Saturday, 2014-09-27

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Umeaboysledges: sledges: If you are awake....... are you aware that sdk/files/ is missing when you run make -j4 hybris-hal ?01:31
Umeaboylbt_at_xda: Are you awake?01:33
UmeaboyCan you do something about the above mentioned error?01:33
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KempeWeidenbaumhello, thanks for your hard work on porting SailfishOS :)07:18
KempeWeidenbaumis someone working on a port for the Xperia Z series from 2013?07:19
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GuhlKempeWeidenbaum, not according to
Guhlbut on the other hand i am working on the HTC Vision and thats not their either07:32
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KempeWeidenbaumthanks, I the libhybris page doesn't show all ports but registered Mer ports (am I correct there?).07:50
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GuhlKempeWeidenbaum, don't know who registers this (i would assume sledges)08:13
Guhli am just a little porter :-)08:14
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Guhli am just a little porter who just made the kernel driver for wifi in the htc vision work with sailfish :-)08:28
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Guhlso we have: display, touch, wlan and rotation08:37
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jusa_what android version that ace is?09:10
Guhljusa_, the kernel piggz is using is from cm1109:15
Guhlor for cm1109:15
Guhldevice and vendor cm1009:15
Guhland thats what i also did for the vision09:15
Guhlthe vision and the atc are very similar (same generation)09:16
Guhlmain difference is just the higher clockrate of the cpu and the camera is different09:16
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tohtorisGuhl: great work for the Vision. CanĀ“t wait to try it out one day.10:13
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* Dragonkeeper waves10:21
Dragonkeeperuploading my port atm ,  even though its not complete10:29
Stskeepswhat device?10:30
Dragonkeeperstill got the lib error. but i see a new build for cm released so imay try it on that one10:31
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Stskeepsmoo lbt_at_xda10:46
Stskeepshow's the fort10:46
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juicemeStskeeps, hiya!11:04
Stskeepsmoo juiceme11:05
juicemewhat could be causing the error "repo problem: nothing provides pattern:jolla-configuration-sfe needed by pattern:jolla-configuration-grouper-0.0.6-201409262104.noarch" ?11:06
Stskeepsmm not sure, verify your repos11:07
juicemeI am fairly sure I have done all according to HADK11:07
juicemeDo you have some hints what should I check?11:07
juicemeThis eror comes when I do "mic create"11:08
Stskeepsshow me the mic create command line11:08
juicemesudo mic create fs --arch armv7hl --tokenmap=ARCH:armv7hl,RELEASE:$RELEASE,EXTRA_NAME:$EXTRA_NAME --record-pkgs=name,url --outdir=sfa-$DEVICE-ea-$RELEASE$EXTRA_NAME --pack-to=sfa-$DEVICE-ea-$RELEASE$EXTRA_NAME.tar.bz2 $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks11:09
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juicemeStskeeps, here's the output of mic:
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juicemeStskeeps, and here's my kickstart file:
juicemeStskeeps, no, actually I think it is using the .ks in tmp/ as the input, huh? Then the correct .ks is this:
juicemeI have to admit I do not understand what it is doing and how is it supposed to work, not familiar with mic or .ks'es :(11:23
Stskeepsmm and lbt and sledges are off this weekend11:24
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* Stskeeps needs to head out today sadly11:27
juicemebye then :)11:27
Guhlhave fun11:27
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Guhlhi i have another noob question :-)11:53
Guhlif i want to change i.e. something in the file11:53
Guhl- how was that file created ?11:55
juicemeGuhl, heh, if you mean by "noob question" a question that a noob should be able to answer, just shoot :)11:55
Guhl- if i change it how can i prevent that it's overwritten11:55
Guhlwell it's more a question that  only a noob would ask11:56
juicemeI guess you could grep over your filesystem so see where's the bit that modifies ti?11:56
Guhland i am a noob if it comes to the mer/sailfish build system11:57
juicemeGuhl, you and me together11:57
juicemeI am trying to find out how mic works, and why doesn't it work for me...11:58
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Dragonkeeperu want to edit the file or create a file like it :S12:00
* Dragonkeeper doesnt understand the question12:00
Guhlthe file is there12:01
Guhli would like to know how it was created12:01
Guhland i want to change it12:01
Guhlbut i want to prevent that an update to whatever12:01
Guhloverwrites my edit12:01
locusfjuiceme: there is a problem in your pattern file12:02
locusfyou need to run rpm/helpers/process_patterns.sh12:03
Guhli would not think so as is got settings that are not default12:03
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Guhli.e. DefaultTimeoutStartSec=3012:04
Guhlthats what i want to change cause lipstick takes longer to come up12:04
juicemelocusf, hi12:05
Guhlon the phone i changed the timeout in /usr/lib/systemd/user/lipstick.service12:05
juicemelocusf, how do I find out what's the problem?12:05
Guhlbut that is in my opinion part of a closed source jolla lipstick package12:06
Guhlso i would like to change the systemd default value in etc/systemd/user.conf12:06
juicemeOne thing I find odd now that I am checking things... in HADK after I create the RPM's and move them to the local repo&create it, the next step in "7.1.4  The device specific configuration" there get 2 more RPM's created, yet looks to me those are not used at akk?12:07
juicemes/used at  akk?12:08
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Dragonkeeperhmm not 100%12:08
juicemeI mean, /used at all/12:08
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juicemeShould droid-hal-configs-1-1.armv7hl.rpm and ssu-kickstarts-droid-1-1.armv7hl.rpm also be copied/moved to droid-local-repo/grouper/ ?12:09
juicemelocusf, ?12:10
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juicemelocusf, now mic gives me a different error: "repo problem: nothing provides qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-grouper-0.0.6-201409271149.noarch,"12:19
juicemewhat I did (or what I thought I did...) is I copied off the 2 rpm's created in pahse 7.1.4 to the same place I put the rest of the rpm's (droid-local-repo/grouper/), removed the repodata from under it and recreated the repository.12:21
juicemeafter that I did the rest of the things; created the kickstart file, processed patterrns and ran mic.12:22
juicemeso, what gives?12:23
Guhljuiceme, -> Middleware12:23
Guhl13.8 ff12:23
vakkovi can't sync that treee12:27
vakkovis there anything wrong with it12:27
juicemeGuhl, what do you mean?12:28
Guhljuiceme, qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin is a part of the middleware components12:28
juicemeokay, why is it not found?12:28
Guhlbecause you did not build it?12:29
Guhlor did you12:29
juicemehmm... what step in HADK?12:29
Guhlat least in the 2014-07-21 version12:30
juicemeoo, sorry, you said it earlier :)12:30
Guhlthat is hadk Release 1.0.2-EA212:30
juicemeI sure didn't, I am not so far yet...12:31
juicemeI did not notice I have to jump up&down the guide...12:31
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Guhljuiceme, read the beginning of 8.1 again, ...12:36
juicemeGuhl, building hybris borked on error "error: File /home/juice/mer/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/libhybris/rpm/libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz2: No such file or directory" and sure enough, thyere's not file like that :(12:38
juicemeGuhl, yes, now I noticed the text of 8.112:39
juicemeIt seems I indeed need to build the libhybris components. (I somehow thought that it'd be done in the kernel building stage since that referred to libhybris...)12:40
locusfjuiceme: :) hope, it works now12:40
juicemelocusf, nope, got error in building libhybris12:41
juicemesee 5 lines above12:41
locusfjuiceme: okay12:41
juicemestrange though, I hust cloned it off GIT so it should be complete??12:42
locusfthat might be the damn mb2 acting up12:42
juicemehow to fix that?12:43
Guhljuiceme, it fails ad the12:44
Guhlmb2 -s ../rpm/libhybris.spec -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build command?12:44
juicemefor some reason that wants to access a file /home/juice/mer/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/libhybris/rpm/libhybris-0.0.0.tar.bz212:45
juicemewhich isn't there12:45
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locusfapparently mb2 has been updated to newet one12:47
Guhlwell that would be created on the build12:47
Guhldid you update the sdk and install the 0.65 tools?12:47
juicemeGuhl, I downloaded the latest images last night12:48
locusfthats the problem then12:48
juicemeoh, you mean some update12:48
locusfnope, the latest mer12:49
juicemedo I need to zypper up something?12:49
Guhljuiceme, you should update sdk12:49
Guhlsudo sdk-version --latest --go12:49
locusfthe fix to mb2 got introduced in stable now as well12:49
locusfwhich causes prpblems like this12:49
juicemeis that done inside MER_SDK or outside it?12:49
locusfyes inside12:49
Guhljuiceme, inside12:50
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Guhland to install the 0.65 sdk-utils12:50
juicemeooh, it started pulling in shitloads of stuff :)12:50
Guhlrpm -U
Guhlat least thats what i had to do a week ago12:51
juicemewas there a mentionong of this somewhere in HADK, I have missed that...?12:51
locusfno mention, this is still so fresh thing :)12:51
juicemeokay, and now to build the MW components next?12:51
Guhlno you would only have found this in the log of this channel12:52
juicemelocusf, is there a wiki somewhere like an errata tha I could document my stumblings?12:52
Guhljuiceme, yes12:52
Guhlcd ~/mer/devel/mer-hybris/libhybris/libhybris12:52
Guhlmb2 -s ../rpm/libhybris.spec -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl build12:52
juicemeI mean, that'd be useful for rev.312:52
locusfjuiceme: I wouldn't know12:52
Guhlwell the build system should not be broken :-)12:53
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juicemelocusf, it did not help :(13:02
juicemeI updated SDK with "sudo sdk-version --latest --go" and I guess it was updated as lots of things were upped13:03
Guhldid you also install the 0.65 sdk-utils ?13:04
juicemehowever, then I redid my steps in 13.8 and still get the same error13:04
juicemeGuhl, I thought that was part of the update I didi?13:04
Guhlas i said above13:04
Guhlrpm -U
juicemeokay, redoing :)13:04
juicemeokay, that all? (there was no output...)13:05
Guhlyes try the mb2 command again13:07
juicemeGuhl, beautiful, now it worked !!13:08
Guhlk, build all the middleware13:09
Guhlthen go back to 8.213:10
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locusfgood :)13:12
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juicemeGuhl, how about the HADK step "7.1.4  The device specific configuration"...?13:35
juicemeGuhl, when I do that I get 2 rpm files, droid-hal-configs-1-1.armv7hl.rpm & ssu-kickstarts-droid-1-1.armv7hl.rpm, but it doesn't say where should I put those...?13:36
juicemeI suppose those should go to droid-local-repo too?13:36
juicemelocusf, ^^^ ?13:36
locusfjuiceme: make sure you need those files by running mic again13:40
juicemejust running mic, and now it seems to go thru... at lasts running on _something_, and building a lot of stuff13:42
juicemeI'm fairly certain the missing MW was my problem this time :)13:42
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juicemeyippee !!! :)14:02
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juicememic finished and left me a bunch of zipfiles in sfa-grouper-ea- !!14:03
juicemeso, now I need to see how to install the OS14:03
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lbt_at_xdajuiceme: \o/14:08
juicemelbt_at_xda :)14:10
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juicemeThe HADK 10.2 says that I need first flash back to stock images before installing my shiny new SFOS. I currently run CM10.1 on my nexus7, so do I really need to do that?14:37
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juicemehey ho... anybody share some advice on this flashing thing?14:49
juicemeIs the procedure really so like detaioled in 10.2, that I need to:14:50
juiceme1.) flash back to stock image14:50
juiceme2.) install cyanogenmod (latest? or what?)14:50
juiceme3.) flash my new sailfishos-grouper-release-
juicemethen what?14:51
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juicemeand why to do this in such order, I kind of thought that SFOS would replace the whole shebang on my nexus...?14:52
juicemeStskeeps, why do I need the other stuff on the list, why not go directly to 3.) ?14:52
Stskeepsto be sure bits match14:53
juicemeso there's some dependencies that are not in the SFOS zipfile, that need to be put there first?14:53
Stskeepsyes, cm bits14:54
juicemeand if so, what's the correct version for CM on step 2.) ?14:54
Stskeepsthe one you built hadk against14:54
juicemedo I just grab the newest off the web?14:54
Stskeepsie cm10.1 for mainline hadk14:55
juicemeokay, so where I can find info on which one's that?14:55
Stskeepscm10.1 for your devix214:55
Stskeepsin car bbl14:55
juicemebut now as I built it, it did update to latest in the repo I guess... So I need to find that one from somewhere, right?14:56
juicemeit does not match the one I have running in the davice now (which dates back few months)14:57
juicemeor do I need to build it agagin?14:57
juicemeto get a CM image that matches what I have built for SFOS14:58
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locusfjuiceme: you don't need to build it yourself16:23
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Guhljuiceme, do you still want answers to your CM questions?16:59
*** Aquilum has quit IRC17:01
juicemeGuhl, yes, I was afk for a while17:02
juicemelocusf, thanks17:02
GuhlIn reality as far as i see this works as follows17:03
GuhlSF is installed in the data partition17:03
Guhlthats why you have to wipe data before17:03
Guhlit needs access to the proprietary libraries that are installed with CM (or any other Android)17:04
Guhlin the vendor directory17:04
Stskeeps (/system and /vendor in practice)17:05
Guhlfrom the SF point of view the android system partition is mounted on a mountpoint called /system17:05
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters17:05
Stskeepsand /vendor is a symlink typically17:05
Guhland exactly there is a link to system/vendor17:05
Guhlhey you are faster then me17:06
Guhlso when you already had CM-10 installed before, there is no need to install it again17:06
Stskeepsof course i'm faster :p17:06
Guhljust push the SF image to the phone17:06
Guhland in the recovery wipe data/fatory reset17:07
Guhland then flash the SF image and you are good17:07
GuhlStskeeps, does SF need anything else from android then the libraries and firmware?17:08
Stskeepsnot really, we take the rest from the generated ramdisk for boot image17:08
Stskeepsit uses some daemons too, on some devices17:08
Stskeepslike rild17:08
Guhlcause in my opinion the way we are installing now is a big waste of space17:08
Guhlmight not be a problem on some devices17:09
Guhlbut in general it would be preferable to just keep what we need from android17:10
Guhlwipe the rest and install SF in system17:10
Stskeepsnod, just really difficult to tell what is missing and what's not17:11
Stskeepsalso it keeps us from having to redistribute things we don't have to..17:11
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juicemeokay, I see now :)17:13
GuhlStskeeps, the current approach is the easier way to play it17:14
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juicemeso in your opinion there's no problem that I already have CM there, no need to do the reinstall from factory images thing?17:15
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Stskeepswell, if it doesn't boot up, that should be your first troubleshooting area17:15
Guhljuiceme, absolutely no need at all17:15
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juicemehmm just checked my CM version17:21
GuhlStskeeps, on the other hand i have to say that the SF install is so fat it would not even fit into my system partition17:21
juicemeand it is cm-11-20140708-SNAPSHOT-M8-grouper17:21
juicemeso _not_ cm-10.1.317:22
StskeepsGuhl: that it is..17:22
Guhljuiceme, then you should install CM-10 over it17:22
juicemewhich means I have to wipe it, right?17:22
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juicemetoo bad but that's life17:23
Guhlthe proprietary libraries on the grouper changed from 4.3 to 4.417:23
juicemeyes, it is 4.4.417:23
Guhlyes then download a CM10.1 (
Guhland push it to the phone first and install it before the SF17:25
juicemeI gave the original Google images for my device (of course), the files17:26
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juicemeSo I need to intall that first, then CM, then SFOS, just like in HADK17:26
Guhlno need you don't have to go back to stock17:26
Guhleven if the hadk says so17:27
juicemeah ok, so I can install the older CM ot top of the current?17:27
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Guhljuiceme, yes17:28
Guhlwhen you install the cm10.1 it will format /system anyway17:28
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juicemewhat's the IP address to the device usbnet when it boots?17:49
juicemeI installed the images & booted, and it seemed to hang there just displaying "Google"17:49
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
juicemeHowever, when I stick USB to it, it gives me rndis USB net17:50
Stskeepsthat's in the hadk isn't it17:50
juicemehave to see, sorry :)17:51
juicemeStskeeps, can't find it from HADK17:53
Stskeepsokay, ?17:54
Stskeepsyou should have gotten a dhcp server on it17:54
juicemethx :)17:54
alinjuiceme: .10 or 1.1517:55
alin2.10 or 2.1517:55
juicemeyes it did give me the own end as but I was wondering about the remote end...17:55
alinjuiceme: yes remote end is 2.1517:55
juiceme192.168.2.15 it is :)17:56
*** Aquilum has quit IRC17:56
juicemeokay, now it says I'm in the boat17:56
locusfjuiceme: good job, sledges should hand you the porters badge too :)17:57
alinjuiceme: what device?17:57
juicemenice, now I need to find out where's my UI of the device gone :)17:57
juicememmh. it seems that my diagnosis.log says "CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y not found in /proc/config.gz"18:01
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters18:01
juicemeso I have incompatible kerneloptions, yes?18:02
juicemearrgh, that was one of the options I needed to tune off as it did not exist in the kernel I have for the device. damn18:03
Stskeepsit's for sure there if you have CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y and then CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y should start working18:04
Stskeepsif you don't have devtmpfs, you're all sorts of screwed18:04
Stskeepsas it came in 2.6.32-3318:04
*** filippz has quit IRC18:04
juicemeI have CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y18:04
juicemebut no CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT18:04
Stskeepsright, so add the mount too18:05
juicemewhy on earth is it missing from the default config?18:05
Stskeepsand some things first get added when you have stuff it deps on enabled18:05
juicemehey, now as I change it & rebuild kernel, how much of the steps after that need I redo?18:06
*** Aquilum has quit IRC18:06
juicemeis it enough to run mic?18:06
Stskeepsprobably need droid-hal again as it's a boot image thing18:06
locusfjust run mka hybris-boot andmreflash kernel18:06
locusf*and reflash18:07
Stskeepsor that18:08
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters18:11
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Guhlor maybe you just boot the new hybris-boot.img using fastboot18:15
Guhlbefore going through all the building and packaging and installing18:16
*** Aquilum has quit IRC18:16
Guhlthats what i always do if i just hack kernel stuff18:16
Guhlin the sense of boot the grouper to bootloader18:17
Guhland then just do18:17
Guhlfastboot boot /home/guhl/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/vision/hybris-boot.img18:18
juicemecould try that, too.18:20
juicemeam building the new kernel now18:20
juicemejust boot it via fastboot?18:20
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters18:21
Guhlyes and if it finally works you can either flash it directly using fastboot18:21
Guhlfastboot flash boot /home/guhl/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/vision/hybris-boot.img18:22
Guhlor rebuild the SF image18:22
juicemeah, so no need to build new OS image, true18:22
Guhlif you just change kernel stuff - no need18:23
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*** phlixi_ is now known as phlixi19:13
UmeaboyIf I'm correct, there is no dir for the i9305 when it comes to patterns.19:14
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alinStskeeps: will the september update happen in September?19:55
tbra week ago I'd have said yes, now we've had both the NSS and the BASH vulnerabilities, and I'm not sure19:56
tbrit sounded like they were pretty much ready19:57
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juicemeallright, now that I have SFOS running on my grouper, what repos should I set up / update as it seems I am missing many core libraries?20:53
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters20:54
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juicemethere's something hazy with my repos, since zypper won't install anything and just outputs errors...21:02
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juicemehere's what "zypper ref" says;
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alinjuiceme: ssu dr adaptation022:46
alinjuiceme: what are you missing?22:46
alinjuiceme: disable xt9 probably too22:48
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Umeaboylbt_at_xda: Are you here?23:23
lbt_at_xdano, I'm at XDA ...23:23
lbt_at_xdaI'll be around from monday though :)23:25
UmeaboyOK. :)23:25
UmeaboyI have a small request if you can fix it.23:25
Umeaboythe i9305-dir in $MER_ROOT/rpm/patterns is missing.23:26
UmeaboyThat's why the spec-build fails.23:26
lbt_at_xdagood find23:26
lbt_at_xdaok - I dug out my i9305 last week23:26
UmeaboyI cannot login to the bugzilla since they have disabled password requests.23:27
lbt_at_xdaso I can take a look at that next week if I get a chance23:27
lbt_at_xdawhich bz?23:27
UmeaboyNext week as in 6th of October?23:27
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters23:28
UmeaboyThe nemomobile bz23:28
lbt_at_xdause your mer login23:28
lbt_at_xdait should say that23:28
lbt_at_xdano 29th23:28
lbt_at_xdaI'm at a conference in a hotel right now23:29
UmeaboyOooooh. Now it's working.23:29
*** arcean has quit IRC23:29
*** Aquilum has quit IRC23:32
UmeaboyIssue reported, lbt_at_xda.23:35
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
Merbot`Nemo bug 772 in Hybris-ing "The i9305-dir in rpm/patterns is missing when using the sb2 command to build with the spec-file" [Enhancement,New]23:35
lbt_at_xdaI just got the mail23:36
UmeaboyPerhaps the spec-file can choose the right flags to build with as well.23:37
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters23:40
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*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters23:49
UmeaboyI have a dir to upload to the github. Who can help me?23:53
UmeaboyIt's the missing dir I mentioned in the bugreport.23:53
UmeaboyI'll add it in a tarball to the report.23:53
*** Aquilum has quit IRC23:53
UmeaboyI managed to complete the second sb2-command. ;)23:56
*** Tassadar has quit IRC23:58
*** Aquilum has joined #sailfishos-porters23:59

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