Tuesday, 2014-09-30

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Umeaboystephg: I just flashed CM 11 to my Samsung Galaxy Tab (a.k.a P1000) which is the first model that Samsung made.02:38
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stephgUmeaboy: really? that's one device I *do* have but I couldn't find anything but nightlies for it07:59
stephgnow we're talking! which build did you use as I can do the same :)08:00
* lbt notes that Nexus 5 is doing significantly worse than other devices for power usage when idle08:10
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iunogood morning o/08:12
iunothe wlan module tries to set up interface 'wlan' when loaded, but its right name would be 'wlan0'. how could i fix that?08:13
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vgrade_lbt: I wonder if we fall through this https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_device_lge_hammerhead/blob/hybris-11.0/init.hammerhead.rc#L28112:08
vgrade_don't have my device with me12:16
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vakkovshit happens. we are learning java @ uni :(14:39
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Wntvakkov: What's wrong with Java? :)14:51
vakkovWnt: that it's not C :)14:54
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UmeaboyIs it OK to reg a channel for Swedish Sailfish owners and developers with -se in the end?15:53
UmeaboyLike #sailfishos-porters-se15:54
UmeaboyAnyway. I regged that channel now so anyone who's from Sweden or writes more than 5 sentances in Swedish are more than welcome.16:06
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juicemebtw, what's the manufacturer/model for the Jolla device if I want to build it from scratch myself?16:44
locusfyou can't, probably16:47
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alinso... the september update will happen in october?16:53
alinsledges: Stskeeps ^16:53
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juicemelocusf, talkong to me :)16:59
locusfjuiceme: yeah17:00
juicemeokay, why would that be impossible?17:00
juicemeAs I understand it the Jolla device is an android implementation running with libhybris just like the CM based HW adaptations?17:01
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locusfjuiit is17:01
locusf*it is17:01
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locusfyou could probably extract the needed files from a Jolla17:02
juicemeokay, meaning the Qualcomm bits17:02
juicemewhat about the rest of it, that possible17:03
locusfI dunno17:04
juicemewhat I am thinking about is to look at the possibility to hook up to the bottom layers to access the uplink/downlink voice call17:04
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stephgminor nitpick with the HADK, page 14m dumpsys surfaceflinger appears case sensitive for me17:56
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stephgi.e. should be SurfaceFlinger17:56
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Nokiuslbt: are you working on the mer infrastructure atm?18:33
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Nokiuscan some one confirm that obs is down atm? build.merproject.org18:36
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iunoNokius: site works for me18:45
Nokiusokay thanks18:45
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Nokiusvgrade: btw. google just announced that 20 gapps have to be shipped with a Android handset to get google certified so they can they can go mod also about libs/ [put other features here ]  one Day18:52
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GuhlStskeeps, ?20:01
StskeepsGuhl: passed it on to pa developer20:02
Guhlcan i ask you a question regarding hybris-boot?20:03
Stskeepsyou can try20:03
Guhlwhat is the correct way to make the phone boot directly into SF instead of stoping in init-debug?20:03
Stskeepshmm, lbt may know that20:04
Guhlis there a kernel-boot parameter somewhere ???20:04
lbtdon't put /init-debug in your / dir  :)20:07
lbtour init  in initrd uses it if it exists ... simple20:08
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Guhllbt so from the build point of view i remove it from hybris-boot ?20:10
lbtno, you remove it from mic/image build20:11
lbtor if you're on device, remove it20:11
lbtI think there's a package which installs it20:11
lbtinit-debug possibly20:11
Guhlfrom mic/image you mean from the final tar or zip?20:11
lbtthat's the goal20:11
lbtthere's a ks file which defines what goes in there20:12
lbtthe 'proper' way is to define a ks for a non-debug image20:12
Guhla so i would add something to the ks file that deletes the file20:12
Guhlthat sounds more reasonable20:12
lbtor remove the thing that adds the file20:13
Guhlmodifying the final zip/tar does not look like an elegant solution20:13
lbtI think we use patterns which can make it a bit hard to do that though20:13
Guhlif i would know what adds the file, ...20:13
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lbtcheck out "Creating the Sailfish OS Root Filesystem" in HADK20:16
lbtThe kickstart file is generated using ssuks, which is part of the SSU utility.20:17
lbtbasically it does magic and a ks appears :)20:17
lbtdig through the patterns - it's probably in there somewhere20:18
lbtalso try ssh'ing into the device and doing an rpm -qf /init-debug to see how it gets there20:18
GuhlOK, will try - thanks20:19
energycsdxGuhl: rpm -qf /init-debug20:19
lbtoh balls20:19
lbtdroid-hal-$DEVICE - that's stoopid20:20
energycsdxprobably will be droid-hal20:20
lbtshould be in a -debug package - feel free to submit a patch to both patterns and dhd for the .inc file20:20
Guhlwould it not be better solution to change the init-debug file in a way that it reads a kernel boot parameter like bootmode=no-debug and set this in the BoardConfig.mk with parameter BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE20:24
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Guhlthe init-script i mean20:29
lbtno :)20:32
lbtyou can't always change that20:33
lbtsome devices have it in the bootloader afaik20:33
lbtinit-debug is not something you need that often - so making/removing this file is a lot easier that messing with kernel boot cmdline (on this class of device anyhow)20:34
lbtand since you can usually access it via recovery adb .. even in that situation it's not hard20:35
stephgcan anyone tell me (again, I half remember this cropping up for someone before) the solution to the missing jdk error?20:36
lbtcomment out the requirement20:36
lbtit's not really needed afair20:36
piggzGuhl: any update?20:39
piggzGuhl: btw, you should update https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris20:40
Guhlhmm . i did delete /init_debug but it still stops to boot in the  Boat loader debug init system20:41
lbtsame kind of deal - if you flash a debug .img then you get a debug .img :)20:41
energycsdxany statistics about double tap, on which devices it works on which not?20:42
lbtsince the .img often contains the kernel command line then the same discussion applies20:42
stephglbt: ditto for a missing java and javac?20:42
lbtstephg: sounds right20:42
lbtstephg: istr that was done in some high level .mk file20:43
stephghmm all sorts of errors, including what look like 32/64-bit ones20:43
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alinlbt: read the official announcement on tjc...20:47
lbtdid I miss something ?20:47
alinlbt: is not simpler to fire half the from marketing team... you can hire twice more engineers20:47
Guhlthis is kind of weird - if i remove the file init-debug from root it still stops20:47
alinlbt: https://together.jolla.com/question/55909/official-announcement-uitukka-is-just-around-the-corner-hold-on/20:47
alinlbt: today's update20:47
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lbtpeople just assumed 2014 .. silly people20:48
Guhlthe only difference now is that it stays on instead of switching to when i continue20:48
vgradealin: I have folks chasng me for N5 update also20:48
alinvgrade: is bad for momentum20:48
alinvgrade: I can make a new image but there is nothing exciting in it20:48
Guhland i can not telnet into it neither on 23 nor 232320:48
vgradealin: right, it will be ready when its ready20:49
lbtdamn ... read the comments on C&P ... thought it was C&C and we had Command & Conquer ported ... *sad face*20:49
alinvgrade: ok... there is actually... the shop works without any magic20:49
vgradealin: whats the status of the script20:49
alinvgrade: works20:49
alinvgrade: let me see if lbt progressed on the hw repo20:50
vgradealin: we should get access to the repos before the official launch20:50
* lbt is busy on wehooks20:50
* lbt is trying to be busy on wehooks20:50
alinlbt: webhooks?20:51
alinlbt: things to allow badly written apps to run?20:51
stephgbe patient with me, but http://pastie.org/960853020:58
stephgpartitioney things20:58
* stephg probably hasn't read enough of the hadk20:59
Guhlpiggz, check https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris again :-)21:00
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Guhlso someone tell me how this init-debug really is supposed to work for a production build21:09
piggzGuhl: I never understood it 100% ... i think the hybris-boot.img is supposed to be a release without the debug, and the hybris-recover.img contains the debug21:12
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Guhlpiggz, how did you do that on the rom that you released for testing?21:16
Guhlpiggz, well and that is not what it is21:17
energycsdxGuhl: https://github.com/mer-hybris/hybris-boot/blob/hybris-10.1/init-script#L311 init-debug will be executed if it exists otherwise /sbin/init will be called21:19
Guhlwell energycsdx if i remove init-debug then the phone reboots if i continue21:21
stephgso I think I'm stalling as my adaptation fstab has an odd line for /boot21:24
energycsdxGuhl: btw usualy it do not stops in init-debug21:24
energycsdxGuhl: this https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-hal-device/blob/hybris-10.1/init-debug starts telnetd in background21:26
energycsdxso phone boots directly to UI after kernel flashed without any stops21:27
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stephgyup, it's because the block device for /boot is called boot21:30
Guhlenergycsdx, it does not stop in init-debug it stops in init-script as far as is see21:32
vgradestephg: \o21:33
stephgello vgrade21:33
energycsdxGuhl: what is the reason? should be visible in usb product field21:34
vgradeandroid has many places and many formats for fstabs21:34
stephgI just cheated and have hardcoded it21:34
vgradestephg: you are not hte first21:34
stephg(to what exists in source and on-device)21:34
stephgnext problem is looks like my sdk is borked21:35
energycsdxGuhl: in dmesg21:35
*** piggz has quit IRC21:35
stephgnext comedy is that ldd says that all of those bins aren't executables21:35
stephgand file(1) thinks they are21:35
stephgeither way I can't see what they're missing21:35
stephgbut it looks like an arch mismatch to me21:36
vgradestephg: are you in the ubuntu chroot21:37
stephgah may not be, I'd just done sdk then hadk21:38
vgradeyea, looks like you need to enter the ubuntu chroot from merSDK21:38
stephgubu-chroot -r /parentroot/$MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu21:38
stephgoh great $ANDROID_ROOT now doesn't exist21:40
* stephg goes looks at the HADK again21:40
Guhlenergycsdx, i still don't get it, but i will look tomorrow - too tired tonight21:45
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zetazhi all.21:54
zetazI am fighting with the after the switch root command in the init script of recovery kernel21:54
*** zon is now known as zZz0n21:55
zetazI made some progress of understanding what does what. So it looks like the switch root is done correctly, then the /target/init-debug script is ran (as /init-debug as the root is now /target), but now I have the problem that it can't setup the usb0 or rndis0 interface to give a telnet.21:56
zetazbus this same script worked to configure them before the switch21:56
vgradezetaz: port should be 232321:57
*** tohtoris has quit IRC21:58
zetazso what could have changed during the switch to cause that ? the ifconfig command not found on path ? the devices being different ?21:58
stephg\o/ vgrade it's building hybris-hal21:58
stephgand with that, I'm going to leave that in the oven overnight21:58
stephgcatch you all in the morning21:58
vgradestephg: \o21:58
zetazvgrade: forgot that the port changed, but lsusb -v gives me that "iSerial                 4 Mer Debug: ERROR: could not setup USB as usb0 or rndis0"21:59
zetazthis is in a test in init-debug that then reboot after a 60 seconds delay21:59
stephgsystem/vold/Volume.cpp:153:7: error: no previous declaration for 'char* getFsType(const char*)' [-Werror=missing-declarations]22:00
stephganyway, that's for tomorro22:00
zetazso it shouldn't have reached the new telnet opening on port 2323 if I see this22:00
vgradezetaz: thats odd, usually it fails if its going to on the first stage22:01
zetazvgrade : forgot the line " iProduct                3 init-debug in real rootfs"22:02
zetazso it has correctly switched to the real rootfs and then can't setup the usb interface...22:03
zetazvgrade: if you have any idea from where I should take that error... I don't know where to look at, as at this step I don't have telnet anymore so can't look the output. Maybe I can write the ifconfig command output to a file as the real fs should be availlable ?22:05
UmeaboyWazzup guys?22:05
*** iuno has joined #sailfishos-porters22:05
vgrade\o Umeaboy22:06
UmeaboyI truly wish that someone could update the Ubuntu tarball to contain the missing /var/run/dbus.22:06
vgradezetaz: boot into first stage , is there a log file22:06
UmeaboyWho can do that?22:06
zetazI found a /target/init.log that looks like dmesg output. Searching for other files22:07
zetazvgrade : /target/init-debug-stderrout only contains "+exec" (plus some debug info I added in switch_root.c to understand what it was doing)22:08
zetazvgrade: found it ! "+ /sbin/ifconfig rndis0
zetaz/init-debug: line 198: /sbin/ifconfig: No such file or directory"22:10
zetazin /target/init.log. Didn't thought this log was already present without having to had it myself. Thanks for this tip to look something like that !22:11
zetazNow I have to find why it doesn't find the ifconfig command22:11
vgradezetaz: check /target/sbin/ifconfig in first stage22:12
zetazcan't find any ifconfig command below /target...22:14
zetazvgrade: go to check my root filesystem generation and flashing22:14
vgradezetaz: yep22:14
zetazvgrade: thanks again, I know now where to look at.22:15
vgradezetaz: np22:15
vgradezetaz: we are maintaining a wiki page for active porters at https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/porters22:16
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*** hurrian has joined #sailfishos-porters22:16
vgradeif you get a moment22:16
Umeaboylbt: You're up to help now? ;)22:17
zetazvgrade: yes, but seeing my success so far, I didn't think it was worth mentioning me before having it really boot, especially as flyser and oh1jty are better than me (and a lot faster).22:18
zetazlet's say if I succeed to boot to stage 2 (which shouldn't be too far now), I will consider myself having done enough to be part of this page ;)22:19
vgradezetaz: ok,22:19
Umeaboyvgrade: Are you able to do that? To update the tarball for Ubuntu chroot?22:20
zetazvgrade : by the way, I am documenting my progress on my blog (not my last steps yet, but I will try to add it to a new article soon). Not sure what would be the good way to do that ? http://sagittarii.fr/2014/09/porting-sailfishos-to-motorola-photon-q/22:21
vgradeUmeaboy: no, sorry, lbt and alterego have done that in the past22:21
UmeaboyReally? Still I see that issue.22:22
iunohi again o/ could anyone help me with that i posted in the morning?22:22
iunoloading the wlan module tries to set up interface 'wlan', but its right name would be 'wlan0'. how could i fix that?22:22
lbtwhat problem does it cause Umeaboy ?22:22
vgradezetaz: your blog looks good22:23
Umeaboylbt: Dunno, but I think we should fix all errors to make sure that it DOESN'T make anything go wrong, otherwize I think it's useless.22:23
vgradeiuno: hi22:24
zetazvgrade: thanks22:24
zetaznext step tomorrow. good night !22:24
vgradezetaz: nn22:25
iunovgrade: hi! how was xda:devcon? ;)22:25
vgradeiuno: was a very good conf, the community there was very welcoming.  Lots of interesting talks22:26
vgradeiuno: so you need to change the name the wlan comes up as?22:27
iunonice, glad to hear that22:27
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos-porters22:27
iunovgrade: well, I don't know exactly.. there is no wlan interface listed and i booted back to android and saw that 'wlan0' comes up when the wlan module gets loaded, so i just tried modprobe wlan and it gave me "modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'wlan': No such device"22:29
vgradeiuno: so you have a wlan.ko built with your kernel22:31
iunoyes, /lib/modules/3.4.0cyanogenmod-g1f5dfda-dirty/wlan.ko22:31
iunovgrade: or am i completely wrong? must something else happen to bring the interface up? sorry, you know I'm not very experienced...22:33
vgradeiuno: looks like the module does not load. Have a google around for 'could not insert xxxx: No such device22:35
vgradeany errors in the journal when you do the modprobe? sometimes a wlan module needs a firmware file in a particular path22:36
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:36
Umeaboylbt: What have you achieved so far with the i9305?22:41
lbtsince I did the port a few months ago; nothing22:41
Umeaboylbt: Does data work yet?22:43
UmeaboyIt's greyed on the libhybris page.22:43
UmeaboyBtw..... I just recently flashed CM 11 to my Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000, can you fork the p1 repo from Cyanogenmod to mer-hybris?22:44
UmeaboyAnd perhaps even https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_p1-common22:45
UmeaboyHere's the kernel: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_p122:46
*** tohtoris has joined #sailfishos-porters22:46
iunovgrade: not yet, I assumed it was just this name problem22:49
iunovgrade: so the module actually should set the name to 'wlan' when started?22:50
*** tohtoris has quit IRC22:50
vgradeiuno: once the module loads correctly then the interface will be created as wlan022:52
*** Tassadar has quit IRC22:58
*** javispedro has quit IRC23:17
*** tohtoris has joined #sailfishos-porters23:17
iunovgrade: ok got it, thanks. wlan0 is up now23:18
vgradeiuno: goog23:21
vgradegood work23:21
iunovgrade: why don't you have 1+ in the wiki page?23:22
vgradeI do23:23
vgradenn all23:24
iunoi mean the status matrix23:24
vgradeiuno: not much to show on there23:25
iunosame for mineā€¦ hoping for progress in https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Adaptations/libhybris/gpu so just trying some things like wlan ;)23:28
vgradeiuno: nod23:28
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:32
*** olafh has quit IRC23:35
iunonow my wlan is soft blocked because of rfkill23:37
iunobut time to sleep, nn23:42
*** iuno has quit IRC23:42

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