Friday, 2014-09-26

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sledgesxda:conf/holiday preps09:18
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sledgeshi Vi-10:07
Vi-hi sledges :)10:08
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alinsledges: holidays.. what are they?11:38
Stskeepsif you're a contractor, the thing in between contracts11:38
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* lbt works on his talk11:48
lbtglad it's on sunday :D11:48
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lbt_on_traingot time to get vgrade's stuff in too11:49
alinlbt_on_train: he he11:51
alinStskeeps: nope... work at uni...11:51
alinStskeeps: so... we have only two extremes... no holidays or only holidays11:52
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Nokiusand here it is the
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Nokiusbad iPhone cam ….14:05
sledgesany white on black t-shirts?;P14:08
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Nokiusno blue14:08
Nokiuswas only smaple shirt (hope you still like it :-/ )14:09
Nokiusw b shirt is the xda one :P14:09
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Nokiuswill go down to the  venue may the other will show up ^^ and a short sightsing in MAN of course14:11
Nokiussledges: ^14:13
sledgesNokius: cool, i just remembered initial sample sketch;)14:17
sledgesare you wearing that tshirt now?:))14:18
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Nokiuslbt_at_xda: are u here all ready?14:23
lbt_at_xdayup - just unpacking14:23
Nokiussledges: tomorrow14:23
Nokiuslbt_at_xda: me too14:23
Nokiuslbt_at_xda:  ping me to get your poter shirt ^^14:24
lbt_at_xdawe can meet up soonish14:24
lbt_at_xdaany food plans?14:24
Nokiussledges: xda shirt is (sony shirt) is back or w14:25
Nokiuslbt_at_xda: no had some homemad sandwiches ^^14:25
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Guhlhmm everytime I show up piggz gets lost ;-)18:38
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UmeaboyWhen is the 3rd revision of the HADK coming out?18:49
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Guhlhey piggz18:52
piggzlo Guhl18:52
piggzhows it going?18:52
UmeaboyHi guys!18:53
Guhli know why our pmem stuff did not do anything18:53
UmeaboyI think I've made progress with the HADK.18:53
Guhlour 4.4 kernel is using ION instead of pmem18:53
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UmeaboyAt least I'm passed the hal-device-inc command.18:54
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piggzGuhl: so, any closer?19:07
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Guhli tryed to revert the 4.4 kernel to pmem but that is quasi impossible all the caf msm drivers are ion enabled dependent19:10
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UmeaboyHave you found any solution to the awk-error during breakfast command?19:12
Guhlso now i can either decide to stick with the pmem based 4.3 kernel19:12
Guhlwhich has graphics problems19:12
Guhlor stick with the 4.4 ion kernel an try to fix the problem why the apps don't start there19:13
Guhlwhich is my current approach19:13
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Stskeepsstick with known working, ie, works on cyanogenmod19:15
GuhlStskeeps, both work with cyanogenmod19:15
Guhlwell they work with our andromadus cyanogenmod releases19:16
Guhlthe support of the htc vision by cm ended with gingerbread19:16
Guhlthen the andromadus team took over19:16
Guhlthe CM10.1 version was never really very stable and we always had graphics issues19:17
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Guhlin the CM11.0 version we switched to a lot of code aurora (CAF) kernel drivers19:18
Guhlbut they use ION for memory and not pmem19:18
Guhlwhich works so far but when starting an app from lipstick there is a memory allocation problem19:19
Guhlthat piggz also had on the ace19:19
Guhlhe fixed it using a pmem driver hack19:19
Guhlso i will now try to do the same for ion19:19
Guhlold devices can be compliated :-)19:20
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piggzGuhl: i wonder why my pmem hack works for ace and not you19:27
Guhlif you read what i said above - because my kernel is using ion instead of pmem19:28
piggzGuhl: the ace kernel also compiles in ion for 4.419:28
Guhlinteresting maybe is should have a look at your board file again19:31
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Guhlbut maybe my app-start problem is not even a memory related problem19:35
Guhlthe message the i get on starting an app is19:36
Guhlinvoker: error: Failed to initiate connect on the socket.19:36
Guhlor in journalctl format19:37
GuhlSep 26 11:34:09 Jolla invoker[1631]: error: Failed to initiate connect on the socket.19:37
piggzon the ace, pmem was used for pmem_adsp, so I added the pmem device in 4.4 .... actually, i think the pmem device was always there, but used ion for instead, i reserved the mem on startup like the 10.1 kernel19:37
StskeepsGuhl: what kernel is that?19:37
Stskeepssmells like accept4 missing19:37
piggzGuhl: you will know if you add some printk messages to pmem.c19:37
Stskeepswhat kernel version is it?19:38
piggzStskeeps: non porting w ... how to force qquickview landscape (not using silica)19:38
Stskeepsno clue, not a qt5/qml guy :P19:38
GuhlStskeeps, 3.0.10119:39
piggzStskeeps: wow, who'd have thought :)19:39
Stskeepspiggz: i basically am good at getting all the layers underneath qml going19:39
StskeepsGuhl: hrrm19:39
piggzGuhl: same as mine19:39
Guhlpiggz, yes we both come from flemmards msm 7x30 kernel19:40
piggzStskeeps: is anyone looking at the n9[50] kernel these days19:42
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Guhldoes this mean anything to you?19:51
Guhl[pid  1709] 11:46:37 socket(PF_LOCAL, SOCK_STREAM, 0) = 519:51
Guhl[pid  1709] 11:46:37 connect(5, {sa_family=AF_LOCAL, sun_path="/run/user/100000/mapplauncherd/silica-qt5"}, 110) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)19:51
Guhland i really don't have a /run/user/100000/mapplauncherd/silica-qt519:52
Stskeepslooks like a booster crashed19:52
Stskeepsps aux19:52
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Guhlis that needed and would that be a reason for an app not to start?19:53
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Guhlwhat am i looking for in ps ax?19:53
Stskeepsps aux, the booster processes19:54
Guhlsh-3.2# ps aux | grep booster19:55
Guhlnemo      1025  0.0  0.3   3744  1300 ?        Ss   10:35   0:00 /usr/libexec/mapplauncherd/booster-generic --systemd19:55
Guhlnemo      1046  0.0  1.1  34008  4096 ?        Ss   10:35   0:00 /usr/libexec/mapplauncherd/booster-qt5 --systemd --boot-mode19:55
Guhlnemo      1285  0.0  0.3  34008  1064 ?        Ss   10:36   0:00 booster [qt5]19:55
Guhlnemo      1710  0.0  0.1   3744   516 ?        Ss   11:46   0:00 booster [generic]19:55
Stskeepslooks like silica one is missing19:56
Guhlyes now that i know what i am looking for i have these messages19:57
Guhlinvoker: warning: Booster silica-qt5 is not available. Falling back to generic.19:57
Guhland in journal i have19:57
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Guhlforget the last sentence20:00
Stskeepsok, you'll want to figure out why exactly silica booster dies20:01
GuhlStskeeps, well i did start lipstick form the command line20:06
Guhlnot via systemd20:06
Guhland as booster-silica-qt5.service has lipstick as a dependency it fails20:07
Guhlbut it works with my 4.3 kernel20:07
Guhland i do start lipstick from the command line cause it runs into a timeout as a service20:10
Guhlnow with setting the timeout in the lipstick service to 100 it starts on boot20:16
piggzgood idea, ive had trouble with timeout20:17
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Guhlso now the booster runs but the app still does not start20:21
Guhli will paste the complete output of journalctl when this fails maybe you see more than i do20:23
Guhli think that20:24
GuhlSep 26 12:22:39 Jolla lipstick[1034]: DeclarativeCoverWindow: I have a default alpha buffer20:24
GuhlSep 26 12:22:39 Jolla lipstick[1034]: wayland_window.h:65: WaylandNativeWindowBuffer::WaylandNativeWindowBuffer(alloc_device_t*, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int): Assertion `alloc_ok == 0' failed.20:24
Guhlis not so good20:24
Stskeepsnot really no20:25
piggzGuhl: and dmesg output?20:25
Guhlnothing special20:26
Guhl<6>[  744.014648] [LS][CM3602] ALS value: 0x1, level: 0 #20:27
Guhl<31>[  745.366607] systemd[1]: Got D-Bus request: org.freedesktop.DBus.NameOwnerChanged() on /org/freedesktop/DBus20:27
Guhl<31>[  745.377380] systemd[1]: Got D-Bus request: org.freedesktop.DBus.NameOwnerChanged() on /org/freedesktop/DBus20:27
Guhl<31>[  745.390533] systemd[1]: Received SIGCHLD from PID 1473 (invoker).20:27
Guhl<31>[  745.390930] systemd[1]: Got SIGCHLD for process 1473 (invoker)20:27
Guhl<31>[  745.392669] systemd[1]: Child 1473 died (code=killed, status=6/ABRT)20:27
Guhl<6>[  745.929962] [LS][CM3602] ALS value: 0x1, level: 0 #20:27
Guhlbut i will probably have to add some debug messages in the kernel20:28
Guhlif i would only know where to start20:28
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piggzi would, just to rule it out atleast ... id like to see your kernel output from startup, to see if both devices have memory reserved20:28
alinGuhl: so you found piggz20:30
alinStskeeps: so you miss the xda?20:31
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Guhlyour looking for the20:47
Guhlline 26 and 36 i think20:48
Guhlbut in my opinion this is doubled now for me20:55
Guhlcause i now do:20:55
Guhl        size_pmem_device(&android_pmem_pdata, MSM_PMEM_SF_BASE, pmem_sf_size);20:55
Guhl        android_pmem_adsp_pdata.size = pmem_adsp_size;20:55
Guhl        android_pmem_pdata.size = pmem_sf_size;20:55
Guhland as CONFIG_MSM_MULTIMEDIA_USE_ION is defined it would set the android_pmem_pdata size anyway20:56
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Guhlbut i'll do it exactly as in your board file and let's see20:58
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Guhlpiggz, so now that should look like for you21:08
Guhl<6>[    0.000000] size_pmem_device: allocating 32505856 bytes at 0xea100000 (0x2e100000 physical) for pmem21:08
Guhl<6>[    0.000000] size_pmem_device: allocating 31457280 bytes at 0xe8300000 (0x2c300000 physical) for pmem_adsp21:08
GuhlOMG the tutorial came up on boot now21:18
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Guhlpiggz, I owe you a six-pack21:22
Guhlapps start now and with the 100s timeout in the lipstick.service lipstick starts on boot21:25
*** lbt_away has quit IRC21:26
Guhlbut i still have the hangs ever some minute when lipstick is polling fd=30 (used to be 29 but probably we have a service more now)21:29
Guhlbtw the rotation sensor works it's switching portrait to landscape21:29
piggzGuhl: with my mod? :) awesome21:30
Guhlyes i change the bord-vision.c now to size_pmem_devices (as you do) for pdata and adsp_pdata)21:31
Guhlinstead of using reserve_memory_for them as it has been in my original board-config21:32
piggzawesome .... next we should find a beteter fix :) ... i think it causes gfx corruption21:32
Guhli still thing that the fd that is trying to access (that causes the hangs) is related to the pulseaudioserver21:33
Guhlpiggz, up to now i do not have any gfx corruption21:33
Guhl(i did have them with my 4.3 kernel)21:33
Guhlbut the next thing will be to remove the hangs (and maybe get sound working by doing so)21:34
piggzGuhl: load a few apps and goto the minimized window page .. also, bring up the on-screen-keyoard ... it is unusable21:34
Guhlthen i will release an alpha rom21:34
piggzsound is looking difficult ... we need help from jusa_21:34
Guhlyeah i had exactly this behavior (with the on-screen-keyboard causing gfx-corruption) on the 4.3 kernel21:35
Guhlbut that is gone now21:35
Guhlwhat does not work btw. is that the minimized apps on the home screen do not have there skins (or whatever you call that)21:38
Guhlit's just the rectangle with a text "Clock" in it21:38
Guhlbut thats not important atm21:40
Guhlwell piggz so i'll think we will try together to work on pulse (with the help of jusa_)21:42
Guhldid you already try to create a .pa file for the ace?21:42
piggzwell, i copied another ... the 2 i looked at were the same anyway21:43
piggzapparently we are the first to use hal?21:43
piggzpulse needs patched for it21:43
Guhland I addition will have to work on:21:43
Guhl- remove the on screen keyboard when the hardware keyboard is switched out21:44
Guhl- create a key-map for the hardware keyboard so it understands the <Alt> keys21:44
piggzthere should be support for that maybe with tohkb ?21:44
Guhlbut priority is getting rid of this:21:45
GuhlSep 26 23:40:19 Jolla tonegend[1034]: Trying to connect to default Pulse Audio...21:45
GuhlSep 26 23:40:19 Jolla tonegend[1034]: ausrv: server connection failure: Connection refused21:45
Guhlwhich is connected to the UI hanging in lipstick21:46
piggzGuhl: you should also install th warehouse client for apps21:46
Guhland still this has to be a program design flaw in lipstick21:46
Guhlthe UI thread (process) must never hang when a background service is searched/connected21:47
Guhlbad coding21:47
Guhlbut anyway - this was a successful day from my point of view - i'll go sleep no21:48
Guhlnight guys21:48
Guhlahh - after setting an Ambience the minimized apps have skins21:51
piggzGuhl: my osk is really bad21:52
Guhlcompletely distorted screen?21:52
Guhlor bad in which sense21:53
piggzno, the keyboard wont display with the screen content21:53
piggzin a webview, it dissapears completely21:53
piggzand appears when clicked21:53
Guhl(for me osk's are bad in principle :-)21:53
*** juiceme has joined #sailfishos-porters21:54
Guhlahh yes thats also a priority topic to work on - WiFi21:54
piggzmine works fine21:55
piggzno work needed21:55
Guhlthe wlan0 interface is there but does not support scanning21:56
juicemecaould anyone share a thought why mic create fails with "repo problem: nothing provides pattern:jolla-configuration-sfe needed by pattern:jolla-configuration-grouper-0.0.6-201409262104.noarch"21:56
juicemeI do have jolla-configuration-sfe.yaml in rpm/patterns/grouper/21:56
juicemeI gusee that's where it is being searched from, right?21:57
Guhlpiggz, but iwconfig sees wlan0 as a wireless device21:57
Guhljuiceme, sorry no clue21:57
juicemeyeah :)21:57
juicemeI managed to get pretty far this time (still building for grouper) but the last staep of21:58
juicemebuilding the image fails in that21:58
juicemeany gurus awake here now?21:59
juicemeI am fairly unfamiliar with MIC and these pattern thingys :(22:00
Guhlwell you could spare the extra repo when configuring the kickstart file22:01
Guhli don't do the22:02
GuhlHA_REPO1="repo --name=adaptation1-$DEVICE-@RELEASE@ \22:02
Guhlsed -i -e "/^$HA_REPO.*$/a$HA_REPO1" tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks22:02
juicemeokay... what's the difference with that?22:03
Guhlfrom the hadk guide:22:04
GuhlIf you only want to rebuild some of the packages locally (and are confident that there are no changes22:04
Guhlthat require custom rebuilds) then you can use the public build if there is one:22:04
juicemeaaa, okay22:05
Guhlbut maybe that's not your problem, but give it a try22:05
piggzGuhl: after much trial and error with the kb, ive added my twitter and google accounts :)22:05
Guhlpiggz, i have neither of them :-)22:06
Guhlwhich is btw. what drives me crazy about the Jolla22:06
Guhlthe lack of real caldav and carddav support22:07
Guhlif i would like to have my contacts on google i would keep using android22:07
piggzGuhl: it clams to have caldav in the accounts22:07
Guhlyeah but even on the Jolla that does not really work22:08
juicemeGuhl, unfortunately didi not work with that :(22:08
Guhljuiceme, the grouper is a supported device?22:08
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Guhlwell anyway maybe you better wait for sledges, he will no this immediately22:11
Guhland i have to sleep now - sorry and good night22:11
juicemeGuhl, sure!22:13
juicemegrouper=nexus7, I think it was the first ever supported one22:13
juicemeyes, I need to go to bed, too22:14
juicemeso this will need to wait a bit... however I am happy I can get this far now :)22:14
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*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:25
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alinGuhl: caldav is22:28
alinGuhl: cause I am using it22:28
alinGuhl: you need to installl I think jolla-calendar or so22:28
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