Wednesday, 2014-10-01

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Stskeepsthat better not be your password.. :P05:44
tohtorisWell... let's say it was not mine ;)05:49
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Stskeepsmorn stephg07:12
Stskeepsmorn stephg07:12
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stephgyou're excitable this morning ;)07:13
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stephganother nitpick in the sdk :)07:30
stephgchapter six, page 21, about half way down the first listing various things need sudo that don't have them07:31
stephglies, I'm an idiot07:33
stephgignore me07:33
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energycsdxdoes sailfish os supports dual sim?08:53
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lbtenergycsdx: there's no fundamental reason why not - but equally there's nothing in the UI for it today08:55
energycsdxlbt: so there is support in ofono but no support in voicecall ui08:56
lbtnot my area so I couldn't say for sure - check the src :)08:56
dr_gogeta86energycsdx, witch SoC qcomm or mediatek ?08:57
energycsdxdr_gogeta86: i just asking08:57
energycsdxdr_gogeta86: my device have one sim08:57
dr_gogeta86in qcomm i see both but barelly works on wcdma/gsm sim08:58
dr_gogeta86mine 208:58
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dr_gogeta86hi sledges08:58
dr_gogeta86are you busy08:58
lbthe's on holiday08:59
dr_gogeta86lucky man09:00
dr_gogeta86I wanna ask09:00
dr_gogeta86desire z desire hd patches are mainstream09:00
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energycsdxdr_gogeta86: where do you see both?09:07
dr_gogeta86huawei g525 /c8813q09:08
energycsdxi mean is it visible some how in UI or you check it in command line?09:11
dr_gogeta86driver level09:12
dr_gogeta86you need to patch a lot of things09:12
energycsdxbtw does double tap works on your devices?09:12
dr_gogeta86i need to see piggz work on kernel09:12
dr_gogeta86need to be supported by touchscreen09:13
dr_gogeta86in real jolla was a thing exported from touchscreen firmware09:13
dr_gogeta86also in one+09:13
dr_gogeta86same thing09:13
energycsdxi don`t see any event from touchscreen while screen is off09:14
energycsdxit maybe wired together09:14
dr_gogeta86is not evdev09:14
spiiroinenergycsdx: if display is off, mce grabs touch evdev -> other processes do not get events09:15
energycsdxspiiroin: even evdev_trace ?09:16
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spiiroinonly the process that has the grab sees the input09:17
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spiiroinused for: ui side gets touch input after: display is fully powered on, palm & finger detection = negative, proximity sensor is not covered, etc -> protection against capasitive touch from chin/ear/thigh09:21
energycsdxspiiroin: so touchscreen should send special double tap event code to unlock screen, or should compiled with ENABLE_DOUBLETAP_EMULATION?09:38
energycsdxspiiroin: what is the point to keep PS sensor turned on when double tap is disabled via gconf /system/osso/dsm/doubletap?09:43
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SK_work <- next target for you guys :)10:25
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spiiroinenergycsdx: the point with ps is: getting ps disabled without breaking things here, there and everywhere is not trivial10:43
spiiroinenergycsdx: in jolla double tap = the touch driver sends KEY_POWER event from separate evdev node10:44
energycsdxspiiroin: and does mce for jolla compiled with ENABLE_DOUBLETAP_EMULATION?10:45
spiirointhe ENABLE_DOUBLETAP_EMULATION is enabled by default nowadays. it is used when display is physically on, but logically off10:45
spiiroinsay the "lpm" mode / when suspend policy = disabled10:46
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energycsdxspiiroin: ok need to check, maybe it doesn`t work for me for another reason, i should press power button 2-3 times and screen will be turned on with small delay10:48
spiiroinenergycsdx: you need to press power key multiple times for display to turn on?10:49
energycsdxbut only when i`m on battery10:50
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energycsdxwhen phone plugged to power source everything smooth10:50
spiiroinwe had kernel problems in jolla too; sometimes power key was not reported from suspend10:51
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spiiroinif you have usb cable/charger the chances are that it does not go to late suspend10:52
* spiiroin needs to go for a while10:52
energycsdxspiiroin: as i remember (don`t have device with me) if i turn off and in short period try to turn on everything ok, but if it try i after half a hour it is not ok10:56
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juicemeHiya :)11:03
juicemedamn I just did something really dumb....11:04
locusfcan't be dumber than me selecting Finnish as my language on my Jolla just now11:05
locusfnote: I'm finnish :)11:05
juicemeI wanted to change the IP address of the NDIS connection over USB, and when it did not take effect from the settings panel, I clicked the "remove developer mode" button and there it goes !11:05
juicemelocusf, you can change it back based on where the menus are, and how manyth entry to click :)11:06
locusfah true11:07
juicemelocusf, I once managed to englishiway a MP3 player that had all menus in chinese, cannot be harder than that :)11:07
juicemeanyway, I cannot reinstall developer mode since it says cannot do it unless Jolla account has been activated11:08
juicemeand I cannot activate account 'cos it says device IMEI cannot be registered11:08
juiceme(and there's no IMEI of course since it's Nexus7-without-3G...)11:09
locusfyou could probably re-enable it via the telnet, not sure though11:09
juicemeI thought about that, yes, but when I boot into maintanance mode, what should I change?11:09
juicemeStskeeps, any good ideas :)11:09
Stskeepsm m reading dmesg atm11:10
Stskeepsgive me a bit11:10
juicemeokay, np.11:11
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vakkovi get unimplemented pthreads11:30
vakkovwhy is htat11:30
vakkovi dont get them in the platform sdk11:30
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juicemeany bright ideas how to restore the developer mode ?11:41
juicemeI guess it did "zypper rm somepackages", so to fix it I'd need to just "zypper in somepackages"11:42
juicemebut can it be done in rescue mode?11:43
energycsdxjuiceme: you can boot to android and do chroot11:50
energycsdxalso you may have telnet running on 2323 if you didn`t do something special11:51
juicemeenergycsdx, yesh :)11:53
stephgso I'm a little baffled about where exactly to find kernel sources for my device: the cm 11 says it's running 3.0.101-gitrev11:54
stephgyet cm don't seem to have anything in github that looks like that (or anything newish) for my device11:54
juicemeenergycsdx, I had no idea there's another way in than the sshd normally hanging off port 22...11:54
juicemeNow this I could call a major security breach, _HUH_11:55
energycsdxofc sshd is there if you installed it11:56
Stskeepsthat's for the easier development when you're doing porting, it's disableable11:56
Stskeepsyou don't have a serial port, this is next best thing.11:56
juicemeenergycsdx, I guess sshd then came from enabling developer mode.11:56
juicemeStskeeps, true, yes.11:57
juicemeokay, so "zypper in jolla-developer-mode" should restore it, right?11:58
Stskeepspretty much11:58
juicemehave to try it then :)11:59
juicemeokay, got kind of halfway there. At least fingerterm was installed but on the other hand sshd's not running :)12:03
Stskeepssystemctl start sshd@.service or how was it12:04
juicemeyes, that does it. Funny I thought it'd start automagically after package installation?12:05
Stskeepsautomagic is bad12:09
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vakkovcome oon, somebody12:27
vakkovat least once, please :D12:27
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SK_workvakkov: I wonder12:56
SK_worktried grepping inside apkenv's sources ?12:56
SK_workgrep "Unimplemented:" ?12:56
SK_workI think this is apkenv related12:57
vakkovyes, i did12:58
vakkov    if (strstr(sym, "pthread") != NULL) {12:58
vakkov        printf("Unimplemented: %s\n", sym);12:58
vakkov        if(die_if_pthread) exit(4);12:58
vakkov    }12:58
vakkovbut it's working in the SDK !! why isn't it on the device12:58
SK_workvakkov: hooking issues ?12:58
vakkovseems like that12:59
SK_workSDK and real device are quite different though12:59
vakkovdo you have any ideas?13:00
vakkovoh, i forgot about strace :D13:01
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vakkovso the cm libc does not have them?13:03
vakkovno, it's not te lib...  gave it the nitdroid ones and the output is the same13:06
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vakkovok, if the hooks are implemented here -
vakkovjust like in hybris14:46
vakkovwhy the hell does it output that they are unimplemented (on the device)14:47
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vakkovthp: please check my previous messages; compiled apkenv against sdl2 successfully (some nasty hacks that need to be fixed); it seems to be working in the platform sdk (or at least it doesn't output anything wrong) but it has problems with unimplemented pthreads when run on the galaxy nexus15:04
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vakkovi have compiled against the mesa libs by mistake .. now changed with the hybris maguro implementation (in the sdk). the output is the same; it now just wants libglesv2 but no unimplemented errors15:16
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piggzlo sledges, vgrade, *19:51
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zetazanyone here have built a working image ? In mine there are some missing commands in both /bin and /sbin, like /sbin/ifconfig or /bin/passwd, but most of the other commands (from dd to grep, through mkfs...). Is there something special to add in the kickstart or patterns to make mic generate them ? or is it done during another step ?20:49
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vakkovwhy is there no man command in the sdk :O22:14
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lpotterthere is22:42
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