Monday, 2014-09-29

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UmeaboyAquilum should get banned.00:09
UmeaboyI don't know how many times that nick has disconnected and connected again in the last day.00:09
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UmeaboyAquilum: Why do you disconnect and then connect again?00:14
UmeaboyAre you having connection problems?00:14
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vakkovping ping00:56
vakkovnobody here ;D00:56
vakkovStskeeps: any idea how to get PVRPerfServer working with sailfish? (I still haven't found the android version lol)00:57
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Umeaboyvakkov: Hi!00:59
UmeaboyCan you see if you can update the ubuntu-trusty-android-rootfs.tar.bz2 in
UmeaboyIt's missing /var/run/dbus and I have reported it.01:00
UmeaboyI want to make sure nothing goes wrong because of this.01:01
vakkovi don't have server access so i can't change any files01:02
vakkovwhat is your host os01:02
vakkovvar/run/dbus shouldn't be a problem for ypu01:03
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vakkovif it is try setting an environment for your host os01:04
vakkovand build from it01:04
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Umeaboyvakkov: At what command does the config-file of the kernel get created? make -j4 hybris-hal ?01:08
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vakkovUmeaboy: yes. when you start the android build your kernel will be soon built. since the kernel is built in a folder different from the one where the kernel source code is hosted, you should change the defconfig in arch/arm/configs01:12
vakkovif you want any changes on the config ofc.. .01:13
Umeaboyvakkov: As my model isn't Hammerhead I think I have to.01:13
vakkovare you porting to a new device?01:13
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vakkovUmeaboy: ?01:14
Umeaboyvakkov: Kind of. To my i9305.01:14
UmeaboyI want to build myself so I learn.01:15
vakkovUmeaboy: check step 14.3.501:15
UmeaboyYes, but still the spec-file gives me errors even if I get passed it.01:16
UmeaboyI want to fix any issue and add thoose instructions to my document for future use.01:16
vakkovdon't try to change the .config file that gets generated when the kernel is configured because this file is overwritten everytime when the build command is run01:16
UmeaboySo how can I create a config-file that's right then?01:16
vakkovfind the _defconfig file that is used for your device (it is in the <kernel source path/earch/arm/configs>)01:18
Umeaboyvakkov: You mean in the github or in my mer-root?01:18
vakkovbut the i9305 was one of the first devices :D :D01:18
vakkovhere it is .. find it in your source tree ... does the kernel-config checker say anything about the config?01:21
vakkovor you are still on the building android stage?01:21
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vakkovbuilding cyanogenmod stage *01:21
UmeaboyYes, some flags were unset.01:22
vakkovok, set them in the defconfig ... since this has already been done you can consult with
vakkovbut you sholdn't be getting any issues with the kernel config because you are probably having the HADK kernel tree??01:25
Umeaboyvakkov: There or in my laptop? I don't want to make anything wrong.01:25
vakkovonm on your laptop ... show what flags are not set .. paste them @ pastebin01:25
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vakkovStskeeps: beidl: got the server and pvrtune01:29
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Umeaboyvakkov: I solved the pattern issue at the bottom, but here's the spec build command output:
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vakkovbeidl: is it normal to have gpu task load: 3d core at ~80 percent just from scrolling in settings01:35
vakkovUmeaboy: hld on, will check in a moment01:36
vakkovUmeaboy: if mb2 doesn't stop because of them forget about them :D01:38
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vakkovUmeaboy: however it won't be bad to change some values01:40
vakkovfor example CONFIG_AUDIT.. comment it out although the guys have left it   =y01:41
Umeaboyvakkov: I think for future use we should commit it to the repo as well.01:44
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UmeaboyWe should also correct this error: fatal: duplicate path device/samsung/smdk4412-common in /home/kristoffer/mer/android/droid/.repo/manifest.xml01:46
UmeaboyDon't know which of the lines for i9305 thou.01:46
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Umeaboyvakkov: CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_NFACCT is not even in the defconfig.02:09
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UmeaboyBy the way....... What do I do about the cat: tmp/units/all-units.txt: No such file or directory issue?02:12
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spiiroinfyi & review appreciated too:
spiiroin^ should help with nexus5 display backlight problems around display off07:06
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alinsledges: lbt vgrade back from xda?09:20
lbtyep - all back :)09:20
lbtit was a good event09:21
Nokiusyes it was :P09:23
lbthey Nokius :)09:23
lbtwe need to grab ash and get that photo...09:23
Nokiushi lbt hope you had a good journey back home09:23
lbtI did - trains do a cheap 1st class upgrade so I got that09:24
lbttrain was packed solid - people sitting in the aisles :/09:24
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lbtI even caught my connection - 3 mins between arrival and departure with my huge suitcase, rollup and rucksack :D09:25
Nokiusthe London one was full to but not so as the one you had09:25
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Nokiuswill unpack my stuff now and may have a look at the two new devs09:28
Nokiusjust back home for 1h09:28
lbtI promise to do the wiki this week too09:29
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Nokiuscool thanks will have a look on it then09:31
Nokiusbut this week I'm a bit busy but will try my best09:31
lbtno worries - when you can09:32
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tbrlbt: how did your presentation go? I only heard when queried about the download numbers.09:37
Nokiusoh the KAZAM has a Mediatek so thats why there is no CM09:37
Nokiustbr was quit well some one was tweeting about it yeah but Nvidea had a talk in the other room so it was not so full in the room09:38
lbtwe got videoed though09:38
lbtso we can share that on xda forums I hope09:39
Nokiushope so!09:39
lbtand yeah it was a bit disappointing - OTOH I spoke to loads of people and told the story a lot anyhow09:39
Nokiusand we got intouch with one guy how likes to help with the wiki :)09:39
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lbtspiiroin: looking at PR21809:40
NokiusNvidea had tooooooo much Giveaways so the crowed moved to them09:41
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alinso the september update will happen in september?09:49
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vakkovbeidl_: have you found out why do we have a lag @ settings?10:38
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vakkovand the browser and so on ..10:39
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GuhlOK - I sorted my problems with the UI hanging from time to time while lipstick was doing a server lookup on dbus using org.PulseAudio.ServerLookup112:15
Guhlas i already found out yesterday the address of the socket that it got did not exist12:16
Guhlthis should be /run/user/100000/pulse/dbus-socket12:16
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Guhli fixed it by adding12:17
Guhlload-module module-dbus-protocol12:17
Guhlto /etc/pulse/default.pa12:17
Guhlthe UI is running nice and smooth now - no hangs12:18
GuhlI could need some help on how to incorporate some changes that I did on the phone in the source of my build now so that i can build a rom that can be published as the first Alpha12:19
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Nokiuslbt: oh I see what you did :P lets hope some on is searching this hashtag12:26
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locusfno hecklers at xda? :)13:43
Nokiuslocusf: in which form?13:44
Nokiuslocusf: iwrl from CM told me SailfishOS/Jolla is byproduct and started the ecosystem discussion …..13:47
Stskeepswell, a bit of a overstatement13:48
Stskeepswe use cm, yes, but only it's drivers13:48
Stskeepsbut on other devices we don't have ot13:48
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NokiusStskeeps: byproduct <-> no real ecosystem no future no … He is a CM/Anroid boy by heart and only sees a future for Android and ios not other OS13:56
NokiusWe will see no one will know the future today13:56
Nokiushe had the point years back the guys from symbian had we are THE mobile OS13:58
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locusfNokius: a certain individual threatened to get involved with the porters earlier here14:11
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vgrade_locusf: the xda gave all the alt OS guys a good hearing, sailfish, ubuntu, firefox14:35
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vgrade_dansou901: Hi14:36
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vgrade_I think their history of tinkering with devices sits well with the alt OS idea14:37
locusfvgrade_: great :)14:38
vgrade_I missed the heated debate with the CM guy but he was certainly in a minority14:39
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vgrade_dansou901: hey14:39
vgrade_dansou901: bad connection?14:40
dansou901vgrade_: I'm here14:40
dansou901WiFi drops sometimes in the office14:40
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dansou901vgrade_: You've got the zip for me to try multirom on bacon?14:43
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vgrade_dansou901: not as yet15:05
vgrade_dansou901:I was talking the the oneplus guy on Sunday and it was not clear if they has released their latest android device tree as its different from the stock CM one apparently15:06
vgrade_I asked if it was in github somewhere but he did not know15:06
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dansou901Yeah, the one they have currently is still a bit messy15:08
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beidlhello guys15:28
beidlhow was xda devcon?15:28
beidlvakkov: lets wait until Qt 5.2 drops with the next sailfish update. the way the scene graph batches similar opengl calls will definitely help (less state changes means less 3d core usage than you see now)15:29
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vgrade_beidl: was a good conf, a very nice community, I felt very welcomed16:04
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SK_workvgrade_: any blog post coming ?16:07
vgrade_SK_work: sure, I'll write my notes up16:09
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vakkovbeidl: so all the maguro effort for now waits for the update :D :D :D okay, i am just not sure how are things set up now; i sync-ed the source on my new laptop and build th cm part; is it now enough to just build a sailfish image or i have to do the steps from the hadk??16:19
vakkovsledges: or i also need to ""regenerate" patterns and rpms16:19
piggzGuhl_: what fixed the browser, my link?16:41
Guhl_i'll be back later - dinner time16:47
*** Dragonkeeper has quit IRC16:48
beidlvgrade: can I expect the talk about sailfish to be uploaded to youtube? did somebody record it?17:03
Nokiuslocusf: yes he was in minority17:09
Nokiuslocusf: and here works for CM17:11
Nokiusbeidl: yes they there is a record hope they will bring it to xdatv soon17:12
beidlNokius: geil! :D17:16
Nokiusbeidl: indeed17:17
Nokiusvgrade: the Kazam has a MT chip hope its one of the chips they will bring the source to github and may Kazam will do so too soon …..17:21
*** eleroux has joined #sailfishos-porters17:35
*** uvatbc has quit IRC17:59
*** Guhl_ has quit IRC18:13
*** Guhl_ has joined #sailfishos-porters18:14
piggzGuhl_: my dinner time now...18:15
piggzGuhl_: with pulse, the idea is to create your own .pa file for the device, and create a config file to load it18:16
*** Guhl has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
*** Guhl_ has quit IRC18:16
Guhlcan anybody answer some hopefully simple build/dev questions?18:20
GuhlI would like to create a flashable rom18:20
Guhland have to do changes to etc/pulse/ and etc/systemd/user.conf18:21
Guhlhow do i do that so these files will not be overwritten18:22
Guhli could workaround the by creating a specific pa file (which i will have to do sooner or later anyway)18:23
energycsdxGuhl: you can do like it done in mako port
Guhlyeah that works for the pa file18:24
Guhlwhat about the systemd/user.conf ?18:25
energycsdxwhy do you need to change it?18:26
Guhlcause in reality i have to change the TimeoutStartSec in /usr/lib/systemd/user/lipstick.service18:27
Guhlcause lipstick takes to long to come up on the initial start18:27
Guhlbut as far as i see /usr/lib/systemd/user/lipstick.service is not part of my sources (right?)18:28
*** lbt has quit IRC18:28
Guhlso i worked around by changing the DefaultTimeoutStartSec in /etc/systemd/user.conf18:29
energycsdxyes, i need to check, i also had problems with lipstick startup time18:29
Guhlanother question btw.18:29
Guhlis it good practice here on sailfish-porters to fork a repository and then send pull requests18:30
energycsdxbut this problem may be because you have something missing and lipstick waits for timeout18:30
Guhli.e. if i want to create a device-htc-vision-configs and other vision specific stuff in the repo18:31
Guhlenergycsdx, yes in the meantime i would maybe not need the timeout change because i solved the lipstick -> pulseaudio dbus problem18:31
Guhlbut you could also understand that as a general question18:32
energycsdxGuhl: you can modify it in scripts in kickstart file if it realy needed18:34
Guhli am quite new to the mer/sailfish/hybris build environment so i do still have a lot of stupid questions to ask18:35
energycsdxGuhl: btw what device?18:35
Guhli am porting htc vision18:35
Guhlaka Desire Z aka T-Mobile G218:36
*** Nokius has quit IRC18:38
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters18:38
Guhlso again is it good practice here to fork i.e. mer-hybris/droid-hal-configs and then do a pull request or do we use some sophisticated  code review tool/process18:39
Guhllike i.e. gerrit18:40
* Guhl hopes that there is no gerrit here - please18:40
Stskeepsno, we got rid of tha18:40
Guhlthank you so much18:40
Stskeepsgerrit has it's good and bad18:41
Guhlsure but i hated it with CM18:42
Guhlwhich might also be because of the manners of some team menbers18:42
Guhlanyway so i'll fork droid-hal-device and add the device-htc-vision stuff to it18:44
*** Nokius has quit IRC18:44
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters18:44
*** Dragonkeeper has joined #sailfishos-porters18:45
*** sletta has quit IRC18:48
*** Dragonkeeper has quit IRC18:50
*** Nokius has quit IRC18:51
*** Nokius has joined #sailfishos-porters18:52
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos-porters18:53
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:58
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*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters18:58
tohtorisGuhl: Great to hear you´re close to releasing your first alpha. What have you got working with the DesireZ?19:02
*** dmt__ has joined #sailfishos-porters19:03
Guhlscreen, digitizer, wifi, gps, hardware keyboard (basics)19:03
Guhldid not test other sensors yet i am happy that i sorted most of my principle problems19:04
Guhllike the UI not hanging ever 2 minutes for 15 seconds or apps not starting19:04
Guhlbtw. is there a bug reporting system for jollas closed components like lipstick somewhere19:05
Stskeepsuse us ideally19:05
Guhl(i know i should google that my self)19:05
Stskeepsas your issues may or may not be hw adaptation related19:05
GuhlStskeeps, well it is adaption related but not really19:06
Guhlthe hangs on my UI where created by lipstick polling on a dbus socket to find the pulsaudioserver19:07
Guhlbut the pulseaudio did not create the socket19:07
Guhland this caused the complete UI to hang19:07
Stskeepsokay, do you suspect it's also a problem with the jolla device?19:07
Guhli solved that by now fixing pulse so that it creates the socket file19:08
Guhlit is a principle coding error in lipstick19:08
Stskeepskinda wondering why it's not coming up by default (socket device)19:08
Guhla UI process must never be coded in a way that it blocks while waiting for a background service19:09
Guhlon has to do this in a async thread or process19:09
Stskeepscan you mail me the above at and the socket name?19:09
GuhlYes i will grab all the exact information including the strace and the dbus-monitor output and mail it to you19:10
*** piggz has quit IRC19:12
Guhland just for info. The socket was not created because i do not use a specific .pa file yet and the is missing the option "load-module module-dbus-protocol"19:13
*** alin has quit IRC19:15
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
*** alin has quit IRC19:15
*** alin has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
*** Sequenced has quit IRC19:23
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos-porters19:25
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos-porters19:42
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*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters19:46
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*** gogeta is now known as dr_gogeta8619:48
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*** gogeta has joined #sailfishos-porters19:48
*** Umeaboy has joined #sailfishos-porters19:49
Umeaboysledges: You here now to help? :)19:49
*** Dragonkeeper has joined #sailfishos-porters19:49
UmeaboyI've gotten a bit further, but I wish that you accept my pull request for the defconfig.19:49
*** dmt__ has quit IRC19:50
*** eleroux has quit IRC20:07
lbtUmeaboy: he's on holiday20:11
lbtI'm doing some i9305 work this week but not tonight - need to finish something else20:11
Umeaboylbt: OK.Do you mind accepting my pull request? :)20:12
dr_gogeta86hi lbt20:12
lbtUmeaboy: which ?20:12
lbtI was offline for a bit20:12
piggzGuhl: what did you do with rotation?20:13
dr_gogeta86any slide ov xdadevcon ?20:13
lbtdr_gogeta86: there should be a video soon20:13
Guhlpiggz, nothing it just works20:13
Umeaboylbt: The change I did for the defconfig.20:13
dr_gogeta86lbt was into btrfs rebalance limbo berfore update20:14
dr_gogeta86need to be fixed20:14
lbtI'm on a dual-SSD btrfs rootfs now :)20:14
dr_gogeta86on jollaphone20:15
lbtno :)20:15
dr_gogeta86i've finished chunk space this evening20:15
dr_gogeta86now rebalancing bit a bit20:16
lbtah, I see20:16
dr_gogeta86i've freed 2Gbyte20:16
piggzGuhl: ah, mine works to20:18
juicemealin, thanks for the repo info.20:19
juicemealin, what are these differemt repos. this "xt9" repository is a funny thing... I did "ssu dr xt9", but it is now listed in both enabled _and_ disabled repos... what's going on here???20:20
alinjuiceme: he he small disaster20:20
alinjuiceme: you need more extreme20:21
alinjuiceme: did you run as root?20:21
juicemealin, sure20:21
juicemeany way to fix that, force it manually?20:21
energycsdxHADK refers to file $ANDROID_ROOT/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks i don`t have it, anybody knows how it is created?20:24
piggzenergycsdx: you create it20:24
energycsdxpiggz: how?20:25
alinjuiceme: yes /etc/zypp/repos.d/ and hack what you do not lile20:25
alinbefore ssu ur20:25
alinenergycsdx: yes... build the config20:25
juicemealin, okay I'll check it20:25
alinenergycsdx: section 7 in the guide20:25
piggzenergycsdx: section 8.220:26
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters20:27
Umeaboyalin: So this can be done before building the first time?20:31
juicemealin, /etc/zypp/repos.d/ only contains tart of the story I guess... I wonder where rest of the data's stored?20:32
piggzis there a #ifdef for sailfsh in qt?20:33
juicemeokay, there's /etc/ssu/ssu.ini too...20:35
Guhlpiggz, how does one switch the init-script so that it does continue automatically20:36
piggzGuhl: mine does boot ok20:37
piggzGuhl: what port is yout telnet on?20:37
Guhlafter boot on 23 and then is do the continue to make the phone boot20:38
piggzso, you have the debug init ... mine boots normally with telnet on 232320:38
Guhlis there a template for the regular init ?20:39
piggzhave you got the hiddent file in ~20:39
piggz.start_debug_init or so20:39
piggzStskeeps: can advise20:39
*** dmt has joined #sailfishos-porters20:44
Umeaboylbt: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-armv7hl -R -msdk-install ssu lr domain sales dr sdk | Would THAT be correct to do?20:51
lbtyou can do an lr or a dr in one command20:52
lbtwhat are you tring to achieve though20:52
lbtyou shouldn't need the ssu sales domain in the target afaik - not looked at that20:53
Umeaboylbt: I'm just following the instructions to create the local repo as seen in the 2nd revision of the HADK here:
lbtwhich section ?21:04
*** Tassadar has quit IRC21:04
*** mispp has joined #sailfishos-porters21:06
UmeaboyLook at the top where I started, but it's the 7.1.1 part.21:06
UmeaboyPage 23.21:06
lbtI'm not seeing sb2 commands in there - or ssu commands21:11
lbtI'm looking at
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos-porters21:23
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters21:29
*** iuno has quit IRC21:34
*** mispp has quit IRC21:39
*** hurrian has quit IRC21:39
Umeaboylbt: Sorry. My misstake. mb2 and not sb2.21:41
Umeaboystephg: Hi!21:41
UmeaboyHow far have you gotten with the i9305?21:41
UmeaboyI've come to the local repo creation part.21:42
stephgyou're confusing me with sledges I'm guessing, I only have an n4 (for the purposes of this channel)  :)21:42
Umeaboystephg: Nope. I thought you ALSO owned that model.21:43
stephgsadly no :(21:43
stephgbut hello anyway!21:43
UmeaboyNo problem,21:43
UmeaboyHi! :)21:43
UmeaboyI'm hoping that we some time in the future can have seperate PDF's for different models to avoid confusion.21:44
UmeaboyI think I'll start making one for the i9305. ;)21:44
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC21:45
UmeaboyBy the way...... It feels nice that more women attend the world of programming nowadays. ;)21:45
stephgwell at some point in the future (once things are more open) maybe there'll be some sort of autodoc style thing that can help spit out device specifics21:47
stephgre: the women-in-the-world-of-tech thing, I whole-heartedly agree21:48
stephgsadly I'm not one of them :D21:48
energycsdxUmeaboy: there is only 2 women out of ~30 mens at team where i work21:55
*** hue has joined #sailfishos-porters21:57
Umeaboystephg: No offence meant for asking, but unless your name is Stephen, what are you doing here then? :)21:58
UmeaboyIt could be Stephanie as well.21:58
UmeaboySo that's why I'm asking.21:58
UmeaboySorry for my useless spelling.21:59
stephghehe no problem21:59
stephgonly the last two letters are wrong btw22:00
Umeaboystephg: So how long have you been a Linux-user?22:01
UmeaboyI first saw Linux when Redhat first started to appear like in the mid 90's.22:02
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC22:02
stephgnow you're asking a question! '96 I think22:02
stephgand I fell into admin'ing in '9922:02
UmeaboyI first started using Linux for real in 2006.22:02
UmeaboyI think.22:03
stephgeither way you've been around22:03
stephgwhich is a good thing22:03
UmeaboyMy hopes is to buy the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact 4G and port Sailfish OS to that one. I wonder how stable it would be.22:04
UmeaboyIt uses a really fast cpu in the Snapdragon family.22:04
Umeaboy2,5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-core22:04
stephgyikes very fast then22:05
stephgwell if a suitable 'droid will run on it you (and we, the community) have a good chance22:05
UmeaboyNot to expensive anyhow. :)22:06
Umeaboy4390 SEK.22:06
*** clOI has quit IRC22:07
*** zon is now known as zZz0n22:10
Umeaboyenergycsdx: Still better than 0.22:10
UmeaboyIt's not 15, but we have to aim for that.22:10
UmeaboyI'm a feminist and NO I don't hate men just because of that word, neither does Emma Watson in her speach about feminism as well.22:11
Guhlhi does anybody know how to make the device boot normally instead of booting to init-debug ?22:12
energycsdxGuhl: try to delete init-debug22:13
Guhlk try that tomorow22:15
stephgUmeaboy: admirable principles22:18
Umeaboystephg: Well, many times in real life women work even more than men and still get less payed. I want equality for the future and I'm NOT saying that just because some woman will show interest in me as I know that this will affect my daughter (if I have one in the near future) without her asking for it.22:20
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:20
UmeaboyJust because they can't do one thing as good as a man doesn't mean that she can't do it at all.22:21
UmeaboyI believe in helping women to achieve the same thing with support.22:22
UmeaboyThere are a lot of things that we men can't do that women CAN do.22:22
UmeaboySit while peeing for example.22:22
stephgif you can't sit on the toilet you're not trying hard enough22:25
stephgbut seriously, of course yes22:25
UmeaboyI'm thinking about having two seperate bathrooms in my future house.22:25
stephgin the grand scheme of things one can never be short of toilets22:27
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:27
stephg(or trousers for that matter)22:27
UmeaboyIn the summer we can. ;)22:33
UmeaboyWell, we're born naked and noone can ever tell you that you can't go around naked since it doesn't hurt anyone. It's not my problem if people think it's bad but still looks at me if I'm naked.22:37
UmeaboyI'm not a photomodel, but I'm happy with my own body.22:37
*** arcean has quit IRC22:57
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:07
*** clOI has joined #sailfishos-porters23:19
Umeaboylbt: What are you doing right now?23:30
lbtyou first... :D23:31
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
Umeaboylbt: Picking lint from my bellybutton. You?23:58

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