Friday, 2014-10-03

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Umeaboylbt: You busy?00:04
UmeaboyHave you gotten any further?00:04
UmeaboyI don't really understand the point of using a local repo when you can use the one that exists. I don't intend to commit any changes what so ever.00:05
UmeaboyCan you explain why I need to create it then?00:05
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UmeaboyWhat do you guys do to get passed Error: Illegal character (/) in target name when doing /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc in $SFFE_SB2_TARGET after goind the grep commands when the two images for hybris is built?00:36
UmeaboyI have added any / to any instructions as far as I know.00:37
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Umeaboystephg: Hi!01:49
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UmeaboyUuuuuuhm. The "patch" I made in my bugreport does not seem to be pushed. Why?02:38
UmeaboyThe pattern is missing so it needs to be added.02:38
Umeaboythp: Are you here and awake?02:40
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rbnhey, if i find bugs, where should i report them? i just found another bug in the caldav client ;)10:14
rbnthe mail says, all bugs found using the port are portspecific.. but i don't think that caldav implementation bugs depend on the device10:15
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rbn(maybe it's the caldav server implementation error.. but every other client behaves as expected..)10:16
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krnlyngrbn: maybe to idk^^10:51
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rbnmhh.. i think i'll post it to the bugtracker from the topic.11:14
rbnwell, got to go ;)11:14
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marxistveganmorning folks successfully have sailfishOS on a nexus 412:24
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UmeaboyAnyone awake or you're all zombies? :)14:03
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* marxistvegan is an awake zombie14:08
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marxistveganis there apk install support for nexus 4 sailfishos?14:16
vakkovdefinitely zombies14:17
vakkovmarxistvegan: no android app support for community sailfish devices for now14:18
marxistveganvakkov: ahh ok14:18
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marxistveganvakkov: ha cool14:19
SK_workvakkov: soon = some people working on it ?14:23
Umeaboylbt: Can you please push my bug"fix" so that the pattern for i9305 can get used during the HADK-process?14:23
UmeaboyThe bugreport about the missing folder in patterns dir.14:24
UmeaboyThat would be great.14:24
UmeaboyOr do any of you here have that power?14:24
marxistvegansledges: great work on the mako build using it and liking it14:24
marxistveganoccassional crash but nothing too bad14:24
vakkovSK_work: yes, the idea actually came from krnlyng and it is to actually android's surfaceflinger through apkenv so that it doesn't conflict lipstick14:25
Umeaboymarxistvegan: Did you report it?14:25
marxistveganUmeaboy: no cause I am not sure how to duplicate them yet14:25
marxistveganalso where are the tickets?14:25
Umeaboymarxistvegan: The nemomobile bugzilla.14:25
vakkovif you check yesterday's log of this channel you'll see my patch for apkenv for sailfish. it's a little bit hacky ... and disables a lot of things ... but i'm not an expert in sdl14:25
vakkovand if you check logs from last month or from august you'll probaby find the whole idea explained14:26
marxistveganvakkov: ok cool...I can totally wait, mostly it is for andstatus cause I connect to a gnu social and pumpio instances14:26
marxistveganUmeaboy: cool, I will see what I can do to recreate the error14:28
marxistveganor bug for that matter14:29
marxistveganvakkov: cool nothing dire at the moment, is it easy to port apps for harmattan to sailfish?14:29
vakkovmarxistvegan: please, check the porting guides or go @ #sailfishos with an exact question. it depends on the app and what it uses14:31
SK_workvakkov: cool, look good14:32
marxistveganvakkov: I am in there too :)14:40
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Umeaboymarxistvegan: You could always build the rom with the HADK to see if you can reproduce the issue with that. Then you'll get a fresh start.14:43
UmeaboyJust a thought.14:43
UmeaboyI'm currently trying to make my own i9305-repo with stuff only related to that model to make things move faster and create less confusion. :)14:44
marxistveganUmeaboy: HADK?14:48
krnlyngvakkov, SK_work: hi :) what were you talking about? :)14:51
Umeaboymarxistvegan: Here's the HADK (a.k.a Hardware Adapation Development Kit):
UmeaboyI know that the device is ported already, but isn't the current original image kindda old?14:52
UmeaboyStart over from the beginning and see if you get the same result by building the zip yourself.14:52
marxistveganUmeaboy: not sure what is the current image?14:52
UmeaboyNot me either.14:53
Umeaboymarxistvegan: Have to exit now, but if you see sledges talking here can you please ask him to push the i9305-folder to the directory where the patterns are stored as this solves an issue that I found? He knows which bugreport I mean.14:57
marxistveganUmeaboy: I will try to remember that15:02
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piggzsledges: to fix reporting of srren dpi?17:36
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piggzhow sensible is it to set QT_WAYLAND_FORCE_DPI in the droid-hal-device.conf?18:37
piggzso, the answer is 'not so sensible' as it screws other stuff up..18:40
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marxistvegannow that is odd the IRC application seems to have locked up the nexus 4 sailfish19:20
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piggzthp: ping19:32
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Umeaboylbt: Hi! When is the 3rd rev of the HADK coming out to the public?20:25
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thppiggz: pong23:07
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