow ... later .. .afk for a bit15:29
*** sletta has quit IRC15:30
sledgesSage_: ok, im building hammerhed afresh atm15:33
sledgeswill check15:33
beidllbt: a manifest per device maybe?15:36
lbtbeidl: I've been looking at an alternative and I think mixing it with the obs repo service would make sense15:38
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energycsdxdoes sailfish os supports syncing time with GSM network?15:59
*** Sequenced has quit IRC16:02
SK_workenergycsdx: yes16:05
energycsdxSK_work: how to enable it?16:05
SK_workautoenabled ?16:06
SK_workone sec let me check16:06
sledgesdsme is responsible16:06
SK_workenergycsdx: settings > date & time > autoupdate16:07
spiiroinsledges: timed, not dsme16:07
energycsdxSK_work: it updates only when i have internet connection16:09
SK_workdunno then16:09
energycsdxi have strange date once reboot, something like 2 Jan 1970, looks like it counts since i plug battery16:12
energycsdxcat /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/date16:17
spiiroinenergycsdx: is the system time whacked too?16:18
energycsdxspiiroin: yes, after boot16:19
spiiroinso "date" too shows wrong time?16:19
energycsdxbut after ntp sync date is ok16:20
spiiroinwas it sudden reboot, or shutdown?16:20
*** filippz has joined #sailfishos-porters16:21
spiiroindsme updates rtc when it exits; i.e. as part of normal shutdown16:22
*** Sequenced has joined #sailfishos-porters16:22
energycsdxi just checked now16:22
energycsdxtyped reboot in console16:22
spiiroinaaa... you might want to use "dsmetool -b"16:22
energycsdx00:30 10-Jan-1970 on screen now16:23
energycsdxis "dsmetool -b" different that just "reboot"?16:25
*** iuno has quit IRC16:35
*** marxistvegan has joined #sailfishos-porters16:42
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters16:59
*** zZz0n is now known as zon17:00
*** vrutkovs has quit IRC17:07
*** piggz has quit IRC17:25
alinlbt: done... dhd is done and built17:28
alinsledges: can you do some magic and delete the dhd package from
alinand rebuild all the things against the
alinthen I can test17:29
alinstephg: cat on keyboard17:30
sledgesalin: building:
alinsledges: still has it17:43
sledgeshm, no dhd-devel17:43
sledgesalin: im not lifechanging:)17:43
thplbt: oh, and "hi" back (mega delay since my internet connection is spotty)17:43
sledgesthp: are you in mars? and it has just revolved into earths FoV again:))17:44
alinsledges: I see lbt disabled it17:45
thpnah, called ISP to get a speed upgrade, and the migration seemed to take a while. also, ipv6 and no inbound ipv4, so home server "fun"17:45
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
lbtok - > Tango ... more tomorrow17:49
alinsledges: ^17:50
alinsledges: what do you mean lifechanging17:50
beidltried building an image with the dhd repo yet?17:53
sledgeslbt: yes, but not published:
sledgesthp: yay, im also getting an upgrade from virgin:))17:54
sledgesnow, keep your interpretations private:D17:54
sledgesalin: im not breaking current repos, just added new repo and disabled RPM dhd on it17:54
beidlthp: "A1, das beste netz" they said, "get it" they said17:55
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
*** junnuvi has quit IRC17:59
spiiroinenergycsdx: the reboot command does something(tm) that ends with reboot, dsmetool does it as expected by maemo/meego/sailfish18:00
spiiroin... and as a additional benefit it does nothing if you happen to write it in desktop window18:01
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:03
*** krnlyng has quit IRC18:04
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos-porters18:07
thpbeidl: nah, A1 is too expensive. UPC here.18:08
beidlthp: I wished I had UPC as my ISP instead of A1, I hate their policy of remote admin access to my router18:10
beidlthp: can't make use of port 443 thanks to that crap18:11
thpwell, the "good" thing is i apparently have real IPv6 addresses now for my hosts behind the router. the "bad" thing is that IPv4 is DS-Lite, so I don't have an IPv4 address anymore for port forwarding18:11
beidlthp: lol seems like the apple way of doing things... "you will not need this in the future anyways, sooo.. you won't get it"18:15
alinsledges: ok I see what you did andd I agree...18:16
alinsledges: so many unresolvables...18:16
alinbeidl: is something else building in background?18:16
beidlalin: building what?18:16
alinbeidl: sorry was for sledges18:17
* beidl is sledges. your reality is distorted now18:17
sledgesbeidl: it's because of dhd-devel not published18:18
beidlsledges: ah, I see.18:20
sledgesand beidl is alin18:20
sledgesbeidl: now i wonder how to fix this:
sledgesblimey it is some sort of hack18:21
sledgesas it builds on x86 but results in arm packages18:21
sledgesvery clever lbt, very clever18:21
beidlsledges: whoah, that's a lot of unresolvable deps. I remember seeing the same on maguro but lbt did all the magic18:22
sledgesno problems on mako so18:22
sledgesyes, magic needed18:22
sledgesalin: i take my words back on that link, shouldn't look like this (disabled back, waiting for lbt's tango tricks)18:23
alinsledges: yap18:23
alinsledges: he passed me this18:23
alinthat has all the right packages18:23
sledgesyes they are there18:24
alinsledges: so in the obs interface you shall add to your sfos repo to build against this one18:24
sledgesbut libhybris should pick -devel up from there, yet it doesn't wanna:
sledgesi think im getting a knack on this..18:25
alinI do not think it picks it automatically18:25
*** lbt has quit IRC18:25
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:26
beidlyeah, tried to trigger a rebuild?18:26
sledgesbuilding! \o/18:26
sledgesnope, there was extra magic on repos18:26
sledgesnote to self and all: never look into Repositories tab, go straight to Meta ;)18:26
alinsledges: looks good18:27
alinsledges: no now I shall be able to build an image18:28
alinfrom repos18:28
alinI still have some things to do maybe I give it a spin18:28
*** piggz has quit IRC18:29
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:44
alinsledges: built... let me see18:47
*** piggz has quit IRC18:48
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:49
piggzlo *18:50
beidlalin: what the... the image built?18:51
alinbeidl: not yet.. my systemd is focked does not want to mount partitions18:51
*** alin has quit IRC18:55
*** filippz has quit IRC18:58
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:08
alinok.. fails at the pattern bit19:08
alinsledges: now I go home I will give it a spin later19:08
alinsledges: but I think we are thre... practically on the old guide on page 2419:09
alinsledges: I have to see if we can build ssu-kickstart on the obs too19:09
alinpractcally after I see little in the way of building the image on obs19:09
sledgeswell, patterns are still not on obs....19:09
*** alin has quit IRC19:09
energycsdxsledges: in  what is the difference between vibra and haptics?19:29
sledgesenergycsdx: vibra is a long vibrating buzz of motor, happening during the call19:30
sledgeshaptics - short bursts like for keyboard clicks19:30
sledgescurrently no matter the event - it buzzes for a split second19:30
sledgesand android "amazing" hal provides two API functions: vibrator_on, vibrator_off19:31
*** uvatbc has quit IRC19:31
sledgesjolla phone oth has ffmemless in kernel, so can manipulate wave length, amplitude etc of the vibra element, creating much more effects19:31
stephgsledges you love android really ;)19:31
sledgesthink nokia n9 typewriter keyboard19:32
sledgesyet here in hadk we stick to philosophy of intruding least into kernel19:32
sledgesso probably we won't see ffmemless around19:32
sledgesyet vibrator on/off length bursts could be altered for calls and other effects19:33
sledgesthat was somewhere in todo list, and kept slipping;P19:33
sledgesone should be able to implement timing function for an effect, everything in the ngfd mer-hybris plugins19:33
sledgesif you want, i could dig the code up19:33
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
sledgesGuhl: people coming here and already asking for .zip ;)19:34
sledgesGuhl: or at least asking what's working what's not, as it's not in our table19:34
GuhlWell that'll take a little while19:34
sledgesit's fresh port, yes, so i told them, just relaying you the interest;)19:35
sledgesyou gathered:)19:35
sledgesmassive discussions on fb etc19:35
sledgesall because of hwkbd19:35
Guhlsledges, i'll try to do a structured test in the next days19:35
Guhlatm i need to figure out why it takes lipstick so long to come up19:36
sledgesuse strace if anything19:36
Guhli this a known behavior from any other phone ported so far?19:37
sledgescan't recall really19:37
sledgesyour phone is one of the oldest ;)19:37
sledgesmight be that reason:)19:37
sledgeswe had HTC Nexus One19:37
sledgesthat's all:)19:37
Guhlwhen i start lipstick after the initial output (screen parameters, digitizer parameters) it hangs for about 15 seconds19:38
Guhluntil it continues19:38
Guhland also when it is up and running it has 10 to 15 second lag periods19:38
Guhlwhere it just does not react19:39
Guhlbut as you said strace will be my friend19:39
Guhland probably some debug output enabling in the kernel19:39
sledgeshope not;P19:40
Guhlin addition i do have to problem that with our 4.4 kernel i can not start apps at all19:40
Guhlbut it's not the same pmem problem that piggz had19:41
sledges4.4 needs to be used with 11.0 cm base19:41
energycsdxsledges: for more advanced haptics i should compile kernel with CONFIG_INPUT_FF_MEMLESS ?19:41
piggzGuhl: do you have anything in dmesg?19:42
Guhlsledges, the thing is that with our 4.3 kernel we never got rid of screen distortion on android19:42
Guhland i do have the some effect on sailfish19:42
Guhlpiggz, you are using the cm-11 kernel for the ace right?19:43
sledgesenergycsdx: yes, but that's just one step towards it19:43
Guhlpiggz what are you using for hardware/qcom/display | media ?19:45
sledgesGuhl: so how did you manage to make that screenshot of seemingly good sfos running19:46
*** inte_away has quit IRC19:46
Guhlwith the 4.3 kernel and waiting when it lagged :-)19:46
*** dmt__ has quit IRC19:46
piggzGuhl: i dont think i have a repo in hardware/qcom19:47
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:47
energycsdxsledges: does it depends on vibra device that i have? i have CONFIG_PMIC8XXX_VIBRATOR i guess same that in Jolla19:47
Guhlthis is one of my grey areas in the understanding of the libhybris19:49
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:49
Guhlwhich libraries it needs and which it does not19:49
sledgesenergycsdx: do you have jolla round?19:49
alinsledges: ok home19:51
*** Tassadar has joined #sailfishos-porters19:52
sledgesenergycsdx: only CONFIG_KEYBOARD_PMIC8XXXX and CONFIG_INPUT_PMIC8XXX_PWRKEY enabled19:52
Guhlso piggz you only have libhardware libhardware_legacy ril and samsung (in your hardware path)19:53
piggzGuhl: yes19:53
alinsledges: so... can we build ssu kickstart on the obs?19:55
sledgesyes, try building mer-hybris/droid-hal-configs19:55
sledgesit will build ssu-kickstarts rpm19:56
Guhlpiggz, i give you the kernel messages of what happens when i start an app with the 4.4 kernel later, maybe you see something19:56
alinsledges: yes i know and it does it... my question... shall we build that on obs too?19:58
alinok so I am on page 2420:03
alinjolla pattern20:03
Guhlbtw. how does NetworkManager detect a technology?20:05
Guhli do have a wlan0 device20:05
Guhl[D] NetworkManager::getTechnology:501 - Technology  "wifi"  doesn't exist20:05
energycsdxsledges: for Qualcomm there is CONFIG_PMIC8XXX_VIBRATOR and CONFIG_INPUT_PM8XXX_VIBRATOR looks like first config provides api like buzz for x msecs, and second provides ffmemless interface20:06
*** tohtoris has quit IRC20:11
Guhli would say the problem is:20:15
GuhlSep 24 12:12:17 Jolla dbus-daemon[996]: jolla-messages: wayland_window.h:65: WaylandNativeWindowBuffer::WaylandNativeWindowBuffer(alloc_device_t*, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int): Assertion `alloc_ok == 0' failed.20:15
*** dmt__ has quit IRC20:15
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:16
piggzGuhl: yes, the memory allocation failing20:18
piggzlike me20:18
piggzGuhl: where is your kernel source?20:19
alincool I hit a loop20:21
Guhlbranch andromadus_4.420:21
iunoyay gps works20:21
piggzGuhl: and which config?20:21
Guhlthe change to pmem.c is in my kernel but not commited20:22
iuno+ no more udev cpu load20:22
Guhlpiggz, i'll push the changed to the config to a branch in a second20:22
piggzGuhl: what about the extra allocation on startup?20:22
*** dmt__ has quit IRC20:23
Guhlpiggz, i pushed to a new branch hybris_4.420:26
Guhlthe config is
Guhlpiggz, what do you mean by "the extra allocation on startup"20:27
alinsledges: bad .ks20:29
Guhlwhat is the mce process?20:34
*** Sequenced has quit IRC20:35
energycsdxGuhl: Mode Control Entity20:37
piggzGuhl: board-vision.v line 343120:37
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters20:37
piggzsize_pmem_device(&android_pmem_pdata, MSM_PMEM_SF_BASE, pmem_sf_size);20:38
energycsdxGuhl: it control things like sensors, buttons20:38
piggzand get the debug output from rights after boot to confirm the mem is reserved20:38
iunodoes test_gps always show 0.0 for azimuth & elevation?20:41
Guhlpiggz, we are talking about board-vision.c ?20:42
piggzi assume that is your board file20:43
*** dmt__ has quit IRC20:43
Guhlpiggz, inside size_pmem_devices ?20:45
piggzyes, inside the ifdef, above the other size_pmem for the adsp device20:45
*** arcean has quit IRC20:46
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos-porters20:48
*** iGhost has joined #sailfishos-porters20:51
*** PhompAng has quit IRC20:51
Guhlpiggz, where and how do you have MSM_PMEM_SF_BASE defined20:53
piggzshould be board-vision.h20:54
piggzlook in my board-spade.h20:54
Guhlyep but it's not20:55
*** iGhost has quit IRC20:57
piggzGuhl: copy it from te one in my repo board-spade.h21:02
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:03
Guhlmaybe i should also implement the size_pmem_device(struct ...)21:03
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters21:04
Guhlpiggz, btw what this is doing is nothing else but the allocation that is normally only done for the ION type21:08
piggzGuhl: yep, see if it helps :)21:10
energycsdxsledges: i have now haptic feedback on puppley menu, and nothing else21:12
Guhlsize_pmem_device: allocating 32505856 bytes at 0xea100000 (0x2e100000 physical) for pmem21:12
*** Tassadar has quit IRC21:18
Guhlpiggz, not really21:23
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters21:24
Guhlso when lipstick hangs it does21:32
Guhl13:30:56 poll([{fd=29, events=POLLIN}], 1, 2500021:32
Guhl29 -> socket:[23465]21:37
Guhlthats probably some dbus stuff ???21:40
piggzGuhl: hmm, you could add some debug messages to pmem_mmap to see if you are hitting the problems i had21:41
Guhlpiggz, yes that will be my next thing on the list21:41
piggz(nearly got space invaders game working on sf ;)21:43
GuhlOK seams that this socket belongs to pulseaudio21:47
*** demize has joined #sailfishos-porters21:48
Guhllipstick seems to be sending a org.PulseAudio.ServerLookup1 message to that socket and then hangs on the poll21:49
Guhlwell anyway, i got my leads to my problems - got an early flight tomorrow so i'll quit it for today21:51
*** javispedro has quit IRC21:51
Guhlgood night !21:57
sledgesenergycsdx: they should be on keyboard22:07
sledgesacting the same to any haptic events coming through22:07
sledgesalin: check my PR of d-h-c, should autodetect domain22:08
alinsledges: link?22:08
alinsledges: 10 more minutes of download22:08
alinsledges: what I am worries about... what do we do with the dhc after we build it...22:12
alinsledges: I do not see it used anywhere22:12
alinunless there is some magic behind22:12
sledgeswe take .ks, thats it22:20
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:21
*** uvatvmw has quit IRC22:25
*** uvatvmw has joined #sailfishos-porters22:25
alinchecking for /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/droid/droid-local-repo/hammerhead/*-patterns*.rpm...22:26
alinError: no patterns RPM found22:26
sledgespatterns rpm comes from dhd22:28
alinthe rpm is properly written in /home/alin/lavello/NEXUS5/droid/RPMS/ssu-kickstarts-droid-1-1.armv7hl.rpm22:28
alinsledges: seems not to come somehow...22:28
alinsledges: let me remove that folder22:29
alinsledges: corerct makes sense now I see22:30
alinError <creator>: URLGrabber error:
alinsledges: now your patch may be for that22:32
*** inte_away has joined #sailfishos-porters22:32
alinsledges: my issue is ks
*** uvatbc has joined #sailfishos-porters22:33
alinthis is probably the issue22:34
sledgesissue is store repo22:37
sledgesdo ssu lr22:37
alinsledges: fixes it... I was not overwritting adaptation022:37
alinnow shall be fine22:37
alinsledges: now some missing dependency22:37
alinkind of tired today... the brain is slow22:37
alinsledges: so we need a cleaner way to determine missing things in patterns22:44
sledgesalso, 80:20 ;)22:49
alinsledges: Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead22:50
alinsledges: 80:20? what is that22:50
alin## No suitable configuration found in /tmp/sandbox/usr/share/ssu/kickstart/bootloader22:51
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters22:57
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters22:57
sledgesquestion .ks comments last23:01
sledgesgoogle 80:20 ;)23:01
sledgestoo sleepy to explain eloquently23:02
alinsledges: do we really need to call rpm/helpers now?23:03
sledgeswhich script?23:04
sledgeswell, ofc, at least 8nce per patterns change23:05
alinsledges: i have no rpms in the local repo anyhow now23:06
sledgesbu4 you meed to hae patterms in thee23:06
sledgesfigerter; ftw23:06
sledgessleep 28800 time ;)23:07
alinsledges: yap... patterns which are generate on the obs23:10
sledgescopy them down and propagate23:13
sledgeslive long & prosper23:13
alinsledges: ok... let me see where they are23:14
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:16
energycsdxsledges: i have haptic feedback in dialer but it very very quiet, in sillica component gallery everything works but two efects a bit quiet, on text keyboard i don`t hear any feedback23:20
alinsledges: almost done....23:26
alinnow I will have a nice way to get the patterns rpm from repo23:28
*** iTune has quit IRC23:33
*** iTune has joined #sailfishos-porters23:33
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
*** chiromante has joined #sailfishos-porters23:39
*** uvatbc has quit IRC23:51
*** inte_awa` has joined #sailfishos-porters23:52
*** inte_awa` has joined #sailfishos-porters23:52
*** chiromante has quit IRC23:54
*** inte_away has quit IRC23:55
*** chiromante has joined #sailfishos-porters23:57

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