Thursday, 2014-10-02

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Nokius1cu later again03:04
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thpvakkov: do you have a patch for the sdl2 support in apkenv?06:45
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vakkovthp: sure, only two warnings - it builds against sdl2, however i don't know how correct that code is; 2. i used the harmattan.c file since i didn't have time to make a sailfish one. i just wanted it to build07:20
vakkovthp: here it is
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vakkovthp: and i have forgotten to fix jpeg_mem_src :( sorry bout that.07:30
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GuhlHi Guys, i did post a first pre alphs ROM on the HTC-Vision XDA channel08:47
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Guhlthe ROM itsel is hosted at
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spiiroinGuhl: that thing has hw keyboard?09:47
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spiiroin... if it is a slider and emits events, might be used for testing/fixing the unblank on slide out policies etc09:50
Guhlspiiroin, yes it is and yes it generates an event when opened/closed09:51
spiiroinGuhl: great. via evdev?09:53
Guhlspiiroin, that is what i het in kmsg when i opent the keyboard09:56
Guhl<6>[ 1217.755157] [J] gpio_event_switch_irq_handler, irq=534, use_irq=109:56
Guhl<6>[ 1217.756134] [J] gpio_event_switch_irq_handler, irq=534, use_irq=109:56
Guhl<6>[ 1217.756530] [J] gpio_event_switch_irq_handler, disable_irq_nosync(irq:534), DEBOUNCE_UNSTABLE09:56
Guhl<6>[ 1217.761016] [J] gpio_switch_scan_keys: key 5-0, 0 (214) continue debounce09:56
Guhl<6>[ 1217.766601] [J] gpio_switch_scan_keys: key 5-0, 0 (214) changed to 009:56
spiiroinGuhl: can you run "evdev_trace -t" and see if it reports anything from sliding?09:57
Guhlyeah i am on my way but i needed to get the device from the car first09:58
Guhldon't have evdev_trace on the phone10:00
Guhlthis is the event device infos10:00
Guhlspiiroin, are you here in the evening?10:03
spiiroinGuhl: about 3 hours from now, and then few hours later again10:04
Guhlspiiroin, i need to review finance results for the next 4 to 5 hours so i can't play now10:04
spiiroinGuhl: no problem10:04
Guhlbut i will be in my hotel in about 7 hours and then it's playtime10:05
Guhlthen i'll run the phone with EVDEV debug enabled in the kernel, then we will know10:08
spiiroinGuhl: thanks, probably: Name="vision-keypad", SW=1 -> EV_SW,SW_LID,open|closed, but would be good to know for sure10:08
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zGrrmoin :)10:22
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locusf <- heres the voicecall recording pulseaudio pull request11:57
locusf <- will be in this version of the pulseaudio modules if its in update911:59
locusfrah wrong cahn12:00
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rbnxmpp stopped working :(16:55
rbnand deleting and readding doesn't work.. it won't even show up in the presence menu anymore :/16:55
SK_workrbn: rebooting ?16:56
rbndid that some times now.. it started with complaining about ssl cert errors16:56
rbnbut i've added cacert to the certs, and it worked fine some weeks now16:57
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rbnwhat bothers me most, is that i can't get it into the controlled services anymore16:59
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vakkovthp: you tried it?17:02
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rbnmh, it is in the sqlite-db in /home/nemo/.config/libaccounts-glib17:09
rbnreally strange17:14
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Guhlspiiroin, some more info about the open/close event of the keyboard17:37
rbndoes anyone know, how the "controlled services" are determined? i've created another xmpp account on another server, and that one also doesn't show up ..17:41
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spiiroinGuhl: looks like it is SW_LID event, value 0 for open and 1 for close17:43
Guhlnow i need to find out where to handle this events to17:44
spiiroinGuhl: can you run "evdev_trace -i 3" and pastebin output?17:44
Guhl1. wake the device17:45
Guhl2. prevent the osk from apearing17:45
spiiroinGuhl: display control should already be taken care of, provided that you have recent enought mce17:45
spiirointhe on screen keyboard is different story, the mechanisms are missing17:46
spiiroinfor hiding it after opening physical kb I mean17:46
Guhli don't have evdev_trace on the phone17:47
spiiroinit comes from mce-tools package17:48
Guhli'll try to install it but network connection is not so easy17:49
Guhlbut i'll add it to the ks for a next build17:50
Guhl(2 weeks ago i did not even know what zypper or a ks is :-)17:51
spiiroinGuhl: from hw adaptation pov the problem is that the existing code for SW_LID assumes it is screen cover (N770 slide over cover / N5 cover with magnetic sensor)17:54
spiiroinsliding kb is similar, but not exactly the same (main difference: closing kb should not turn display off, if touch input has been used since opening it)17:55
spiiroinbut since I've not had access to real kb slider for a while, there is stuff that needs to be implemented again17:56
Guhlclosing should not turn of the display in any case17:56
Guhlspiiroin, where is the source of that?17:57
spiiroinGuhl: the legacy is: open kb, close again - without doing anything else in between -> close display17:57
Guhlwell would be OK but not the behaviour of the G2 using android17:58
spiiroinGuhl: it got more or less removed in the big display control rewrite; did not have any reference hw until perhaps now ;-)17:58
Guhlare you maintaining that?17:58
spiiroinGuhl: I need to go soon, but can you check what version of mce you have?17:58
Guhltell me how17:59
spiiroinrun "mce -V" or "rpm -qa|grep mce"18:01
spiiroinok, the hammerhead magnetic lid sensor support went in 1.33.318:02
spiiroinupgrading might be difficult right now; there is lipstick version dependencies too18:03
spiiroinbut I guess that should be sorted out when the jolla update goes out18:04
Guhlspiiroin, can i build that myself ? is there a repo somewhere18:04
spiiroinsure, if you have sdk - the repo is here18:04
spiiroinbut if you force it through, there might be issues with display power control18:05
Guhlsure i have sdk, how would i have ported to far18:05
Guhlfor now it am fine to study the anatomy of the code18:06
spiiroinnothing fatal IIRC, but display stays powered on18:06
Guhlspiiroin, where would the handling if the osk apears or not be implemented?18:07
spiiroinI'll try to have a chat with virtual kb guys tomorrow about the hiding18:07
spiiroinI really do not have a clear idea yet how it should be arranged18:07
spiiroinprobably some "have keyboard/ have not" signaling from mce, but ...18:08
Guhlwell i think i would know how it is arranged in android18:08
Guhlbut i'll check again, it is a signal on open/close18:09
spiiroinbut now I need to go, thanks for the evdev probe - I can probably cook something up based on that already18:09
Guhland in addition it is a query of ispresent/opened18:09
Guhli'd be happy to participate18:10
Guhlhave fun18:10
Guhlk found your commit about the hammerhead_lid_cover_sensor18:13
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piggzlo *18:22
piggzGuhl: how goes the port?18:22
Guhlwell i released a rom today18:23
Guhland i was just talking with spiiroin about the open/close mechanism of the hw-keyboard18:23
Guhlatm i am studying the code of the mce package18:24
Guhldid you do any work on pulse?18:24
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piggzGuhl: not yet .... atleast not substantial .... on tuesday I went mountain biking, and last night I was running a Code Club for <11s....and tonight im going to fix someone computer and go to the pub!! :)18:26
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Guhlwell i do have the advantage that i am on a business trip so i am sitting alone in my hotel anyway18:27
piggzGuhl: yeah, work trips are the best for coding! :)18:27
Guhlmy disadvantage is that i hated pulseaudio since it was created18:27
Guhlthis tampers my motivation a bit18:27
piggzalso tonight I installed the latest leaked OS for my BBZ1018:28
piggzi might get another possible porting device tonight tooo ... may be picking up a damaged Galay Note, which just needs a touchscreen18:29
piggzhaha, neighbour just dropped off her laptop to look at!18:30
piggzanother one for th list :(18:30
Guhlis she worth it ?18:30
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piggzna, quite a bit older18:32
Guhltoo bad18:33
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piggzwhere does the screen dpi come from?  qt claims mine is 100dpi on the ace19:38
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marxistveganhey folks just got my hands on a Nexus 420:04
marxistvegantrying to get it prepped for sailfishOS install20:04
marxistveganthough having a bit of an issue getting fastboot working on my debian jessie system20:06
zetazmarxistvegan: hi. What is your problem ? any error message ?20:09
marxistveganzetaz: I went through on the device without a sim and got to developer mode20:10
marxistveganthen set to USB debugging with a check20:10
marxistveganwhen I connect the phone via usb when the phone is off it only charges20:10
marxistveganand does not let me adb into it20:11
marxistvegansays device not found20:11
zetazfor me fastboot and adb were two different systems ?20:12
marxistveganzetaz: ok so I trying to follow these instructions
marxistvegancause I need cyanogenmod first right?20:13
zetazfor adb, I had to add some udev rules to be able to use it as a simple user (on fedora for Photon Q, but should be close with debian for Nexus). Doing it as sudo can also help running through these rights problems20:13
marxistveganzetaz: am I correct that fastboot comes before adb in this process?20:14
zetazmarxistvegan: I'm not yet an expert, reading my notes before saying something stupid ;)20:15
marxistveganzetaz: in my mind there are no experts ;)20:15
marxistveganzetaz: so no worries we are all hackers20:15
zetazmarxistvegan: some are more experienced than other, and I am still on the noob part20:16
marxistveganzetaz: cool :) so you what i am not certain of are the steps to get my computer to see the device when it is off20:17
zetazso, I used abd to run a remote shell or push some files to the sd card, and used fastboot to flash kernel20:17
zetazcan you check lsusb to see if it is detected ?20:18
zetazdmesg can also contain some important messages related to USB20:18
zetazmarxistvegan: ^20:19
marxistveganzetaz: does not seem to be detected20:19
marxistveganthough if I boot it then it is20:19
marxistveganwhich makes me think it might be related to the debugging mode20:20
zetazah ok. So you need to enter recovery mode or fastboot mode if you want to use adb of fastboot20:20
marxistveganzetaz: that is what I understand from the instructions20:20
marxistveganbut the fastboot devices does not list it either20:20
zetazmarxistvegan: on PhotonQ you must hold Volume+ or - (one is recovery, other one is fastboot) and power on. There must be something similar on Nexus ?20:21
marxistveganzetaz: i suppose though that would be new to me, since the instructions say to turn off the device and connect it via usb20:22
marxistveganoh touche20:22
marxistvegannow it suddenly works20:22
zetazI am reading the link you sent on CM wiki. Interestingly, it seems they enter to fastboot using the "adb reboot bootloader" command, and not with a key press20:22
zetazso you need to get access to adb first20:23
marxistveganzetaz: but there are further instructions to setup fastboot first20:23
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zetazmarxistvegan: I didn't read all, this part was only to unlock it. Have you already unlocked it ?20:24
marxistvegannot yet but about to20:24
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zetazFrom the adaptation page on mer wiki, there is the link to this page with instructions and files for flashing Sailfish to Nexus 4 :
zetazmarxistvegan, maybe some intersting tips there too20:27
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zetazmarxistvegan: you said it suddently worked. is it solved ?20:28
marxistveganzetaz: it is working :)20:33
zetazmarxistvegan: perfect!20:33
marxistveganzetaz: yeah I think I was not waiting long enough for it to shutdown20:46
marxistvegandamn it now I cannot get it to load again20:48
thpvakkov: haven't tried it yet, no. it might be because of the rotated framebuffer orientation, though20:48
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marxistvegannow I am perlexed20:50
marxistvegannot sure what I need to do to get it to boot again from usb debugging20:50
marxistveganzetaz: I am really not sure what I did correctly before21:00
marxistvegannow i cannot get it back to the bootloader21:00
marxistveganwho is the nexus 4 guru here21:00
marxistveganzetaz: thanks :)21:01
marxistvegansledges: you around?21:01
zetazmarxistveganat wich step are you now ?:21:01
marxistveganzetaz: I am back to trying to unlock the bootloader21:01
marxistvegani got distracted and then it locked up so I restarted21:01
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marxistveganzetaz: I am back to device not found21:03
zetazmarxistvegan: ok. So with the device booted up, with developer mode enabled, when you plug USB to your computer, you should see some messages in dmesg, and lsusb should show the device21:03
zetazif lsusb doesn't show it, dmesg should say why21:03
marxistveganzetaz: I see "Bus 003 Device 021: ID 18d1:4ee2 Google Inc. Nexus 4 (debug)"21:04
marxistveganwhen the device is on and I connect it to usb21:05
zetazmarxistvegan: good21:05
marxistveganahh i think i misread a step21:05
marxistveganyep I did21:05
zetazcan you run the adb command now ?21:05
zetazmaybe need to sudo adb to have the good rights to access the device21:05
marxistveganzetaz: yeah I misread so it is unlocked now21:06
zetazmarxistvegan: good21:07
marxistveganzetaz: so now I need to install cyanogenmod21:07
zetazyes, but take care that the CM version you flash is the same as the one on which the sailfish OS port is built21:08
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zetazthe xda link I sent above should help you figuring that21:08
zetazmarxistvegan: it says CyanogenMod 10.1.321:09
zetazand the links to download are on the page too21:09
marxistveganzetaz: ok cool21:11
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zetazanyone here have built a working image ? In mine there are some missing commands in both /bin and /sbin, like /sbin/ifconfig or /bin/passwd, but most of the other commands (from dd to grep, through mkfs...). Is there something special to add in the kickstart or patterns to make mic generate them ? or is it done during another step ?21:17
marxistveganzetaz: w00t step one done cyanogenmod installed21:20
zetazmarxistvegan: lucky man, you'll have soon sailfish running on it ;) I'm not there yet with the PhotonQ...21:21
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marxistveganzetaz: cool the only part holding me up is the slower download time of sailfish rom21:25
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* marxistvegan is installing sailfishOS on nexus 421:36
marxistveganhmmm not sure if it takes a while or if it is held up on installation script21:37
zetazmarxistvegan: give it some time21:38
marxistveganzetaz: ok cool21:38
marxistveganzetaz: says done21:39
zetazdon't remember what I read about it, but think that the archive extraction could take some time21:39
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marxistveganw00t!!! SailfishOS21:41
energycsdxspiiroin: mce looks depending on hw , mce developers trying to support every possible hw in mainline source code, can it be splitted to pluggings or devided in other way?21:48
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marxistveganany n9 users know the best way to get the contacts on the n9 to a new device that is running sailfish?22:04
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Umeaboysledges: Hi!22:10
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phdeswermarxistvegan: export all the contacts to vcf (is possible from the n9 ui). Cat them all together in one file. Copy that one to the Jolla.22:11
phdeswerAnd then normally after a while you should be able to import it from settings->apps->people afaik22:12
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marxistveganphdeswer: thanks though I just realized that i inadvertantly had my contacts synced22:16
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marxistveganthe nexus 4 is a little quirky keeps going red dot on me22:42
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marxistvegani think I am getting the hang of it22:44
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